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DBSERET EVENING NEW S Tour Itronght Who Announcement nnrorxo to thr Attention Vnlne tn the of New Pronlt to
of Bondage In Bell Londons Infamous
AWUI Condition n Wages of Sin Go to Swell the
StockadeWomens Vice Trust of Salt Lake
Coffers of police
and swallowing I cumel I an old ngur of peecti
it a If nit applied and
ua1Jl11IIr hole lot of meaning when properly
one that convey a admlnletratlon with refer
° tho city
w K II bat can II < properlY BII > nd to
It Ml orna of lite CItY
i we ta tbe moral nM nd olner l roilcal have been full of ex
I jsecally lead1 ib white slave trafflc but why the writeni h v
I tI what Jm trmad ucntlon to Sail lAke City under Ita prewnt aclmlnhtra
lit tY
SiRs caua
obabl ATlit recelv ftnidal
it II rinK U not only toteratwl but rvc VM
v becsu6 a pnri
hltve Uk n the trouble 10 lnvtlg and learn the fact nrst
1uuiid f
strain at a gnal while IlerlecUr willing to gulp down
k re
jMt otviai hf drumrt s I conclusively shown by the opon toleration
t rove netlun or and Iirotctlo4i afforded to the most Infameu aJatem of
wtt fIIdaI 4tUTCSd the name of a city like thla
I iIIIfIIJ that
I the queUOfl
dbatbI one or lIot iU
vlr II there can be no qUill
Jet atltf 1Itenl Ie
1M rlftlPnt
tl that with ntC
woiI rUIIC crb In tM atnrkHdS I
J IftIIt without 1Iute or Justlnc
II urel take
Ipolnt ODe mAl
t108 from any
trw the unfortunal
11 this WT nol
callod crtbll
peIIatd up In and
b gIna bon ° 1ni I
wogM not Into
tllllr dally toll I
iwsilag 10 dump of their owner and
ralou maw
1k hndllonM biiafleP
er tl1ItH would not be
of th InHtltutlon
IIdt nJOmlnllhO ° teing
ab ut
opItIJ undrrI1 and or
Qet W6 Ihlm to g ° where yoU tM51
geiIag on
wOUiI nut top a woman
poLicemen demand to know why
lbs tlllf stockade and order her
iA Idt the
u i hanlOHlf
wbcri YOU
to of
JLrTTt element or pretwwe
tkre I an
inKr in the socalled parlor
kouN Is not dewed but In the crib
Is the fact
jwt tM reverse
there were nanrly
A few nights ago
and U out of
H of the crba occupied
rlor houses were in full
tilt li parlor
bIijt to say nothing of the opium
First South
MSI of
del SUIt to the
lay down
where a
tmt entrance
011 tt uenls and the cocaine or hop
market price to
nU it the Bto <
tilt ilavn of the drug
yriiit lave traBlc Ye Whit and
Mark slav traffic exists In toe tock
fc IB all Iii brutal soul and body
linlmyuu phM The system
lrUoB thr hss proved no Bucoea
till thw far that the Instigators of It
koifls they can not be Interfered
vita but If less than half Of trio sill
ijwn of Salt Lake City knw one half
of the real factthere would be u
tkikles up here thai by comparison
ould make lad Sunday mornings
tBitlunMke teem like the flutter of a
fly I Cliii
The hocking ee of Once Ollmore
< iv of the white slave who tried
to commit aulcide because she feared
ole would be forced Into the stock
idf wrvrd In a mnall way to call
vubllr Attention to the horrors and
iruelty nf the Institution
too hue Is the crib phase of the
liutlttttlon that ever the parlor
IIOIUM Buffer and front door are
P < ie4 osith enticing Invitation to en
Sot one uf the Inmate of cribs but
fly a dns < > n told the same story
Tn be sun they were all fearful their
lurnw solild h < used and that swift
rwl Punishment would follow
Art se slaves Say let me tell you
mMnlHK Evcr > morning we have
to W 1hsi Belle thats what otto a
IW hero J2 30 for one of these Joint
WI 5I nt evn permitted to sleep
here but hay to dig up J4 per week
oddl11oDAI 10 > 111 > n a room ° r OM nf
hor OYfflkhUMs We have to pay m
01 1 for a pint nf bw > r tht i mt cot
Iir than si pOts and M cents for a
quart We sell tlr at a dollar a bot
lleif e ran get It Are we allowed
to Otttr 11 frnm the Outside Not on
rour IIf If w dId the key would be
IllIto Ieiy from us and bingo the
Jail f Jr nu
It 111 don1 hk
I It wily dont you
iy Chat are yoU talkIng shout
u the
IfIIly Lave
ave e cant
In the
die first phuc we have to i
up 10
much to pay our
b Idum rent there
111 Illlythlllg left and we ean
lot the
njpy to
W have Rt out of toII
t n PAY up 1250 fIery tay and
I Ve before w can
In tho 4eon4
tlln plac It Wto 110 up
In tly noUfle by
polk I at It
to jail hare or 111
mM I ally the same state
Gmei hy a number of the
iMtions at the cribs
tho Wlllllnlltn IPUbll May The CIIUIUB of
pubiI511 l11mber of th
0 o the house
I Ih
postal ayjn
biek blil Mvlng
vii I
Select hU1 tonight lit 8
In tllO
Pfewnta d mr of the house of
Ih u lot 1111 embers of
tart nun Jorlly IH ThatH attend but the
wet thtnui illl Purposely ab
oliilI bv lhr to l > revel > their being I
lOtii0 n s IIn taken tonight Is I
Lo11 thn
fit II II knol a iCfl all lnsurt1tL so
lilt oif Ir n hae declined to sign
a Iieus About ITOnamoa
> 1inal h1 names
tOtal neiu b i an the IWtltlon but of a
bul IL org nurbTmbrllp ot 117
lhtci > aii Cr wnt from
I1II11fa o UI < I have achatl
to the hHVf thlr
lthlng1on 1111 had they been In
1locI to I to I taken tonIght Is e x
boua Ia Idnto fl tar IUI the
b fuol > Itrnt The bill Introduce
Jrwy tIlt Gardner of New I
I hkh
lIf1 is the
qbliO1I product of the I
n Pmto55 em re of the rommltlee
Low III 8 hUla and Po treads will bo
on the luhl1 for Ilrty igreemont
T ii
win he Ikouisi0 and amndment
eLC td Ihat the
tJl1Ia will bill which the
treat liprne will differ
the widely
the on hkh UTdner bill se Well IUi from
° PSeed tho
eks 111 IItllflte aomo
There il
bill llId aide atroflg OPfllllon to both
I both lIVerRslIc Of opinIon
PIa b lialne regular and Inurgent lie
c y
are largely foreigner Ask any woman
down then what that means
Few of Diem have the courageor Is
It ilestmtrT or Onto lllmora
I would rather do six months In Jail
than go back to the itockudv was her
I cry after she had tried te throw herMit
tinder tile wheel of the carriage and
bail tried to stab herself
The average crib consists of a small
room bare hoer a bod two chairs and
a small tin bowl There Is no ventila
tion except what come through tha
door or the window which opens onto
the street They rmble nothing 110
much as stall
At one end of the stockade thele Is a
sort of More room In which Is kept
hundreds of casen of beer There Is an
cmmclrtlor In the room and each crib
Is connected with It by wire The hoer
Is delivered to the Inmate by Jape
who run back and forth with boskets
of bottled beer This III In direct
violation of the license ordinance and
It In known to any and everybody that
enter the place
Only last night ono of the crib Inmate
mate dared to leave the stockade and
start up town She woo accosted by a
policeman who placed her under ar
rt and started to march her to the
station The woman pleaded and final
ly the pulleenmn released her with the
Now you beat It back there whero
you belong
llonrat to God you oant Imagine
half whats going on here said
another of the Inmates an she looked
cautiously out of the door to see If
any one was spying about
Ill leave it tohere If I didnt
have to borrow monny from one of the
IIlrlll yonlerdayto pay my rent didnt
You sure did replied the other
and I gups most of us havo hud to
do the ame thing
It 1 tI said that a meeting of ministers
will be held In a few days with the ob
ject In view of cusnlng some pro
posed action to put a stop to tho evil
It In also understood that tho city at
torney has been approached on the
subject and that ho was so utterly
amazed at the statements made to him
as to almost discredit belief Hut If
he will go to the stockade along about
10 oclock any night and remain there
for a few hours he will need no
further corroboration of the stories
A few nights ago a man got Into
nn altercation there nnd was badly
cut with a knife For a time It wo
feared the man would die but ho was
taken Into the opium den where ho
was cared for If a report of the
affair was made to tho police they
have kept Mill about It
Here iii what another Inmate of a
crib Bald
ThIS town It too moral to p rmlt a
prize fight It Is too moral to permit a
cocking man It Iii too moral to permit
a rooming houw keeper to sell a bottle
of beer and yet the authorities stand
for this Look at the Greeks Dagoen
and Chink along the street now and
then wonder whether we are slaves or
I not I have been In many many cltlm
but I have never bumped Into anything
like this proposition fay but Its
The landladies of the parlor house
JYlY about J175 per month for their
place Few ha 1 complaint to make
against italIc London but all had some
thing to ay HROlnut the cribs and the
white slave traffic The Institution
employs u special policeman to patrol
the place and In addition there Is a
Ngular policeman whose beat Is sup
posed to be Second South but vtia doe
what he can to maintain order In
the stockade
Last night a man was held up nrar
the stockade and robbed of 19 lie
reported the affair to the police but n
cejved scant attention One of the of
ficer was asked about the holdup and
replied that he had heard nothing of It
The victim was hI 1l1p by a white man
and n colored titan It is believed they
were member of a gang that frequent
the headquarters of the marquerruux
around the Fashion and the Ullte In
low proximity to the stockade
Chicago May I5W 8 Forrest
counsel for Lee O Nell Ilronne who Is
on trial on the charge of bribing State
Iteproaentatlve C A White to vote for
Wllllum Larimer United States sena
tor continued his argument In favor
of quashIng the Indictment today
It was understood that States Atty
Wayman would teak the ansntrlng
argument and that It would not last
more than an hour Attaches of Mr
Waymana office were quoted an saying
that the states attorney had a wealth
of legal decision to back lila argu
ment ngolnat Mr Forrests motion
Chicago May 261t seems there la
no Justice I will kill myself unless
there Is some atonement I have noth
ing to Ive for any more
This was the declaration of MILe
Ifeullne McUght 21 years old to Chief
of Police Steward yesterday She wo
the sweethoat of John Dublnnkl the
young miner who was shot and killed
by detectives last week when they mil
took him and two companion for high
Ilelatlvc of tho victim accompanied
Miss McUght to the chiefs office and
they demanded It Is said that some
action be started to punIsh the police
Chief Steward refused to take official
cognizance of the ease until the coro
ner Jury returns averdict
Further Applications From Leh
man and Heath Brothers Can
not Now be Considered
Applicant DlpoMd to Im IViltent
Hut Onlliiunit Is AsnliiM Ileltuti
lions Vlion Onro Drilled
If the city attorney construction of
the cItya liquor ordinance ta cornet
ally further application from Kmll
Lehman or Heath brother for a
licence to sell liquor at Salt Palace
during the present ummer will be a
sheer waste of time and endeavor
City Attorney Dlnlnny hold that aa
the applIcation of each has been pre
sented to the council and rejected
twice In the case uf Lehman neither
of these applicants can prevent a new
application within the period or the
quarter covered In the prcvluuH appli
cation Under this construction Mr
Dlnlnny bait advuwd the license as
or not 10 accept from Mr Lehman or
Heath brother the required duplicate
uf the application should It be made
ur the bond which accompanies the
application nor to furnish the bill of
expense required under the ordinance
In an application for a licence The
< lty treasurer will also be advlted not
to accept any proffered fee for H
license to accompany an application
which may be made by Mr Lehman
or Heath brother
It In current rumor that In spite of
two refusal on the part of the
council to grant a liquor license for
Salt Palace Mr Lehman with the as
sistance of councilmen Moreton and
Mulvey will keep up the endeavor to
secure the privilege of selling Intoxi
cating liquors at tne public resort
Under the law an construed by City
Atty Dlnlnny applications for liquor
licensee must be made for quarterly
periods beginning Jan 1 April 1 JUly
1 and Oct 1 of each year Should an
application be made during any of tho
first three quarters It will embrace lie I
remaining period of that quarter and I
the succeeding quarter as for Instance
would Include
an application made today <
clude the remainder of May June and
the three months beginning July 1 An
the applications made by Mr Lehman
would cover the period ending on the
third quarter Sept JO and have been I
denied by the council for that pet kid
the city attorney holds that he cannot
renew his application for that period
In other words Mr Lehman will ba
required to walt until Oct 1 to make
application for a license to sell liquor
at Salt Palace In accordance wllh
this opinion the license assessor and
city treasurer are advised by MJj P p
Inny to take no official notion tfl tlte
matter of any application filed by Mr
Lehman or Heath Brothers The city
recorder may accept an application and
present It to the council byt In the
opinion of the city attorney thAt Is as
tar aa tho matter can go and the coun
cil would have to reject tho application
Ma son Wl May K Creation of a
tnut fund for the offering of Homan
Catholic masses for the rapes of the
fouls of the testator and hla relatives
for an Indefinite length of time Is valid
according to a decision handed down
yesterday by the state supreme court
ames Kavenoupli who resided at
Maple Grove Manltowoc county pro
vided by will that 14000 of his ratato
should be turned over to three trustee
charged with having masses wild for
him and his relative The heirs at law
attacked the will on the ground that
the provision for masses was Indefinite
and uncertain and In violation of thom
law prohibiting the creation of a trust
of the kind mentioned The loner
court suntainod the contention of the
helm but the supreme court reversed
that Judgment
Orange N J May IIA union of
washerwoman and char women ha
been formed here with a membership
of 300 The officers announce that the
standard of wages will be raised from
lltt a day to it a day and the hours
of labor from 9 to II hours beginning
Juno 1
St Lout May 25 Technical discus
sions occupied the attmuion of the
delegates to the National Hlectrlc Light
association convention at the second
days HSBlons today
W W Freeman of Brooklyn flrt
vice president of the ns > c1aton was
chairman of the first technical seeslon
John F Ollchrint of Chicago second
vice president presided over the first
accounting seaclon while l r ldent
Frank W Frueuauff of Denver per
formed a similar duty at the first com
mercial meeting
The university meeting will bo held
tonight at which address will bo
made by K A Hporry of New York
and Samuel Inmll of Chicago A com
mittee to nominate officers for the en
suing year also will be named
TuwKin Ariz May 5Tht the
head or nucleus of Halleys comet ha
divided Into two parts was the dis
covery that Dr A K Douglas of
the Vnlverslty of Arltona says he
made last night According to Dr
Douglas tho brighter part ls advanee
of the other about 30 seconds whloh is
equivalent to 3000 miles
Dr Douglas calls attention to the
fact that a parallel case was the comet
of 188J which divided Into four purls
separated and entirely disappeared
Chicago May liThe division of
the comet head reported from
Arizona was not detected by observer
here last night
What we did see said Prof Kd
ward H Frot of Yerkea observatory
was that the head Wall much brighter
than It had been and that there wa
cyangon gas In tho tall along with
ordinary hydrocarbon If the head Is
divided as reported It will probably
show In photograph whloh we took
last night but which have not been
Secy Ballinger Holds Hearing as
To Whether Permit Granted
Shall be Revoked
llIfh Ijilcrft AroiiMib Nature Ijv
en for Itmi eat < mB ti lrnn
1 HIII AgnliiU It
Wuhlngton May HJfUhHetchy
valley In the Yosemite national perk
II < elated to the water supply of Ban
Francisco was the topic of Interest at
the Interior fMrtmem today where
Secy IMHnger held a IWOirloig on tb
question of revoking a permit granted
tb city some time ago hI Secy G
field authorldng the oopltagent use c
HetchHetchy as a sommPs of water
apply ny the terms of the permit
a pmit
8n Pranrlnco would b able to draw
a water supply from the HclrhHetchy
whenever the demands of taw city ex
reeded the capacity o leoks RIeanor
developed to Its fullest extent
The geological survey has reported
to th secretary that lAke Eleanor Is
ample to meet the needs of tin oily
of San Francisco which has tiled a heiSt
setting forth an op > o IU position The
hearing which began today will last
probably two or three days during
which repraentatlrs fW nt agHlrut
revocation of the permit will present
their arguments
A board of army engineer cmMtstlng
of Col Spencer rosby Uentrol John
Illddle and LieutCol lIar Taylor
who were appointed bj the president
to advise Secy Haltlnger on the en
gineering problems Involved attended
the liearlng
Among those who will present argu
ments are City Atty PirVy Long and
Prof Marks of S Pmnclscn J Hor
ace McPtorland president of the Amer
ican Civic association Bdmund A
Whitman Prof F M Bade and Philip
E Harrnun representing the Plerra
Club of San Francisco and George R
wnrds secretary of the western brand
of the Association for the Preservation
of National Parka Miss Harriet Mon
roe representing the Chicago t
graphical society h presented a brief
on the subject
San Francisco requested that the de
termination of the matter b postponed
until an Investigation should have been
mastic by competent engineers Into tie
question of whether Lake Eleanor and
other available sources r water sup
ply exclusive of HetchIfptchy were
sutndent t < > meet the future needs of
the city
A recess Ma taken ta permit th en
glneera taenJprlt Interests
present t meet the advisory board of
army engineers with ft view to deter
mining whether o R the a tft p6
batu present thom i was ft ple La
enable the secretary to decide Intelligently
gently up n tho question The seal
ntTif meeting wan held this afternoon
Mayor McCarthy of Han Francisco
oral hearing
was present at orl hertng
General Opinion Sinking Vna Due to
Manila May 25It Is the general opin
ion that th sinking yesterday of Ike dry
lhl wy WM due to carolessneM
rather than to a deliberate purpose on
eUble pur
the part of the station employes h
ore Jspanrse to cause dam it
The experts declare that th great Meat
log dock which was towed here from
the Vnltod State at much eot would be
sv d despite th likelihood that It will
he submersed for tomorrow morning
81 Louis May X 8ettlemat pr
lem criminology legs treatment of
public Intoxication and record of child
rer chil
helping IntoJeton were disauseed at th
svral age neetiag of she nation
al confcrno of charities and tar
Kdwln D Solenbwgor of Philadelphia
ld the discussion to the children see
Ion meeting
Jackson KyMay Aktxnndr
Cab member n a well known
Breathltt county ttulh waa shot and
killed from ambush today while float
Ing don the Kentucky river on a raft
Atlantic City N J May JSlIoms
missions their work and needs waj
the principal topic at todays swuloit
of the general assembly of the Irvshy
terian church now In > ealon In this
cityThe board of home missions In IU
report stated that the total receipts for
the year wr J11M3II
The board oxpreucd gratification be
cause while the churches of the country
hud been asked to contribute an ad
vance of but t per cant In their offer
Inc the advance had really keen 6 per
cent alI this advance amounted to
678 over the previous year
The board reported nrogrws In near
ly every Meld and In discussing Met
monUni said
This problem abides and ha lout
none of Its perplexities As a system
It still ltas all the ugly mark of sin
Those who know I bet and meet It
dally on the field think It resemble
I Mohammedanism In Its subtlety ant
sensuality Yet there r Indications
that Ood II honoring the work of our
church In this hard field Mti and
women have Mme out of Marmonlsni
Into the light and liberty of this sons
of God
London May 25Me Theodore
Ilooaevult visited Ilucklngham palace
today and had me long chat with Alex
andra queen mother
The call was at the suggestion of
hr majMty who when she received
Mr noosevolt yesterday expressed the
hope that she might a e the former
lireeldenfs wife
Iarls May 21A J1000e0flo issue
of the bond of the lug Four railway
vaa offered today b > Morn lisijes A
ComiMtny and was subscrIbed fur In
Nothing in Law to Give People
Reasonable Freight Rates
All for the Shippers
1iir Irly Yrart Tlmy 1116 lleflii
Hating 1liclr Way Asetmrt
Tim Senator
Washington May ae Is Hot
o line In the statute t give t tb
l > onta reasonable railroad rates dt
chased Senator IA Foltatte In the r nat
today All that has bam accomplish
e4 he said la t afford a means of
giving equal rates to shippers
The Interest o th shipper was by
n mentis tb Interact of th general
public he asserted Ha declared the
people generally wore a much saluted
to protection as the shippers Forly
years ago the fight was begun with
that end In view be aid and It was
as much a fight against extortion a
against discrimination but In the
former lt the h hoes a utter
With a huge chart to show th rela
tive Importance o the various railroad
groups the Wisconsin senator spoke
In support of th Cummin amendment
to the railroad bll requiring the prla
approval by the Interstate commerce
commission of Increases In railroad
ratesThe Interstate commerce commission
Is engaged In a mere childs play said
Mr LaFollette adding that It was 4 o
hedged about that It could not effectively
I tively deal with the problem Th
rule of the senate seem to b so fore
ed aa to prevent one from sneaking thi
troth T railroad have been hav
ing their way for 40 year We have
the sins of many Congresses to alerts
for before w permit this bill to 111
from our hand
Wnlk the rte regulation provision of
the presidents original bill was In the
public Interest orlll1 PolleUe said
the provision had ben modified by
Senator Aldrich and Stump wholly In
the Interest of the railroads
Since Jan 1 he said th < rateS in
wool from St Louis and Duluth to Nw
York had Increased 17 and IS per cent
on Brain and grain products domestic
from St Louis to New York t per
cent and from Chicago to New York JO
per cent fresh meats from Missouri
river points to Chicago K per cent
Missouri river points to Sail pr Louis
MIHuri plntl
Zt per cent and rates on heroes and
mule between St Paul and La Cross
10 per cent
Ir contended that Instead of an In
crease there should have been a A
Moscow flueslim May lOfT1CIPJ
publication was made today of a Hat
of UI Jewish merchant of the first
guild whose families are legally en
titled to live In Moscow The other
Hebrews resident In the city are In
1elre Announcement given one
the same Innouncemnt
month In which to produce proofs of
their right to remain outside the Jew
Ish quarter
Kansas City Mar BlRhtytwo
mall clerk were Injured last year b
engine bumping Into train standing
railroad station according to the
at INd elon accorlna
report of T J Masten chairman of
the claim committee submitted at
todays session of the annual conven
tion of the Hallway Mall Clerk as
sedation of America lie saul that the
Idaton mrca I standing at
are usually
mall clerks a ly MaDing
work clerk car when the engine
th are
bump the train and that they
liable to be thrown and Injure I
IRbe b of accident
II said the greatest a c
cident waa due to collision of tn I
hurt In collisions
clerks having been
sions deru year Two hundred different
accidents were mentioned In
kind of wer meltlon
the report
Charlotte X C May J5 Phenom
enal growth and prosperity of the local
building and loan assotlatlons of lh
tufted State were shown In the report
of Secy 1 F Cellarius of Cincinnati
of the
who said that the gain In assets
and loan associations In tIme
building lon Ilton I
country In lidS over the previous roar
amount to ave 70r the largest
aunt In a single year In the cioso
claUon The numbr historY ot these mtltutlon
SlSSIl member
IM aald Is 671 with 061
hers awl that the easels aggregate
tlKlst19 ThIs la an Increase for th
179 association MJK member
yar and TMK M total assets In
asset the report sliows the greatest
have been mad In Ohio Ut
gains md
a7 Pennsylvania UlMtaU New Jer
i3SLio27 Massachusetts MIM67I1
i sey JiSWM7 MuhUU
ami Illinois I44ISGM
alisi 11
Jtnta the
showed further
The rport
I bwe each member In
average moult
crialSd from I 121 to 5444 a gain of
1S per cent
Albany N Y May SITh hotel
Chaatplaln at Hlulf eint N Y 8
was destroyed by Mrs
hake aamplaln dtroye tr
today It was one of the largest and
nnsl hotels I smethrn Nw York The
cause l unknOwn
The hotel was 10 her been opeassi
for the 1011 season on June There
th ill etapiores II the build
aers ploJ t
ma All bl MMy out with th poeeibl
ade <
Inl Al jt an electrician named lr
exeiptian In rtJa
upIOI a Tb toes
brt who Is reported mlsaiai toy
will his about 1500 InaursJ fo
ftO e June M last th Fort Wllll 1150
ryTToiol 8 Lake George another big
hotel WM destroyed under similar cir
cumstance a tW dye for the date
flied for tM summer opening
noiton May K Ileports of the of
110 resd at th annual business
meeting of th American rnllartan mis
ix latlon In Treated temple today the
third nay of lh MIl analverary week
of the astoetattoo
Wanted to Stand Among Fellow
Men Once More and Tell What
Should Have Told Before
tmIImis 10 Inlmnlon Illiniwlf uf the
Crent WniiKtd lImo timid Done as
II Ssiiwrilmtseselent
New Yor May KOltver Rpttacr
U former dock superintendent of ths
American RVJCBT KeflnlnK company
was expected today to b the chief wit
ness at the trial of 8ecy Charles R
lists of the American Buajar Reining
company and live former subordinates
ftpltser was In court when the trial
ItNr wa cur wi lb tr
w a resumed The first witness ctilled
however was John J Thotmisnn a
Imokkeeper In the Wall street office of
the sugar ompany
Thompson yesterday repeatedly testi
fied that t wan James J BendertuMlol
the reflnwry cashier one of the defend
ant with Helke who told him on one
occasion that the cessation of th weigh
discrepancies on ugr cargoes was a < 0
counted for by the fat that the gov
ernment was krcplng a watch o the
docks Today Thompson asked leave to
correct this testimony
who told me lbs
1 was Bpitaer tld m th
dock were Ming watched lot Ben
dornao said Thompson
The witness also denied calling Krn
eat J Oortumcht the refinery superln
tot o the telephone rega rd > ng su
gar weights He corrected his testi
mony In other details most I j of I
minor nature
Theodore L Keppltr heed f the KU
gar trusts refinery In South Huston
testified a a expert to sugar making
proaeasea and was led to statv that raw
sugar would lose In weight by bring
refined It la the government conten
tion that more sugar was turned out
of the various reflnertes of the trust
titan varua rnr government
weight return to have been received In
a raw state
There was a grn < ral rustle of ex
pectancy In the our aa Oliver
flpltMr was called fo croaa x mlni I
wa I
l1tHr Washington D Thom presi
dent of the American Sugar Refining
company who Is under subpoena to
appear watched the former lye of
the corporation closely aa SpUaer b
gen his testimony Bpltam was woe
umlR by former Uta Senator
Clarence W Loxow
CN said Theodore A Havcmeyer
tle Mi Teor
brother of the late H O Havanwyer
th tte
broth him superintendent of toe
WllllarasbarK Iok When he left At
lanta prhwn Spltaor said he had no
Int Sptr
hope of a pardon and added
WHY 8i > rranR ONF1lO
I left my effects In Atlanta I cam
here to unburden myself o tb great
wrongs I had done 1 these you I
wanted to confess all my Ia before
this court and tell all I knew
I wanted n stand among my fellow
men once more and tall all I should
have told before I wanted t go back
to my family I wanted to b shriven
of alt that cankered me those sleepless
nights In Atlanta prison where 1 suf
fered so much
I couldnt stand I any longer I told
Capt Flynn of the secret service In At
lanta that I couldnt stand tb torture
lant tht
that I must tell tb truth and that I
wouldnt be behind the bars If I had
wount b
taken the advice of my lawyers Mr
MacKellar and Mr Cochran They
aKellr confess If I had anything
to confess after my conviction last
told to confess
February They ma cnf
before I was too late
former counsel MacKellar
Spltmers cOnMI McKelar
who ara now defending
and Cochran nw dfeln
the government checkers Halllgan and
six defendants
Voelker two of the a IlCnnl
leaned forward In their chairs listen
ing with close attention to the testimony
mossy of their former client
gpltier said he ha received the par
don In the fnitrd State district tu
ton office Just before he took in
stand Monday morning
atn promise he said had been made
him by Special Deputy Atty Btlmson
or any one else connected with the
Pueblo Cole May 12Fifteen p i
pie were Injured at 130 oclock this
morning when two coaches of a Den
ver Rio Grind local train jumped
the track two miles from Cucharas
Junction coo
Spreading rails caused the wreck and
two cars went down the embankment
Washington May 511 Knots plan
for mediation between Peru and Kcuador
which has teen a c < ptd by liuili coun
tries is popular la Argentina
t Kul ea
A dispatch roeived at the state de
partment from Inlted State Minister
Sherrlll at Buenos Ayrs y LaPr a
on of the moat IDlleta Journal In
Argentina has commended the peace
rlnuDa called thv anrnlary uf p
KnoltI rscemsker
i Ihlfgo May 25The first shine
I Isit In tlC governments attack on the
I nocalled beef trust began before Judge
Lndl In the United State court here
ludaj when counsel for the Natloartl I
Packing company and IU ten subsidiary
Pckln compt
sidiary concern assailed the validity I
of the indictment charting a com
bination In restraint of trade
The defendants were represented b >
Atty Ralph Crews Oeorge T
Buckingham and Joseph H DePiee
the government by Dim Aiu win
W etms special aslHliint district attor
ne > James H Wllkeraon AMI VII
Ally Klwood Qodman and assistant
to the Atty hell Oliver I Pagln In
his argument Mr Buckingham al
IThat the Indictment does not go
Into particular sufficiently
2Tht I duos nol show a crime
nor cite facts constituting a crime
IThlu If there was a crime the
tatuto of limitations I three year
had aajalnat U
ha run 1M
4That the Indictment charges no
Interstate commerce transaction
which the coOt
5That no place In
lilnatlon operated m bail existence U
I legal not lla act alleged J
Elect Infant Clause of Confes
sion ofFaith Up for Revision in
Southern Church Assembly
Ilnw tw Ssy In Churchly lnl1nr
Timl 1 Infant Arc Sled J rj
Oront Question 1
bewisbung W Va May 22After
standing to two centuries a a half
as a doctrine of the church the tact
Infant clause of the confession of
faith of the ute Presbyterian I
churoh came un to revision today In
the general assembly her The church
divided Into several parties on th 0
question and the fight to and against
It has been waged for n
Th question rose from the comment
blng made that If elect Infants arc
caved there must be some Infant that
are not elect How t say In
churchly language that the church
hillIn that all Infants are elect in
the problem
At the luSt msotoil mi ad Interim
ommltter head DI A jj j ra
wr was iolni iipoee to this
assembly K proixi I ling of the proposed
posed amendment > t nas this report
that was set for nation today
Those who favor action by the church
on lb subject are subdivided Into two
classes Onv would tack a footnote to
the confessional the other advocate I
boldly chnnng the wording of the I
Cl1 t infant Muse Itself
The Hd It < i Committee reported
HP first i i ndntlon as a footnote
uxding Tl > itgrnph the elect
Infant cUiu i t by a fair Inter
prrtatlon of Hi e b construed
as tearhlna thi f thorn who di
I In Infancy HI i < It la not the b I
let of the PIP mi church In the
tnlted Stales f Infants
tnlld ItRI my Intnt dying
In Infancy are IOM
As second choice the committee
recommended that the nnsent clause
be superseded by the following
I those whom G hath given to
the Lord Jesus tn b his seed such s
ar Incapable of being outwardly called
by the ministry of the word AN re
generated and eared by Christ through
thin spirit who worketh when cool
where and how he pleaseth
This was drawn to protect the doctrine
trine of election to avoid Implying
that any dying Infants are lot anti to
preserve the theoretical style of the 1
Tniswt Aililltlon tn Ccrnnui Niivy le
trlop t TMcntyclfilil Knot
kiel May SThe herman navya
newest W9ton cruiser Von Ltrr
Titan developed a speed of tt knot an
hour In I trial run from the mouth of
the Eli yesterday The Von 01 Tann
ws launched at Hamburg on March I1 I
Denver May 5Thal Mr Hraa
Raymond had married her own uncle I
was brought out In the district court
hate yesterday when she restated the
application for divorce brought by Ihr
husband Ueorge Raymond On th
stand Raymond stated simply that the
couple were married In 19 that then
were no children as a result of this
marriage and that his wife had desert
ed him In INS
Mm Raymond told the court that
Raymond whom she Stat married h
Id In ISM I her uncle aa well ni
husband and that two children no ti
ll and It years of ag reipwtlvelj
were born of that marlqe
In lOOt she said they were dlvotxrd
end In IMiS remarried Raymondn pon
lon wa denied
Man Bernardino Cal May 35A
pack mute In from the desert after a
dye months prospecting trip developed
a limp An examination of the mules
hoof revealed a gold nugget setimat
ed to b worth twt The mule belong
to Clyd Durham and James Desmond
prospectors but they have no idea In
whst part of the desert the gold was
picked up
Haiti Creek Mleh May W Wil
liam 1 armlM aged 7 mowed hit
own burial lot In Oak Hill cemetery
yesterday The veteran a former mer
chant was about to rake up the new
mown gras when ao 1 dad On
Memorial day for which he was pre
paring his graw will b decorated
Ilk loose for whose care b wa providing
lTOlItw nnd firpnt llrltlaii Submit
l roHt lllun In lluvln anti Itmoig
Prl May 25France and UrN
Britain today submitted to the goern
ment of Russia and Italy the thc
two protecting powers a proposition
to Invite Crt to admit Mussulman
deputies to tb Cretan aambly apt
thus rastote the status quo of prtr
to in o
According to this plan which It In t
believed Hussla and Italy will arcepi
fret would return Its autonomy
under the suzerainty of Turkey 1
The proposal was the result of con
Mr HdwiuJ
feronc held between Ir E I
Orey the British foreign ocretar
and M Plchon the French foreign
minister during the latter stay In
London as the representative uf
France at the funeral of King Ed
It klnul Maine May J iThe pan
sonic r ilnmer James T More e
whlih pile between Kocklanil n
Bar Harbor wan Ink at her berth
tiiday by the Ko tinHan or steamer
Belfast No lit Co wti I 1 but 21 of
the crew on the Morn had a narrow
j escape The BIt a only light

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