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t + cV jt i r + rA1c c
1 1
> c
I l
ffJN V Corner of Koulh Temple and K at Te i
I I pre StietsjUll hnkf City 4 Ulnh
1 f Orate ft Whitney lluslness MIa r
y HLBSciuiTiotf riticESi
> n tin Advance
dance II
H Carrier tOO
r fly per year
r WmlWeekly Ir year 21
j I 9niurday News per year 2
Addrua all business communleatlo
t ud all r mllttnrea
N Palt Mk City Utah
Inrrpflnllrnc and other rewdlne ma l
ter for ulillcMlon should In address
1 the RUITOIt
Ks rn nearntnllvepNew Tar
rrnklin P Alcorn Hnt Iron Ilulldln
Shlpniio = W Wolf Becurlty Ilulldln
J Intrrcd HI the ronlofnce of Halt Ike
1 y MMv HS rood clap < matter aeoordlr
I Act of innicres Msroh J IITO
i TIII VOUTII 01 ii < AY
One of the unsolved problem of our
Ivlliiatlnn IK how to maintain a out
I ilMfiit balance between effort and roo
KsxMllun bvtweon work and piny
Nemlv every ono that thoroughly fir
l Tholehe rtedly enirnKOH In either or
ji Ih tlvltlns tends to carry It to e
ll irxtrm The worker tolls too han
lkep at It too Inn 11 deeps too llllli
I Z I und finds scant time for recreation Th
rot ilvnt e of sport and play forgets his
r1 more mrlnug work and neglects him
I huslnrrs
Jj w r liold this truth however to b
Ji Iff Idont that nil should work nni
I J1 nil should piny that work In wholl
iy i ndlspenwible and that play Ii IU
ii I roper In UK appropriate place ns an
In their respcctlvi
i I work and prayer
I sphere
Dr llolln of tho fitnto Unlvcrsltj
holds that In our age wo must lend
I In piny since we have quite ftenernllj
rpottcM how and that practical dl <
I HtliiiiB and triilnlriK must be river
I Ifor the adequate use n f playground
i Tlo hrH must lx shown what to do nt
0 Just how to boRln and what
t3 thl week
ames to pluy One morning
4 t ill the members of this summer Hchool
14 Jnbout 1000 In nil wtuo given a prac I I
l tical detnonntrntlon on the rum pun ni
1 to haw tn play A main march Iwo
little Swedish games called the carou
1 nl and I nee you a mass drllli n
gymnastic drill of n general character
everybody Inking part some Hungarian
folk dances Oerman May ilnnco etc
m I thoso were the kind of exerciser aug
icested to the assembled teachers of the
e public schools for playground excr
1 f Htrnnge as It may seem children
i I thoutd be taught to play nnd may bo
w trained while playing Many of them
I y urn shy and take part with reluctance
1 rJ I In childrens ordinary games More
f o ever thesn games If not snpervlsed
I I Ifl tend to degenerate and to lose come of
their bent features
Intnes are Intruded primarily for reo
1 rreutlon anti ono object enormously
1 Important In tho bollef of leading educator
education IK
fi icalors of modern physical
I first of all to furnish recreation or re
tot Y i taxation And change for overworked
l mind nnd muscle A second object of
I ti such exercises In the general hygienic
l one of supplying thAI quantity of mus
ii it rulnr exertion which Is found to be eji
I nentlnl to the physical or vital well be
ing of the Individual
i l A third object of syxtematlc bodily
I 1 i effort Ic to provide an antidote to thu
ff oneHided activity of the dAily life of
II almost every Individual Thin object
I I Included those who may have plenty of
r physical work to do because such work
In usually more or less speclallted and
II hence onesided A farmer may have
plenty of work ns to the mere quantity
G of It yet that work may not bo what
his physical development requires It
may be one ldeil monotonous even
harmful The final object Is educa
I tional Hnd consists In learning how to
it t use the body M an efficient tool of the
l I 1 mind Ono phase Is that of supplying
a large amount of sensor and will
f set 0 training formerly given In the handi
tf t work ot tho household and the home
ii I Industrie of the fireside now displayed
by modern methods of manufacture
I t The aim In placing manual training In
t the Bciiools la largely to supply this do
I pclency due to modern Industrialism
1 yet hand work II specialized and In
I Y taken by only n few while physical
I r training seeks to put the whole student
i body Into mutcular action
f Rtlll more Important perhaps IH tho
lit I I ethical phase At present we strive
to trash good conduct mainly by pre
Ii I cept by preaching and not by action
but tha playground la ft real ethical
itlt laboratory In which honesty Ii en
A forced with peculiar power and with
t r apt and telling Illustrations Cheating
In sumps soon becomes abhorrent to
I J Q1 real playeru and Is easily detected and
I 1 e obliterated To play fair become a
1 J I moral standard Honesty In nctloa lay
I kp 1 dell y enforced upon the playground
JlI nnd the development of the moral con
I ri science como quickly from the con
Illot or Interests there from running
it I against the other fallows
1 i The main thing i to crate an Inter
t cat und this Is the aim of the earliest
r I I I oxcrclFcs The final alms nro those
I nrwitcr object above Indicated
1 Tills view of physical educatlonwhlch
I ve have derived from a talk with the
1 1 Rental Doctoreems to be a reasonable
I Bound and compr h nMve one From
I 1 the restlo thoughts endeavor from
i i the trouble of mart and stage and
I oven from the utreote rude bustle as
1 t
James Vhltcomb Riley has Bald let us
1 1 + go there the children play Only
J q thug we fancy can youth be 1II > etu
11 I ated and life made longer and much
more pleasant
I ii
1ifl c GOOD IIXAXCIIJ iiuroitT
j 1 IX
1 Tho United states treasury rejxjrt
i 11 for the fiscal year Just ended Is con
I f In sidered very satisfactory It ho a
I 11 total deficit of only IJS884000 18 com
Pared with 1115705000 a year ago This
I I has been brought about not only by
e Increase in the receipts but also by a
heavy reduction of expenditure The
program of retrenchment has bun ad
I t > Cord ti althfullv The national BOV
Ing tho flnances on a sound basis w
Ing out Indebtednusn and keeping Iho
expenses within the limits of tho In
come Tho studious effort ot tho KO
ornment Is to extend taxation no tllr
trier than the actual needs of the pco
plo demand because It Is well unfit
itood that the Increase of tuxes mea
a reduction of Income and more ea
pectnlly of wages
It would be well for local Korrri
nients to have lois befuddled Ider
on this point than they often has
Mnnv pUbllo financiers In positions or
mayors and councilmen do not HMm 10
know that every dollar borrowed tor
the community engenders n reduction
from private Incomes and froi
WRRItII and they go on borrowing nol
only for legitimate purposes lint tor
graft us well and the burdens boo
coma heavier nnd lionvlur The nil
tlonal government Is setting inunlelix
governments a worthy example In II
IIIII cal policy
nvKiiYiioDVs mrsiviiss Krv
Some people Arc still In the dark i
to the danger from hounaflles Man
more continue Indifferent Health Rti
thnrltles warn the people but di > rlol
have sufficient time or authority tor
e rtNU I action Fighting the ay 18
still an Individual And spnumodlc pct
certure That which teverybodyM busl
nile In n now and startling Kense re
mains ns In less Important mutter
nobodys business
The Mississippi BIllie Hoard of Health
ndopts the most novel method of com
bating the My It Issues a cartoon en
titled Three Dangerous Toughs
Tho three lire the morphine bottle
Ihn housefly and the malarial IOn
quits The fly Is the largest and occu
pie the ventral position
Kxtormlnatlon nf the housefly Is or
course Impossible at present but n
tact diminution of Its numbers In bull
feasible and Important
The Chicago Department of health Is
sues a brief and null summarized Us
of rules for protection again Hies
Screen nil food and keep fllea awij
from It
Keep the streets clean
Keep stable manure breeding place
for fliesIn a vault nr pit or screemi
enclosure and sprinkle Its surface with
chloride of limb
Quickly cover up food uft r a meal I
and bury or burn table refuse
Keep damp cloths near meat dish
es milk jugs and other food reccpta
Plea Hum pyrethrum powder Inthe house
It will kill most of the files and those
It does not will fall stunned when they
may be swept up und burned Sticky
fly papers arc a necondrnte palllatrve
Remember that the exposure of any
kind of refuse near a dwelling furnish
es a breeding place for files and It food
Is exposed lies will deposit germs upon
From what was recently stated In
these column It should be clear that
ill summer long files are carrying fllth
nd disease from garbage about hotels
restaurants and homes to all exposed
Food Tiles remarks A publication
DC the Tennessee Stale Hoard ot Health
are fond of feeding on tubwrculous
sputum In this way tuberculosis
germs are carried to human food to I
be swallowed by cry one And ns If
this fact were not sufficient to awaken
Jio people to the necessity fighting
hn fly Dr Jackson In a report on
The Transmission of Disease by
flies say
Regarded In the light of recent
cnnwledge the fly Is more dangerous
ban the tiger or the cobra Worm
thAn thAI he Is at least In our climate
much more to be fenred than the mos
quIto and may easily be classed as the
post dangerous animal on earth
It has been for some time thorough
Iy well demonstrated that he Is one ot
he chief agencies in tho spread ot
Vslatlc cholera We now know him to
e the source of a high percentage of
he cages of typhoid fever and the chief
llswmlnator of diarrhoea diseases
rom which about 7000 children die on
mally In Now York
The sanitary authorities nt England
ind other foreign countries are cir
culating Information as to how to de
troy file A flyfighting1 com
tan been formed In Washington to In
tract the people how to tight the pests
The United States Department of As
culture Issues a booklet with Illustra
Ions showing farmers how to arrange
halt stables so that flies may not breed
In them The most Important thing
In stable management Is to take care
hat tho droppings are swept dally Into
a covered receptacle where they are
not exposed to the sunlight
Some of the beet hints are contained
In the directions of the Washington fly
iBhtlng committee as follows
Heat a shovel or any similar article
nnd drop thereon twenty drops ot car
tollo acid The vapor kills the flies
A cheap and perfectly reliable lit
olson one which I a not dangerous to I
human life Is bichromate of potash In
olutlon Dissolve one dram In two
unces of water and add a little sugar
In shallow
Put some of this solution
Ishes and distribute thorn about the
Etlcky fly paper traps and liquid
the things to use In
I Olsons are among
Illlng HIM but the latest cheapest and
solution of formalin or for
blt la a
naldehyde In water A spoonfulof thus
quid put Into u quarter room will of
ater and exposed In the room will bo
nough to kill all the flies
To quickly clear the room where
here are many files burn pyrrthnim
xrwder In the room This otuprrK
the Ole and they may then be swept
up and burned
It there are flies In the dining room
or your hotel restaurant or
use complain to the proprietor that
ho premises are not clean
The greatest desideratum at present
In this city and elsewhere In this State
IH the prompt removal of stable manure
to Its proper place on the fields or Into
pllu where Its screening from flies
hould be made compulsory by law
lorse manure should never be allowed
to accumulate Every few days It should
b e removed nnd thinly spread on open
elds or put Into sheds screened from
fllA It will pay farmers well to do
his for the mere ake of conserving
tielr soil fertilizers which now quite
morally go to waste It will pay
very city to Insist that this course Is
ursued with manure and garbage Ai
to open vaults of outhouses a tow
lovelfuls of dry finely pulverized dust
tRken from the street will completely
uwd against the breeding of flit
and will also deodorize any kind of
tilth and garbage The dust must be
ry and It must to applied dally A
wry little Is sufficient Why will not
simple requirement no easily complla
with and so vital to the health ana
cleanliness of our smaller cities
Nobody loves a fat man during Ihla
A parnphano of Onynors veto would
Tw King Day youre It
An Eastern wag advertises for a
left handed monkey wrench
Judge Ilatvinari recently received a
full lino of tfiMplan t extravagance
prize fighting JIM become shady anel
Indications nro that It wll not ulraln
come to Ilgfit
At Vlncennes Ind a blind lion
recently fell Tin i1 Md Men don
barn thou luck
The postal savings jnw Is like 1
work nf refcrenee Type roformei
barn It but do dip use It
The press agent who smarted Ihe
protest ngnlnst the ight films may
have pictures on Ills liandi
A bird In the hand 1 worth tw
In the hush but the majority W9Ul
rather chase two than hold one
David Shirr Jordan ban nt IRlIt
turned a broad side on football and
wants the Imported style the fashion
Rev Messmor archbishop nf tho
Illwaukeo diocese says In spenklm
of Wotnnna Rights Equal right
would destroy her female charade
und destroy her Influence on man
kind I < ook what you are coming 10
women of Utnh Colorado and Vyom
The lied Man
The crown were once beautiful birds
and loved and admired by nil the fowl
of the air The crops of that tam
dressflil In the most gorgeous colon
nnd their heads were decorated will
red feathers that glistened like lire
when the sun reflected upon It Th
crows had many servants who attend <
rd upon them The woodpecker was the
head servant and hla helper were the
sap suckers yellow hammers nnd the
linnets They faithfully performed
their duty of combing the txmutifu
heads of the crows and would now nnd
then pluck n feather from the crows
head and stick It In their own nt the
siiinc time making the excuse that they
were puling ixt n snarled feather 01
picking nits from his head Bo one day
tho crows sot very angry nt losing their
beautiful feathers from their heads
and when the servants heard of this
they immediately formed h plot against
the crows Bo one morning ns the serv
ants were attending upon tho crown
they overpowered them nnd plucked
all of their red feathers from their
heads nnd rolled them In a heap of
charcoal thus coloring them black to
this very day Any one can see foe
himself the crows are not on friendly
terms with their former servant for
they still possess the red heads that
tho crows onco had
Bostnn Traveler
William It Fohtuton la going to pre
sent a Mil to next years legislature
which will oblige every married man In
Massachusetts to pay iris wife n salary
Mr rVhurton thinks It will make every
mnrrl < d woman happy The outline of
tho bill Is this Every married man
hall tw obliged to PRY his wife a week
ly salary representing per cent of his
Income to tie used for and by her txa
the diems best It ought to make
ivory married woman happy says the
author of this bill Women are more
economical than men and this weekly
um will give them a chance to show
heir saving propensities Even on the
mail amount paid them I am willing to
sager that twothirds of them will
invn enough so that by the time tho
children are ready for college the
noney will be ready too Then It will
rake the wifes pOHltlon and attitude
llffercnt She will feel more Independ
ent and at the name time will have an
uldltlonal Interest In the management
at the home Hut tho most Important
nature of the bill Is this In cane of
he death or disability of her husband
undo this bill the wife will not bo pen
illess She will have these ravings to
nil back on and the little sum scarce
1 y noticed as It was paid out to the wife
seek after week will assume giant
roportlons when the wolf Is sitting on
IA doorstep
n IOR ciTiunyo
Alexander Gazette
Virginias nntlcusslng law went Into
fleet yesterday Men will find it dif
cult to keep out of the clutches of the
nw In Virginia for the bill prohibiting
urslng at the last upsslon of the gen
rat assembly went Into effect at mid
light last night The bill Is brief but
inmlstnkably clear for It says If
mv person shall be In the presence cr
Baring another cdrse or abuse another
Orson or use any violently
aruruipe < to such person concerning
ilmnolf or his relatives under clrcum
Lance rennonably calculated to pro
nice a breach of the peace he shall be
guilt of a ml demeanry and on con
tenon shall be flnM not less than 12W
nor more than WO
Artistic Candor
Why do you call your picture
Dawn t
Because replied the young Impress
ilonlst few people know what dawn
ooks like henco they are likely to
lake my word for ItChlcngo Record
Can you suport my child inked
the old man sternly
Support her I could support the
whole family the youth boated
Afterward he regretted that he had
lot ben more temperate In his speech
Buffalo Express
llio 1Imn
Baker Did he spank his son for
renklng one of the commandments
Marker Xo for breaking one of his
best cigars Life
Amending the Onnio Laws
A wild stab of Bound made the help
ICB8 air waves shudder
Great guns whats that cried the
inn across the way
That replied his wife Is our
elghbor Miss Screech singing at the
pen window
The man scowled darkly
There should be no open season for
Indoys in the Screech family he
rlmly declared Cleveland Plain
Where Stir round Comfort
At a prayer meeting held In the
ickwoods of Rhode Island lead
lonlils were requested and a very old
woman tottered to her feet
I want ter tell this blessed rom
any her voice quavered that I have
leumatli In my back reheumatlx In
my shoulders and rheumatli In my
I vm n rhi iiniAtlz In my arms but I
beautiful Illhle verse Orjn and bfar
It1 Llpplncotls
nlhr 1110115
1ntlier IIIOW
8ho Did you say anything to papa
about your being too young
litYell i but he said when I onO
began to pay your bills I should age
rapidly enough ritttburg Gazette
Of CViurso
What a poor man needs Is a thrift
economical wife
That Rounds like magazine advice
What a poor man really needs is 0
rich liberal wlfn Kansas cit
I wtah I knew as much as you do1
exclaimed the boy who wns trying to
moan a hit with his teacher
Young man sold the professor It
you knew half ns much ns you thin
yon do youd know twice ns much IUI
I d < i Moveittnd Ixtader
Iniallfl O f
It Is moil glgnlflcnnt that tho Halt
more Hun la after the umbrella trm
just now when the universal mm 1M
pelting dim on the parasol 10 vigor
outly Omaha Hoe
Whos nfmld of a cowT
Theyre so gentle and kind
You can go tip quit close and thfY
none of em mind
An they like little girl no Ive heard
people say
Hut I wish oh I wish they were trade
IliVuird of ICIiNiuuncc
The auctioneer held up a battere
What am offered for this nntlqu <
violin ho pathetically Inquired Loo
t over ieo the blurred finger mark
of remorseless time Istoto the stnlni
of the hurrying scam To tho merr
notes of this tine old Instrument Iho
brocaded dames of fair Prance muj
hAve danced the minuet In gllttcrlnf
Versailles Perhaps the vestal virgin
marched to Its stirring rhymn In tin
feasts of Lupercolla Ha It hears nr
rflllnnpfrhnp a touch of urn AVhy
this may haM been the very fiddle m
which Nero played when Rome burn
Thirty cents said a red noeed mar
In the front row
Its yours cried the auctioneer
cheerfully What nextSt Paul
Pioneer Press
Voiulrr Wlut Hoppenrd
Do you believe In fate he asked tit
he snuggled closer
Wtoll answered the girl I bellove
that what going to happen will hap
pen Cornell Widow
Tim Poor 8rnator
Ever hnd em strew flowers In your
path as you returned home senator
Naw Im satisfied not to have em
strew banana peollngs PlttsburB
Shubert Theatre
The Alliii Curtis Company In Iho
llrwy Mutlcnl Comctly
The Merry Rounders
A laughing B ng Show
Bee the llathlng Qlrls
Every night at 745 and 91R Mali
rites Saturday Sunday and Wednes
day 10 in and a rents
ilno Procninio nt tho MVA and I
ISIS Thrntcra
aix FIOHINCI n mtl Jgr
Real Ton will fm i
pleasantly AllrllrlC1
at tho appearance
a e of our Mir store
lifter Hi HltoraUrm
With a an yell aro at the
prices tee are ping
Ing nn our nier
Real rhanrtlso nnFOIUJ
the remodllllI
urpose Wo pay ion In
icnnlnn Ilnrcnlns
Now for helping lib clear I
our vhclrvA
Cutler Bros Co
36 Main Street
Them Is nothing new about the idea ot
mine ute for rettorlng the color of the
mlr Our great grandatoihers kept their
ocks soft dark and glossy by using A I
re Ha Whenever their hair fell out
or took on a dull faded or streaked ap
eiraDiv they made a brew of saga
eaves and applied It to their hair with
voaJcrfully beneficial effect Nowadays
ro dont bare to retort to the old Ilme I
irroome mttbod of fathering tho herbs
and making the brew This Is done by
klllful chemists better than tr could do
t oursclres and all we have to da Is to
all for the ready made product Wjetha
life and Sulphur containing MUD In tho
roper strength with the addition or
Sulphur another old tlme scalp remedy
1hls preparation Is sold by all firatclau
nirrlsts for 50c and SIOO a bottle or
Is sent direct t r the Wjeth Chemical
Jompany 74 Oortlandt St New York
Cltr upon receipt of price
For sale and recommended bj
lehramm Johnson drugs special
Ve are always on the Move
That our business
w The only thoroughly equip
ped outfit for moving stor
age packing shipping la the
west tl101
1 Both hones C55
117 So Vrt Trmplo e
M > r
Our Great Clothing
Sale Continues jIK t
Tomorrow and Saturday our entire line of
Mens Youths Boys and Childrens Clothing
in this sale nt
One Fourth Off < i r
No fictitious values oach reduction absolutely a
genuine MOllS correct styles in tho seasons I rc
most popular fabrics ranging in price from 10
to 60 regular at ONEFOURTH OFF
l T
1 11
Boys and Childrens Straw Hats i r n
On Second Moor all Mens Black Unfinished
and Clay Worsted Suits and
Extra Silo Suits and our entire
line of Childrens Clothing at f
mlt nitro STORK IS AT
The Pioneers nook
Publishers of this Pioneer IViolf
containing the photographs history
and genealogy of the men or their
progeny who came to ttah between
Srogeny 1817 and January 1 IV3 trav
eling overland live entire distance
from Florence to Bait lAke Valley
HeM for genealogy and family his
tnry blank
Officers and Directors Francis it
Ijytnnn president K H Rlrh vice
president John Q Crltchlow seer
tsry tank Ensonm Trees A Mgr i
V V Hrownlnir Osdin Oscar P
MRd on Oirdep JKmg O McAllister
Ill MoCornlrk Dank nnlln
Now open for season Singe
leaves Jlcilenrys livery stable at
Murray dully at 8 amt leaves
Brighton lintel dally nt S p m
For any Information call T C
Davis Brighton Hotel or Mc
Henrys Ilvery Stable Murray
Both phones 128
2500 3500 4250
Those nre tho prices of our
newest Lryrfon Special 17 Jew
eled thin model watches for
65 P11J011Q
For the
Correct Tim car
u w
The McCaskey Credit
Register System Does
These Things
It eliminates bookkeeping Copying
and posting from one book to an
It prevents forgotten charge
It prevents disputes with customers
over their accounts
It Is an automatic collector
It Is an automatic credit limit
It proves your loss mind helps collect
your Insurance If your store burn
It draws now trade
Can you afford to be without ItT
Job White
Mall address just Salt Lake never
mind Street No there no other
The McCnsicj Account Ileclster all
their books and supplies
no n n
Isaasae raana
Coal Co
We can deliver the follow
ing kinds of coal promptly
Aberdeen Diamond
Hivvatha Clear Creek
Castle Gate Rock Springs
noth ritone 40 SrS fnln St
f Jrf Jlr n
IY nAax or
If you are ail autolst we have
a lot of things to Interest you
A dash barometer specially
made for this altitude showing
your elevations
The finest lino of auto clocks
In the world
Thermos Dottles In all sizes
and combinations
Fine goggles especially ale
signed for the particular auto
Lunch kits and toilet sets
JJ4 I Indo t hon ox II 12
War lKI ern Iffp
STflIOTJY ronis
The bleaching process was never
used In makjnc
fQ R
The coal that does not slack
Long lasting and economical
Highest quality and the best
preparation Ask your Dealer
Consolidated Fuel Co
Jesse II White Gent Sale Act
Salt Lake City Utah
I A Mantel
Costs but little compared to
the increased value given
your home We have the
finest line of genuine pIAno
finished Mantels In the state
We can place a Mantel In
your homo complete
For 60
Exceptional care given to
monumental and Inscription
work Our prices are always
reasonable satisfaction
guaranteed Let ui clve you
an estimate
Opn Bo late Temple mock
T k F t
sn Tin
Denver Rio Grande
Summer Vacation
Railroad and Steamship
tickets to and from ail
parts of the world
Now Adays
In preparing fir a
journey the telephone
performs n great var
iety of services Ro
serrations Are made
last directions are
given gooybyps are
said over the wire
The Long Distance
Service of the Bell
system is of special
value to the traveller
Sometimes a Bell
Telephone makes a
trip u 1111 e c e s s arYl
sometimes it con
vinces him that a trip
would he profitable
Wherever he goes
he feels the use of
universal service and
that is Bell service
i A °
µ ntOU
fi rItJ I1tII
ra Tdel1honfl
Is the Ca
ler ot the
A Dollar
II a
al ors ylr
but II
cantUs I 0 lsothJ aport
neyleeMElict71Ln If
InltAllrl1 Co
Inr mIl nlllh
Now that the 4th of
T u is over lets all get
busy and talk about
coal and blue wagons
and all that
Critchlow Filcher Kttik
Cable address Wclfueae
Main ttnd
Phones 719

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