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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, May 25, 1910, Last Edition, Image 9

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t 4 t t 1iir k rt CjWf f f2 1JJjt YY 1t
0 iIt W t i3i rlt f 1f <
if rc 1r lit4f h r V cc i 4
< u t ft r < J < I II
I t
= rmMlf fIGHT
Francisco Minis
of San
Protest ters to Board of Supervisors
Absolutely Disregarded
tMI SOlhllr nUtI
l +
TIeKliIIe 10 JuUf
If the Boonl
May tTbe Snit den
fa1I >
Ma campaign that Ie Nlng
10 the
lilt Itell bY the rer entatr of the
In1 priM nghtln Sn gen
dl1Y ltfornla and thr J rteJohn
I OIIte8t ta In particular wee mad ton
se delegation of prominent
n a
du IsTand their lesial advlaer all
IItnJWII fr thr Mice committee
run ud or supe visor to protest
1 tI rKnlnll of the permit to
Alhltll club to conduct
1M JIrOIdar In Ihl Ity JUly 4
a OSIOnl1 formerly a ml1dle
JoIIIIL known to the
woiPl Irl Mitchell and who la
11 at supervisor Mt
anl unty
80 a tit
or the OmmIU
U rbalnnn 1101 or the clergymen
s W 1ncctIUfl Wl mad by as
A 8ulIIon that the
tO Ih
cOIIImllt granted to the 8roadway
rm 1 b uoVI8 of which Je
rt IMI the
jIjfB aid John on will fight on
Radar and the
The RPV C Bin and Atty J B Whit
tIOII Ilec thr hading part In voicing the
pIt of thc church people
itrman Upt Informed the del
the JeffrleJohnon IIht
l u nierely to be a clenttllc boxing
Ibitton and that It would HI coun
When the
ianrd tJ ou < h by law
iOtstre referred to the IIChll1uled
and to Jeffrlea
u a priie fIght
I tnII s JolollllOlI iu prtie fighter HerKt
te4 and declared that Jeffrie
In hta life
IIU never been In a fight
limited the whole church fed
I Sn U br present at the next right
1 think vrnl will Snd that our ob
I Mton to this P11CC fight boaln M W
I admit
MIIy more serlou than you
I 4 bT Hcn t dcilared Kn Kador
I lUrertnd 1 must object to your
I Iflnl that we are 1IlnC to grant a
pmtntforaprS fight TJrt la to be
I rIy a boxing exhibition
1i Jeffries a prier Bghler or a box
i tr astad Jl r Rider
I 1IItn lit lent a Hunter at alir
J Not in my opinion the chairman
And he has never fought r1 the
nlitisttr iiuerled
Hthas tontested llerget ventured
Wrll In my opinion the affair to In
n Ml to be a prIM light and the per
mit snouM not be granted concluded
Mr Rider
It certtlnl l i not to N a picnic
I nut disagree with you a aln
rmemtf amid Hrrget Thta conteet
Is to kt conduited utriclly under the
K qlli of Queennbury rulrol
UM den by a gentleman and peer of
Eatltnd Thuc rule govern all box
lax Maletti Mere A prie flght Ii a
likt with bare Hxta It bring In
twtUnf and other thing and It Ie
MBMUnM u rough a football
PM committee then derided to J
Wmmd Uie rrantlng of the ftght per
M n I tv N j May 21 hTh
P f < 11 r tv i i mhl tuliv
h I 1 1 i cdnt the hld
in r ih J fr t fig it fr th
tl 01 B RtAO
4 r
u 1 3 ca P f i1 Ii If
heavyweight clmmpionihlp ot the
The protect will be sent to Oov Oil
Itt at calltornia
The reeolution Introduced by Dr U
II McCuuley ot Tnmtuii N J rMttU
M follows
beNae Information haa com to
this eeembly that our brethren of the
ml til try and the chUM of California
are toeing In their earneet endeavor
to prevent the holding of euch a ham <
ful exhibition a > the JohnaonJeffrlei
fight and
Wherene Treparatlonc are being
made by the exploiter of the exhibition
on Hlmott a national seal and
Whereaa Th general aewmbly
cannot but regard audi an exhibition
It evil and demoralizing to the beat
Internets of manhood and womanhood
eiperlally among young men therefore
be It
llecolvcd That the general aatem
lly of the Presbyterian church In the
United Htate while sympathizIng with
true lean i > ort and athletic In mod
eration don hereby utter Iti protest
against the holding of the Jeffries
Johnson tight and receive that th
general Hueombly does especiallY utUr
its protest to his excellency Hon J
M Olllett governor of California and
rwpoetfully urges him to ue his In
fluence to prevent It po lble the hold
ng of the right
Keeolved That we urge all Preaby
teridn brotherhood and men In all our
church In every tate and p > nod to
utter their protect to the civil authori
ties In their respective locatton In
such way that no foothold shall be af
forded for the holding of this right any
where In this Christian land
Ilathlnp dnnclnr and all kind of
amusement Saltalr Saturday
Hay drain and Cool 110 W lit
So Loll Phone 12S2 Ind 1404
Insurgent Norri Does Not Agrrc With
Spcukcr Cuiiiiun on the Question
Washington May Representative
Noirls of Nebraska author of the In
surgent revolution which resulted In
he elimination of Speaker Cannon
from the house committee on rule
took occasion In a speech on the sun
dry civil bill In the house today to ap
peal from the speakers statement at a
Cow York banquet recently that The
Insurgent should be hanged
Mr Norris Incidentally made a bid
for a place among the humorists of the
houee He facetiously suggested
the house had recently witnessed
a remarkable spectacle of a
speakers two lieutenant Floor
Leader Payne f New York and Mr
Dalzill f Pennsvlxania chairman of
Iho rules amniittre with that other
Miuruh regular Mr Fnrdney of Mlih
Igan nil uniting with the Democratic
Ckwfulncee and a bright disposition during the months before baby comes
w tong the greatest blessings a mother can bestow upon the little life about
M ttfia Hir happiness and physical comfort will largely govern the proper
wrefejweat of the health and nature of tho child Mothers Friend contributes
nwi to the mothers happiness and health by the relief and mental comfort It
dlldL It is a liniment composed of penetrating oils and medicines which
Mte the muscles and tendons of tho body soothe the swollcn mammary
IR4J Clue a gradual expansion of the akIn and tissues and aid In the relief
e 1I The regular use of Mothers Friend greatly lessens the pain and
naulr wilen M bby conies and assures a quick and natural recovery for the
Mothers Friend Is sold at drug stores Write for onr free book con
tcJuq Tunable Information for expectant Mothers
iMt I
i 1 J4c v I
< p Cr4 ° 9L1
m dJJiik7
4 i I Wcllijid
To The Sweet Girl Graduate
W l arc offering for the usual festivities of
nnnnntins and graduation nu ole ant show
ing of
Watches Brooches
Lockets Chains
i Bracelets
Rings Etc
t S We can satisfy your taste and
your purse
jiS Jensen Sons
K Main Street
We aftlnt the amendment enlarging
the power of the tariff board
Such a combination with Minority
Leader Clark and hilt two lieutenant
Mr UrMenrood of Alabama and Mr
Httfferald of New York make six of
a kind that Ie hard to beat said Mr
Nor r Is and the Invaalon of the three
llepubllcnn lieutenant Into the realm
of unknown Insurgency open up a
situation that might well make some
of the other Insurgents take to the
Referring tn the speakers declaration
tht the Insurgents should be hanged
Mr Norris uggeiited the declaration
was at a New York iMnqOcl ad at a
late hour which might account for the
condition of the speaker
Indianapolis May Judgment of
NOOO against the lend Shepherd so
> lety a Roman Catholic sisterhood
that nuUntaJn a charitable home In
this city aa granted today In the
circuit court In favor of Mr Mamie
Smith who aliened that she waa Im
prtaooed against her will In the Insti
tution for eta year during which she
complained she was forced to work In
an unsanitary laundry
Aa Mamie Sullivan he was placed In
the home by her father Hhe ran away
at the end of six year and married
tNult of CollMnn lnTrntylHO Per
MIIIH Are PrmtiMKl
Cowen Isle nt Wight May UTwen
tytwo persons were drowned as a re
sult of a collision today between the
steamer Bkerryvore and the German
bark J C Vlnnen In the English chan
nel The Bkerrytrore aank Only two
of the crew of the atm were Tee
cued one of whom died a short time
To be cold at Burley Idaho May
17th Excursions via Oregon Short
Line Tickets on Mle May 24th 2ith
and 21th limit May Hat
Chicago May iA course In direct
ethical training will be required of eta
young m11 and two young women mem
bers of the senior class of the Calumet
hlKh chool who were suspended yester I
day by Mre Ella Plagg Young superIntendent
Inlendent of hoots txrore they are al
lowed to graduate
The suspension I 5 the result of taking
examination paper from the ofnee of the
principal In the recent examinations
They will DP unable to graduate from
their rIses and will have to take the
last half > ears work over again with a
course In direct ethical training added
Chicago May 26Slx member of
the Gamma Phi Gamma sorority have
be suspended by the faculty of
Northwest university because they en
tertained a member In violation of a
rule of the faculty
An entertainment given Saturday
evening In honor of Mr Brownie
Shepperd a former student at Wll
lard al precipitated n Investiga
tion which le to the suspension Mr
Sheppard before her marriage April
2 wa Mlii Ruth Palmer While a
student at the university she lived at
Wlllard Hall but moved from there
to a house not under faculty super
vision ror this she was suspended by
the facult
This action caused an edict to b
Issued to other member of the
fraternity that Ml < PHlmer wan not to
be entertained In the nororlety room
becauce of the Infraction of the rule
which require coeds to live In houses
under the direction of the faculty un
less they live at home With thla an
nouncement idles Palmer quit the uni
versity after and her marriage followed noon
Saturday the six member under suspension
pension Invited Mrs Sheppard to Wll
lard Hal Mise Potter dean of women
told the students that Mr Sheppard
would have to leave the hall In IS
minute The refused to dlemlo their
guest and MIss Potter preferred the
Chicago May 26 Fifteen year ag
Julius Hoffmann I widower procured
a marriage license giving the name of
his prospective bride as Mr Henrietta
Domke a widow Monday the couple
r married by Judge Frank Green at
Mt Hammond Cook county The
samn license yellow from age wa
prevented to the magistrate Hoffman
toM Judgn Qreen this his own and
Mr Domke children bad objected
to the match until recently
New York May BDiamonds and oth
er previous lion to the value of s 40
Ol j have been brought Into New York
during the last In month according to
statistics riven out by the UnIted State
appraisers stores
allralI 1
During thl preoent month the Importa
tion if Jewel is expected to be Increasod
by fully UIOO more In June I Is
likely that this sum will he duplicated
so that the aggregate for the year will
b K40UM an amo mt exceeding the
biggest record hertorore by UO
Importers regard thee Import aa sig
Ufieant of Improved buelnesN conditIons
They nay the dlxmond trade Is always
tile last to feel the upwnrd trend of busi
ness conditiOn
The heaviest previous year were IM
when Imports valued at SUlrr war
received n tN when the total entries
r valued at tM300Onn 11
are a hleedng to the vast army of
people who live In rural districts
and such standard medicine as LyiHa
K Ilnklwms Vegetable Compound
which has stood the teat of time
growing In popularity and favor every
year will continue tn be the cafe
gtmrd of American women for all
diseases peculiar to their e
Kverybody goes to Baltslr Saturday
Opening of season
Via Oregon Short Line
To Choynne or Denver and return
turn J2250
To Colorado Spring or Pueblo
and return JI250
To Omaha or Kansas City and
return 11000
To 8t Louis and return SI900
To St Paul or Minneapolis and
return J5J09
To Chicago and return tit00
Proportionately low rate to other
Ticket on sale May 6th 14th June
4 11 IS 2 July 7th and 9th Aug
4th and September 14th anti 23rd
Limit October Hit For further particular
ticular soo agents
Notice u hereby given that the follow
ing nir l > er 0 nertfliales of sleek have
bee taken from the certificate book of
the never Mountain Mining and Devel
opment Company unlawfully and with
out the companys consent All person
are hereby f rl > ldUn to buy or seil the
said numl > ered oertincate a
Certlncat numbers so takan are No
2 J 211 UA J I and 2
O W PBRK1NB Sit President
P I CLARK Secretary
1 Desert M It A D Co
Baltalr Shturdoy May 21th
Notice 1 hereby gives that a > e e4 bids
will be received by tfce underaioiwd up
to 1 m June fta 1H to the mata
and labor reaulretf I th erection of a
Itroom school bulMlng with Kindergar
ten and Domestic ctafire rooms on a lot
situated 0 the weft Me of Third Bait
treat between m and Eleventh
South to the Call Lake City Hart of
Education according to plan spsIitee
tlons and drawing which are open fO
Inspection of th bidders at the offIce
o Hlohard Klettlog nrchtte In the
Pelt Building opposite Poet of
fice Hooms 417W Halt Lake City
rtah and all bid D proposals a the
above time will b publicly Uple and
read la the office 0 the Board of Education
na t oce
cation la ah City and Count > Building
Bait Lake City Utah All tilde must be
addressed to Board of Kducatlon fo
Bait Lake City and marked In the low
er Irithand corner Bids for Wab rli
tkhool n claalfl aa mentioned tie
low All such bid can iw dllvered II
the Hoard of Rduoatlon at the aid time
and plare O opening name
Bids must no contain ron < lltl n qual
Ifloatlons proposition > r uny oilier
things than those mentiorvd in plnrt
spovincatlons drawings rontrsrtu and
bnd and bidder must use tin form or
bids which will be found at the office 01
the ald architect and no other form of
hid will b received
A certified o oaahfera check on eon
bank In Halt Lake City I tnh for At
learnt j per cent of th amount of urli
bid p flcloesd Karh chock la lo
b made payable t th un 1er l ned Mid
I to b forfeited to Ike miderslgnnl In
caw the bid I accepted coil the bidder
does not enter Into the lontrart within
three da > a after Its ar < eptHnew for the
faithful execution of tin contract and
bond hereinafter mentioned
The proposed contract and bond are I
also at the office of said snhltect and
can there b examined a I
A bend must he furnished for onenilf I
o the bid and good and sufficient sure
tie all satisfactory to the undersigned i
The bid are to be fo lh following
work and n subdivision will b considered
1ltor the general ctac1
Per the plumbing
1For the heating
The undersigned reserve the right to
iciest any and all bids
Dated Bait Lake City May B IsM
Of Salt Lake City
Sealed nropoeal will be received by the
Itt Hoard of Ifttamlnsrs at the 0
flee of the secretary Room Ml City and
County Building Salt Lake City Th
for c steel filing cafes and dad
= t
vice for the State Auditor as per plan
and siclflc llon ou HI In It office
of said Stats Auditor City and County
Building Salt Lake City Utah the bid
to Include delivery to and Installation of
said filing cases D devices la th 0
flee of the Stat Auditor
ntdf win be n at 1 oclock n
on Monday the Ith day 0 Jun IMD m
the ofnee of the Governor
Keen bid must b accompanied by a
cIIe check amounting to 1 ir cent
of the araotnt of the bid to IK held I
upon condition that upon the taardicg
or said contract to hint the blijer lll
contract faithfully D ptwmptly fM the
The heard rrc the right to rejiet
Any atJ a hits
Location of principal place of business
Salt Lake City Utah Not There are
delinquent upon the following subscribed
stock O account of assessment No I
levied April II IMo the several amount
set opposite the name or the respective
sharaholdws as follow
Crt No Name abe Amt
174 1 W Horn 181M B3e
HI 1 W Horne Ie UM
M I W Horn LAW lbo
lit H > Kakln 1001 tH
I It M Eakln IG 21
u H M Eakln MIM t oss
177 1 M Baltic tan 6
m H M o Kakln lt 1
Il I i Eakln imo 1
an I M Eakln w 1
W W J BorHs pH of 1 440 i50
169 Wllford Iloldaway I ta
HI K O Lealttarwoml 1 1
1 P C liven 4ilrt Ilk
4 P C EvaDe Ha l B
Us J A Ingal 50 100
2 1 F May lh ISO
1 W W flyers l 12
14S A 8 Campbell lmO UM
10 O n Smith VXi to
B O U Smith 150 2
J Niels NUson NO 2
M Itert Nichols laf
a J M Oaley lA 2 1
I J A Targert 1 I
St mgoHawkins Wn U
a Louisa Woodbury 100 2
I Walter CanMMter MO 21
74 II C Oale M 2
36 I C Me MM V
S I c Ole MO a
M I C Gale H9 1
a1 Mr ChaP Beard > > 4 1
14 Vivian Bum HW 2
Ot 1 I Pltehfark 10 1
m 1 H Pitchfork I 13
24 John Sestelnteyer t sooo lifc
I Treasury Special MO K
11 Treasury Special 10 2
la Treasury Special WO 15
W Treasury Special 100 26
I Treasury Special N K
J Treasury Special < MA 2
2 Treasury Special 14 I
1 Treasury Special 10 2
I Treasury Special N 115
25 Treasury Sueclal W 1 U
at Treasury Special 1 > 260
2 Treasury Special 10M 2n
1 Treasury Special 2080 0
11 Treasury Special 11 640
41 Treasury Special too in
t Treasury Special 5 > 12
n In accordance with law and an or
dsr nf the Board of Director mad on
the Itth day of April 1HO a many
share of each parcel of such slock as
may b neeary will h said at the of
fice of the Company Room I Commer
cial Block Salt Lake city Utah o the
4th day of June ino at f oclock pm of
the MM day to pay delinquent assess
ments thereon together with the cot of
advertising and expense 0 sale
Acting Secretary
I commercial Block t
First publication May S tM
ING CO a corporation Principal place
of business Salt Lake City tftah No
lice There are delnquent upon the fol
lowing described stcic on account of as
pesetetit No A levied April Itth 1W
ii following amount Mt opposite th
nans tf the reepectiv tockholders
Crt Ne Nan I mt
1ST X P Dmieon1000 1S W
ff H D Melser WdO UM
Ill E P JnlanM U 9
m Henry prelherg lilA a IM
1 JOMph Sllverman lift a M
f 8 fuller KM U 09
MO P T Brady IfX U 00
Wl Joseph Stlesrtnan tff TW
11W B 1 IJeolson 4fflj 0
Vffi F J Wetcoli > 0 lied
liff Sktmuel Furst 31 2050
MM try Freiberg Mm U m
144 W W Davis VO 150
iw r 3 westcott t 1 mm
HT4 C W Tnwasend 1 U d
OK E L L Rue Wl 760
And In accordance with the law and
a order of the AId of Directors mad
this lth day of April IMO 8 many
ahitrs of each parcel of stock a may
b necessary will be will at the office
of the eomiMny U4 WoCornlck meek
Bait Lake City Utah on the 4tb ily of
June at I oclock r m t pay the >
Inqunt ascesamrnt together with the
cost of advertising and exeenfe at sat
H W CRAM Acting u
Ul Mcfornlck Sleek l
The undsrslgned trustee of Spring
City School nlstrlrt Spring city San
pete Countv will re lve bid up to 10 W
o eock a m Mr 17th It for the In
stallation of an heating situ ventilating
apparatus to b placed In the District
School building at Spring City Utah
Pn sneeiacallon and Inslruetlon to
bIdder may be found at the office of
Watkins A Birch firenltMt IVxily
Sleek Salt Lati City also at the of Are
of John H Blain Sprtnic City Bid will
b received separate for ths Obllsr room
and all mason work also for the work
omplet as shown on plans and specifi
cations Bach bid must tx accompanied
with a certified check nf 5 par cent f
the amount of hid as a guarantee that
the accepted bidder will enter Into eon
raet and give an approved bond within
one week after the acid r Is award
ed otherwise th amount to be for
feited to said district The trustees re
serves the right to reject sny and 1
thr II
bids or accept ant r trt thereof
fly order of School Trustee
J 1 BLAIN Clerk
Dated at Rprlng < Itv May Dili IMO
njaijsJu e In Annual Hlatement to
iMTear Cndlng December H IN of
CowUUv of the
O Kanaa Ity Mo
Tb name and location of the company
T n Western Life copy
Company Kansas City Mo
Na of FreaMeal ort KtevsMon
Name of Secretary James Chaiipolls
TI amount of I capital
Mock to S IWO 0
The amount of tie capital
stock paid up is 10CO
The amount of its admitted as
sets La WUMIM
The umount of Its liabilities
Including capital Is W HS1
Tl amount of Its Income
durln fho preceding calen
dar year s7MnM
The amouht of tts expendi
ture during Iho preceding
< alidnr yr m4H1
T amount of loeesi paid
durlns the preceding calen
dar > ar en 71ITtli
Tin imunl of risk written
duiln tbs a lMMI t
Th > amount of risk In to
Il the n of the year ll4scHM
tl isrtlo o if new bnnne
actually paid to In UN i b
side tafaOK4 of old busl
wee r vled and ret rd In
ITS In 1 over fte million
0 business procured
Stat of rtah Office of the Commission
er of Insurance 5
I George tl Squire cemmlsaloTMr ot
Insurance of tb State of Utah do here
by certify that the above nipe laser
ant company ha fled In me oYflc a
detailed statement of Its eonduon from
which the foregoing statement has been
prepared n hint the said companY ha
In 1 other respect compiled with b
law of the state mating pled
In testimony whereof I have hereunto
a say hand and affixed the seal 0 th
Insurance department this Mth day of
March A D If
Seal CommlMloner
By Wlllard Done
The undersigned Truateee of Henefer
School listrlt I1enfer Summit County
Utah will receive bids up to 1 aM
f roor
Jun 0 MM for h erection of a school
building Plan and pelfleatlon can
b found at the office of Watktn I
Birch architect Dooly Block Salt Lake
City also at the residence of Thomas
Rlchln Henefer Utah o
Each bid must b accompanied with a
certIfied check of five pr cent the
amount thereof a a guarantee that the
accepted bidder will enter Into contract
and give an approved bond within one
week after the said work Is awarded
otherwise the amount to be forfeited to
aid district The Trustee reserve the
riatit to reject any and all blda
By odr of the Board of Trustee
Dated at Henefer May 17 IMO
North Blngham mine a corporation
Principal place ef business Sale Lake
City Utah
Notice There are delinquent upon
the following described stock o ac
count of assessment No 1 levied Sept
1 199 the following several amount
stockholders s t opposite the name of the ra < > actlve
Cert Shares mt
Tlllle A Kroutz 1 JM t 7M
Gladys A SunquUt 2 lWO 759
W D Adammn 3 8000 67M
Lillian M Young 4 L004 TH
George B Brown I 10 9071
1 S Bnaign 7 UMQ IJlsS
C B Hnwley 14 MO lM
C V Ofltes U lOW 7M
Xmll Mill 1 VO lSO
Julian F Smlh1 240 lW
Harry O Xroutzto lM 755 I
Louis Kohn 20 L0 5T50
William P Silver n S10 to 71 I
Louis Kohn a M XH
C D herdingIi MeM 1HOO
Xels Holmqulst U 17WO U7M
J 1 Perkee50 I1M Mn
W D Van NoyM M5fl9 16V7
C J Mosl y W 1MOO 1MJ
Henry Quayl 71 M M
L 8 Manges71 1TOW WM
And In accordance of the law and
order of the board of director made
Sept 1 1309 so many share of each
parcel of stock as may b necessary
will be sold at the office of the com
pany 490 Herald building No 180 south
Main street Salt Lake City Utah on
the JOth day of April at 1 oclock noon
t pay the delinquent newm nt to
gether with cost of advertising and oz
pease of ale
Notice la hereby given that a apckt
meeting of the stockholders of CentrAl
Mammoth Mining Company a corpora
them is hereby called to b corJ
efflce of the Company No 313 CommiT
clal nub Building Salt Lake City Uth
on Cub Bulhtnl May t at U oINK
at 1h d
am for the purpose of submittIng 50
a vots of the stockholder the proposi
tion to amend the articles of Incorpora
tion of said corporation e a to read as
hereinafter corprato and If at such
meeting the required number of stOcKholder
tinl vote In favor of such amend
mnt to 8 amend said article to read
as aforesaid or In such other manner
as may b 1 determined upon by th
tockholdirs at said UPD to wit
tohodr ARTICLE I
That the said corporation hal be
called and known epUo 0 Cen
tral Mammoth Mining Company and
hall bs and is tOM and orinuUMd an
b a
Mammoth County of Jub tad
the plac 0 th general office of a
corporation and of the general financial
and commercial business thereof halt b
at Prove City Utah but transfer buel
ne financial and other offices may be
established and businees conducted at
any place either within or without the
Stats of Utab Director meeting to
any purpose of the corporation may be
held pur place either within or with
out the Stale of Utah as may be des
th th notice providing tar and
calling I tafettng
ealni ARTICLX 30
That the annual stockholder meeting
ef said corporation for the lo >
tlon of officer and for the transac
tion of such other t brslnsss as =
awfully com before It hall b bd
1fU c Saturday In February In
each year at 1 oclock a m at tbe gen
eral office of said corporation A rep
resentation of a majority of the capital
stock of said corporation shall be Sec
a ary t legally hold said meeting and
all stockholder1 meeting of said ear
al tok o
poratlon either general pclsl but a
lee amount may adjourn from Mm te
time or to a day certain The officers
of said corporation shall h elected by
ballot or In such manner as shall be de
termined upon at the meeting and ths
persons receiving a majority of the vote
of the noi holders art suck meeting
shall be held and declared to be elected
to ald office respectively Each stock
holder hH b tte to as many vole
holdr h1 share of said capital sleek
and representation by proxy duly arc
polntidT shall be allows prx all meetings
of the corporation for the election at
officers and for other nurpness se above
provIded Th first election of officers
shall be st T office of said corporation
on the third Saturday In February A D
MO and It Is hereby provided that a
allure to hold M ceneral meeting ef
11 lock holders of ths said eerporatlon
at tie icy appointed for the ssm aliaS
not forfeit or In any way Interfere vllh
nn orpornte rights niilred under tats
agreement but any such meetln may
be held at any subsequent time upwi
b h1 notice as required by law Me
notIce whatever need be given of regubr
nnnual tockholder meeting Species
stockholder meetings may be called bf
he president three directors or stock
hnidera reprifntlng at last oothlJ
hIr outstanrtln capital stock of Ul e
corporation Mailing of notice of any
special ntickhoMern ineellns at least tea
diva before such meeting to each Ink
holder at his postoffle address ant If
not known to the place where the eec
no know Us principal place of burnt
nM shall be deemed sufficient notice
It shall h1 the duty of the se retary to
give such notlcn but In csae of his tall
Iv the president or any other officer
may gt5 the same
The hoard of directors may estahlih
ens offlc either within or without the
State of ftah which I nu lirt < l 1 lh
articles of Incorporation but the place
for the election of officer and fo In
publicatIon of nol shell Ia at the
Mineral office of the corporation
And to transact such otnei iunlness as
may lawfully corn JEsSE before KSIO ihe T mttng
JIII president
Flr < t publication April JO IMO
ILNO XMCPAKY Incntwmted un
der th taw of the Stale of Utah Prin
cipal place of bMtnea Salt Lake city
Utah loUoT are delinquent up
on the following described stock OD ar
count o assessaentNe I levied o HM
llth day of April UW of 1 cent per
hare the several amount se opposite
tli name of the respective shareholder
as follow
No No
Cett Name Sins Ami
M 1 J Jones tIC > 5 115 I
11 w T Piper Xai ll I
a J O Ppr2 3113
M j 0 C M 600 I
J 0 cra t M
M J 0 Cartr at >
M Agile Austin N i5
20 JBrtM AttMta M i0
154 Owr e Aiuttt 1553 JOoi
I dMrasj AsiMlii SM inoi
m o Aoatm am 110
23 Hy Timothy MB MO
1 A N ioidswayISO WOO
Ml A N Hallway5311 lOOi
151 Hock J Cannon SKI i no
M Samuel Goodwin UHO lo m
IB T H Fitaisrald10 W W
1 T I Pitererildlea ieee
M Frank Cutler IMO Is 00
Ml C Turner1011 11 W
4M J A Hetdawajr HO a 00
m M1 s P Evan ese oot
4 J f Twelve IM lM
444 Vredk Stetgnyr MM Moo
M Fredk SUIgreeyw MM 1000
4U C L Whitney MB 0
4H Hy Wit 1MB li >
44 Cue H T mer IMO UOO
Ml Nate Rockblll mt Mel
I J 0 Carter HO oM
0 J O carter K > 103
0 J O anT MO 103
P R A Barney I c 401 401
1 R A Heresy Co MO 553
Ml Child Cole 6 Co MOO 1000
1 Child Cole I co MO 100
145 R A Barney I C I lM
1 R A Barney I c TOO 750
ER A Barney A Co 10M 1000
4 f A Barney 2 Co 711 711
1 f A Barney Co1001 1001
Ill I A Barney Co MO 500
lip I A Barney I c MOO MM
I R A Barney I Co1010 MMXt
MO R A aBnwy Co 1 10
M7 R A Banwr I c MO t no
One f A Barney I C Mo 100
lot R A Barney I Co M > COO
I W N Havener MO Ino
OM W M Havener 4M 4M
Oil J o carter U 420
M J A rolloosi A c2530sa ItM
A Wlmmer Inv CO IW tto
23 Wlmmer Inr Co M ItS
SI9 Taylor Bree3530 10110
8 Taylor Bro MO too
I Time Austin MM MW
OM F S FlfieM t o
70S f A Barney I C G 431
70s R A Barney 20 Coian Wfl
724 J 0 Carter t 7M
TM f A Barney I Co MO o
T I A Rarney I C 4H 4H
745 R 1 Xu 350 100
740 I s Karr MO 0
TM J A FMkVk I Co 400 400
m W 1 navies tZ 115
774 W I Havener Si 3
T W N Mule Ion 100
7M Pratt Md 1 3
1 J n fatter MO loo
Hi J o carter 741 711
kU J o Carter r i 1
Ml J 0 Care 413 4 H
OM J O Carter Mo n
1 Badsjer Bro Mn 5 oo
8 George Ali 1000 1000
Ml J O Carter low moo
0 J O Carter Mo I oft
OM R ft Lostr 11e 2 oo
1 L P
OM J O Carter500 MM
OM J o Carter M7 107
Ml J O Carter Mi loo
350 J O Carter II 41
n a I
027 C L Whitney MO o
WON Child U 160
102 H U Smith MO its
M Wlmmer Inv Cex Ml 101
U Badger Brae 721 7B
pa Badger Br I 100
t John T Smith ISBIIUMII
on o M child MO 1
RO John C Graham m 2e
077 Rhoda Gardner a 100
371 BhMUJ4l Co Ml 143
IM c I Raataeldr m 7
Ml M W InaaHs MO loo
OM M J atveemraod a ioo
1010 M J Greenwood ST 4 n
100 GW a 41
MCI JessIe Wlnn X2 2 U
3505 R W Cannon M IM
1007 R Q Cannon MO IH
1041 R Q Cannon MO 0
1OM R Q Cannon 10 lo w
10 H 4 Cannon 4M 410
1M4 R Q Cannon H 10 on
10M R Q Canon HwW low
10S1 J O carter KW 1010
1004 J O Csrter 100 Moo
1110 Archl Gardner 10 100
11 Join Bon lon
11 JO Hdward Southwlck MO Ioo
11M Taylor Br 0 i COO
nn John c cutler 4ow 40 0
in loorire Q Cannon An M J
1I4T O W Allen Vn 100
1174 leo Q Cannon Asan 100 tAll
1I7K lea q Cannon Ass In Ion
I 120 Oio Q cannon Asm Mu su
UOi J O CtIJatJa
13 J O Carter 6 lM
DM J O Cartr SJO lW
mo J O Carter 590 109
IM M W Innlla Won 5040
ItM J K Xldgtty SW 640
U40 J O Carter 000 fcw
Uil Murray Kessler Ulw MOO
1M4 J 0 Cr 105 IU
U J O Ca er IW aO
Ull Preewn J caos1012 10 00
W Preston J Cannon Sou 0
1320 F U Rlchmcsdma MOO
12 1 a Rlhod1 6
l4 1 O Richmond sutt 4 0
t1 F o Richmond 105t J 0
UM W H Child Psi 1410 I
1 Chil
1174 K 8 Wlnunw I IW
I3s0 Wlmmsr Inv Co MO 4on
UM Leon d Skill rl M7 Ir
14U7 liadaw Bro 210 20
ISIS Ha rollock A Cc Ill 717
1411 J A Pollack Sc Co10110 Uiua
I4M J A Pollock Co MO 6W
141 J I Pollock I Co tO jou
ISIS K tt Weal MO 60
1440 tievud Jam 1 100
law Wlmmer Inv c MO 10 I
1441 W H Child MO 6411 I
1404 W It CnlH IM SS
142 Samuel R Nl 1 I to
IM Mark Shaw 6 son
4M M Curler l 10 on
I6UI Mrs Oeorge AuUn MO 0
II r a
1401 Clarenc Austin U 4m 401
an J O CartU1010 10
Ills G A Andersua n 74
UM J o Carter too 100
J J o Carter to ioo
M7 J o Carterl5 woo
UM J O Catar1 10 oo
Ml K 0 JoO4 417
UM bern A Thome MO 20
OM Or M C C N 11
mi R I C bb A C1 1J
Mil AD Gudmanaon MO 0
II Al 011
ION W R Davis MO 2 > >
liSt H B Dvi 10W tcri
1543 M r Bureoa > 1 i 0
le J O Carter 113 11
1K Seined f Nesl 1M itO
ION Outset R Heel too lon
1r New jJcKnal 1 345
ION J O Carter1000 W oo
17 J O Carter M I1
N Mr W W fluff MW 1500
1714 J O Cartsr lew 10 uo
1717 J O Carter I f 0
7M J O Carter SW 603
Ut Jeeee WOrn TO 1
1774 Oliver HodgwJn 1151 504
1773 Oliver Hodgson Woo 1040
177 Oliver Hodgson MW wot
1777 Oliver Hodgson MO 600
771 Oliver Hodgeon MO J 0
770 OlIver Hodaven I 0
7W IJIe HodgaM Mn 60
tl A H Chrttiann lOll w no
Ml J O Carter Mn S ui
50e J o Carter 1 5121
1105 R K Cnbb A c IW 1 l
1240 8 R fhlpman 171 5 n
iOl 7 > 10
lilt T A Batman
Mft M W TngalU M too
Ut T J Ifailan MO 11
laTI K S Pierce MO 611
MO Jo E Kdmunda 111 l IS 19
IM J J Snider Mm 10110
MT Chaa K KrMceooi MO tm
I Ml J O Carter 111 4S1
MO Herbert Robinson TV 7 M
ItOI R K Cobb A CO WO 100
Mi Jams Jenkins J2 J 2
MO A S Erto on Mil 1315
1 ow Albert Smith OB 41
111 J D Butch 1IM 1M
MO E L Sauader he ion
Ml II C Monitor 312 twi
Ml Oliver Hodawn l01I IiWI
041 Oliver HolfMn MO 5
043 Oliver Hodgson W Srll
OM A H Chrtrtlanaen too A
171 John A Reynold ItS 19
DM Rmlly O Cluff 42 411
UO C L Whitney 300 24
DM W C Ocky 1tOJO lftni
M7 John A Buck 110 III
DM R J Trevlthlrk 410 410 i
run A H tIrInIMJ 1os i
MM E M Wet 4W 41
JWi L B Hrown 1100 101
IIOII Mrs Oeo Burl 11 so
anfll Mrs Josephine Newman Mi ci
KM T I Uviey lost I
1101 leorge J Cannon 110 4 1 > I
IW W M Havenor 100 110 I
2150 James f Coombs MO I y
fin Samuel H Allen 1K 11 76
nw NIk n ia ion loixi
132 Oust Marg < u vu eon
14J J O CarrrIOOO in on
147 J o Carter intift 1 w
lit E tlle K BIrsAch UM tl M
An < 1 In accordance with law and an
order of the Board of MrM
the ttth day of April 10M W ssum
of sin parrel of such mosS 7
nefesaary will be sold at 1
t Room 4M AlIas Block I
ftah on the th day of June 0N tfin
hour of to oclock am to par dellitujMtrf
AMeasment together with the enet rJ
yerllln and expenses at tile 55 >
G6 Atlas alk Salt l mike City Utah I
Consult County clerk or respective Man
ers for further Information
bal liUlsinn In an for Holt Lake Coun
ty Hlil t llh In the matter of the
oalst iii ilimrillaiiKhp of Cora L
Bernhls Im immtctil Notice The peti
tion of nUI M Hcrnhlsl the Guar J
dian of thr ii > un iti < l the estate of COra
I > BernhlK Inc < mptieni for confirma J
tion of eal > < > r 110 e following described i
real estate lowlt The undivided one
third Interest In I t < 1 unit 3 block 111 4
plat C Salt IHK ciiv Purvey Blt
Lake Cuunly liB ir 110 for the sum
of MW And upon the following term
tit Cssb upon ntmtIn by thM
Court as appear from th ° return of
sale filed In this Cuiirt has hon wt
for hearing nn Friday the 3rd du I
June A D lEO at S eclu k P m 11 ie
County Court tlnuaa In lbe Court n
ot said Court In Salt Lake Cly rj 1
Lake County Utah
WItness the Clerk of mid Court alIt
the seal thereof affixed this Hrd day or
May A D 110
C Seal I Clerk
By L P Palmer Deputy rl ik
C B Dteh A W W LiUe tor eye
for Petlttaeier
bate Division In and for Salt Lake coun
t V State of rtah Department No1 In
the matter of the estate of William Tay
lor Deotaaed Notice Tha petition of
James A Taylor praying tar tile ad
mission to porbate m a pertain Meu
meLt purporting to br the MM WIlt and
Testament of Wllllari Taylor deceased
and for the granting of Letter of A4
ministration rJ1 will annexed to JarnM
A Taylor ban bes n set for hearing on
Friday the 364 day of June A D MO
at 1 oclock p m at the County Court
House In the Court Room of said Court
In Salt Lak City Bait Lake County
WItness the Clerk or aM Court wIn
the aaal thereof affixed title Mth day of
May A D MM
SMI Cfr < <
By L P Palmer Deputy Clerk
Derl Harrington Attorn < > r i
W W WltT President George
Romney Vice President Ell A
Smith Cash L M Hills John R
am John c Cutler Iald Bo
ds A W orison Ceorge Huthsr
land Reed iI moot w K James C W
Klhley A W Ivlns
4 flee oe nl Intercut paid on av1fut
ElsUbllshsd 1S69
was r ARMSTRONG President
Commercial Barking tn e11 tie I
Branebes Pour per cent Intel at paid
sa asithS deyoethii
The State Bank
of Utah =
tXeUbllshed In law I
SoaVdts accounts nf Rank Firm
and Individuals and yinde to eus
toner e every re nIII iourtrsy
and flleUle
JOB8PU F SMITH Preeltfeat
II J GLunVlee Pre llet
FRANK KNOX President I
W F IAI1I Cashier
Capital and Surplus IB eoolII
A thoroughly modern saving depart
reent eondncted In connection with
till bank Safe deposit boxes for rent
Xatabllshcd im
Continenial National Dank
Capital 25000000
Ercry branch of a modern bank
3 H OosgrtlT Pyre W P Xoblo U
VkwPno T W Iloycr Oudilcr
The Utah National Bank J i
Capital and Surplus Jtt3ooo00 1
Aeeeuats of Banks Corporations
firms aad Indlvduat invited 4 pr
ernt en kvttllI Deposits f
W I MeCvTfilck Iteet i R T Bad
rr Caatilw T R Cutler Vise
t > rst CIf Wen Aces CV M r
Sail LaKe City Utah
Capital 50000000
Surphia50000000 <
onncHiis 1
L S HI LI A Ireeldewt
JOHN C CUTLJm VIe President 1
H H TOUNO Cashier 1
K 5 HILLS Asst Canbier I
L W BttRTOK Asst Caakler
DnuwroltR 1
Jfcn R Barnes W W RIM
A w Ou + sen George Roniny
Jahn C Coil RM4 Ssnaot
paM looSe John C Snarn 4
L s mna John R WIn t
W H Matntrre H O WhIUMy
Francis M Lyman
Safety Deposit Iloxe For Itent I
n p
Merchants Bank
277 MAIN J1
ornciiiis oi 1
II P Clark FreHiilent 11
John J naly V I1 A 11 Iennoily
V 1 W If Wicnrnvan Cakliler
R G Dun Co or
The Mercantile Agency
Oeorn Rust Qsncral VtansicT Idaho I
Nevada Utah and Wyoming I
Offlo In IK Building Salt Lk
City Utah

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