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w H H
r V j
r < 4
Both San Francisco and New Or
1 leans Clamoring for Panama
Exposition in 1915
tfiiewlHlnllcx of Army I4fII Invention
by Which to KiMirt Dlmtlim
Of Wlnli I
< Hril I forrotiotiridencp t
rTashliiKtin l > c May M There Is
J red hot fight on between San rran
Mam and New Orleans for the honor
W holding the Puntima rxpiwltton upon
the comHtlon of the canal In If IB
Apparently then IK no attempt on the
part of either of these dtles to obtain
Appropriations fmrii Congress for tie
ftntheran e of the lieme which cub
b advocatIng All that I s needed h the
official sanction of the rational Iglsla
ture and the comraunltlet pmnlse to
8 lie the rest The fight IB an amusing
t e and exceedingly tsstINastory to the
Vaahlngton m > n simpers rtreH car ad
VMtlacrs anti hill postern Pagtw of
fe wspar xpaie are on u pled by the
fjvml cities day after day Practically
i 5gwery street iar carries In conspicuous
jgjtttam on Its advertising boards the
MMple line Han Kran Isco 116 or
1 lfew Orleans III1R Tills methid of
attracting attention Is duplicated In
Jiff letter on every bill board In
4OwU with the exception that Ban
u Wlanctsro stole a march on New r
Wan and got there lIt
H JHwaldent Taft hi underHtnod to favor
+ 3v rapoel lions but If that provea to
fee the CBBC Washington I likely to
III as a competitor for the place
ttnatpty Waahlngton I handl
Pd by the fact that the Oulf and
c competitor are willing tn take
chance without federal financial
Isnee while of course It is out of
question for the capital city to
t t inch a plan
Iie president the navy department
i and the public generally were
ed on Monday last when the
wae flaahed from Annapolis that
hfle member of the clan gntdu
hi IPIS from the Naval academy
I pa ed TOfBclently high In the final
tiiaUo to entitle him to a com
op ae ensign Never before in the
ry of the Institution which 10 the
01 the country hia curb a reeult
rid a two years cruise of the mkt
l who were ent out following
adoatkm It I learned from
Of those who are In close touch
the mMdtn that the examination
I UM moat evere ever Imposed and
wry broadly hinted that officers
up were rwsjxinaiM for what I 1
I t be a deliberate attempt to
gv the claa of Ot In order that
t tfter themselves may longer remain
i4 the actrve list of the navy Whether
tJIU Ie true or not the pn Sent ant
Ihe ecretary of the navy decided that
tUe action of the examining board wan
tether too drastic and in spite of
tfc adverse reports nearly at of the
Middle will be mimUMtoned aa en
It I probable too that the board of
1ilSltOrc to the naval academy which
flBl examine that Institution this um
Mr will go more carefully Into the
Wtrrlctilum and that a reformation In
the exaction lmr > ose < l upon the embro
Mmlnil will be radically reformed
The history of the navy show that
Ua star graduates do not as a rule
UKB out to he the blent navigators
4UId seamen Then H many an old
altellback In the servle today who
Zaoks high as a tactician and a navl
Dator who Mould be ntumped by a
in In calculus which would be
p for a high school boy and It U
argued with a great deal of force that
t Alter passing the rigid examination
t Jcnpoeed every half yeir there will be
erne of the right kind of stuff In the
class of a hundred sturdy American
ben who buy had four years of aca
r demic education and two year of sea
duty even though they are not able to
Mtttafactorlly r MII in the fourth dl
UeutCol Churlon W Taylor of the
genenil stuff nr the army has just been
ordered to iinxerd to Denver to take
I Up the dutlex f adjutantgeneral of
t the tli J > irtment f Colorado
Col Tilr i iNe Is not a unique one
l but It II > itH very clearly how
djJXi ult It H for an army officer with
4 family to make his salary satisfy nil
MB need Army officers are subject
fto the orders of the prinlrtent as com
JtanderInchief who by the wy eel
4om knouK them IndU Idnally which
W transmitted through thi adjutnnt
eneral of the Minn nnd Just V hcn one
has become comfortably fettled In a
< < riruble poxt uheii he may have the
advantage of eduiatlon for hip chll
4rn he In liable to be ordered to a new
t a thounand miles away Home
years ago an ttli or in the army with
nine children In ten year ordered
to no ICK than cven different ata
very move tmolvlng nn expenditure
af practlntly 1 thousand dollurn In
railroad fun and In the tinnnportallon
Of his hou holil goods The ase of
Col TRYIrl iiioovt anilogoiin At
t the outbreiK of the Spanish war he a ii
I captain In the Ninth cavalry stationed
Ift Fort Kobinson Nebraska The ninth
11I a negro regiment and wa one of
Me first and most actlv organisations
j which proceeded n Hlboney and Ban
Juan and It was the black fellow of
the Ninth tIit mived the Rough Rider
from annlhihiilon in that campaign
I Capt TI > lot uli In the Anal engage
1 ment UHH rttkIu officer of the or
ganliHtltii oH shot all to pieces anl
1 Was t kn to i governors Island nearly
t Ik phynli 11 urik But he recovered
end about the ginning of the year
UN I te > ldent McKlnley assigned him
lo the io tinn of treasurer of the National
t tional Koldli i htime In thi city where
j I fee shoud n iiiirkable executive abll
t Ity lflln wlilli place he remained for
n bout tnn u 1115 giving him a ohanco
I to ediic his hlldn About eight
year UK h < > vii dumped from Wash
I owing In the unprecedented In
terast nliown of late In 1M steil II
i now h lux manufactured l > y the
I fnui d M < lullle Tie ContDany
i if miiiv p n ctilnng on slocii
I Imiii IK utti ih view nt taking op
ShOne on in oCk held by them
anil Jhiln the nil k to the pub
f lie In i 1 ii 0 methods sire
sunn iltii I pf1 trim li iii
t onl i II i v rl iixl en the of
Itili of II i ompltiA whine IOOd
fnitli mil iilhgillv H lclilB mil
I i nitttti r < > l in r > I inill < e In un
LinI U I
Tin pillHi l H eailtlHieil 10 lilMl
I nl v with IhHe irrtll men w ho
t heir i mil it mil rli illon from
r th comiiam unit BKMIINn Till
Pulll atlmtlon In illreiIM to
tin mrlt if the tie
H > Miihntiiii Thorium Hff
After Your
Automobile Ride
apply Croum Lotion It
removes stinhurn pro
rants redness k c e p s
tho skin beautifully
soft and white
25c a Bottle
Tlir ruN Drug
I > lpenf ry
South Main
Mall Order
Ingtnn to Fort Mfnl and of course his
family went with him Juxt ax he
was finally nettled at Fort Mead he
was ordered to the Philippines und
upon the elevation of Urn Merrltt to
the head of the army Taylor then hav
ing reached his majority was anlgned
to recruiting duty In 81 Paul lila
next move was a nice little Jump from
St Paul to Fort Bill Oklahoma and
then a shorter one to avenworth
Kansas From Laavenworth he was
ordered back to Minnesota being sta
tioned at Eton Bnelllng and Just when
he had nicely nettled hha household
goods and him family at that very de
sirable post telegraphic orders
iaached him to proceed to Wash
ington for duty In the adjutant
general oatce This was a year and
a half ago In the meantime Major
Taylor has become Ueut Col Taylor
He did not know what would be the
duration of hi last assignment bat
last fall he bought a house here and
had Just got comfortably settled when
the power that be In an official order
promulgated on Monday last directed
him to proceed to Denver there to as
sum the duties of adjutant general
of that department Ueut Cot Taylor
will reach hi full colonelcy In Decem
ber 1914 and will retire about six yar
later lie will probably have another
trip to the Philippines within a year
or two and by the time he reaches the
retirement age will have a very pntc
llral knowledge of the geography of
the United Stale not only on this con
tinent but among Its posisieeaions be
yond the sons
Former Congrawman J Adam Hade
who was reeoKnlmd a 11 the hummUl
of the house during hi term has add
ed hid view to the galaxy of opinion
am to the cost of high living When
we again become satlnBed with tal
low dliM Instead of electric light the
little rail Bchool house Instead of coI
l flv oxteam Instead of automobiles
and hone cure Instead of trolley
when we are satisfied to return to K
diet of muh and milk for breakfast
and fried fork and boiled potatoea for
dinner when elder satisfies the appe
tite 11M wall au champaign and blue
leans take the place of cloth when
the farmer I willing to work 16 hour
a day and to use a sickle Instead of the
reaper and the scythe Instead of the
mowing machine and In fact when we
am In chaps and willing to return to
the condition which existed In this
country 15 years ago we may expect to
live an cheaply see our grandmothers
and grandfather did
Mr Herts III of the opinion like many
other men who have made a personal
ntudy of condition that the time haM
paed when food stuffs will be cheap
Vever again will cheese be sold for live
cents a pound sip It was In 1873 nor will
remind cheep he obtainable at K cent
each A they were In the late 89s And
the committee which has been Inveetl
gntlng the mihject has very nearly
reached the conclusion that low cost
of living will never again be poaslble
for A merles n people
Prea dlpateh recently have told
of the trial of an Invention on the
French line steamer LR Provence
which Ia designed to enable a vonxel at
sea equlpiwd with wlreles to uncer
tain the exact direction from which H
mewoage comas This device Is mid In
be the Invention of on Italian and
experiments made thu far show that
he device fo it success And that It will
be posalbl for Its installation upon
vessels to overcome the danger of
collisions In fog
It I Interesting to note In this con
nection that Mr Elliott Wood su
perintendent of the United State
Capitol baa during the pat six
nonths made many experiment In a
similar line and he I confident that
he had solved the problem before the
Italian scientist did so But Mr Wood
I s not a wealthy man and the many
nventlon which be haa perfected
have all gone to the use of the public
and especially nf the government with
out charge or payment of any kind He
endeavored to secure the aid of the
navy to demonstrate the effect of his
device but was turned down for It
seem that naval nltlcem dont like
land lubber to Interfere with navi
gation Now that an Italian has com
Into the Held It Is possible that Mr
Woods will receive more encourage
nent and that the American Invention
may prove equally effective In the pur
pose for which It was designed
Ill rulers In Southern Ulnh In Had Way
For Luck of Italn
8upt Van Housan of the Bait Utk
Rout Inqu4r along the line this noon
as to rain condition only to find that
he rain did not extend below this city
ml for a short distance lie say the
farmers In the southern pan of the
state are in a bad way and If they do
not Jet rain they will lose their crop
rent filter King Cnw ClmLtig IU >
lnk i nit of Ti llnmii
The liver King Consolidated Min
ing company completed It case In chief
this morning against the Silver King
Coalition company charged with Il
legally extracting or from the Parson
tope and the end of the lonedrawn
out oao before Special Examiner John
W Christy Is In sight Hy stipulation
the Coalition company Is given It days
In whleh to offer its rebuttal and then
the plaintiff will be given five day to
put in its surrebuttal A soon as the
evidence ii completed the arguments
will be heard by Judge John A Mar
Minn Leigh Hlock Wall the only wit
ness examined this morning and then
the hearing was postponed until Fri
day morning whn the defense will
place several witnesses on the utand
Miss Block was asked to Identify e
number of original working maps of
the Parson stop which she had plat
led The maps were offered ma exhib
it by the plaintiff
p 0
KPJOCT rirrpronf Storage Wareliouae
Ihnne 1821 Moving Parking Stor
age and SlilpDlnc ot household good
Proposed Thai OHIclal Visit Seattle
Til Inspect Working of KIHIVH
fill Incinerator Tlicru
I the recornmendit of the sani
tary Hnmlttre M accepted b tb city
caejnrll Engineer George V MeCtenagl
and Health fnmmMmter Dr S O
Paul will be sent tn Seattle at U
citys expense to tko n look at the
Incinerator and garbagedestroylng
plant recently Installed there
The committee held a tnoctlng In the
health commhwionern office this morn
ing and ilixcuned the matter of the
prod Incinerator The proposition
lecrntty made by a California company
to Install a plant capable of handling
5 torn of gsrhhge dally for SttOOO and
a royalty nr 1H cents per ton for a
period of 17 yn wan discarded I
wan thought that not nnly did the price
seem exi < eslve but that the proposed
lxnt Is still practically an untried
OiinnMy the patent having only been
In existence half a year
Prom what has been learned of the
Incinerator at Seattle It Is believed
that it would be the beat form adapted
for Halt Lake and the committee de
> Idert to recommend the sending of th
y nglneer and health commissioner
to Hcattle to Inspect the plant a r
port to the council
The sanitary committee also ap i
proved the renewal of the present contract
tract held by the Ramberger road for
th hauling and dumping of garbage
lender the ommonrtullon the contract
will b continued until the end of the
The case of F StHplcton charged
with the theft and dlnpose1 0 United
State monev orders went to the Jury
thin afternoon after the entire morning
sesulon before Judge John A Marshall
in the federal court had been consumed
In arguments Atty William McCrea
assistant Inlted Htates district attor
ney opened the argument and Atty
nrgtmm Clegg presented the defend
ants case Col Hiram J Booth Unl
ed Btatea district attorney closed the
argument John Htapleton the father
of the defendant who Is an attorney
did u addre the Jury During the
trial he ham directed the examination
of wltneasea
I1rr DntlmVH IV > lp nt IJeokV Knobb
ing Out Transit SjMrm
A transmlMlon wire pole 0 nre at
Reek Hot Hprlngs Ibis noon caused a
shut off the city streetcar
loss of power that o el
ca traffic and made the movement of
elevators decidedly intermittent The
Itah Light A Hallway company Immediately
Lbt pny
diately started up itt emergency plant
which to operations In 11 minutes
while the companys electrical engineer
rustled up an automobile and burr up
rut springs to iavttgste Numerous
elevators were caught between Noon
with business people Impatient to es
eerie for lunch and their feelings as ex
pressed d not Indicate a calm and Im
perturbable frame of mindS
Mr C It IVur ll Irdullt of St
Marks Clmrity Mieliitloii
The ft Mark charity Itt
met this morning listened to report
of the Or ntion and elected the fol
lowing officer for 1M ensuing sar
lent Mr C I Pearstill first
vie president 1 J V Krancl
Mrs William
second vIce presIdent r WI
Igleheart third vice president 1 8
Saacom fourth vice president Mrs
Windsor V Hire fifth vice president
Mrs W C Jennings secretary Mr
M U Ritchie treasurer Mia Jan
Kectitle nntulI lee Mrs 1 W
Armstrong Mrs W I Child n
lob C Oemtnlll
Charity Committee Mrs A J Oor
ham Mr W C Jennings
Magaitne Committee Mrs George T
Wallact and 1 W T lOser
Tuesday afternoon Justice of th
> Mce J M Bishop ordered J R
Lewis formerly proprietor of the Rail
way Kxchang saloon held to answer
in the district court to the charge of
smbeixlrlnn UI share of the Cleve
land Mining company stock laid to
have been entrusted to him b William
Harper of Boise Ida Lewi wan ar
rested by deputy sheriffs hut a
month ago After being bound over
ie was released on 1 ball
Alleged tlmicli of Coiit rod on Mlnlnc
SKMU 11 Ciiminlvlnn
Two ults In which Samuel Newhouee
Is made defendant r filed In the
district court yesterday The plaintiff
are K E Houson ansi Warner Zetgler
and August MaShes and both suit are
brought to recover sum said to b
doe under an alleged breach ot con
The complaint allege that the
plaintiffs served by obtaining anil
preparing for i Mewhouee report
O tM Com met IK l Mining company
property in Oregon and assisting Mr
Xewhouae In acquiring an option on
IMtM chare of the stock at 21 cent
A share and TMtfM hares ut I cents
a share In return they were to ro
naive a commission on the profits of
the sale of Ud lock MaShes allege
that under this agreement there Ia due
to him I2U9 and Ilowson and Xelg
lr claim HUttt
ux rovnasr cAstes
After InvMtlgutlng the applications
cations for entry nn certain
land In township I south range 1
west Receiver M M Kalfhn
and Register Thompson rendered a
decision affecting the claim The ap
plication of George Haveroamp was
cancelled because he had mae no
settlement or Improvements upon the
land prior to D 10 1 tt Harry J
Merrier was allowed to hold hb claim
and e a Thomas Cedarstrom both
having compiled with the entry law
C F Johnson wa allowed entry on
the land for reservoir purposes on
April 1 ni and the return to entry
Oet 5 101 which opened the land to
settlement after Nov 3 If09
A petition for a writ of habeas corpus
to un the liberation of Michael J
Ryan from be cuatody o Sheriff Wil
son at Ofden wan preentd to the
supreme court this morning and denied
Ityan was arrested o a charge of u
sault with Intent to commit robbery
and wa hound over to the district
court by Municipal Judge John D Mur
phy The plaintiff In the petition con
tended thnt hi dt > tlon ia without
HUhnrltv of law
The Rlngham and laiflsld railway
eompany In a condemnation suit
gainst John and Ellen Btrlckley seeks
a right of way through the mining
claim known a Argaunnut No I
pinter lot No J02 West Mountain
mining dUtrlcU
4b 7O5jr
Supreme conditions of
perfection make competi
tion impossible I I
Knox Straws
establish the Model for in
ferior imitations
C < DtUm < n > hats
Richardson 4 Adams Co
Ladies hIM >
Walker Bros D G Co
Vice President W II lluncroft Ho
turn Ironi ln i > citlon Trlii nod
< un Will CI M Juno ID
Vice President W I Hancroft of the
8aft Iak Ht and Assistant K II
Knickerbocker returned Tuawiay night
from Los Angeles via Sacramento
They went to southern California e a
to roach th western end of the ro
construction and see for themselves
what was being done The officials were
gratified at the rapid progreM
which at the date of their departure
left only IT mile to b rebuilt This
will b covered by June II though the
road will not t formally opened until
the morning o the llth The western
builder are within nine mile of Cnl
let with the grade Car Service HupL
Anderson I now a work o a new
time card on which the L Angeles
limited train are to figure
The first westbound limited is sched
uled to reach Ogden from Chicago at
f1 pm June 14 white th first eat
bound from Los Angeles In due In this
city 1111 am June Ii and Ogden
at lt4l
1f I I
Coal Italea Must Come Down In
be slKnlrtoant title of two poster bulle
tin prepared by the Commercial club
traffic bureau embodying eplgrammat
leally th rUng Indictment Mt forth
In the ktst statement of the bureau
with reference to the
wih rne coming struggle
In this tal for a reduction of coal
rate These poster r to be scat
tered all over the state and every kind
of a v body urged to actively Inter
est itself In the fight to secure repre
sentative in the next legislature who
will be pledged to follow th example
of the North Dakota legislature and
establish coal rates formulated on a
similar bad
Th Short AM handled 9000 car of
beets during th last season carrying
over Mt6M tons
Th Western Pacific Is open once
more after another protracted tieup
due to the vigorous vagaries of the
great lake Home ISO loads of freight
are now being nut over the rebuilt
line through the south end of the lake
According to the Cheyenne paper anew
new railroad I to be built from
Monte Vista In the Stan Luis valley 40
mile to Saguache to aid In develop
ing that fine agricultural region J 13
CoagrllT of this city la Interested In the
General Agent Neslen of the Hurling
ton received this mi > rnlng ofTlcul nol
Section from Chicago that effective
June 1 all through train on the lIon
llngton system will be electric lighted
by the dynamo system the currant bt
tog genraled by a dynamo In the bag
gage oars and connected with storuR
batteries In each Indlvdual car This
latter feature means that any failure
of the dynamo will not shut off tha
light In any car o the train
There Ia reported an epidemic of tO
sllltls ail over the city numbering hun
dred of calm quite vn In
many case symptoms of grip ac
company There are a canes rpt
on Kensington and Kmerson avenue
alone whole ftunllie IR afflicted
The general remedy seem to b wab
blng Iron the throat with carbolic sOld and
WHo ClmrgeM 11 With Much Spwlllc
Cruelly In Ithorco Suit
A ileree of divorce In sought by
Olivia N Trnr from KURWW Tuner
aUw the custodyof their JHy ok
child SH a month alimony and 0 for
co U The couple were married In Salt
Lake City Rpt 1 If04 Thn wife al
lege that on March U 1910 defendant
amaulted her and threatened to knock
her teeth down her throat that on
April 1 besides using vile language
toward her he threw a stiff Derby hat
at her and hit her In the eye that on
Ia 15 he struck her with his flute
that for the but three months he has
been away from home every night and
has bean with women of doubtful rep
utation and that In general his daily
treatment has been Inhuman cruel
Vile etc
Mm etTrnr conducts A rooming
house at U west Second South ret
and she ak for a restraining order to
keep defendant away from the place
and from molesting her In any way
o a
The regular meeting of the city school
principals which is generally held In
the city and ooiinty building will beheld
held this afternoon at the Jefferson
school The new building will b In
spotted by the visitor and Its prln I
pl W J McCoy will act ns host for
the occasion There will be refresh
ments preceded b a program which
will doubtless prove quite entertaining
Ktnlo PMi anil Ruino rommlmlnncr
Commence nn Summer Hatch
Fred w Chambers state fish all
game commissioner will clean up the
IM hatchery Friday of 11 fr
hatched during the winter ant will
place 100000 native trout eggs In the
troughs for the Hummer hatch Ho re
port that 27609 will be placed his
week In the gprlngvllle hatcher this
lhll the commencement of the tak
ing of some T000000 eggs at the
various breeding stations throughout
the stat
The Pangultch lake hatchery has
oPen completed and the fish are being
stripped Thl hatchery has one mil
lion capaclt and It will be operated
to the limit this aoD
City Council Committee TlinitUiu to
Attempt to Hold Another Meet
ing This HicnlMi
An official call wa Iutl tisis morn
leg tot a meeting of the 1 > eatal 1
vuUiretiltf commute o th eLY
coHril tAlthough the reason Riven
for th abandonment of U called
meeting for last night was given by
some member that they didnt p
pose to wall around 1 night the
main hour of S oclock lists been tsP
fnr the meeting tonight anti In do
feience to the Important nf the In
vestigation the meeting 0 the muni
cipal law committee to consider the
niurhneeded electrical ordinance bus
been Hoatponed
Whether or not the Investigation
meeting will be held tonight In still
uncertain however Mr A Campbell
president nf the Campbell llulldlng
company whltth came In for the caus
tic rrltlclam of Councilman Pernstrom
which criticism wai responsible for the
Investigation committee I out of the
city ami not expected to return until
Saturday Although a considerable
portion If not 1 nf Mr Kernstroms
charge made In the council could be
Investigated without the presence of
Mr Campbell there ii a feeling that
It will be held by dome of the committee
mittee that he ought to be present and I
another delay In the meeting of the i
committee U not unloosed for
Proceeding werebegun In the
i supreme court today by the city board
of education against George F Mc
Uonagle as city engineer of gilt Lake
to compel the city to permit the con
nection Hf the Longfellow school
building with the city sewerage sys
tem The board sometime
brd ImfUm ago applied
for the permit to make the sewer con I
nection and was denied by the city
engineer An affidavit for a writ of
mandate wise filed In llm supreme
court this morning and made returnable
turnstile June 1
A Jury vas empanelled In Justice 0
the Peace Stanley A Hank court at
I oclock this afternoon whore an In
quest over the remains of Mr Hansen
who was killed In an automobile acci
dent 11 being held At County Atty
John Bowman Is conducting the Inves
tigation the witnesses having been
summoned by Sheriff Joseph C Sharp
The many friends of Mrs J W Hyde
will be pleated to know that she suc
cessfully underwent an operation at the i
hoepltal this morning and this after
noon was reported Cl doing nicely The
operating surgeon wan Dr A J Ridges
Comet Ironing Knliilcr The comet
is growing fainter and fainter as I
steadily recede from the sun The
savants say the comets orbit Is en
tirely within this solar oystem In
fact none of the comets travel beyond
yond Into the realm of any other
molar system In 10 days the comet will
have disappeared not to return for
1 year
MIn Premium Director Oenprnl
W II Howe for Utah of the Seattle
fair III distributing medals ant
diplomas to Salt Lake and Utah prizewinners
The regular monthly meeting of tho
Salt Lake stake Relict society will be
held In the Fourteenth ward chapel
Saturday May JS at S p m
Heber J Grant and George J Can
non are due to return thl evening
from an extended automobile trip
through Ulntah county They are returnIng
turning via Kanm Heber City and
the Par
AttyOen A U Barnes Is In ft Paul
attending the annual convention of
attorneygenerals nf the various state
General 8 J Seal of the Interna
tional Harvester company ha gone to
southern Idaho on a bun trip
Manager Martin Reynold or the
Kcllptt Grocery company ha been sud
denly called to Philadelphia by the se
rious Illness of his brother
II Cotnmtosioner lan and De
ut H C Smith teeter with a lacto
meter St samplefl of milk Tuesday at
the Salt Lake station of the Short Line
also at Loytofi and Kayovllle All
were found up to th mark I I noted
KM remarkable that whereas certain
cow own pleaded the low standard
of original milk production I < 10 to
tile Innate and Inane proclivity of the
bovine nature of drink too much water
since the prosecutions there has boon
no more trouWe In that direction The
cows appear in have suddenly re
Tlireo hundred elI Coining for
Two Dn Se loii Next Week
Sunday morning there will arrive In
Halt Lake City about SW master
llt Jk CI abut 3 maf
plumbers and o Monday anti Tueetlay
they will be In seitnlon am the conT fi
lion of 3Vastern Matr Pinmbnsxs Tm
Con coming from New MeKiro Color
ado Wyoming and various parts of
TU convention will be held In the 1C
of P IwlU beginnIng Monday morning
at f oclock On Tuesday there will be
an organ recital wllli R special p
gram In honor f the vlIUtt and lit
1 oclock they will go to fialtalr where
a banquet will be served at 1 oclock
The convention Is regarded a an Im
portent on and many matter or Im
portance will be discussed
Inn May a A deputation from
the British group of tde Inlrjarllmea
tary union was 0IYo by Mr Roose
velt today
The deputation was headed by Lord
Wsardaie and presented th former pres
ident ma n address setting forth the
aim of the union and the hopes ef the
British group for universal peace
Hrl Rlf his
Mr Roosevelt In reply expressed
sympathy with the cause represented
by bbs visitors He spoke briefly u his
throat Is still bothering him somewhat
vR I
Senator Smoot Will Irate Amend
incuts In Protect Ccrtnlu Pcrtonn
Washington May SThe senate com
mittee on public lands today authorised
Senator Hmool to draft amendments to
the administration land withdrawal bU
In order to give protection to peraona
who hive expended largo sum of money
t exploring oil land
Whets he h5 prepared the new draft
of the bill It is expected that It will
be allowed to take lh place O the n
at calendar now occupied by the bill
previously reported Thin Indicates that
the measure may b enacted at the pres
ent session
Ma nclitfll CommKlon Kuy lieu
roncN Are Suffprcrs Not Gainer
llonton May 18 Instead of ID In
any way reiHKinslbki for the high cost
o living th railroads lioukl be
cUaseil OM among the greatest Buffer
era declared the JlaaBachuiietts coat of
living commissions report Iwueil today
The report asserts railroads sees now
getting lea ro what they give than
ever before Despite this the corninl
Son finds the raJIroadH have prospered
Thin I attributed to the hutting off of
rebate and the discontinuance of the
tuance of free paea together with
the enormous Increase In the volume of
Hockford III May 5 After being
dry for a year 48 model saloon
were licensed to begin business In
Iloekfortl yesterday
The new ordinance regulating the
traffic contain several novel feature
Including the prohibition of treating
I is also unlawful for a Min keep
er to have a chair or a free lunch
counter In hi place
Pltt burg May 10Seven tons of
African hunting trophies constituting
a collection similar to that which
Theodore Hooeevelt has sent to the
Smithsonian Institution at Washington
are on their way to Plttiburg from
Nairobi British Eat Africa for lh
Carnegie museum here Charles Filch
on of I C Prick of the United
Stale Steel corporation recently
undertook a hunting and exploring ex
pedition Into Africa at his own Initia
tive and expense Ills own trophies
and several which h bought for the
museum SIll 1 barrels and 17 case
Among the specimens are an elephant
hippo rhinoceros the giraffes live zebras
bras elands water bucks wart hog
roan antelopes liartebeste bushbucks
buck kundus gnus oralbta dlkdlkj
kllNprner and various other ante
lop and gaxellaaa leopard 1 cheetah
jackals four hyena babboons numer
ous monkey a cones and many
mailer animals a considerable col
lection of larger bird a very largo
collection of skulls and skeletons
tank containing reptile 0 makes In
alcohol meat and several n of dried lion
Liverpool May UIt Is reported
that the Cunard steamship company
Is contemplating constructing a tn
memloua new steamship o 69000 gross
tonnage with a speed of 2 knots an
hour The Mauritania the big tur
bine of the sum company has a dis
placement of J200 tons and a speed
of I knot
San Francisco May 2Whisn Jai k
Johnson took In the road today Tom
Little brother of hla manager was the
only man In the amp who would at
tempt to keep pace with him Man
ager Little threw up the sponge ye s
turday and I now negotiating fOE 1
home which he will ride while hi < i
I iharge la sprinting across the mind
his John Flanagar
Longboat will start ton
Pufla peCkr n hi n J 1
on hlii retuin t rl 1 rU J
put nn the
glove aUsi am I
al1 rk
of his sparring ri Ur tll
prlnR paris r11 g
account of the heat nrL up ol
non today Ihl Jhn Ltt
soon begin ybrv P I = n i
nlhcr hc
Ir lciersiifn
i4tisr flia lln f
la tny om
VahnRton M
or b president of t In 1 II
oration of Labor r an r
rlon Llor than i i
oflfce on earth d iHri 11 Vr
per pre Ment of lh Amrlspff ffflf ro
eLton of lAbor In Amrll
committee on labor rtavTlm th
Ilbr rlY h
ambition li hI h
to bet ome a a
proposed department 0 f 0
n nf
dprt i l
tabMshment of Which h fff 7 t I
The m nr
shouM i I
hi cabinet who know s hM
ton one not ne < esv II li
the rank but hi i
rank Mart Mr < S
creation of u JIar TI
help to m lvc ilic KT t 1 IJ
modern tlmec th I 0 <
modr 1 < l
will Mlve one of t h r 7 R
I 1 io
help to
hlp dlgnlfv i
more evennun i I
Hecy Morrlnm i
pointed out that
earner of th mu
representative In th I 11
net KepreHentiitli i r1
New York addressed ti IT
t 1tttpe
behllf of his bill
bhlr bil tuovi fl I Ih
tabllshnwnt of the t t 11
MUiKiiw < ois i isiiii
Hen I mond e1 Mi r in
of new and unexpioit ili I
Jim Jeffries acionirini 1 hv kv
brother Jack Tomediin KJh I
Kipper and Jack Wool > I IM JI
ohlfashloned I
buckhiiii 0i
disappeared from Imp f r t h M
day The party carried reimn l
two meals on the rni sri VT ro
return until late toniKht < 11
Reports of larger from t i hel
stream lei Jeffrie r up
181 JtTr t os r zn Iht q
diin and all air S il sit
rln1 catch o s
niueflelds Nle Mm A SIesta
guan government too f r m the gin
boat Venus today > 111 r
iMiarcli the Arnerliin I nr ra
fueno flying the st i r
The action was In ltii i t11
from Washington th it t V nUl t
forfeited her right nf s i il i h ha
iiKcoitn roit PIUT
According to the fnrejrini Hit t >
ah book fiction which isip Hu
beet In the order of demand donir
the month are tQrl
1 The Kingdom of Slender Smth
Div Sk
L Tower of Ivory Atherion ll
mlllan jj
2 The House of the Whlip
Pine Qreen Putman hiIP
4 The Kosary Barclay Pit
man 1 liltS
I Lord Iovelsnd Dlscnveri A ipp
le Williamson DonbMt
Page 1 ti
6 White Magc Phillips AppW
ton lilt
The leading book eoner
I Main St
Tillight Partly Cloud Tli w r
liny dPiicrnll lair
tam 8
7 sm
J aL 0 C C
I am
H noon
Lowest A
n K Kv ns Florist 36 B Man It
Floral designs a specialty Phones Ml
aMI wanted
for city work Rlnn HI 1 immiMi
Address At iare of iien
ntRy For IIKNKUM i lWfl
1 wa II 1 4 tli tus l
r Union Dental Co
Pulnlm extraction of Hl O I
pay All work guaranteed
lUl1tIIstfIUflt Us
We Treat You Eight
The Newest Style For The
i Dining or Living Room I
L q The beautifully turned posts of the Flanders furniture givt
i I much needed relief to the severe plainness of the ordinary Mis
s sion style Tho adoption of this old Dutch style by tho modern
Uc Craft Shops has proven I tremendous success with tho discrim
inating public who desire 9 ft
Distinctive Furniture
m SKK THE JLXln ns IV1NO ROOM AND IMNlXfl RooM SIS on display In our how window
2 W N WIILIAMS Stipt 311115 South Main Street It N WILSON W Inpl a

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