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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, July 05, 1910, Last Edition, Image 11

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1t w t 11
1 U
i i
Receipts From Fight Were Quar
ter of Million or Better
Over 18000 Attended
coul1 11110 1111110
llctlrr I ii Mnnitlioii Tlinu
III lUng
I July 5nono Is ns Ilu
tno ght CTOWIH today on It
G IOSII g welcoming
and Hunday
s n st >
benn wllhlll thrc
i >
1 K
hour after Jeffries went
f un
Ir s afternoon
nos jesterdny
T oU1I Ikk succeslon linvo fol
001 i M i with
r 1i ir out of the city
I1 < d kl to capnolty All the
P j I ntol the early hourn today
OJ111 plpt outbound for thin
I I iffirnla valley cities for
IK i i i mps far out In llio Nevada
111 m > i g
lh cs more remote and to
Til S to look normul as far
J nlrnel
Wi R 1110 m llmllfd to
I III I ilis ut tarn aml lh holol
i t 011 rat t M I l but the lilBBant day
V f the Hill < Hy IH done
I where Hionti of nsht
II t 11 the Ihly sldh of
tIf i r vi prel und III the atM olid
n 1 rir 10 MK S110 la of course
i t In dlccuaitM In thin cold
I ill i riHi < ihiim Tho lilK liii hit
I 1 rl a
i i i > 1n > < 1 nnl HiorouKli whIp
I ce i I rflil Borrow tu theeo
I t t M limit worlil Them U no
> I u si Joliniioii rather keen
Imll m > I < I nlHty nR n KHer Biil
i hut tippurently
tc 1 iI iC IIIIur
11I11 had inraiiniled thum
r tiiti Jeffries
in belief thnt
I I i l Ih ringside yesterday
ro j n f HIX yar nip Thu
l I hi I i i i g ne live rounds be fore
lL duht that belief mid In
n v bM u
tb rl i > Mt lure they had been
1ltd i r
n n j i i the out undliptited
I 1M IIlI lllPHlluo Pt
rlI 1
h I II V I trom IIhn7 111I11 tul
I I hi n man now In tho
H ii
I Ih job rry lit
t i
ri 1 il tIm Landfill
I f Ii i I llld tu 11111
ihiilni oj th tutu < It champion him
I If flu H it I < i JKe JlI iald hut
i lint in h wuuld dlsiegard a chili
itiii rim ml source so uptmrently It I
mn i v in fT nn unknown
Sj in KI w Just how ninny people I
trw Ih Ii 111101 IIr nul the gala to
f oti v NI turnstiles were used and
IN n ktts v i f < II alo In so many places
tut inv ui ximate figures can bo
p n wt estimate of the cute
InIIY II I and the highest JJTOOuD
I wri inini the promoteis staff
1lh tiui nc IIIHII ut from lSt > lo SO
in I Am it WHS tho hlRgent crowd
v t C i w iric IlKht imd the re
jHtjtt i r f fur aheud of liny similar
j 0 iii II t tlr t rd iltsappears
It tilth ior tot talk anti tine dissection
tf jjuriliv nflirnonns event ono thing
il i I t < ib there Is no more men
f Jci rh iliw slrcnk tho tiling
it i i wuitcn nod talked nhout
tn nn me Into rIng prominence
Ti tii r < w i hit within control of the
b U d MI I ut will UKrec In My
lifUi i i 111 he Rive any Indlca
t it f l llli lrrvousnenH In tIne
n us i pi in nt but no one who
S ji i rr i Hiit hur of action could
1 r ii it t anything less than
ut i nksa kind of stage
friit HI w i nut afraid of the big
r S f I Mm frum the other ror
P I afraid from thn knowl
If wm at Make ills state
T 1 r t ills quartern mint eve
I a 1 r wll IhoiiKht out but his
r lppc < l back to his cot
r I J rTi Irs Imd been battered
> 10 nn wc rpiiitiious and show his
> II f in ulin the heat of battle
in ttin n Mm
Ai bi n nts und friends inCh the
5 pir in iiwdfd about him while
t > uy la K ii > iho hands of his seconds
S i
j fn r lould hit mt lie
I I rl JIM iiite my defeimn I huve
I 1 5Ii k A ihi and ho has Just found
I nut rti i 11 i rourlMd I made him
iljhtti un miI then I pecked him to
O < t I I < frythlnit Hint there Is
Pigm i jmiCH and ha could pot
Jft < i h li lid lUll to coy The
too K hurl and dlvuppolnted
Jn i 10 II m WHS jcrrrlciTa chief ud
> nn i Ciit while tine flsht was
b4Lu I I k ntt amp
1 the old story of the
Mihfi id ii went too orion U has
in n < i i I tot nltunflnl that u roust
ipen M jtrTiu Home day WAil Just as
tur R fnt >
iin J T I 10 enough1 Klve us n
VV 1111 knew lllm to l > e In
jtPuI I 1 f lIa IIhlllly 10 run
alp5 I II I lien oni1 WOR mo
irr I 111 t pllie 10 IIUI ho
i a i H n s soon ns ho had
wKfJ I knew that loll hail
tiithli e II R nil rlfiht cnouch In
1101 but a t 101 nnl led to be Rood
riiriV 1 mostly In nclual
fiiii Itr II I i IIIk ot PraetlBo dur
wfcd 111 teUu to respond when
i 3li L Ii OUK111 blmself tlllhi
let > r h < 11 or he rotnId not
Inr nICS fler that beat
fnei I i I iVi u hav o koxod more Jut
Iball a li lint letter III ut Olllra
Cli oni I 11n It Irle figiut It
tiVkllt1 > Ie anti nl condltlon
I tll rc us long ins ho
loVi1 I I lzl1 Jeffries
lo up as fol
iMVit t till tied Iris heart were
KtrU h I ilTuiR and fpe t were nol
In r 01111 I lIutle1 hlll tllll In
In ai iiti hip used lo perform
ku5 i Ihl hell It nil there I
H d mi T I llt 0 chance Jim he
ltd i i r in Brent condition
ttIIIur < lnuhl lle Was but his
M 110 I hirIng back this speed
eni ll B j vounner days
ft lTl p j business
ailmit 1 mnnn
ilhh hut Ih i Ur m31 won the
liar IHH Vri nl JOI > n on could not
Ir 110 u I n J I 7 IIr when HIIld Ihf latter Was
J > Trl J t Monday wiia not the
ram e f i ii 11 An abienco from the
at t Se rh ° made tIp ntmosiiliere
Iii on < n w lii turn n it Is to n
1114 Pt c 11 iIpi IhHI llle vitality
Ipr u knj ambitious youiifrster
t V i 0 1 1 I I ni HpnnKBn air of Kleom
l ° l > 1ui d 011 chnmplonB
f r sa h ih a morbidly Ier
r if i cut ous
Ilia 1 I 1II i rr alu thIther ubout
bUt n I Work II wre
ft II in ni II Ie uselss KXK
n H
prhtnl i k iiHsiuni foulprncnt and
J v u hurt time until
k I I llrlllllm
a 1ilef
T11 t ii habitation of tho
i Si 1 i J idor Unrllon for tIe
Tr > I l < ere obliterated
J wh illTr tIt vanquished
it n nn i lilol Ith
111 Wden from the Ja XO
frI I > f i 1 I 5 i IIr A few cif Ill 0111
IhftJ i rM r fllr IIr dlshfttil
mnhnpn around him
Ib i iiler IhoIIOIIWOO1
hl to cottonwood trees
iliti I
I i 11 n n Ow irOn then it
In ti Si n in r 7 1 nhhhmfhd5 nJ testes
sn i it 1 was KOnt > n
Iootr 1 but tlle Idlest
III cur
r I rlrl k Henllon
I i II I 1 thi0
i n J1 reduced slorf 01
J 1I f JlnJt Ih IIlghl n
II It VhfWh 11 IlIlIpto
pn a I mo In tslitnrnl4
T w nl rhd b
I ol1llftlhm
oto d Ihnt
tJi1 I Knv8 ni > Ilet
t Ih
I ihlM IP Ii i toinst r hhrH nn1 treiflera
InI Id tft during the
i w
I HSSSf11 h
ilL tt I murI thl
e brlllie dubl11 Inln
ut tc dBrk
> + o + + + M M J = X + XoPorX + +
ness of hIs mn aided lo conceal tlio full
extent of Ins Injury
At the resort whera thn new < humplon
tirenaivd for his great right Ihrru tC Ji
llltie to linllcnti that Im had evr been
there When mulilenly lie withdrew In
Ills prlvato cur lust night spnrlnj no ef
fort to got started ward Ihe uippatlea
that nwiilts Him In the runt his mklns
was dune In great siieed Not a vtstan
of his rump equipment remained bunny
nnly the bare board tif his hoxlni plat
form and t inn trampled urouml whrrn
In U Intl crib anti lit reil to vntch him dun wills
I iuroug ii Illn tinS iii g bouls that only hint
ed ut the wonderful speed liOn clever
ness ho was lodltplay In I hue real hi S itt
News of tim ihamplonH deimrtuie win
Kpread liiilnx the day and there were no
visitors at thn resort last night The da > s
of HH Krealnesa have vanished and It ha <
fallen back to the sleepy quiet that It
knew before the tlRhloio came
Johhsnn ilefHliirn from here wns ds
layod until almost 2 oclock this morning
hy n tleui > In the railroad trains Ills
train was duo In 1cne dver tht Houthern
Inclile at 9K Johnson hU wile and rev
rul friends sat III thin observation conili
iintiT I ho train left Then he retired to
MH private coach The party IH duo to
rrlve In ChlcaRo Thursday ifternoon
Only a few people were present wh n
the champion left Them was a little
lnrlnK nnd the netiro Mill out on the
rear platform the train and bowed 10
the crowd
The hamiuct that James J JefrrlvV
friends had planned tu fflvo their Idol
tonight at a local cafe wlllnevcr bo held
When Jeffries returned to hun trnlnmi
camp after the light hn requested HerKtr
to telephone to tim care and say that he
would not be present at the dinner A
few of the ilends muved hy huiiKir
alone rat at the tabln and consumed Ihn
meal that hail heon prepared Theio wax
no wine and little conversation
morHutchlnxon Jan July u Prohably no
more wildly exoltliiE scitin cuuld have
been found nnywher In the country na
tile flaWS of Johnson victory came over
the wlrea than ut the holiness camp
meetIng tent here where more than n
thoiifHinl negroes had gathered to pray
for the black mails victory
Tho lent wire parked to Its capacity
long heforc the bulletins from the rIng
sIde could be expected and fervid In
dividual and MiiRrcKfttlonil praying and
liiRlnc was IndulKid In
An Iho reports hall to come nnd It
could 1m seen that Johnson hud thv best
nf the nrioimont the cxiltement of the
conRroKatlon grew and when tho new
nf the victory come pandemonium broke
Negroes had showed little Inclination to
riot or dltord rly demonstration last
night but practically all of them are In
u religious fervor and a great revival
meeting Is predicted
Hy JuniesjJeifrItt
Unto Nev July 4 I lout my IlKht lila
afternoon hall I dill not hun the snap
of youth 1 uo f < l to have I bellen In
oldtlmo dash
my OWII hciri that all the
Win there but when 1 marled to oxccul
tho clued And tint youthful steam wert
lackln The things 1 used to 10 vnm
lmpo i lble Tor Instance I used to shoot
In a rliththond body punch a rort tf ij
short rniiKO blow that never uSsul lo fall
mi When 1 tried It today the snap was
not tlwro and II was only a love tl
1 suppose toaSt ot my trainer and help
era urol IhHI I 11111 not ho < enough It
would not hllve IIInde tIny IIlrrrlcnc It I
hold stiarrL u macn tlrne mare than 1
did t simply was not there and that
nil there IH to It
1 iiueis Its nil my own fault I WUH
KOttfiiif alone nicely and living penoeful
ly on my alfalfa arm but when they
started calllnir for me and mentlonlnn
mo as the whir mans hope I suuj
my pride got the bettor of my good
ludBtnent At that 1 worked bug aol
maid to condition myself and 1 wins lit
as far as strength Roes but tlio old nec
essary snap and dash the wllllnxneta
to tear In and crush wet not with me
Six year aga the result might linvn
been different
Hut now well I guess lie nubile will
let mo alone after this
Hy Jack Johnson
limo Nev4 July 4f won from Mr
JcRiles because I outclassed him In cv
cry department of the llshlltm nainf
Before I entered the ring I wall ierlaln
I would be the victor 1 never chanrfiil
my mind at imp lime
JolTrlesa blows had nn steam Iichiml
them s n how could he hope to defeat moT
With the exception if a slight cut on lflf
HP which was really ceased by err uid
wound unrig struck I nm unmarked I
heard peopln at tim rliiRslde remark
about a body blow Inlllntcd upon inc I do
not recall a single punch In the body that
cnu r < l me tiny dldcomfort I am In hni >
to battle again tomorrow If II were nco
One thing I must glvo Jeffries credit
for Is the game liattl he made Ho carrie
buck at me with Ihe heart of a true ficht
er No man can say he did not du nu
best I
I believe we lioth finixht fairly Thee
was nothing said between us which wo I
rough Me joked me and I joked him I
told him I knew he wan a bear but I
was n gorilla arid would defeat him
Kor lrI next lew weeks I ttmll play
riudellle Then I shall en to my horn
In Chicago to rest I do nut think I shall
light for scxcml months hecnuse I do
not know a mire now who could gist m
n good battle Nn attention will be pale
to Hum iJiiiKfTda challenge ins me I
dont consider lieu would tfvo me n tight
that would draw
Oft away from that dally grind °
Wvlle rermanent Camps offer comfort
ahic comprehensive outing tur
through Yellowstone for ladles and
gentlemen Other are going Why
dont you T A folder free Office 307
Main street both phone 649
QIUTII IoiiioMii liis I eat rtrt 1nlIl
At In 1 1 trotimU t jlun hy
tit III Clull
The liarnea rnces Riven hy the PM
loRlI Hilvlnl rluti Wans wllenssej by a
large crowd v > lIb tlllsu the grand stand
The card pie iitwl tirouKht out the best
horses In this abets rInd hue three races
were featured liy clone llnlahes The
track wan a lto hey but the time
was fast Htti > ltit mutual irate laid on
tho leiulta nii < l cansldurnblo money wiu
placed In the pools
QUMII Poinunn took the first race the
freefornll In four hvuls Her fastest
time was 1H Allma was u contender
In the race nnd Sa5 up In front when
tho sulky hrokr iluwn HHT Marker
the owner ntiil driver was thrown from
Mi sent but lucid to the rxliiH and soon
hud the nnlhiol tinnIer control The
horses legs v ere skinned and Marker
was slightly uliikdi up but not Inlurtd
to any extent
James Devlii mil starter Cleoree Put
man and b II Curtis judKe nr horse
Bhoroa and TliOwas Harris were tlmsre
Tho summtify t
3M class ItO or pace purse tX
Telephone 7 1 1 1
MISH Ilinko 4 a I
lliocy S
Albertn 3 4 I
Willie Duo 5 Si 6
Maud l 6 5
TlmcS5H4 221 224
Ireefornll trot or pace purse u >
Queen Pomona 1 4 1 I
an Y 1 2 4 I
laura llf I 1 S 2
Mayflower 4 3 S 3
Tlmo8lSW 1194 Sl I >
236 class trot purse 10
Ilurmonl 3 1 1 1
lheslcr S ° I I I
Koxy TORO 2 a 3 3
Nr < l VIIkc I t 4
Tlmc2r > ii2H 2 Sli i S
Ioniniid VIis IiilCiHlciiV Slalo
Ilom lHvtvr Krnni the llcnllv
Jhllcl FIIOrltl
imond tiue seioud choice ill to 2 won
the IndepenilMicn take nt livna Vista
Monday uflcnioou before Ilic Inrci t
crowd that hunts iittcmled the race tn1
thlH season jhcdter I rum the favorite
nt 3 to 2 who carried the tnlentM moor
came second InmUnir the oin fr t
bookmakers Vil < l < len wan tlili l In the
other races tIe public were mvcn H or
ere drubblntr tiy tho books When Helen
IlnrbtB the tulds on favorlU at 1 to t
WRS given third plate on a foul lIsle < II f
first where HIC JinHhed llir road shout
cd Its dIsapproval
Vtnhn crotftcat nscet Is Great Salt
Lake Tao ndvanlngo of bathIng
FORTS DAYS 01 iiioiiciass
Jlosn 11 Ml OTII TO
tCrlSI 1
Jijjrill Vlfln Srillnc Stakes ml
tied nt 91001 blur iillriiutlun
Sun I II islit 1 illy 1
six ncr i > uv IIN on
mxrssrtI 1 iM
Thin lug lrltrlrnIolinsini tIght I
Mill III miiiiiii < v < l l > v rounds lit
llticnn Vlkltt 1nrl on llio ilorlmn
Vchlilci l11ull fo out West Sac
IItIUS tlHl lMl17hD
Special trellis Ifcnvo 1nion vtutlon
110 ItO 130 returning to tho
city Immediately after Imt taco
Hound trip 26c
ttrirAT > n UVTKH Jell Mf 1
rhliiRii III July Sln tin bliiok belt
on the Hontii Hula tim streets we tilled
with iriM women and clilldKn until day
light this morn nil In the imlse that mi
ied a hundred different cxbiesslons of
exultation were yelled but lh one dii
tlnKulslmbli cry was
o you Jack
Later this wan Imifrthened to
Oh you Jack Jnhnaon
VlllmI the bedlam was good nsturxd
White people pasvlriK the mul ascii made
lull Ii for bolslerona wit but llhovil
malice SIOIOB if negroes ire arrested
but not for rrlinen They iirulmhly will
answer tu charges of illmirdiily conduct
for clinking the stroetm aunt blocking
street car Ira flic
Women were ns wild is rein In the ex
cltvmtnl anil children copied their elders
HaloniiM of the district were without
owner Uoasea haul Joined the mob and
the Iwrkeeperx wero held In their pool
lions only because of the pressure out
Hid the bats
iitiMiiic IOCUICY ni
New York July B Hddle PiiRan hy
many rHce oers conHldored Ilie premier
Jockey of AmerlcB IH reported tube no
rloukly III with pnflumonla lie IH in n
fahltHrlum ut liny IllilRe Ills cnndltlon
wins considered crItIcal on Sunday but hn
Is now reported In be Improved although
not yet out of 18nl1r
Water any depth nt Saltnlr bathing
o 11 AiirrKit rHAiv co
Hay Grain and Coal 110 W let
So Hell 1honc 1262 Ind H0
To Los Angeles and return via Halt
Lake Iiotit Julv 2nd ti SIb ln < lUHlve
Mnkn you rcHcrvatnnn nt once City
Ticket OfOcc 169 sTain Street
Suit Inlp TCIIIII I < O < OH Iliroo Straight
filllllCtt s tub Holds 1HM If >
Tnll inil
w I 1at
Murray 7 3 700
CKrteii t 4 m
t > rciu nlftla t j ere
fU Jk J i Jto
Ogrten July 141 n f stlnK ialt lAke
i In t Ogden innI It lUres stralkht via
ltiei unit climbed up to second place In
tin iTcrnUue column HJ Tum > r was
tli ntunihlliiK block In the trams Momluv
afternoon which the Hall l Ake PlaYers
WITH tripled nIl on hIS allotted a few
hliK which were scoiteresi and fanned nut
Imir H dozen men Itapworth a new pitch
er fr this Halt lAke team sniS consid
ered n surprise
Tim lineup of Ills two teams and the
> i ore by Innings were us follows
Hull lathe Ogden
IiKk rf Taylor
Ni vlns tb VVoHler
Stewart e t Olmlln
Crl1 Sc Jlleke
lanaI J tb Dlllorj
Toll Ill Ululli
HaiMorlh i > Toner
Costello o Iximle
Salt Lake rr I OSI ont
Ogden oil lou Y1
Irovo July bTh havhall n Rm H
Mday bet wetri the I i T team and tho
Iriitti Iommen inn I lull loam un lie II
V 1 campu drew n IIITRB rroid of
pititorN from ltd to IUsl < iplo lnlni
In attendance A uplendld genie wm
plnjml the corf Issuing 4 to 3 In fever of
the I C T The following ll the llneupt
f f T Irovo
1arkM p Slnitlelon
Knlrkerliochor Itltbion
William Hi lolereoll
Bmb r on Hi A Epperson
L Iomn y Hi I llniwrwin
UlflotniuItt55 f ulllott
Pliitseersitl lf H Klllott
Brain > f Colllnn
1 > llomiiey rf Palm
Th lollowliiK In the core by InnIngs
1 c T oan 9W Ot
Iroo 110 001 011
Tile twIfmile relay race was won by
the Provo niu d In 11K Itesse of rrom
took a hip lead In the tart sad kept It
until tin Ut Th Provo team wan
Hcee KnUlil Honhard A Kpperiion I
Ittipercon Anil rw > n Christensen Fen
P 11 r leAnt Margettn NlRhtlnRAle
llalley lloolilliiK Hone Drain numney
A invv sirocT WIIKS
Mr J H hunch Udwanlavlllf III
writes A few month ago my Mil
neya become roiiRentctl I had severe
backncliu nml pain across tho Ulitnoyn
nnd lilps Foley Kldnoy Pills prompt
ly citroil my bnckncho arid corrected
the notion of my klJnoy This wa
brouKtit about after my lining thorn
for only n few short wok antI I can
cheerfully recomtnuiul them
SchrammJohnson DruR
Vln Ilrinci Ji Klo C iriindo
Itiiiind lili Huh
Tn iJiinir Colnrnil J dprliiKit
Iueblo 2250
fo Omnha anti Kansas CIty 14000
To Ht LouIs HO00
To Miruar > lls pnd Ht 1aul 16200
To Ch rnK < i 15600
Low rates to many other points
Sdllm dates June 27 nnd July 7
g 01 rettirnliB until Get 31
Clti tli Met oflli 301 Main Street
ltIulrl roil WntrlirM JnUo III Uiilcr
tool Off Miles III SvvomU
At ViiliiliiiiiiTv
In two IHI H ut the mutordronn al
Wandamera Ut night JaM IHuler
furnldlied the B < M > > sitet ton with thrlllr
by 1IIIhlnl new world record for
a circular track As lie reeled off lap
after lap In the Kmlle race analnt time
ire brought tire crowd to lIa toe When
the time uf 2014 wa announcvd as rn
wurldi rwurd be Wo given an ovation
T M H murlaon HtHrfd frum scratch
1lth 1Kol mul Mluhell we given
n thiucmllx lianilkiip while W U 8am
Uilrniti oiurtfd an uhf limit mini at I nrre
4iid lwi > tllid mile Vrory HIP When
rieRnnltr op ncd up his tmichlu and
wnt H > ntipo dlUi r > II < seconds
to the mIle Iii rode irund 1w other
racirii without nixy trouble whatever
ralchlus th limit men in the that 10
miles At the twentyfmirih mil T M
ftamwIaonA machine wnl wrong but ha
wan able tu flutist neaond The forms i
record foe thin dIstanCe was 1103 and was
held by ntJ1oooler
Kwur seconds were clipped off the five
mile worlds record In TvRosler whlh
he eslabllahrit on the Los Anajele motor
drum At a rate of 4 1 Sol conda De
nor reeled oft the mIles makltiK tlyi
dlilnr In > U Bamuelsim made an at
tempt to HO around UoRoaler with a
Immt of speed running hlh on the
jiank An he 1Ce wan Increaned the
CTOVI stood up brealhleas while the two
min rod almost ahreaat for lIre laps
Then IWIlosler riding low on his ma
chine hKn to pull away Hud he WCO
cheered aa ha crusMd the tape by sever
nl lengths
The three mil amateur 111cr was made
In the fast titian if SU Cluftln was flir1
Airhhold cum In it Ius0 arcoml anO
UHlfHKal Was third
V sflnke with 11 lianrtlfiip of one mix
Ir the HvmlN nmmeur event won from
Ilnflln Tin time WH ri07 nuinsuum
marhlni1 guts nut on the second lap
Ilalke led the hunch over the tape In
the fourmllo amateur handicap w > y
mmir was n close second arid ward who
Imd a handicap nf two lsp finished lilt
In an exhibition Frank Irving sent the
Vanderbllt cup winner two miles In
lHl The automobile reeled off Iho
laps at a trrrlflc pace and a lute between
machines will hA achcdtiled as SOOn RI
lIre drivers 1tet accuatomed to the track
Many Improvement wer made on the
track since the opening IIIhl The work
will contlnii and the marisgetnent ex I
necln lo have rylhlnl completed for
pI I
lie next program Tht summary
Threemile local umteurs alncte
eyllmersIm clallln first J II
Archbold second 111In OIul third i
I tIne 3 16
IlnJrml handicap Minatsur tradr
rlderiUharle nnlke limit namonl
Seymour second 0 Wind I i IIM
Ihlrl tlnrellI
rvemrhUlcap two
histltiCRlt nlyr
lniteflhIl I
hlltl <
Ihemle carsC h Vestlnke ia lsps
Jndr W Thom ii lap s a nn1
iJon nanin tacralch I third tlm
6ciml handicap P rotnpslinuiJsk
1rltoeter dcratch first T M iesmntpi
Uello lrt
IIr litcitill
laIn iMrmtp I p erond rlhur hhl1
7s laps thlril tlmeJM l New world
ecriI1e match racerharle Halkl
iwcond lime
Bymour Monll
first ltytollltyOour tm
1 nlynv mile handicap profes
Pellosler siratchV first
Arthur sloimlJaki nlooler 11trrJrontrtlmZ
M MIh1 iscrHtch third Ump
an K New worlds record
Twomliraulomohlle record trial by
Frank Irving tlme1Wa
llrln discomfort and mIsery to
UrlnA but IoloyM Honey and
people hiI lony
KlvnS nd comfort to the
Tar gIves nle
MjlTorW ottCs 1 relIeves tim dun
ceLnor I head and throat arid is
geinthon In the hIt B11 Ri
XX mnJ anil hoBllnu Non genuIne
Honey lit Tar In tIne
but Kolajn 10110 I
yollciw puckngeRhnmlJohnsOIi
ncrommodatlons for
Unlimited lfommodltons
UnlmllNI Snltalr 1100 rooms COOO
Salt TnUr VIiolo nnd Sunnlv Co
Kodaks nnlshlnc frnmlnB 142 Main
Alexander Optical Co 2111 MaIn
Large linwil 11lI Tcililt w eat
rill hllllIIIII111 Itmc nt
hull Iiliico
By th width of a ur Jukl CuKi
thu Australian beat ltr I IWKMU m him
15mile welter cluiniilonship nt the suit
Palace saucer track Monday lllot TMI
laps from homo UIO nn cl IHIMIH iiu k
In the bunch Iswson junvpul it mul
rldlnc hlfth aruund th births nlih riirko
tacked un circled 11 IiUir i niiiiR
In tin 5 he strtich Inn mn wi ruiinK
abroast and muiiy of tin im Who > it
nt tit tape declureil ihe tli i i v dinl
ht iSis nu L was ic of Hi i iiiil < i
wen this wason at tli HAIL I 11 ue < l
t It I wu Isiidrm w f i cii tOt Ih ii
name rid by the 4 ums t > ik < fan wn
II I led the Hianil eta lud and Inll Wilkcr
wins third and lnmri r > uvil >
l > lli iibarhcr proved that h wni tli
ijliumplun In the amutcur disc > hv d9
hunpu c
IvutliiK Urodbvck In iWi aiialKn heata
In tin Ir mntcn ruLe ii wut t tii e eruPt
I lint ndti show ni pe1 nlikli niu laoed
In rhe Australian Mirsull m 4 llrid
deck won at throe miles and ilk laps
then he pulled Ultfenui < lcr duwit The
ilea reI the lII1 In slurt in hr mul Broil
bck was up close to lJltfenl > nrhr rims
started out for I loitjt alnl Kilid amt
llrodbick wore out Ills uppvu m The
summary follows
Mil Il sprint race nniMliur Imir mll >
Viral hat DlcfenliariUi HIM Print
beck second time loJ Mnoinl h i
Ihro > quarters mile lilcf nlii u MIII
KrodberK second tlmi a HI
Fivemil motor pac aHalnm ttmc
K K Whlttlcr tlm i4f
ISnlftnlle handicap i f iviunil
Kecfe fIrst IXirlan ae II Wil x third
Henhousi fourth JJfimuu nrtli tOre
il fl
iMiomlli > handicap nninteurTa lor
tlmi lliKtberir ST 111 I Iemnipt third
fail limerli fourth tlm1t601
AiiHtrnltan pursuit rSe Hrodbeok
flril Jilefentiarher SOd Kerrjenpn
third Carl Hchmerti fointh MVtll
lift 1 lilatanuc I mile ii isis 9 > aidi
Tenmil western clmmplnnahlp MO
fenslonal Miirk firet Issr lAWSOn NV
nnd Walker third Hemnra rmirtlr
I hll r 113
ouiiKD MI
The above U f quotatIon fmm n
Iter written 111 Vlnker Hnns
vlllc mid I contracted n severe caao
of kidney trouble My buick gate nut
Mini pained me J seemed to linvo
lot Mil strength and ambition wan
botlierod vlth illxny spells my heath
vrould iiwlm and specks Moat before
my eye I took Foley Kldnc mix
revnilarly nnd II now prtToctU well
and feel like H now man Koliv KU1
ncv Pills have cttrd nmittitlitti
Johnson Irugss
rcoitsioNs PST
Vln Oregon Bliort Tlnc
To Cheynno or Denver nnd re
turn J22GO
To Colorado Spring or Pueblo
nnd return J22KO
To Omaha or Kansas City and
return 14000
To St Louis and return H9Q9
To tit Paul or Minneapolis and
return 5200
To Chicago nml return JG500
Prnportluntttely low rates to other
Tickets on till InlN flit evil = ilth
tuE 4th and Heptemlwr 14tb nu1 Snl
Limit October 3tat 1or further par
tlctilnrs see n enl
1eellng bad Hvih nt Iiltalr
Pure DriiRH ant Ii < iintlonn our
ppocluly Hnllldav Diuc tompnny
Sal lake Turf Exchange
I Direct wire for all Sporting
I I Ivents California Races and ICaitern I
r r iiiiii at
Allord Bros First Summer Sale 01
Clothes of the Better Sort
Prices Now V i Less Than Before
pc htn The before price was fully 500 to 1500 a suit lower
4 7ni than like qualities and like values are priced at other
4en ue good shops in townpriced lower for two reasonswe
i are beginners and desirous of getting acquaintedwe
1 s4ui are under much less expense than others and can sell
I for lesswe are out of the high rent district
J1 PS r t I Our whole clothing stock is includeda stock of the
e very newest fabrics tho newest styles every suit all
3nl f i wool every suit warranteed to hold its color and its shape
7 S Ps l 1500 Suits now 1125
aa e t i
r 20 and 2250 Suits at ct 1500
this extra special price 1P
i z 6 4 2500 Suits now M 1875
4 s 3000 Suits now 2250
S I t i 3500 Suits now 2625
la i I 4000 Suits now 3000
I Extra Trousers Cut 14
1i Blue and Black Suifs Cut 14
You will receive just as much attention i this sale as if you were paying us a profit We are just as
desirous of pleasing you now as if we were making money off you
i I
i 4

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