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r r c 1 rny fp y r
i K City Council Will Wrestle With
The Gambling Problem
lip IIOTK Not TnUn Kliullj Ilimevcr
To the Inet Thai MIIsItIC3
IH in he Chairman
Uliercn It hit lieroiiM1 Hppareni that
i thi prnotl of pa in till us nn hOrN rncet
I I h born alarrnlnfrly prevalent 1 Is
the rnufa of IpudllnR ninny of our
tvi and ymine men n ndei1nir them
unlH fir ih honornble ocrui > Mtltiti > f
lit > and whrean thin cHgrredltable 01
cofiatlun with all It vloloun remiltn U
rtllolVfil In nil llx HlllirlliK rellliirf to
iKcupy dfieeii In the bunlne p < irtlon M
HIT city eiitldnK our yvuthH Into hab
lti which ultlmrttely effect UK lliln and
iliRrf lon and wherpon It Ii HJB rte < l
that there i no leftlidnlloii prnhlbltory
of thin nefnrloun and demornllzlnir pnr
MIIU belnir rondueteil and rnrrlpj on
now therefore the people of Halt J ke
do iirdaln Ihnt M IhlyN nf horxe raclni
II be permitted eiuh year In order to
Callow to Komo extent the rorruptlon
litnentlinH nbove Kiuh In effeet 1 Ihl
irrjucllo Ail ab tirdum thl mIr nt
thn munlelpal lawn the lloeiuc and llm
I P111 and prliion rommlltreit will ak
the city attorney tn drny up lonlght
aa a permanent re olullon to bp poo0
Jby the rounell to satisfy Ihl petition
in Prank Knox and other for at leatt
161 day or 11111 yearly
I The preamble mentioned Bbove In
uotod In I Callfonila dnrllon In 1SH
i S7 Jneltlr P33 at n time when the Mfltllte
of that stat relative
Mal rlalvf to ganihllnir wn < <
Identlefll with the find < ilntiite now toiL 1
I California hail a corvtitutloii whleh
conferred upon Still Pninrlifo the au
lthoilty to enforce within lln Hindu uch
i police rrKUUttlonN Al uu er not In ron
Jllet wth the general Iowa und an CI
1 dlnanre wa ilrawn
dlllnl iI lrlwl prohibiting pool
I nelllnff txcept nt race IrnrkH Uirlouily
enough the ordinance wa upheld
Salt Ixike flty however flnrln II Mf
In n different
1 Iltlrent predlcamtlit for the MAl
Statute ttivtt tht rlty power only to
prevent amhllnir not to refruUte
It nnd Judge Muro Jn the Injunction
flit t iy IIII alf Inr Iloiv agnlnit P
M Barlow chief of poll e recVntly Mll
that pool > elllnc Ii wIthin the nifunliiK
it the > Uti tatut an to gambling
vhich l prohibited Iimbllll
The city attorney ftelm
TIl on I then that If
ie In a ked to make an ordinance which
unkt gBUibllng frgal a one time or
he year nnd Illegal at the other time
hat he will have n very Interfiling
enl anomaly on hU hand Purthfi
tiore ome time airo the city cnunctl
lawod an ordinance rOI1
In prohlbltlnir hOrI
ng aclng and gambling surli al pool Kfli
founcllman Mulvey I very much reI
Curbed over the fact that J W Mt
Clnliey will t the ehalrtnati of thi
hren commltleeii which nlll meet to
ulght nt 7 oclock to confider the neLl
I ion and the mAklla of a re olutlon It
i < a rule thnt the chairman
I 1 Iul IhAlrman nf the com
riltteo tirt named dhall art an chair
nan of the three committee nnrt a
tteKlnney iii known to IH again t
n lorneraelng founrllman Mulvey hll
mdeflvored to convince the clerk
if the
J rouncll that the prfl
ton was not referred to the municipal
aw committee flrnt The records ar
igalnit him Thow against the reiolii
Jon will probably lie McICInnny Hal
rfVne Ferniitrom Iteedall and Wood
S nd tho p fur It Mornon Mulvey
VOnlinell and Davln
I r Next In Importance to the hor e rac
1 matter to oorne before tirn council
imlght U the ieoIuttoi of Counollman
< lnclnnn
rtcKlnney citing Jntiifi Twle to and
I proprletorn of the HflldHbnrg naloin
tfore the rul1 to show cause wh >
saloon llcenies
should not be re
nkml as In oarh case I murder corn
S hltted In the room after 12 mldnUlit
Jiows that the nlace were open nft
he nuthorlri hour Following the
nctlen uned nt tlin < In the hOI e of
pre entatlve the opposition will try
t put the rewiiuttnn to nlrcu In the
IRnA of a controlled committee
lalc < a rijlnc Visit I OI Ituwum 111
SIllrl I rlllh
JTmf Arthur Shepherd a Ii veil in the
Jty unexpectedly Sunday night glrmK
1 wife patents anil friend
prenl rlfnII R decided
fcirprlxe u tty haif no Idea that hi
js Intending to leave DoAton II I
jbout two yenrs wince Mr Shepherd
Jft Hal I ikr rexlgnlng the rondiictor
up of the Salt Uike Symptuin Cur
h eatrlt and the
utr Salt Jnkr theater in I
Clear your llOIfl of Flics
and jMosquitos in a few
minutes vith a Ling
Fly Killer Kills with
out crushing Soils
iIIe Yurl OrlJ
SOuth I Slntfl
I lull
frlln I
tieytra iirnnlrH Kniuir up UK extennlvt
l > nntv i lanes
IIate daul i mlu tul Ht went
I a lloltin MP n hi Ucii I orliliiK
UI wlrlll
In hU i > iifi mi arttituh
Ii IrI ly flnd MU
rmnfully ivn in He hal niHtle Hit
lilt plnn Li KI I tYune for two > 11
tildv when th > cUldrn I of Iruf
lloiijniiln rntirr hpll of the Iminiuny
d > inrtinent In the New En old ton
Hjvntnry of Music left that miltlon
open and It WIB ti < iuler d by thl prenl
lent to Air Shepherd rile plnce tMii
I highly IInnlhll one mill one hit
tHrilel ullh It decided honor an rtel
tn Inrifiind
11 temunerxtlon
Inlmrlion FU that Jlr
Slieplund nccepled It and deferred Jill
Idaim for the foreign trip
lie lll ivniahi In Salt luke about
two veekn returning nlth hi ulfe lii
Uolon In time to besln hi InborK vllh
tho openlnir of the Kclinol yrnr on JSept
T I will he icmembered that Mr
Khephenl won the JOO prize offered lip
Itiderewokl for the bent inuHrnl cyin
1101101 Mime yrari ago
rolonlal The preliminary season
at the Colonial la now onthe attrac
tion bnlng tte Xew York success1 The
Ixitlerv Man A special matinee will
0 given tomorrow afternoon
Orphriim The new hill of the week
will be Keen tonight with the full 1x
of attractions announced In the Satur
day New
SlinlMTt The AHotiiurtls Comcily
company In the iuw muslcnl com < ly
entitle The School lllrl I the
1ttI 111 at
traction at Ihl house
101111 rlclnrifc The Iuna nnd
Isl hOt Li nil on new bills Saturday
afternoon which will 111 through tlie
lemalnder of the ieuk wllh the cus
tomary double porfornmnccs daily
r D C Mooney the youth who wns
arrested by the police last Friday upon
Information that he vis wanted In
Denver was released from custody tu
day after the receipt ot advices front
< I rnt
against Denver him that there WEi no charge
S fW CUII III Slate of olhlll tI r >
Ico 111 of I ciii nice
Mlshnp W Derby Johnson of ColonlH
Dixa Mexico hn >
llu Just returned from
1 trip lit the Mexican colonlt runt
reports the people Venrally In
IIIpl1 elal an
optlmltlc frame of mind roneequeut
np < iii the coming o rain In the locality
The promise for n heavy corn crop
are now favorable though wheat Mill
stock have suffered aevetcly through
drouth Orasu lo now beginning to
1llnnln tO grow
nnd prospect on the lock ranges arc
better according to bin report fllsli
op Johnson imys that during the rc
f era meeting of the electors at the re
sOIL of which Diaz and Coral wer > >
elected president and vice
llenl In1 president
there were nn signs of ferment and
II people genorally are content with
the election wih
The new colony about
Ihout to be opened
lit the state of Corthulla Is
II eOlhulla one of much
o 1111
promise ho says It In on lumlnesx
ionnected with this colony thnt Bishop
ImN COIIIH to the rltv He hal
offlces at WT Security Trust building
and there will be xeteral meetings held
there this week for the arrangement of
delallv I Is Iurolool IranKIIInl out
n towiiflle 011
ln linllnic locations
InIJln lo for
I lun
Kchools hiislnej
Ihoul buildings lund homes
Clilotitat rates have been
1 1ln secured for
colonials and cars have bren placed
nt the disposal of the colonization
promoters for the trmi oICnbntou
hoil hold effecrs of the linmesevkerit
la hnrr
The people throughout the Mexdan I
colonies are itported by Hlshop Jolin
son to be In excellent health I
Ferullo Band Opens
Engagement at Saltair
lhf Terullo military concert bHflhl of
f prformers reached Hit tliy from
Denver ye frday afternoon Alt went
jut to ftaltalr each In the evening for
i Jfce Initial performance of the weeks
rngagement After looking over the
Hksort Condmlor Ferrullo and Man
ger Oflllo concluded the audltailum
tl the Ship Cafe would fro the most
cceptable concert Hparlmenl so the
rat rncllal was given there tx > fore a
frgo and appreUatlve audience The
trogrnm 1 of mi high order chat
bal but nut too iiuc h so itt ludlng the
ur4 favorll ierlure In William
I Webtrn Invllailon to the
ala grand fantasia from V A r
hen and a moement from Mad
Iwo Sherry
I Is a well rulanced bund
I I hlllWfd tJl InllJlnl
4 > c Cornell fir
NIII Krenoh lierns three
HO horns one olo and three tenor
lv 0 trombones two euphonrtinvi
bree tubas four sain phone s two
Utos one oboe II I lat clarinets one
Hut clarinet two huact
Ikt lnllt haI clarinets
ionnl drums unit cymbals The
lnforfd olin ectlon nildii
Ilo ton nlh niaterlnlly
p the Kolldlty of the harmony parts
hn nbscnre of bassnnns falA
11nle o bl nlll Is not co
pUceHble HA thin part Is divided lie
Keen the bust rlarlnetii nnd loner
Ih 10fr
glstered raxapbones although the
resence of the bamuum I always to
dirlred when > sslblf The
TecU of the Ilk n1 the coloring
f ton were vcn mil
Ir agreeable the exeru
jon and nrtlulatmn < i < Br nnd crisp
title the nnl rfl
Ihle Interpreinliui it as artistic
noilgh to Puss nm unti The con
Victor Is up rcntiv all mustrJI
crves He i p h
piaper with a
tU1111 training received it the Jfaplr
SbTAtVT sg that he Is familiar
with not only the creation
of the
and Italian Irench sihool hut with the German
composers whote
mloJ uorki
ills men play well He
1 leemn lo be
peolally apt In
opIII produclnr canlllene ef
feeti anti i a acholar In prhuslng
musical rhetoric IrhlIIIK
110111 and declamation Tin
band it neil tdallalon
north heailuir
htarlll an
one who will no out In Kalialr
I during
the evening this week fIIRlr I I rinK
wflk may rest no
uc1 of
listening to n recital of
a sehulaily and musically elevnllnr
character muolcRI tlentng
The band p ys late In the after
noon the first concert of the day alf
evenings program Includes Dm fol
Operetta The Prliirr of Tonlsht I
polo bv Mr tananlulll t IlwIII X I
Inlormnrzo Oiolden Hod MeKlnley i
Apple Hlomoms
10llml HoberDi
MaxurKa UcllUslrna
Orand K nIIIN Soulhorn Mem I
March Thc Ferruiln Hand IVrrullo
Hearts and ITower Tolmnl
OvertureKru Dlavolo Atiber I
Umolie from Mlgntm Thornan I
Ixi Travlata Act I Verdi
1ielude lirlnilHI Lot i Duet
nut i
Wall and Mnnle
olo by Mesiis iraml and
Overture lone TVttella i
Operetta The lied Mill Tlerberl
Incidental Mlo by Mr IMnuclilll I
Wnllz Jollv 1Vllow 1lnacllll
Tlnale Act IAiila WoIII1
nA Kacred Dinre
nimliiK of the word De
parlure of liadames War for the
fikiXts Mex rs Intone Oras
sl and lomonle
Stlecllon Tho iMuRhter of the
HfjlmcUI DQnfzettlj L
Browned by Wyoming Sun They
Go Back to Civil
IrI iii r Army iii tel I 1 I I tri I
Oi Ilali AIIIHIniiicii for liilclM
sent Vnrl In Aitlnii
The NiUlonul Uuurd tit Iluh soinn
list ntioiix have leturimd brunzed and
unburnml from fHinp Otis Vyo
5 heie hips hiata bach slncp A lie 4 en
KBRcd with troips of the regular iirtnr
In maneuvorx The lUlllllurKli nn
iralnnd al Dull Creek rca venlic
Mt arrived her shortly after i oclock
stonlay niotnlnir remaining In Ihel
ilcepei until dnwn and thel huitllnt
abOUt the depot unlotdliiK baggage and
funning roluinn for the march to the
armory for dlfunlcaal
A stop of flue hours stat mAt al
steen Itlver to pornilt fet > iliiir and
watering of Imrso Ulille there the
Ruardsmen lavtshral their money on
confonlotn fancy fuotlstuff and other
lungs lNollo In the one strefl roll
tsy town the Urst town they had reel
for to week Kron 1ECtI litter tin I
trip as made on a 111 uihetl tile with
out ytup exeept al Ogden whelp Iom
piny I ddhiliid at titldni whall
I Iterellle Kounded nt G oclock yesler
dav mornlntr and at 530 tile men had
been fed anti will Bt work and soon
after were ready lo loire Vor tie men
of the signal corp revcllH oiindid 61 r
I 11 niid tflhl after the harleM and
elinlixl eoiilomenl of this cotil nut nil I
S r Inlalpl ho hlch1 all AIHI
dIed And befir the Infantrymen wero
I amir the company wuc on tho march
to 11 armory The 1lrst battery hail
the greatest amount of Impedimenta to
untond romlntlnir of field plecen onls
sIn kit wagon exeoit vagotu and
horses and harness The nrtlllerymen
however were toon at work and had
their rnnlnge oN the trnlnn and
hitched In record time Arriving 1
the armor all guns wirw washed ond
oiled for winter storage In the bMCf
ment The Infantrymen followed with
baggngo wagons nnd soon hal them
unoit d and stored away doing away
utterly with the confusion butt ha
prevailed In former year due to the
advance preparation for this work
The Second linttnllon apt Heppl
In command left for the south on the
r train detrnlnng olio conumny at
each of thw followlnir placej Kphnilnt
I riinnant Mantl Hlchllold
The state rifle team left Dale < ie di
CHddy evinlntr with Adjt Hen K A
Weilgwood In charge ns team captain
Mnjoi Fred Kainmnnmin fapt Hrnby
unit 1Iflui PoienKon i ccnmiany this
team al team offlcer The team will
rom 11 In clnns C against teams of
pIcked rlfleinen from many other state
All unite In the ntlllllon that the
maneuvers while more xtrmiuou than
any In pant years have lieeii more In
tructlve than any before held lbe
work for the militiamen wait hard and
the lessons learned only at the cvpenxc
if much exertion The purpose of the
florernment In making this tot was Hi
letermlne how niurh dependence may
b placed In 11 national guard To
the CKdlt of flue troop from Ctnh It
nav be said that every man stood the
test without fllncrlnir and nn an Indi
ra km of the estimate In which they
were held by regular army offlcetn
the following extract from the report of
Chief umpire Col T 1 Uavl may he
The brunt of the Infantry flee action
fell to the Flrnl ttah which regiment
wns Intelligently handled and showed
commendable spirit Dining the after
noon a skilful advance of this regiment
inder artillery fire wnx noted
Maj W O Williams handled this
ttgti Infantrymen and ho Inter called
hula ofTlcerH together to express hl1 ap
ireelatlon of the manner In which they
roordlnated with him In their maneu
VWH before hot troops
The senior artillery commander of
he regular army complimented apt
VV < Wbb and IsIs oftirBm on lali
elllRerice of the ba trI n the ex
cellnci of their > ervlce In lire action
and upon the Intelligent unit soldierly
li > osltlons made of the military by
alt Vbl and lila ubnrdlnate olll
ers At target practise the gunners
midI nn enviable record far surpaia
big the lecords made by Hie legular
mtlerliw nt the sonic targrt I few
lavs before The equipment of the
hitter has been kept In porfect con
dition nod Is of the latent model
The work of the nlgnal corps while
not so spcvtncutar ax that of Ih whie
tdleiy nor conspicuous on the field BM
thai nf nfnnti tw > nn wa htctitv
coimphmentM by Alaj eor thief nig
Oft officer of the provlnronal division
nnd hy iapt Hnrtmann cntnmandlnz
company I signal corps T R A to
which company the Itah Rlgnal com
anv IVTI attached The re uhirM were
surprised to see a mllltln company
nlllll fmnpAn
eemlppnd with more moilern equipment I
than that furnished the regular nrmy
but such was the case trtlculary In
wireless telegraph nets Vlth the selx
h f the regular signal company dis
tances of iseven to 10 nuliec wets r
cult to rover hut with the petn taken
I to camp hy the Itah company 12 and
IS mil were ertny The rang of the
Itah companys cell Is SO miles but
no puIA devlred could work last far In
the Wyoming hills due to the presence
i i of great quantities of Iron which < I
feeble thl waves to such an extent that
j the Iti are limited to about U miles 1
IViioiinntlv iliirlntf the
ttunl ulng maneuvers th >
rtah nlRnil company opened utatlon In
two minutes had mt > miges nn the way
And 1t It and then In iwo mlnules
ligitIli took down stntlori n record not
excelled by the regular The company
wes complimented many times by
lleut Mlanillforil mistimed nit Instrur
I tar for efficiency nnd Intelligent
rnC AII Int111111 com
prehension of the nece sllle In parllo
lilnr cases He < > xprtt > K < > d his opinion
that the rtah company wan fully pre
pared for acllve service at any time t
might be required
Miicli pralii is Klen Col I 11 11
luinl the Ltuh tOt h i r > whose
administration was the more apprc
flnted by Llt regulars litHBtue of their
> xperlenc ii with the
wlh t WjnmliiR tools
The allowance jror man for the mil
lIlt U 2216 cents per day from the
government subslntence dtiparlment
According to report from the ndju
ant generals office the government
oimnlssary was so satisfied with Cot
Lunds administration thnt hn
admllllrnUol thft and hl <
HMNlnnts paid no nltenllon to the
ttah cons inbscnry beyond perfunctory I
roiitln ns Ihev remarked that hI I
fcnew hIl business so well that there
was no occasion for any riitiervMnn
from the regular officers The Ulnh
hoys had nil they > wAnl1 to rat and
nn kicks coming Col lund was much I
pleajid wIth he new arrangement In
running water rlp Into the kitchens
a U saved Wii h time AiI lubpr j
lciiii Soularil lniicr Y imc Mini
Vlrn IJnierod Cu > irlir Itelikiico
MUM riljiiiil Trliil
Loon SO II Id itt I dilI S i youiiR fellow
< hall with 111 burglary II llio resi
dences of J IL Coiicrlff iS tnst Smith
Tomrilp street mitt W Mont forty 453
nulL South Ternplo street trait filvm hIs
ITCllinlnury honrlug thin morning ont
bound olr
over to the district court undor
UOOO bonds
Soulnrd was tried only Mi tie charge
o burjslarliilntr the Iongrlff rsld nio
Oi tho nUlit or July lolrJI hearing on
nr htIrlnl ni
mwtmtl charge at hurelarlzlni the
Ferry homo being hl1181lzlll
lujM on too I bIK the 111 erutor without
foulard W M Reprehended
by the
AIllrpllllh JIO
nerclM lIed after street lie loud MHcondhand its uvnti In utoiu II Com u
limtillty of clothlne MIII MUerwiro
Iotlll lud
stolen foul the WrlfT 1IWlfG
Election followed the nrre t In Uccjen
or I llrPI
ur it
I ullIOI While the latter
van a I I out Pt I opt to I H pair of opera
lasses his nnir rtv nt ft i rtm fl
VIIKll Mrlriorpoil HUld hIHd been gIven
ll hlI
ti > lilin hv Sonbml t
After Houlardn nripst the
Irlt police ray
IP confessed to the
> robbery of the t tst
tJrlft and Kerry homes and
11 hOII I 11 look the
polie to tin
II Ioa kennel In tln > reiir
nf Mr l < rrryn homo winre Ilr
hOl n < UHtitlty
of the I IUIII
Htolriit slulT
of WHS recovered litter
11f WI rlolr
Soulnrd tInIeh being
hI Implicated In the
obbwry and pleaded nut gut lip In the
I hnrge of burglary At hit preliminary
tearing today ruwnbrolier Irlmllnr
lied to linvliifr bought ilothlng
11111 hlhl nnd nil
Ilr I
envure from Houlard and Mrs Cue
grill Idemirifld hit purchased nrtlclon
its bolnir IIIT missing properly Soularl
emllllud for hiniNelf telllnr hit Htory
lint he hiiit been KlvcTi > lie article by
I PIt Phieioti it ltd u rut tier
IIhlol III IHlh r 11 whom
he did lot know ID cell and that out
1 Ant tlnt tll
of the Jlo
11 received fur the stuff the un
known nun hail kept SS giving I dol
tar IHch to Mrlherson and Houlnrd
Judge flutaker hung out a warning
stun lo street beggars 1II morning by
Imposing I Oilny Jail Kinlonee when
Kiel Martin pleadrd Kiillly to
III2 11 I begging
ipnii the stnteis Martin In lila plea of
gulltv atkeil for the clmnre to irate thst
illy but he court Hiutminrllv gnve tho
sealencn of 60 clajs mmnArl 1l1
MIke Xelo
IIA 1 Oreek pltailcd uulllv tn
having rarrltd 1 ooficealed wrapuii n re
volt rr and WU tilted iS f
Man Claiming in bo ConIn if William
Jennlnts 1111 In Trouble
J V KrVNti claiming kInship as
a cousin lo William leniilnK Ilryan
alit who bear a Ntrlklng renemhlanco
to thi < former irresldrnlUI candidate
wa > arraigned In tit POlka court title
morning on the charKR n f obtaining
money under false prctenxci Ilu
plended not guilty and wns rttmanded
In tlie custody of hue sheriff to await
hl SI iirolliiilnnry hearing set for AUK
IlrynnM orfonyc conil t < d of securnn
J1U from J HUHtCH uf thin Lobby
cigar utanil SIS ouuth Kioto street
upon n forgtiU cheek for J168 signed
with the name of John K tnries
Tho ruiriteniutUii rnx iiwdo that
Iho check wan given by Deputy Sheriff
Cones < and but for the fact that
llr an lad < a nilstuko In the initial
signing S Instouil of I In the hum
IIIKI of vrlesx hu would hun bcon
pronecutptl under the charge of forg
eryliryan it heal etI at the clirni stund
> eMtenlay afternoon
Ifrntol with the check
arid HIked Mr iutax to cash It Mr
Oaten WR MiiRplflous and with Iho
XCIe that ho did not have the mon
e > at I tie
lt II moment asUerl ilrymi to 10
llryfcn left the chock wIth Mr Oate
and the litter called In Iatrolman
Cnrslenon who communicated wllh
Deputy Sheriff CorleM nnd found that
the check wai fraudulent Jlrvan re
turned to the cigar lore about 4
oclock and when Mr < lHtew toll him
that ho would advance J10 on tile
check accepted the money In the
presence of the police officer As soon
as he had taken the money Uryan wa
placed under arrest
At tho police station he refused to
make atip ulntemcnt other than tlmt
lie wai f cousin of AVIlllum Jonnlngs
Ilryan and refusml to xxplaln the In
cident of the fraudulent chock
tlM SclKwiU II 1rl lJirlln Thnl
CuMoiiinry Till Yen
One week earlier than usual namely
on Anff K two weekH from today tho
fltv KchooN vlll open nnd Kupt Clint
tensen says that nil certlflcntcii of
promotion must be presented at the
opening In order lo be valid Miin >
famlllo have uiroiniy icturnml from
the east and the Sidt where long va
cation hutete been enjoyed and onl fact
nost nf the children are already pre
pared for tho opening day
The new iongfelluw building will be
icady for
uccupdiuy wih many luau
t Iful decoration and pleasing featured
10 attract the eye of the children JI
the mnln corridor will hn placed an
equestrian Mntue of 1niil Itevere douh
ly appropriate from thr fact that It
nl Jeingtlluw who Iminorlnllzed the
rid of the ffiinoutf luiesseluger and tlm
Ktntiin Is tlic work of C K Iki lull his
Itah lint let At another point In the
main hall will be H line bull of Long
fellow and idong thie walU will bo plac
ed four cast dab rllrIIntnl the four
Hit dfcorHtloim from lie went wall
of the 1arlhenon Heretofore I has
been trie custom tn suspend xuib worki
of urt I ol the walls II tne manner
of iilituren but mere itt the IX > ngfel
lou will be placed In the masonry or I
the frieze Itself I
Thiugh I will probably lie fleCtPsM y
to hold double sesnloiiK at the VHter
tie during the Mrnt Heinoster the lun
building nlll be rod by the diet of
the > iir It will In noun
tl Ir wi II 011 respects sur
pass any of tho school building In tho
i Hy ax It will be reproof and modern
In every respect
The school building In the newly an
nexed Sugar Hou c district will be re
furnlthed ami all department of city
Instruction be Inlroucfl
Knjoy Ills FerulloHand a Pnltalr
JJr and Mis Tlioma Gavin have
removed to ibis city from Iluttc and
re at the Moxuni
Mrs Kmma 1 JuJKhy of thin city
has accepted n position a8 Instructor
in domestic eclenoe at Cassia Stake
ucadcmy In Idaho
w r Dunn and wife hae returned
from a two month fishing excursion
In the northern part of the state
Joseph Jcnklnson Hlaln Bowman
Daln Iowmon
and Joseph Anderson have pone on a
two WCCKB Ilt to Yellowstone park
Event of the season Ferullo En
gagement Saltalr Two free concerts
dally I
YII tinimii Mlnlnc Man flll of
heart IliHur After Ioiiirlllnoi
Martin K lUrkiHe ageil f yearn Ihe
well kii ° tn mining man dud at So
I hil 111111 ii I his borne 173 west Hev
enth South slrerl of heart failure afier
I IhiKerhii lllriBus of six month The fu
iirml ulll be under the aiilpluw of tlm
Mnsond ordvr the ArKenlu lodKn No iiA
taklnir cbarKe Jt will be linlJ In I I
Maconlf temple ut 4 oclucli Thurnilay
iifttriiiion al flea vvhlcli tl > o burIal ulll j
lake X place nt the lakonlu plot In 11
Mr Ifiirknea nan born nt Tcllmin
8 10rl
I Mar SOl I mi with I party of gold
iwekein he pdKfwd through Utah II ISO
hayIng over nt Halt Laku 1 week lie
leturned lo rtnh in J s1l and lint been
a rild nt of the a1 ever since Ha
ter llcl
was the urlKlnnl Iicalor at the Crown
Illme tini rrederlcli mining properties
In llllI CnttoiiMoiKl mlnll pr Iet1
lids J IUt
I Inlf iext to lltUlMir people and mnn
iigtI I he driving nt a 1 < iliiiil tunnel
1 well known chiintrter In lown In
mliilni r Ir lee for iienilx 4 < Miir and has
been liCCul us an eiperi mlnlnx wlttir a In
man > Initxiltflnl milling > mti wil only
known near telails r IH Humiiei J ll alk
neiM iif Scotlebl
I ie hut le Oininaiilc HHVI Call
IIIUt 111 for litiio
1111 to The Nnsisi
Toijele Aug 1 irtl luces cov
ered by Invurancc In Tooflex
ni rII II tire so
far roirortPd niu follows >
111 as 1lu p A
Url < hl JIOOoo i n Ilerce Salt
lMte cnrrlod by tnn ruslcrn Hal
panlen Kackrll K Kehoe 11600 tulip
Inaured ali ndjimted for full amount
Saint eiulr Jinn to 300 not yet nd
JiiHlrd neat iowanx J600 Ilebcr J
lrAI A iunipany not yet adjimtil
Tho local rnlmd State lund oflloo
today iccclved notice of the confir
mation by Preat raft of the wltll
driiWHl of tmuponiry power ltlIK aloni
Iho San Hufncl Crnnd San Juan and
Price rivers In Utah Thicsu with
drawals wero made some inontliB
In the Interest of till Bovcrnmoni con ago
servation movement and embrace all
Iho lands within a quarter of mile
along eIther bank of tho nt reams mon
tloned The Idea of thIn withdrawn
IH to conservo for the benefit of the
people of Dip power idles of these riv
ers and to prevent their monopoliza
lion by private Interests against the
Rood of the whole people
Prof S Iorilrr looMnc Into Condi
lions In Itnli
So Kortlel chief of Irrigation Investi
gation of experiment stntoiis of the
l S < t partm nt of npilcullnre Ima
Iwen spending a few lispS in Utdh In
coniDanv with Prof W W Mrljinirhllii
of Iopan the mate representative
Prof Tortler Iii here In the interests
of securing closer cooperation of the
state Irrigation olllrlals and private Iv
rlgalorH with the goxirnmcnt In tlie
Interests of Irrigation generally nnd III
the collection of lntlHtlrn for publica
linn for tho benefllt of astern peopii
who are mutually nettling under west
ern Irrigation nvsteniH
Twenty yen ago Prof Iortler WII i
this chief engineer und nupcrlntendent
In the construction of the great Hear
Jllver calm I He also engineered the
coiiBlrucllon of Iognnti ttovou water
Kvstom about 17 3inrn ago wan < on
nectml with the Ogden wnturnurks and
oiiMultlncr engineer In the construc
tion of the pystem of waterworks at
JJrlgham City
He has been In consultation with Dr
Vldtsoe of the ttah Agricultural col
It ge and stble ollldalx along Irriga
lion lines The state contribute half
and the government half the fund now
exponriml here for IrrlKatlon drttlnuge
mul other exnorlniental work
Thero are l3OMiuoa ncara or irrigated
IAnoll In the JJnlted Statue said Prof
Portler to The News
ests The atate of
Iluh has nimrly lWOOOO I bellev
Idaho now leadn California placing it
at the head In acreage 1tnh oomes
high up In the list but Is noted most
for the high quality of Its lands It
hnx a bright future especially If It con
tinues Its present effort of nconomloal
u e of water
The national government has ex
tended IMfOOWO on Irrigation and
IrtllIlI Ion works Private ctueiprlaeu
will show an oxpandllure of StCOG4OQ
All thle creates new problem which w
mutt meet Much of our work now Is In
gathering staUftlCd to furnish Informa
tion to the vast number of new set
tlartt c tnfncr from the tioutniiwntptl
Ktntei and nettling III the west
Twenty yetirs ago I could have had
my choice of lands under the near
Hlver cannl for from J3S to JIO nov 7
ee the hare wider alol1l > lit north that
rot Kortler will go from here to
Holfo this afttirnoon
I let ii rue IVom Allriiillni the Viilliinal
omenllon of Organists
John J McClnlun organist < if tli
tabernacle lias returned from Orean
trove N J when he nan been In at
I tendance at the National Convention
of Organists Signal honors were con
ferred upon the local organist In mum
tiny R sp clr > l invItation he played
n recital for Iho delegales and the
demon lratlon nt the close was not
equalled by that ncfnrded nm other
musician His work Willi hlKlily trn
pllmonted by the many noted nrcanMs
present and several of hem expressed
their surrirLe that xueh an organist
should come from the far wesl
At tho general election of oltloers for
tho coming year trot McClollnii won
twice honored Ho WRB land vice
prerldent which position also carries I
wllh It membership on the pxecutho
commlllec nnd In addition woe mail
president for the State of Itah Thli I
Is ihe fist tlnio a president for Utah j
lnu bt t n plril d J I
One of the Ircnl papers of Ocean
I Irate prints a eiv inilni > lIRt I
writeup end Interview Extracts from
It follows i
John J MeClellnn orgnnlsl of the I
ginl Mormon tabernai le nt Salt Iak
Ill one of th ben known ingot
inls In lila country lies boon
1IBII very I >
Ittlly recehed by lie Xntlonol
S Iiitiflhl 1
jrmtlon of OrgHUiis
Ills lit Ocean IrA I
reeltnllst at tin
liar tabornuclo bus niMile hN imin n fun
one to the entire 11111
rauslnil woild
yet A
young man Mr
bin hold scxeral Inmurlanl
In i hit poitioii
western Held being ilirecti
the Halt luke SMiiphoiiy reet u I
orcliealm f
atul iibto
of the t ait
Kiiku Chdrnl miclety
S 11 orviinlNl of tli tabernacle b
s has
pUen over lJOO free orgtin recllnli
Ing the
heat 10
ytmrn The iniurrn
lll r sail IH 110
ployed dully at noon front
April I to 0
Oct I putt
yewr It Is iup
lull I cii tlmt JIWOOO
nit In
hear Ho hiwi
a bountiful tones
Hili sect to Vouiig set said Mr
McChulltu In mi Interview but
have glorlouH Inlent In Clahthos
ninjeatle old mountains seem to make
good etoalld we have us fine a lot
of professlomit muslrluiiH 111 Salt Lake
limy found anywhere In
a city of
VOiOWi Inhabitant In all America
I nm enthusiastic over the work
> f the National Association of Organ
He mid Ihe prcptfnl convention The
taper t hae heard nnd the splhilM
llacusslons are worth coming thousands
of miles to hear I am ffnlnjf buck in
11110 west with Ihe dntcnnlnnllon in dn
all In my ivower for till great or
c i ulnaf Inn
Ocean drove Is a wonderful plot
a nd nil honor to your inn w laJ director
Tall Jsn Morgan for mIn Ihla
dace the Itnyreuth of America tllvi
hint your support and enconrageinont
for he ha a loCater mind Tho great
rBlili Ill well plnyod by my friend
larenie lleynolila 1ms especially de
lighted mn
M lit glad lo know from your Mr
Morgan tlmt ho heard our Tnbernnclu
choir nt the world fair In Chicago un
der the direction of Prof Evan
Stephens nmt that he considered their
MlnrfnK unsurpassed He also Mill that
tnatiy of tho hot iiuislrUnn ho had
talked with felt Hint our choir should
have been Klven first and nol second
Sir Mciidian made lull a reputa
tion for himself as a sM > ech mnket
liavlnc occupied the door several times
Und In each cast receiving applause
for his efforts He staled that ho bash
received the encourauemenl of the
Mormon Church to rotne BVK1 miles to
nttend the convention and that lie
would return wllh a glowing report nr
his trip
Prof McPlellan 1M preparing a report
to be sent to the First Presidency cov >
oulng the entire trip and the work done
Woit was received lv wire todiy
from Vlllliiinshur Paiiniln lo rela
tives In IhN city of the death ihere
Simdre of Iftm Mcintosh oged J2
years of a tumor from which he tins
Hiifferfl fur rIght month He 1 sur
vived by three slitera living In tlllll
vlclnlt as follows Mrs P J Hnrtols
of Xo 6 lsslntr court wile of tilt
Muxuni barber Mrs Donald McDonald
of Xo 662 east Seventh South flout
Sirs Jltilh Ileclcstead of Kvnnston Wvo
Mrs neckstend who has been vlsitlnc
her sisters In Salt Thr tho past few
dnys returned home Mondcy before
ho word came Tin deceased Is stir
xlved by both parents ea < h near SO
years of age now living at VIMIams
1ulII Ii ut lid r tbc burial IH take pll1f
oath tutces to Show Impimrmciit und I
Slrciifth Itaphlly glllIII
1roin nmiKcr one
sea York Auir 15lIAor Oaywor
showed further Improvement anil
strength today and hIs ravenlh day
found him rapidly emerglns from ttw
danger zone j no atuiy morning bill
letlti of the phyjdcluns allowed Ihl
wotinJwl man had It an excellent
The oltlclnl bulletin Iwuetl nt oclock
was us follows
Mayor Uaynor haa passed n good
night and slept well He haa taken
nourishment well and Is in a good gen
eral condition thlf morning Tem
perature 38 18 pulse 70 nd itsplru
llon JG
The iiollce utc enuHslna IhcniHclvc
u lib the theory that James J UnlUglt i
ilenlen but II man with a police recni I
is under suspicion Mayor luMior will
lie taken to the Adlrondacka just t
man as hIt condition pcrmlte
The follow IIIK bulletin reanlii > K
Mnyor Oaynor wan given out al I L >
oclock thit aflormnm
hiir rov < iinent COli till Lies The mayor
IISM had a coiiiforlnble morning
Oim of the physician who Is HI
lending Map n J I nol sild thul bar
ling unforeseen and unproltHbe om
IlIlatl lit MaYor nnyncr would ho
fible ti Ia > Pin lluHpltnl tivi etl
fiom todav and thai by lln mlddl cii
lifxl nmiitli he would have rtcovcirtt
HUlllienlly t S itmt fr I tie s ii lion
Hair DrejnF
and Manicur
276 Main St
Iennsix tl ii > llVarl
hilts nil a nilssl I 1 J I II h
Riven II furetsej lit S n I >
Twntielh ward 111 Ii II
lilda > evening Tin r I hall 11f
ir r
lie followln Ta ontaI1
rollowme iuitnq rK
MwrgHrcl CnldwHI Pin J rY lv larol1 n
men lI Car
tonwn H 1
Tl1t hArdy
Inll1 urd
Moncnrr Jams
ri tuciihui IIhluw
Homney 10 1 ItltSfliefl Ofrlnd
nin l >
Spllsbury our rIltl
hart maui J
unmet hid n lIJJ
1airpveatiii tlc lIllIlttftIJhn 1 I
to the 111 nHlItal Is ii mmitiM
urdn > Id bu hnllii niiai on sat
tin of
locution and allure per
i linutel hJI < l furni
lure Hurl C > lIlrlIII i
complaining nitneui
lIr1 nIl lrlIIIIr J II
McClaskey of ihe mirn
ri 1 rt
In town
11 Nundio
a few hOUl
Inspecting the local recruiting
nnd expressed his appmtal of the ws
the local service was heinc ionilurtf
He thinks Ihe station will ke mal
Iformancnt In this ut in
36 six 110
titan have been inllittd Th v
to Mare Island
tn l cn v mnnn
training for loin r LI i r
Iroiii Clialtanooga > AKI
Auntln baa
returni rrv find i
gn where IIhl hA l > > n filIng
a P >
don In tho Church nfflre for c P
month past she wi called horn
nccnunt of the serlfn Ilinru nf
slsler PInt McKeagx mo
despnlred of tact pOl < t Hidden h
for the better
lisoci i in gnt
encouraced her tir > ni > fr frni
nail Miss
tisiln I r 1
her Held of labor
iili > li tit Iii Hit Leper it L
ng the city jini L i
eep the Oreek b IM i 1 i K 01 i
n an imprm MP < I Kiiit n > i t
nr tl1O smallpox p < > 5 i I
Inxl bench furtherninrc tho niui In
ion hereto longlhfl i thi VJeri
Hug I ithuit offlclol hn r nr
f liporl him lucy < 5
i fisting the cltv man iiis irlu
would take lo depart hi n i i r
nif that the cit > ami th > < fl r >
sec to the matter at n i I
all of the IxIIln
An examination f i i k
teacher will lie hIt i I i > I i <
< tt school building Mi < la url TIP
day AuglUt 72nd MI r l guii t
at J a tn of the hirst iin
holding certificates vaini < r
1011 are expected i ti > rhO ix i
Candidates for high h n
dale will ileaso IIM < ih < j
ailP1ttl not later that Thiioil ti
Pent Ink And pipr < i I
I i u S II Tr Seix
I I i o
n B Evan FlorIst 28 a Main SL
Floral designs a ap loltv 1honn It
Union Denial Co
Alt MAW STnprT
rainless eitrsri 5 C Itlh or no
pay All WOIK g i 1
JUE II n fs
We Treat You Right
7 aimVMKHUKWflV T fir frrnmm tmi in w IKML u <
For Monday and Tuesday
lineal piund Jlnms Xiw Slock JL 5 C
Vnsatrh Itinc Pens Carload Just nrrhed SC
SI tlrnde saik Ilour tO pound Sis 18
15 pounds New Iotntoes 30 C
Ilioili Ind 1lfI I ill 31
vi niirvin Till OOl
PeoplesCasll DepLStorCIi
12 TO 18 UPST riltST SorT t
Rusticate in Yellowstone
Six Delightful Days Wyie Way
oniiiliti cost from Halt Lakf inchuliiiK vail nnd sInge tiW50ltfltJ I Il1 1
full clays luvoniniodntioiw n 1 Wvlio Permanent Cnnips 32j Ion ThY trip
The Wylie Wny t i < 01 n years > Iuis given IomfovtiiliU lunltlinn md 011111
hensive service to those who desire n first Haas lilting nnd cnmpnu tmii o
Excursion tickets good only on train leaving Knit Lake AN dJ1lstln Au
I ri L
jr 1
I > ball
ib i
I iii
or If
i k
C 1
II p I
5 Yr
ci fif
f IhE
it 1
S St I

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