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Deseret evening news. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, July 07, 1910, Last Edition, Image 6

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went CrowCnt li wn Irul DN
J1 clIIMM iooi to rIJIIO
i Ort
I null Iltll Uuld allnlnsr company has
jefl operating Its pruiert > at Fay
Kricoln countv Nev 20 miles cast ot
Moctir f < ir IH months during wlilch
me It him ilonc slOO feel of shaft
4 1 nnellng IIl1rt dilfllng und In spite
I the fact that It has cut commercial
ft in various ICU the work ptan
4 1I at the IwftlnuliiK U being steadily
nfntsltied and will lie continued
11I It ha hern Rc IIII14h which
1 Ia supriosml will re < iulrr u par and
half lonifm act ordlng in H L Nolf
nxperlinncl mining man ot Jlo
na who CHMK up rum the dUtrlct
rh e Hull ii owned l1n Ipslly by
wa and Jiiiiuii ciipitHllsiH Hiid Is
ping minaird l > y Krnost tAli con
actor who Is ono of the lursjont
Cockhold < r i
tAlreillIy tho mlnn In said to KUve
icoverod sii II lint ore to make It
j I subntantlMl propoiiltUiii and that at
> pths of from 160 in SOU rH t Th
nlemplated tvnrl I Include sinking oh
If luartx vrm to 360 ft d rHh nnd
fitti The workings have crowrut
S low trrnde gold vein G to X oat
f lowing from 13 In as high as 1110
tils IK a true flxxurr In porphyry
I 1th quarts Yr Two other In
< v n been ITIIHHC < M illsiliMlng ulllp
I t rig values ranging from 10 to ISO a
iitecenlly tho workmen crosNout
iur fe1 of spur showing nna vhdbln
j ee Bold l1rnulh1 III anittie placey
uI Inchr < > r iir z WIIJttt which
nvo vnlnoH tif Jlftno to 1jKnoO This
M literally sprinkled with gold
PcInrod Mr Nolf The company has
j prearty arransrd to Iwve eight tons
It thlq high nlll i hauled to Moilena
j Ir shlpnifnt as an objctt lesson to
rte sharehildors to let thorn know
f fist what U being found down In
1 10 Dull Hlllf property
T NOThh1ItShJ1lI
i 11
I orIYlllro IIUI Sllcl 11011
1 I lluII UulrllJ I Rile
if This IIJllng 43 regularly IIlbl
k oakj ora pnslfI by wIthout the reg
1 Irrlns u n llgl sure Then < tR
I dlfn Quicu hlch iuhl HO worth
f 0 lhinrl itt I rut lch Nexl Iron
f Jom that all RIPtod oldUmo
I IvorI rhInO In with In IfluinIflcanL
rI 1fre lt 7 111 olordo again
1 Ivlng J left oUJII tnl on Its
liCk unlouh Jnr Mammoth
iwwo1 30 at 23 My Iy 2 a only
t cents but NCAla IUI am In 0
Hlo etrongQr lhIwlng 400 al Im
SO to Ur Inux Oi rlKIlered 3
2Gy while Ilnlc ntrll rcrdeI
0 Itt O On the open hoard Opo
puli nt trm 3S 10 I The Inornln
Ildon Wil enlnI wlhuut B too
A l I 1 I
I 111 Ht I hid kdl BId IAko
JftX 1 U
I lr 2 I 2 G
T Ienk run 0 Olt O 021
W ulgiflhl 01 01
I Inl Moat 03b 05 0334 01
flnekJ 03 01 0
Iuloek 0O
Iunp BIrd O
arIia a 15
i J Irl o
4 8lr s O I 0
OltflBcjt 3f 80 3S 22
r olulnhu 4N I rs 4 53
t llorcur t3 12
r IOn PI 1 On I oN 3T4 O
I olyJulo 4 42 40 431
t J I Ii 25
I Imlt 2
I n 1 1 M81 1
t nll N O I to 07 0
t L ern lt O I 1 0 O
t rln eon 0 o 01
fhl Dcv 0 01 004 011
nlerl 1 tl
Imnd Clnt 11 140 I 10
b x 02 Os
I IX Qieeii 00l 01 oP4 01
trugot 1 01 1 01
nt 1 0 1 10
nyO 5 1 01
101 nbl 1 i7 7 78
1011111 I 1 1
rldC ol tt j 11
oa 1oel 1 00111 0
Cenlone I I 1
lngfla 0 0
I IrA Vuu 0 I 0
I ohut 11 ol
I full 110 I 11 1110 12
lon JI i 0 I 0
Main I 2 3 30 21
f talon Vnl I 70 jl I 72
f lay Day I ot 11 I 01 Oft
j IeiCIhIey 1 01 014
p Ill Hi I I 01 I 01
t In F1at 0 f 01
I 1tuke j 0 I f 10 o l
j H 4 lGxt m tl
f 4es 101 I 185 I 1 i 11
IIhnut 4 I 20 I 125 20
cw York 0 08
1hlo Cap IR 10 118 172
111hU1O 17lI 1
t J Imer OIl 1 t3t i 13 13
Iulul I 1 02 1
nc Con 10 i i i io i i
o 0
j ro I
i 1 YIrnnr J I 5
I Ueh7An r 18 L j 10
J to 1 J
1 Pl loch chief I II I 1 0
h I
It 1h khWAI ISl 17 111 0
b 311 1lnl 11 o 214 240
I i nix fI 161 R a 27
t 0 C Con o 1014 fJ I 10
1 t UI Q 01 O B
WAtI Lu 0 1 1
I rln rent o 19 09I 02i
rio oiiI 00 00
ii tide al 1 2i 1
nlll Mi 0
For Ike
w al 111PN1 tn ban
It ul dcmauldK thlt lucy
1s by thhi rtuhr
o maUtr
I hat oLir work may 1f
II the ol Ir lt In he
11 hlv all Iha 11V
tfhsnry IIfInl fl
u pUrl V 1 I hI ht4
nk r tals t fl
nl1 nt rl fliryut lIr
bti prla anti hi I
prtn 1 I
I Irma IrlI 1 i
i paS
I paSBuy to day
I 0
KiiArit nai
IIM > 110
TOIIAVS 0oiiaiii
JULY 7 1001 110088010
II I Ould l310 > 111
COllKH Viik II80 01200
Utah dm I 0l140214 0114 02
Victor ron 9H 01 0 01
Mitorl flflO IM 100 lW
West Nv Ie I 0 I
1 a < ulI1 I B I 0 I 00
Vr Cop 01 j 0 I 1 I 03
Indian Queen 40W at 1
Iron BloHaum Kfl at 7
1owir Mamtnoth 0 ut 23
Mity Day 2M ut 3
Nevada J 10 at lW 3 at 11
Palmer Oil MC lit 13S
Prince ell 600 nt 71
Hloux Con too Mt SdH ashIer f
south Columbus Onn tO at 10
Tlntlc Central lOM nt OU
Uncle lam 0C at f
Western NevoH 00 alll
flock Tunnel SOOO at Zb
Cedar Talnmnn 1000 nt f
CHluinbui K > at C J ut tl
Seven Troughs 300 at Ci
South Columbus Con 1000 nt 10
Nevada Hills 400 at 1SEJ4 100 nt IJB
Shares Value
Heictilar cnll OSfto s1ssso
Open board M > M tt O
Totals 19700 5II800
May Diy 2000 nt H 41 at 21
Neada Hills 70 ftt 190 700 at 1S716
Imlfi 5t1 lr oo nt IO LOO at 38
seller G 600 at 1a
To Itciuinc After I lns Idle Over Fir i
tccn Years Ntiv Callcil I
KndnitiIUll II
After having been closed down for
over 15 years the result of tho do I
clInt In sliver tho old Silver Hell I
property In American Fork canyon 1
will resume operations Immediately
under tho name of KudoinHoll Min I
ing company which has jUt bean In
corporated fur the purpose of taking
over this valuable property nnd de
veloping It on n lareu scale
The hhudorqhJeL la located across the
creek from Jesse Knights Mineral
Flat where dstonidvo tunneling Is now
going on and hoer Miller lllll whloh
aba Is working ctultoa Lore IUIj
close to tho llvo Yankee In whldli
I recent strIke dlsclosoil great BO
ponnd holders of rich silverlead
111111 1016r
ore Practical mining men who know
every foot of ground In American
Pork canyon consider the KudoraIlnll
one of the nuwt promising big pros
iruoU In the entire district In tho
past some shipments have been made
from the property but a systematic
development of the great outcropping
flssur veliw took preference over ore
finding There Is R 410 foot vertical
working shaft and a 1100 foot tun
nel on the ground which consist of
ISO acres A force of ten men will bo
started at one to drIve the 1100 tun
lie Into thn mountain where I should
tap the great outcropping vein at 1
dstrth of 1000 foot At this great
blowout above ore was found on the
mirfari showing I 50 ounce silver 20
per cent lend und i per cent copper
7he flsBiir l < betwovn shale and
nuartslte ant to distinctly traced on
the surface through several of the
claims over 1000 feet from this blow
out Is another xelir which has given
up rich surface ore showing 4R per
cent Inud tr ounce silver ThIs
crowen smeral of the claims und
converges with the other ell nt about
thin > u1nt the tunnel will tap when
driven upwards of S50 foot in a
southerly direction on the vein
The 450foot nhnft hal been sunk n
on of these contact vein nnd shows
ore from top to bottom Henry M
Crowtlnr a well known mining an
gtnmr who Is well up on the Purk
City to American Tork district pro
noun the mother lode of the Uudora
1111 property no other than nn outcrop
ping of the fiintous Ontario vein which
must have dipped under the mountain
four mile lpJI and come jip nt this
point In American Fork canyon accord
ing to Oowthers calculations Thn voln
Is Mid to luive nil the characteristics of
the Onturlo
Th new ompany was Incorporated
for 1000600 shares nf 11 each with 100
000 shares In the trenwry The offlrari
ar Ooorn N Lawrence pr ldent
JUllliew Cnllen vlr > prenldent W n
HMUshiies secretary treHsurer mtd
eenoral manager who together with
II O McMBlan and T 1 Monu
han forni the burl of directors
Lost Yonr firciilcvt In IllMnry of Lake
WHshlnRton July 7More Iron ore
was shipped from IaUe Hup rlor In 1IKM
than evar before In H single year Tho
quantity according to a report just Is
sued by the United SUts geological
survey was 4M4110 long ton Most
of this ore was runoumnd In eastern
Ohio and western Pennsylvania Nearly I
36000000 ton of ore panted through the
Sjiult Hte Marie mnal and through
and Huron In 10W Tha
liukc5 Michigan an 11 lhu
lk Superior oro represented about 6
itr 11 nt of the total Iron ore produo
lon of tin United Status
A l > MIT recently ant frnm Iarbldge
NPV contains the following Informa
Thio eitlr community is 1 > usy as I
can he and thoro are Virgo numbers
nf irn Ialtered aver the hills pros
l > rrtni prrltbry which Is proving eerY
lay t > tlipsr rlawiett that very little IH
as yt known of Jarbldgos resources
for the pntductlon of the yellow metal
rh0 flout u being found where snow
lovered Ih gniund last fall when stam
pelern began tn strive Much diligent
i fort u h lng made to troe these cam
ji > imtii of whleli away high The
oooilons nra such In the matter of
alffifilng opportunities for eCrlenred
1 IIIPI > I i tore with patience tu follow
th routes over which the float has
IrHlpd that It will surprise nun
if several bonania ore found before
lbs 111 of the eson
1r 1iiK Mountain Lake Ex
roen Mining rompany has received
I 1 n rid patents for the following
iniiiog iliac in l lttl cottonwooj and
iin m Fork mining districts
11 mrtidt Wliltn Squaw loiHl Hops
S S 1 nnd s li < rnild unii Standard
c o 1 to 10 bth intluslw
Jorlr CMinlilo 11 Dolnz 11nl
UorU for Miiny oral
J rlhlIr
Many proprrlliii uro nov being
workMl in I lie JMy inlnlnr dl trot just
across the line In Nevada midway be
tween Jlodina nnd Plocho
When feasible tho Hmseslioo mill Is
being operated under the auspices of
O 1 1ii lIar as a custom mill to he lid Is
tho ores front various neighboring prop
ertles Ore from tho Iris Little Duck
Gold Hug WhltehorM Jmlepondcnc
nnd others me being successfully treat
I a tile Horsvshoo mill by the cyanldo
IlroLHk I
1at week 40 ton wero snot to this
mill by tho tensers shove the Indcpind I
t1N mine 1 similar quantIty wns
treated from the Oold Hug 28 tons from
tile V hue llnree the tonnage being
considerably augmented by shipments
from the iris
The Iris property is now being worked
by Hogs Smith Jr He has 1 huH
lown to the 200 level Is prosecuting
considerable development votk nnd U
meeting with splendId results The
Iris wu s formerly owned by Oeorga
Moody merchant nnd postmaster of
1ity Mnoli ore running ill to tho
tOi IIIIH been blocked out end the vnl
UI nre Increasing as depth Is fit
The Hull Hill property Is being In
lufttrloufly developed also
A stall hflotii mining man thorough
I y conversant with Fay recently made
the following obxcrvntuma on that die
rlctTho proposition In thc Vay Held at
his particular time considering thin
IlarUlllr lilI ollderllR t11
attitude of the
loTlni > ments nnd the If
public contingent upon the numerous
rosy claims that have brett nuilc for
he Held based upon the urtnil develop
ments of the present time stands
bout us the Mil ford Meld did live ynr
no Mining propositions for which
over iiiguIuuo claims were made lao
now reached the point of nctnul ore
TosslhlMtles which with very lIttle work
wi prove of great comsnerclnl vciltio
But like the Mllford Held It required
El little more nubetnntlnl showIng to
rectors nbnolutc confidence
rake thin White horse iiroperly for
Instance nt Klorlnc Nov four miles
west ot KSiy This property luau been
worked for the past 11x months em
itting five to six men operating a
noderate sulfite of souls leaching
plant leaching tho ores which have
bn found from tho surface The
principal vnluos consist In silver I
belIeve It IK tIm only proportion In the
dIstrict which has paid from the grass
roots nil operating ocnsnees As n
ni oortng
matter of fact the tailings about BO
oons In ft stilfido fonn arc l > lng sort
ed for shipment to tho smeltor they
being 10 refractory fur the leaching
process The sampling shows 000 to
1000 ounrr silver and from 150 to as
high as 1220 In gold to the ton A
nine foot vein with nearly four feet of
this character of oro has been ex
Hut the skies ore beginning to clear
about the Pay district and the various
tinoperlleSjirp jriaklnir such n showing
11Jirtprr hnJ In1 tho necessary
developing capital vlll be eager to get
In there and secure some of the good
things which may be loft
James A Pollock Co bankers
and brokers furnish the following re
ceived over their private wire this af
Itook I high I 1MW
hiutte CohltIofl 17 161
nule oHlllon 1 JY
Calut Arizona I Uf
Chief COlllllulP1 1 116 1 11
Copper flange 60 0
DAly Seat S Hi
DavIs Daly 1 91
hhast Butte 7 6
Olroux Conlllall Iii G
Oranhy ConsolIdated 29 25
rn eanaltA 6Zj Gt
hancock I 17y
Indiana Copper U 1
Isle noyal 1111 n
Lkn oppo 1 4511 H
Lit Io 44 4 110
NIIII Consolidated 184 In
Nlplln 104 10
North Butl 22 21 i
North IA k 53
Superior 0 hinuton 0 8
Suprior 10ilon 8y Si
H 8 Hlelir com M 36
U R Smelter lird 47I i 41
HlMh Consoldated 0 20
A 1 301335 n Ely isnguU
Chief 1916116 Davis Daly 18110
First National 31lSiTU 1 Hone
40U NatIonal 2UfS3r Ohio Copper
1K11H5 Sun Ant 7 asked I t a 3
U 88 uri 4CK Uegols 283 Ad
venture bait Atlantic 6U06 C
H KtO610 Honge 00U1 dranby
2141 if Mass 7fl V Mohawk 47R4S N
1 r > U Parrot 1147V Shannon 9Yt
If1 Trinity KHOH Wlnonu Ufjt I
Zinc 2214 E f 6 > i n1 Helvetia 2
fn K Uake SWH Miami 104 ff
OJIbway 6W7 S 1 SVifTH U
H com 3tlCU P H l fd 4TWU i
Oas 2224 Cactus 2O11C en Aria
nun 171y con 40y0 fit Con D < i
ORk i0 asked Net Utah 5842
ineio I dffS Hhattitrk Masked To 1
nnpn SMv i Aigoinan xiimv ito
CotUn 16O1S Alloucz 5flIt J B
In 1614 ft i Cent IHH1 H 1 > W
7 S n C 6107 Mexico Con 24 TM
Net Con ITTifMMi Old Horn 33 > i
fii Qutncy W0s Buporlor 33UC1i
Utah Coll 20l Wolverine lOiQlvl
Corbin lli < riU Olroux 6 i JT4 In
diana ISNiOfi Kaw RUifi Arcadian
4H < htay CVnisolldatnl ICC i S
1 10 9 U APeX 3 > i 6 < i
I Mill 10 < t25 Chomung S asked
Chlmo lOHflH lIly Cent 90ft34
cents Inn TOU MajestIc C4Q
KG tout Haltlc BV4W6H liny Cent
S S10 TSlfi Leaf GOt 8 cents
Yukon 1tiW Uohcmla CHC Ith
Queen 28fflS cents Az Coinl 144c
c C UJU 4950 C 11 4 > S
cents lranklln KWOIO 1A Sallo 10
ri Mlili 4C5 Nlrrlsslng 10KW
> Ouceoln 104 0112 Vi 1 Santa Ko
1HWH Tamarack 4S It 80 Victoria
IHB3 Wyandot IiffS 1 U
1 1 I Hancock I Hil Ilnyal
14IIlbVi lk 450111 Lake
91tl0 S nah 1 4fM Oil 6H
p Ii
SAN riiAxriKco on otorvnoxs
A d Ml 44 ofH5 Hlue Ioon 1
Md Hrookuhlre 153 nke Caribou
1rb0 hid Ilsrmrmt 140 bid Crcscous
I Will Sell
10 Cnn Wncnn Mach tlZTSn
5 Con llfe Ins Co Ww
6 lies Hovlnt Hank 3tO
srr > UtAh Sugar pfd SM
ttfh lurr
W hus Cement 8eiiiritle to M n
f Hun Vlnciute Ibr K5 0
I S rvi National J O
n fiumpttr Vsllev Honda t
2 iMoni thavaid Hank S24M
I Edward L Burton
I 47 south Main St Phones P IOD
TI 1KtTs
Badger Brothers
Members Bait Lake Exchange
Stoeks r1
i Grain
Cerr pon < 1enls K r huttOn f Co
Members New Tork Stock nxctunce
For Sale
V Ilt litnIng LIe
11 1lk Coal Uc
210 Tsmploo lloo
WO Hyo putcJi illnlni Uo
1 acre UMex lubber let serlesiuo
6X aakodj ISno a 130 14Si llllnola
Crude 5 Iildj MeKlttrlck J5 hid
Mon Chlsto3 bid Mascot 220 ask
ed Now Penna JOtfl 1101nlincr 130
it13I Premier OllfM Hllvor Tip 200
bid H W 1 4fl143 WK OH 360
James A Pollock Co btinkcra and
broker furnish tho following received
over their prlvnlu wire this afternoon
Ophlr 101 iiKknt Mexican lOJliyiW
Con Vu M iirkel Hale ft Norcrons SI
bid llilcher W till Sierra Nevada SS
bid Union 3 Md Chollar 21 aiked
Julonl 3 bid
Tonopoh Nevada 875 naked Tonopnh
KxtetiKlon nu H kfd MarNiimara 31 bid
Midway t2 Jonnpah Helinont stiOfr
3M TonoiHih North Star I bid Velt
Knd lot Ki LId Itevcue 3QC Jim
Duller Si asked
Col It I ittktil Jumbo l xt II bid i
llooth 12 bid IlliiH Hull 4 bid Adams 1
asked Hlhor Pink a anketl llluo Hall a
asked Conqueror 1 bid IJno Star I bid
OroJiWD Atlanta 12 okI nl hood
SUB Iteil Top Kxt 1 bid Violence 21S
bid Ooldfleld Daisy 3 bid Comb Trac
tion 449 > 49 KrvHiicw fi bid Crankerjack
levI lloillllllK 3 linked Y Tiger I iiek
lt Orandma 2 okei Uoldiictil con
S 77W SJ Uflel1 Triangle 1 asked
llnnnle Clare r hid Mayflower Cons
3 hid Montfry Ml 1 asked Homeetako
Cons 1 nuked Tramp Cons 4O5
Manh Can C aske Dexter 4 asked
Nevada Hills lRlURttt Plttsburff 811
Peak t24f10 IlawhldeCottlltlon 1 bid
Uncle Sam and May Day directors
will hold monthly meetings Friday
Tho Daly West directors have de
clared 20 R SOcent dividend payable July I I
J K Sclfert coal expert declares the
Castle Valley coal beds are 50 miles
wide jro mlcs
The ulan claims at Jarhdjre are
being thoroughly prospected with the
Intention of sinking on tho bent show
The found Mountain Mining com
pany sold bullion for Juno amounted
to 130000 according to I D Gordon
A recent strike Is reported from the
Jarblclgo Jack crock crater property
tho ton The Inetu are Backing the 0
12600 u ton
The Carbonntn Hill MinIng company
Wednesday levied a onecent fladess
tnent tho procwda from which will bo
devoted to developing the property
Word romps front the Hrynn nil fields
In Wyoming that eastern purtlog have
purchased the property of the Montana
Wyoming Oil company for 1300000
The Manhattan Milling Leasing
compuny Is treating from 20 to 28 Ions
of ore dally tho mill having been re
cently renovated and put Into commission
elonI Is reported hint 1 deal Is nov
pending for the United
or Unle1 Vrnle mIne
near Golden Nov whero 2000 feet
nNr nolen whr 0 of
work has been done Unclosing large
ton bodies of ore worth bettor than 12S u
Tho Federal hOly Copper company
hRH Issued n report The company IH
organized for 1000000 shares of 15 each
26S13 of which are In tho treasury 1
ohows 0 days of work done the past
elx months
Over 1 wldthof four feet Prank Hid
dIes lease on the Pavlak ledge Jar
oldgp 1 saId to chow values of 11860
rich parts of thn face showing 1750 to
the ton The men arc soaking tho 1200
and better ore
The contractors working on the tun
nel of the Snake Crwk Mining < Tun
nel company have reached the 650foot
point having made over O feet prog
reM the punt 90 lnys The total length
of the tunnel nlll he UMO feet
Lower Mnminoth Is now showing up
well according to report on tho 2000
level Hatunlny will bo hold n the rr
that monthly eiincturs ineeting when
the matter of Increasing tho capital
stock from 2WMO to 600000 shpres will
bo discussed
1 Is said that following tho recent
salo of tho JlUickhorsn mlno In White
Pine county Nov systematic work will
be done there In the fleas future This
Is the property discovered by Tommy
Watklns who found gold float worth
1100000 to tho ton
Recent word received In Hoston Is
to thin effect Hint neither tho Amalga
mated Copper uompany imr tho Utah
Chopper company proosCM to curtail Its
output Ilotb tonipunlca seem to be
watching frh other wiUtlng for the
other to cut down first
Values ranging from 4 cents to 17 n
yard ore said to have been found In
n great placer territory near Cotton
wood and Wilson ranches Las Vegas
Nev the find having bn made by
Cul Swift on old Alaska placer miner
and others A company is taking over
several thousand acres
J I Eldredge Jrn official report
covering the business traiiHactcd at the
Salt Lake U H assay office for the
year ending Juno SO nhnws that 47
6093J8 standard ounces of gold was re
ceived the value of It being JiSJMtM
In this bullion tho assayer found I
ITO 41 standard ounces of silver of the
value of 179K4t
tfupt Henry Jai of the Scranton
Mining company Is In Salt Lake and
confirms the reported strike In the
Scranton stating that tho discovery
was made In breaking through the
hanging wall of the vein upon which
the lllddUvomn tunnel had been driven
the values running SO per cent lead
A report just issued by the McDonald
Copper company shows development
work done to date There art 1473
feet o shafts con feet of drifts and
tunnels and C70 feet of mines and
wlnies th total cost being 1153635
The capitalization li 1000000 shares
par value li Out of the 115000 sham
of stock originally In tho treasury UO
COO fhare shaios havci < beeit sold at 1150 per
Lillian C Light to John C1 Ponlaa
et pI part of lol I block W plat
John C bong and wife to ri 1 30
Howell part of lot 4 block I plat
A 11
Sarah A J Cannon to libber J 1
Irani part of lot 2 block 1CI plat
Henry A lsisIel and wife to Mar JU
ietta T Kli < iiley et nl putt of lot
e block 2 pltl II tva
T A IniMnmn and wife to n M
Farmer part of lot 2 block 2 plat
a 8 3
The Kudorit Jioll Mining Company of
Kvanston wyornlns tiled H copy of Its
nrtlcles of Incorporation with the N
rotary of IIln ivtidneiday The capi
tal of thn company It 11000000
Matthew ill Ion In VlcaprtMdtnt
nlhllv ul1 Icotrlfl ent and
IV D 8hauchnc < y II tho local agent
Tho Interstate Packing company of
thin city tiled artIcles of Incorporation
with the county clerk on Wednesday
Thn capital U 126000 In shares of
3100 each V J Fabian Li president
Justus Jungk vicepresident T 11
Hoblns secretary und treasurer W c
Stalnon and A U Hoppuugh arc ud
dltlgnal directors
Last sale Thursday July 7
Amalgamated Copper G0i
American Host Sugar SOft
American Car Foundry 4
American Cotton Oil 69
American Iocomollvo 39Y
American Bmoltlng Helming 8Sli
Am SmeltIng Itcflnlng pfd 101
American Sugar lullnlng 117i
Anaconda Mining Co 3711
Atchison 984
Atlantic Const Lino 106
Haltlmoro Ohio 1074
Ironklyn Rapid Transit 74i
nnodliin Paclflo 187i
hcsHpeakQ A Ohio 73 U
titengo Northwestern lllli
hlcairn Mlhvnukii St P ulllDH
oloradn Fuel Iron all
t olorudn Southern bid M
Delaware Hudson t 157
JJenver Hlo Grande 39 f
Denver Hlo animlc pfd 69T4
Echo 2514
Heat Northern pfil 2lVt
rent Northern Ore Ctfs 6Z < l
llnols Ccntrnl bid 126H
ntorboroiigh Met 17W
nterborough Met pfd litfi
iilNVllle Nashville 14Ui
dlsBourl Paeltlo oili
Missouri Kansas Texan 32H
National Hlacult 10n
National Lead BS4
New York Central m 1i
Norfolk Western 07 i
Northcin Pacific 118H
Paclno Mal 14U
Pennsylvania 128
Peoples On 106U
Pullman Palace Car bid US
Heading 1403i
Hock Island Co 40i
Hock Island Cn pfd i 744
Southern Pacific 11SH
Southern Hallway 22
Union Piiclflq lost
United Htate Steel 70U
United Stntt 1itfel pfd 11 Hi
Wabash 16 i
Wabash pfdS 35
Western Union 61
Standard Oil 610
Victoria 1 C July 7Among the
saloon paisenRer yentorday on the
Kemakum Mam whIch arrived from
the Orient wiis Ketara Mochl
zukl 1 former member o tho
Japaneno diet and president of the
liberal newnaKenry of Toklq Ho Is
on 1 fpeclalrjulssloji ituiltp Invostl
Batlrfns In rope and the United
Htates for the financial department of
Japan and the Imperial railway and
monopoly bureau of Japan lie Is ac
companied by Mr Mochlcuka who
Svai educated In Toronto and who has
been cnmmlftalonpcl to educational
work of women In the United States
and Eiirope
Speaking of conditions In Japan Mr
Morhlzukl raid
Japan hal emerged from thus finan
cial dtprertslpn had an cr of bolter
times Is loolfil for Th four per cent
roiiKOlldntlon of Japanese loans hal
been taken up Ill a new financial
Hchcmfi In being formulated Money la
tRY the Imnkx have much to loan
and Interest lit low The result U that
business development Is progressing
Hethany Plains Itheims July 7M
Olelslegers today broke the records for
duration antI dlstancn nt the aviation
In here Ho remained
mectnK progress her 10 1111 led
hours 29 minutes and 39
in the air I hourI rlnut ad 9
seconds and covered a distance of
16S 35100 miles
During the Hpcctl contest Leon Mo
rune tho French avIator revered 20
kilometers 12I2 miles In 1 mlnutoa
und 43 seconds
anti nhouchcre
hubert Utthum M
In the distance contest circled tho field
round after round together
During one of thin nights Weymann
nn American aviator full He was un
injured but ills muchlno was wrecked
I Ietrowskl of Ilufisla also met with
nn accident being precipitated to the
ground by the rush of air from the
motor of M Klnef of belgium who
passed within IS feet of his machine
nrxouxcin > AS cHiMiVAn
Now York July 7Fhe moving pic
tures of thin JcffrleHJohnson fight were
denounced as criminal from the pulpit
of tho Church of thin Divine Paternity
today where tho twentysecond an
nual convention of the Young Peoples
Christian UnIon II being held
Hollldaysburg Pa July Hurgess
Jacobs of HuntIngton today effected nn
agreement with the proprietor of a
motion picture place there tor pepar
ate exhibitions of the JolmionJeffrles
fight pictures for whites and blacks
St Joseph July 7It was announced
today that n mass meeting of citizens
would be railed by tho local Fedora
tlon of churches In a movement to pro
hlblt tho exhibition here of tho John
sonJeffries fight pictures Tho city
council will ho petitioned to pass an or
dinance barring the pictures
Washington July tThe legal decision
rendered In Kansas City maintaining our
contention that bleached flour contained
something Injurious to health and was
adulterated within the meaning of the I
aduleolcd Vindication of eec Wiltons
position from The start of this hhtlgatlon I
declared Solicitor McCabe or the depart
ment of ngrlrtilture today
I dont believe tho enforcement of Urn
law against the blexchlng of flour will
affect tha price of wheat one penny As
the superlatively white flour contained a
poison In the form of nitrogen pmnxh1e
injurious to health the public will not
clamor for It
St l > uK July 7 Casper Kohler pres
ident of the Columbia Ilrcwlng comnany
of Bt Ix > uls and vie president of the
Tmneiseo Ilrewlnc company of Mem
phis died today at Berlin Germany ac
cording to ii cablegram received here Ho I
wad traveling with his wife and daughter
and I stricken wIth oiltxr He was I
72 > ell 014
Now York July 7Th stock market
turled today with fninll dealIngs and
arrow and Irregular odes change but
thai nUt of prices turned downwards
after the opening Hook Island nrffemd
> and Union Pacific Hrddlnir
Ilion JleIOc Iddhlr Cunadlin
Iaclfla nd Anaconda loul Jitras fuctluim
ConsolMittta Ian rOe 1
The market made an brunt unturn aft
er the esther sag fa that In I few min
utes aliarji louses weN turned Into equal
ly sharp gains itallleg from the loiv
prIces run to 23 In iwadlnr and 2 In
fnlon PacIfic Overnight advaiise of I
point or 01 were made by many or
the most active storks
Tho activity in tho trading died down
tilt tho udvanced level of priceS wan well
maintained Confirmation of yesterdays
reports of gold secured In Ioiidon for
li pineal to New York was strength
nlnr Inlluenue flocking Valley rose C
polnla on a few iransacllon and Since
Sheffield Steel J4 HeadtiiK run off nts r
a point nt noon with effect on the goner
A I tone Irnc
llonds were Irregular
Irlces lluoiiinled very Irregularly and
ft lower Inl Hetween 1 Unrt 1 oclock
Ileartlng tt jaiil Union Iacl lie UnlUil
Htatca hued l and other Irads lost nil of
their opening rise Mlneourl Paclno aa
nnced H
aliuylna CIder wero encountered In the
eighborhood of yesterdays closing luicl
the list stlrrcneu aRaln iillon Puclile mid
Heading rising to about I point chute
yesterdays final ilnuruH Iluslnesii wan
fxtremoly dull and confined principally to
Ile most mtlvfl stocks
Omaha July CattloIUcelpts 37ft
market for heaves hOc lower j others
steady Native steers ZMO815 cows
and heifers 3COfl615 western steers
40 > QiOi cons and heifers 3rJ 0 >
canners 273W3M stockers and fcedeiv
Savuooe calves 3XJ07I bulls stage
etc SiifHiS
HORS Itecelpl 7V market lOJJISc
lower heavy 860O370 mixed g7ua s
lights SWtjUOli bulk of sales StttigW
Ih Iltcelpts 67CO market steady
Yearlliif SfuffSIO wethers 4M40 >
ewe 4CKri4X lambs 7COK77J
hlllllaH City July 7 Cattle Rccelpti
MOO market steady to 1O lower Na
tive steers lTtHrSLS natlvo and cow
and heifers OOttI stockers and feed
ers 3KtJO5 bulls 300U4T3 calves 373
08CO nestrrn steers 176sr775 western
cows 3O1R6W
Iioguihteceipta 7CVI market lOc low
er Hulk of ashes SMaoyi heavy 8W
89 3 packers and butchers 00060919
light 0160 131 pIgs 9WSOM
Bheep Heoelpts 4rt market stendy
Muttons 4MC600 lambs 70M8SS fed
KOthem and yearlIngs 47f lCW fed
western ewes 375S47S
St Louis July 7Wool tvichanjted I
Territory and western mediums hS22t4
tine mediums 1BH17 floe 12111
ChIcago July 7Wlth prospects for
even hitlf a crop of wheat In North DnKu
U declared by tho state commissioner of
agriculture today to be more remote than
ever and with tho drouth unrelieved else
where In tho northwest once here step
ped up hlishr flood sclllne caused a
temporary setback but duotntloiis soon
went above the first advance Delay tt >
harvesting In Houmanla had a tendency
to harden the market and tbero waa not
enough pressure from hodKlni sales to
afteot the situation Pit traders who took
the bear aide urly were oblIged to buy
their wheat back Tile oponlnu was Ir4
roKUlar higher to H lower Septem
ber started U Itt to i tin at Mi IP 10
touched Iro and rose to 103A
Heavy unloading In preparation for the
government report whlrh conies tomor
row weakened the market today The
close was easy with Keplember at IOIUV
36 a net deullno of H
Kino weather and encouraging reports
or crop conditions weakened corn Sep
tember started iiruhnnecJ to U down nt
61 > to el cdcllncd to 1H and reacted
to 1U
ProOtttklnr pared down prices for
oats September opened li to lower at
MU to js i but country buyliiR caused
a rebound to I3T4
CornTho market was decldtdly af
fectrd by the into decline In wheat Tba
close was easy wlih September at OK
UV a ntlt loss of l riV
Relllnc attributed to nackers depress
ed provisions to some extent Tho open
lug was lOc loner to 10c hlKher and was
IIiftlI cI
followed by sn additional decline Pint
sales In the September option were at
SJ10 for pork and at llOTU to 13C for
Iud and ribs
euoh cornNo 2 610 1 No S while
U14410 No 2 yellOw 6 4 4 Nn 3
C 41d g Nn 3 white u i 0 a yellow
gt4i No 4 7145tM8 No4 whit 110
jeiWi No 4 yellow 67HB
Climo Ilyo Cacti 7Stf 76
llarley Osh Utl7
Timothy Sept 1rih Oct SO
CloverNothing doing
New York July 7Haw sugar firm
muicovado t9 test 34J centrifugal IM
test 423 molasses sugar M test 3B
Refined li oulct crnshod SAl granulat
ed i15 powilcreil C2S
CoffieSpot quiet No 7 Hlo 1718 No
i Hixntos 9 > >
WAS siOTiin wuATiiint
Ixiiilsvlllde Ky July 1Wllh clntnl
bursts lund drouths polling the Ken
lucky map and a surplus of rain In Tn
tiesern and southern Indiana Inc crop
situation has reached an acute stnco
Too wet or too dry weather has not only
cut the product of IIIu truck Burdens anil
small fruit farms B run ic I IT or ni mil
ban wrought untold damaae to tho eta
ples corn wheat and tobacco
New York July 7 Money on call
easier 2V40i liar cent ruling rnte
Wt per cent closing bid 254 I lr cent
offered at 2H per cent
Time loans stronger for CO days 31I
CH per cent for 90 days 3J04 per
cent for nix months 47tfi6 per cent
Cloto Prime mercantIle paper 517k
Wi per cent
Starling oxchanRf firm with actual
business In banker hills nt 4S365r75
for 60day bills and at 118575 for de
Commercial bills S3m
Bar sIlver H4H cents
Mexican dollars 444 cent
Government bonds steady rnllroai
bond IrreBulnr
Pioneer Hooflncn
Sold laid and guaranteed by
uMnnnT PAPER co
Hay Grain and Coat 110 W lit
Bo Doll Phone 12CZ Ind 1404
JasA Pollock
131 to m So Main Street
Stock and Bonds HouKht and
I Sold In any market of the
Fastest service to Chlcaco
Hoard ol Trade
10 COl Wt
6 ml
HUI InlfJlt
100 CO d
Sugar 00
10 Z e 101 I 114
110nd tiouaht U1i
lid fj i 4
Fon 8loLn
100 1Jlaht llho
0 Con It 4
4 C home
nidI e
7 n 1 C
par Cln
Jbn C CuUer1r
H0Sl 133
< J 121
nit OltElu
Kelly Montrose
420 McCornlck mock
InduMrlal Stocks
bought and
sold Quick results
licll Phones son
Deseret National
Bank =
Salt Lake City Utah
Capital 50000000
Surplus 50000000
L B HtILII ruldent
JOHN C 8LJWd Vice lresldt
H 8 YOUNd Cashier
U W HUHTON Au Cutler
John It Harnes W w niter
iv W Carls0n George Romner
John C Cutler need Sraoat
David Kccles John C Sharp
k 8 U1 John ll WillOw
W II Mclntyro
if o bltoeT
Francis M Lyman
Safety Deposit lloirn for Hent
Merchants Bank
277 MAIN
II P CLAHK President
JOHN J DALY Vice President
A II PEABODY Vice President
W W niter President Gtort
Homney Vlco President ElluA
Smith Cashier L H Hills John it
homes John C Cutler David EC
des A W CarUon Otrso Suther
land Heed Smoot 8 v r James C W
Nlbley A W Ivlnn
4 ncr cent Inlet paid on Mvlrrt
KstabllaheJ 1MJ
Utah Commercial
Savings Bank
WM F ARMsrnONOlreootllt
Commercial Banking In all lt <
Branches Four per cent Interest rll l
on savings deposits
The State Bank
H = = 3 = of Utah
KtUtllhed In 180
Solicits accounts of Dank nrllli
and Individuals and eitendj to col
tomers every reasonable courtwr
and facility
H J WANT SIs rrlldlDI
H T 3IcEIVANts1 Caihler
National Bank of the Republic
FRANI KNOX president
JAMKI4 A CUnRAYV ° Irrsldnl
t athlfl
V 1 j
Ii A CULnKRTSON list cubler
Surplus 1t
Capitol and
A thoroughly modern sa1n81 40
conducted In cn npoUon
with this hank Safety dcwalt
fnr T nt
McCornick Co
Established in
Continental National Bank
Capital 23000000
modern ban1
Every branch of a
w r illble
j K cosgrirr Irs
VlcB1rcs T W Horer ahler
The Utah National Bank
Capital and SurplUs
Accounts of Banks f rltd 1 rer
Firm and Indlvduals
Stvinss Deposits
cent on
W 6 Mconlck n Cutler VIM
ger Cashier Ihlr
Press C II tSII
R G Dun Co
an orricr8
The Mercantile Agency
Oenal lf5fl5
George nUll Utah tild womlnll
Nevada Fait fU
In 3ogrees Dulldln
Of nee City ltah

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