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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, August 03, 1910, Last Edition, Image 1

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Continuous Aihrrllslncr In n Strnn
ST J I Inclnr In OfMrlllittr Coinnrtlllmi
J Hi JCtpry Working I > ny
their Victory at Primary Elec
tions Yesterday Was
Almost Complete
p n Anthony iiml 1 I Cnmpbcll
0111 Ite iilnri ihoon StiihtM
ro Hile Scnnlorlal Oindlilulo
TOlka Has Aus Insurgents
a complete victory ut the
alrnont 1
Kintal jirlmnrlM
fit out of eight Inturgcnt iongrrss
been noinlnutcil plte of
m tn hll e
tytn thing tho eongreislonul orRinlza
Washington and the u gulnr
ta In
could do to savo their men
laK < inMw
run fioin 1000 to 3500
Tttfr mAJorttle
Of the lx Mtnndpit coiiENMHinvn
renotnliintlon only
Ufa wle locking
tjiourc lire of having their tinmen on
the ticket IhlB jill In tho 1hlld Ills
u kt P 1 Campbell dcfoiiletl Arthur
Crtiulun Insurgent In tho rirnt dls
trtrt Hrpreicntntlvo D H Anthony u
Cannon adherent won over T
lining lannOI atherlnt
C McNeiil Insurgent Anthonys ma
J rlly win be close to CW
IlfprcMiitatlve William A Calder
hid 1 the Klflh loader of flu Htuml
4tcr > nan defeated by about 2000
Victor unlock Und V I Mndlton
Injurgenl lender hail no opposition
And will b retumeil to Congioss
W n Etubbii for governor him been
rfnominated with a majority over
Thomas Wagstaff of nbout 20000 or
JCW more Ibnl ho hud over Cy leland
to yearn itCh Htubbs IK nil Insurgent
Wsrll I regular
From the riesent Indication the He
publican 1iirulldateii for Congress In
Kinai nil be
First Plstrlit D H Anthony utand
patur Leavenwoiih majority over
lltswl nbout fO
See nd Plitrlvt A C Mltcholl In
turjcnt Lawrence majority over Scot
10W Third DUtrlct Philip 1 Campbell
itindratlrr PillKburg nominated by
reduwd flsures
Fourth DUtrlet Frederick S Jo
e Iniurirfnt Kureku majority over
Jlfllfr JMO
Fifth PUtrlct n I llees Insurgent
lilnneapohs MWt majority ocr Calflerhcnd
Flllh PIMilct I n Young Insur
Ml Ui > Betoit majority over Ileeder
tfnth lrlctKdw H Madlton
f Wfiit1ncuinbcritrD6dge City
Eighth District Victor Murdock In
rjrttnt Incumbent Wichita
rent who was lenomlnnted Is
wnjldfred n probable opponent of P
P Senator riinrle Curtis In 1912 Ho
B M up with the urgrnls whit Ron
hot Curt took part In the recent cam
Nlirn In behalf nf the regulars
rlJn D m < Hial < hud no candidate for
CWirrcM In the First Inc Klghth dls
trkti In the First J II OAlgerti
Mm ni written on the ballot He
ni nemliutNl In thn other dUtrlitn
lb nomination of the followliiB Domo
< nti U Indicated
Ewend DlHrlct Ornnt Hnrrlncton
Xtnui City
Third DlctrietS T Ilotkln Vlnflelit
Fourth Dlntrlct Henderson Mnrtln
Fifth tricta T Helverlnp
Slith lrltll O C Bter Oberlln
g vnth 1IetultG A Neely Hutch
The lateet figures nvullublf nt noon
I 8s the vote of Itepubllrnn Ilintlldnlesi
It5Qolugree Ire II folho nt tho Tuonrtny prlmnrlcg
First Jinlrid Anthonyii inujorlty 1
1 Send ilUlrict Mltcfiellii tnnjorlty
lt0 Third dlhtrlvt Oampbells mu
l rbi SOOO Fourth district Jack onH
AjerIty 1 Fifth dlntrlet UPON
l rlty lute HlxtJi dlnlrlct In doubt
hung Insurgent probablY him porn
maj rtty
1ladlsnn lit the Snvcnth and Murdoclt
Injh KlRhth had no opposition
Tht two rcRularx renomlniitecl nro
Alithony ana Campbell
CM SlubhV majorIty over Thomns
E Vir taff In extlrnnted nt 25000
mr UItlHls
111S ox virrouv
Wichita Km AUK 3Tho slcnlfl
tance of th overwhelmlni liiHiirBont
Ctory In KmiHflg 1M twi folil pall
t nirrMiiinnn Vlrtor JIurdock today
Frt It I A complete repudiation of
loth acne nnd the RjHtcm by whlrli
ft hu ruhlxsl tho peoldo of
11 II
ytree Rov rnmrnt In tho hOI e Scott
nltr anrt Iliodor were rhnlrmen of
Important houno cmnntlttcei whlt
Camtrh iid IAA on the wa1 and
meaui cnminlltcr 1 v ori > benten bo
fUe the ubtcrlbcd to tho Cannon
ifond The KaniHH insurgent vlc
tory h In fTirt by the Ilepiiblleang of
Kanta tn Mny WIth rmi > haxlH to tho
citron that the Itepuldlciin party of
naaui hI endnrnlnc Oovernor StnblM
nfl the Kimnii lumrxcnu In KnnKiw
JtaM for Imniedlitlp anil effoctlvo
IrWatloti fr nid to drive specIal nnd
tinh lntprHi out of control In
Artrln imlltlcn
Guthrl Ok I ZIncurgeot
kpUblIca lncurlfnt
Ih PUWIran oandldates for Cone In
JrmMY r Inction yetterdiy went
dthllttP 11 throe Oklnnnmn dIstrIcts In
dni1llr returns linvo been ob
lAIncj o
tln In p nf omlnatlon ollowlnc tmdll tlrl
h Ilrtt hlrunni flitrjt Bird K McOiilre Pal
tdWArd ceond fj ltlrt1lrk T Jlorsan
lard ineumlieuut
ThIrd 111lrlI J Creger Musko
cee lllmblt J Crllr
b4j In the Fnurlh dIstrict C M Camp
Uon ftIUhr Puhllean bed no oppo
iJn hln
l In
lu the prt
i lIHh dlltrkt return
to0 rtur aM yetI
I ruurB tn V which of the three
IUIIIII annltlntM wits successful
Ir nr known to have been
1nt for r ongresa a follows
ruled ni IS folow
nHa Dlarlflnml I Davenport
nHaorlh rltricthlrlcN D Carter
neturn < iumbent
em e of the Sri coaling tn loIY and
YetnOIC parts of tho state
nt K Itllo
tow b nira from before humor
Tare COJllt rturH Indicate that the
tUFTay lf Crucn tin > W H
ray for the ICrnOeratIc 1
f nioeratle nomination
cm noilnntol
OVetflr Wfls COIC with
Itd r 11 cloIl CruC
OJph 1 SaudI margin
1 ° r uthrlo Ii
54 Of rUlnlll
Ferguw for tho
OmlA He
PbUan FrKull
PoU subernatorlol le
n 1 nomination
i 1
< l
Hclvldern N J AUK 3Thu
honor of Blinking lmnu with Theo
dore IlooHevcll almost lOt T J
Klten his life Col Hoonovolt trav
eling Kouthuard to tho coal ilU
trlcti by automobile on Monday
accosted Hhea to aak for guidance
on the roidn through the ouUkirtu
of Dclvlduru
After Sheu had given the doalrod
Information Hooievelt Ittinrd over
and Kliook huida with him Khun
Wil overwhelmed at the honor and
UUH BO eager to tell hU friends that
hI rin to mllei Into he city and
dropped unconscJouii just 008 ho wan
about to Kunp out tho news 1 took
two dHtora four hours to bring
h1 arou nil and he will not ho out
of dungnr for several dayn He hnl
long suffered from heart dltoHo
nnd ho had been warned ulnKt
hard exercIse
IIIIII lnrscr Proportions ali
I iiiwi cd l > eIuloiit lrnlll May Ho
eloji u lll irenl DUonler
Madrid Aug 3The agitation of
the Uornan CatholIcs In northern Sliln
who arc In grout lIt sIdIng with the
vn t leu n in tho ponding conflict with
the Siianlitli government Is steadily as
stilling larger proportlnns
The urnuiilxciK of tho proposed manl
fexUttlon at Sun Sebastian against the
cabinet of Premier Unnalejao and Its
policy toward tho vatican declare
that the domonstrittlon will take place
In spite of the rofutal of tho niithorl
tliw to grant poiniUiton for It They
export 100000 churchmen to visit the
rummer capital und participate In the
demoiwtratlon before the kings palace
tug 7
The prohibition of thin demonstration
wan printed It la said on tho repre
sentation of tradesmen that the 11
moiiHtration might ouHlly develop Into
great disorder
Parl August 3 King Alfonso who
with his queen IK tho guest of the
Trench republic had I long conversa
tion with Premier Urland last night I
U premimed that the religious situa
tion In Spain formed a subject of dU
ChIcago Aug 3 Playing a hand or
gan at a street corner In Chicago In
good for < 10 a day according to George
Turner a blind mecllcant arroxted last
uI pi lit
AVIten yoarchcd at the Harrison street
station 1710 WHS found on him or this
amount SIO was in dimes
Treating his lady frIends to au
tomobile rides and cafe luncheon
and going to theater nnd amusement
pak cost Turned S n day on an
Turner who In CO years old will ho
charged with n serious offense A girl
13 yours old who has been panning as
his daughter was arrested with him at
a rooming house
A woman who gave the name of
Jennie Patterson also was taken Into
custody She cnmn to Chicago from St
louU with Turner nnd the girl about
four months ago
lie totd mo to ay that he was my
father antI that my numo wits Mil
Turner tho girl told Sfcrgt Duffy
Kr sInce I ran remember I lived
with him In St IxmK at 312 north
Third street near Olive While there
I went to the cathedral and tho icode
The pollen got after Mr Turner and
dr < ne him out of St lonls He told mo
that I hind two sister their names he
said were ilella and Han Oelad
Cllace liny N H Aug SHy tho
capsizing of a sailboat off Tahlrhciid
C 1 three Ion grandfather la
thcr and son were drowned
thrr ln
discovered by tho finding
tragedy was thl nllnl
of the upturned boat half I mile offshore
o hats floating underneath
shore with two 8trl In
derneath It IH supposed that the boat
was capsized tYI sudden saimll
Motion AUF 3Jnu seldom kill but
It has robbed Mrs Sam Ahmnn Hager
ty of Londonderry Ireland of her
voice Physicians at Carnegie hospital
nay thnt while the case Is n remarkable
one they entertain hope that she may I
recover her speech
Mrs Hagerly who Is 70 yearn oh
arrived from tIm old rounlry on thu
htenmnhlp Parisian to make her home
with her son James Hagerty of Paw
tucket H I who mot her As the
big ellmhll wan ploughing up tho
harbor cabin pasengers noticed thnt
hnrbl Hngerty became much excited I
When neiirlng the dock she saw her
son nlrlll exchanged greetings hut I
board It wan found
when he arrived on Inl toul1
that she could not speak
KtS 1 Conductor Siilil to hate Con
fcMtl tn hate Headed Ciimplrncy
Oakland al Aug 3Friuk How
land I former Southern Pacific con
ductor who IIK arrested nt his homo
here yesterday has admitted th < po
lice City that he wn Rt tho head of
a swindling conspiracy among employe
In the companyM dining car servlc
which according to the railroad of
ficial has netted about J4000 In the
Inn four or flvn weeks
Slips Issued by the company to din
ing car conductors and which after
ratrons write their order thereon an
ratronl wrlt <
used In checking up accounts worn
counlerfrtted I IK charged by Ilow
land and distributed among his allege
lanl consplraliirH to be Niibsllluled
fellow cmsIlrRtll b 8lhllulp <
for the companys reglsteied slips
IJlhographlng plates with which HIP
alleged counlcrfelllng was done hav
been found In I local establishment
Ho far Rowland has refused to dis
close the names of others Bald to bo
Involved In the conspiracy
1 n 7 j i t
As Temporary Chairman of Iowa
Republican Convention Did
Not Mention His Name
Majority Itrport of Itooliilloiw Coin
millet Iliri I In re Ucfcrmri tt
Nnllonul Ailiiltil lnilloni
DOM Molnef Iowa Aug 3 Henatoi
CummliiM threw the Ilepubllcan mate
convention Into disorder today when bo
named the party of Lincoln of Grant
of Hoouoll etc Ignoring President
Former Congreiwmiin l icey a stand
patter walketl Into the center aiMI cry
Ing Tuft Taft Tar Tuft III which
he wan Joined by hlH fellow stalwarts
Hoosevella name was cheered stand
Ing cummins who spoke as temporary
chairman Ignored I icoyH cry but It
was sOniC time before he could resume
A number of tocalled regulars dir not
stop to hear the address out
I wan 1 oclock before the resolu
tions committee was named and sent
to Its deliberations It stands six prog
rtwMvos to he standpatters AH the
latter threaten to demand ceaseless
roll rail It nan believed by many tilt
1 night session would bo necessary
The majority report of the resolutions
commlltci endorses Gov Carroll nnd
there Is meioly a courtesy reference
to the national administration
Tho committee of permanent organi
zation chose Senator Cummins for per
ininent chairman by I vole o 6 to G
Chairman Cummins was frouuonlly
cheered by the progressives the atjil
warts generally remaining silent unless
to Interrupt him
He referled to hnpclcfx and reslmln
IIIR reactionary ali declared that the
Republican party mutt speedily be
come all progressive or all standput Ha
declared It would be easier la make tho
RepublIcan party all progressive than
secure proper legIslatIon from 1 Demo
erotic administration He averred that
Payne Aldrich Dalzell and other no
called regular were no more In favor
or the principle of protectIon than
the progressives The Republican
were prOrtl lIB nOlublo
an party ho wild wax not formed to
mnke mIll rich but to make them tree
The various committees went Into
session at the conclusion of tho ad
I rose
With the exception of tho Pecond dls
trlct meeting the caucuses were soon
er five choosing stand pat members
of the resolutions committee and of
tho state central committee while nn
caunl number were elected by tho
The entrance of Senator Cummins
the tfmponiry chairman was the SR
nnl for n wild burst of applause In
which many conserve tlvescnrrfed away
by the enthusiasm joined Senator
Uolllvcr slated for permanent chair
man also received an ovation
Senator Cummins mention of Roose
volts name brought the audience lo
The from tho stand patters
ltd tot trm pntel
Taft Taft
tame cries of Tat Taf
They wanted the party referred to as
the party of Taft also Tho senator
smiled during the outburst but Ig
nored tho request
nnr nnd of Roosevelt he attempt
to resume whereupon the cries
Taft Tat were resumed by the
still denied the demand
As the speaker stl doniIll II
naiad there were hlsfws These soon
ceased anil the progresslvo leader con
tinued his addreks as It lay In manu
Mllpl before him
The majority report of tho resolu
tions committee adopted read In part
Lou follows
The KopubJIcans of Iowa reafllrtn
help loyalty to Ihl Republican national
platform of IMS and especially em
phnMze tholr long Ovid well settled
faith In the republIc and doctrine of
nrntpctlim They do not recognize tho
Inrlff revision of ItO nB a satisfactory
fuinimcnl of the part promise In
flllhnlnt bring 1ho tarIff law
Into a complete compliance with
tho rule of the platform It In
noccusnry that the difference between
IM1881r dutiable commodities
the cost of producing dutnbl
ties at home and abroad should bo correctly
Therefore they favor
rectly known Thlrto ralr
the creation o an Independent non
piirllRan tariff commission which shall
plrtn Inslrumentallty of Congress to
ascertain the difference between the
cost of production here and In other
countries nnd publish the facts so thai
nol only congress but the jwoplo shall
be ndvlvtHl of tho results of Its Inves
tigations Until such a commission Ii I
Illton effort of
authorize they approve the rlrt
the president to secur the de lred In
formation through a hoard of expert
employed for that purpose They en
dornn such efforts as Pre dent Taft
and his advisers have mulu
anr fulfill the promise of HIM
national platform and which have been
In harmony with tho declarations of
IhU convention
They commend to the tuition the type
of statesmanship exhibited by Hcno
tort Dolllver and Cummlna und they
heartily endorse their work
hlrllY commend the action of the
house of representatives In revising Hit
rules giving to the Individual member
rlo Ihln
a greater freedom of expression nnd
Initiative In tho discharge of his duty
and they endorse the contributions of
lown representatives to thin most Im
twrtant Hepnbllcans of Iowa fire the best
juJgcs of tho IlcpubllcnnlKm of the sen
ators and representatIves whom they
end to Congress and they resent any
attempt to exclude any of them from
the honors nnd privileges which prop
erly attach to membership In the Re
publican party
I lllcan administration nt state affairs
of efficiency on the part
n high degree mrenc thl Inrt
of Oov Carroll and of nil his ofllclal
the continued confidence
iissoclates justifies contnud cn
fidence of tho people In Republican
Illackpool Kng Aug J Chuvrx its
French aviator flying today for the
worlds record for aUltunx In 1 Hleriot
monoplane at the Illackpool aviation
week attained a hrliiht given ornclally
at tOga feet Walter Hrooklns the Amer
ican aviator oarcd HIJ5 feet In a night
ut Atlantic City Julv s t910 Suit Tyck
In u night nt ItruMels Monday reached
ST9 feet but thcuo figures sire not of
Clmvcti murk con tllule a worlds
CIye tor monoplonci
L t S
Quebec Prison Authorities Treat
Crippens Companion With
Much Consideration
Which KcfnlcM Sloiy huts Addicted lo
lriiK > HIIN Nuu Accepted
StillfltiirV Offer
Quebec Aug 3Dr Crlppen slept
well lust night anil appeared In nnid
untidy good spIrIts wJien he arose at
C oclock Ho hnd brrtnkfimt nn hour
later Tho prIsoner tpenda his tIme
leading and walklni In the jail cor
MlBH Ixjncve jointly charged with
Crlppon with murder rcmalnml today
In the prison Infirmary She Is being
kept there not because her condition
any longer dumnmla I but thnt slit
may not coma In contact with other
women prisoners who might tho polled
fear annoy her and so aecrnvato her
extreme nervousnosx
The pretty typist In better supplied
with funds than Is her male compan
ion While but 31S were found on
CrIppen the girl carried JSO In cur
rency A largo part of thin sum wtiti
used today by the prison matron to
purchase clothing suitable for her
charge The authorities continue their
considerate treatment of the girl but
continued reports that she has mid
admissions damaging to Crlppen or In
the way of establishing her own Inno
cence are denied
CrlppenH comparative calm gives
according to his keepers a positive ref
utation of the allegations made In lon
don that he had been addicted to the
use nf drugs
Crlppen did not jump at the offer of
legal cervices that came to him from
a fonlon solicitor last night Tho
provincial authorities wild this morn
Ing that thl prisoner had not replied
to the cnblegrnm which came from Ar
thur Newton setting forth that the lat
ter hnd been asked to undertake tho
defense by friends of Crlppen who
would defray the expenses Involved
I ap > ciir > that Crlppen will not want
for counsel Yesterday a local attor
ney visited the jail and through tho
offering his services
JHller sent I message ollrlng
vices free of expense He said that hn
had linen retained by persons In lion
don the name of whom he declined to
inako kno5n Crlppen promptly N
fused the proffered aid and nt the
sAme time lold tho prison governor
Ilme Mona that he hnd I lawyer In
London and did not need another
Tills statement was made beforo ho
had received the mesMigo from Newton
and It 1M believed by some that Crlppen
hAd anticipated a move by certain of
his London friends
Inspector Dew and Chief McCarthy
vlslled Crlppen last night and remained
with him for some limo AVhnt trans
pired was not made public beyond the
fact that the prisoner had requested
Dew to purchase for him several books
Ixindon Aug 3 Several Important
firtH hearing on the Hello IHinore mur
der case came to light today William
Long a former assistant of Dr Crlp
IIF who as a wltonem nt the Inquest
over the fragments of a human body
found In the cellar of the Crlppen Hill
top descent home was Inclined to
Mileld the fugitive ban since talked
freely with the authorities
Tor a long lime lying withheld Im
porlnnl facts now In the pn sossloi
of the prosecutor It In Long who nn
the day that Crlppen nnd his compan
ion dlfnppeared purchased the suit of
bays I1a In whl < h Miss Lcnove wan
attired when arrested
ulirNI has now explained that when ho
executed this for Crlppon he fully b1
lloved the doctors story that Hello 151
more Crippens wife bad gone to
The family and other friends of Miss
Ixnevo became active In her behalf lo
day and engaged I provincial solicItor
her IntorostB from the
to look after hlr Iht
lime that she Is returned within tho
jurisdiction of KngllMi courts
Tho cnno of the crown so far as the
extradition of the pris
mailer of the oxlradlton tho pr
oners Is concerned also was cotnpletoxl
today and the paper from tho legal
department of the government turned
over to Scrgt Mitchell who will nal
for Quebec tomorrow < > n the ptcamcr
lake Mxnltpba
Tint evidence which will bo laid be
toro the Canadian judge docs not In
clude the report of Prof Pepper the
homo office expert who made the an
alytical exnmlnnllon of tho dUmoin
Iwred body 1 Is explained hot lie
professors report Is not complete
There will be presented however the
testimony of Dr Marshall the divis
ional surgeon o police who nt the In
quest swore It was human flcJi that
was unearthed In the Crlppen cellar I
Added to this arc clrcumittnntlal nets
disappearance and
of nolle Klmorcs lepp <
of Crippens fllghl
Sergl llrhll will he nccompanled
to Quebec by two wardresses who will
take charge of MH Ignore
Arthur Newton I ondon solicitor
thin afternoon confirmed tho press die
perches from Quebec that ho had
undertake the dcfcnuo of Crlppen
Newton said he had been approached
by friends of the prisoner and had
cabled to the latter asking If ho de
Hired him to take up the > cage Crlppen
ho wild replied accepting his serviced
Newton declined to rovntl tho names of
the friends who had retained him
Newtonn app < uranco In the case look
tho authorities by surprise and tho po
lice are puzzled to knoxv who can bo
hehlnl the movement The case must
first pass this police court stage before
tho solicitor for the defense can figure
In It
orrnit or NKWTOV
letter todaY Orlppen cabled to Arthur
Newton of London accepting the solicit
ors services The mriinKD ran
Accept your offer Secrecy will lii
A eoond Quebec attorney today y sent
word to the prisoner that he was ready
to help him resist extradition To the
hllI who l > ore tho communication
Crlppori said
My fight will not b made here I
will be madft on the other i4si
More Than Six Hundred Quarts
Condemned at Railway
Om Shipment Illlnl Wllh Illcs
Cunt a and Illrl Wagon
Drivers Wiirnod
City Dulfy arid Food 1ll ctor W J
Kraglcr with hh deputies threw out 60
tUHrt lt milk remit this milk shIpments
on lKned to leOnine In Salt Iake from
imlnls In Uavls county on account of
bIght temperature and 3 quarts on ai
count of the prevalence of Illex gnats
und Jilt In the lull
At the Halt Luke Ogden depot In
spector FrazIer threw out 40 gallons of
milk shipper by William Knrlolgh at
Iwiyton and conslgnml to tIme Salt Lake
dairy temperature ranging from 77 to
is degrees At tho Oregon Hhort LIne
ohlpiiientR were thrown out as fowl
James S Crlddle Kuyavllle 10 gulloiiH
consigned to Salt lake dully tempera
lure 72 degrees J 1 Woolley Center
vllle eight gallons consigned to Mc
Hnn Uros fIlled with llle gnats and
dirt Henry Morgan Iaylon 3 gallons
consigned to Clover Leaf dairy 71 to M
degrees William Morgan I iyton 20
gallant consigned to Clover Leaf
dairy 70 degrees C H Burton Nays
vllte eight gulloiiH mperiiture 72
ilegreeH Queen Dairy company Lay
ton 3J gallons consigned to Jensen
Creamery company tempeinturo 74 to
S degrees
Inspector Vrazler and his deputies
also inspected several milk dtiotn and
milk wagons on the slient this morn
Ing finding temperature of milk carried
by the wagoiiH inspected as follows
A n C dairy 86 degrees Parker
Drox 5 degrees lien I Kldredge M
degrees A F Lee 60 torO Hou
nrd Ills 86 degrees Provo Farm V
degrees Gem 39 deglton Superior S9
> ut which
degieen Thp temperature lt whlh
milk Is required to be kept by statule U
K degrees Although none of thou milk
found on the wagons this morning wa
throwti out drivers were warned that
the law must bo compiled with In fu
ture Only one wagon carried milk at
the required temperature
Columbus Aug 3 Nearly onehalt
of the 0 Ohio national guard sal
dierx on duty In Columbus will be sent
home Thursday morning on advice of
Mayor Marshall and the national guard
ofllcerM Coy Harmon acquiesced
This was agreed upon at a conference
held at the office of tho adjutant gen
eral today
It was the opinion of all parties In
the conference that the moli spirit had
been broken and that the remaining
ln anI
troops and thr local polo forcJ which
trool he reinforced by many lloputlea
sworn In by the mayor will ba able to
preserve order
Milwaukee Vls AUK JThe features
of todnyH tuotrrnm of the grand onctimp
inrnt of the Knights of PythUs arc the
competitive drills at riiinn Henry Parish
Ilrnwn and tile big parade of the sub
ordinate lodges and Iythlon sisters
Three Inlteil Htutca army officers are
diitalleil hy Ihe WIll depurtment to act
as judges In the drills
Important recommendation maim by
the supreme chancellor of the grand
ledge lire the publication of the ritual
application for knighthood and Installa
tion In the German language the ap
pointment of a committee to consider the
advisability of Ihe revision of thin ritual
and appointment of a committee to In
vestigate and report as to the necessity
of the low regulating suspension of
members for nonpayment of duet
Khoraham V 1 Auff 3 Women
resident of the summer colony here
under the guidance of Mrs Harriet
Stanton Illntch the suffrage loader
scored a triumph at the school oil
tions lat night
Iln Angered because as
they say the village school ollleera
nnuhbed them the women held Indig
nation meetings and determined to
defeat the men at the election
A sex war wn fought to I finish In
which mere mini was overwhelmed and
routed The women voled to Increase I
the number of Hohool trustees from one
to three and then proceeded to elect
women to fill these ofllces an well as
those of clerk and treasurer
Iienier Aug 3olowlnl the adjourn
ment IB M night of the annual romen
lon of the w Mern KiMeratlnn of Miners
the new fxe utle board of the organi
zation met toils In conference with the
old member of the board Work for the
ensuing year In the various districts was
discussed then the question was taken
up of Inereiudng the membership of the
federation at Urge At present Its mem
ber hl > II a little short of TOdl with
more than S M miners outside the fold
1 was jiKreed to IRk Ktienuoun efforts I
to recruit the ensuing year especially
In Minnesota Michigan and the Cripple
Creek dlttrlcts To this end union mls
plonarle will be lent to various parts
of the country iin < l the cause of the fed
eration will lie half bv means of
clreulam print M In different Iruguaozaio I
New York Aug 3Hrwin J
Wider the young macbIer of the
Ru > soChln ie bank In this city
whose stealing from the banks
security box resulted In n loss of
more than fOOOOO to this Institution
pleaded guilty today to the Indict
ment agaInst him In connection
with the embezzlement Wider was
remanded for sentence on Aug 10
Chicago Aug 3More fhan SCO
ullcKcil plckpocketi and other un
ullmhlt have been arrested In
Chicago suite Monday midnight to
clear the streets of danger for the
700000 Knights Templar and their
The arrests were irmdeul the spe
cial order of Chief of Pollto Klewnrd
In connecllon wllh the roTindup of
untlealrubled Inspector John
Wheeler vouchsafed ittxna nihld to
arrjers of money
Dont uirry your nranny Ip the
Inside pocket of your goat Thutti
I an eec y spot for the dip to got you
Do you know wh re I ortrry my
money In the Inside pocket o my
vent mind I hate It pinned wIth a
safety pin
My advice to nutofdown vlsl
tar Is to lei the old lady carry tho
puise in her storking There Ii no
ser spot Its burglarproof
Mi Mr Drocd In Mnlt Mllrr nnd
room Holloed Comitr Trnmiml
And I lou imIcol Illlml Sleeper
Jolt HI Aug 3Mr and Mts
Waller 8 Jnrhoe of Kansas City ole
occupying cells at the Jolhit police eta
lon hecauso tho woman masquaraded
with her hvisfmnd In male nltlre Thoy
have been hoboing sinew their mar
rlagc a month UKO Mrs Jnrhou Ifl
formerly Jeanotlo Itleh
TIme bridal ialr phI traces o re
finement They declare their whole put
po e In tiamplng anti bonrdlnir
blind ttlrepefM wan to experIence a
novel honttymoon
Acconllng to their story they hasten
ed to the out klrts of Kansas City a <
conn as the irearher lied the knit and
tIme bride dunned I minis suit They
welt lo Denver on a freight Unln Doth
procured places as bell hop In the
name hotel mind when the novelty of
that experience wore off they beat
their way to Chicago
They visited places of amusement nail
spent all their money Monday Hfl r
noon they boarded I freight for Jolll
They were planning for another frclghl
ride when I railroad detective discover
ed the erflmlnntn maneuveTH of one of
the hnhoec
Mrs Jarhoe cried jut I little when
she and hubby were marched to this
pollre station AI the Iron door clank
ed behind them In different cello ilu
broke down Tho pair will probably
be released
rice 1 l oIL Aiig 3T llnln las
night over eastern and northeastern
town those sectlbn llmt were dryesl
was of great benefit to rrops Corn
has reached I critical stage In nil por
tions of the state
El Paso Texas Aug 3A the result
of a tall feud JOt Henson a moon
tnlneer living ncr Voort N 1 was
shot and killed by Hev W II Wright
I Raptlat minister of Alamagnrdo Mon
day night according to word received
hero yesterday Rev Mr Wright ass
placed under arrest
Los Angeles Cal Aug 3This elec
tric light all power companion of Ixm
Angeles have tcnnliiHl to lest In the
courts I rvmntly enacted city ordin
ance fixing the rule per kilowatt at 7
cents InslnHcl of 9 cents and yesterday
allowed two employes In be sent to jail
In default of bond for alleged violations
of the law Attorneys for the compa
nies announced that a test would be
mndo In these sauces mind that they
would sue for writs of hnbean corpus
The law not only reduced the cost or
bent and lighting hut made other strin
gent regulntlonH Ono of tho men ar
rested was aCId of violating the law
In that he charged patrons for In
stalling Inenndescenl lIghts In time
New York Aug 1A new study
thnt of farming has been formally
added tl Ihe public xchonl ii i rlcti loon
In New York city and the tar of
estlmale has granted a generous appropriation
propriation for the preparatory work In
getting the little farms ready Farm
implements seeil and other things will
ho puiehnsed for planting thin xprlnt
crops und the children nf the Hunt Hide
and older congislitl pnrtu of the city
will be taught tn differentials rutabaga
from Ilnx nnd tn know beans In the
pod when Hies1 soe them
Farming by tenement house children
has l > en tried successfully by several
of the citys charitable organizations
but this Is tho first time It has n
ccled formal recognition from the
board of education
May Ixnd li > Arrest of CIIIIK That
auCu Ito ilroaul Wrotk
Portland Or Aug 3The o > er
hearing of the nmurnleilntr of nn 1
toxloHted sailor vtrn given the name of
a I rnbrush may lead to the ar
rest of I gang who are said to liav
causd the wrecking near La Junta
Coin of an Atchison TapeXn Bant
Ke train eight ytars ago at n cost of
the lives of several passengers
An Sheriff Hnbrt L Htovins was
searching this lendfrloln district lucre
last night for a fugitive from juatltf
he rays ho heard Gernbrush who wi
dressed In a navy uniform Ineoheronlly
bowling nf his Xnowlmlge of a train
wreck and the entice
The sheriff doclded to take him lit
cuntody At the county Jai nfler be
coming partially w bor Gwnbrush with
appnrenl roluctance gave deUlls of the
IM Junta wreck and claimed to know
the Identity of the alleged wreckers He
also ald that bv 1M 1 caller attuthed lo
a training chip sit Orpiiiertin Wash
und Is here on I furlough
Sheriff Steven telegraphed the lan
story to Santa Ke officials at halo
and IM Junta and early today received
messages In reply dinting that Or > n
hrushs story Is subtantlall > toMttt
The officials urged that Irn1ru1 bi I
held as a witness until I afflict i l 1 I
extradition papers ould bo sent from I
Colgrado to Portland
Rates Charged Joy Riders NotJj
Covered by Any City
G S CnllH Charged With ncfnimllni
Cuiiiiniiy of Sfl IUleased lay l
Judge Whlfnkcr I
According to the stury told by both
the complaining witness and the de j
tenss In police court this morning the
taxicab companies of the city have thej
right to fix prices which shall I
charged Joy rider
chlrft who
< engage ono
of their vehicles them being
thtrl no cltyg
ordinance covering the subject
O S dulbs wan charged with de
frnudlng n taxIcab company ot the
city out of IS claimed to be balance
due for I ride taken during the curly
hours of the morning anti the latu
hours of tho afternoon on Tuesday Ac j
cording to the testimony of Hurry
Madden the chauffeur and 1 C lhl
manager of the company Gulbs had
hired a taxlcnh at 4 oclock In the
inornlnt ant had ridden around until
1 oclock In ito afternoon This unt
wan taken with I number of compan a
ions Including some women part oC
the lime three hour
tht 11e being spent nt
the Warm Springs For till jervlto J
Oulbs had paid the sum of KS At 1S
oclock he engaged the vehicle again
riding around until 4 For thin vervj
Ice he paid nothing according lo they
testimony of the complaining witness
Hence his arraignment for tho collecff
tlon of the balance due Judge Whjtj
uker after vnlnly searching the recJ
orts for ore ordinance which might
fix the amount that n taxlrab company
could charge decided that US was H <
goodly sum and therefore dIr not feeltj
justified In holding the defendant whojj
0a1 S
I accordingly discharged
During tho hearing I wae plalnl
demonstrated that tiers arc no existing1
ordinances fixing a legal rate for tho
charge of passengers engaging nutnil
mobllpH hence the companies are n r
cult irtl to fix their own prices Though r
the ordinances provide that horse fJ
hides can he charged only rit certain J
rte yet they remain eloquent silent
on the matter of Cut charges Thl
muter was made Important by tor I
n D n Hemp tad who appeared
an attorney for the taxlcah company I
who said that his company hld thn
right t ftjrlU own comlany rat < ir
an given by the tlmorfy of Madden
and Kiihn wire fixed at Jl an hour dur 1
ing the day and H for the first hour
amid 1 for each succe ding hour 8517
night rates
Chicago AiiRUt S Federal Brand
Jury InvestIgation Into Ihe retient
corner In July wheat will be ptnrl
ed within n few lava In an effort to I
determine whether the illeged manl
piilntors of the deal violated the Sher
man aniltrust law
W H Kenjon awlitum lo Attv
lien Wlckershnm plans lo summon
nough witnesses before the irresent t
liorlv to learn whether there Ira
grounds for a complete inquiry What
ever IK dlxelosed In this preliminary In
vesllgallon will bn turned over tu the
Hucceedlng tlon grand Jury for definite acl
The present grand Jury has too
much work beforo I to enter upon nn
uxlended lne Uiratlon of Ihe socall
ell wheat pool Mr Kenyan said
ytilerday It Is probate that a few
wltnoiuieH may be cxurnlned to deter I
mine whether there Is any flufflclent
bwsls for nn Invcstlgullon of the same
noah If so determined time Investiga
tion I assume will be made b > a
Miibse iicnt grand Jur >
Oovornment agents hate been work
ic for a week rounding up wltneM
who are to appear before the grandi
Jury In tho next few diiv The wit
ncosc Mill be examined an t < methods
used by the alleged manlpulalors JulvJV
market In Ihe July wheat deal tho
Peavey Oraln compan were operating
U IH bellexed for Theodore 1 Water
man of New York The transaction
iovorod I period of several month I
Three million to five million bushels
were bought by the company at 93
emits or under B bushel in May nnd
the first part of June No efforts wer
made to boost the price on tho shorts i
At the expiration of the July future
the deals were closed and the
thl cIA1 lre Iold Ino buyer
realIzed a large profit on their tram
ii Ct ion
Colorado Springs Polo Ays jji
Olin Johnson u Sncdlsh Itr Iu 4
pondent because she lost her position <
sought denth by living the lIte Of B
savage In the Oarden of the Godl near
the mountains In the day time
tht lountllnl shv
picked berries and hfrb and at nigh
slept In a cave
Yesterday her clothing f > I almost
to shreds she was f < und kneeling tr
the steps of the Swedish < huth Sh
was turned over to the rxtljee and uvli
be watched In tho fear th it cbs mnV
attempt to end her life I
Boston Aug J Apartni nta for the
occupancy of motormen onducfprv1
south oilier built above the Jductfr 1
a novel experiment that is n bo mad
by the IKiMoti Rlevated raIwi So fa
as l > known there are no such apart
inputs In existence n > where The flrsji
of the e buildings Is to ie rrr led non <
Harvard square Cajrvrug Mlthln fltJ
short time til
Ilrettpn Woods N H Aug 3 Newlj
Hampshire will be asked to enact n
law compelling the railroads to uaj
nil as a fuel Instead of real ns a meant 1
of preventing forest fire A ptltlo
is tn be presented by the Hoclcty fo
the Preservation of New HampMhlrsjjj
forests nual session which Is holding its ninth an

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