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n rT J ir fl
Making Thrills for Coney
tlunfi Left to Chance in the Domain of Roller
Coasters for the Dollars Cease to Trickle in
After Every Island Accident New Devices
Used Year by Year
dollars are In
mechanical rides and
eted in m
T alter railways In this country
A RnJ several million people con
nickels nnd dimes each
tri > utt and
to make the proprietors
JnJIOCr richer The recent wreck ut
Ownlen hland wherein a car III IIWltt
Si IIenl oft the truck nnd caused
Icnl to seven persons lias
1Vre tuntlon to the real dangers of
nfhrnrS Aa a veteran exhlbl
tron t t6 the beach Uowery remarked iMt
uklope dncFI therell bo no more
lope summer The one in
EcWentl the this receipts of all the llnnd
if cut two and III for the Place
rl411 in thr a I ident occurred It rolfiht
laborunion boycott
ii have had a
al Iutd well IIgnelll for alt the business It
nut Iwo wCk
d lhe ySMVwSir continued the
did II htPtfl
hwman That my boy
TtUIOU5 uc of n fool motorman and too
dJ elJclr Juice It wa IIB last trip
Iurh iven nil nnd he was In a hurry
oMthm thS nullle tllcy say 1101110 of
I fl I rs yelleil Let her Ko
the P and Mister Man Itlnda lust his
lICk he threw on full power
head undjn a slrt curve at one of tlin etc
N l t dt recover control with
VllnRl brake and the car How down Into
ij pulllip wilh one nt Us rear wheels
ttIut II the ulr Tho crush came at
aI bourn of the declivity und even
lithe II rasscnsew were Ill hell out
or tunnH tit bruised by tho shock
or rmenM snorted thin showmaiiwho
hi1SttH i In purveying uncom uct
i I rl4t1 of tho nfety cimstor type
Jj Wouldnt have them or the llilidrnll
IT either You cant toll what u
r1dormRn Iu mil 10 hut hero lit the
Ilale I cnn Iuk out and see ecry
ieqw ulIlstuntll be
rldr nnd toy
or my
I < C ulI1 watchful ply the
Ide me e
Mtl Vikc devised to top every
arEea < t brlkes
It the course In case ot trouble
car nn sir I dSnt trust the Juice the
brtktl operated aboard tho cars or the
handle them
Il that
Jq Inqulr hunted vainly last week
hr IOme authority public or private
engineer scientist constructor
or cUl
she could be held remxinlble for lifo
mr limb of rassenncrs on coaster rull
There IB of course a general
Jrtfce pocer over obviously dangerous
S The buIlding department limits
the stoutness and durability of
ttv 1 ti
itrKturn The fire commissioner
tiIr1I against tire Hut the job of su
Hrvlilrg the working of these niinla
tat traniportstion systems belongs to
iotoly and nobody want It The pub
1 in ire commission doesnt Counsel
to Ihe commission grinned and shook
KI ti fa < l when It was suggested the
word railroad In the public service
t that
Intludsd coasters The news
ttl commlMiin had taken to prowling
tout the nfnlc rides at Cone Inland
would tickle Receiver WliltrldKp and
HOI other street car folk but It Isnt
likelY to happen
zw do you test the safety of new
tkrllltri Was asked of u lender In
thli Industry Engineers draw the
flan Committees of scientific ex
tern calculate tho chances mid pa a
ot the prarti ability of now device
I take the flret ride myself was
ti prompt reply Im tho goat After
Iht device has been thoroughly teat
1 y the employees passed by tho
hun lng inipeitors and nny suggested
tapruvemtnts carried out It Is thrown
epn to the public As for jtclentllle
rildinoc I know of none There nro
u Uilbnnks on the hubject that I
1m hard of Tho laws of railway
KflnftrlnR dont upjily In fact wo
tme iharper rimrn steeper gradients
thin the rouM poxsltily use and our
cool lnal1o of power for tho uplifts
Itb fore of gravity for tIm descents
II outiide the ordinary range of their I
aleulatlnnii The coaster business
tw bun built up and Improved by 1
NIt mt llttli hit of Invention and cx
perlnre adde1 to another I
Pleasure railways came Into exist I
nee abrmt 6 years ago L A
Thompson ana H K Jackman have
IIrh been credited with the honor
it bdnc the pioneer While Thomp
un was pulling up his first primitive
ltrhhark where now runs the
fit Hurh Walk nt Coney Island
Jickman wii building his nrst tobog
cia Mlde around the Interior of the
Glob roller skating rink nt Haver
till Man
Thompson Improved his switch
wk Into the scenic railway Instcuid
ef the itratghtiuviiy run there and
wk with h limbs of tenfoot hula
and dents into miniature valleys hI
4trilld a wonderful serpentine ride
wlnith s In and out over the beach
t4j InlerwMvIng Its coils nlinvo
ltd below rl init nltcrnatcly to gldily
ltItId hrlchts and sinking to
Utlnme dCph with the swiftness
and rlno8 of tho traditional witch
Ca her broot tlck To complete Its
irdn the inventor borrowed tho
rarmpherflaIa ot lho stage carpenter
Hi hou ed
foil trtal11 Potions of the
01 u iV as Italac1to caves or glimpses
t Uihe built loft
J tin mnun
th 110 en tliwnK the summits of
a a tOil he ran the toy foil
lad i an i trralll nn < 1 vofanoes through
I or garden of iraradlse And
the great variety of scenic trips now
offered at the easldo from the old
Mill of one season which becomes the
rock road to Dublin the next the
Alps transmogrliled Into the great
divide or Niagara Full vconeshlfted
maybe into the Dragons Jorge
are all bused upon this clever theatri
cal Idea of Thompson
The high elevations and the curves
required power no longer did the
shoulder muscles of employee suffice
to push the car up the hill al on
the old Sea Bench switchback The
employee got aboard and operated a
brake or brakes and grip and endless
cable carried tho car up to tho urn
mil there tho cable was let go and
the vehicle started on Its series of al
ternate dives and rU due to the
push of gravity from the first eleva
tion As the Initial pullups became
higher and steeper and tho length of
the rliles was Increased from n few
hundred yards In moro limn a mllo
third rail wore substituted for rabies
on Home of the newer railways nnd
the brukoman developed Into the
electric niotorniRn
Six of L A Thompsons rides in
Clrealor New York ate operated by
cable und gravity the remaining or
b electricity The corporation ho
hiiids 11 milliondollar affair ban PJ
mechanical railways III tho United
States beside several In KuVupo mind
throughout the list though the cable
clutch mm nil release bu automatic theres I
iluuyh n man aboard each titilt In
charge of the carbrano The scying < at
one Inland Is that b A ThoinpHon
it lucky which probably IIHWMH that
U A fh1II11 OIl U careful Certainly
limo record of accidents shows his sys
tem of peruonal train guidance to have
proved us satisfactory HS tho soiMllecl
automatic safety coaster
Gui Man Jackman as the IsluiJoru
cull him InvonttU the latter type It
wan suited u while back that ho built
lihi first contrivance n toboggan lldo
nrouml tho limlilo of n ndler rink at
JIaverhlll In US3 or ISS4 The skating
craze was then at Ha height and the
visitor to tho Globe rink had his choice i
of gliding over the smooth floor or
Hplnnlng around time exciting curves of
the tilde tho tracks und cars of which
skirted the walls of the building Jack
man was a Yankee carpenter of little
book learning but great Ingenuity Ills
success III his homo town lod to his
gutting tho contract of making the
toboggan suites for the Ice sports ut
Montreal Ico or seaside slippery sur
aco or track made no dllfercnco to
Jnckmnn ho visited Now York amid
1hlladolphla and within a short time
was constructing his thrillers at nil
the popular beach resorts From tho
simple toboggan was gradually evolved
he highly complex safety coaster And
wlillo his rival Thompson steadily kept
In mind the Idea of n railway mid
I scr Increased the distance uf the
journey Jackman carpenterlike built
noi t of his structures within tho
dimensions of n goodsized houso or
imusement pavilion rime look of even
he newest ones reminds the spectator
of nothing > o much as of the good old
substantial framework Joiners put UI
for big barns and dwellings before the
lays of steel booms and concrete rein
A myriad sticks of seasoned timber
mltcd nnd nailed u wilderness of cross
1 > leces supports and stays a car track
hat quickly mounts to n height of 75
or 100 foot circles the level top dips
suddenly for a partial descent rises
again In scary Illght makes n second
circuit lower than the tlrst amid so on
circles dips and rUes till like a bird
or an aeroplane It strikes the ground
level nt last That Is lackmnns Oust
er Tho cars run iowKeep your
enter of gravity below your center of
height says Jackman on soft Iron
I alls strapped to supports of yclllw
line A loading lover at tho start at
aches tho car to the chain which car
ries It up another lever unloads lie
car from thr chain and other grips
likewise operated from the round be
low elevate track brakes which by
pressing the wheels fom beneath re
duce the speed on the curves An
emergency brake U supposed to slop
everything when required Heights
and descents are so calculated or so
tried out by actual experiment that
tho unrnndticted car returns after Its
swift flight nt snails paco to IIi
starting point
IIcBldns the cars operated by car
brakcmon or inotormen and the auto
matic coasters just described n third
and novel typo of mechanical rldo has
just boon Installed nt Coney Island
This Is the pneumatic railway a
curious return to the power projects
of 40 years Ago when a company wnn
organized and plans wero drawn up
for a Now York underground railway
to be operated by compressed nlr The
system used Is exactly the reverse of
the post nllico pneumatic mall tubes
Instead of pushing the cars forward
by compression they are sucked the
entire length of the tube towards tint
partial vacuum caused by a ninefoot
diameter llywhcol revolving nt th >
rate of 210 revolutions a minute Time
Oreek philosopher who remarked that
naturo abhors a vacuum should have
witnessed lime pretty Illustration of his
IUI LttCfllth nenlr 1 ° r Epfranto the International auxiliary language who
4aist H lo t sixth annual 1 Pernnto Congress to be held In WahlnKton
> tUd JIUlsla uo Dr Z ame hot 1111 distinguished physician of Waraw
p r3i 11t <
Now United Slates minister to Ilherlu Africa
H u
= o
theory Time broad back of the car Ill
ting snugly the shape of tile tube mind
doors nt the farther tube exit form aim
air chamber Merrily the llywheel
draws out the air ahead of the car
cttiiklnir the vehicle tu move fnrwmd
with great 91 > < < wl towHrcts the point
whfero the car body Itself paaxes over
und blocks time all vent to the Hywheet
AH soon as that happens theres no
longer a vacuum between the car and
time tube doors Its momentum com
presses the air uheud tho pro < sure qt
which In turn awlnWH the dior who
and the car roll forthwith Into the
TIs a jolting jouncing liwlrraiilng
rldo for there are no brakes or other
control tho nllgteel conveyance and
low wheels are peculiarly rigid Nnd
heavy and one U lucky not to be spilled
Into ones nclKhliorM lap before the trip
Is half over Also the < greater part of
tho rldo Is In pitch darkness nut It
has already found Its place and that
a popular one In Coney Islands uer
category of amusements Jiitrontiluay
learn for one thing how the y iWicC
be likely to feel It Instead of tfHvfilg
heads and trunks and extremltl fItliey
wero reduced to letter Iu ntid yet
retaining entire conscIousness won
shot through Uncle amx mall tub
nt tho rate of SO or 00 miles an hlir
In fact Mr Stotzol the partner of the
Inventor and exhibitor Henry J Cohen
Is already preparing to supply the Cin
cinnati post office with a vacuum ox
press tube of thin new sort The nn
sny Ihe y can shorten mall transports
lion In any larxo city by i 1 liouis nail
with a railway tube reduce the running
time between Now York and Chicago
to 12 hour Anyhow the pneumatic
ride has hud no accidents as let un
like tho luckless monorail
Tho psychology of coasters tubes and
other infclmnlcHt rides is simple It Id
the vision of sudden dratlt mich nt
Do Qulncy the opiumeater pvpell
encod atop an Kngllsh tagj I oneji jog
King off Its 15 or 20 mlleit ail hbur
Without narcotics to aid thein Aiiifcrl
can pleasurereekors want much faster
rides than that to make their pulses
race amid their heads swim After nnj
of the newer rides such as hve beau
lately Installed at Coney UlanI or In
the suburbs a writer like De Qulncey
would probably IIMVO had no Confes
sions to write Henry MncMnhon In
N Y Evening Post
Take for Instance the socalled aero
plane coaster which alms to reproduce
the sensations of a Curtlss or a Illeriot
swooping down to owrth One shoot
precipices with heart In mouth circled
the sky or so It seems climb tarrlllc
hill thinking ascIi moment the clutch
will break faint with the experience
then plungos down down to strike
headon the plllam and post that ap
pear to approach at a inllvumlnutc
clip But no Miracle of miracles Tile
pillars recede the car passe safely
under Goodness Were up to the bluo
sky again Another last nerve
racking plunge nnd with blanched
faces and shaking limbs the patHengois
glide Into port of gaudy terra flrmu
with Its familiar crowds electric lights
barkers amid starters
Step out lively It youre not taking
B second ride
One steps out AS lively as he can
and contemplates the throngs In dazed
fashion A string of ticketbuyers
stretches from the box ofllce clear
across tho street Thirty or forty pros
pective riders who have already paid
wait their turn Impatiently on the plat
form The carrousel down the block
Is taking In scattering nickels tb > <
safe and sane miniature railway
that hugs the ground runs empty lit
passengers but the contraption youi
Wives of Weissensee
And the Bookmakers
How the linen Course Corrupted n Pleasant nrrntnii Town nml Xenrly
DIOVI Hi Male Poiitiliitloii Into 1 inmlu rum nt cv fill 11 the Vhci fume to
The HcMtie nml fiirnUlirii the Police With ICtlilcmv on Vlileh US
11Ifll of Odds Wen Arntcd ami sent to liill Clues Iound In I I its
hands PockelK nt MklnlnlU
Special Corrriionlciieel
KRUX July 2OtSen short
B miles from the beam of lhU
sleepless city ainjd noo I
meadows dream th < tJ f LI
urbs of W clss nF e and XtJII VttUltn
see Iretty rooeco llla anti lent lint
ty flat houses rill clltTlIke from tliw
llowerlntr meadows there Is a tound
translucld lake edged with dnldn u
park a toppling echloss neat llttl
avenues frlnR d with Innocent plane
trees and 0 dcllRhtful deep oieye < l
children And happy homes Innumer
able At least Ie men Imagined Hut
ns liden had Its serpent and tho Ue
perlan gardens heir drawn 4x tV
Scls onsees were plftHUefl W iier MbJ
enemy of virtuous men who ha hap
pily however at last been put to flight
by the redeeming devotion of wifely
Ills sulphurousness laid out nrur
VeUcenree nn excellent racecourse
and alTered tempting prizes for thi
fastest trotters The venture thteaten
to fall Ilosroctable > Voli olllle < jnever
had heard of trotters bafnrc nnil at
tlrut regarded with just eusplehm tkg
evil ones contrivance Hilt ln rt hiiriN
In all blool and Welisenree sue
cum < o < 1 It l > eK an to attend the rn n
At first It attended furtively In twu
and threes with hat pulled down ovr
eyes or In disguIsing blue spectacled
Hut ss the seduction grew thin shams
disappeared Ve4seiinee came In ten
And twenties then In hundreds and it
last wholesale so that soon Its wtinu
male population spent Sundays and
holidays watching Ihe Intoxkatlns
sport Tho churches wore empty Skit
ties lost their charm There were no
more Idyllic walks with wires and
J ii iJoal
id > JJY J Ill > > > r
have just ridden In aeropl ni coaster
or U may be u Hide to the iuds
Is coining money for Its IIPriders at
the rate of 7r or tl0 an boom
ot iom Mf If patrons nf Ph i rMes
were actually killed as on eiclm of th
dlaiy descents they halt expect In be
the iinmeyrrmkliiK schemes of the
showmen would be defcHteil and the
coasters would coast no more IVrsons
of weak henrt or ajxiplertle tendency
attempting harlklrl are likely to fluid
the ouster n quicker niole of exit
than pistol sword lope or 11111 Phy
KlclaiiM warn such jmtlents imiln till
thrillers mid the showmen id no know
the hanger and welcome no ill pntroni
As tii the average healthv urllnour
Ishnd Am rlean the suhkt lifT rldS ap
pear lo affect him not An proof that
their rides are not Injurious the ex
hibitors point to mntonnen rind brake
men who have piloted the eirs fop
years without apparent Ions of bodily
vigor or mental stamina
The chief danger lies In the construc
tion from year to year f strcfin and
steeper coasters of new thrills that
take greater amid greater liberties with
power gravity curvature II < lOw lnw
of motion One enterprising spirit de
vised a model of n train thAt should
climb to a lofty level and then Jump
clear nut Into the void fay IS or 20
feet straight down onto the next ut
of tracks He showed hut his work
Ing model with tho msnnlklns Inside
of It performed the leap with Infinite
correctness and security and he only
awaited orders to begin construction
Hut the older showmen balked luckily
for the public
The building department to Its credit
be It Mid has forfended a reat rainy
accidents The opening of s new ride
recently Initialled at the Island was
halted three weeks while the Inspectors
obliged the inventor to hank the
curves lay giiardpleoes along the
tracks and reduce by onethird
his speed whlrh It was saId
amounted orlclnally to f 0 miles
an hour The structures and
roadbed of all the roads are In
spited hy the department e ch spring
and after the accident last month n
force of men was sent down to look
over everything and vigilance was re
doubled Moreover there In dilly In
spection of the rides by employes of
the managements
The life of a weenie railway or safety
coaster varies from 15 to 25 years
Voodon roadbetla Brow spongy Iron or
steel tracks wear bolts and nail work
loose timber of the framework deterio
rates unless painted yearly or oftener
and though worn part are renewed
the wooden structure Inevitably be
comes less secure ns It reaches
the end of Its oeond de
cade The strains and tresses
are exceptional while the stanchneos
and the weight of the equipment and
coit tiuctlon are petty as compared
with tlioc of < busne railroad And
the rides are Invented and operated
not by skilled engineers but at the best
by clever mechanics
The need of regulation and supervi
sion by authorities expert In lucia vari
ous problems of safety durability nnd
transportation Is obvious Huch regu
lation would undoubtedly follow nn ac
cident that killed nr maimed many per
sons It should bo begun lerore and
not nfter such n possible catastrophe
Granted that the mechanical rides
are as wife as any trolley car or the
train from New York to Chicago they
require wlentllli Inspection just as do
the treet clurs nf the stedm railroads
Henry MacMHtton lit Now York Kve
nliig Post
weethe rtH down the plinttrM ave
nues and tears over abent fathers ap
peared in the children deepMta ye
JhMfliie the Veliwoniienrs betted
ana lot Ignoring the pflrmlttwl to
Ulliitrtr system which swlndloi you
slowly and honestly they laid thel
money with letting men from Ilerlln
who unlawfully made hook on lingllh
and American line and or POll >
ntnrteil for home each evening with
beaming faces and inflated wad Vey
different were hiresand lIdaIn
Welawnse1 Hveryone wn hard up
Hiubaml had no money for theatur
children pUynd without toy the 11111
brn > ous l rKwrd vi went bankrupt
and summer hats dwindle like Hil
lejd comet Muslnen growled peev
lull hunberidx has gone to the lrgj
What wan worsein the bootcmnkers
wake came enameled Indies from Itor
nfl who smiled to the erring husbands
and soon It was seen that chile AVeln
ernsees headgear hrlvel 1 th enam
eled ladles halo waxed In radius and
radiance Things were Iwcomlnp black
1 was the fault of he deyll his
racoe M and 11 rorruitlon at tlw
Hunylonlnii metropolis drlfteMa her
self would have lost pallonee Hut tho
hour ol deliverance was nigh
The wive of Vlsrensre met In
council for seirdefeno Dlssennlons
were forgotten And ladles who had
never hitherto exchanged nod kIssed
ono another so ardently that powder
tilled the sir What wn to ha done
expostulation curtalnlceture coz
flings and threats It was agreed had
been niesi siilllelently nnd In vain It
was rererved for Krau jrlnrr a local
doctor wife to propound a remedy
r j U i m
Doctors of Known Reliability and Skill
i Now Names Now Facos Now Troubles but tho same old storyCures Cures
t Read the Proof From Living Witnesses EzMrt llp Treatment Knlnrtlllll
Illarkfixit Iilitlid
BUrkfoot Ma July JOIIi rlu
Icr IaLorsI have uflid
fr Ihe pilet i years with pnll 1
my bark and shoulders and ilao
my sionmcliIn bet I wu Hlniosi
n total wreck I eould not work
roe could I sleep and hud no apes
tile I hd 6 physicians treat me
And used lots of patent mdlcln
but got no relief until I hsd been
taking DeL flhore treatment fur
the pout 4 month and I < sn say
that I am A new wommi I do m
own work now I tat well end sleep
nrll and calm recommend Drs
Rhorcs tu anyone who suffers as I
I have never suffered any latin
since I first began treatment and I
thank you for the Kraut rood you
lave don me liars Is One of my
pictures It you wish In usi I for
the benoflt of other Hlnr r ly
5 a Month
Medicines Free
For nil Cnlnrrlutl Chronic nNrwM
to lhn o vln > mummy ili lrp treatment
If jou pay more you vnMo inonoy
Ihrro N no lid icr Itvitlinriit al
oIl > nrlcc
linvc N ehcn the voluntary ts
llmony of llnci luillnitH ulio have
IKVII eiuresi by lire luMp Hume
Trcnliiiont iilono Think ut lint thl
moan lo 11 lose it h < > liavo no cood
IIH iurs at I momitit tliliiU nIlII It
11111 I n you ilnii lictor > can
euro such imi ass bj lurill fun niiirli
bet icr nro i mlr cliii tires I von im ii ii
I hlmi tl In > nearby mill ciin rail for
piTMinal us I tent Immm I tend all these
statements they romo from Hie
heart mimi ml arc full of human Inter
CM Write these people It you wish
further proof cncloxlni lml for
time reply IjAST HIT XOT IIST
OUltslLl AM ni Clnm
As the husbands she opined had sur
combed not to the Innocent tr ttcrx
but to the allurement of hazardous
bets the only solution was to send the
Ixiokmakers to jail
It the police cant catch the book
makers how can wc nsked 1 dis
The police cant wash babies but
weat least I can snapped Fran
llnH And tho meeting she coun
seled should elect HII espionage com
mittee track down the lawbreaking
hook 1 kM and then having shown
Its finesse In detective work for the
courser work of capture call In the p
At first the amazed meeting gasped
Jut lovely > woman Is receptive to Ideas
A moment later the despairing wives
wavered next they judiciously hs
uNcoil and finally they unanimously
approved of the unparalleled proposal
Amid a shower of kisses and powder
the meeting dispersed
The beginning wan hardest There
were no clues Hut the resouvi ful
wives enlisted a youthful aulvci ate
who had been only once on tin1 ri > ro
course and wan not wholly lost He
was deeply In love with Frau Ixlncr s
rosy daughter anti with ono of t1vf
overwhelming caresses for which gViri
men pledge their souls and poor men
their overcoats Frauloln won him lrt > >
the plot Thus wore secured the Initial
facts I took time to find the rest
In midnight silence while snoring bus
bands dreamed of backing winners tr
1 million their miardlnn angel lrv 1
out of bed and stole their pocket bokrt
searched for the bookmakers names
copied suplclou nddrespes and s ca
inilously analyzed every ambiguous
note They found Incidentally it 18
said scented notes from Herllns 1
ft in r led femininity but thin was suf
f < > td In silence for the sake of the
common CHUM Once n woek the com
tnlttee met and collated the material
and so on Industriously until the idn
tlty of the sinful bookmakers wns
known thoroughly Then after a mnntb
of unrctnlttcd labor the blow thundei
ou ly fell
A memorandum signed by 21 lit
t In llhe1 wives of Vol Mnee readied
the police with names addresses ups
rrlptlons and beauty mArks of the
bookmakers and lat nf their crime
Next HuudHy Ueliwiooe race om I
1 Re more thin usually thronged In u < 1 j
illtion to tho loo male and the unuil
Kerlln concourse there were a more < i
mi of Imrpnosed strangers who Heni
it to take keenest Interest In the mr
fr they ought out the lawbreaking
bookmakers and skd then to Uy
them odd In the excitement no one
noticed that M flercewlkorerl police
men had tramped on to the course and
Mhen the favorite Sohnellzug trotted
victoriously to the finish the nhari
nosed strangers tapped tit bookmaker
era elltows nnd sId You had bettor
come along quietly And half an bom
later threnandtwenty hreaker upnf
homes were entrained for the cnpltnl
tu b lodged In lnhnnltnble jails
And all endnt like 1 novel In court
Frau elner and 1 triumphant Ialer
swore the bookmakers liberties aw v
An Impressed judge paid them compli
ments an Impressed Jut thrilled by
feminine Ingenuity forgot to yawn
Hut how did you get the address of
the prisoner Arthur Knlpper asked I
the judge <
Oh It fell nut of my husbands
Pocket when he wa asleep was the
And the Impressed judge smiled and
puld sllll further r m pi Invents And of
all men present wtw heard the inter i
eating tale only LIme bookmakers felt
The hubnnds of course were de I
lighted They were saved from them
selves There was a marked decline of i
spectators at Vel wenr eei last rae i
Instead timers were processions of lov
ing couple In the planetree avenues
nnd around the daisyedged Ilk And
regenerated IVitiseenees Is full of
laughter nnd light
The mood ot his n < iIphurnu neM Is
not ea certain I Is faared that ho In
llllnl still further pitfalls to ensnare
the children of men
JtJKfit A
c t IIID
Mr lurk says I wish to report
that after eking your treatment for
two months for 1iiUrrhnl deafness
Iliad my hearing Is completely reitnrfj
al I han at u for OVKR TVKNTV
ClJOfKTl tip
I mnnot sapteer to you my crstl
hIM Iatli
tude and how thankful YiU feel that 1
can now convert with inv > How
man without him having to almost
yell at me
I end you my photo by mall to
day Itetpect fully your
huntington ftah
Wrnk llriilmit let > ly uomen
Cut fTvii ii g from lie UN pcMMillar II
the sex nUll lire Shores treatment
prompt mu Ill I wonderful In results
roiiMiltallon free and conllilcntlal
Heart Brain and Nerves
Surli an HiiYo lreeihuug Inlplta
hum Krir of ImvendlnK Danger ele
And nil Its attending ailments both
In the young and mlddl > aaed The
awful efrieis of neglected or Improp
erly trentid aHI pruduclna weak
flea of body end brain dizziness
falling mvmrry lark of entergy pains
and other dlstrvslng symptoms un
fitting one for xtudy buslnes or the
enjoyment of life
Blood and Skin Diseases
Uleod pfilunn in lie different stuiges
Bcrnfula Tumors Eemma also Etrli1
11M and OlMiiies
Mrs Jii ssvf
IV YS IUEI nt the onico or
I hy mail
V Mxv rtitis ix si LA 1 i I 1
umimilicul Idaho tl
I I 111 hlII F rca fr I
I II In 1r mc Bd r
ru I r I I nW f num r rises
I I iYu 1 wi i ivO 1 c n1 d bv ill
ire tel ii M > liulS W Ine J
f thrrn 11 mv wn ill L i l I
cr5 II 1 iiritumni m t hue
The IMnieil I hit gall stCui and
I I hrr I troiihle hui did u o 1It me I
I wrote to I > rs Shores gel trmn
thflr irentmfnt when I wui bed
rut ansi null not nov nlf In
two week I felt better munch In me
month win up and around dlng
my housework and feeling splen E
did This ImDrovement tins ben
permnnent nllhodRti I nm f 1 years r
old nnd have suffered for 30 years r
fell away to skin and bones lost fl
my brth Imd enid sweats nnd
terrible pnlns now t feet nlerdd
an < l nil Mnlnd thinks I was once
t fem
1 Ilf lfd frnm the Ida Vrie
mo If vnu want mnn > rartlrulnrs
you tit > BUrr
I Signed I
Signediulilfi PAVIP r tONKa I
We Treat and Cure
CATAHHH Dcuflic lio o and
throat trouble ear < 1aI broIl
rhlil nnd hmc trouble 1 nMhma 1
Hoiniicli llvrr and Kidney il > >
bhiiMcr troubles female < pIn In ts
rhronlo dleavi of women anil
children heart dNcn1 nervous
dl o iMvi enllei Chorea Kt VI
tu Dnnce rleketH sciatica nml
rheumatism dl rtihes of tho ho >
I UiJ5JlflIfim1a
vriie MAl If von live
a out of lon for free
symptom list
Do not despair bca Lon y u live
Nt A ilistanco from the Iii 10
Shores new system of HMK
TUKATMBNT make It 0555 to Je
cxpeit advice and treatment nt
home WHITE for their new symp
tom list and take ndvantaue of the
urand specIal offer fONSllTA
Tin = 1lfP wh nl y < n41
treatment or not time advice cots
nl nothing
Week mini 0 am to 1 pm even
In ps 7 lo s p m I Sunday 10 111
lit IS noon
Drs Shores Shores
ix rirr siKii llSTS
21 Main Street
Opposite KelihOlrlcn s Store
Makff It pretty hot for us these days
and especially for the ladles who do i
their can cooking
Ever notice how tired they are how i
warm and how they almost lose their
appetites after working around I hot I
coal fire for a few hours Thousands of
w men are free from these troubles
L they COOl WITH GAS Every woman
HUOtII because It costs so little to have
OAS Installed Aide to have the OAS
1 MAN call and explain the proposition ii
Utah Gas
Coke Co
I dla
6165 Main SI Phones 4321 J
n r 1
h If l
Half Price
As long as they last our Ele
gant Line of
Hall Price
A Large Variety from to Select
Deseret News Book Store
6 Main Street

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