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LASTEDITIONj D E S E R ET EVENING NEWS I Continuous The HP 1iiclor Kicry New In Wurklne Adrcrtlilnc Ttcnclict rifhrtllne Iho Pay Ilnylnc T Compctl fli 1
= = = =
H Y Republican State Commit
tee Rejected Him for Tem
porary Chairman
William J Barnes Presented His
Name Lloyd Griscom That
Of the Colonel
Vote Vnn 0 I U IJX1rmltUiil Vns
Consulted Hcforo Vitinu
WUH Prrrrnlnl
New York Aug 16 Theodore Iloosp
v It Hiiffcrfd n sharp defeat In his homo
Male today when the Hepubllcan Alllia
Ciitnltter liy H votn of 20 to 15 re
jrcti 1 n resolution naming him us ten
I irry chairman of tho publican
ttite tinvention to be held nt Saratoga
en Sept 2 i
vice President Slitrnmii was unanlm
cuily chosen to net as temporary pre
nln olllccr of the convention
The old guard led by Stain Chalt
nmn Woodruff mid William Harries Jr
r > r Albany cncompanfed the ilofcit of
CI Iloosevclt whom csvcral of the
rtAle leaders charged with nltompthu
t dictate the fortuned of the Ropub
Ion party In tho state
ii > i Hooscvelt could not be een thIs
iiftrnoon ns he loft his office nt nn
c rl Iiour
Among the delegates voting for The
dore UooHovelt i s temporary chair
man were Lloyd O Oilteom V H
Marshal Wllllnn llikcl Appralicr of
iistTrs George AVanalnakor Secy of
ttlll Kamuel Kociilfr Navnl Officer F
3 H Krackc Ilcprcsentatlve William
H Itrnnctt and collector of Internal
novmic Charles W Anderson
uprmM to Sir Ilioiovelt among
nth tI RxUout Oov Timothy L
Woodruff Mlohale J Daily fonner
ronfMJninn William U Ward
Mother H Little vVIlllurnTtnrn e Jr
f 9 AUmny former State Commissioner
or PuMc Works lee W Aldrldgo
Jam > > W WadswnrWi Jr pcakor of
10 ante house of representatives and
Fru ji Hcndrlok former state com
l1Incr of Insurance
° fere bflng danger of both motion
in og shelved on a parliamentary
fi iinuality Mr Orlncom withdraw
hIs motion to prepare u vote And liar
r W Mack III oine took It up as un
ii drpi oil ci I motion
Ilie niT > m1tt < soliMitud Saratoga anti
s I T IIH the ttlttLe and limo for the
Afr the meeting had bon called to
iui and tin lime and plnce of the
stat < invention chosen William J
hUll Jr of Albany offered 11 reo
lull in preventing the name of Vlco
Pritnt Sherman for temporary
h inn iii IIr the state convention
J < I c Orltcim moved tri xubstUutn
inr iuup of Col Ilooxovclt mid mien
If M I that the vole be postponed until
I i
it muCh debate Ihe motion to
l I > iis tufciited by a vole of
L i 1 The rexolutton to make Cot
H Mlt temporary chalrmui Wit
then IHi bv u vote of SO to 15 tot
I w ihg o lUh Vice 1rcHldent Hhoirnnu
til uranmoutiy chosen Mr flrliconi
ail n nry Mack of Nexv York nut
Th vtdte commltteo then adjourned
t > fleet Mon < lp vorilliK Sept 28 In
bu i > ofn
tDinunUng oi tho iirllon of tllu
i vimtt < r III r J < itiiiK thu luiino ol
iim Ircalucnt ltou cvclt ir Uric
> iu ao
1 l > r scntoj the name of former
lr Ill il Kuosovclt titter toiiBUiimt
Ill nun The plucc of tho UmiKirury
ilii rnan wua obviously Ills nut only liy
Mill < of bite timing btcn prc < lrtcnt of
tie I tilted titaUH but by LOu tlhiuu
kfvut icndcrcU by him to tlio Jltpuli
In an part In Niiv lurk atatu Mr
lli Mlt was atixlouH to cnRago in
tnt iIUHul campaign In this uliito and
tilo o inic lit tho licaU ol tho convtiitlun
woiiil have lent extraordinary prestige
to Hi nit cting and boon of Incdiciilutiio
tlui h tho port thiuugJiuut the htatu
The action loretihauowa II great
inan > prlmury cunKStB OH It Is olwloug
that tiium vutlnR to deny him the oillco
lit t i poraiy cnalrman will luivo to
n UI11 to tnc unrolled Uepublkuns ol
Wlr r fjictlvo district lor their ai
I hfft was no question of endorxlliK
vi n1 cniluiiilniT the admlnlstratlun
Ir nn ifturt U inililo to how tnat thu
him r We Vrvsldent Shernmn IK
nn rOil seient wherns tilt choice of
tol Hmicvelt would not have bcun
It nniU cif necosslty fall nB Mr lloost
> Ito icwii regarding the conduct of
luMi affairs by hU nucieasor nro well
New York Aug 16eol Itoosovclt
tarn In from OyKtor Hay today and
met a Jfv visitors ot Ma offlce lie
then went out
Th neniaper men waiting to nee
tot Ji icmvvlt to talk with him regardS
lag t action of the llapubltcnn tuto
C n ttid in defeating his name for
iy rtmlrmun were dUappolnteU
In Ihtii purpose
Washington Aug IGTh Pan
Anifnmn inference of Latin American
fcsnns which has been In tension at
110fnoa Ayren Jor almost a month Is
Pti lej to conclude Its work next Sat
tr4ay Coldlng to the atest Jnforma
11 tOiI111 nt the lllle department
ably rim Alntllcan leosstlon will proh
tel MontflldlO after the confer
imi nl during the Hrst week In Hcp
t mel wilt K0 to thlle turnlnir to the
rbut s IAt by tno wcetarn coast of
1thumui and probably acroac the
IU IJt Panama
IOB AntTelcH Cat Aug 10ln tho
patio of the old mUiilon church of
Our Lady of time Angel ltuutcd
In original Konoratown tho lIDtli
anniversary of the founding of Lns
Angeles was celebrated by wprefen
tatlrv of tho Hpanlsh population
last night There was no observ
ance anywhere else
len Antonio Aqullar aged 80
who reelttc1 the advance of Fre
mont presldiid over the celebration
He wore the uniform In which he
roHlsted the Americans In 1819
Will Inibrl on hit Yadcrland al
DuttT for New York
liU Week
President Josejili r Smith Hlshop
Chine W Nlbley nnd party have cn
CSKII pasxogo on tho lIed Star Line
floamer Vadcrlnnd which will call at
Dover Knvland Aug 20 and should
land ut New York nbout August 28 Thu
party may rest a few day there ana
poidbly may visit the Joseph hmlth
monument In Vermont before starting
on their trip home where they are ex
pected to nrilvu about Sept s Uirgtly
bttcndod gatherings have greeted the
party wheiever It has stopped In u
private letter received In Halt Lake a
few days ugo 1rosldcnt Hmlth wrotu
that when going on a vacation If you
do not keep your future plans to your
stlf you are apt to have more work
to do thun when at home Ills move
incntH luive been unintentionally sched
uled ahead mid a great number of
People han been anxious to meet hint
wherever ho has gone
Mattenwan N Y Aug 16ThfJ po
Ice here are hunting for SOIIIH clew
un tn tho Identity of an nutomobllltt
vhom they charge with killing the 3
earold still of George Verdi a well
todo farmer
Tho child wns playing by the road
side when tho automobile whizzed by
projecting bolt caught his clothca
end he was drugged beneath Ihu
vlieels vhch lcaeed over his body
JlllnR him Instantly
According to the police the driver
topped tho car picked UI the babys
unity and threw It over a fence on to
a lawn he ldn the road
Persons In a crois street too far
iwaylo Identic the nutomohlllst saw
him stop his machine pick something
from the road and toss I nldc They
thought I vn i n trifling olntructlon of
nine kind and paid no attention A
tem moments later the babys body
vaa found l the lawn
Cfinlllcd on < 1 i let rharRCH of Conduct
Ilibccoinliig Oniccr hut inllty
or Driinkcnncos
Minlla AUS IGTh findings In the
18 of lleut Col Hobt F Amee
who WHS trourtmartlalnd following the
I ivetlgatlon of the suUldo at hln homo
er lleut Clarence 1 Janney were pub
shed her today Lieut Col Amen
ceordlng to the findings was acquitted
oil the principal charges of conduct
nbecoinlng nn oftlcer and conduct pre
udlolal to military discipline hut was
found guilty of drunkenness and sen
enced to the los of if numbers In his
relatIve rank In the army
Gen Hnmwy U Pont commanding
th department of the Ion In his re
view of the findings severely criticized
the eourt of which Brig Uen John J
IcrHlilns1 Avas president
lleut Col Ames has alreaily returned
to duty with his command the Twelfth
According to the testimony Lieut
Jiinney nnd his wife quitrrelr while
guests nt Col Ames home and lanuoy
shot himself while In the presence of
Mre Janney nnd Ames who were the
only wltneHntH to the tragedy
Denver Aug ICThe Initiative
measure which Ils asserted 10 ultra
conservative and will make but little
chango In existing conditions was
agreed upon at n caucus of the Dom
ocratlc senators early today who met
to agree upon thnIcglxlatlon to be on
actIM at tin present evasion of the
state legislature Thin measure will
call for a petition to ho signed hy 15
per cent of the voter for governor at
the last election In twothirds of tho
The caucus resulted In I complete
defeat ot thnso who favor I rnenact
went of all the partys prelection
pledges for which the extra session
WII s called by Oov Shafroth and n
victory for Senator HughraMayor
Speer crowd which ndovcates I re
demption of Hodges on the most con
scrvatlvo basis
1 Is thought that them will l > n the
canto lineup of Democratic senators
with respect to each of tho other
menjures to ho considered and that
they will not be us vigorous ac the
governor desired Another caucus HIs
Is believed will he held hate today to
consider the referendum measure
New York AlI ICllnlted State
customs Inspectors recently made a
seizure of opium In Itoboken N J
which it Is believed may reveal I plot
of great magnitude to swindle the gov
ernment Three arrests were snide and
the men wero charged with having
brought In 1J pound of opium bought
In Shanghai
Congress passed n hill In February
whIch makes It I crime to have opium
without proof of purchase from an au
thorized source of supply The penalty
la not more than J5000 nor less than
SO fine or not more than two years
Imprisonment or 1th
Eastbound Passenger Runs Into a
Freight Train at Wood
side Utah
Semerusi tlfiiiljers rut Crctv Aro Hurt
Jtun 111 Stop Signal MlsilitCl
I blnllul Aeciil
In a headon colllelon between an
eastbound piuwanicer and 11 vroitbound
freight train u hort dlsUntC west
ol Uoodslcle 1 it it ion on the Denver
Kit ramie rnllroud 1GO miles east of
Salt I ike Ht 2M oclock this morning
Knglnccr 1 K Lopas of the eastbound
pnssetiRor received two broken ribs 1
brokon loft wrist and bruises on MR
head and hack li Y Smith hlH fire
man received cuts on late eMil loft ear
and arms bruised mid Knglnecr Nash
on the freight train received several
bruises No passengers were Injured
H p Inylurt tlairmail on the hate
scniror train hah n cut above Ills left
eye nnd suffered fmm a wrenched
back The two locomotives and several
passenger and freight earn wet badly
daniQKel and i isconildered marvel
ous that none of the pateenirerH wero
Injured lOInlr
Immediately uiion rchlg now of
tho collision hupt N A Willlamn of
the tlrceii llhcr division organized 1
wrecking train at H lwr and left for
the scene of the uci lilcnl Company
Ur Slopuniikey flied wrerk
arconipiinled tile wrrl
Ing1 train and attended the Injured men
on arrival lit Woodslrtfr He it > iorted
nono of the cases as serious A special
train was manila up tncl Hnglncer lx > pas
Fireman Smith and Flagman Qayhart
were plncoil aboard for Grand June
Ion the special leaving Woodsldo at
iO this morning
poimlllllty for the uccltlont ulll
hI placed an loon as nn Investigation
can be made which will tin done at
nice From Indications thin morning
1 appears that tho passenger train
which was No S running between Og
den mud Urnnd Junction run past a
tom signal displayed liy the operator
al Wondslde who had an order for
No 8 The freight which was tile i c
on l ectlon of No J Engineer K p
Nash drixing engine 1168 Conductor
J T Kay was running with right o
way anti met the passenger hearton at
a point 0 fqpt oast of tljp overhead
steel l > rlilge Wist jfrVorid3de otnttdnr
W K Yanuy U conductor of the pas
senger train and UiiRlneer I > nr as who
was the vorst Injured of any of the
crew It nn engineer of long experience
and has been connected with the Den
ver Hlo Grande for many years He Is
considered to lie a very careful man
and his explanation of the accident
Is awaited with interest
Tho wrecking crew commenced clear
Ing tho wreck away At once nnd It
was expected that the track would be
clear for the movement of trains by 2
oclock this afternoon
Train No 3 which should have nr
rlved In this city nt 130 pm will ho
about eight hours late Trains No 5
and T will also be delayed
Washington Auif Preliminary 11
tho sale of surplus lands on Iloaebud
and lIne llldge Indian reservations In
outh Dakota tit president has ap
pointed oommUsIons to classify and
appraise the lands not allotted In say
entIty to Indian The sate was au
thorized at tho lost HoSHlcn of Congress
The commission consist of reprejcntu
tlvos of tho Interior of the state all
cif the tribe
The following compose the Rosebud
John I Scrlvrn a special allotting
agent ot the Interior department chair
man A P Kull of Burke anti Rich
and nilston an Indian of the Base
bud tribe
The following arc the members of the
Pine Ridge commission
Charles 1 Dates I special allotting
agent of tho Interior department chair
man D I Melwine AVnstovcr S D
and Frank Conroy Iarrrek fl D an
Indian of the Pine Illdgo trivIa
The land to 0 illsposii of on thn
Rosebud refervatlon arc In Mellitto
and Wnushbcg counties while those on
PIne Judge are Dennett county
Detroit Aug 16 Another great lay
men 8 missionary rnovtnieriUouiy giow
out of the statements made by Dr
Joseph It Harry of the Methodist
Episcopal church regarding the le
cadence of the rural church and tht
gofllennness of the Amorlcnn farmar
I the plan of the bluhuii are carried
out th movement will be slmllai In
character to the recent Krcnt foielgn
nilrnlonary project but thin movement
I to Christianize the tTnlt d States
rather than heathen countries Tho
hlflhop has < 5htalnedi4lt1i raid tho
Aftklnt oi JurrisffUiOannupft a New
York hanker who 13 to finance thu pro
ject A great army of Oirlttlan work
ors I to Invade the rural districts and
advocate n countrywide revival One
hundred American center which will
reach 2000 towns will b worked
In reference lo the campaign IlUhop
llerry fay
The great laymen missionary
movement has thus far been a cam
paign in favor of foreign missions
What Is now proposed Is a campaign
for the ovangellzatlon of the million
at home
Cleveland Autr IB Runiilnii scream
ing through the streets with a cross
cut on each cheek and one on his chin
Tony MOWKL wna arrested lust night
The cuts had been nmd by a razor
nnd completely penetrated his cheeks
He told the police that they wore the
avcngern sign of a Mcret order to
which he had belonged and accused Te
ch Meneotta I fellow countryman of
being his Msollant
Meneottn wan arostMl later but Iho
tollcn were unable lo gel any coherent
Halcment from either man The vic
tim of thn vendetta lifter making hln
frt statement appeared frightened at
having said no much And obstinately
refused tn RVO tiny further Informa
tion Itoth mon were held
Was in Collision With German
Steamer Elsa at Entrance to
Straits of Gibraltar
Tlilrljnliic PurMiuo Were I scum lell
Iciiui ltl 111 nle1 at Tlmu
Of Accldont
OlbrHllnr Aug I6Tho SP411Ih
tteamor Murto foundered tItle morn
11 off Tarlfn at tho entrnnco to thu
strultK of Ulbrult r after u collision
with thu a riian tmmer tulsa
Thlrtynlii < pur nn were drowned of
whom K toro imcMnKon Tim Bur
vlvora were landed here
A dense tag provtill at the time of
the collision Nino of the vlttlnm on
thu Marlon wore first cabin pa s ngers
The other 23 pasHCngcrs who perished
Were In the Hteerace
Tim bomv cf lie Rica was stove In hy
tho collision and her forcpuuk filled
quickly with water The stiiumer how
ever manage to keep nlloat
The Martox was I small steamer of
104J tons net engaged In tho coasting
tralflc the was built at Dundee Scot
land in HSJ And mica 231 feet long
Her Krt of registry vas Valencia
The llsR 1 Oermnn tramp steamer
registering only 494 tons IH even small
er She palled fiom Abo a river port
on thoNiger In Afrl < I on July SO for
Valencia and wa 1st reported pass
ing Gibraltar on Aug 3
He has AluajR MnnlfcMcd Great In
terest II Them and I iii lirm out
1llrrl A Ten Per Ont Fcc
Sulphur Okla AUK H Attempts to
how that time Kovernmcnt wai Justified
In duluylnp the tale of 30000000 worth
of Indian land In Oklahoma occupied
the congressional commltteo in tho In
vestigation of thp HcMurray contracts
Testimony wns given that It Mould
hate len Impotelblu for the govern
ment to sell out thu land and dletrlblito
the mire among the Indians as speed
ily as J 1 McMurray had promised
on I 10 por cent attorneyH fee basis
Iteprotwntathe c IX Carter of Okla
homa wax recalled and asked
Wlmt Is your opinion of Vice Irs
Ident Hhormun In matters pertaining to
Indian affairs
He iius always shown n deep Interest
In the Indians Carter icplled
WJiat vnn his Shermans attitude
toward liircrn fees
Ho wan opposed to them
1 had loot averted In previous testi
mony that Mr Sherman had expressed
emphatically ills disapproval of time 10
per cent fee
Representative C J Burke chair
man of the Investigating committee
pointed out to the witness flint much
of the governments allegod delay In
wiling the land wait II tl the failure
of the Indlanx to take their shares of
nllottctl land
DoueliiHM I Johnson chief of what
Is known us time Chlcknaaw nation tes
tified he signed the McMurray con
tracts He had urged others to sign
but ho never hail icon Induced to do
PO hy McMurray
Special to The News
Cheyenne Wyo Aug 16 A report from
Camp Otis today itntrs that the sergeant
In charge of the ruurct over the p < ymas
ters Shfe Hint VIM stolen one night last
week has conpfpM that a civilian rarnn
to him on the nlitlit of the robbery ant
represented that tin hurt been suit by iho
paymaster to get the safe an the officer
Intended retol pay off thn JSV to Hoops
that mere leaving the camp th Ot night
A civilian whose name has not been
riven out his bn arrested hy the mili
tary authorities but so far as known
neither Iho suite nor the Iit has len
Scuttle Wush Aug MTimp United
States asxay offlre In Hostile yester
day received its first connlRnment of
gold from Iho new Idltamd district of
Alaska The consignment conileted of
U386 tent by a bank In Idllar d City
I town that nan sprung up within time
last year helmetS received here Indl
cato that up lo Aug I the total output
for the Idltarod district thin year ha
been J60000
The gold e Indicated hy the as
say Is moderately fine running from
11735 to SiR an ounce Purr gold car
rying no bae metal Is worth KOK1 an
ounce Nom gold brings about J1535
nn ounce and Fairbanks Ill runs the
eRnie The best gold that comes to tho
Seattle essay office II recolved from thn
Keyukok district I runs from 119 tu
JJ015 an ounce
Canton O AUK hGiiy a court de
clslon yesterday Mrs M C Barber
ulster of the lute widow or Prest Mo
Klnley was given title to onehalf of
the properly known as the HcKlnley
block In Canton valued at Us00
JAm McICInloy n nephew of Prest
MeKlnlej and other helrsntlaw of I
the late exoeullvo brought slit to get
possession of tho properly but
the court held that the title of Mrs
harbor Is valid and that the property
belongs to her
Washington Autr leI hut en 11 mat
ed that government Internal revenues
for time present fiscal year will be In
creased about I80000oo In conse
quence of time Increased taxes on to
bacco anti cigarettes provided by tho
PayneAIdrlch tariff law
General Manager of the Santa
Fe System Had Gone to Fa
mous Resort for Health
Iton ti > lllnlitM I nj flout AfliT rn > liiK
flu rntugl I 1 tlui YnrloiM
I iriulex
TotMtka lan Aug 1C lameti 1C
Hurlt Konirul niiinuKcr of thu Atolil
son Topeka and Hnnta Ko railroad
died from heart trouble itt Carlsbad
Austria this noon Tho Ilrst word of
his death una received In this country
by Henry II lAuir assistant to the
general manager when I cablegram
was delivered ut Ills olDce In TonujHih
it 910 oclock tills inornlnff
Gen Manager Huiley left Topeka
July IS for New York City and Bailed
from there for Carlsbad whero he In
tended to opend n few monthn at the
famous health resort to regain his
strength and thud a relief from con
tinued nttneks of Indigestion
A letter ian received Monday from
Hurley written at Carlsbad in uhlcli
he ald ho hAl been cxnmlnod by phy
sicians nnd wan found to have no or
ganic trouble Ills death was therefore
entirely unexpected nnd almost caused
11 panic ut the general unices of tho
comiwny Men gathered In the corn
lOIS anti wopt like children for lt
man on the Bantu Fo > stem wtiv so
generally loved He was exceedingly
deinocrntlc nnd tho humblest workman
was always treated as an equal by the
general manager Hn had risen from
the rank Mid never forgot the men
whn had lnbor rt with him on the lower
rung o time ladder
Mr Hurley leaves a widow and two
children Mm Hurley and daughter
Hlldcpnrde nr In IMS Vegas N 1
mind Harlow tho son Is In Denver
where he Is 1 participant In the coif
Mr Hurley was aerompaiilpd abroad
by his secretary riiarlvM Krnmmes
who cabled that he will return with the
body nt onec
Mr Hurley wan born at Wapnllo
l lo
Iowa oti June I 1101 and after tln
shlng high school at that plnO spent
Ihrc win Letlarouatool aIr
Bloomfield Iowa r
He entered the service of the Atchl
sot Topcka Snntn Ke In 1580 as
bralicman and WHS subsequently until
Ifs warehouseman and baggageman
He was then for one year telegraph
operator and station clerk ut various
stations In Kansas and during ISS1 was
relief agent on the Itlo Grande and
New Mexico divisions nod chief clerk
and cashier nt Hutchlnnon Kansas
Since Umt year he hnH held suices lvc
ly the following positions Agent nt
Florence Inn chief clerk
Flor lcc to the gen
eral superintendent at Topeka train
master eastern division assistant su
perlntendent Missouri divisionassistant
superintendent Chlingo division In
charge of transportation nt F Madi
son la from October 1891 to June
1894 superintendent New Mexico divi
sion June 1554 to October Ib9l su
perintendent Consolidated New Mexico
and Itlo Grande divisions October
1591 to January 101 acting general
ruperlntendent linen west of Albu
querque nt hal Angeles Cal January
In October 191 On time latter date
he was apH > lnted general superintend
ent of the western grand division ut
UiJunln Coin and July 190r wan
mad general superintendent of the
eastern jrnml dMloli which pal on
hue hell unl hln promotion to the office
of goncrul mnniiKer on May 1 1KOS
Hast Lout Vegas N M AUK 16
Mrs Jamei K Hurley wife of the gen
eral manager of the Santa Ko railroad
was Informed this morning of the
death of her husband at Carlibad Kh
has with her daughter been visiting
relatives here since Mr Hurley went to
Knrope Severn weeks ago
Mrs Hurley was prostrated hy tho
news as she did not know that her
husband had been seriously 111 Many
messages of condolence have already
heen received hy Mr hone among
them being one from President Hlploy
of the Banta Fe
Mr Hurley lived here several year
being the division manager here nt
that time
Hal Frnnelsco Aug 13 llrlg Orn
Tasker I Hilts arrived here today to
take command of the department of
Ialirornla On thp departure of 1 n
Oen Thomas II Harry next Sunday
Kilns will nrsumo formal command of
the deportment Inking charKo of tho
hetidquartcrs In this cit > On Hilda
recently was relieved from duty ns as
MMnnt to the chief o staff In YnJth
Ingtqn 1 C
len harry will leave here Rundny to
assume hi new duties as superintend
ont of the military academy nt West
Washington Aug 16A petrified tor
toise whlc h may have been crawling
about the vide of Virginia dinIns the
days nt Noah has beon dlsoovrred at
Orkney Springs Virginia hy two
Washington men
Tho petrlflMl animal which weighs
I about too pounds will be presented to
thn Smithsonian Institution
Dale Ills Aug 16 Speaker Can
non opens the campaign In this district
tomorrow when he deliver a speech at
J meeting o settler at Clssnii park
Iroquola county
Mr Cannon said today lie would dis
cuss politics but not make up hU mind
what to nay until after he had voiced
over the crowd
Congressman McKlnley amid Uoutcll
called on the speaker lot night
WashliiKton Atiff ICIiMtrnimtir
flriKTiil Fnuik I hitchcock will
lenvo I u few thaIS for a trip
through the wifHlorn part of the
fulled States to study tho political
outlook Mr llltoheoekM trip will
extern to tho Idclllc coast He re
futed to tilecuca Ills proponed trip
except to wiy that ha expects to
find 1 better condition of affaire
for the Kepubllciin party than collie
of the p MilnilHtA acorn to think ex
Commercial Organisations loin In u
Petition for I cienernl Adjut
incur of HullS
S 1 lliibcock conunlssIonffT of the
Commercial club traffic bureau has ro
celrccl wonl from Washington that
tho Merchant association of Now
York the Chicago Association of Com
merce the HoUon chamber of com
morco and 131 other commercial organ
lEittlonn of tim country have joined In a
petition to tIme interstate coinmcrcn
commission for a general adjuatment
of the rates charges and pnntlsea of
express companies throughout the
Inlted fitaten The petition luks that
petto LHtl
the matter of contracts between ex
press companies and rail mrrlem anti
thu slock rolatlomihlp between the two
Ixj probed and the names of thu stock
holders he made public The petition
WIU iliad by John W Orlgga and len
Janiln L Falrchlld UH counsel for the
llnifsels Mug 16Tlw list of awnnN
II exhibitor at the Brussels exposition
which It wait first announced was lost
In the lire en Sunday which swept n
large portion of the exposition Is Nllll
avallablo nnd exhibitor will rrreive
their prizes The commissionergeneral
of tho exhibition fearing nccldont had
a compl etc duplicate list which In
kept at lila residence In thin city
The cxtlmatex of tho low from the
lire are from 16000000 to MOWKX000
Among the awards to Americans
granted by the International Jury of
the exposition tire two grand prizes
nine diplomas of honor 10 gold 17 sil
ver and Ii bronze medals and live casei
of honorable mention
London Aug 16Ofitvinluo of the
Cana lan Pacific railway here MBV
there lo fin truth 111 the report of the
purchase bv the Canadian Pacific of
the Allan Line steamship company
Stale Honor Yard Filled With Tcnl
Of Plr t ItCRlmcnt O X r
lllllo Illnllng
Columbus o Aug 16The state
house yard Is hAlt tilled with tents of
the First regiment Ohio national
guard which trrtved from Cincinnati
early toda > on call by Onv Harmon
for strike dull
There has been little rioting or se
rious itUnider lure the announcement
Ihlt Ihl trial njalii wnul tie placed
In Columbus The street ears are run
ning on amnetil rug like rchrdule time
Cromwell Conn Aug 1 laAnlle
IJonson a Connecticut farmer has Just
returned from 1 seven months expedi
tion to the United States of Columbia
with 86 orates of rare orchids which
ho values ut moro than J25000
Among lilu prize are four specimen
of I pure while orchid HO raro that
each plant common a price of 1000
In this country From the shoulder
of I mountain near tho bonier line of
Columbia nnd Venezuela Mr Ilenson
looked down upon hundreds of thou
cands of dollars worth of these rare
orchids but each plant wan In such Ill
Inaccenslbln place that ho was unable
to obtain more than tin four sped
mocha he brought back with him
Mr llensonH expedition wits accom
panied through the dense forests by
a guard of 40 Indian together with
guides irorters and pack mules The
hardships of tho Journey were so great
that eight native members of the party
died during the trip
Washington AUK 16The president
has signed proclamations eliminating
42310 additional acres of Und from thin
national forests In Colorado The
nltolil lorlrlo un
appropriated portion of the areas
which have been eliminated from tic
reserves Inter will be opened to home
stead fetttemont
The largest elimination was made
from the Montezumn forest from which
wIts Inindferreil 3I86S1 acres
In addition about ISUo ncrs com
prising the La Plata watershed were
transferred from the Mnntemma to tho
Kin Juan forest From the Han Juan
forest 181SO area ianre eiImimtr > ted
while SIS49 acres the Itlo Grande reserve hem loot
Herlln Aug 16As 1 result of the
fight between the Herman shipbuilder
arid their employes all the chip a
nt German except the government
works are now Idle so far an new cyin
Htruction IH concerned Silt owner
are In many case sending their ships
to Kngland for repairs
Tho men demand an Increase nt 10
per cent In wages anti I Uhirrr Tork
week The shipbuilders mnlntHln mia i
I these demands are 1 cloak lo political
oi >
I 55000 Thn number of mmmcmi Idle Is about
Flock of Carrier Pigeons Reie
Same Instant Leblanc
First Pigeon Arrived Six Win
Twenty Seconds After
DUIanco Covered Fifty Mitesi
nloiix Heat Last Bird by
Twelce Minutes
Amiens France Aug 16The
aerial race between the birds of r
mutt of mans production took pU
tho course of tho great aortal <
country competition and was
won by man A flock of 4 c
plgeonx was rolcared at Denial yett
at the trniiio Instant that Leblanc
Karrnan biplane started from the
on hula fiOmllo Might to Amiens
tog without I tremor through the
air the biplane soon outdistance
birds nnd when Lchlano re
Amiens the flock was not yet In
the first pigeon arriving 6 minute
o seeondM after LobUmc Doter
last Hock had come In IxwiKnloux
had started at the sumo tlniu a
tulane but connumixl nine minutes
on tho trip arrived beating Ihi
pigeon by 11 minute
Herbert Latham flew today Iron
leu Mollneaux In the suburbs of I
to Amiens stopping en route to
lunch with friends at Droteull
thereby iiccompllnhc practically
last lap In the crosscountry ro
dlstaiuo of about 63 mills but I
reverse direction
Ke Intends to return to 1arln ti
row mornlnjf with the surviving
I tltors In the cross < ountry race
aviator attached to the French
will tilvo participate In tho final U
Chicago Aug 16A nowsysR
household economics Is to b Intro
Into chlcago hy the now twoyea
Lutlonal nurse In tho Chicago
schools One or the studies the
girls who take thi household
course will MUM to master Is n
118101 of Income Mrs Kiln I
Young Huperlntpndetit of schools
that the girls am going to knQw h
split up a pay check so closely
they will forcice a needed yeast
four days alioi
We want tn I young wife to u
stand what pjiirt of the family In
should be devoted to the home
Mrs Young Wo want her to I
how to npendlt She will he U
In the high scliool to watch the
papers for the market prices or
know Just whatthings should cot
day to day
When she seen I thing she v
we want her to be able to fliruri
whether silo can really afford It wi
or It will IK worth as much to h <
It rosin She must take her husU
check and lUre out what per
must go for rent food fuel light
nil the other needs of n home
she gets through her husband can
otre of his Insurance clothing am
other essential
Annual Vnliio of Product cconlli
Washington Aug 16 The flu
the annual product of manufactun
Delaware the first BHCII out by
ttiNUM Imnnu us the rull of Iti
vcKtlgatlons In coiinvcll with I hI
nt ensue Is J5871011
This Is a gain of more than 21
cent slneo 1XM There was a 29
cent gain In salaries and wage c
Per cent In the number of estab
menta and of almost 10 per cent In
capital omploN
Now York Aug 16 Mayor Oa
steadily continues along the pall
recovery When ho iiwoke today
seemed to 0 stronger than at any t
since he wu shot Danger of an in
tion Is almost pant although everytl
Is In readiness should clrcumstaj
render an operation necessary
The following bulletin was given
this afternoon
The mayor continues to Impi
HM temperature pulse and resplra
arc the same as this morning
Leavenworth Knit Aug 16T
Alojrna hot and probably fat
wounded his wife her today U
dropped dead beside her
Washington Aug 16 Chee ma <
n Franco has lncr < yne < 1 consider
during the lat few years nnd the pi
Teas made In th Industry In geni
has teen phenomenui I ucoordtug
United States Consul William H in
of St ltenne France who xajs
Americans hold first rank among f
plgn countries ar consumers of rcxi
fort cheese not even iMirrlnir Oeniw
In time maktinc of roquefoit chr
last year < t2 7ooo quarts of shei
milk were URN In 810 dairies thfou
out the department O Aveyroiu i
neighboring departments
nlth 11pormpnt This
valued nt J2I07000 and made 4000
cake or about JOT2SOOO pounds
roquefort cheese ulued at 3eofOO
Owlnjr to impjovernants In rC
ods of handling the cheese In the en
and rigid Inspection of the dairies t
quality of milk furnished the roe
fort cheese Is now murh better thai
was J few years ag his nnsul 11
The tlilted States Imported front
lUlenno last year JJS3t 22 Wxtrth
riKjuefort cheese

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