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> T 11IIII
r II
Senate Discussed Question With
out Coming to Any Definite
Ihr r rrilli licil Jnllrr for JHolIlIl
jlmMrnfs 1110 Moliif w Sprerli
Jot Hut Answer
Washington May 21 Whether the
railroad bill hall prohibit Mat IncreatMn
an rmllroud rates without approval ut
the Interstate mmmerr immlsslun or
c hall extend to six months the time
4 during which the commission nmj cue
1 jHn4 Increased rates was the question
1HIIIIIft the senate when It adjouimil I
the session cone t IHult 10 c RH
W nts In favor nf iho Cummins Ir l
a t by Its author and hv Senators
DMh and DollUir
lla tiggiMt inn for the extension of
t 0 time ourlng vhlih the commission
suspend rates fm Investigation
made by Slenutor Martin He pro
pNggd to amend the uininlnii provision
1 mwrtlfiK a clause requiring a tlnul
tJWfslon shall br rendered within six
J lhs from the date on which the
t dule Is filed
Il was lmmedlHtel taken up by a
flmUer of senators on both sides n < l
> am the baIr grn rat cloak
dlsvUslfin of u lonprumlse
Se aator Aldrli and hie followers an
niWttosd their vUlllnsiitn to accept It
nil Senator D lllvcr unu Cummins In
11 0ted a favorable Inclination Senator
ItAftlfr stated openly In the senate
21 te wlllinrntss to adopt the suggestion
and a number of other Democrats
flHfMely acquiesce In his argument
J Many senutnrs predlctwl Its accept
On when the question cornea to a
2Tls regular Keiutbllcans will prob
StSly Insist upon having the Martin
usjMMstton put In different form As
HgtMlly made It Is an amendment
15 the Cummlnx nmcndent but Its ac
t nce In that form would mean the
llltlmato acceptance of the Cummins
ptAVfaNon as modified by Mr Martin
Many of them prefer It us a substi
tute for the provision allowing a sus
POWten of rules for 120 days
l A part of the general understanding
WI fur as there U an understanding Is
lliat the sections of the bill dealing
With railroad capitalisation be elhiiln
atwl to ease time resulted to debate
Tho Martin proviso UM discussed to
p was considered as A part of the
Jummln > l arnero rent Much difference
1 Of opinion regarding It arose as to
whether the old rates or the new would
be In effect after six months If the
commission failed to reach a conclusion
within that time
h Mr Martin ontetided the old rates
r would continue but reused to accept
I n suggestion made In Mr Rayner to
I do away with nil doubt as to extend
v > i
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p BilranUgs of the fact and keg placed on
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Walter Baker CoLid
hbbnlhd 1780 DORCHESTER MASS
Ing the provision to declare explicitly
for continuance of old rates
Th poln had not been settled when
the senate adjourned
During Mr Morals speech he was
taken to task by Mr Aldrich for quot
ing from the Den Molnes speech of
President Taft to show the president
thought rate Increases should not take
effect without satisfying tho commis
sion of their reasonableness
Mr Aldrich said while he recognlz
ttd the right of the president to make
suggestions to Congress he did not be
lieve It proper to bring In his unof
ficial utterances to Influence legisla
I dealt only with the presidents
public utterance and do not get his
views through private conferences re
plied the Idaho senator with warmth
I had never supposed It Improper to
quote here any of the presidents pub
lished utterances
He added while ho had not felt as
sured the Interpretation of the presi
dents utterance had been Justified he
did MO feel after Mr Aldrlchs remarks
The hit bird always flutters he
Mr Aldrich did not reply
flaturday May 28th Saltnlr opens
To to sold at Burley Idaho May
27lh Kxcurslons via Oregon Short
Line Tickets on sale May JUh lath
and Ifith limit May 31st
Iloston May 24At n meeting of the
National League of Unitarian laymen
today the following from President
Taft was mad by Secy Uurdette
My Dear Mr Uurdcttv In accept
ing tor another year tho position of
honorary president of tho National
League of Inlturlan laymen I um glad
to accept my sense of responsibility
devolving upon the laymen not only
of our own church but of all the
churches ice churchmen to uphold the
lellglous and ethical principles fur
which the church stands and apply
these principles actively to tho solu
tion of the civic social and Industrial
problem that today are confronting
our country We look to the churches
and kindred organizations for the pre
servation of these Ideals and we should
lull fuiy instrumentality which is
adopted for their promulgation
One of the most pleasing signs of
the times In the rise of organizations
ulthln the church by which euintt
men combine for the purpose of In
creasing the strength of the church as
a body making It a power for the
amelioration of social conditions and
carrying Its message Into all lands IIy
such organisations properly directed
can the Ideals for which we stand
such us charity forbearance civic
rlghteou and human brotherhood
be applied to the workout of our na
tional destiny
Sincerely yours
The following officers were elected
Honorary president William H Taft
PrwiktoDt Prof William H Carruth
of KanssM university
Vice presidents CTov Eben S Draper
of Msimachutwtts and M T Can an of
Lancaster Pa
Secretarytreasurer C H Burdette
of New York
The first session of the eightyfifth
annual business meeting of the Amer
ican Unitarian association the main
organization was called to order In
Trimonl temple In the afternoon with
President Samuel A Eliot In charge
In his annual address President J lIot
ald the financial year had been m
iniiraglng 281416 having been re
lAee of Appetite
A person that has lost appetite has
lost something besides vitality vigor
toneThe way to recover appetite and all
that goes with It Is to take Hoods
Sarsaparllln that strengthens the
stomach perfects digestion and makes
eating a pleasure
Thousands take It for spring loss of
appetite and everybody says there
I nothing else so good as Hoods 2
Milwaukee May II folollel Jerome
tl diu i iBtniu > tvr uf the United
Hiitii army retired crltlioa Past
d MINI iiinil < r InChief James Darling1 tin
A blah n < > uth for his fiery protest
I ixuiiiFt tlir installation of a statue of
ten Itohert K Le In the hall of fume
and said Darlings style of patriotism
Is the veriest chain
twin Watrouss statement In part fol
low H N
DurllngH latest advance on the dad
eiKTiiy and his dead sag uniform and
> x > nf > > derucy recalls Senator James
Gordons recent remark about a class
In thu south that Is still carrying on
the war of rebellion The old senator
himself a gallant confederate soldier
called the rampant lighting class that
hops In the limelight on the slightest
provocation blah mouths adding that
they had u small part Ip the war and
now have little Influence Darlings
fresh outbreak Is proof that we have
at least one of Senator Gordons clan
of blab mouths at the north Dar
lings style nf patriotism Is the veriest
8allalr more bwuitlfii than ever
tksson opens Saturday
Senate Judiciary Committee Con
ducting Investigation Re
garding Appointments
It IN HiMt < p l That Hitler Iuvtlonul
JoOCUII III Itrpuhllrnii Iirty llirro
Will bo DKclocil
Washington Way 94tn lnvestl a
tlon which Is expected to disclose to a
greater extent than ever before tin bit
ter factional feeling In the Jlepablicaii
party In Alaska WM begun today before
a subcommittee of the MOOI commit
tee onJndlciary It Is being held In
connection with protests made against
the confirmation or John Kuslcard and
Jlei bert I I ulkner appointed uy
1 President Tuft as InKed state attor
ney and United htates marshal reo
fpfCtlviy to succeed Jobn T Uoyci
and Daniel A Sutherland who were
removed at the rlllllllt It l e under
stood of Gov Walter E Clark
Senator Nelson Is chairman of the
subcommittee and amoclatad with him
are Senators liorah and Overman
The proceedings today were highly
sensational representatives of the op
losing factions were present and lis
tened to the charges each Mde mode
against the other The principal speak
er today was Delegate James Wicker
haw who made charge against novo
Clark exQov Hoggett and Loul
Shackleford the member of the lie pub
lican national committee from Alaska
The Alaskan delegalw sought to con
nect these men with the Guggenheim
As to the exact testimony given to
day little could be learned Senator
Nelson after an adjournment had been
ordered until Thursday cautioned the
witness against revealing the exeou
tlve proceedings
It Is understood however that Sen
ators Uoralt and Overman will recom
mend open hearings
The controversy Is said to be chiefly
between the faction opposing the ac
tivities of the Guggenheims In Alaska
and that which favors the rapid de
velopment of the territory The men
who were removed from office charg
ing that Gov Clark had become affi
liated with tho Guggenheim faction
and that he Joined with National Com
mitteeman Shackleford In recommend
ing the appointment of Hustgard and
Doyc and Sutherland are not seeking
to be restored to office They say they
desire nothing more than to place be
fore the senate the facts as they see
them connected with their removal
According to their story they Incurred
the enmity of the Guggenheim be
cause of their prosecution and convic
tion of Kd Hazey on tho charge of
having shot and killed two men In Key
stone canyon In October 1907 Hazey
was employed by the Guggenhelms and
It was charged that he shot the two
men while trying to guard Keystone
Pass against the invasion of the rPM
sentatlves of H rival concern which was
seeking eiilranee to the paM as a
rout for a railroad line Haley wa
convicted and sentenced to serve IS
months In a federal penitentiary
Hoyce and Sutherland claim they dis
covered that men higher up In the
GuRgenhelm service were rrxpnnnlbis
for the affair at Keystone Pass The
two federal officers nay they were re
moved from office on the event of tht
bringing of proceedings agalnxt others
believed by them to have bwn impli
cated In the Keystone affair Just be
fore the committee adjourned today a
young man named Douglas who hoe
open an auditor In he employ of the
Guggenheim was called to the rtand
He testified that 170000 had been ex
panded prior to and during the llnxey
trial and he charged that the expenditures
turN bed been made for the entertain
ment of the jurors and otherwise as
a corruption fund to defeat the prose
cution by federal officers
work Chamberlains
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galtalr welcomes you Saturday
may SSth 10 trains
New York May SThroullh the gen
fpnelty uf the city of nude Pest Nw
York will have Hungarinn literature in
plenty for Its public library Six hun
dred volumes of Hungarian statistical
coiwrnilr and scientific works all print
ed In Magyar have just been ntcelved
as the nucleus of the collection which
Buds Pest will donate
A year ago an official of the munici
pal public library of Dude pest was vie
iting this city and saw a stack of du
plicate of public library books lie was
told he might have what he liked and
forthwith he selected such treasure as
patent office reports proceedings of the
New York tioard of aldermen and statis
tics on labor and capital
About half a toh of this literature was
sent over to Hungary In return New
York city has received the consignment
of tyro works from the Bud Pest library
beside s gift from the minister of pub
lie Instruction In AuslntIIunRary of 100
volumes of general literature
Chicago May V Throe thousand Chi
cago societies that sold liquor at dance
IBM year will have to pay the lTnltd
Stale government the Internal
revenue tux of SX If s dwctflon of the
Internal revenue authorities at Washing
ton received In Chicago yesterday Is en
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