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i 1
I Evidence All in and Case Placed
In Its Hands at Nton
ft Yi > foit < lmitt fMiniHl Would lime
fti Mnnn Him ftt lulu Crlnii h
i 1 Older CrliuliiiiN
1if Ariumenu were i re eilel by both
Bide In tho trial of Harry Thome
N for tb inunltr of Uiorsje W Kaswll
In JUdKe IxwU court tills inocnttiK
and by imon the life of the buy wua
In the hands of he jury Home sensu
llonal cvldenre was Introduced yester
day afternoon when I ha defendant on
i If CrcHM examination put on the nuuk
suul overalls look tho revolver III hand
all4 twins Mr Looftjurrow In Ius
t Htlls place Mhowed to the jury jut
How the killing had ocoured Thorn
tmd hoped to give iivldenoa that he
t WAM led Into the crime by other
r t J M Piinny the defendants at
torney following Mr Uath rwooJ
t who siKike for th state yesterday
i ufternoon n < ldres e < l the Jury tit
I morning
I j We must make the distinction b
I tween a coldblmHlod dllb nin mur
1 f der andan accidental shooting he
said Aro you going to tnko the life
uf a boy not yet 18 ere of age T
t Death In many Instance U prefer
t ublB to life Imprisonment hut thero
In no nowor In the mind of men to
l take the life of a boy lee than 18
I year of agu for the commliwlou uf
I a crime he nyr lnt n < l d
L I Woo unto the murderer who dellh
I otntoly kills for he shall hlthat wan
i tile old law and It wa tho ground
work for our law It wan never tha
I Intention of this law to tuko the life
uf u man unless hu Imd ilollboratoly
r 1 killed anothrr man Con you wiy that
this boy deliberately Itllled Uoorge W
r IMeeli 1 defy the ntato to olnt nut
u motive for the crime The boys Ufa
within two weeks of the shooting wan
M far as you know as pure ns that
of any man Horn In Norfolk Vir
ginia taken In UaJtlmorn at C years of
age whero at 14 he lost his mother
tills Is ull you know of thin boy whoso
life the prniMioutlon paints with tho
blackest color
I Continuing In this stmln Mr Denny
I gniiRht to show that Kurlny had been
to the cash register before Thortip that
Curlty wa time Instl Btor and that
Tliorno hail taknn the money because
he naw the cash reirlMer open Mr
ttxmny nJso InMnunletl that Curley
vni cither a detective or the aid of
L Doteelho HheeJs In n plan to capture
1 tho men vha wore at the Angelus
t roomlne house
4 ° Can tho stato take the lIfe of n
I buy led thus Into the commission of
a crime AVhat shall be the price of
lllg life If It Is found that others in
c l1ng tho offlcero of the law put
u Virjtoly lixt him Into the crime of which
llei Is charged continued Mr Denny
DIet Atty Ixiofliourow thon followed
with a short addrtws for the state
o pointing out that where parties are en
m gaged In the commission of a robbery
i nod commit murder It li not necessary
to prove delllvratlon or Intent the In
it tent in presumed Ho mid that Thorne
wns of sound mind and nhould be
judged not by his age but by his ex
or l > erl nce I
i It was not the jatflitnt of the jrun
J into tIe Hide of Fjuwell that cauwd the
hooting cuntlnuod Mr Loorbourow
It was the fhvt ns Thorns admitted In
hIt confehsloti that Itumell did not put
his liandd up fast enough
Air Ixxjfbmirow thin tulntnd out that
Thorn soujcht his crtmlnnl eomnonlotiH
after the commission of the murder
awl did not show Any nmorsn but
on the contrary wis rnueht counting
I the money he had obtained
Hoys do not commenco crime with
robbery they start with petit larceny
he added
t Married at Iho OretnB Green Iarm
ington June W 1BOi Mrs EsmerfllcJn
Davis has commenced Halt for divorce
1 1 against Kdgnr f Davis ntleglng that
he has failed to provide for herself and
I hrr chllJ
i Bivrsh Ann Crowtnn commenced suit
yoitcnlay against IYedsrlek Crowton
Jr seeking to quiet title to a part of
lot C block 101 plat A Halt Lake City
IHK been Implicated In the killing of
regularly on the aerewnent of Fred
rIck Crowton Jr to pay J120 which
ho however did not do
Itoahlng two COW grand larceny Is
what James Rberhardt Is cliargwl with
In A compliant Imued by the county at
I torney Wednesday HA Is Maid to hve
stolen them in this city and sold them
iI to Iho Palace Meat market Kborhrdt
III bolnp held also on svsplclott of hav
Ii survoy The property was transferred
lw t JBpaneaa tn Ogden vrrml weeks
fi By mistake the Item of one nf the
I defonrtanix In a suit recently filed In
tin United States district court In this
dty by William W Tunre Jr against
f tlie Utah Kmeltinr company and John
4 l > lngro wait made to real Jamne Pin
BTU The null WHS Itriuiht tn recover
the nun or JJTSO alleged tn have been
I I r al over to ilefendantx by implaln I
Mt fcr the purehoxe i > f itixk In thn
m Utnh HineltliiK rxnpurn which la
I clftmed by Fung tn have been ob
I tnln1 hy falso nnd intiicluMnf rfpre
I SlIlons mnaiehvjhn Jngrc
i T P Jones adiiilnlstraliir of the es
tate of 8nruh T Wllllumx depap4
IIHH died milt In I T hi ril liHtrlrt court
liflmlnsl KlonV tIIdIlOC < Hunk A Trust
I company ttnd H lan1 T Williams for
the rermorv 1 th < Mini of tlMMU al
leged duo in HII HI IIit filtered Into
by th il d in w itn Hi hunk bin over
nblh 110 h i ilirns claims an
dverf Ini 1 1
i WILL or iiixv T IAXNOX
Pctltlii r rMhale II nifd In the
district OHM tii ninrnlnR In thc cane
nf Ellxn T in Inniion 1iceni ert The
petition sit r h ihit thr culato IK
valued at 1 im th > niilty bring left
lu tho Mon TIWIH 1iiiinin with JtS
I r im t ° lu iI While Iannon Mfll
r CII1 > Mil im mill tIme
I fl residue of the catCh to Wlltard T CAn
Lt1 non mind lid win y rnnnnn
I Hlt to < 111 m mi a zte e nterel In the
I fhlr 4 ii i orl ini rnornlnR by
I arah I ri th heirs
tit Jo
1fIh H nJ t
m 1 rh
oiHrty in
I volved is v IJJ nt jieK
i Ou New
011 tin ups to grow in
oiiiJnrity Try 1111 ire
coM glass of sparkliiif
sodawater 01 an app
tixin dish of ifoain
served in thc daintiest
manner possible at tho
most plfusnnt fountain
in tho city
TJin Pnrr Drne
Soiilh Main
A fa 11 Order j
When Ton Ma8i > nu and Harvey
Wldrnan olio aged 21 years and the
other 19 wulkil avenue the Western
Iarlllc bridge over the Jordan river
yesterday they wero tempted by the
eight of the cooling water and a score
of boys frolicking In the river They
became bo > s again and joined the
crowd but ootue residents a hundred
yards or so away objocteri to tho scant
or rather lark nt the buttling apnnrcl
Under the condition that they would
lleflk some other stmam far off from
Suit Lake Judge Bowman released the
young men
O A Miller who yesterday told the
court that ho was about ns sober ns
he over was was Just about the same
today except that ho found two
charco against him When released
yesterday afternoon upon 110 ball
while nwaltln his hearing this morn I
Ing he succeeded III netting back to
Ids normal condition after being In Jail
ito night nnd day He wee assessed A
Si fine this morning and ndvlsed to
hurry back to hie work of running
sheep In aanpcto county
When William Murphy helped him
licIt to two hate and a pair of trousam
belonging to Pat Wyrhcrly ho had
mount no harm but Intended It ax a
John according to Ytli utory to Judge
nowmun this morning 1Ycm numcroua
drinks Munliy had been In a funny
mood but In his repentance wan will
lag to return the clothing to Wycherly
Judge Hdwinnn sent him out In tho
care of Wycherly with Instructions that
If the latter did not receive his hats
and trouffru he was to brine Murphy
hack for ccntence
Doily of Siilvlilr Arthur Thompson
Lies at Local J Iorluc
Awaiting directions from tho mother
of tho nulcldp tho body of Arthur
Thompson who wilfully took his own
life yesterday afternoon by gulping a
drought of carbolic acid nnd then
plunging a knife Into hit breaat lie
cm tie ebb In ODonnells mortuary
Thl morning a brothor of the celf
murderer William Tliominon an em
ploye uf the 1 > It a and residing
al 1174 Houievelt avenue culled at tho
morgue to Identify hla brother but un
til void Is received from the nintluT
Mrs Lucy M Thonipnon Theodore
Utah no iirrHiifrcnienta for the 1118110111
tlon of the intoning will be made
The dull note of tragedy rang through i
the death of the young Inn lie bait
evidently arrived In Ball Luke two or
three days npo but him arrival was un
known to tho brother Tuesday night
In tin Intoxicated condition he went
to the BrIton ruonilnK hnUIP 6 un
Second boilth utrcnt and iwcurnl H
room In which he npnt the night Ye
turday forenoon ho was In nod around
Itarniteln8 saloon arid n > mi 1alned that
lie had been robbed by a woman In tho
r oil ml n K house but hU talk wan of a
maudlin nature About 1 nrlock with
the > urj > oio nf sulcldo uppermost he
had written hit farewell letter to hU
motherand then returning to the room
Ing house asked Mrs Nelllo Hopkins
to play a selectIon on tho phonograph
As tho inusir cused Thompson had
gene In to the hallway raising the
vial of poIson to his lips Mrs Hop
kins seeing the action rulied to him
and attempted to knock thin bottle from
his hands and In the scufflo a portion
of UIB acid was thrown over her hand
and arm InllUtlng hums Thompson
succeeded In gulphu down milllelrnt of
the poison to kill himself but to ninko
sure drew Ills knife and plunged tho
blade Into hIs breast his ftlbln efforts
BOndIng the blade glancing off thn bone
Tltomtison was 21 years of ago and
was born In Ilrndenonvllle Oarfleld
county HU brother this morning could
assign no motive for the suicide and
knew nf no trouble In which Arthur
could ho Involved thnt would lead to
Meiwrs Henry M nnd Lenny O
OlnwiXHloy of the Dliiwoodey Iurnlture
company left today on a purchasing
trln to euslern points They will be
In attendants At thesemiannual fur
niture exhibit In I > < lioil during July
nt Grand Ilaplds Mich
A Itlchtor left today for New York
wh 6ea h will son for dormant to be
abMnt six weeks
Ororge 1 > Alder nnd non John C
left today for Montt > eller Vt to at
tend the annual meeting of Insurance
men of his company
K Y Mnhler of the KellhOHrlen
company IIIUI cone east on a ptirchns
Inp trip
Mrs Jaenh HerEennnnn and daugh
ters have gone on a two months trip
tu Cullfornla
rrwrident J A VfUtro and Dr R i
D Hall of the Agricultural p have
gone tu the 8t George experimental
State Food Cflmmlw loner Hatwen
hu gone south tu Inspect conditions
In the mining ratntiti
engineer H II Ilurrllt of the gov
ernment service Is In from an extend
ed engineering trip
J J Vrwhel general manager of
the Woodvlllp TAme nnd Tement
temper of Toledo 0 Is In the cIty
un n business and nleaeare trlir
Uenrge Farrtihi who has extetulve
dry feminr Intrt in acht valley
end Hush valley In In the city Mr
Farrell says the drouth ha not In
jured hU Cache valley grain to any ex
Letterheads for scratch paper when
we can sell you scratch caper so
Those on Duty at Stockade Can
not Remember Very
lie ItcciilU Instance When Ho Do
Ihrrcd llorr In Ci l lot In ltf p < Mio
Tu Aiiiimicliilnr Cull
In tim rtlmeiKo of tho witnesses upon
whom the proKooullon relied most to
convict lira Dora U Tophiim alias
belle London of the elmrBe of violat
ing the oily ordinances ly telling
lliuor without a license servant of
the defendant mill inemlmr of the
police dfrimrtment ware culled on tho
land to proi the ultyn ease
Four wItness Here oxninlned this
forenoon one Hul link a Korean em
ployed UD a carrier and server of beer
within the ttockado two police ollldcri
T F Orimths and Jt A Itudke and ft
rclnl ofllcer Jan K Boyd employed
within the atockado This afternoon
Chief of Police JIirlow and City Atty
II J Dlnlnny will RO hack on the
stand under tho call or tho prosecu
In time morning t Htlmr > ny lama In
tere tlng natures were brought out
Under the leading attention nut to
Patrolman IrlllltliB by AIIsl City Atty
I J Dnly but annwnreil evasively It
appeared that the patrolman had ob
tained extra work from hello Ion
don adding nn additional 110 to hi
monthly salary received from the city
SB patrolman
Although the CItIzens Investment
company In supponid to have ended
Its fnrporato existence H eclnl Otriuer
Iloyd employed nt the Mockade tel
tllleil that ho understood hello tam
flnll In the timnlfrpt of the Intoattmin
company Anyway ehe Is manager of
the busln M down them at the stock
It developed ton that lloyd now
employed na special officer within the
walls if the ntockaile sold some of lie
property that It now Included within
thin stockade district and It had heon
hN understanding that thin purchase
was made by the Citizens Investment
company organized for tho imrpose of
creating the stockade under the
managership of Hello London and with
tho consent of tho American party
administration and police department
The jury In the first of the nine
cose ngnlnst Hello London wns so
cured yesterday afternoon and IB com
posed of F Drowning C W Brewer
A H Parsons and r L Oardner
S 8 Lot a Korean also charged
with violating tlie liquor ordinances
within the Btoclritua cent the first wit
nets called by tho prosecution nnd
spent nn hour or two yesterday after
noon telling tho fact through an In
terpreter that much beer WAil sold
within the stockade ThH morning Hul
ImP a eomnarlot and fellow worker
with Lee and also under a similar i
charge of violating the liquor or
dinance was put on the stand and ex
plained the nniiunelntor system from
tho cribs to tho cellar where the
beer and liquors are stored In tho
stockade He hnd delivered several
bottles of beer at different times In
answer to calls from the crib but for
the most part the Korean had n
shifting memory
Patrolman Irlfflllin who patroU tho
district of the stockade at night was
culled to testify as to whether he had
seen hit sale or the currying of hour
from the cellar to thin cribs but
could give no very pacific Instance
His testimony had a nettlesome ef
fect on the examiner Mr Daly who
despite the strenuous objections of Cul
l ert I Olsen attorney and counselor
for Belie Ixindon succeeded In bringing
out answers to varied questions regard
ing the stockade
Do you recall Mr Griffiths Mr
rxily asked nn the night of Juno 23
tlio night of the socalled raid on the
Blockade that you had a talk with inn
and Mr Dalton ut tho stockade gnte I
Yes 1 remember
Do you reinnnilior telllntr us thnt
you were amployod on extra work by
Helle London >
NnnononoIclnt remember
thllthutI wild that
Arc you sure hit you didnt speak
about that 1
Well I might have
Do you rememlmr asking me It I
thought that J10 a month was nil right
for thore two or three hours extra
work each night
Patrolman Griffiths was undecided In
his reoolleictlon of that part nf the con
versation too hut recalled that next
morning at police liendtiuarters he lm 1
volunteered tho Information to Mr
Dimly that he was employed on the ex
tra work by Mr Klchart and not by
lielle IlIIdon
Patrolman Iladke had little to ctvo In
the way < > f testimony nxcept that ho
hail been In the 811101118 several times
hut knnw nothIng about tho sale of
lUliior there
Hperlal Officer Jimmy lloyd testl
fled that he wnn employed to watch the
building Inside tho stockade and was
employed l > v Illchart a man who does
odd jobs about the stockade fixing up
the wlndniv screens nnd receiving tho
Ice Illf testimony under direct ex
nmlnatlrin was largely In the line of
connecting lielle London with the
stockade Ho admitted that he had
sold property now within the stockade
and that although the transfer was
mado to Kvans the otter hnd been
made by the it1zenn Investment com
pHiiy In answer to cjucctlnnH he said
that he umlemtPOil that hello Ixindon Is
the manager of the Investment com
pany and the manager of the business
of the atofknde that she has an office
tlMW In which she i > < ends a greater
portion of the time
OeM rill Superintendent Bomirwrs of the
nail Telephone rompHiir ham uffl > nllv
foyered from his operation lit ft
Marks hospital to return to his duties
lie was voletl the mint popular man In
this hnofrftal on the Founh an the com i
pany ran a uncial wire to his bed and
pent Mm lIft details or the Jim IKht br
mound The Information Has uprrad
Ihrouch the Institution as fast U Mr
Hammers received It to the crest joy of
the patients
John Ilronks manager or the Troy
laundry sworn to a romplxlHt charging
grand larceny niralnst Itulph Stewart
who Is accused of tallnlo n RIOt < lsrt
rviyton automobIle from In front of the
> mloh hotI on July 4 Htenart Is alleged
to huvu watched Mr Brook heave the
machine to enter lie hotel ami then he
climbed Into the automobile with another
man and tliovo rapidly down Elato street
Senator Gore to Press
Attempted Bribery to Limit
n n nn
The machine was recovered tho next day
In a nadly battered condition alongside
the rend In the uthenstern cart of the
rltv limo value if the auto Is placed
at 1 SOO
r WARD 1
Whitney JlRIIA farewell testimo
nial will bo given at Whitney hull this
evening In honor of Calvin S Smith
O Ittga Card and Herbert A Snow
who will leave soon to perform mis
sions In tho SwIss and Herman mis
sion Following Is tha program to bo
rendered tonight Ilaho solo Edward
P Kimball rending Krma nttniir
zither solo Oscar A nothj tenor solo
John Summcrhays violin solo Morris
Andrews song Claudia Holt Instru
mental selection C D Kchcttler and
pupils remark
Three Cmloads of Merchandise mill
lcntfI ffccts Co V I In Sninko
Word was received at the of
fices of tho Oregon Short Line thai the
depot at halley Ida was burned this
morning together with three cars of
merchandise anti ono car of Imple
ments Agent Clitnenti who lived In a
portion of the station lost his house
hold Roods Tho rmiBo of tho dm i m
unknown The loss to the station build
Ing Is about J2500
General Manager VVclls Assistant
Jeneral Manager Hunt and EngIneer
Dagion of the Utah Light Hallway
went liver the route of the southern
street railway extension Wednesday In
an automobile nnd expressed them
selves pntlsllcd with the prospects The
overhead plant has lIon Installed
through to Handy center nnd the rails
era within a short distance of Malt
File clinrinlna gnlnj of Short Line
stenographers who rusticated on time
Fourth In the Yellowstone park nay
they enjoyed themselves HO hugely thai
I they actually forgot to get tired and
they werent afraid of tho beard either
If you please One of them Mil
Bowen threw a stone at ft bear and
lie bear ran away
H U Hurley IIl1elD B Hurley
general passenger agent of the Oregon
Short Lint has returned from the
coast where he attended n general
meeting of thin passenger agents of
the llnrrlinan line Ho was accom
panied by A V Peterson who II In
charge of tho advertising department
of the passenger business
Den Moines July 7oour hundred
union carpenters were locked out by
the Master Hulld ra association of Iee
Moines today becaiWe tho carpenters
rnfuied to work with nonunion struct
ural Iron workers All building con
tracts of the city ore tied up Other
affiliated unions will nnt strike unless
tho master builders employ nonunion
carpenters thov coy
Don IL OHon receiver at tho
Vernal tltita county land office Is
registered at tho New Windsor
Jnnirs ICiiudioii n liuslness man of
Brigham cIty was In Salt Lake Thurs
Sidney Ciiliiirn Thomas Parks and
rrnnk V lledllle of Jarbldgc Ncv
aro staying at tho Wilson
< P Kccncy of Illnghnm Is at the
C it IVhrlng of Morour Is n guest
at the Wilson
hi A Pwdmnn of Lovelocks Nev
is at the Cullen
ijxcuitsioNs HAST
Via DeiniT V lllo Granule
Hound Illp llntr
T Denxtr Cojorad Springs
Iuehln JZJO
To Omaha nail Kansas City 4000
To Bt Louis 14900
To Mlnenpolls nnd Ht Paul 6200
To Chicago 15500
Low rates to many other points
Soiling dates Juno 27 And July 7
good returning until Oct 21
City ticket office 301 Main Street
Iluffolo ror > July 7 Itobbtrs this
morning broke Into lImo store of the J
W Oren Mercantile company In which
the pratofflre 10 located and forcing an
entrnncu Into the vault hy pie of nitro
glycerine looted It of nbout JVW aad ce
capcd They fled In the dlrcctlo of Den
cr un a stolen lianUcar
n n
Philadelphia July 6 JKads How the
millionaire tramp of 8t Louis wan
locked up by tho police here tonight
when ho attempted to Inaugurate nn
open nlr meeting for tho unemployed
for which the department of public
kafoty declined to Issue a permit How
It la said was about to tell the crowd
thnt had gathered that tho meeting
would not bo bold when a policeman
pulled him from tho soap box on which
he was standing and placed him under
arrest on the charge of disturbing tho
Baltimore July 7lrrl James R Ether
men the wife of tho vice president who
Is convalescing at hit Johns Hopkins
hospital here Is expected to leave the
Institution tomorrow for her home Mrs
Sherman hag beeti at Johns Hopkins for
a fortnight undergoing treatment for a
nervous attack
New York July 7Several thousand
young women cmployei of womens
garment making establishments nil over
the city are prepared to strike this aft
rrnoon In obedience to orders Issued by
tho International Garment Workers or
ganlratlnn which lies presented de
mands for Increased wages and better
working conditions A largo percentage
of the employers say they will not
grant tho conditions
Muncie Iud July 7A giant oak
tree that ho had watched grow slncn
ho came nn Infant to the farm where
ho died will encase the body of Cary
Kenwlck aged 77 His sons today cut
down tho tree that grow In the door
yatd and will fashion It Into n coffin
Tilt outsldo and the lid will be nf
llnlshed wood A special hearse will bo
required to convey the coffin and Its
content to tho cemetery where the
coffin will be hurled In a grave of
cement Fcnwlckn will contained thn
request that he be burled In a coffin
made from the tree
Washington July 7A severe earth
quake Bhocli continuing from 1201 in
203 hula morning was recorded by
the Georgetown university observa
tory The preliminary tremors began
nt 11K oclock nnd were followed
three minutes Inter by the heaviest
shock Tho tremors died away at
1214 The observers nt tho university
say the carthriuiko probably was not
morn than 1500 miles distant The
chief motion was east amid went and
wns the heaviest recorded wince Jan 1
Tonight and Friilnr fair
Cant 85
7 sni t 01
I sm M
Sam 73
W aimi so
11 am M
13 noon r m
3 pm S7
highest 0 H
Lowest 05
on summer millinery
Manicuring and hair
dressing department
I second floor take elevator
r1 276
Stored Main St
Harry Franklin is luckless Ip for
tho second offense of drunkenness
within tho week ho conllded to Judge
Bowman thin morning that I aint
got no home and further that ho
didnt wnnt to go there Judge How
man let him drift wherever thom fancy
might lead
Becy Ensign of tin Hlulo rnlr nssocln
lion has Just got nut thin first proofs of
the premium lists for tho next fair rev
ering ill pages of the little pamphlet
2 > pages more than thn pamphlet of last
year Mr Bnilsii considers It time largest
and most attractive list of any fair ajt
soeliitlon In the west not even excepting
Madrid July King Alfonso today
signed the hill drawn up hy Iromlcr fan
Ulo forbidding further religious or
tiers to enter Himln until tho rcmllrm
negotiation with the Vatican for u re
r r anJ S aTr
Vision of tho toncordat are ended The
premier will present tho measure to tho
COmiCs tomorrow
Chicago July 7A welcome nn such
no other colored man of modern times I
ores received was accorded Jack John
son when ho returned to his homo hero
today A luifto crowd of negroes met
him ut tho train cheering lustily Ills
ride to his homo through the black
belt was an ovation Tho flstlc Cham I
plon grinned with delight I
Oh you lion tamer shouted some
one ut the station Thin big black man
shook hands with those nearest him
at the motion an ho clbowexl his way
to tho street nnd entered an automo
Thirty or mre rra i I
Olltluildfllfl fell In t jr adtd a tit
The champion
deorutay tears s od 10 Ibl
J If < 11
cheeks ug oIon h1
helm Mammy 11 ilrd hr
Her arms were thr < i b
t lb < t hi n
and they entered the 11t r oc lhtl t
NE1iSONljaucrt I CI A
POll July of 6 Ietor UQ and II t u 1 1 t It
unlrlll nl feml rr Ii > 0 I
glcnlh WIt Strei II J fo
at 2 pm Intermor I >
Krlends corillally t I tttto
HlOnl UN Johanna i w f 0 r M
1 Elgin need 7i y i r
of gencrnj dehlllv > tr f5jly
thence 145 101 Hr tml I
Notlco of funeral laicr
n K Kvons FlorIst 21 IL tj i
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We Treat You Right
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Before the Fire or After
WHEN are you going to find out whether the
fire insurance you have paid for is really good
or not before or after the fire which makes it due
and payable You cannot change it after the fire
It will be too late then but before the fire you can
readily at no extra cost select an insurance conJPaIr
whose ment of record its obligations and strength guarantee the companr
1kg Upon foundations of commercial honor
the Hartford Fire Insurance
cI Company of Haitford Conn has brail
up the largest fire insurance businws in the
United States It has paid more Baa
13OOOOOOO to its policyholders Its
popularity is the reward of merit and the result of 100 year
honorable dealing with its patrons When next you insure get
M policy in thc Hartford
Heber J Grant Co Gen Agts
2O So Main Salt Lake City Utah
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chemistry the body nnd lisa III perfected a remurkally a hnnnloM short time pro < llces I perfect figure This Ir I ii remdr prais
oi m TaIt the pre ra rlt
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is known ne Wlllarrl White companyH aucalrl OaJelll T r wome °
olpany anlJ3 oml
ll1rd lh0uanM
01 b high authorities on health mind beautY culture and mi n > thou
by halh tnd IIRUty ° T
hlJh Bllthorlll Wi f
who have suceesfillIy used 1 lt lkel n9 c1rct < d sihiiunuiu r 11 uPSet I lit
preparation is put Irl II dainty tablet torl easy 10 take itl dl nOl ul >
lIquid doses
laid effects ilk thin
e stomach or ralRO any Ik WJ ILEC0MMINl
Tho reparation contains the genuine Onlegji Jt you are tmflm1CtrtP tRImgn T MfU ana
box of WhItes aucaire 911 hltUh
careworn nervous or run down take u Ullre hx f Otis ubl 1
note heir wonderful effects 3 weeks treatment only 11 Ono mId add I
equals 2 bottles of the II slzo liquid and very superior Mali or offcV J 1itW51 of
lAlTION imltntlons nnd worthless nostrums urn being l IIud hite
Ine bearing the name
mbMltutes act only the original genu rlnJ
TruU Murk
Hptilnl Nol I o hllallo trade mark on each box
r g registered larlt
MSIK nn IAVIK lolt for the r lterld
America foremost au MHTItS
mnelc tom al BEAUTY CREAM
thority on health mid
beauty that she culture highly recom Ilals PROSE FACE POWDER 50e
White mends eompsn all the nrpnra VMlHtd I
tIer hocauae abs h ROUGE
liven them severe tests
and flails them very su tr
perior to any other also Ibdr
used and irald by Ma We highly recommend Ohioan preparations to our customers knolol cl
bel linn and hundreds of great merit They nre perfect toilet dainties
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