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jl W c c
ti j
orntr of South Temple and rot Tern
9 1 plo 8lreeU lilt lAke city Utah
is loraca O Whitney llmlneis Manager
t yh
v In Advance
ty Moll per year vS
ly carrier per year JJJ
IlnlWeeklv pr year <
Saturday New off year Iw
Il Addreis nil hu ln t communications
Knq hurneea
rid loll remittance
Halt Lake City Utah
Porreipomlnce and other resdlnc mat
or for nubllemton should be oddrtld
u th HDITOIl
Kaslrrn Ilepreii ntnllv i New York
erniklln P Alcorn rim Iron nulldlng
honanA W Wolf Security JJulldlng
Kntercd III the nntofn of Hall Lake
klly as second flans matter according
< Art of CongreM March I ISIS
iNFoiuii TIII 1111
7nws that nit disapproved by both
ylae eopln nt largo and the officers of
the law and that ore not necessary
nr the protection of the public cannot
e niicccMfully forced
Hut lawn that answer only one of
here de erlpllons lielng approved by
Nhn pooplo anal plainly Decennary for
IJi1ho safety of the fltljciiH can be end
a + lou11 bo enforced Such are tha laws
r rblddlng the ofllrinl establishment of
laces ofvlCB and Ihn foisting of dens
i f InfumT upon the public by officers
ho miry haiion to bo financially or
therwlso Intcronted In them
As to laws which tho public coned
nee doe not approve tho Mayor of
oledo Mr rraml Whltlock inaln
nlns In H recent article that an cx
rullyd must do the best he ran with
ille means at his command according
1 tlio light hu has In doing this ho
nnot of course satisfy all men If
e could bo Imagined as absolutely en
icing all these thousands of statute
11 the time ho would satisfy no one
ut succeed only In dissatisfying and
rnvoklnK nil for at some tlmo or
thir ovary man doubtless must vlolato
ome of these statutes and an no man
gver tinder any possible circumstances
jIshes the law enforced against him or
XKnliift his relatives or friend It N
tear that no man really believe that
fit laws should be enforced nil the
jjlme And Indeed few arc to bu found
vhci would InslNut on the enforcement
+ f them nil their enforcement would
e Impracticable and Indeed Impo
Ible without bringing on tumult and
lot and n whole train of vIIi much
one than tho violation of these
tatutory regulations could possibly bo
that Is to say II certain dlncretlon
i erns to bo at east tacitly allowed In
he administration of these ntatutcs
leaaurcd by tho tato of public senti
ent and tho degree of conformity
hereto by custom
Ho then elks the case of the Sunday
tatutex which prohibit such nvtlvl
fIB us sporting hunting or nhootlng
rn Sunday theatrical or dramatic j or
nrmuncee equestrian or circus > er
nnnanco of jugglers acrobatic nhijivs
ulJOdHnllnll Bluirrlng exhibitions
arlety Whores negro minstrelsy living
t ftHluuh V ballooning or baseball pluys
fig or any tenpins or other guinea
K1 fif Hlmllar kind or kinds the open
aloon mid a lesion of other ucla that
t ull within the blue laws Tlnro arc
III every stuto statutes forbidding tho
I Irunxnctlon of business und common
jibor on Hunday and the only nctlvl
fle nxpocted are according to lilt
ttatute work of mercy or nervmilty
kind according to the courts Intel
I JCtuul labor
I The Muyor finds U only to show thut
Although such lav can readily bo en
G aercctl In homogeneous communities
her Puritan Idenls prevail u dltfer
jnt comlltlon obtains In tho larger
r taudrrn cities He observes that while
fit Is H common thing In our clues
y in see large storiH cloned on Sunday
l fhe curtains duly drawn and the em
iloyis Homo of them at leant thus
ranted n day of rest and recreation
ot all over the Innd there arc freight
t Irnlna running und engineers tlre
noii conductor brakemen switch
ncn tliigmen dlnpatchcrs truckers
end numerous other employes tolling
t < ng hour at hard and dangerous U
l > n r to rush goods to ihost emporiums
r Iy Monday morning It Is not fair to
uy tin blame of this condition on the
y roprletor for they cannot help It
I We may not fully agree with Iho
Muyor In the llluntrntlonR he gives of
he principle stated nt the opening of
his article laws ngnlnxt Sunday lese
f ration should be enforced to n greater
d xlnt than generally In done especial
NY tho laws against Sunday amuxe
Jncnts and unnecessary labor but the
J tirlnclplc Itself la true
r Ho too In the great work on law
oy tho Into Jiunm Cooledge Carter It
roi ably argued that the only thing
Bought to be affected by law Is hu
hum conduct and that the extent lo
krhlch It ran be affected by the
onurlouii Interference of man li much
l anrrawer than U commonly supposed
i Habit and uftnm he ways furnish
rthlt rules that govern human con
Uict and thp principal function of
4fglitatloii In Mo supplement and aid
the operation of custom and that far
from supplanting It Its own efficiency
l < s dependent ujron Its conformity to
I habit and custom lAw he urges al
i < Knyn has been Htlll Is anti will tor
ever contlnue to be custom Ho de
clares that It Is not possible to make
law by legislative action Its utmost
power hI to offer B reward or threaten
c J U punishment and thus furnish an
Additional moth to Influence conduct
iWhcn such power Is o < certo < l to tea
Dnforco custom and prevent violation
I of It It may t < o effectual and rule
t r commands thus enaetod lire prop >
f Jerly called Irate but If aimed ngrln
established custom they will 1m In
i jcffectunl
I j It follows that whenever a law Is
iflplMnly unjust or opposed to good
jj fmnrnls or to the Idea of right that
t trravall generally In the community
such a law will not his really opera
r tlve Thus before the Civil war a
statute was en ited known as the Fu
gitive Slave Law with Its several
amendmentK Intended t < j operate In
I the Northern stales But these were
not lawv they did not represent the
will of Ihn people nnff could not 1 > o
enforced People not only violated
them hut violated them with Impunity
and oven In pride and In the north
ern Htntctt legislature pitsscd acts In
contravention and nulllllcatlon ol
them called personal lthnrly law
Possibly It was their action that led
Kmcrson to say that good men mint
not obey the lixwa too ttrlctly
All this bel nil true nod In a sense
olemontary It follows that If tho lo
cat statute lire not enforced against
the notnrlouti nnd Infamous stockudo
maintained In Knit takn City with
the connivance of the city authori
ties then the failure to enforce them
may ho charged up to the people the
elector of this city In such case
It may bo said that tho people who
sustain tho present lawdoflHnt regime
sustain alto the open Infnny with
Its vast anti lucrative truffle In the
souls of human beings If tile Blockade
Is to bo classed with certain obsolete
Sunday statutes or with thnto that
require property to he assessed nt Its
full cash valuation then this Is
limply because the majority of the
electors of this city deslro It to ho ur
clussllled While the blame for this
horrible thing rests primarily on the
city officials yet In the last analysis
It Is tho peojde who must shoulder
the responsibility
We hesltuto to believewe cannot
think It true that a majority of even
the aocnlled American party real
ly endorse and Hiistaln tho establish
ment to which we have referred
And It they do not approve this thing
while their official hath mtaliiln and
openly uphold It tho one sole ques
tion Is What are they going to do
about It
The worm WOO that hits extended
over the entire country makes timely
some sound advice on how to keep
cool This IH furnished by the phy
ulclunx somewhat 011 follows
1 Dont tat too much we require
lellll food In warm weather nnd over
eating cause fermentation with le
suiting Jndlgeetlon nervousness unit
2 Reduce the amount of meats oils
and fRill to a minimum avoid heavy
and stimulating foods refrain from
ntoxlcantr anti from tea coffee und
3 especially careful not to over
feed Infants never let them haIl
cither until fruits or meats In sum
4 Light clothing In weight amJ col
or with linen underwear Is best for
summer draughts are dangerous when
ono In perspiring freely electric fans
can not always tw safely approached
for the purpose of cooling off
S Dr Cromlc of the University of
ennsylvonlu Is authority for the state
ment that sun and arJw tha are by
he Germans said to be of great value
In their natureeuro system Tho sun
ins H very beneficial effect on the skin
and It Is found that Its rays are far
superior to the use of cosmetics Many
persons In exposing their body to the
rays of the sun take too much nt one
bile und thus experience extreme an
noyance Air and sunbaths when tak
en Intelligently harden ones system
and consequently enable one to with
stand with moro ease the hot days of
C Dally systematic exercise should
lot be omitted because the weather IH
warm A little taken In the early
nurnlnff followed by u cool bath will
tend to make one cooler for tho rest of
the day
7 In brief the physicians any lint
careful dieting sufficient exercise rest
and sleep dally bathing und Intelll
Kont exposure to thu air and sunlight
the nvoldanco of ntlmulnntn nnd a
cheerful frame of mlmfjwlll Insuro one
a strong rcslstlpgpoHer so that he
need have no fear of the extremes of
either heat or rold
Thee rules are for tho mod part
nn nmpllflcatlon of the doctrine known
to the Latterday Saints an the word
of wisdom adherence to its plain
directions will save the people a good
deal of trouble In way of loss of
iniAvn oxen SIMPII TODAY
The value of nn apt quotation es
pecially It the latter be an epigram
und associated with come Important I
event < n history Is recognized and
utilized by all users of language
whether written and spoken From the
vast stores of human presnlon In the
past It Is possible to druw for almost
every kind of a circumstance some
phrase or Comment which seems lo fit
with nicety Homctlmes the similarity
of condition and Incident makes tho
repetition peculiarly appropriate and
happy Sometimes this similarity does
not cxt t and the nuotutlim memor
able because of the conditions under
which It originated Is put to less
worthy employment Sometime again
the npiiikHtlon Is wholly wanting and
tho attempt to drag In a popular and
lIt one time significant quotation bo
comes Irrrlevant If not ridiculous
In greeting tho delegates to the con
vention of the Western Federation of
Miner at Denver tho other morning a
lending labor official inllltniitly ex
claimed Surrender Tho Western
Federation of Miners has Just com
menced to fight
Americans Kncllihrnrn cither fur
that matter hardly need to 1 > e remind
ed that this li R paraphrase of the
stout reply made by the naval hero of
the Revolution Paul Jones when his
antagonist thought he was striking the
colors of the good ship Don Horn me
Itlchard The gallant Americans terse
and determined response was catchy
RI clever enough to live In history
and every school boy known It Hut
that which rounded so thrilling vlg
on > sea on the high seas In September
1778 Isnt hair so significant and clean
cut nix score years later In the top of
the muontalns n thousand miles from
the blur salt water The scene petting
Is entirely different There Is no
reMmhlnnee whatever between tho
cuusn of conflict then and nowIf
Indeed there Is any present conflict at
all The actors In the play are not
of similar cnllber not animated by
similar motive not aiming at similar
Surrender Who la demanding that
thu Western Federation of Miner sur
render anything What enemy to bo
likened to the Ilrlttsh ship Korapln fit
44 guns am they engngiul In conflict
with If they are Juit commamlnr to
fight with whom lire they about ti I
engage and what In It all about and
what fur IM It to bo u mutter of hum
to hand with pike and cutlass or n
bombardment nt long range with
verbal urtllleT anti ammunition
Under what lag tho rutting away of
whose ImlyardM might for tho munion
permit tilt ensign to coma down are
the nonHurrcndcrlnx patriot enlisted
to serve Who Is their Paul Joncit
JheHo and numerous other questions
suggest themselves In reflecting upon
the Inopportune quotation used by the
president of tho Colorado Fcdcnitloa of
Labor Monday iJuch utterance lire
worso thin Illtimed they are ubsurd
A defltincu couched In hilf a dozon
words which thrilled Iwo continents
io years ugo may Hound ineffably
puilllanlmous and driveling under oth
er circumstances A community Is not
an aggregation of Individuals at war
with each other And If there IM wa
It II status Is abnormal A community
In a family a brotherhood an organ
Ism In which each amber perfoims
Its own function for the benefit and
service of all tho rest And tho sooner
wo learn that the Interests of ciom
munltleM deinand thut each part de
pends for Its wellbclnir iiK > n tho well
being of every part the ti tter for all
concerned It In peace thut U ne dad
and not war
In these torrid days men rare given
tn seeking for themselves conic cool
spot In which to rest from the care
of the day If they may anti those
who may not seek tho next best thing
In a refreshing draught from a sachet
fountain or even the plebeian spigot
ut he kitchen sink but there are stll
their fellows of the animal kingdom uf
whom they have not thought Patient
ly tolling through the hottest parts uf
the flay are the faithful horses at work
In the city The Jaded beasts cannot
ell of their sufferlnn and too frequently
their masters give nn thought to It It
would bo a w ho master and a kind
one who would be more humane who
would Rive thought to the desires of
tho worthy brutes who would quench
heir thirsts and make even their dumb
burden bearers feel that life Is worth
living that there Is kindness In thw
hearts of mnn
And then there arc other creatures
who mire nt the mercy tif man The
barnyard fowls the pet dog and even
the cats and the pets of tho small boy
his pigeons his guinea pigs and nil
others of the tribes only boys can as
semble these poor sufferers would nt
times sell their birthrights for a cool
ing draught to wet their parched
throats Hut In many barnyards may
be teen these unfortunate creatures de
nted this little comfort and necessity
hat only thoughtfulness would pro
viIII Oho the poor creature a drink
And It b In the Interest of safety ton
Tho pot dog many times goes mad be
cause ho Is denied this very thing U
I H qat always that hn can soeek out a
drinking spot for hlrmelf It Is safer I I
to provide In some shady nook n bucket
or a tub where the pets may drink It
s riot only humane to provide for the
thirst of brute It U dangerous to
deny dogs water for at piny It may
never bo known nt what moment a
gentle pot may become vicious for want
of water
The beasts of burden the fowls rind
he pals be thoughtful of them and
hey will bo friends forever for the
tlndnens and even the friendship of u
owl Is worth something There can
not bo too much friendship the world
and the little things are tho things
which promote It
The wicked flea when the dog pur
Even the cost of a bare existence Is
hi her
The forest fires are the nations great
burning shame
Ever Hlnco July begun tho city ban
been In the torrid zone
Honesty IB the hoit policy but It Isnt
always the most popular
Just At present President Taft is
looking out for tho Mane chance
It Is kind of natural for railroad men
to want to smash a Urand Trunk
The farmer raises the food products
and the middleman raises tho prices
A man who goon out on an automatic
strike Is a good deal of an automaton
Ha the sea serpent become oxtlnot
Like Cook Custm and CrIppen It Is
Coen no moma4
Grand Trunk trainmen and cnn
ductorn believe In striking while the
weather Is hot
The way of the transgressor Is hard
when the police of Europe and Amer
ica get after him
Many men mako failure because
they < lo use their own Judgment In
stead of some one elvos
How strange that when nn Impres
sion gains ground It does not plat It
and make an addition of It
llr James A Patten retires from the
wheat pit almost an often aw an opera
tic star makes II farewell tour
Cutting Ice Is always A pleasant
occupation but In tho good old Hummer
time it Is Just too lovely for anything
Mr Armour says there will Im no
more ten dnIKr hogs Foolish pro
diction Them will always be million
dollar hogs
Mr Moyr of the Western Federation
jf Miner wnnonn r that he will at
tack President TaJVs Injunction loll
cy Who laid this Injunction upon his
A Chlraxo woman bee refused to ac
ropt pllrnqriy from her divorced lius
band She may bo a Chicago woman
born but ahe shown that she U not to
the mitiner LKTII
The attack of Honresentntlve Mur
dock on Speaker Cannon and the
sptrtkvrB counterattack on the repre
sentative look very much a8 though
both had meeting itt Ileno In view
Dr O Stanley Hall of Clark Uni
versity ndvociten the encouragement
of fist fights between children ns a
moan of developing their courage and
spirit Thnt Is the snttvo kind of an ar
gument that H used In behalf of prize
It the Colonel does not believe In
nepotism he bbllnves In his nephew
Theodore Douglas Robinson nnd will do
what he cnn to Kecurn his election to
Congress If nominated HIooil alwuy
tins been and always will he thicker
bun water
IlepreJKnlutlve Howard Mnlcoin
Snapp who has represented thin
Eleventh Illinois district In Congress
for four terms announces that he will
not bu a candidate for reelection Ho
Ix convinced that public olllco Is not
a private Hnnpp
Boston Traniscrlpt
To a degree human Nklll Is able to
use UM materials successfully In adapt
ing the blplano or monoplane to the
position a bird taken In meeting the
currents of tho air Hut the birds
planes are Vying structures such tin
huntuit beings lava never been able
to equal with Inert materials Pclcnco
with all Us marvellous advances has
nev r reared any ntructurn compar
able In strength dlmvnnlons mind weight
to u tnll wtnlk of Tlinotlr grnsH To
dD so would mean tho building of a
lower over BOO feet high on a bas
diameter of one foot able to resist
n strong wind by bending and then
springing back under u releawj of pres
sure That Is essentially the final prob
lem of tlii enginedriven nlr plane and
here Is no reason to bellevo It can
ever he salved with tho thoroughness
that mint precede tho attainment by
aIr navigation of any commercial prac
Itlchmond tVa TlmcsDlppatch
That vnn characteristic of the senti
ment of this country In such matter
So sooner Is u man dead however
high huts Htutlon than the friends of thu
living begin to talk about who shrill
wenr his shoes or put on his robes
Many times Indeed we do not watt
until tho breath han left tho body be
fore we stand nt the gate of patron
age and hag that If the Illness of
th public servant prostrated by die
ease hall prove fatal we have the
best luau for his position It Is n
pitiful thing So strenuous Is the life
of theo times so nKcr are mori for
ho honors and emoluments that the
ense of decency Is lost In the scramble
for place
Now York Evening Sun
Dear In mind that several following
lays of extreme heat weaken the nat
ural power of resistance In the body
and that you cant take the chance on
the fourth day of heat which you might
properly take on the first Tho dull
commonplaces of prudence must bo ac
cepted ns the essentials of wisdom In
such weather ns this If you dont
Want to be made III by the heal recog
nlin tho danger front unnecessary ex
osuro to tho nuns direct rays ns just
about ns dangerous as contact with a
moving automobile If you dont you
will bo bowled over you may not he
killed but you will suffer yourself and
Cause anxiety to your friends who have
trouble enough of their own under the
circumstances Which Is to nny He
temperate eat little drink no nlcohol
bathe os often ns ixisslble cultivate n
gentle spirit and be clad you are not
personally required to go out In a field
and play baseball or to train for a
prize fight Dont got excited for this
too will pass but try not to make
the wont of It while It Is going
Mhv Ho UIntlll
All my irtople aid the lellbcrato
speaking mnn who nlunyi look down
when hotnikswere Unlverinlists but
I dissented
Why asked the Human Interro
gation Point
Because T didnt want to believe
that those of us who had Rood sense
would have to fiend eternity In R
heaven contnlnlng the fool who rock
ed the boat Baltimore Sun
1nimn Opinion
IJeYou know that It Isnt your
money I want to marry you for
dont you dear
RhoYes thats whul I told papa
IloAnd what did he unyT
SheHe said If that wits true you
lldnt have ax much sense at he
thought you had Chicago News
lilt Orcupiitlon
So you arc writing stories said
the frtentl
Xot exactly answered the cynical
lltterntpur I nm merely furnishing n
certain amount ot text to keep th
illustrations from running Into ono
another AVnahlnpton Slur
Mud U DlfTcrriicc
Mammn when I hay try prayers
tonight may I pray for rain
Of cnuifo sear Hut dont you
think wove hud enough ruin
Not unite Jennie lone < U going
to have B picnic tomorrow nnd I
aint InvltedClovelnnd Loiter
Too 11111111111
I think hut Lawyer Drllly In tho
meanest man on earth dpclarfrd
IIIIs Pease The othor day when I
testified In thnt divorce suit he ask
ed me what year I was born In und
when I told him 73 lie nicked If I
meant H C or A D1ho
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A Hot Point
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rnrtment fcr particular
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Till ALiEN rrims COMPANY
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Bully Musical Comedy
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site fliioivliiK guar frro fury ulehl
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