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Bringhurst and Thompson Now
Serving Sentences in State
Prison Must Answer
lrtWAI < Ollrc 1 10 Tlrelll
1111 IIlIrlllnrlc niiil Crimes
fuminltttit Uliili
William Urlnghurst anil
Ony 010
WliarJ Tliompwn now serving ton
felt t i Riid 20 yenrs respectively
In till i ilillnB up of tin Cllft House
ramblliW loom Oil JIn > 0 InV lmvo
t 01111 trml lur crime this limo to
I or It fllilalB of Davis county on
tiMMli f liuvlns lobbod thi Iiytun
vli n hnk oil May H Thin vcix
iull v ilMldcMl at a conference
itMint iii bituem District Attorney
r j n m i if OscltMi County Attitr
Ilf v HI n W Ktnloy of lliiuntlful Hnd
bhfrirrJ H Unru of liyton District
At > rni > e Jfofhourow of Hall
1AJI rit iiKI lasl nlKtlt thot the fuel
JC I ii tin inrn were vrvlng mn
JCC irlmo illil not pruvunt
lflf initRnnipnt on nnothor A on
t itiitue may be Kivon
IKlorc siierlft Jemoph C Hhnrj on
jUM9li i mim < in and Hrlngliurst fre
II confi I I tJie commlsalon uf 16
t l1larl li < lupn nnd trlmcii bin
vbcn 111 urnlng of u ittntemiiit us
i ui tiJ tin only allusion the intuli
IJ Iho Lttit > n nffiilr wns contained In
Ihe tull HIIIK sntcnre
Thi TilKi i bfon > wo wont to Lny
tii we llk into Smith1 atnro
Thnigii II inny be Homo difficulty
In i > r > tniu > K this ecntonce to be n con
f l < n thi evidence In no Mrong that
nlldln i xald to be ccrtuln nny
Tlioni nil II na nnoBtnl In Hntte nftcr
hf hiui i inihii d OWl tho lIelll In try
Inf lo mill tlic oillclitlD DilnRluiriit
MI I itll ill ORflrn tloth of tlm i
afin ur IIntr Kunplrlon of hivltiK bw > n
Irrpll Id in the murder of Jncob C
fnreii > n t tivendahla corner Fob
i Ill
rxiyn Hun
BMH i Toter Thonnna threw n pie
r plf Ililnl at the boy who lOB trylns
In hrill thi hi > tvp and Uwby frlKh
t i th iiihnal rnUKlnR It to run
mui mil ii > j inurli dHinngr to n vrm1
u i ipi JimPS MimalKR hn cntn
T > wnc t < l > ult In ttio city court for I3I10
Is n al h1 Mamatns doe not iitate
I h I > iistoined to hooking the
lji < r j i i log on tho bridle
IFIIII jvniow mvritiii >
jiilff M i t i nuc1 n temporary In
jur tti v rr > ali nRRlnot tlu ileriy
WH i w Tr ik rompany at tho Halt
Pali The applicant for th Injuni
tln ll Ing fMOll Amumment com
it 1 n that It has the rxcluMvo
right tn t PI rtc n trolley or railroad nt I
th H i
i u t > frnl contractor on the
f X L it immcnoed null In the
lrrt in oiti > rdny Htralnst A A
k v Mirni contractor for tho
n vr f jimo nllcpcd to bo duo
n 1 < i lifcrtlvo cemrnt work
T < i i i c 4 hit Clark nilod In tho
ftiii M i ihi > I X It addition from
it 1 1 r i ihlrd noor thin CHIIH
nf i 1 to pprfiad and break
uni > iit ii v machinery caused tho
< lift I i
toritr XOTIS
11 n > rut hlnsnn tm8 commenced
t iti the dutri t ifiurt aaAnst J J
Rn < r r J MI KHI to l > c due for
pl i > s nndcred In Ohio
Tli ati ml Hunk of thr Republic
HIT i Slli IM the imtvict court
r L inft the Klk Coal com
I all J I Tl n orKi1 fipcncrr A
L Ii South to recover
V 11 m per cent notu dated
Julv u I I nrl payable AUK 1
ncint nil
VI ctts n Khort lAne Special
M I o r 01 rP ratcs to Haymond
ftftl tiV t5n nnd othcr polnl
11 ri ii nnounccd later Parties
fl r r atlons h ° iH comniunU
< ar 1 h o s u ngents City
11 > i < c Main utrcet
w r Mllfn nre Aleuts of
s DAM Saturday Kron dml
I t > tho children
Communications From Correspondents 1
Itlnghitm Canon AUK 3 1910
Kdltor Denorot KvrnlnK Nc BIn 1
recent Issue Of The Tribune tfoe ai
poiired u letter from one J U Clrahnni
dealing with the cotitroxomy b > tw < an
llln hnln Mlnoin union untl thu KHIM
blurs of llliiKlmin canyon Mr Omlmni
endeavors to how tens ni why
KHinblltiK U necoisiry In this cninp llr
allfJ jilacfd tltu MltiHf1 uno in u
lalno l > etlon ho Infer tlmt tin IIIBHI
mrs in our uryuruiHiluii uu bdrlg uu
by onw indlvluual JIB uls > lUS ihi
tnero werii only boen m me inuU
wnun tlm locuiuttjii tu udoptvj tj
tuppreai Kiimbiiritf und tnnt Wi > u pit
fcUmuuly cast HIV UeculliiK oti roi
tho benvHt of tlil euntlmmi 1 wmi
to Ktato thai tno nuinbriilip ut ur
local union mo tuily cOIIIet to iiiliih
fur tliciu hoH und cunnut be I a hi
uny ono tnun or tuition hoarding tnu
tory that hua boon clrcuutc < i that
Ihllo were oniy vm ill tIe nieetlna
lilnyrham Mlncin union mmot holJ u
infttliiK unit tliuiii ure lu muml > n
In tlui hint uni UK n matter or tact
Inure wan u ub r uttendance ni thin
puMlculur ineoliiK than at any othar
mietnK for t > vo iiiulithM ir > Mom fir
tho further beiiullt ngitln or the Kcntla
iniiri who takiK micli un Inhu1 In
opon vlolntlonn of the law I will slut
that thi uji > rcnMnn of gambling wa
dliiunvd ut one inrvtlnR previous to
the introduction of tho n < olutlon und
tho rtiului on wo adopted without ma
dlitsontlng ote Mr Oruhuni taci
that the tnfinbim ato < illsnatlsllucl with
the action tukon ut thulr reKuUr lIIoot
Intr If they lire we lme not noticed
It We have hud four rmulnr meeting
tind only ono member ipohe ae iniit Hie
rexilutlon It IIHM been said that 1 am
not endorsed an un Individual I do
not cure whether or not I am endorsed
UK un Individual my Individuality IIHX
not enter Into the nmttei Ths state
ment has been rnndo that llliuhiim
cannot ndmlnlnter Its nrTalrx ulthnut
the revenue derived from tha KamblltiK
Bainew In nimwer to thin I lniow anl
I bellfvo Jlr Iruhiun knllwH thnt then
Hie mining CHIMP situated the Hutnu UN
HlhKhnin where the taxpayer ctjciil
ly tho legitimate huiln 88 men havo
taken the Initiative in the BUppremrou
of gambling and have found that tholr
action hnM been to their hniiullt thtflr
recelptH at the end of the month helntr
lncrea ed to such 1111 extent tlmt their
Incioareil prnlUti have mild It tnoie
Ihnn pntidble for them to jay thsir
tnxm Cine bu lne N man In ths lon
tola me pnrkonully hit heIs out J10
000 owing to tho fart that hlnruntoinr
uii in the habit of lonlng all their
money on the gambling IUlIII Mr
Uaham aUo attacks the foreign cle
ment 1 am tirprlK 1 In > ne a man
uf hlii Intelligence placed In u po ltlt > n
of trying to fontur race hntietl Allnw
mo to Inform you IIII that It IK JII l
nnli utterances an yours that 1111
crime It Is this very thing that IUC <
blttur ferllngH flmoimm tho dlffeeiu
natlonnlltlen flnrt cause an ordlimilly
peaceful poople to commit ats or vio
lence Place yoiirwlf In thHr novltlnti
In n forelKn lountry und I can tell
jou clr fioin pi > rHotiul obnerxatl m In
fexeral cotintrlpj f have lull d thut
the KngllHh npeaklng j > eoplp an a
muoh < legpl ed ON TO thp oialled lla
BUIM 111 thin country I believe thai
All matter for tire Satnrclav nlchl
roclal Dace nf tlio Xcvv must be
wnt In not later than noon on Fri
day the ilar IIreloul
The largest affair of the day will bi
the danilng party ut the Country club
tn be given by Mr and Mrs F U
McOurrln In honor of tliilr nclc Mls <
Margarut Ilache of LOB Angoc
Former Oov and Jlr tutler slvo n
boxpiirty at the Orpheum this eve
Mr and Mrs J II Walker MU Mar
giuet Walker and MlM Norlne Thoinp
fin left on Tueadwy night for an out
Ing on Snnko ihcr Idaho
Mr nnd Mrs Hlg Simon entertilnt1
at a lake party last night In honor of
thrlr guest MlMt Stella Fuhrnian u
Louisville Ky nljout < 0 younjr ponpln
going out In n apt111 car at 630 Sup
per XUIH ccivel In the Ivvlatlmn caf
the tablcH VelriR beautifully dfonHid
In gold and green brass bisknts nJ
Jnrfllnleres tilled with gnlrtenglrw form
ing centerpieces and fern < und II mo <
l > elri scattered over th ttblc As
nlttlng In the pleiixant affar wete Mr
nnd Mrs Bol Gtld > tcn and Mr a 1
Mrs 8 H Leon the farmer from 8t
IouIH DanrinK followed the dinner
you elr would bn milling to commit
an act of vlnlelne If In u fniilgn < otm
try you should tin called such ninien ai
UuliunK IT Iagi
Tho Vtnlnrn lratlon flf Jlliwr
admits nil natlonallllis to Its rsnVs it
Is out object to try and bring tlm e
whoxc standard nf living I Ixlow ouis
up to our Htandarrl Ic w > 110 nt
thin thy will drug us dnun too lhl 1
As workers n have no rue prijiuliLo
nnd have found as mucli IntelPgti
In tho ranks of what you term Iv
down loroUiuri a In thr rnnks of M
lingllcharonklnK people Hnd u n mil
ter of fuct In pl c < whlro we IIHV >
linen In ociilllot with tha oiinlyer n
our efforts to obtnln b ttnr living con
ditions the de t > lej foreigner has rx ni
found on the firing line silid to a inai
Forget II Mr Giahitm lets ret tn
Ana If wt llnd a man whttnt he b >
foreign or American who U nut rut
equal let u try and ajjjcatv hUnTh
p on of Mexico or Ini tKft t > rn
American cltlien In the slums o cur
large Industrial cenUrs l > cklntii u
Chicago for Inftnnce eunnot re ex
pMtml to btt an Intelligent as > oursrlt
for Instance Thoy nlll and WP nil arc
just us our environment made u You
say that the foreigners send he r
monuy to tha old country ftuo < o tle >
do Most of them have fiml Its mil
I suppose their children HIP MS diir
to them as youm In my optn on it Is
more In thilr etedlt than ti throw It
over the bar of u btxize joint or tho
gambling table No sir they should
not be condemned they should be ap
plauded for Inking care of those do
pendent on them for support
one morn of your brilliant mtatemeis
hut the Jajw ore 10 be called bHClt
on the nrol of October and that they
may come back to flvht us with the
money nt to Japan from this coun
try This may be true but that U n
matter that will not te dotermlnod by
the worker but by the shirkers or
moneyed class Tha eapItallntH will
soon have to find H market for the
nnrmolis rprnductlon and will In
all proablllty stait tho working rasn
f Japan ami the United States fight
Ing ooh other nnd for once In ny
life I am willing to gainblo thnt tliuxx
who precipitate the conflict will b con
Hplcuous by their aliwno Hut h
time Is not Tir distant when th i work
Ing class of nil countries will get wlsn
to the Kiunc and ulicn they do they
will cane to tight each other they will
then KO after their only enemy the ffw
who nt tlio jueiont time control our
In conclusion Mr arahain I wish ti
cmplmslzo the fnot tlmt I mil not a
louder of UltiKham Mlneis union mid
do not wlih to bo I Htn at tho present
time the tervant of this local union mill
I do not wish to Ink up tipaee airing
my personal opinions I am acting1 as
Instruded by Illnghain Mlnars union
mill I do not think thy wish me to
get Into a persomil controversy with
uny ImlMiUml unlevs It Is forced on
me Th committee will not nnsv r
any mote cornmunleatlons from Indi
vidual Our cornmunleatlons to the
papers In lh future will bo merely
a Ktatemeiit of faI as they exist nti
less w < rocelvr lm > tructlnns to do otlur
wi by n majority of the membors of
HfnKhatn Miners union We nre In
thlH nKhl lOlL UnlHh nnd we only auk
that the law which prohibits gambtng
be enforced
Youis for thp hetUrmont of cindltit >
for the working da
Chulrnmn of AntiGambling Com
1111I El l Dlckert haj returiiod from
Halloy Ma where she has Non vhIt
Ing her lttr Ml J O Hinvyer
Miss Fl < rne IB Allen lft yestw
dsy for New York lo continue her
study of law
Mls Alvlna Klwmnn of Ban Fran
cisco will to the RU t of the Mlsoi
Isabel and Amy Osborrm for the nxt
three weeks
Mlsi MargtieflMto Hlchmond will h
hostess tomorrow at ft tna given In
honor of her Kupst Mlsi Kva arrubh
of Deer I xlgo Mont
Mr and Mrs W B McCornlsk nml
Mrs Rallegher have KOIItOIjII trip
to Alkska
Mrs Horace Hotly Smith entrtan <
her Sowing club this afternoon
Mrs W B Kins entertains tho
Moinlng Brtdss club today
Ml and Mrs H A lpslger 111
nonnce the marriage of their riaiuhtd
Louise to Mr Armon II Hohnstcn 1
of St Ixiul
Mrs Wlllln Vanileveiitt rfrk It
known pui I <
one of the most widely
ifiidera who have appeared In the pi1
few years oei the laigtr lyi cum dr
cilltst of the cust and snuth IH lslt
Ing In the tlty the BUCI cf rlnlv
In the > thcr apirtmcnts Hr twn
hlldren an with tic M rM IT krt
r tfrcl trmpoirly f T the Iv un
wlt to take cllirgc Hie it pirtm n I
cf ilramnli 31 imrt i uH n lu in <
1000 Men and Women
Wanted at
146 South State Street
To open charge accounts Buy
your clothes on credit on the easy
payment plans of
100 a Week
400 a Month
Now is the time to supply tho whole family
with clothing at greatly reduced prices
Our fall stock is arriving daily Wo are forced
cut the prices on all summer clothing to below cost in order to mako room
Everything must go regardless of the urico Special discounts on Mens
tib irousers Hats Shoes etc Womens Suits blurts bilk Skirts Waists
in everything in summer wearing apparel
Inlvernllv of ArknnsjH ra hn 11I11
hur moii tin wili lri h MlM
lll Kppiid tin rtinnlnilor uf tin ummn
In Kali Luke
Hullil yoUMolt UP l > y liatlilnB nt
All liflle nnd rlilltlren arc ull of
WANPAMKHU fcnlunlHV free ailinls
Blon Como with tlm ililldrin
lIlIlllIlIIrrtrtlt Hons and Daugh
trs of Wales > vlth a CW hundnl
friends enjoyed th annual outing at
Wandamcre W Un wdHy given under
the ausplceM of tho poelity After
lunchton In the afternoon u piogiiini
WHJI runderod lu the pavilion In the
evening which tvaa A s arld as U wu
intoiestlnv In Iho piano uontest Itc
bocca Almond was the winner Ui soc
ond prlz Kolnrf to Hsmmy Wllllamx
Yti < lolln content was HOII by Carl 1ull
Itonalil Hobbms IH > U < K a ulose eiond
Kruil Uecsley aclud us judge for both
these uveuls Jn lli Vycal cuntst I i
which ich compefltor ang attiltii
or uits Amelia tliirgitts won ni
pruv 1 uMtdy Sinltn socond liu >
acc S KnsiKii waa Jud ot thi eIIl
Uio lolioniag piogrum lUII iiri nt j
lnliiff Ulk IMesldent W H Koi
lanU Welsh Hong John James addKH4
of wtloomi MKtnonlhah Thotno piano
contest VnJse by i > < > ddurdi KIIK
WHle Ixsar Old Homelwid liur
oti S Krislgn addiess Arthur I
Thomas haip selection Welsh Mclo
dlis Lydla Wlillo violin contest
Melody In A vonal fulo conust
flarden of UoaM fiddress Ix > renzu
J Haddock song IVarl Ilillllps
America by tllu audience
A feature of tile dunce which closed
the cntettalnintmt was aome exhibi
tion Welsh dancing which woo greatly
Stillnlr St Marys Cathedral choir
day will be given at Haltulr August U
Thu celebration will be under the nus
plces of the St Ceetlla chorus and Ihft
flilldri of Mary Modality Through
the cnuitcsy of MHiwgur ijinKford of
the beach Ihll chllitien of Ht Atins 01
phanage will be extended the privi
lege of the rId to Knllnlr and the at
tractions of tlio loiiort Tho general
parlshloneiH of tho cathedral will pin
vlde luncheon for the children Tho
members of the Junior choir and Ht
Cecelia chorus will IM the guests of Ut
ltv Hlthop Hciinlan und the in m
liers if the cntUedral choir will be his
gu tH at H baniiutt In the evening at
SSO The junior uholr will give a pro
Kium at 4 an < S pm
Thtt outing nf tha Young Mens Ite
publlean club will take place At Ratt
ulr August 12 At a meeting of tho
club to t < n held Friday ivenlng defin
ite announcement will made as to
who the rpeakers will lie
Iiiuoon Tint Modern Woodmen of
AnuHru Oprdcn lodge IH having Its
annual online at Lagoon today A num
ber of InterrMlng tlelil oveiila are on
the irogiam mid an enjoyable limn haH
b < en promised thn Unlghtw of flip ax
Friday thi North Weber stake Sun
day school will aixMid the day at
Ltifroon This I the childrens day from
North WeUr and a large crowd and a
Jolly time Is assuror
Eathlnc at Saltnlr never better
itiuij USTATI ivrrunsr
V A Uettllyon has severed his con
nection with the HallnrnnJudec Loan
t Trust Co ami has opened nfllces nt
1012 Uast Third South nml will do
a general Heal Estate business Husl
I19M chfince department will be
handled by V II Kite hie
To Nephl and return Aug 3 4 nnd
t via Knit Lttke Home Dlock Hnvtlt
Wur V 1 Ill ns reunion fjovernors
Day and Dry Farm Rxtilblta Friday
Aue Glh
All ladles nml rhlMr are guests of
WANDAilKHIC SHturday Free admis
sion Como with tli children
Cafe Snltalr now management
Strictly City ITI f
The Unerring Aim
lili It 111 alB lirURlil n
rc itt1 hRM < > ntantlv 10 1
roditnl Inwards yfALlTY Tli s
frutiir N exhibited In all work
we produce
notli riiontu IK US MAIN ST
F d aturday
f t Star Bargains I
A few offers quoted hero that will make Cohns tho main attraction Fri
day and Saturday No woman with a proper sense of economy and ability to I
judge values will overlook this splendid money saving opportunity II
Store Closes Saturday at i Oclock
Great Sale 01 Tub Suits i
100 of the seasons nobbiest twv lino nand rep suits in all the popular shades II IAn I
and natural finished in the moat approved styles and well II
worth up to 1850 choose from tho entire lot at your pick HAn I
An elegant line of handsome dresses in I
copper pink rose tan blue wisteria brown
natural navy lavender etc The styles em
brace a wide variety of treatments in em
I broidery and lace trimmed effects High and
I dutch necks tunic and pleated skirts 100 I
in the lot worth to 1750 I
4 95
I choose at only 0 I
Gingham Dresses
I Sacrificed
An assortment of the neatest gingham
dresses we have shown this season you will
find plain colors in white tan blue pink
checks in black and white pink and white
blue and white etc long and short sleeves
high and dutch necks everyone effectively
trimmed worth to 1000 C < CF
Cl2 95
each choice tpa < i L7O
Silks Swept Away 1
at Less Than Cost I
Wo have taken dozens of patterns of our
best silks for this season including foulards
messalines pongees rajahs etc in all the
newest figures and plain colors actually worth
up to 90c a yard choice two 35
days to close at a yard C
3 yards for 100
of ilnlnl Illlk rlhliim chllToii mil llomr trlinimil
1 bonnrli In nil iimllll tci ITllll Off
< < VM
rlo o ill
I niMii eoiomi rmixsrs omiro
ftiKk nf UK nciilisl llttli IIIHM > hlioun tills MII
von nil ifilors inn i > tlrs xltt 13 Off
I 1 tu II urIII closo vm
llsl Til It IAH ilOVKS in Iinttoii liiicih
iinni > liirliilr jljli In bliul < ulilto
I nml Rriij tnrtli 93011 n pnlr 57OO
rillMIHKNS I tTOri IXJS lino rllilird Irtiulj
I onlt Prlilii nml Siilunlii oon 2 111
J < llll a mlr JLi JL
r Star Bargain Domestic Offers 11
II SO plrcfs print
I nl nnd plain HSS
I lnMi worth up to
I Iflo n jnnl
i 512c
10 ilrcc < plain
linen nnd Hani
Ie hniwn and
cni > cmlv worth
to HOc n jnnl
IIITCII roijIAKS lu plenicd cmbrolilciv nnd I
plnln laimdcrril hljlo orlli to fl jf >
ISo cnch clinliv JL Jtf
DfTCII CdlLAItS line nnallt inuslln diilnllly I
Irlniincir M Illi IIKX ortli lAc nnd fl C
15 r
Itjc iacli chnlco A 9 O
LMITATIDV CIVVV Uri 2 to n Inch Mlilth
liniiiKiiino iiiillrriis In ulillo nnd rcru
mirlh 2nc nnd Sc n jrml to closo 9 C I
IATKXT liTlliil IliiTs splendid line
arlous sijlcs III hind muJ rtd
3 5
cry Hirrlal ni nnr pick C I
nmSTir IIIMTS new lino Just rccchid ilcn
did uirlcty of fancy ImcliUs I
Uteclal jour pick C V
rin nvrisTN
xplcndlil iiliiis at
HIP iieiilar prlie
2V n jard Prldiy
nnd Snt 1111111
rntlre < IIKI of
tuillh liiilh tow
rls In hll cnl
f > r Nl border anil
iiilbleaelicd t5c
Hi I5 11111
Turkish hUh
rll < 1111 IU
11011111111 1111
terns Mill vorili
S2 i > IMI h IxiliM
Irldio uthl SMI
= =
111 nl a few week in lncli to clean un mi r ITI ml Mk rntirh Ftn killnl HIM Kitm tliU ran be tir 1 < 11 c1
plfVC1 in our hig strc 111 tlic Kcants buiM I 11 If will 1C rilK ir 11 Idr 111 < 111 lln1 K flr 11 111 < t 111
crdcr U ir tin 111 11 fi > r t It mf M 1 i nruc k Un pure it Inc I vvv arc
to gd rii i r tlic InnMnp WI nuit i < < K
dlillji inatu 11 n > wnuM not pav ff th c mil sl f the cl tli An ii rlitiiit In tin cppotttiirt
rIllIlm Icn Suit that
crt priced rcjjularly lit io
Sij 1350 and 15 izc tip to
14 many of them the season
ii > t correct styles for quick
n 1 rl1n1plltf denr f700
11 sn al
Si ral I wired Wens Dre s
h rh dark colors only rcpxilar
Si ijn alitcs gn at half 750
Regular 5 8 10 9 f
12 15 values dU
11111 Ilk vixui them UMM but nut tin v nutt p A1 nit
90 < uits lilt ni tin Int ii i the latent Ulf < be Min hut
the fabrii > ate h g1 a was ever put into suits at the reg
ular price ThcM are certainly snaps
A lot of Men 35c Hone now aoc the pair 3 PAir for SOC
Due lot < > f Mm N ajlllk tliilirucnr lIlar price 1
now erS tin garni nt
Boys Knee Pants
Our entire tock hunrlrci f r > i r
including blacks blues 11111 ju
tern good up to 2 jln t
ehooM from at Oo
Regular 350 Automobile I > H
teTl 8 ° 225
I Iiinlands nf rijjttlar 7r Ties
I 0 frm It

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