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Deseret evening news. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, August 16, 1910, Last Edition, Image 3

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r i > l p t 1 p
i v
MeT Ogden Branch
zei ta BeLL Tl
Pntroni are iflue tfil to tn ik e
ltnm lat < ccmplalnti regardluv uo >
laUatact rl delivery
Tn Knforro Acrcrinrnt ax In VVntvr
krvftlort Tlmo t
It U Polrx
OODKN Aug 16U iti mcvtln hint
night thu city council InntiuctcJ th
illy attorney tu brine action iiKulnai
tile OKden tench Lanal coniiiiny tu
rnforce nn uKrocment inadu evural
tcckn ago by whlrh thu company
iKreed to allow tho city to take Its wit
tir from tho canal wluuu It saw lit
At a recent nitutlng of thu boutd ui
illrwtors of the canal company ti
van decided to nnnul tho axreement
nml tlilH action JiUII canned the city to
take up the mutter of enforcing tho
A communication wn received
iron tilt mayor In which he recom
iiiciided thnt W I llunncll aealcr ul
vrlghtf and mpunuioN be allowed 20
JMI cent of nil fees cnllcctpd by hiM
ortleo for bin services TJic mntter WIIH
rvfxired to the city attorney and tld
ill II II committee
rummnt tu nn outer of the city
louncll the mayor nnd tho wutvrworka
loiimilttee submitted an extensive ru
pnrt on tho purposes of tlm special bond
licit Ion which IIIIH been called for
Kpt 6 Thin report went Into all the
dctalU explaining how the Improve
ment ould benefit the vopla of the
city nnd alno explaining how tho prollts
from the now system ould bo HUfll
Icnt to puy off the debt of 100000 In
fcmr yearly payments
A communlcatlnn received from tho
trustees uf the ntato Industrial school
onkhiK Unit the city extend Its water
mains from IJrst street to the state
Imluntrlal school nod guaranteeing nn
8 per cent rctuin for tho Investment
wa referred to the wntor works com
I mittee
A petition slfrned by G I Docker and
10 others asking that the city tako Im
meJIiite action In time extension of 11 n
l loin und Grant avenues to the north
ern limits of the city wan referred to
I n nppclnl committee and the street
m committee Lincoln avenue was closed
I Mveral years ago and JIBS not since
1111 opened
I At the request of H H Hill district
plant chief of thin Rocky Mountain itch
telephone system the time granted to
that company for tho removal of Its
I tinlcH from the prlnclpil Ktrect8 of tho
I lily was extended 90 days
rid DEN tug IGThe frlonds of lid
imr Andeifion son of City Jailer Han
bert Amlernon have arranged for a so
cial amid a dance In Jits honor
at the Hermitage Tuesday evening
Mr Anderson tins been called on a
mnsoII and will leavo Aug 14 for Ru
jnnc to take Up hia work In the mis
ci nary field In Scandinavia
1 xiv IIAXK roit OGIII
OUDKN Aug Negotiations are
f T arty perfected for a new banking In
t nitution for Option T J flynn fr
HU a trusted oniclal of the Plngree
Nntlnnnl bank will sever his connec
tion there Hept 1 to take control of
the new concern which will bo opened
In the building recently vacated by the
Pontal Telegraph company on Wnshlnc
I tfl iiVenue The nnnie of the now bank
tin amount of Us capitalization or the
I tpr details have not yet been defInite
Iv itled It1II understood however
tint much of Uu backing will come
rm eastern capitalists
I 01 DEN Aug I6P It OShea a
chauffeur claiming to reside In Nevada
< 1 t airalgnvd before Judge Munihy on
I Intln on the charge of exceeding tho
peed limit to which he entered a plea
ror not guilty Ho was held under US
1 Nirtln and the case continued
Frank Wecclen was drunk on Sunday
ned received the customary sentence of
f days
Jilm Fisher admitted the charge It
b R8ng nnd was given a 10 day sen
t < neW
W r iompton wan not present to
Rn < wcr to tho charge of obtaining
rlmey on a worthless check and the
i mmas continued
Inc inxc of the city asiilnM June nnd
Joinlf Richards charted with disturb
ing the pence was dismissed on the
> ti II of the citY otrnrnnv
U U Ounter WHS again absent when
hi name wan called to answer to the
hirge of asvault with a deadly Instrj
lit and a bench warrant was Issued
f i in Immediate arrest The court
pit I that Quntor had been allowed to
K n the recommendation of Mayor
Hainann who assumed rospoinlblllty
fr the man but at that time the gray
try f tho offense was not made known
lb tho offirers tried to locate Gun
to whu has been working AS an iid
i i nliir solicitor for a local paper It
> found that he had left the city on
> turduy last for parts unknown The
uffmse wall alleged to have been om
nttca cm last Thursday noan when In
II trvial dispute hunter Is alleged to
< ii struck Audrey Henderson a tel
I hoarder nt their boardlnghoufc
tt n ketchup bottle severely Injuring
II ujcr on who was saved from fur
tiic 4 Iciuo by the timely Interference
1 f th r guests of the house
101 i i Oncllo a Orcek fruit vendor fop
ft rnd S 5 ball for keeping hli placo ot
1 iv a own on Sunday
1 Hairy Meyers pleaded guilty to PetIt
II > the crime being the theft of
ri i nn silver dishes valued at JIB The
IIt impo > ed a sentence of 45 days
t f K Schneider was fined S r
t keeping his place of huitnoHs open
> Sunda
T > MC Uoxenthal nnd Hurry Allort
H rrciv clothiers denied the charge of
i g u Hunday builnpHH multi thlr
f 1 r W ill be heard later In time week
T I HeKale
known AH H parasite
nr the
underworld was not present to
It eI I mnl to the charge of vniinincy and
t diJ allloulltn to 41M wan tlc
htcd forfeited
r r ljCN AB 16J C1 HtlUltuud
h J Ii K Store y H f Paltcrfon Ilnlph
Ilh on and Joseph ilraham have
t iiSy ° nlc < > nit delegates to the In
to i 1C > nlaln flood Hoads conventlon
G helil In tRipn SPLit is 14 and
thl M The nW ° l linentn were made by
fir cbrr county commlnnlonent who
1 looking forward to the cnvvnllun
1 n much Interest
MAI 1 1 u u7i7urisis
IIflOlnN tug 1Mitrtlimgn llcpnnen
bNn luup to the followlnit
n rii
arllc u
Js i by Coi > v Clerk R H Dye
ry S II ° r Knnsn ritv Mo and
I Pir v llnms of Hole Ida
Zui icriprt James Klllhnm of Hhonhono
f Knl Mrs Inttlo flessIc Drulfora
A t fltrcmsp 1
r rulio Uand ail week Kallalr I
L fjti i
Address S
Bond 1romlum No
Tiventynvc ooplen ot thlt coupon amid twcntyllvo aentn tiiitltlon the
holder to a oholco of the followhiRUnoful IltlCMUIMK post jmnid
tulnx now niupii cf enuh state and territory of time Unlt d Hlutoii and tho
NeS TUIPM AIL CIA11T IncludlnK snaps of Utah United
fitiilon nnd the World Photon of all the pre hloIIB of the United States
of tim presidents cf tho Church Governors and Itulcru of nil nittloll nnd
other Important data
No3 SPIIINO TKN8JON SHICAItU A molhor1I companion III tho
home Self Hmrpenliif nnd warranted to keep their MKO for IIv8 ont
No 4 COMIUNAT1ON CAN OPKNKIt Kllclion not complain with
out one of these cnn openers Oponn rails porfovtly no ilmiKT of rut
thug hand as It bovols tin both way HUH n numbor of otliur liven which
makes It of value to every hoiiKowifo
Only nliscrltifr I who < o name appear on our bonk ar onlltled to
this oCToronly one coupon of each leslie will be actrptud
The Deseret News
Vrll Ic mu itt mm Pnlucosuc Place nt mutt
Of V cIr SclKMil
has been choson to 1111 the vacanuy
causnl by the resignation of U H KK
gertsen UH suxirlntendent of tho schools
of Weber county and Immediately as
sumed the duties of that office Bupt
Petteryon has held tho position of
principal of tho Mndlson school In Og
den for time pant two years lund prIor
to that time autod ns county superin
tendent for three yearn thUH being well
iiunllfled and vory familiar with time
> york In addition to these positions
Mr Petterson hiui be ii actively en
gaged In school work for tho pat 12
years durlnir which time ho has taught
In tome of time best DchoolB In this
port of th < l country The present pnxl
tlon came wholly uusollcltod ami time
members of tho county board of cilucu
tlon know that they have secured the
sendees of n most competent man
Ktlpt Prtterenn and hiM assistants art
now very busy In preparing time lint of
lencherrt for the coming school yeir
which will bo announced shortly
OGDKVAug lCThal A K Krabbe
superintendent of the cement plant at
Devils Slide held O orgo Hnlverson
cxiunsel for George Oeanokolus from
viewing tho grounds of the company at
thin point of a drawn revolver on the
occasion of Halversonn visit to time
plant for the purpose of obtaining In
fiirmatlon In a civil suit agaInst the
Union Portland Coanont cnnipiiny was
molten mass of red unties and was so
in the district oourt on Monday after
noon The action was brought by
eunokolus a Greek to recover 3000
for Injuries received nt tho plant on
April 23 1009 when he fell through a
thin coating of cool ashes Into u literal
molten mass nf red ashe Hand tests en
severely burned that he was confined to
the hoNpltnl for many months mind was
unable to work for more than a year
The case wan given to the Jury this
OOUI3N AUK 16J N Sparks who
Is suspected of having criminal knowl
edge of the recent O S K holdup
near Ogden was arraigned on time
charge of forgery and on waiving hits
preliminary examination was hold to
nnsncr to the district court under 1500
ball which lie was unable to furnish
Sparks Is alleged to hae forged tho
name of Y G Craig to a check for J8
on Juno 16 tho day before tho trnln
robbery At that tlfio ho lived with
his wife and daughter near Five Points
and made a remarkably quick disap
pearance from the city Immediately
after the robber Ho In a tall dark
man having a cool deliberate manner
which signifies his thorough knowl
edge of the PolIce game and It Is not
likely that he will bo trapped Into n
confession against his will 110 Is said
to have written some Incriminating
Information In certain letters to his
wife which were Intercepted by the
railroad officer One letter from his
wife which wan nlso Intercepted III
said to have read You know jou arc
accused of the noldup As tills letter
was dated fully a week before such
accusations were made It Is very I
significant In thiemninds of the police
OGDEN AUB ICTh motion of K
1 AVeckcr ant George O McHrlUe
iiecond hand dealer to dismiss tho
action brought hy the city of Osdcn
for the nonpnyment of n license on
the ground of Innulllclent facts In tho
complnlnt to constitute a cause nf
nctliin has been denied by Judge How
ell In the district court and thn city
has won its fIrst case In the matter of
the legality of the new city ordinance
Thin ease was carried to the distrIct
court purely as a test eRe the iit
tonic for the dcfcndantji Ixilnp J D
SUeen There arc a number of oIlier
Hppeul cased of n similar nature and
unless an appeal Is taken to the su
premo court it In likely that these
laces will be tllxmlBsed
Biinlal Corre t > ondonce
MANTI An 15At tho last session
of the city council little aside from
routine business wall transacted Coun
cilors Andrfcon nnd Keller were aj
polntfd th committee on llRhtlnp A
petition t1ae prpeentcd from K 51
Cox to nurchatc a ntnsll piece of City
land near the Temjdo Hill Granted
Bupciv or Jenfon xvnn authorized to
purchase plank etc for nod season
The umnl grist of monthly bills score
MANTI AUK 1Time ckb1r
of the Mnntl Thertter oompauy held n
mcftliiR during the week anti levied an
aM e smenr of SS cents per cicero to
apply nn the construction debt The
Mookholders of the company aro highly
pleased wllh their Investment and stale
that doting the past pcnson did better
flnnni lly Hian WSM nntlrlpntrd Time
Msrll theater Is ono of the mint beau
tiful and modern playhouse In tho
state rind one that Banpeto county can
well It roud of
i i i i
injiy Die Kcrullo 1lnd Saltalr
n nh =
Time News la delivered by carrier
every night Hunday exroptesl nl 76
cents pr month All p > i > inents ana
complaint regarding delivery should
be made to Da > lt Johnson unt
for Dally Hsturdny nnd HemlWrek
ly New Ind Phon JTCA Orders
taken for Cburrh yrorki Renldence 4 < 7
Soiitti First Welt hurst
Carrier aat side of Academy Av
I nil SIM > 4
Carrier west aldl of Academy Ave
Ind 1MA
< SpumIiti iorri st ondenc
PIIOVO tug 16hel J ICvnns and
others appeared before tlio board of
county commliMlomMi yesterday and
applied for a franchise over the county
road In Utah county for tho Intorur
han railroad which Mr IlatnberKer nnd
others Intend to construct from Salt
Luke to Iayson Tin matter wax taken
urnlcr ulvlsement till the 23rd
A jctltlon of A H Powell and others
asking for a changa of the boundary
line between Alptno amid Highland school
districts for the convenience of tIme pu
pus of the district In attending school
vim referred to Commissioner John y
FIve hundrcil dollars was appioprtnt
od to County Superintendent of Schools
OoorKo X Childs contingent fund
An Invitation was presented by Wll
ftird P Olios for the county < om
mlKslotiers and county odlceru to visit
the Hultibon Trout companys hatch
ery In Provo canyon Wednesday The
Invitation win accepted
Tho resignation of John W Brown
as justice of the peace of Pleasant View
precinct wnn accepted
Hay Curtis reclaimed ns registration
agent for Pnyson district No1 resig
nation accepted and Lnla Hardy np
pointed to nil time vacancy
A communication from W A Wor
then asking for road Improvements In
Kprlngvlllo and that people bo pro
vented from Hooding the road msas
referred to Iload Commissioner J J
Uta time
TIe reslKnatlon of John ChrIstensen
ns deputy county recorder to lake ef
fect between August SO and Sept 1
WHS accepted Mr ChrIstensen will
teach school In Beaver county the com
lag ear
Th following delegates were
appointed to the first annual
meeting of the Iritermountnln
Good Hoads association In Ogden Sept
S3 to IS J 1 llMins Spanish Fork
W W Ferguson Plratant View Mnr
lan IlhiRor Lake View Charles W
Cohbley Pleasant Grove Ulchard Hun
ter Lnka Shore
James D Thorn postmaster at
Plenfant Grove asked for certain road
Improvements In order to extend
the rural mall service refcrrrd to Com
missioner John T Walker
Superintendent JamcsA Oliver report
ed on tlio finances of the county Infir
mary for July showing amount on
hand July 1 J43M received K9SS5
dtrburf 41992 balance on hand Atie
I 1 S2H
juis MOXSIVS rrxKiiAU
PHOVO Aug 16Thl funeral of Mig
SJur Monien held Monday In the Sixth
ward mcctlnRhouHo was attended by a
Snrgo congregation of relatives and
friends Time following speakers ad
dressed the congregation and tentlned
to the worthy life and noble qualities
or the deceased Elder Abraham John
son of Mount Pleasant Bishop O H
Hers Klders Li P Nelson nnd Jnmts
Clop and Dlxhon Ilulph Poulton The
ward choir rendered vocal selections
and a solo wns rendered by Carl Nel
son There was a profusion nf floral
offerings from sympathizing friends
PIIOVO Aug 16TJI Goshen Gun
club hal enclosed several hundred acres
of marsh land nt tho south end of Utah
lake for a duck preserve and has
planted Mild rice and other duck deli
cacies for tho purpose of timptlng the
birds to make their homo there while
In this part of tho country Part of
tho land wanted for time preserve In In
the reclamation er > lco reserve and
the gum club slrejto have this
land thrown open no It mny lie fenced
or If this cannot be clone to lea > lo It
for hunting purposes Mayor J E
Drlscoll and Dr K II I iker of Eu
rekn representing the club were here
yesterday Interviewing Senator Smoot
for the purpose of securing hU aid In
their project
PIIOVO Aug 16 Marriage licenses
have been Issued to the following ecu
pies S
Ix > vl C Snow nnd Danny Shcnrsmlth
both of Provo
VIIIIs Beardall of SprlnirvIHe anti
Chlole A Know of Provo
PROVO Aug 16 Wyman Berg rf
O II Berg k Hon let for Chicago to
day to take a post graduate course In
advanced embalming under Irof Carl
li Hames
J W Forcer manager of Fairer
urns Co who IB In the east on a
purchasing trip writes from Now York
that he has had a very enjoyable and
wuceesifHl trip He spent a week In
chlcniro with his daughter Miss rlln
Trtircr tvho In a mlenlunary In the
Nurtht States mlrslon
Ilynnn Andersen of the First ward
wns elrllfpd quite n distance on the
street Sunday by n lionin JIQ wan try
Ing to hanirsH During tlir iun Mr
Anderson was knocked against n toP
tlmno pole and sustained bruises nnd R
big Bash of the scalp He semis take
In the Provo general hospital for treat
ment None of hln Injuries are sort
rilOVO Aue 1CMrs Jlury M
Irk wood wlfo of It C Klrkwiiod
died nt her hiuno In tho SIxth want
Monday afternonn Aug K of Hrlght
disease after u long illnein Slims was
beta III Covlngton Nirttlugliamnlilif
Knglnml Aug IT 1S37 Site came to
Utnh In Ism with the last hunch un
company ncrosn the lmlaI tnt and was
married In Salt Ijikr City Oct SI the
mmo year The family lime to Provo
lit 17I wlioro tiny mud their perma
nent home Sin semis a devoted wife
5 nil mother a pood ndRhlmr mind n
faithful Latterdni Hnlnt She Is sur
vived by lief InulMind and nine chll
siren an fulMwa Mi e John Nolsuli
Tlionmu M lUchutil and holier C
Klrkwooi of IIIIMI ImPort t Mrs
Until Vallf Sits Anne M Muster
nmn Hlitl Sues Blum he K Klrkwnod of
Unit lake City Then sure nlno 56
giaiid cii lId reim Tin funeral will be
held loiiioirnw edtiefny Atlff 17 al
I oclock at the Hlxih ward miftlng
c Hhuiei I t flirt iuimmmmlen e
V1SHNAI Utah Alire I Tuesday
evening A mug > mi enthusiastic men p
lion semis tendered Wider A Tlioodoto
Johnson at the residence nf Mrs CJiar
totli Pope of Vernal HeconiJ ward IJId
i r JohiiHiin loaves In II day or two for
a mission to Sin den Time rwrplloii
Was attomled hy tin largest asHeiiibly of
t it In character over held In Vernal tlm
Saints and friends came from all lor
I timui s of Ito sri I Icy In his lonnr llldcr
Joliimoii tins been Identified with the
tlntiih Stake acndcmy ns nn Instructor
for a number of yeiirH hits also boon
connected suitim the stake superlntcnd
lucy of Sundny schools for several
years In fact ho IH well and favor
ably known throughout the stake
Funeral services score hold this week
user the lemalns of Alma Taylor ono
of the pioneers of Ulntah county who
amii hero In 1S77 In tIme Vernal Ilrit
ward meotlnghnuiie under the direct
of Counselor Hyriim n Ciddor Tho
speakers wore President Don II Colton
and nidcr Francis M Young Mr Tiiy
nr suns while quite young one of 11
party to go Into the foroHtu of Vlncon
sin to get tho timber for the temple at
Nauvoo He remembered tho Prophet
Joseph Smith very well
1orni 1nlrlollo Nwlrlv for 1 uruuel mum
linn nf IrlikivineiilH of
rioiinTH of Ilnli
Hprrlll c > orrc xnioiH I
meeting held In the 1lrsl ward moot
hiKhouso lund nlRlit largely attended liy
reprwnntatlvo cltlzan the organization
wan completed of a patriotic society to
bo known mrs Tim Ictontncot Sons uml
DniiRhtnrM of the Utnh JMnneers Ths
objects > nf tho society nit stated In time
constitution adopted lire to perpetuate
the lumen and whlPYcmiciil of thin
mel Inc women who wore lliu ploimorn
In founding tllll torn tmiotvctti tIm liy pm
servi rug old land timrkn Mild relic se
ii ring manuscripts photon mid othir
ilntn In nld In orfo < tlnK a record f
time strong character pnrn life nnj
heroic dec of time plomwm and by com
mitiiorHtltiK In tlm way of ololrltiol
nnil otherwise the nilvont nf the pi
oneer Into the d Kcrt wastes nf Utah
flinl such other diiyii nnil events an me
Important In rnrly history
The following nanmd officer wore
1loclod for H term of two years Presi
dent J Km tik Ilcknrlnj vice prcni
dents Oormitn Hllsuorth anti Hpoedy
Dowdlo of Pnyson Iutlmr K Htownrt
of Dclijamtn Daniel V Jiiokmiin of
Halein Jolin 13 Clarko of HprliiK I > ikr
Hoorotnry Famiid E Taylor cone
iwindlntr secretary Justin A I > ivolos
treasurer WIHUm Hyrtim HOCCO his
turin Susan clnyBon chaplain Chan
I White mutdcnl illrnclor Jornph S
DrtilRlaiM organist Martha 1oughuiss
nxKlNtunt organist IMhol Tnylor
Tho society colors selected nre Indian
rod Inc KOKP Kreon nnil the insignia or
emblem an oxtnnm Rinl covered WIIROII
pioneer outfit
A pleasing mmdoa1 all literary pro
grant was ronderod Including a sketch
of A Trip From Walcw via Hailing
vessel and train to lowii nnd on foil
with handcart train to Salt Like city
In 18M written hy Mrs Margaret Hottn
anti read l > y Justin A IMvoless Intro
ductory poem to Wild FlowerH of Den
erct by Joseph H Douglass snug by
Minn Amanda I Inn on nnd tho fRmouo
pioneer HOUR Come como yo Saints
with nn Introductory by Jllna Hannah
Jones oxplatmtory of the origin of the
minim K
Thin movement I mist of Ills results
or the recent vory HIICCtul ij pioneer
rClohrtiol and as there In greed Inter
est manifested In It In the font cItIes
and town nainoj there IH over > reiuoti
to believe that the orRanlratlon will hI
comn a power for fi > d II th e com
munity nnd Mill bigger thmi rigs In tho
way of celebratIons may 0 hi4tatl lor
I II ulno nntlrlmitcd tha thin I nLxtletli
nnnlvernnrj of the nettlliiK of Jay
MOII then nnined Potetitpet on Ot
2O next will bo llttlnRly obnoivwf OHO
nf the original rettlom Mr Cou itianut
Seerln hiving itlll here
Pnclfle Jnlanilers WANDAMI niJ
Tlmrndny Native innRK eontu men
ISIIHI rirrr > M > ndri > < e J
JiiU flili fi AilB Hrh > fun
IB of lilt Limit Iotdlr Klrkhnri a iso
dleil Hundny iimrnlnK lt typhoid ever
selLs held today from the new tivberna
rho 1 IHW nuinlKT of friends and
nOatlviH bailiff preiwnt The maity floral
trlbuten were most honutlfult Tho
peakeri wre > KlilerM A II Ai lernon
I M Child J K Hone Kdwanl South
wlrk and James Klrklmni He stun
8Miko nf the exemplary active life of
the youiiR titan Hint nlTeroil sss rdn nf
ciimfort to U1 bereiivcd UtoivtCiMl wan
Die stam of Ilyrnm nnd I < lzzle VanlcdS
Klrklmni wiu < iMirn In Iilil July 2
nrhixil student and
1MM teas n hIgh hUII
nrtlvn Church worker at time of Ills
d fa tli
Aiim ixpinuiKxr DIIM
IKHI AUB 1layor Kiltmul
Soutliwlck In In receipt of I letler from
thin trustees of the ARrlculturnl IolleRo
KtatliiK they had derided to cwla3illHh nn
nrld ox I > orlmciital farm In Cur sal
icy west of Kehl providing the county
commlvilonora will furnlnh 19 ivrc of
arid land arid fence nnmo with rabbit
tight fence for this purMixo Ib > wevcr
10 runners ownlnK land In 1odnr valley
linvn already proffered that many micros
nn they realize the great bonoma to b
ileilvxl from expert unit oxi iirlmenta
which will b conducted thieve Prof
Merrill will tx here soon to nnike nc
lectlon of the mont deslmblo sIte
family homo In cannonvllle Go
county halt hydla Ann Johnsonj
July C Ill 10 Site temis born 1cM
1S47 In Worcestershire 1ns
came to Itah In 1851 moved to
city Inn county In 1855 won l
to Beth Johnson In 16 nnd 1
droll Novell bo and ievcn gIrls
born to them 13 O whom survive
5 t
besldei s < i grandchildren amid a
BroatKTujiilrhuuren For many yjl
or her earl married life she caiJ
si > im nnd uovn 11 make ino t of
clntiicx Dir the family Khe wn ih
lent of the IleHef society fop uIe
in Olas ali n served La pretldon I
the PrtmniT ansoclatlnn anc teachc
Sunday nrliool wn a nurse for
lck for many years ant In these j
pncltl she won the love of all
know her The mOlt ot her Bonn tl
filled lionornblc nil < lnn In proud
WW 1
to whom yrn intrust jour TA
C D Strong nt tim Alcxnndor Jew
Co KUortintooH oil work for one
9 Knnt Third South street y
g e I I
t s
es J
fSc r beck of this bfenK
C 1 4
CI i
i 4
i y 53
5 r iI h ki1 0 I
1 5 U C gwk5 I
I a Iffj I
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CADILLAC Makes Home Run
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Salt IJiko City ttnli
Irni Detroit for Suit Inkp 3 p in
Mlth Mono IDlt tires Ciullllnr lou ri iug car lime
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Crock Mlchluan Ixfi Detroit nl a
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panoabli but lime Cadillac lUll tear
through 111 Watch U comma No
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Cadillac thlrlv I rim u chM I 2SN till ims
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now nil In 2 Ii di ullliont lulillnc
Staler to niillnlor No tire trouble
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Salt lake Cltj
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Mr Harry L Bracken and Mr Archie Brown
ing have today completed a 1800niile run from
Detroit to Salt Lake in a 1911 CADILLAC 30
touring car encountering heavy allday rains
gumbo mudholes 3 and 4 feet deep and in some
places dry sandy roads impossible to drive some
cars through The 1911 CADILLAC however
with it powerful motor forced its way through in
a manner beautiful to behold Throughout the en
tire trip the conditions encountered were such as
to give this car a most terrible test over all kinds
of roads and in all kinds of weather No car could
possibly stand this grueling racking drive better
than the 1911 CADILLAC 301
A point worthy of note is that no water was put
in the radiator after the first filling at the start
the supply being sufficient for the entire trip the
engine positively refusing t heat under the most
adverse circumstances
The telegrams printed herewith sent daily from
the various points en route give an excellent idea
of the trip conditions encountered and the be
havior of this wonderful car
The car is now on exhibition in our salesroom
and will be used during the coming season as the
CADILLAC demonstrator
Come and take a ride in it
Iii Is earn cm n s rsi U hum mmcii tilth Ilnlono ilcmoiiniahlc rims
and rirrtnno tires rcqulrlnc no intention anti chine excellent
It Cuclnn durlnc the entire trip
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North Ihilie Xoh
111111 ticr 11 loiO I
ItaiiiiouilllrniliiMi I 1111 Co 1
Ntll fjiikp City
Cadillac thirty skidded luk > im
illlcli tKM hut lamh rlclit kin nn
11 no fliunacc Petit mimi Nebraska
Is I Ma < if mud Itainrtl ni afternoon
nnd s 1111 at n llno ilrlicn tliroucli
mud and unlrr holes Hirer amid four
feet deep nil ilny Ktpcct lerrlhlo
road tomorrow Mllcuce tcxlny sat
In I lionr Cmfllliu > car and Fire
Mono tins prove luhtnlflhlC
Chojciino Win ne n mm
KiOinond llniilcii A mo Co lilO
Salt Uilo Cllj
11110 30 plonch Ihrniich
11111 miles of gu mImics itunl lids
bunt hug and Illr1 miles of Mid thU
aftiTiioon llalaiuv of roads hard
hut roiich Hae added no water to
raillaliir ncf Iciulm Detnill TcdnvH
iillli > ain > 2 I No iitlciilliin nxiulml
for cither tar or tires Salt Luko
urotiln clo p
1150 p in I 1 itlttL lllUCItKN
Ittiullns Wjo img is into
11mIIIlrllk1 Auto 11 JIIO
Sni Uilo Cllj Utah
Usirtiilug ass wrCIIl KNliiy hut
Ilin iidllliic ihlnj and tlio lire
liino ins 1 it the road three time
Iac tll
nnil tnucliil
1111 1llchc oicr nircbriish nnd I
5 in > lioiils for forty miles W > oinlne
rojuls worst In ilu cimntrv Itadlalor
Mill require no Illllmr Mllcnm < today
211 The Cailllhic has miami corked
he niimiN mud uatcr sand huh
uml Miccbrusli uuoh I i Jim g more
1037 n in HAItUY nil CKKX
CiiinlMilanil Wto nc 10 1010
I Iii 1111111 iii I truchcmu u lc Co
Salt Luke City rtnli
Cmllllac thirty reaches Cuinhrrlniid
Vniiilns tonlclit after nicllnn over
lie worst roniH In the wcM Car unit
tires dolnc BH iisiinl No water nut In
riullator > 1 Will vc > c > 11 Tue lay
ufiiTiioou iic III nhout t n in
n t I I I n
t n
RaymondBracken Auto Co

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