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Deseret evening news. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, July 07, 1910, Last Edition, Image 9

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I I ow iii
I 0
xoivv orncn
l Silt lilfJon
Dell n
iTd Ttl a
rt1uMltd to mate
rar ngl1rdlnw nfl
Imm <
tlllact ry dlverjr
nf Ulcsitl HnUlTOt iif Jiu l
I Nlnru Ill 1Iloll Honor Motion
To IHMilhw llonksl
ooDtO J y T At tho afternoon
jrellinlnaiy liearlii of
II f I
Ie ilnnt Jamci
SttU i tali ii >
virUil J 1 lalph Kennedy oJiarged
I the first ilegree tho de
i tI m
1 L id to i otablIsIi an ullhl
ele 0
Ih I Utit on lila night of thu
If d t i iroe that at tho time
11 i 111111 flrod iho two men
II > j I in thu red light UU
MY1 11 Detectivo George
II < i ity
i Iu a on the FtunJ and
w i
l I L UK Kennedy from place
1 4L latter reuutsst to ali
l 4 I J I c limit and to give the
3 4
lit i nice to provo thut they
ae t I Kuiity parties Mr Ward
s 1 i t ho and Kennedy went
Irm t I 1 ot the Orplieum the
n t dcfenduntii arc known
01 C Y JJ earlier In tho ovenlne
I V ig i n it liter entrance From
thrre < > t lI Hall xqunre thencu
II fe Ii ti whero the man
tlrF d I eaten supper From
IhoJ paC Ihv wilt Into Klectrlo alley
il in who MOK r1O enl In
tourt at tt 1 It sho nuncmlMjred hav
iijif K > > nIle night about that
I M lAt r ii men went to the Turf
talon al I n to their morning
rUe II MI a Burnett the land
te tit1 i liMlng Men them nn
I w rittMn If SO and in Id night DC
tIo jW stated that Ills at
Inuo of he tune occupied In their
Inun1 ui rUt an hour and a halt
I If Ihc i t the theater after tho
1 fK1nnlnr the fttcond net an they
lalm aut 915 It would havo
1 > < < 1 vcr raff for thorn to hav
I M c 1 he Jirwuieno mission houco
I en Tnvf ml utrcet by 104B tho
time ittl as that when the holdup
JDU ixl s took place Other wit
tU I w e oxamlnod wnone them
frMg tt rI ot tho olncers who ar
TrWd I b A and thus far moat of
the t T liitrodiicod hoe been pur
Ic rTnivntlnl If I Shurtllff who
1I lite it 1 up by the robbers could
jt irt f Itf defendants but ntat d
lhol 4 a T11 < hart horn a general
ttrtiiW Kffl to the mun who nnnt
ttod h3 pokets Attorney Abbott
Jlasinns fnr thn ilPfpnua Introduced
t r i t release the defendant
dAne fnt ahuolutoly no evlriencji hail
ten inrr j i to connect them with
tub VT an1 murder Tho r Url de
r1 tft ton an1 an ndjoitrnmont
KIU Wen ll thl morning
ntiDEX Juh 7 Postimmter Lewis
J PhurtiitT ivn thn host AVodneiday
inninj sl an informal reception given
ti the mj > Vcs of tho Ogdon post
CE e pnrtrient on tho spacious lawn
1 t bI bMvtut homo at 883 Twenty
t mh itrcrt Tho immndu were well
iritnlw th elertrle aro llshts and the
I ats In jront of tho large veranda
em nlvc T erl ndld program of
muff tongs antI aildreitren commonc
ln I illl im n c ei8 nf welcome from
r tctc > artT During the latter
Mrt f the
program which won con
rM tll clock dollclou refresh
ijvr srrca The evening was a
r s en I bio ono There are 130
uwc in P riyroll of the Otrden post
e T e AI the employes were tmltej In
wung T tlio highest term of their
1 r p = ttr ShurtUff and Mi
f rmsit onj tlioiiKhtfulnexs in Kith
innj hem t Rthi wns greatly ap
SL UIe T > 1 KUC < its numbored about
noDEM jny 7 Mcda Jorrlnh tho
l2Y r shr of Mr
Ciu r Henry and
trlle AIJT m TarrlBh died Tuesday
hrninjr a4 11 4 5 ° cl < > ck nt tho Ogden
rtntral hrtai nIter n to wMks Ill
ti t r nltle following An opera
r I rnlldtls The family IB
ll r nf 1 i
IIlreet rind Grant
i rIi ttt ffhii
piaoo tho funeral
Pth hh will bll announced
Jar aM llw hlil
t Itm Jt iShort funeral actv
Wrr 1 H Rt 11 ium I1CdAY
butJol f II 1lIIe of Mr and Mma
horlpa n
a rlAol 925 Childs
tur the
I realnl or their daughter
twrn FIIZl1bt lh who riled Monday
clrlI fmr Coungelor horace
inlrki j t4d the wvlces Re
Mn IOTka T rl rICde hy Moroni Brown
1hlry Frley
rurIAI ° v rnnd red three solos
Iunr u 1 ln the ity cemetery
SIr i rr n f over the remains of
In H lirr li were hold at
sm u
at the Sixth vntl
W TL him sang 0 MY Path
hIr 01 lhniI Mt 1Jond the
mer Ml
1 i
S 11n Thomiia rwidored
I CCerij M 1 1h
attendance WIR tin
When tIle Liver
is Out ol Tune
to whole system is oil the key
stoinH j upset bevels slug
fish 14i head heavy R kiii Hallow
Dud tt tycs dull Vail
1 ou cannot
lJe ri i
I 1in
until the
trol1Jlcis rcniovc Cor
mm rect ffl v ofbilc anti gently
6limuh +
1U the liver to healthful
act lOll I y taking
the usc lJilc remedy that is safe to
A rind Covcnlcnt to take
dose or two will relieve the
nnuliea the hOWds dizziness operate
the blood carry new life to
clear the head and
IllPoe t1le igestion
Thc l cii family pills arc the
natural rtmcdy for bilious
eOrnpiJtB and quickly help
vcr to
Strike the Key
note of Health
lflbeaeuiOcdlc I
Fro c ki ef ace
Inly llrlnu > l out 1iHiBlillv aimls I I OH
IO Itclllino Cllilly
Un you know how paty It I < to re
11J1e tiioe UKI Jutu HO that no one
will rail you frcvklnriweV
RllI1ply get ati oume of othluo
double HlrflIl1lh from Hcliranun
Johfiwn Drug tend ono iilRhfn
niiiiint will hw 011 how elM y It
ID to rid yourmif Of freckle unil get
a iiFHUtlful complexion 1he lun unit
wlrub In June hrltiK out freckle end
us a result more albino In sold this
1II11l1lh amid the druKBlnlN oinvtlniM
II rid It dlllkiili I o get milllclfiit to Oil P
Ply all rail lie aure tu uk fur tne
double trellKth attune as thl In Mold
tinder guarantee of money back If It
full to remove the trlcklA
usually large and the floral offering
WITH beautiful MIX numerous The
nitniters were Eider Jrweph Parry
IreiUlPntii J W SHurtllff U P MId
habit C I IUc hnrdo and IllRlmn
ntvllllam Jntrrinmit was made In thB
clt > cemetery
OOtlKV July T In the munIcipal
court Ietore Jude Murphy on Woil
negday the ease of the Htato of Utah
agntiut O 0 0 11 lion clnirKCl Wit It
obtaining money under fnlko prtitencm
ac cllIol Thl fol > My attorney
ilKnllleil 1Is wllllngtimi 10 accept a
pleu of RUllty with thH unil rstiindlnK
t hut the rtlnic WWI u tnliidiiiiounor im
the amount Involved wa M exactly Ho
However the court fullid to see the
matter In till light and the defenrivnt
wan hold to nniitver ti > the vharco
under > 125 bondi which he has boon
nncible to fnrnldh The olTenw wan
committed on June tl when Oldhnm
reprosenlltiK himself to be n ropreunn
Intlvo of the State Mutuu liuiuriinie
company of Moscow Idaho piuaed a
eight drnft at the 1tnh National hank
of Ogden for JMi drawn on the Idaho
IriHiimiiLfl company which irroved to
be u friidulcnt jmper
Peter Ocnrlko wns fined 120 on lila
plea of guilty to the charge of assault I
and battery committed on tin perton
of P C Nnrfliigvr a former hu hand
of Jtr Dnnrlko The trouble oocurred
Tuesday evening near tho Union depot
Ono look nt NofdiiBur who carries
a black rye vax HulTlalont for tho
coo rt who Immediately prnnouticod
When the name of Kd Lonniitvle won
called In pollen court the clerk
through an error read a charge of
drunkenneiM aunlnst the fellow to
which he readily ploaded guilty and
vita sentenced to five days In Jail As
ho was leaving the court room tho
error wmuj dltcovnred and he wn
brought bark to answer to the clmrge
of petit Inrvony committed on July
when ho Mole ft coat belonging to
John Balirr The CUB wan continued
and Ion dnle wan held under J30
Jim Hone a rhlnaman forfeited is
for rtrunkennew
John McKay ward Sterling and
Jack Cain were rncli trnlenccd to pay
n flue of tl or remain In jail for five
day on tho cliarKe of druiikenneAK
OODlflN June 7A llcensn to marry
hits been lasued to John K rilllamH
and Ruby Viit4OflbOth of Osdn
cnuiCixits firrr 41 PKI CHXT
OODBN July ThomiiB B llIt
teas nBslcnes of the C D Iveit onm
pany has tiled n final report with the
county clerk Mr Mattewa nk fur
750 for his own sorvlce and MOO st
torneja fee He ntut i lint tho total
liabilities amounting to J17S26 Vera
nettled at the rate of 41 per cent
OODRX July 7Ihll race of AVIlliH
It Bnilth against tho rtnh CYntrua
lion company to collect ilamnsr
amounting to IBOO for Injurlox alleged
to hat been reCeiVed by a kick from
one of the oompanyn mule was rtls
mlHXxt In tho district court Wodne
day afternoflii as the plitlntlff wan tm
able to procure the CeRPilry wit
MCKl < ij 1IjATi HOAII
From Chicago to Now York and
return J2BGO Uoston and return
2660 Ileduced rate to other east
ern point Liberal stopovers Tick
ets on Halo dally 30 day limit In
quire of local agent or address c A
Melln D P A 811 17th St Dol1cr
r LEHI 1
tHpeilnl l OlrcoruJ nc J
LKIII Utah Co July 2Tho sthoo
bond election for J30CKX to build a new
grade bullJiny on thf prlmuiy schK
Kruunds held May 18 last IIJH hiun
found to bu Illegul uie the nulled of
election vtro not out long unuuKh and
another election will bo held July 20
Work has already commonoed In set
ting the ground In hap and brick In
beIng delivered The eloctlon will In
a more formality as the people will veto
the bonds with little IppolltIn A
nice brick addition hns been put on
thu Franklin school building at llil
This evenIng the Lohl Ilomu Due
nmtlo will irBMiit tin comedy of Ali
ner Joachim for the bonellt of the
Commvrchtl club
The dry farmers are busy cutting
theIr grain Thosa who have teal
around Iy hl are harvesting n good crop
The peopl in Cwlar alley who sum
mer fallowed their land last year sro
getting a fair crop but ninny Lra for
lug badly on account of the dry KOJSOII
also the rabbits and ground < li > m havu
done conBlderiilil damage ThoM who
have dry farms on If > hl Bench lira do
IIIR exceptIonally well for tills dry ace
The Oily council met Tuesday with
Imf 11 H Lymnn amid went ser tin
heW city mnp whleh will lie filed with
the county recorder noon Ixshl hus nut
yet had an < ifflelal map worded whim
han handicapped the rltlzens In lIt
linK utuiue tlonable titles especially
for icons
July 6 the Austin family will hId
their annual reunion nt fcnnio i
SprlliBH Blaborate preparations are
being lucite for sail
Ulrtlis during the past Week to Mrs
Ktliel Ilrown adaURhler to Mrs Cris < t
Eidwardf a nn to Mrs JackMin Wan
lass n linn
Tho Utah leaking company will hold
thtlr annual stockholder mtvtnR Juh
t when a new board of directot and
officers for the ensuing year will bn
Miss Bfilina AVoadhousA a Ihl bIIII
end John Ilobliuon of American Fork
VOte msrrleO at Irovo the first of the
wee Jc
weeMrs A It Anderson Is enxtlng and
will conduct u mode dnlry on lilt ranch I
south of tM on Utah lake
Annual Primary conference of thi j
I ehi four ward wall h61d In the wild
liousea SundAY evenIng The childrens
excrelsi showed marked Iml > room nc
I Tho summer kindergarten condict
by tho school truntcos held the dln
exerclcAts yesterday morning
Tin News In delivered by carrier
every nlRht Nunday exceptedi at n
cents per month All payments inrl
complaints regarding delivery should
bo mad to David hnon Rent
for Dally Saturday and HemiWMk
ly Newa Ind Phone ITJA Ord rs
taken for Church work Residence 441
Houtli First Went Btrrt
Carrier eait side of Academy Are
Inn SIM 14
Carrier west aide otijreilemy Av
Ind 102A
Hpevlal Corrpinul
1HOVO July 7lIltJllr Oledhlll of
Amrl1 Fork was tried In the dis
trict court MMtttrday on the charge of
Indecent ICNtICUIt committed on olive
Horoiwen a liywirold girl In thM city
on the night of May S of thin year
The Jury brought In a verdict of nullty
Sentence was Ml for Saturday the Sth
at 10 oclock
niwlhlll In n irmrrled man and nns
formerly u police either In Amerlciin
Fork i
The petition of Mr nnrl Mrs Good
man Johnson to adopt Ultra Alexandra
Arnsoti a minor wu bet for July 1ft
1HOVO July 7 At thus meeting of
tho city council last evening the Kirk
hainllerr addition to thn city Mltuat
wl In the northeiist part of the city was
accepted No further huHlnoss of Im
portnnro wan truiiparlfd
rnnVO JUly 7Vaiter Adams was
lined J2 by Justice Noon ymtejiUy for
dlsplav4mr his putrlotlmn ullhln tho
city limits on the Fourth by moans of
exploding firework to which lm enter
eel a plea of gUilt > Mr Adams In
formed the court that he hud boen ad
vised that It wns not efalii the ordi
nance to explode fireworks no his own
promises and had noted on title advice
Juitlco Noon nvinpathlr with Mr
Adams ni a victim of misplaced con
fidence and therefore innde the tine
PROVO July 7Courily letorder H
It Thorn reports the rerordx to show
the following mortgage data
The number of mortvaKes filed from
July 1 1903 up In Nnd Including the
30th day of Juno 1P10 NuinlMr of
niortRnpres filed WS amount of mid
ortsaRet tlA44RO the number nf re
leases and amount from above dates
ntimher of rplea s K04 amount of wild
releases thnefM
IHOVO July 7At a marline lit the
county biHird of lumlth held yesterday
Secy Pyne submitted a report of the
health conditions of the county which
must be considered very favorable
For the far ending June 30 In Ihfl
entire inunly outside nf Incorpomted
cities there wrre 2M Infectious ds ars
und only our death The clIMes vera
as follows HlnlllIlX 34 wluxiphiR
cough S9 scarlet fever SI dlphthgrlH
21 measles 15 chlckeniiox 34 typlinU
fever 3 >
The secretary was Instructed hy mesp
olutlon to bring uctlon ofialriHt all
parties who maintain unsanitary
slauehter houses corrals outhouwH
etc on streams or water 1I11e1 tnr cui
Itmry purposes and thn member nf the
laitwolntlon vre instructed to tike
ntepM to abate flyproduolnir and other
tmlsnncf County Physician Iyno
states that he dot not believe there
are now any cates of infectious oIl one
In the county
hiNt IMtKSI4VTATJOyj1 1t
IMIONO July 7Mieeu lt41n1l
who reigned as quccii ilurlne the U
C T outing ns prosonted with n
beautiful diamond ring by tin Provo
Commervlal club last night The cere
mony took place on the IVrkers show
ground In the presenci of a large
crowd of people President William M
Itiiytancu of the Provo ConiinercUl club
made a n8lt speech of presentation
Minn Jennlo Hnow the young lady
who recelveil the largest number fI
Yfitefl nest to Mfsv I Inll In Ihe yu jn
contest wna prewnted with n tiaml
SOIIIH hnicelet
PliAnt 01 A CIIIMI
PJIOVO July William Warren
the 0 months old son of Mr and Mrs
Frnnk Pusenherry died at Nunn In
Provo canyon from pneumonia The
funeral services will be held Friday at
the First ward imfllntrhouse com
monclliR Ht 1 oclock Judge W N
Dusenberry father of Frank Dusen
berry ctune down from Salt lake yes
tenlay afternoon on iiiiount nf the
illness of the child
fpecllll iorre pondenc
CJAULANI > Doxelder county July
5Iho Fourth wits celebrated here In
a Pntri ° tic manner In the early
morning the strins and Juvenile
bandH siTCiiadBil the citizens They
also furnished muslo for the Interest
Ing program given In the opera house
at 10 oclock T R Secrlst was mauler
of ceremonies lion Horace O Nebe
her of Logan was the orator of the
day Among the muslcnl numbers
wer The Flap Without n Stnln and
Columbia rendered by Marie Wins
and company The D C rharmian
quartet sang My Own United States
In the evening there were all ktndH
of eporta at the Athletic park Includ
ing two baseball ramea played be
tween the Kayavtlle and Oarland
clubs scoring n Victor for Garland
In both Barnes
The duy was concluded with a grand
ball In the opera hnuse
Ifvectsl > Irtrr r
MriNUOK KcMe t July IIll1h
wind played hav v it lh tirij
Good Coal
Is Important In Bummer us In win
ter The letter ihe coal the iris v j
require no matter what the pjrp v
of Its use or time ta r > n
Tit Good Coal has IUIIK been the
alunilHril in Hull Like b with all
rout IIao been Judgml It n well
screened und > lan and Is deliver
pmtnptl from the nut it our tcur
TwenVflve cents a ton reduction Is
livcd from regular prlctK en aM coal
stared fnr winter Use
Bamberger Coal Co
161 Main SI Both Phones
18 Ask for our booklet about
prlta to coal users ll will Interest
< nit
mornlnir part of the Fourth f Juu
proenuii and caused a pntpmi r nnl I
the pruco lon until the aftfiniHn
However a comfortnbly pnikd house
145 In nttendntlco at the auditorium at
10 oclock to listen to an excellent pi
Krtim every niemher or which ree1it
hearty applaumi
The tlaiiKen firecracker was In ell
Jonco amid two SireS were started hut
wore noticed In time lo prevent Jum
a si
A very large ounntlty of the apple
crop wan whipped oft the ire ot by the
hoavy vliuln of thu night of the 3rd
The Aral crop OfJiiiv IH almost all In
tack the heaviest and best In years
ohms ifnerally are good No suffering
for water ai therela staple In the ru
i Special larreInelln I
IIVIllM flub July GA neilfs of ac
cidents and HciiU have nccurred In this
naJghburhooil lately The first trouble
cross bvtnun A It IOK > IK and Mornion
iharllv giowliiR out uf it udKr over
the JeffriesJiifinsun fluht In which
Olwrlle who was bettlmt ollie liege
came out win a badly bIn ui fun
wlilli Mr Huwrs Just tiurt of his whisk
ersOn limo Sid of July AlvIn ilclirldi
while engagrd In trlmnii a tree In tha
limber at Alex Illll x mill In Black
smiths Fork hd un hand badly cut
till OUlih a mlKH lick Wllll Uie Sy
tin m tie uurlh Victor IMniaen of I < >
Nail who Is at lie 1iulen mesa i in
iJUuksinuhs Fork ucctilcntalu hol him
elf III the han with a i I lit tlsioi
As the people of the 1Ionti ward WH
crltrliratlim time Iuurth at lernII Grove
the grounds bilnit roveied with uumrn
soul chlldnn two drunken nuodlums fnmi
Prunkln IIIH > druve Into IIlem wiiii
heroes inU liUHUy narrowly mlsilim nin
nlnit over the children lwlni aakoI l
lae ilie KfOunds they loniintncnj CH
Inic the btiKxv whin upon th li slmnli > i
who Immeiiiatv t > ounce < l upon them anti
pave th > in a suiind troxinclnjt No sirriU
vicr flair a the cutpiitx leluinJ I
Idaho us SH II an lelvueed
I ft Inl Correspondence
PAHOWAN Iron Co July 6 The
celebration of tho Fourth passed lift
very pleasantly hor lint for flue Rule
which blew all day raising clouds of
dust In every direction A uniting was
hold In the morning at 10 oclock ap
propriate to the occasion Junlus Tay
lor was orator of the day Miss lewie
I ow pew n ted the Ooddtas of
Liberty nnd Iuolla Adamt Itnh
ports were ongngod In In the park
during the afternoon a chlldronH
dante WIH given In th opera house
until 3 oclock preceding tho iports
The people of Parowan were greatly
shocked over tho report of the trAgic
death of Lars Mnrtrnsen at Sanford
Colo Ho was reared In Pirowan hay
Ing come here when but H boy and
epent the greeter part of his life here
An error appeared In the Sanford cor
respondence where It etnted Ihat he
ntudlmV music under Alfred Durham It
should have been Thomas Durham
who was his brotherinlaw and a very
close friend of the decesNd
PAUOWAN July 5The county
auditor has r < > ol < M up the nsitinmnent
rolls for the Near Htul the valuations
MI as follows Ilenl estate and Im
provementK J7J4223 llvo stock B5Z
70J personal pmppjty 275458 prop
erty assessed by state board ef diiall
nllon 1621 J7 lackIng a xrund total of
IS4U1 nn Increase of about 00000
over last years nflsosmnent
Salt Lake Photo end Sunplv Co
Kodnks finishing framing 142 Main I
Street i
A Dollar
in the
M worth tw in tho poi kit
The two > lulls mis are lintil I
lie lost r > r if nil lit upon I
for ome ni > neM nial ID
pUlnrr lanKUCKi waatod Kx I
perlence tHcheii that the d1
Ur 1IJl1 In tlir txxktt In in
ronolunt jrapardy while Itr I
mat dtposlivd In a sound
bank nwslts iiure with t > u
lines the rail of duty
lrd nt people itT hay
eheoklUK acrnnnt whOm u
MH bank Whon they need
niurwy it is UnineUlHti MU
slllc Meanwhile the hunk <
taking cur nt It In i
U 1 the actunl wifeffiianlh K < t
une mnnvv n c ir n ii
with a strong lunik lu m
dMlrablc to the mnn who
want to act aliwt 111 u
world If I i PISS n t wing
bank accmint 1nJIsliiR ear
niSlniMih < if rrc iin1 Itiifl
lie lAln P Miii in i 10 nl
receive fsvt frnu n hank
MI n tltii wh M Ii nni il < d
KWllui riiM Ttlin tlio stare
to fortqi
AoaOBiitii small nr large
lets wttuiiitfcu ijy m lIt t > i i
aM IhIt surnnc Is given d <
UOfHort that their iptrrst
will b < rcurdnd shears us
rHl with those of I e
The National I
Copper Bank
Western Outfit Co
246 South State
The Now ji IHlhrd hCrrlor
I In Legcn Kvery Nleht Honda M
c pte < D at 3 Cent IVr month All
payments Rod rornplalntit regarding
delivery hould bo rnado to J M
their Agent for Dllr Saturday
and HeinLWeekly News 1W f
Plnl North MirCet Phone 8fJJJt
011 Ofnte with CarUn Company
heal rotate Biil Loaiid ILl North
MIII HImpet Ihone 39 lieu And lee
t4juiisl COlrtponln 1
IXKJAN July 6Judg Miiuffhan bo
fore leaving lure made an order nivok
Inr HIP Iliense or Dr Beth M Well
who It Is said will be sentenced this
afternoon at llrlphain for simple Wo
suit HII urranKoment having been if
focted whereby he wan allowed to plead
I guilty to the teaser charge nf asxault
whwi lie haj been twice convicted on a
IhHiHH of mnlpractlst Tim crime with
which Wells was charged wan alleged
to have been commlttoil on the person
of Miss tarrett of ell < vllle and aftei
being convicted the first time Well
ppealed to the supreme court anti n
new trlwl nas ordered heraus nf s in
technical error In the proceedings at the
trial The second trial resulted In an
other conviction but this Will promptlv
sot aitde because ono of thn Jumis whu
sat In time race wan found to have been
drunk ono day during thn trial The
riffendlnsr Juror ella Riven 30 days In jail
fur contempt and Wells at once mover
I for u change of venue to UoxcMer
county alleging that he could not ob
tain a fair trial here This was granted
mid the trial was to have taken PIc
some Urn In June but Wells offered I <
plead guilty to assault and as th rr
were some of the Btaten witnesses dell
nnd others out of the state It ua
tbouifht Ixwit to accept tho plell and end
the case Tim slate medical board chili
nsHlnted In time pronecutlon of Wells will
see that his record Is placed befmv the
medical hoards or nil the states In the
Union < o his punlshrntnt Is apt to tot
pretty severe on him after all It I
seven year ago since the rrlm > < With
which Wells win charged was tom
IIiIISO n it n rounit
The 1910 edition of the Denver III RiO
Grand folder Naturnl Ilesoun nf
Colorado 1tah and New Mexl > n Is
nspedallv valuable lniauNe Ih large
Special Correspondm i
KAMAH Summit Co Utah July i
lAst week two horses were burned in
death In a fire that consumed the
barns of Krnest horton Ten tons nf
hay a wagon hayrack and harnrs1
were ulno lost The fire was not dis 11
covered until it was burning the should C
where tile horses wore onflnid
fire Involved a loss of JSOO il
Dean Ilurbldgc who was operated 1
upon for appendicitis at CcKilvllla la f
Iniprovlnp nicely
Ann Williams has been appolnter
piistmaslei at Kamns vice O < n vleve k
J Iai k resigned
Candy thats good
and good for you
A different kind for every
member of the family
25c and 50c
All Dealers
W Coolest Store in Town I
Corner Third South Main
A Liberal Outpouring Merchandise l at
Next to Nothing Prices the Feature of Our
Anniversary ClearanceSale
Sale ends Saturday July 9th at 6 pm
Its an easy matter to get new owners for this splendid stock of mer r
chandise for every Salt Lake woman recognizes the rare advantage in f
buying merchanbise of Walker quality at the Anniversary Clearance prices
actual reductions being 300 50cc 70cIo and even more
Think of Linen and Ripp Dresses worth 1750 for 995 75
suits 1665 1150 waists for 395 275 waists for 98c S20
linen suits for 695 etc
The readytowear department is not alone in offering bargains Every
department in the house contributes 27 window displays of reducedprice
merchandise hint of the bargains that await you
NoteSaturday Walkers is 48 years old We shall cele
brate See Fridays paper for particulars J
Having had a full Holiday July 4th we shall keep open
Saturday July 9th until 6 pm
11 YI wwJI
A Startling Offer I
King Hill Lots 100
Glenns Ferry Lots 50 I
STARTLING cause these lots are actually selling At 150 to 750 each
STARTLING Heciuine these towns arc growing faster than any other towns in the great
irrigated belt of Southern Idaho
STARTLING Because they are now recognized as the two towns of greatest future prom
ise on the Oregon Short Line Railway and hold the trading transportation and commercial
keys to n vast rich and rapidly developing country t
STARTLING Hccausc of these reasons all property values within their gates arc increas 1
ing nt an astonishing rate and arc bound to double and quadruple within a very short time l
MORE THAN STARTLIXG Because the offer vc make is practically giving the property
away I f
But These Prices Are Good I Ii
Only On July 11th and 12th II
i Ii
AT KINC HILL on JulY n ioio vou can hay your dmice of lots for only too i
AT GLENNS FERRY on the following day July is you can have your choice of lots for I
only 50 I
THESE LOJS ARE WORTH and arc fcning for 150 200 300 400 500 600 and I
51750 a lot but if you register for the special openings you can take your choice for 50 and I I
S i 00 I
I j
THISTREMENDOUS SLASH in regular valuos has been made as a method of quickly ad
vertiiinp the ling Hill and the Kings Hill Extension Carey Act segregations of which these I
two town are the business center and tn induce you to conic and gtc yith your own eyes tho I j
wonderful future of the great Snake River and Medbury Valleys I j
L C BRADLEY Manager Hammett Idaho H
TWIN FALLS DEVELOPMENT CO Twin Falls Idaho Buhl Idaho Kimberly Idaho it
I K LANOAN Pocatello Idaho B R FITCH Payette Idaho J
C R LANNING Parma Idaho T R JONES Blackfoot Idaho
ElLIS BROS JACKMAN Idaho Falls Idaho KJf
WILLIAM LEMON Nampa Idaho A L JUcCORD Caldwcll Idaho m f
j I

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