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I y If
< <
MKr Ogden Drench
I Ill t It Bell
rouesta to mak
I are
rIr t4lllft complaint reprdlDlr S n
llIlflClorr deliverY
HoblnsDii KJccleil II JIll 1 II
B Kurtz lUitnln li MV lou of
1I1tcl 1111111
OODEN All 19 Declaring Unit
presentation of Brigham II
ie mllr
Llilwon Hint ho was III actual lOsell
m f the ogtlen Canyon Sanitarium
lI1rJn at the time lie applied for
grunted a restraining order
n j wUoi
nlnst J H Kurtz nnd that by using
IJiV rMtri iittiR order on u means to
Inl imfully lIoloses Kurtz from the
u rPtt tKcthcr with his actions and
tu iMlim IP In open court constltut
L J inntfmpt of tho tlllrlct court
td J A unwell Thursday after
juJK n ftlcd an order dissolving tho re
T rller denying the temporary
n akt d by Iloldiison and or
wJ th ller to turn over the prcm
j I Kurtz at 6 oclock In the ICIer
n t < lIver to the clerk of the
jtir t oirt 131805 which IIIM been
solo of murchandlMO
mivfd > n the
re of the resort ulnco ho
I In1 the fTiilucl
ion end nn nddltlonal
I 1111 h was taken by Robinson
id r hi aifontH from the cash till of
M rtiort ut the time the unlawful
vr Wl mule The failure on tho
UT o t KjMnion to comply with tho
Irdtrof tu court will mean liU pun
> tiintl > Imprisonment In tho county
fl fir ronltnipt but tho court halili
tkit If he compile with the order It
rill purge him of tho contempt
on an alleged mortgage held by
jjrnfi rnirree of tho Plngroo National
Ink Hownsnn took posaeaclon of tho
gIn riinvon Sanitarium company
Ktrt ilaH ago At the time the ap
atlun for the restraining order
irjlnrt Kurt was asked for Itobln
MI misrepresented to the court that
h ns actually In ponsesslon of the
iitiitarnm property and desired the
retraining order to prevent Kurtz
frnm Interfering with tho nffnlrx of
1M rnnrt Iiron this showing tho
i rl allowed the order to Istie At
iv liFirlng Thursdny It appeared that
IMvnsun used this restraining order
e h rt ni n meaim to obtain poe
jfl of tile property and for his nci
V i ht was heId In contempt of couit
pt n of Attorneys A O Horn W
t MatiiniJ and B A Maglnnl
Krutzi attorneys
At the time Koblnxon wan on the
titn tnnd he denied the right of
HUrt to miko rutltntlon The
rt In IM order held that this aLso
tltiitd all act of contempt
Fii Winsr the Issunnco of the order
the cvjrt J II Kurtz who was
t < < infd of hili property by a roth
IT tlrd twit of the law several days
t 0 Ia given poesslon nnd will con
tin is to manage the nflalr of tho
H Henderson one pf RnbliisonH
iMornwii went to Salt Lake In tho
fternon nnd applied to tho supreme
irt for a writ of suzerainty Ally
Jin f DAMS representing noblnon
iiiMllv tjritpd from the sanitarium
r IW night under Instructions
c i r Kirti < atlorneyii It Is prob
p ht v l n tlfl lntr lecl
t ic will bn cited by Jlldiro
u ni r1 t < ontelntit of court for full
> inrl with his order The
> < bIn blltrrlv conicled and
x olrfstlng developments are ex
1 lr1
rJDE tug 19lIrnr Conn and
KnUH1 Jiillantync were charged with
tMdons itrMnir with motorcycles to
S hi li they entered pleaH of not guilty
Pt tag t the absence of Important
i1t itnc scs the cased were contln
nVrt Jliorc and John Wlieolock
< r < flnxt I ror drunkcnners or In lieu
or tho n < s < ry money they must
fro five dujit each III Jail
f Pun M Kiruy felted JS for drunk
JBIMI m < i UeorRc Jacobs forfeited
lli for ili turhlnR the peace
tt K Ioinptiin WIll not present to
Ifltt I the charge of obtaining
tminoy under false pretences anti bin
ball amountliiB to IB was declared
Off ltl > J
JIt > Murphy denied tile thill KO of
iintn hm Cite Peace uiid on Invcstlsra
kin tlio ity attorney ankcit fur a dU
I nwl M rf 11 action which wan Kraut
Th > hal or p W Duliter amountlnK
LlIn ws derlnred forfeited lluhler
is hi Ra with KtmlliiK H60 ruin
lInr > Kamnivyor a fellow passenger
on 01 WI avenue street car ono eve
noR 14 rfk
Jam K ily was charRed with va
tree i vj his hearing will bo hold at
a htt i TP in tilt mointlmo ho Is ho
tlg hflil under 110 bull
Irr Sarii a Greek charired with
ami HR a roon > d woman of tho
JJMMHIM wa ordered UUiiilMod
Mvlnj > < tlnfnctorlly proved that ho
vL nt In ogden at the time of the
rt s ith clmrscil with drunken
11t II < charRed the court fulling
10 html h111 Rulliy us charged
Oom v AU 19tVjhliiatn Heck and
KMnb 11 Xlniken clmrged with the
ihft dr n > barB of RlKvrlrnil bullion
Tv ur llf 131 Wtr Rlvp n lier
nr ° r JUdge Murphy on ThurHiIny
lad ntcneil to servo 120 day each In
the 11111 JII The theft occurnd on
b the night or Juno 1S from a ear ur
ullnn aj ing Milppcil from the Murray
tkl iT NKhtwatchiimn Dennett or
the t tlh fnriHtructlon company dl
BVrfJ the defendant who linn both
° ar 19 ears of age in the act of
Ih I ntlnll Iho bullion In the nand nrar
J instruction company fence lien
the alt Bri strj the boys anti litter with
rram rf railroad xpcclal ofllcero nr
Oiled Ihr < < other non found In tho
111010 Inrallty and who made their
Juti I l > re lK > lllfr toktn to the tmllcp
h 111k IIHI UkPn chiming to
kin r
IMUI trum IleaRo and New York ro
t r 11 s stated on the wltne land
tile ur v hail rlildpn from Hall Mice on
liLi n ttllh the tnreo men who m
lard snd that they nw these men
MH Ihr Dillon They claimed to be
5fllinirig tho cache rain curiosity
tn IIrrelld Tho court was not In
Ih nell rHlt their tale and sentenced
ttrn ar irdlnRI
° oQDI AllR 191 J Fool local
a giniaji of the Moose order has
Ih orn t J a roplalnt against P F Kal
StBl7Lnir Bnut anti butter It Is
k4tned that Foote Insinuated that Fal
i l tZ
lln Imd approprlatod certain funds ol
the lojgc lo his personal UO where
Upon the latter struck Ifuolo u torrllli
blow between tho eyes causing u deer
dealt wound Till Is the second un
pleasant Incident connected with the
organization of the new order In Ogden
tlm former affair being the arrest ol
li solicitor for nprroprlatlng 115 of the
lodge fund to his own use
ODIN Aug IY NulilMhlnm and
Ii Ulna Jupiinc proprletom or the
hlte Hhlp Kaloun on Twentyfourth
Hticet uro charged with having laid
liquor lu Trnnk Iliown a minor In a
coinplnlnt sworn tu by Juvenile OiHcer
II C Jacobs The matter will be hoard
In nolici court today
OODKV Aug II lien Ooodwln ago
30 a nectlon hand on the Devils Hlldo
llvllon XMIM brought In on a Mpcclal
nl noon tmliiy anil lit keil to t lit Ugden
general hospital HUfferlng from what
are thought tu bo futal Injuries
About 930 this miirnlng Goodwin was
struck by a Union 1aclllc passenger
train nnd no holly tnangled that his
tccuvcry II hupelcHM
OOOKK Aug lOllenry Hoberts
charged with forging tho name of A
U ilIl1ul her lOlL hue check nt tile
Oregon Short Line otllco was given n
preliminary henrlrK before JUde Mur
phy jMtenlay afternoon and bound
over to the district court under WO
ODiN Aug 1OhIlM Harnctt of
Salt 1iki aunt rbrcnco Marlon ODay
of Kalian Clty Mo have been granted
u marriage pormlt by tho county
OaDKV tug 19 James K Halvor
son aJmlnUtrator of the estate of
Andiew J Vurncr who died In Cali
fornia Dec 1 1909 HUH tiled It petition
In tint district court Hiking for author
ity lo pay to the widow a monthly al
lounnce of > 100 The estate consists of
real mid perHonal property located In
Weber county and In Ixis Angeles of
the total value of J25000
Spring and Slouclis In Wobir and
Cnclio Stiickiil With lIIISlrllIl11
Of Ntt zulu AlMi
OCDIN Aug 19 leaded with thoti
sands of trout and black bass fry for
Utah and Nevada stream United
Stutfs halt car Co 3 In charge of
dipt AV 13 Smith arrived In Ogden
yesterday and wilt bo located here for
several days BII fs orB to bo placed
In the Plihburn slough near Iygnn
mil trout are to be distributed In len
ten Springs nnd spring Water brook
rho car will go from hero to Nevada
whero the numerous streams through
out that state will bo stocked
rooi rvcroitiKs IXSPICTID
OGDEN Aug 19 Members of tho
state dairy and food bureau nceom
mnlcd by several visitors made a
thorough Inspection of tho niunoinu
food factories In Ogden on Thursday
nod without nn exception the condi
tions found at the various plants were
sanitary and wholesome In the extreme
rho party con ° litod of J C Carver
chairman Wlllnrd Hansen stnto daily
nnd food commissioner Herman
Harms state chemist Those gentle
nen wore accompanied by their wives
tlcu the follow IIIK guests S S Jensen
I J Pierce Pretldent James Vohtei
poon President t R Mlddleton Mr
and Mrs J 8 runipbell Mr nnd Mrs
S K Wright The plants visited were
the Utah Canning factory ShupeWII
lams enndy factory Ogden Packing
ihint Peer llros flour mills Western
Bottling works Bluckmnn Griffin
creamery and finally the orchards pf
AV II Anderson and John Wilson The
rip was nintle In four largo autnmo
idles and after the Inspection was over
HIP party tnjoypj a ride through Og
den canyon In every factory visited
he proprietors courted the mlnuteat In
II pod Ion n condition vastly different
from that which exluted a fell yours
ago when state Inspector1 wpro not
velcomo vlnltors In any sense Mestrs
Carver Hnnxen and Harms spoko In
ilghput pralHe of the sanitary condi
tions found on their vlilt
eSIedul Corre porid < > iiro I
imiOHAM CITV Aug lSFlro In
In heart of Hrlgluini city nt midnight
Wednesday startled tho Inhabitants of
tile town and for u time It WHS feared
there might be a widespread conlbigra
Jon The lire nirurnM In the rear of
he nulls 1I1 Brothers business block
It wns confined to sheds u toul houko
mil auto lioitso the loss amounting to
wtwreii JlOOO and Jl00 Fortunately
ho ICnuilpcn automobile was rescued
from the ih < d Jutt In tlmo The Knud
attn JOSH will much 1000 the Wilson
brothers sutnlnol a Hinall loss also
No tnsumncn wan carried on any of the
1Ole ity destroyed
nillCtHAM CITY Aug iSJudge
Mnughan held n special sesxlon of court
today for thp pursing of tpntenci on
1 > ec Ilrackenbury who wim convlcteil
if murder In the second degree for the
killing of VaiTfii Ulchanlniii which
van don near floar creek ilbntif
Mold 28 At the time of the trial the
illorney for Ilrnekenbury tiled notice
of Intention to move for n new trial
which WIIM doiio before the tlmo limit
illowpd by law A motion for a nov
trial was not nfgued today and thin
attorneys for IlrBckenbury asked nr
a coJitlnuuncp until Oct 15 The pctl
tlon was granted nnd llrnckenbury will
> p pentencpd on Oct 15 who a new
hid will probably bo granted Hrnck
nbury vas taken to tile county Jail
vlirro he will tpmiiln until tho time
ret fur his sentence
IAIIK CITY tug 17Tho an
nual ward conference of tho Latter
day Saints Church was held last Sun
tiny PrcHt Moses W Taylor nnd
Counulor George AV Young were In
atte lId C 0 C
A farewell reception was tendered
Miss Dora Kvnns In tho I atterday
alnts Church heat evening preUous
10 her leaving the city for Mercur
Mint Kvnns Is R talented musician and
hn been church organist for n num
her of years
A bally boy was born last evening
to Mr and Mrs J B Nelson
Name >
Bond 1ruin Hi tii No t
Twenlyflvo copies of this coupon and tw ntyDva cent entitles tho
holder to u choice of tho follonlngiiii riUCMIUMH potpald
tain new map of each state and territory of the United Stntoo and tho
Nr 2 TIlirijK WAIr CHAnT Including nmpl nf Utah United
Staten and the World Photos of all the prwldcnls of the United Hlatcs
of the pr llontn of tho Churoh OovornorB and Uulera of nil nations and
other Important data
No3 SPitiNG TENSION ftHKAItR A motlirii companion In tho
hnmo Self Hliarpenlng antI warrnntod lo keep their edge for hive ynrx
No 4 COMMINATION CAN OlKNICU Ifltoh not oomplelo with
out one of these can oponrn Opotm cans perfoctly no clangor of out
ting bund an It bevels tin both wayn HUH a number of other the which
niiilius It of value to every housewife
Only nb crlbor whose names appeal on our briokH are entitled lo
this offer only one coupon of each Issue wilt hl accepted
The Deseret News j
The News Is delivered by carrier
evry night Hunday xrepted nt Tt
cents per montb All payments nnd
complaints jmnllHK dellv ry should
be mail to David Jolinon agent
for Dilly Biturdny and 8mlWk
ly New Ind Phono 371A Order
taken for Chun work Hcsldence 417
South First Wc t filrt
Carrier east ilde of Academy Ave
Inil J12 I < j
CarrlT vest aide of Academy Ave
Ind 102A
tSpcclal Corrripondncg
1ItOVO AUB 19The thlityninth
nnnual meeting of the Utah mission of
the M E church opened yesterday
morning In tlio M 10 church with u
good attendance There woio present
Illhop Vlllliim A QUIIP Ur II J
Talbott superintendent of the mission
Itov K R Murk superlntendellt of the
Jtlehlldd dlstflcf Dr Jr 11 Hhort pas
tor of tile Flist M K church Salt
Lake und a Hood ntHtlon of the
pastorH and workers of the state
Iil lioj > Quayle presided The proffiam
ns already published was given al the
ccral sesclnn
PHOVO AUB IS President loseph
B Kiuler of the HrlRliaiu Young tint
varsity Alumni association reports that
the Knrl U Mauser Memorial building
Is Cat nearing completion but that the
llnunce committee has a dcplet
treasury and that JJ5000 will hav lo
bo raised within tliu next 00 days In
order to meet tile various payments
which arc falling due on the contract
Tile Alumni association has undor
taken to erect the Maoxer Memorial
building and It Is not believed they
wlU permit anything to happen that
will reeet dlcredltabllltybTi their abil
ity nnd now It the limo also for thu
friends of education other than alumni
to come to the reaiuo 1rovo cltzens
of 11 classes are particularly nnd anxi
ously Interested In seeIng tho memorial
building completed
rouirrii IHSTHICT couitr
rilOVO AUB IS An order his been
made by Judge liooth citing Will hi 1
C Jenson to appear Sept 3 to how
cause why he should not be punished
for contempt tur fiilliim t 0 iomply with
an urUor of the court requiring him to
pay cost nnil alimony In the separate
maintenance can of let Jensen I
AVllllam e Jensen In which decree
for plaintiff was entered Feb 3 1910
Plaintiff Is living In American Fork
and defendant Is wild lo bo II Halt
Inkc home for a vacation from Ann
Arbor where he Is studying law
Suit for divorce has been commenc
ed by Klodle Hnnson against Calvin
Hanson on the ground of failure to
provide Plaintiff nkl for the custody
of one minor child and for alimony
Tim parties were married In this city
May 1 1W7
PROVO Aug 19 Mananer A 1
Spragiie of the Rainbow Trout com
pany has planted 10000 trout fry In
the South Turk ami other tributaries
The itch was sent to
or Provo river Illh wal tl
Mr Spracue by the bureau of llshcrles
nt Washington
iiuriiUAitiov WJIIISG
PROVO Aug 1I > A imirlrngp 1
cenie bus been ISMUPC to Harry Har
low and Kvn Itoardell both of Sprlng
vllle PIIOVO x ivs ititiKis
lli nry CovliiKlon Biirfrred a painful
accident yeHterdayat the Provo Woolen
mlllH Two lingers of the lot hn < 1
were badly crushed through the letting
go of a piece of canting by a Ian who
was helping CJovlngton In carry It
Till tausei the weight tn roll r > n Cn
Ington and his band WHR raught be
twien tho Iron and some rocks
Andrew Hardy wan fined KSO yes
tenlay by Justice of the PeHrr N < i > n
for violation of thl blryclc ordinance
Riders M It Hardy lint Ilalph
llonvrr of the Third ward will leave
on missions In the near future MI
Chrltensoir will RO to Denmark old
Mr Hoover to the Western date
Phorlff George T Judd went to Halt
Take yesterday with the Intention of
arresting Hcber Oledhlll today when
the latter Is released fpin serving a
10day sentence In the elate prison for
Indwont assault This tithe bo will
be arrested on a felony iliugn
e pedal npontII
UMvKTciWN IHI 0 Iluh Aug IT
On Aug 11 iiml 12 Hipre VII liIJ h
H Ktaml reunion of tt Wfitiii fHinily
to eemmeint > r i tin fortieth Mimlvcr
iwry of the srrlval of Iathcr Nrlietnlnli
feslon nnd IHs wit lltnaiifla SVton
< thin placv from tlirlr Kngllli homo In
Siirotisthlrf er Ulh About Ho
klnitncn Rd frlmK parilrlpitted In the
kllmoll t1I <
fstlvlllcK Ono son tImId oni > Uiuglit
George a and Louise cnme lierc In isis
Hint 1W Ihe HCMMl otlirr children < HUH
with the imfnt All the nine > lilldnn
were itt Hi presettt fetlvnl ttulr riffles
Johu illliti
tire Irorgn 0 Joseph m llI
countys clerk I mid Hwrnui1 Wcstnn the
latter Ia the blslmp of Inidin till this
county mul Mrmlnmii Ioula anti Anna
llo < lirs or nnnlcn rlty try llbbntm
of provldenrr and Mltni1 tmborn smith
Mary ciowtlier of Mktnwn
It iS n rsrr und fortultnuH event Hint
1 large I fiimlly should survive after
pa long n prlfxl l are loyal to the
faltli of their p rntn There are also
now living 6 Erundphtldrcn and 74 great
rrnndclilldren I mini of 114
Ilolh days vm Jfvoted to feasting and
gennit enjoyment Inrlinllng n plenilM
program I plrnlr n Ins nhorrs or Bear
bull mitt nnd a grand hal In the Itoblnson
Blake Irteldtnt Joi ph I Shtptind
k M rJ i l k
niKliup < 1 > rtf I llililn in und many
tllior pioinlnint itt oile pnrtlifpatrd In
tIlt fetlvilles
fBpeilal Corre > ondenee
MANTI Sanpeto county tug IS
Ono of the prettlQHt wedding recep
tions over hold nt Mantl was that of
Inut evening at tho home of Mr and
Mm N AV Andomon In honor of
their daughter Jonelve and 1 W
While of Halt Inko Mlly The cere
Jon tool place during the eo 11 part
of the evening Maj Vllllnm Lowry
ofllclatlmr In the prononco of the rel
atives and I few Intimate friends only
The dinner viis pcrvod on the lawn to
nearly 100 guest Mine Anderxon Is
one of tho popular young ladles or
Mantl ant tho groom Is a prominent
young boldness man of Salt Lake
They will he at homo In Salt Lake
after Sept 1
Mrs nintuho Hoe n prominent wom
an of Bluff accompanied by her broth
er r CJ Bike Is registered nt the New
Windsor today
Mr anti Mrs J D Klllpatk Jr and
family of Drlggs Ida have come down
to spend a month In town and are
staying at the New Windsor In which
hotel Mr Kill pack IH interested
W W Woodnldo tilt railroad man
from Uos n ont Owon Xeboker I busi
ness limn from Richmond are at tho
New Windsor
W 1 Baird of Price C II Calvin of
lUwllnp Wyo 1 1 Matthews anti
G S Matthews of Oakley Ida are nt
this New Windsor
Mr nnd Mr K C Ensign Ralph II
Knulpn tonal sterling Knslgn nf Io
Angeles are nt tho Konyon resting for
a few clayn before making a trip
thvoucb the Yellowstone park Mr Kn
sltlu Is the owner of Jargo oratme
groves In com hern California
Knrl West of Ogden and J M Parish
of St Louts are guests at tho Ken
yon today
r II Ixmcks of Deliver Josoph Shel
don nnd the Misses Sheldon of Pocatel
lo and It p Gardner of Hlngham
ale at tile Wilson
Mary Dobson and Miss Ieonore Poe
der of Ominl Rapids Mich WllllRm I
MrFarland of Iloston W G Shepherd
of St Louis and Morris Raunun and
son of St Louis are guests nt the
Knutsfnrd todny
W 1 Hamilton of Deseret F W
RosBberg of Hurekn Miss M header
son nnd Miss irenderson of Castle
Creek Ida and Jiuiie F Callbrealh
Jr of Denver are nt tile Cohen
Mrs Fred Morse of Twin Falls Ida
anti Mr A P Moore of Denver are
lfgltpipd at the Hoinloh today
r WARD 1
Tu millIll Wnnl Tonight nt the
Twentieth ward ainuscincnt hall I
farewpjl reception will bo given for Kd
ward U Sloan Jr who will star for
u inlsslnn to Ciprmany In f short tune
The ward huts prepared the following
excellent program for tonight Piano
selection Genevieve Hpllsmiry selec
tion Ectisiou CilIa rtet violin solo 11
cllle Critihlow soprano solo carmen
Heuson recitation Gui Hackinnn duct
Gertrude Ilomniy anti Ixiule Ingmll
tenor solo James Monrnrr selection
Twpiilywcond ward orchestra copr ni
solo Pearl Uiron piano felertlon
own romposltlon I Allen remarks
by nilHulonnry baritone solo Don
Priestley rrcttiitlon Margirtt raid
well duet Stella Hardy and K J
Drain selcet I in Kxi lslor iiuarttt Ac
compHnlst OciiPVlPvo Hpllsbury
Fancy Ribbon
Wo arc ciSOlt1uil
Ribbons and liavo au
ospculally attractive
lit of Hair and Fancy
work Silks which wo
wi close out al these
1 Gin Kibhon yd 59c
oOc 5in Ribbon yd 28c
I50c 1in libbon yd 15c
lot1 3in Ribbon yd 5c
lOt Mn Ribbon yd 3c
1 and 3oJn Ribbon
yard Ic
36 Main St
Imir Semt lore 1111 11111 Sciitcnii
Coiniiiulrd In oiilliiriiiciit lo llnr
ranks for Kiinalnilcr of Time
Ve MI Point N Y Aug 10One of
the severest disciplines over admin
istered at W el Point Is to bo the lot
of four cadets all memberi of tho first
or senior chains at the military ucudumy
who have been on trial for ireveiat
wttekH bofuiu I general eourtinaitlal
chnrgud with drinking a Ilk punch
Ill lour cadets iota Wilfred IJIount of
Maryland Churlus 1 llyinu of Wash
ington I C Hurry Jtiines Kieluy of
lliiliolx and hut liii Wood Hlmpison of
Michigan Hlount and liyrnu are sons
of ret tied olllcers uhllu Hlmpsonii fa
ther Is Maj Wfiidull U Ulmpsun who
IH on duty In this city Col Url
tile fattier of the fourth 1s un uxsur
Keon Kiiiinil of the deixiitment of thu
eaSt stationed at CIovcrnurH Island
Tut emitIn were found guilty by the
cliii it julia rtlah and their dismissal rec
ommvndvd but President Taft has com
muted this sentence II what IN regarded
as a most rigorous penalty Until
Murih 31 hill thuy aru to bo connnod
to tile Ixirtaeks and on each Wednesday
and Hnturtluy during that time inunt
xliid their afternoons piirudlng thu ana
armod and equipped As a result
none of them will see H football iiniu
during tile coming season nor will they
be allowed to attend any hop or other
uoclal functions
Tliu punch that caused the trouble
wan bruwed Into one uvunltiK In One
There Is no regulation of the academy
that IH more drastic than the ono relat
ing to Intoxicants the punlnlunent fur
drinking or having Intoxicant In ones
possession being dismissal from thu
Thn recipe for the punch was two
quarts of milk I pint of rye uhlaky
two grated nutmegs half a cup of
sugar two lemons anil the skin of ono
orange Thorn was no hlllarlty con
nected with the making of tho punch
and no ono would probably ever have
heard of It had not the Ulcer In charge
that night mule n tour of tho barracks
Up to that night there had not born
a drop of whisky discovered In the
barrack building for more than five
years and great was the oltlcorM sur
prise when as he entered the room
tin biffed tho odor of thn beverage
The four guilty ones were reported and
ordered before a courtmartial
Washington Aug 19The earthwork
on the big llelle Fourcho Irrigation
dam In South Dokata which III one of
tlio largest earth embankments In tile
world practically has been completed
according to advices received hero by
tho reclamation service The dam Is
6200 feet long with a maximum height
of 11C feet and contains 200000 cubic
feet of earth This structure closes the
outlot to a natural basIn and on Inlet
ennui six and n half mile long anti 40
feet wide at the bottom carries the
Water of the Belle Jour < river Into
the reservoir thus formed
Wlien thin distribution system of the
Hello Fourcho project Is completed BOO
mile of canals and laterals will carry
the waters over 100MO acres of land
About 30000 acres already are receiving
Now York Aug 19A squad of po
licemen Is searching upper New York
today for n white bull terrier wlilrh
suddenly went marl lost night and aft
er biting 10 persons dodged a shower of
bullets anti escaped his pursuers He
sides tho 10 persons Injured by the dog
a 9yenrold boy Is In tho hospital with
1 serious bullet wound He was
brought down by one of the hundreds
of bullets fired nt the Infuriafsl ani
rile dog had been playing amid obly
with a crowd of chlldrun when a mis
chievous boy tried the ancient trlrk of
tyliiK a tin can to his tall
When the dog objected the children
belabored him with sticks amid stones
Wllb I frightened look the ciog ran
about 20 feet Then he changed bin
mind and came bck hurling himself
against tile children hike n cyclone
snapping at everything human within
Tho childrens screams brought
frightened fathers and mother to the
windows and soon the pop of the fath
er revolvers added to the ronfualon
The iiinrimn lhp Has all faults how
ever and even two pullrpmiti were
unablo to bring the dog down bcfoiu
down side stReet
lie escaped d011 a 8110 stic <
llrntlipr and Sitters Mcpt for iirst
Tlmp In llftyluo Vettit
Marion 0 Aug ltiTitree sisters
ami a brother met here for HIP first
time In 51 years ypHtordny having been
childhood Tile b
separated In hlllhoo1 Tie mIl by
ippolntment at the hOI of Mrs Then
dorn Ireland one of the sinters An
othpr sister Mrs Janes McWhorther
colon from Santa HarUira Cal an
other Mrs Margaret Olondenln from
link Mich tonal the brother Joseph
Collwin from Houghton Canada
Chicago Aug 19 WantedTo rent
1 donkey for campaign purpWPH not
n klkor
The almve advertisement publlshrd
yesterday Is bet first move In n unlquo
rumpalgn to rxi carried on by John V
IJpliuiy candldato for the Democratic
lomlnatlon for representative In Ci >
greos In the Tlilnl dltrkt Mr Drlany
ntpnds cnrrjing on Mrertcornpr meet
iilgit using the donkey the emblem of
rmorriu y ns stnndant bearer A
rt aiTommoflatlng live itItfhlkerIt will I
I corstruited and mIld tons w ill is
akrn on each expedition Mr I > honey
I s a newspaper mal
imsrisoviHsi MTIMU iuv i IHM
t tttV r
Z lMAi E Q > C > Hj PT LV P I LWP
Vvctther KorccHxt Ocnorully Kdlr Tcnlght und huturduy S
A Bargain Is an <
c Exceptional Value
lTulo > s JIMI reecho IIKIIC for 11 minicy 1111 at mlil bo iasoJitio
iinilrr iirillnary roiiilllldii lull pinvliiiMi Is mil I Imriniln ulllioiiuli
I may Il 1 nillnl Ihic icinoMil lOt I 11 1111 rfprc < pnt III j
iota t price icr tpiotcil 11 CIH I a of tlio Clinic iiiiullty Supply
tour Cs ri > Illhllll red now ulilb In nro forclne out mir tui I I it
Mock iircpunilory II cell iot lit i II tlir now Kcnrns biilldlnu
Boys SoIl Shirts
Our rnllrf lurk of DONS Finn
Soft Shirts collars and cuffs
attached plain ami funcy pat
terns at I great Mtvlng under
finhpr prices
A lot of 200 Shirt JlKO
A lot of Jl60 Shirt llit
A lot of S Ion Whirls Tfic
A lot of 75c Shirts CiOu
A lot of COr HhlrlH 60
A lot of tOt HhlrtH lOc
Boys Pants 50c
For Ilukl < und uhxrlute clear
ance rvri pair of Hoys
Straight KniK 1nntii have been
placed III one lot at u price
which does not represent the
factory cost of the cloth All
our rpRiilar lEe Jl Jlfo und
t stnilght pants initialing
blacks mid hIhuveuiotitiag cc
ervedgti at <
onl 50c
J A urriit n urlimnl of VnMs blurt Iliic Ilinls Huts nml Stills W
S iinil all uu at lliiniiMil 1lt
t t
Low Roundtrip Fares
Salt Lake City
to the j
Greatest Summer Resorts in the World
New York 9685
Boston 9560
Big FourNew York Central
Similarly low farts to other Kastem sum
mering points including Thousand Isln1lHI
Adirondack While Mountains Berkshire
Hills Saratoga a etc
Ticket nn sale dalh tn September 30 good fir
return vlthln 30 dnv Free stopover prlvllegi
St XlHgnrn Futile and either polntM and optional
boat trips on Great IaIev and Hudson River
TIcketH anil SIt itt Rig Car aicimniodatloiis fur J
nished on upplli atlun to our local agent or to
RIIUIX TKAIIS ipiirrnl Awnl Pacncrr llcparlmriit I
1117 17th St DillMT Colo I
VltmX 1 IYXCII Ia onscr Tralllc Mr flihiiso l
r J
j u I
New Copyright Fiction
A Few of Many Titles in Stock
It Never Can Happen Arab by
Be Morgan USO
Margaritas Soul by Ovell USO
The Stowaway by Tracy 1150
The Seamless Hobo II Carter 1160
The Demagog by Hereford 3 150
Arsena Lapin by Jrpson 1160
Anno of Avonlea by Montgom
ery Jl60
The Haven by Phlllpotts Jl60
Actions and Reactions by Kip
ling Jl50
The Flute of the Cod by
Marah Rills nan Jl60
Mr Crewes Cnreer by Church
hill 0 Jl50
The Lay of the Decoration by
Little JlOO
IJttlo Sister Snow by Little JlOO
Old Indy Number 31 by For
lund JlOO
Mr Opp hy nice 0 JlOO
We have hundreds of other Titles
all postage free on receipt of
IrlrVe also have over three hundred
titles of popular copyrights which
we sell at 65c each or 2 for SI25
postpaid Write for list of same
The Pool of Flame by Vance Jl50
The Silver Horde by Reach Jl50
The Calling of Dan Matthews
by Wright Jl50
The Danger Mark by Cham
bers 150
The White Prophet by Caine 1158
The Foreigner by Conor IISO
The Third Degree by Klein JlR
The Dragnet by Qaraet 1160
Tie Inner Shrine by Anno 3150
Thn Truston ICing by McCutch
S 150
The Man from
rom Brodneys by
McCutchen 1159
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine
b > Pox 1150
The Son of Mary Bethel by
Darker Jl50
The Woman In Question by
Sot 0 1150
The Title Market by Post 1150
The Land of Long Ago by 5
Hill Jl50
The Pilgrims Marc by Bash
ford Jl 60
The Goose Olrl by McGrath Jl 50
The Lady of lug Shanty by F
1 Smith Jl50
Forty Minutes Late by F 1
The Lords of High Declclon
by Nicholson Jiso
John Marvl Ast by Page Jl50
Martin Eden by Jnck London Jl50
Mr Jutlce lam by Hornung J150
A Girl of the Llmberlost by
Author of Freckles Porter J160
Deseret News BookStore
The Leading Book Concern
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does not advertise
doe i
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patronage to a store that has
t not asked for itand not car 4
ing enough for it to seek it will presumably
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