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r 5F III7 1 fflIIf1 r w r l7rt 7i wr > 11 < v wtr I F QJi w > OF
< > i 1 Y f
IVmer of South Tempi and Eaat Tern
plo HtretU Silt Ink City Utah
Horace a Whitney Jlulnua Manager
In Advance
By Moll per yenr
Xy Carrier per yeat J 00
i < ei iMYe Jfly per year J JJ
K t orday Xowi per year 00
ACdresa nil biinlnis communlenllona
Jid ull remittance
Till piwmirr NFWS
Halt Ioke City Utah
toire pondenfe and other rurtlnc mt
far for nubNcatlon should be nddreisld
Kn tern rtepre nlallvesN w Tor
FTMiklln P Alcorn lint Iron nultd nr
ChlcagoA W Wolf Security lIu lid In 11
itred Hi thd netlntnre at Halt 1ila
City 11 eond rlss matter according
tv lor Congress March 3 1579
SOMK firsts pJaII1
WaahlnRton dlipatchin ny that the
ccnsu figures ui fatal Mcertalnad
provo that the growth of papnlntlon In
tho several district hne by no tnens
I ept pace with the Incrwiw of the
city population Increases In city pop
ulation rarely full below twttily per
cent for the lent 10 relit Oft ll the
Increase In con ldirnbly In rxctn of
llfty per cent Thus llrlducport Conn
dhow n growth of IlT per tent In the
IAII lo year while at the other end of
the countr > Sacramento has grown U8
per cent In the Mtinu lint The growth
Jn the rural district fall far below
these figures Ot > erulK it In low than
tn per i Knt In Nibruulu f award mill
Uuffalo ooantlec nr IIMW and MOOO
reapecthelj slvjw practically no In
croon1 while the only other county
recorded In the Ktate Madison nows
an Itureaie of abont SfrW 01 n KJpuU
tlon or 1100 That la about how the
country district go with a few trlK
Ing exceptions
Tills nugerKtB that the Immigration
which ha poured alien Into the
country by the million ban not own
principal of the riant that goe out
Into the rural districts In order to lind
wAste places to build up Tho Intml
prams imvc nocked to the dtlw to
compute with American labor In tho la
bor market It nlso tuiKgoits that tho
i growth of the citloe wlileh In many
placed hall aoiuined the rharHCtmrUitlci
if a bourn hall not IItttlo natural
The growth ot the elite at the e x
Imlt of the rounding country 18
not nntunil It ii not a healthy
1 growth It maiic In moat CIIBBII tho
vlthdrnwAl of men from lue rinks of
the food uroducora nnd an adaillon to
those of tho consumer But It title
procesH ix mil itfutiullzid Uy the
itreiiRihenlng or the forcts nnaged In
produUnK food nnd ilotbliiK the nn
lion no matter how wealthy It may b
in gold ivlll be brought to tho serge
of famine and famine price
Tho llguref aa far ac ivallable chow
nvo communltlea that have lost In
population Montgomery COIl has fal
len from S208 to 170 llonham coun
ty Tex has dropped from GOt to
484 Lamar county Tex from 48827
to 46E4 In Wisconsin the village ut
Pine River him lost U of per popuU
tlon In 10 years and Mndlion counly
Ind shows the greatwt loa fulling
from 70470 to S224 Theta reduotlomt
come It will be noted cither In rural
districts marked out by counties or In
emaIl villages They Indicate that one
or the great ncedi of this country III
a return to the land Tho evil spirit
of speculation muat be coat out to
make room for tho spirit of production
Only ten yenra ago a distinguished
botanist the Count de lmsIAubnch
declared that the genealogical record of
wheat had disappeared forever and thnt
IU life hlitory could not now be writ
ten ThiN conclusion Kwms to have
bum premature
Dr Anronnohn a hotunlttt fit high
reputation claims tti have discovered
on the slope of Mt Harmon In Pales
tine tho original wild wheat the prim
Illve stock from which all ctiltlvaled I
wlixil havo been dcrlvod
Agricultural explore sent out by
the American governmont have been
traveling or Into In thn Orient They
bring the word thAI many of the plants
found there may be UO8l1lrull grown
upon the scmlarld soils of our own
Tho Doctor obnerve nf this wheat
that the fact that It endure the inont
IXtritno ellmutlo condition seom to
have a very Importnnl bearing upon
futuro economic poMdbllltlea By the
selection and crossing of this wild ce
real which prjfers poor rocky Iud
low dry soil and thrive without any
rultlvJtton It should be h > os lble to pro
duce new mcp of wheats which will
te very hardy And In this way It
should be practicable to extend the eul
tlvadon of the breed crop to rations
from which It la nt prewnt excluded It y
the low quality of the soil and the av
rlty of tlo climate
Wh t this may be made lo mean for I
wmlBrld regions Is fvld nl To Brow
wild wheat U a much cheaper under
taking than the production of ordinary
heat crops nnd hundred of thou
mnd of acme of arid land now lying
Idle In tho Weal may he put to profit
able UMJ
Lhen aKBln the newly discovered
wh nt II not affocted by the illrtase to
which ordinary wheat Is subject nor la
It Ruseeptlblp to the pest which prove
se destructive to ordinary wheat rropa
The cst of production of wild wheat
Mill for this reason be much l
and the 7 rife of bread will I corre
ipondlngly re luced
tint Wheat dlaciivorfd by Schlltmann
when he due into the mint of ancient
Troy which city waa destroyed J1H II
C was of the kind known Aa em
mer a prftln now recommended by the
Department of Agriculture for the
fcmlarid region This trrsln has been
found also In Kgypllan tomb C600
years old while at the lake dwellings
nt Wancen and Itobenhauum the mme
J grain dating bark to the Hone age has
been discovered
In milkIng a trip through upper Oall
e lee Dr Aaronnnhn who is the direc
w tor of the experiment tlMlon nt Haifa
notlbed by nioro clianco In a crnvlco or
limestone rock n single plant which nt
first sight looked like barley but
which on inter inspection proved to bo
wheat The development of the bend
and traliiH wns no perfect to nearly
like tho antis prorturMl under culti
vation nt the present day that the bot
anist could not nt first realize that this
wns meroly a wild wheat It had n
very vigorous growth anti l > ore heads
with awns beard abc Inches In
length There were many varletlca III
some tho wholn our WHH black In oth
uiu the uwni wiire hlnck The Doctor
loon not believe that this H n wheat
eienpetl from cultivation
In the first pines this wild spoclen
ot whent III not eultlvatetl anywhere In
Syria tool 1alecitlno and oeeondly It
rnrly appears on roll that have been
ciiltlvatwl for any purpn It grown
only on the Blopo or Iha dryent Hnd
mot mefcy hllli and In pIeces exposed
to the tiotttst ray of the Oriental nun
The rnllwl State plant bureau will I
collect cnnMldrrnhle quantities of thl
wheat at n number of the experiment
Diatlnn It will also be CNHe < l with
other VHilPtlci but u eonnldernblo
time must necesMrlly elapne howevEr
before the Hifll rvhethnr of the plant
itself or of valuable hybrids dAvelopetl
fiom It IH renily fur distribution
nr iv TIM tilt
Hardly n Week pnjsen thnt does not
record ome new nnd wonderful
ftrhlevcmtnt In aeronautics Only n
very abort time ago a Tartu newspaper
offered a prize of UOooo for n night of
IM miles In the shorten time There
were eight contestant Ie Diane who
won the prlite traveled mOIl of the
way at the rate or oler 60 miles nn
Hut till feat has been eclipsed by
Hie eroding of the Hngllnh channel by
John IJ MolMHtnt with n pnnemjer
Thin during aviator who Is Mid to ho
from GlilcBRO flew from Prance to
MtiKlnml and made un ot a cornpaM
to find the way The nIl of flying
la sure to develop rapidly from now
on What It may como to In nfty
years can no more be conjectured at
thl time than the inventor of the
steam boat could Imagine the Impor
tance of heir flrl crude efforts
Thn one greet question at present
IK for the safety of aviators In tho
ease of accident nfety pays the
president of the French National Aerial
I eeguc Ia one nt the fundamental
problem which aviation ha to solve
If It Is to levoliitlonlzrt the present SJK
tern of transport Aerial traveller
inuit be protected from the conse
quences of a sudden landing In case of
a tallor of turning a somoroault near
the ground at the Mart or on landing
To be protected tho aviator must come
down on nn air mattress Therefor
make pneumatic garments This Is
the opinion of all surgeon whom we
consulted recently and who are to
form a scientific committee and fix tho
conditions of our competition Pneu
matic garment will offer protection
only In the case of falls from no great
height In the once of an accident
occurring at a great altitude there
niuit be come guarantee for an aviator
A parachute opening automatically BO
as to bring the aviator satefy to
ground must be found
And It will be found When the
inventive genius of the world Is di
rected toward the achievement of one
purpose there Is no uch word an fall
The citizens of Salt Iake should note
carefully what hllll jut occurred In the
City council In relation to lis efforts
to suppress poolroom dens and race
track swindling
As the matter now stands at least
halt of the council have Indicated that
they are unwilling even to assume nn
air of dignity t > y withdrawing patron
age from the paper that made a serious
charge They are perfectly willing to
pay the nccufer For In the fact of
that charge they have openly voted to
continue to place the City advertising
and printing with the newspaper that
has branded thorn Did ever council
mon nloop lower
It WII8 openly charged by n dally co
railed newspaper thnt two of the mem
bers are Implicated In some kind of a
graft scheme A oommltteo of the
council waited upon the manager of
that Pnpr 1m ho flatly refused in give
any further Information on tho charge
that had len made
When tho committee teported this to
the council It seas moved that the pa
per mnkhiK the charge be refuwnl tho
City printing and advertising of which
It enjoys a monopoly The presiding
officer asked If this thwU wn Intend
ed ns a joke pUlnl > Implying that It
wan not within his Intention to do
anything to vindicate the honor of tho
If the council fails to exact strict
Justice of the newspaper that has un
willed the honor of its memrors tho
l eopl tiwy decide that It Is bAcaiiifQ
the cniindl III sJrnld of possible Ills
One thing II r rtaln the council must
act or by inaction confess the charge
made salnt it
Tin1 MAIN qimsnox
There I a little or no difference of
opinion na to the necessity of n con
servation policy by means of which
the national resourced of tho country
mifh as Und create minerals water
water power etc am i taken care of
for the benefit nf the people The
denudation of a country of Its foreata
for Instance menu Its transformation
Into a dt ert Or It may mean devas
tating floods All well governed
countries take core of their tree In
the wune way every clvlllied country
ban Uw for the protection of IU use
ful wild anImals Fur bearing ani
mal anti those that lervs fof food
or are olherwlM useful are taken care
of ao that irrlvate greed or foolish
I ort shall not nttixe their extinction
There is no qiieetlnn then u to the
wisdom of n conservation policy
Hut there 11 an Uajtcrn < nd a We t
era viet ef It rlnehnt und his friends
believe that roriservntlon Id too
broad a subject to he bounded
by State lines Westerners
who have views opposing Plnehnts
say that conienatlnn la a subject that
concerns particularly the people of
the eeral ttutts Mirvclally tho peo
i >
ultif wt j z
pie of a new slate who want that state
developed This is the chief question
at issue Thl Is one of tho questions
that must come before the convention
at St Paul
Tho matter was brought lo the at
tention of the country by Pr ldent
ItuoMVolt The destruction and mon
opolization of pnrtlculnr opportunities
and natural ndvanlnge had then pro
ceeded 80 far iii lo cause alarm In
the mind of thinking men Thin des
truction of resources and this monop
olisation of advantage must he
topped whether by stnto or notional
effort That mutter little aa long as
the object III gained WB agree with
tho Now York Hvenlng Ioat that It
will not do now for the enlightened
antI publicspirited people of America
lo allow thcmfehos to be cowed Into
compliance with the very demands
against which tho movement Initiate
l > y Mr Hoojevolt was a protest To
make needles or foollih sacrifices of
he present for the future la not amt
never has benn any part of the plan
but to protect the long future again
both thotightltMisneM And mpnelty In
the present Is of its very ea cnco
The cholera In Russia seems to have
become so formidable ns to Und Aus
trian and herman health authorities to
lake measures of precaution against its
entrance Into those countries The
number of death In Russia amount to
thousands Official reports placed the
number ot fatalities on July 31 at 15554
Unofficial opinions vary In their esti
mates comb of them placing the num
ber of deaths as high as 40000 A tOfl
ernl feeling of depression Is conso
< l nlly reported Among the Inhabitants
of southern Hiiisla
Russia in but poorly equipped for n
struggle against nn epidemic The com
mon people know very little of hygiene
and tho government Is too busy In tho
Interests of autocracy to provide educa
tion for the masses In the first princi
ple of health preservation It Is too
much engrossed In the needs of the
army to nnd time to guard against tho
Invasion of microbes There Is a scarc
ity of physicians though there Is nn
abundance of agitators So the coun
try Is not nblo to cope with Infectious
With the facilities of travel now ex
isting contagious disease In ono coun
try becomes a menace to the rest of
tho world Austria and Germany have
taken precautions which other nations
mlllt take oven If they do seriously In
terfere with the free movement of traf
fic to Anti from the country
The world has had many cholera epi
demic At various times it has rav
aged India China Persia Asia Minor
HutBla and other countries In 1830 It
appeared In Persia and thence found Its
way Into Itussla It rapidly spread
over the entice empire and then rav
aged the northern anti central parts of
Kurope The following years It spread
Into England France Spain and Italy
and finally it found Us way to the
American continents It continued to
appear In different parts of thin world
until 1S37 and then disappeared An
Jther epidemic followed In Hit This
too begun In India and spread from
there to Kuror In 1847 It followed tho
path of tho former scourge and wan
oven moro deadly Two more general
epidemics are on record one beginning
In ISM and the other in 1865 Whether
the present outbreak can be limited or
whether It will sweep the greater art
of the earth aa some of Its predeces
sors have done remain to ton seen
August III beginning to warm to Its
A favorite phrase of the peislmlst Is
ox told you < t
It Is hard to sfly pleasant things
about those 11 dislike
The assembled governors are making
Hay while the sun shines
At the present price of silver any
cloud can afford to have Its sliver lin
No matter how often Colonel Roose
velt Is turned down ho will turn up
When n man In loved for the enemies
he mike the lovers hop to get even
with tho enemies through tho new man
A roan seldom Is given cn > dlt for his
good Intentions but when charged with
crime he Is credited with bad Inten
Just na oon ns Insurgents are In
the majority they cease to bo In
surgents and then Insurgency bccomta
The loa Angeles Times calls him the
unlhlnkn Johnson The Times
should think again second thoughts
Always being host
Undo Joo a ays that he dana not
fight windmill Hut then Itopresenln
tlvn Nicholas Ixmgworths declaration I
ef wnr Is not a windmill war I
Premier Cnnnejas and the vntlcnu
art busy denying thn statements of
oach other Thu fir the shorter nnl
uglier word hats not been Invoked
lightning Is believed to have started
n forest fire In Ihft Crater reserve Ore
aon The forest reserve service should
like Ajax be able to defy the lightning
McMurray say that his contracts
with the Indians were a plain business
deal He se ms to have hiM a
much better head for buslne than the
Indians had
It cost the mayor of Pittsburgh office
JIIOM last your for telephone bills paid
out for srVxmlng between clerks and
stenographers They must have been
silver spoons
Representative Longworth says thai
be has H genuine affection for lIt > takr
Cannon Tn whleh the speaker may
very aptly say Perhaps It was right
to dissemble you love but why did
you kick me down stairs
The president of the Ramsay lInn
oounty state bank wee given n sentence
of thirty day In the workhouse with
out the option of a fine by the Judge of
I I the police court for speeding hi auto
mobile in thin oily limits
Tho west is most anxious lo oooner
ato with the east In fh mailer of lbs
conservation of natural resources but
It emphatically object to the domina
tion of or nny dictation by the past
Who cim have such deep and abiding
Interest In the conservation of the na
tural resources of Ih wet nw the r eo
plo of the west whu have conquered
the wilderness a art brought It undor tile
Influence of civilisation
II i ii T r T
urnsrow AM > AMWICII
Chicago RecordHerald
Sflnator Ilrtetdw reply to Henator
A hi rich fuiJM to care conviction on tho
ueitlon of ieclnl Interest that I a now
raised between the two men It light
but It does not answer Judge Slier
letlu1 letter > lu > It down with the
fetlliK that the mnutor from Kniuwu
hall not been quid fulr that Its has
overshot the mark In his personal attacks
tack on Senator Aldrloh as the man
Ijiulator and benertrlnry of the rubber
tariff It remain true however that
the potltlon occupied by Penator AId
rich during titO work of tariff revision
IH repugnant to n nice sense of honor
The statnsmnn who give his name If >
tariffs ctinnot nITortl to give It at the
sunie time for tho use of a business
that Is to be helped by the tariff even
Indirectly ox In tIlts case He cannot
afford to be known ns nn Investor
hose dividends may be swelled by
tariff Increase He cannot afford to
be known a the business agent of
other men In orgrem To say this
IH to say that sucrlflri am demanded
of him since the tariff reaches tar
but to keep their characters above sus
picion our public mon must be pre
pared to mae sacrifices And such
abstention from business affairs ns Is
demanded Is surely not too great a
price to pay for leadership
Ohio State Journal
Tho Senatorial bribery cases In Il
linois lira resulting In the cleaning up
of the inlltlcnl conditions of the ptate
It seem that politics out there 1ms
boon undor tho direction of very low
motives Money and plunder have
boon tho ruling Influence und where
these exist bribery anti corruption are
certain to prevail In the Statewlda
fight for a decent Legislature there
will bo a general effort to correct all
forts of abuses One of these abuses
Is tho demand made upon Stale em
ployes for contribution to the ram
lalgn funds In the very nature of
things this practice U hostile to good
government slnco It puts a solflsh rnir
POlO In tho place of an honest Judg
ment The practice assumes that the
party itself Is superior to the govern
ment anti tho pmployo owes his duty
lint to It This condition necessarily
results In bad politics It opens the
way to every form of mendacity and
corruption simply because It lowers
political action to tho piano of self
ill motives To keep up such a re
gime Is certain to debauch the State
and all Its Interests
Now York Kvcnlng Post
Franco ho com to bo 80 distinctly
looked upon as tho classic home of
stationary population that the tend
ency ha been to overlook the only
European nation that has experienced
actual depopulation during the count
of the nineteenth century That nn
tlon Is of course Ireland In 1S41
the population of that Island was 8
17S124 Within ton years It hnd
Iropped to a llttlp over 6852000 Thn
succeeding decades showed no such
enormous decrease hut the ratio Will
high enough For the ten year per
iods up to 1B01 tho average annual
loss of population was successively
5000 38000 S3000 47000 nnd
34000 With the turn of the century
a notable chance came nbout Figures
lAid before the House of Common by
Mr Birrell just before the adjourn
ment of the present Parliament
rhowed that In 19023 the imputation
lees was about 18000 In 1001 limo
the enactment of the sweeping Wvncl
ham land purchase bills and from
that year till 190S the annual Irus was
sitcce slvelv 11000 11000 3000 11
000 and 1000 Thn year 190809 was
a redletter year In Irish history In
that year there was all actual Increase
of 116 souls In the population of Ireland
land The draining process or sixty
years hud been checked There has
been some difference of opinion ns to
the degree nf aucceai that has attend
ed the latest phase of British land pol
icy In Ireland That It ha been ben
eflclRl no one has serlouily denied
len allowing for possible nnnunl
fluctuation there can tin no doubt that
he outflow of population from Ireland
ins been stopped And more eloquent
commentary than this need not bo
ftsked for
Norfolk Ledger
The Unltlmore Evening Sun assorts
that since January 1 IMC the banks
I und trust companion of tho United
Slat have lout the enormous sum of
USOOOMO by the dishonesty of officers
and pmployes Here Is stealing says
he Hun upon a scnl hitherto un
matched In the annals of felony J3a < h
ear the loss Is 15000000 each month
It H more thnn 100000 fticli week It Is
100000 each business day of nv
hours It Is nearly J15000 or 3000 nn
hour or JW a minute The money lost
between Monday morning and Saturday
noon would pay the salary of tim Presi
dent of the United States for 16 months
he money lost In five years would pay
for four bnttleshlps
The wise sheep will dodge the shear
ing MId will not rely solely on tho
tORlflPrlng of the wind Puck
HivV the Hroxvns Klve miirti to
HheGh yes they hoard many of
heir relatives nearly all Hummer JJos
ton TrniiMilipt
Angler who la telling his MK fish
Iorrlhat weight was he Well
hy hailnt right weights lit the nn
but he weighed xaotly a latlron two
KH ant a lilt of nonpl Pntioh
Nol hborI any ono sick over at
your homo Johnny
Johnn Dads sllln some
Neighbor he vary sick
Johnnot yet Th1 doctor only
tarted t rome this mornln ChlcaK
Dally Nmvs
When Harold proposed to me snil
Hand I told him to RO BIH ask pftpa
llut you dont really oaro for him
MM Mayml Of course not Hut I an
so love to play little Jokes on papa
Washington Star
Hows vacation Johnnie
nully1 Fell off n abed moat gaL
drnvnde tipped over n beehIve wna
hooked by n cow Jim Spindles licked
mf twice an I Rot two stone bruises
an a stiff nerk Cleveland Plain
Deal or
Von dont seem to know Our way
ventured the officer to the civilian
whom he hud seen three times In halt
an hour Oh ye rtpllfd the other
Im Imitating a cab taking n stranger
to his rieatlnatlon Huffalo Express
A teacher was trying to explain the
dangers of overwork to one of the
mailer pupils Now Tommy h9
j i
pursued It your father were hmv all
day and sold ho would have to RO hack
to the office nt night what votilJ ho he
Thats what ma wants to know
I dont know About inking young
Illnins with us on this work Shy
not Ho IH such h promising youn
nun Thnts just It Theres a tl k
In taking a promising man Into a pay
ing lerprlUalllmore American
My nw refrlRflrator Juts n tempera
turn ponstnntly In the nelRhborhood nt
tho freezing Point Tho visitor who
wns wnrni and thirsty looked up win
Intorent us ho Inquired Have you
er havo you any proortl7Chlrno
MotorldtClolnB to have a bIll yea
In your town 1 suppoxe Village No
table Yep n grand peace CBlcbrallon
This Is the first year since 1S72 that
uo havent had a centennial county
fair soldiers reunion oldliomn week
or nights of Ceres convention
ritynun suppose you have a dog
on vour place to keep tramps off
Hubbubs < o but I have n horse that
sr Ar s them nI
t flyman A vicious horse
Hubbubs No Its quiet Its n saw
horse Ho trtn Transcript
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1U114 BOirni MAIN ST
Wagnerian Evening To
night with Ferullo s Band
Concerts 4 to 5 p m7 to 10 p ni
MoneySaving offerings in
Boys School Clolhes
These arc Rood seasonable bargains
and warrant the attention of
every i
mother who has a boy
All boys school suits
Long or Knee Pants
33 + discount
Regular 400 to 900
Now 265 to 650
Boys Waists Boys Caps
The 50c Vaicta 40c T he SOc Caps 40c
The 7k sVaists 65c Special lot at 25c
We have some good straw hats for
men and boys offered this week at
25c each
Are You Willing to
Pay 200 For An
Elegant Brilliantine
Bathing Suit
This price is even
below the actual cost
of the suits to us Wo
x r
arc offering hand
some lines in all want
ed colors and sizes
Hie materials are the
stmodels the lat
b i Prices range for
1 Avomens suits 200
and up
For mens twopiece suits 175 and up
Mens 125 Underwear 80c
AVo will close out hreo lines of summer underwear
nt the suit SOc
Tust a few llftso come in Saturday
Salt Lake Knitting

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