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LAST EDITION I DBSBRET EVENING NEWS If ho mcnts Voxt You llomtM Intend Should ilin Medium That Hit Your II01110 Tlml u AfUertlte lino Itonrlic Hie
Salt Lakes Attitude Not Yet Of
ficially Announced Pending
Mayors Return
Two Member fit the Hoiml of I iiii
111011 011 Hicord hit Ilio
IMilblllun Hci6
Vlth t il authorities the nglta
ton uar t tin exhibition of the John
fcinJifff rz fight plctuies
i ugliout tho country has
nol u Jh cffcet Mayor John
8 lira rs I ttrll < led the fight niul
htn ho r UMH It Is sglblo that ho
mU be Db I1 give an export opinion
As the matter nuw stands
an V IL
M W t t to Mayor
Chief f 1 Barn A Uarlow thinks
hit t i ti > i > Is a joke nnd none
H th r nty olllclals who could
t < tea rd to express nn opinion
doiar i t t Il4lyor Urunsford would
whether lh
U In a r i i to know
rtUI jJC degrading or not
In I1 I st ttva days fortyone lin
norunt ti s In the United Ktatwn
bate take u 1111 t > bar tllo pictures
on ai urt > f urouing race prejudice
sad be a t trte degrading and sit
ioral Inllucn such exhibitions him
ot thu
The t > crr i or threefourths
Southern EJ s hate declared their In
tintlrn r lr i > Litlng the exhibition of
Die pld re The agitation has spread
Into India nnd South AfrIca and tho
IT arcs WJ ht bo allowed In those
tlmIIIL Iro the population Is
IlIftl b k and urjl thlnga Cause
OiiJcra lay already been sent Tor
time cC t tlRht by n local film ox
chinj hus but It will piobubly bo
itmt I nrn lid ire they aro recehcd
The dims t no doubt bo exhibited In
the 10 tnt moving picture thoulerr
wb B m w principally pationlreil
br an t ji and girls and children
James A Hammond presIdent of tho
board of e < lu utt > n declared omphatlc
iliy that Ic was against the exhibition
et the r ureji Tho port Itself Is
degrading and brutal and I do not be
leve that It Is a good thing to hare
the pltur5 shown to the public
Air iU u Oauque another member
cf the brad of education Is also op
t05e i t > the exhibition of the prIze
rbl pMurcs 1 nm not In sympathy
nth that lain ot sport and I think
till It ought to be prevented For tills
ituon I believe the pictures ought to
bf trreJ
leverat other members of the board
ef fdutat in were called upon for an
tyinlon but they did not care to t e
Interviened bccauie they had not given
ike matter any thought
can nAiiuws VIETVS
It itrlks mo as a Joke was the
cwotrit f Chief of Police Barlow
tU Tuning In reference to tho coun
17Iae agitatIon against tho dUpIay
fth ttng pictures of tho Jcffrles
Jon ttght
1 ant ice what damage can result
mm the exhibition of these pictures
rhtrt Has ccrtdinly no daningti done In
the Srht self unless It was to the
tOvktttwoks > t a lot of the fans and
it any of the moving picture shows
todiy u can coo bloodandthunder
It a that Is as bad IC not worse than
the fight
I ran hardly flgurn out what the
rotation against tho pictures Is about
utle3 perhaps It Is nn advertising
ooge Y u Kn iw If you warn against
I show the inuso will tm packed am
niybe that Is the scheme I can nee
tn nM n aneter why the pictures
Ihoud f I hlblted
Johntt wr ja July 7Mayor
Wllion n diued that If ho reedy
td a re li < t to prohibit the cxhlbl
on of tEe JeffriesJohnson prIze
tb r Mrs here ho certainly would
Uke steps i stop them The Minis
lenal ass aiion In to meet Friday to
formula c n request that the mayor
irevent ihe exhibition of the
Iync ilug Va July 7Tht Jet
IrluJohn < n prUe light pictures
1 < ere toja rrdered barred from cx
llbllln h re
iiAitiun ix KIUSTUCKV
CIne i n Ohio July 7Hepnrt3
from a1 ti riant towns In Kentucky
May st 1 that In only two Coy
inrton 8 n FranVf rt will exhibitions
f0 the JrtxJohnon pictures be
Dlnc Tarrnrr Declare Ills Nclchbor
re lllin n Drink or Poisoned
WhlAi while In ricM
Wllbk n Julj GAccordln to
a statfi rf nade shortly before his
d Mb Ja
a Ocarold farmer
1I tlnl nor lure was poisoned today by
John Van K iie tt neighbor who gnvo
kiz i II diliik of whisky
Reem was at work In a field and wai
rrtrtd a ilrmk from a bottle At first
be demurred but finally took the drInk
to It tasted bIttorand he asked Vn Asche
ttlnUle drink tut the latter declined In a
died Wllrrfln began to grow sloll and
within a few hours
Va0 AIhe
r w arrested shortly aft
tSt en < I a bound over to uio clr
PbiIc flellng III high
Ibe over
litsir Just
Inado I before he tIled Itaein
AChE to the effcct that Van
lhInOd him for 1 whIch
01d hi III
Sl IJ IC1lp JU = G
1Iho II IlUIY Andrey llrlcclnl
V I I i wwWr nn < 1 mall that he look
lth 1OIlI a h be a ad lccr III a bat
liltltinn I husky unary bird cave an
roc aoll Mtrk1 ollee
lilt nl hinth t > c
tl l t rItRht Wtihh put 10 ahama the
fltlaint tIlS stag han < lutr kIne
° hid
chIp ben anrled on
Ubl r < ot lllv iiYIflg to kill his wife and A
tl hralt stIsoped tit of hrlndcurr
III Anot hih had been plaetd upon
ht broke th r PAIr was rut on him ud
t i
VpOti nve tOo tth uo where
fOci blt ioPoiIrcmen lUmped uPon him
C tlkraUom down to his He saflity wlfl be held for
k A
Washington July 7The piece
de resistance In the diet of light
IIIK bulls In Mexico Is thn Eng
lish walnut Consul General Ar
nold Rhanklln tins reported to
this government that many Span
ish ships com to Mexican port
brlllglllll loads of English Jyaj
nuts from nilbno and Bnntanll
which are sent via Mexico City
to ranches exclusively for feed
Inc Ono fighting bulls The larg
est buyer Is the Mexico City Hull
association which keeps 40 to M
Trooiw SniTiiiiiiilnl bj Nnthes Mnniico
To Kxlrlinlc ThciiKcltrs With
7M Cnsuiililc i
Victoria 11 c July 7 Heavy fight
Ing has occurred In Formosa In con
nection with Japans little war with
tho TormosHii natives near Outran On
June 15 a number of native bands com
Allied and surrounded the Japanese
troops who extricated themselves
with a loss of C2 killed and wounded
Three battalions of Infantry and a
battery of artillery were hurried to tho
scone from Tslpah and the natives were
dlpersed with much loss the casualties
on tho Japanese vide totaling 78 In
killed and wounded
Now York July 7Tlie chief of the
mayors llcensu bureeu and the mo
B < orclnr are still wondering today why
a man attired In the height of faiMo
and bedecked with diamonds sho
want a nusncart xdler license at the
rate of II a year H Chonkln who pre
sented a noully engraved card snovting
him to be a real eitalo broker with man
y to loan on mortgages applied for the
license yesterday
What do you want with a pushcart
Icciike asked the astonished chief of
the bureau
Well I dont push the cart myself any
more was tho broker reply but one
nH knows what may happen and I
want It renewed Ive had ono for II
The license was refused and Mr Chon
kin went away declaring he would take
the matter In the court
New York July iBolh OIenn Cur
tis and Charles K Hamilton or their
representatives will compete In tht
aeroplane race from Chicago to Now
York for the 2500 puree offered by the
Now York Times and tho Chicago Eve
ling Post The Times made this an
louncomcnt tonight Clifford II liar
nan Is considering entering the race
Paris July 7A general rsJIway strike
here Is threatened The men who de
manded an increase In wages and othir
ameliorations hac already voted to strike
In principal pending the result of nero
tlallOIl with the companies
resident Taft to Co Up Const In
Vnoht Mnyllottcr orw Armed
With Ciold Sticks
Ueverly Moss July President
Tuft Is going to extend tho 10 days
vacation tshloh he began yesterday by
taking a ten las cruise on the yacht
laylloner beginning July 18 The
residents present vacation Is not up
until July 18 so this will lee only
Sunday the 17th Intervening
Accompanied by the members of his
immediate family by his brother
loracu 1 Taft and by as many friends
n the limited quarters of the May
flower will accommodate the president
will sail up the north count Ha 11
stop for a day or two at Bar Harbor
and may drop In at several other resorts
sorts and points of Interest The golf
Htlcks will be carried along and when
ever nn attractive looking set of IS
holes appears on the horizon the May
flower will anchor forthwith
Commander Hnowden Is In command
of the Mayflower There M I chance
that tho little Sylph may trail along In
tbe wake of the Mayflower but this haa
not been determined
The president played golf this morn
Dreux Prance July 7fhe Duke
Alencon was burled today In Orleans
In die chapel beside his wIfe who was
burned In the charity basar fire of ISr
The king of Bulgaria representatives of
tlm several houses of Spain Portugal and
lielglum and members of tho Trench
bourbon family were present Strong dn
luchments uf troops preserved order TTie
Duke dAloncon was 1 second son of JLoulf
Duke dNomours who died In IBM and u
grandson of lull Philippe klnr o the
Frond Ho was born In JS41 and his el
Mr throne brother Is claimant to the French
Mlnot N U July tnr today des
trojed the business potion of Des lAcs
near Minot burntn 19stores The lois
Is mure than mi >
Lincoln Neb July iA severe electri
cal storm visited this city today More
than half an inch of rain fell Some
damage from hall was reported
Washington July Interstate com
merce commission loilty ordered a reduc
tion In throuch freight rates to Winston
Ualrni and Durham N C from Roanoke
slut LymlibuiK a I amounts to about
I cents I hundred pounds on class freight
and from 4 to A cents a hundred pounds
on hay grain and packing house products
Little Hock Ark July 7Offfrr of
the Memphis Dallas A Gulf railroad
today filed a certificate of a Increase
too In capital stock from J645000 to J7875
000The purpose of the Increase In stock
Is to extend the road from Mirfhes
Term barn In Pike county to Memphis
c I 0
A RussoJapanese Convention
Would Strengthen Both Coun
JjiesSays Noroe Vromya
Declares Sorrrtnry Knox Muncliiirlnii
1ropoinl AVni liKlrumrnlJil In
lla lenliiK Conclusion
Bt Petersburg July 7The Novoo
Vremyn II 1 loading article today ex
gressecl great expectations from
the ItussoJnpanese convention The
Vremya considers It I foundation for
durnblo peooo In the far east serving nn
a barrier against encroachments of
outsiders In that sphere a ldlnJ that
neighborly relations relieve Itussla arid
Japan of the burden of heavy arma
ments enabling Hussln to complete the
Amur railroad and continue coloniza
tion on a vast scale
The Vramya declared that the situa
tion created by the convention la un
favorable to Korea China America and
the central Kuropcan powers In so tar
as their policies are based on 1 con
tinuation of misunderstandings be
tween Hussla China and Japan
I declares that Secy Knoxs Man
churlan proposal was Instrumental In
hastening tho conclusion of tho con
vention I ascribes to tho same cause
tho Insertion of the clause for joint ac
tion of tho contracting powers toward
propositions disturbing the status QUO
The Vremya recalls that Mr Knox
entered Into the preliminary negotia
tions regarding the Ingun railroad
without Hnsplau knowledge and ob
tained Japans theoretical content
which was embarrassing to Kussla
IMu1 Trers lets Much In fiolcl Dan
l > om London Mnrkct For
United States
New York July 7The gold Importa
tion movement of 1910 had Its Inception
today with the engagement of JliWUO In
gold bars In London by IaiarJ Kreres for
Import to the United States Imports ef
r1Qr were forecasted by the demands
made on New York Institutions by west
ern banks for funds to finance land cur
chases In the went Local bankers have
recently sold large amounts of American
securities abroad and now are availing
themselves of line credits to strengthen
their own position by Importlnx gold
London July American and conti
nental Inquiries for gold have effectually
barred all prospect or an Immediate re
duction In tlio bank rate The directors of
the Bank of Ilngland this morning de
cided to maintain the 3 per cent late al
though dealing I that oasis at the pres
ent rate o exchange represents a loss
The engagement of 120110000 of Cape cold
for Germany reported this morning Is
generally accepted a correct and the re
cent releasing of bonds horn should en
able New York to take considerable gold
There soon will bo In the neighborhood
of I3T60XO available In the open market
and at least a portion Is expected to be
purchased for New York
Chicago July 6Upon the dismissal
jf court proceedings today It was stat
ed that the Blue Island Rolling Mill
and Car company formerly the But Island
and Car and Equipment company had
tied out of court the case brought
against It by the Illinois Central rall
The flue Island concern Is one of tho
00 corporations charged with defraud
ing the Illlnoln Central company out
oC moro than JlMOOOO In connection
with the repairing or cars I Is stated
hat negotlntlpns for settlements are
under way with other companies
New York July 7 Arthur I1 Helnre
sentenced to servo 10 days on Blackwells
Island for obstructing the administration
of justice In the case of the United Cop
per company proceedings li rather se
verely handled In the decision of the cir
cuit court of appeals affirming his con
viction Thn decision which was an
nounced on Tuesday IDa just been made
public 1 says
Th testimony not objected to and
not contradicted shows beyond the
slightest doubt that the defendant tent
Tracy nucklngham wanted A a wit
ness before the federal grand Jury out
of the country and furnished him with
money to go out and stay out and In
the most flagrant manner attempted to
obstruct and Impede and had obstructed
anti Impeded the administration of jus
Ice of the circuit court of the Unlte1
State Tile sentence that the trial court
aw fit to Impose does not Indicate tbe
erlous nature of Ihe offense
Counsel for Heinz will apply within a
few days for a stay of the Issuance of
the mandate of the circuit court pending
nr > eal to the United Htsles supreme
cttrt The mandate 1 tie filed within
10 days after the flllnB of the court tie
Islon and unless a Ia v shall have been
granted by that time Helnxe will hate
to serve his prison sentence
Albany NY July SThe general
chemical company of New York with
prIncipal offices In New York was Incorporated
orporated today with a capital o 1
50000 The directors Include Wm C
Peyton of San Francisco
Washington July Jchtnlnjr
rods sire being raised over the
White House I Is by government
decree that the executive mansion
Is being equipped with apparatus
to protect It from electric on
slaughts and during the absence
of President Taft from Waahlncton
tho equipment Is being Installed
The rods are being placed on eaxjh
of the 2 chimneys above the m
sion roC and points to arrest the
lightning will no clawed at Intervals
of nve feet along a cable which
runs around the parapet No light
ning rod however are to 1 > raised
over the executive offlcrs adjoin
ing the mansion
Uncle Joe Contemplates
Swooping Down Into Heart of
Insurgent Territory
Is Silent Ilounvcr on TIN Candidacy
IVr lho lionkerlil of tho
Jlouso of llejrr oiinthe
Chicago July 7A special from
Washington says hnlfromttxl and
bronzed by his excursion to Fisher
mans Island In Chesapeake bay
Hpinker Joseph O Cannon III In Wash
ington finishing up odds and ends prior
to his departure for Danville
Mr Cannon will remain only a few
days In Danville this time for ho con
templates n raid Into the heart of the
Insurgent territory I Is his purpose
to fro to Wlnfleld lan and there
speak In behalf of tho renomlnntlon of
Representative Philip Campbell ono of
the standpftt congressmen
Uncle Joe gui then return to his
district take an automobile and make
a haute to house canvass Ito Insists
that there Is not any danger thnt he
will not lb renomlnated and reelected
The speaker was asked today If he
would b 1 candidate again to the
sponkershlp His cy twinkled as ho
recalled the famous recipe for rabbit
potpie first catch your rabbit In
other nl the house must bo Ilepub
llcon before any thought of candidates
can arise
Vlashlngton July 7 Secy of the In
terior lialllnger left Washington for 1
trip west which may cover 1 period
of several months Inspection He was
accompanied by E Plnney assistant
to the secretary and a stenographer
During hn absence 1m will visit sev
eral lamatlon projects Indian reser
vations and national parks
CurtJt Sale Haffllng Currents hess
Otcr Liquid
Atlantic City N J July 7WIth
favorable weather conditions Glenn I
Curtis and Charles K Hamilton who
have been giving exhibition aeroplane
flights on the beach here this week
hope to be able to go nCr the altitude
record today
Curtlse long flight over the ocean
late yesterday afternoon has created
renewed Interest among the thousands
of summer visitors and tho local resi
dents generally and 1 great crowd was
on tho boardwalk and strand early to
day to Pee the wrnplanlsts go up
Curtlss nays ho prefers sailing over
the water as he mets with fewer bar
fllng air currents than on land and It
would not surprise tile people If he
made an extended trip out over the
Chinaman Arrested Mnklnc Ailullcr
ntc I Product
St Louts July iAn alleged opium
factory wa raided hero early today nnd
Its owner Jon Sing 1 Chinaman In
being held by federal revenue officer
The officers say the factory I run
ning full blast when they entered
Policemen on the bent where flings
shop Is located said they thought he
was cooking chop suey for a restaur
ant The officers found three sacks of
seconds opium 2 < pounds of opium
seasoning leaves 10 cans of manufac
tured opium and two caldrons whloli
Sing was using for his cooking
The prisoner l < charged with taking
opium seconds seasoning It with
opium leaves and selling the product
for genuine opium
Calcutta July 7The demand for
the prohibition of blograph pictures
of the JeffrlesJohnoon fight Is
spreading In India The paper suggest
that the American authorities destroy
the films and compensate the owners
Victoria I C July 7A Japanese
cabinet crisis seems Imminent I a
result of the attitude o the naval au
thorities who hate formulated a plan
for naval expansion regarding which
negotiations am being carried on be
tween Admiral Yamumeto and Marshal
Yamngata according to advices re
celt < here yesterday Meanwhile
army authorities are clamoring for In
creases In that branch and I cabinet
split Is said to be Impending because of
more favorable consideration given the
army mon Admiral Yamamoto I said
to bo forcing the Issue
Madrid July 7 Oommrelsl bodies
hav joined In a petition to the govern
ment In favor of limiting the growth of
monastic orders They assert that the
orders am mnnopoiizinc many branches
of Industry anrt mare The Itepub
llean organization have pledged them
seltes to supoprt he Koternmvnfs re
ligious program
Chicago Jut7Scil leaders
who have been conspicuous for
dress and jewelry displayed at the
grand opera and other public func
tions may have to enrich the coun
ty treasury materially It plans of
the board t review materialize
Summon will be Issued for their
appearance before tho board of re
view to how why they should not
be assessed on the gowns dia
mond tiaras pearl dogcollars and
necklaces that they a known to
wear at balls and festivals
The reviewers have discovered a
unique methOd of ferreting out the
personal property of soma of the
wealthy social leaders now taxed
Snira ima Their method Is to
react carefully th news In the society
rai ctuly t
ciety columns and to file It away
for future reference or until tar
lag time come when I comes In
handy In raising personal asseM
Gov Hadley of Missouri Makes
Offer for Every Person Taking
Part In Recent Lynching
l > cclflri Jeffries nn Morn Itrlt 1
AUilto Hiiro Tliim loliii < on Did
Ilookcr Wellington
Jefferson Pity Mo July 710
I Ilmllsy offered a reward of WOO today
for the arrest all oonvlctlon of every
ivsrson who enl In the lynching of
two negroes at Charleston liml Sunday
I to said there tern no excuses for tho
lymhln ns ho haul not commuted a
sentfiice of any Potion convicted of a
capital crime
In an interview the governor warned
negroes that tlmy must not start raco
riots nn account of thn JeffrlaeJohn
iion nght
Negroes have no ocotslon to feel any
satisfaction over the result of that
light mid Got Hndley Its only
sIgnificance Is that 1 negro prlzollghter
whipped u warnout wiilto prlzonghter
who had Impaired his constitution by
Idleness and dissipation
Jeffries no moro reprc > nto i tho
white race than tines Johnson rcpro
sent such men as Hooker T Washing
ton or Irof Duliols Whllo 1 promtso
to do all that I can to protect tho ne
genes In their rights and to prevent and
punish nets of violence against them
the negroes mu t umlfuftond that only
by their own conduct can they secure
the respect of the people
Chlcnco Woman Gon < lr l hv 1lhl
SKuso SI n Is Iwo and Pol
son < Self
Chicago July 7lrll Henry Mulsaw
goaded to desperation by the alleges
brutality and unfaithfulness of her
husband a street ca conductor today
shot ali fatally wound the latter
and their 8ycarold daughter nnd then
Wiled herself by taking carbolic arid
Mrs Mulsaw planned her act care
fully She borrowed a revolver from
her father explaining that she needed
It fur protection when her husband
workout at night Then she wrote Ut
ters to her parents to her mothorln
law arid to the public In these she
declared she had been a good and faith
ful wife but that Mulsaw spent hia
spare beat her time with other women and often
Mulsaw Is nllegt to han been with
another woman until 4 oclock this
morning when ho returned to his home
According to the police ho began abus
ing his wife and she shot him In the
abdomen He fell to the door and she
Hont another bullet Into the body of her
little daughter She completed the
tragedy by taking the poison
Plttsburfr July 7dttdgo Josiah C
hen who Issued the original Injunction
against a recount of the Dalelllllack
contest for the Republican congrvsslon
n 1 nomination today tiled a statement
that his Injunction does not restrain
thn Jack supporters from filing new
petition for a recount
The ruling It Is believed may open
the way for Dr Robert W Hlack to ob
tain a recount
Congiessman DaUells counsel ap
peared In common pleas court today to
object to the appeol made yesterday
by tho attorneys far mack from the
county oommlidloners refusal to re
count the vote
Philadelphia July Decllnlne the or
der of s police magistrate to te him If
lie would promise to dlsoontlnue his at
tempts to speak In public James ISdp
mpt IPo tho mllllonalt hobo
1 peace held under ICO bal today to keep
Lima Peru July 1The tnlled States
cruller South l kola sailed from Cal
Iso this morning for flan Krsnclsoo
Albany Or July 6Wilbur K
Francis and Mliw Inox Taylor of this
placo nero drowned late today In a
launch accident on the Willamette
titer three miles above Albany Klve
other people In the launch were saved
Victoria I C July 7lit connection
of Port Arthur
with the recent opening r
thur the Kamnkum Mara brought
tint the eastern
HAWS yesterday part
of the harbor where the Inrgnst fortress
and the docks are situated will remain
closed for commercial purposes only
the western part of the harbor being
opened I Is proposed to op n the har
bor and cut I new entrance through
Tigers Tall promontery
Santa Barb Cal July 7tn
the hope that they might escape
being the cynosure of all eyes
Theodore nooetet Jr and his
bride passing theIr honeymoon here
yesterday drove In from Honteolto
In an old buckboard to whloh was
hitched a scrawny old horse
But It did not work and quite a
crowd collected while young The
dore held the reins during the tie
him wife made the purchases
One rather amusing Incident was
mat Mr too t VAlt ra out of
money and was eompalled to hold
up her husband while the carious
gajed on He underwent this or
deal mugnlflcently
Douglas Art July 7 Or J
J 1 Armstrong has contracted
with A 1 Williams NII aviator
of this cit > to convey placer
mining machinery from Douglas
to a property In th chihuahua
mountains Mexico The distance
Is about 800 mile The machin
ery it such that It can b CAr
riinl only In 100pound lois AVII
llama owns ali operate a mono
This is probably the first eon
trait mail railing for the com
mercial uee of a heavlerthanalr
HI npx llniuulil In Last Year Vrro
Vnlunl nt xiNfionnno Vicld
ITCIIII iorinnn Colony
New York July 1New York city
now takea morn than onehalf of the
entire diamond production of the world
according to time statement received In
tho Maiden lane district hn from
Henry W DlBdrtch American consul
general Ht Antwerp This country paid
at the docks In the last ea moro than
JIOOOJOO for precious stone of nil
kind and of thin amount nearly 4
000000 was paid In New York Thean
totals break all records The diamonds
brought In r valued at 000000
Nearly tlire e < UArters of these were In
cut stones niedrlch aim sent the New
York diamond trade the first dHflnlte
report on the noW diamond fluids In
the deiman colony in South Africa
where moro than ISOOOOOOO has hen
spent In development The German
mine have been turned oer to a Jar
man syndicate which hiss its cutting
factories in Antwerp and Now York
Though a few large stones have been
found In time Ucrman South African
mine ranging from 6 to 1 karats the
Ill weight ttiun far In onethird
of I louat Only one or two shipments
or thn rough stinns have been made
to New York R dlninnnd cutters heir
object to cutting stones of lens than
threeeighths of a karat In weight but
large quantities of theo small stones
after being cut In Antwerp imd Am
sterdam have bon sent to New York
for tIme line of jewelry manufacturers
In this anti other clUes
The yield of the diamonds In the Car
man colony has Increased to < toO >
karats I month nnd thn quality linn Im
proved so that the price per karat Is
now nearly double what It wan nine
months ago The coat of production In
diamond Holds of the Oerman colony
IB light 0 cents to IS a karat OH the
sinned are taken from the sands and
surface grounds This gives nn advan
tage over tho oompanlK operating the
mine In Ilrltinh colonies where the
mines have l > een dug to I depth of n
third tn H half toll and the cost of
production ranges frnm M to n a Itunu
Come With lilt vMiiblnc of SUite
inen Thut Ml Sil 11 mOl
Hill Home
Oyster Hay Jil 7 lurrnists of
todays conference at fanumoie Hill
were Upset by the personnel hC tho
delegation which arrived CQI lloose
velt nh yesterday Hunator Beverldge
was to b here and a number of
other men who Were affiliated more
or less closely with the progressive
inovnmeiit In the Republican poity
whoso names he would not dlMilge
The Impression was that several
other men from the middle west
would 11 here The presence of three
tell from New Hampshire and one
from Montana runled political ob
In particular the visit of Senator
Carter could not ba understood The
senator from Montana has been one
of the right hand men of Senator
Aldrich send has consistently opposed
the Insurgency movements tie had
no word to nay when he got hrH as
to why he had come to Oyster Hay
on this occasion U was observed how
ever that when the party droo off for
Hugamuie Hill Senator Carter was In
a carriage by himself
A delegation of visitors to Col Itoo e
volt arrived from New York on the
noon train There were In the party
t 8 Senators Carter of Montana and
Hoverldue of Indiana John Ill war
oorreiijandcnt and his brother Ilobert
Winston Churchill novelist and James
I Sheffield Ilobert flutes Is an In
surgent candidate for the llepijbllcnn
nomination for governor of New Hamp
shire He and Mr Churchill are to lay
hue BltURtlon In New Hampshire iiefon
Col Itoupevelt In an endeavor to gain
hi sympathy and If possible hs sup
port In their contest
The members of the visiting Irl >
hal little to Miy except they were hop
colonel Ing to have H pleniMUil talk with the
We cant say anything now S na
ton B verldg > Mid When we get bark
from ftagamoi Hill we may have
something lo tell you
TIw visitor Mid they would II un
10 New York this afternoon
Washington July Frederick J
Vmvell director of the reclamation
service whose differences with 8 cy
of the Interior Ualllnger have created
general comment returned to Wash I
nrtan tndav from Now York wher I
j understood he talked y tray with
former President Roosevelt
The reticence of the director lends
color to the report that one of the ob
jets of Ms trip was to consult with
> > 1 lloosnvelt concerning the friction
with the secretary of the nterior lie
declined to admit or deny that he bad
had a conference with the xprealdnt
Mr Newell said he had conferred In
BaMlmora and New York with B N
linker president of the Second Nation
al Coni > ortlon enngrewi which will ho
held In B t PattI S ept 8 to 8 The
mrpos C their meeting had ben to
Iniuri plans for the convention
The progntm he aM would b submitted
raft und former
mitted ti > both Prent id or
Irt HnoseAelt for their approval
he congress he added would Nt as
trtrnpli and direct aa ixxslbl Tn
pAec > im would empliaslzA the fact that
tee conservation policy wa not for the
purpose of holding back anything from
Ue present generation but WM designed
signed fn the utttUatlnn of the T
aurco today without destroying their
future to ulvUlcntian
Ditoimi is nnoKix
Ardmore OkU July 7 Heavy rains In
nuthem Oklshoroa eArll today broke a
11 m dorrJ
drouth UvM ettn prevailed for several
Defeats Principal Snyder for
Leadership of National Educa
tional Association at Boston
San rrniiHtru Only City Spoken of
rruinlncntly for Nest Annual
lioston July 7Mrs Ella Flagc
Young nf Chicago defeated K X
Snyder principal of thn fIr o Half
Normal school for president of the Na
tional luosllnnsl association today by
me vote n 1 to 376 the question he
ing on the sub tltutlon of Mrs Youngs
name for Mr Snyder In the report of
the committee on reprt
The report of the majority of the
nominating commtttne In favor of Mr
Snyder was taken across Copley sin aro
to the New Old South church and at
noon was iirosentml to the annual
meeting of the convention by D I
Johnson of fiouth Carolina
Miss IC therln U Blake of New
York Immediately presented the
minority report nominating Mrs Young
an > re ldejit
The convention Immediately took up
the question of substituting time minor
ity report for that of the itiajorlt This
aotlnn brought the contest dlrortlv be
tweon Mm Young and M r Hinder
each of whom had a determined fol
lowing among the dolAgate
9 X Hynder principal
of tlm
Coloiadi state normal school
was nominated today by the committee
on nominations for the next president
of the National ISdiuulloii HFSMI 11011
Mr Snyder received 54 < tc K and his
nearest competitor Mrs lila F YUng
of Chicago got 19
The cainpHRln Imd boii In progress
for nearly a week itmtliiR with tint
advent last Friday of the boom tot
IN Young
The constitution provides for nelfc
lion of a heard of frovornment In the
delegatm but also provides for the pre
HAntatlon of a ticket by I nomlnntlnjc
committee The members of thin i nm
mlttee are selected by states and Mon
day after the stadium met ting nl
which President Taft spoke nil the
states caucused among membem of
that committee The nominating < h
mltte met today In Trinity hapel for
the purpose of deciding on a candid ite
with the annual meeting of th asmil
stlon following at noon In the mw ld
Mouth church i
In the main work of lir < imcvllnn
special attention was pnlcl 1la v tn
cMMren and tearhlnir III the I ne
HChonl Klnderuarten work > mous
branchea of ehtKl ntuiU must mi
phyKlcal education were als i rtlscusiert
by well known authorities
The officers of Ute associatIon gar up
nller 11
all hope tcvlsy of obtaining the pres
ence of former Ircsldent Hoowteltnm
the convention will close In Trernon
temple tomoirow evening wit II address
ca by Mrs W N Hutf chairman of
the onions branch of the farmers In
stitute work of North Carolina at Ttal
Igh N C rrmldcnt Emeritus Eliot
ft Harvard end thus new pre ld nt ot
lime asociation
San Francisco Is the only place ivhlih
mentioned fT
iuis been prpmliicntly mentonl
he next convention
IOII sT lOUIS hcvnis
Ht Louis July GAll a result of tile
revelations of Iohn M July foiinei
secretary of the polite relief assocu
tlon the grand Jury today indicted fur
men on charges uf utnbrzsletm It
connectliui with lie polite relief funds
They were SergI John J Nolan I
trolmeii John Dunlgmi and T J IioUn
mini John Nlcolay former pr > ril > iii <
the relief fund association nnl n fititt n
pulrolnwn A second lndi < tment ti
forgery was turned against Dolan 11
the men deny the charges
London July 7Th Juno statement of
th lloord of Trade eiunws luireata r
lnW4iro in muiurts toid jawsw in e x
lions The principal lm reasn In imports
was In rsw materiel Msnufoilureu goods
showed the largest gem in the xnts
Uttrolt Mich July 7Tlmo Natioial
Catholic ICducatlonnl comnntlon whlih
has been In convention will mid In a
mass meeting with an address by Arch
bishop John Glonnon of Ht lttuls t
chorus of 1000 from Ihe parish ahls
of the city will sing
Ills eminence Jamf orimuai nib
bouts of Baltimore was totla I let
honorary president and RI lta Mgr
T J Shahn of Wasiltiqt D U wns
choxfn iri > ldei + enoa1
Operators Hell to rliilrnl ii
Coal Miners When Ilrciiion mid
EiiKlncers Ate Orcleml Out
Kansas City July 7 N g f I
between the coal operators anl lit i > al
miners of the southwest were UM aroI
off temporarily by the operatre xlay
because Alexander Howatt erronl
lag the miners In Kansas ordered the
firemen 1d engineers at the mlnis t
his district to quit work In syrttay
with the miners
The operators intend that this n
Te erAtor
tlon wa a violation of a contra i Ii H
provides that when the mIne s mK
work pending ihe iffnewM nf 1 tag
contract the inglneers and fli n i
th mill must rrniain at uorh tn ce5
the mines tic < fr mi wsler
On hundred anti fifty opiraf r < Met
today decided that all ncgitiul ns st ih
Ihe miners would be dli t > ntlniie 1 un i
the engineer and flt men Ht II Kan
sas mines returned to wnik
Thomas U I > ewls > f Indians < I1
return here timorrii and ronlinii1 hh
tart tn set the I his > lffrrtn < Iji tt n
th upeiators anal mlnei
rriLitu ltNl1ll ir TS
Be ton July T Tn hi r
BOll tul Mlvlll W Viili nnd Tie
funeral party which Is nccomi rlA n
left Bo tcn at 11 urn iA m a
special car attached to a rrKiHnr ecpmeas
for rbleaco
Among lb better known rrmls if
the funeral party ware 1 v 100 vf
Nw York and Assorts 101 Iiimes
and MeK oC nna al ths Jll e < 1t Ues supreme

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