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LAST EDITION J D E S E R E T EVENING 1 L T E W S Continuous TIic Inclur Ho Kvcry Acivg In Working Advertising llenclics On ctlltie the JnT llnylnir Is Competition nflroml Pub i > 4
Sent No Ultimatum to Taft
That He Break With
Recognizes No Situation That
Could Call forSuch a
Ilrporltll That In InlrrrMnt Ilnrinony
Vice President Mny llcllrc from
XciiU rnry Clinlriiiun > hlp
tester BnyAug Theodore Roose
velt denied emphatically today that
he had tent an ulttmntum to President
r Taft demanding that the pretlilent
break with Vice President Sherman
Col Roosevelts nttontlun Will called to
a report that Lloyd C Urlsccmi chair
irin of tho Now York Kepubllcan com
mlttee wns to go to the Rummer White
Home next week to carry the terms of
ltce between Hevcrly and Sagamoio
Ttie report had It that Sherman was
chltfly icspoiiiilble tOr the action of
the tale committee In refuting to so
Ittt Cot ItooRcvolt as temporary
chairman of the New York stata He I
publican convention nnd In recommond
InK the vlcn preside Instead of him
1 have aunt no ultimatum to Presi
ded Taft Cot llootevelt said The
reporlla a tissue of falsehood from be
ginning to end
The colonel added that he had not
Kit Mr drlscom or any one elie to
Beverly on anr million lie made It
clear h < had no Intention of doing HO
iiJ recognized no situation which
rtuM oil for such a stop
Kepubllcon lenders hero today heard
the report that Vice President finer
mm might announce In the Interest
of harmony that he did not fully un
toitanl tho position In which he was
placed when he let his name go before
the New York state committee for tem
porary chairman of the state conven
tion and that he would retire In order
that Col Ilooscvclt might have tho
unanimous vote of the committee for
the temporary chairmanship
Pittiburg AUK 3MamiKer Fred
Clarke last night confirmed the report
that tin Plltsburg Nationals have ob
tain tho release of Fred Hunter the
tar first bugeman of the Knnsns City
club of the American association for
whm five major league clubs have been
lidding Hunter will rtnlsb tho nson
slid will report to Plltsburg In the spring
A bit prior In rnsti or players figures
In the deal Pitcher Faber of the Du
buqup rnm tit tin Three I league who
Inrtly accomplished the feat of nut al
lowing a Davenport player to resell first
In nlno Innings also has been sinned
Spclnl to The News
Cheyenne Wyo AUR MWhll Civ
ilian Clerk King has been discharged
from CustOdy and tins been exonerated
from nil blame in connection with the
mutinous disappearance of the pay
rn UI safe at Camp Otis officers bo
ihjJ be knows moro about the Incident
S An he has told although his knowl
tlIe 01 the thHt Is In nowise criminal
ornu today made the astonishing
I Iattmfnt thai the guilty parties are
knew0 slid that efforts are being made
loprolrct them A real scnsntlon In con
etion with the rollllery Ia promised In a
few dYl
New York Aug JO Mayor Gay
horn inndltlon wan excellent today his
lny iLlin mild and the jKriod of dan
cer hm novv passed Tho doctor agree
that he will be completely recovered
thin a short time
The Miyslcana have practically de
tided not to operate to remove the bul
let ai1 hey think tho mayor will suffer
no Inconvenience from It
Newark 3f JAug SO Herbert
Ftrcuhle llnda the Job of rarsorlcr at
n Paper mill At Whlppany N J n
Jft remunerative position HID vascj
are only o
u week but llurnK the
past > c k ho linn Cleared USQ from
luablea which ho found concealed
among the old rags and wostfl which
daii r raKsrs under his rake
i Ptv i 11111 no ho Picked up nn old
Wklnit which contained two die
unds worth O each Yrgtrrdny h
C5Tn5 Ut up llpo In A a large handkerchief sapphire and 0 ruby
Il ha re111 ot the recent publication
at i publcaton
tt0 finding ot precious > tOIII In
itte rage neil paper the supelntend
of the factory has rcrrlvrcl several
last eora from penln who say they have
from PreCious atones A woman writing
1 NH York n l1 that she lost dla
ondl valued at 0 which were tN
a traJpln tuUI paper
Sum of 4778 for the Purchase
O Supplies and Ammunition
For National Guard
New York Jct MoM Whlll Neimla
11111 No State TTCK > II
Gels NOt Iiliig
Washington Aug M Kvery Btntn
and territory In the Union with the
ltiKin exception of Nevada which Ir
without a militia get I portion cf the
federal approprlailon for the purchrvd
of supplies And ammunition for the
organized mllltla during the present
flscnl year In the firm allotment of tho
MCOOOOO war fund The department
has icnorvod about 10000 of the fund
for emergencies According to the nl
lutmcnt which uns mada according Ui
the enlisted strength of the orKnnlreil
mllltln In the vnrloux stated live stated
Bet more than 50000 ouch Of these
JScw York lcndf with 306000 Pciin
Hylvanln follown with HOMO Illinois
With S4000 Massachutetts with iSPO
554000 Ohio with J73000 and Vew Jureoy with
Of the others Alatxima CalifornIa
Connecticut flcorsla Indiana Iowa I
KcntuvUy Maryland Michigan 111 I
nc ota MlsJourl North Cnrollnu BouMt
Carolina Tcnncrsec Virginia and VU
roncln get each morn than VJUOO
rtnh COlIC the lint with only U7S
while Ilawar hawaii Idaho North
Dakota und Wyoming arc tho only
other to Kt ices thiii 10000
The dopiirtniont ling also allottej
2r00000 to tho Ptntcs and territories
on n biisln of representation In Con
gress for nrniR oiiulpmont camp our
pofo and promotion of ride practise In
the mllltln organizations
Han Italy Aun 10 Five new cases
of cholet nnd three death are re
ported from Trnnl where tho epidemic
continues to cause ncrloua nppreheti
HOH The dUcAMa manifests Itself In
Ir deadliest form many of the victims
betntr1 attacked without the usual pre
monitory symptoms anti dying after
n few hours
In other parts of Apulia tho sltua
tlon IB moro nopeful the population
now being more willing to assist the
authorities to enforce hygienic rules
I Under the strict measures adopted
the march of the cholera to new local
ities hue been cnocked
Philadelphia Aug 20 Another
death wee nddod to the list of fatal
boxing bouts In this city when Fred
erick Castor 20 years of age died In
n hospital after participating In I
Mixround contest here lust night nt the
Frankford Athletic club with Frank
Spike Sullivan of thin city Sullivan
hal been committed to the county
prison to nwalt the action of the
coroners Jury The managers of the
club promoters of the bout and sec
onds of the two principals nine In all
wero held on bal as Mltneses
Testimony given before a police
magistrate today tended to shaw that
Castor Will healing his opponent nnd
In the last round while trying to knock
out lila rival suddenly fell unconirloim
Tho cause of death has not yet been
Home AuK 2OLieut Vivaldi of the
Italian army wa killed thin morning j
b I fall from hln aeroplane Ho made
1 trip In time early morning hours from
tho military aviation field at Ccntocll
to CItta Vecchla on the Mediterranean
rote S8 mllo from Home nnd was returning
It 3
turning to Home when tho accident
outside of
happened A few miles
Home for some unexplained reason the
machine dashed to earth
At tho time of the accident the nero
plan waa at the height of 1000 foot
and the body of Vivaldi was crushe I
to an unrecognizable mass
Ueut Vivaldi recently returned from
Ohnlonn Sur Mama France where he
hal taken up aviatIon Ira used a
Fnrtnmi biplane Ho started from Cen
tocello this morning rvccotnjmnled by
Unit Savnlaln In another neroplnnt
but the latter wjs unable to keep paco
with him And r Ire to Homo before
reaching CItta Vecehln
Anbury Iark N J Aug 20The
citizens of Atbury Iark awoke this
morning to find that while they
slept two of the Wright aviators had
accomplished a record feat of aero
pinning having made long mid
night nlghU by the light of the
moon the first night I1lghtn on rec
ord With a faa friends and a
score uf summer colonists ns spec
tators Arch Hoxcey and Rah
Johnstnno took out the new Wright
machine for pins of about li
minutes each
Tim night wna tin Ideal one for
their purpose There woe Just a
scurry of cloud on the horizon
The wind was null and large slat
shone out while a filling moon
looked down In the eastern sky
John lone went up first and hll
night WHS comparatively tame
Then Hoxsoy started out for a
moonlight sky lark He cut figure
eights roller counted dart id up
ward In I spurt of tOO fret toward
the moon and waved to the people
down below from a height of 1000
of that ho cut
feet When ho tired
grapevines and what looked to bo
his Initials HIM craft wan alumi
numpainted and It became a
bright under the silver of the moon
HU It I had been phosphorescent
Indications Arc LincolnRoosevelt
League Elected Its Entire
Ticket Tuesday
Thoso of Ilrulciuint i oicrmsaar Sorro
tory of Stiitc Stnli Printer nnd
Clerk of the SIIIITIIIC Court
San Francisco Aug 0With thff
I continuing of the official cqnvns today
and limo securing uf late rtilrns from
icmotd dlotrlittF ImUoHtlonn sro tin
IlncolnHootcvplt league the champion
cf Insurgency In California elected Its
entire ticket ut Tuesdays primary elec
JTie ofTlees stIH In doubt are thofo
of lieutenantgovernor secretary of
state state printer and clerk of thi
supreme court
A J Wallace declared late lust night
that from return secured telegraph
from county clerk he has nocurcd time
nomination for nontenantgovernor dy
2WO votes ucr 1Ynndt V Kcollns 1
was asserted positively by league tad
cra that Its candldata Florence J
Olirlen has dufoatod Frank C Jordan
fur the nomination for secretary of
Mate that Friend Ulchnrd on has 1
lead of ISo votes oter Jlllly Hlian
non the regular candidate fur etUo
printer and that 1 Grunt Taylor In
mirgent has bLoated WllUam II He
inU for cleric ut tIle tmpromu court
Jordan still uUhns the victory nnl
Keoullni siiyi ho will acCpt only the
lltftiros of the offIcial count before ud
inlttlns defcut
In tho contest on the advisory vote
by legislative < llt trie If for Unlt < d
States senntir Into rotuins Indivito n
slight plurality for John 1 Irltr
Supporters of Alliin a Spalding claim
the endorsement for their cftndtdnto
declaring ho has captured C out of me
100 districts which ould oblige his
party rcpietentatlves In the legllitute
to vote for him regardless of Works
plurality of votes
llncoliiKooseveH control of tho
stnto legislature Is fearod by leaders
of the regular wing of the party who
already or IlluminIng 1 now attack by
a proposal to put up an Independent
randldato In ench of the districts
where the Llncolnrtootevelt nominee
was successful This derision wan
rtnched nt ti conference of party lead
ers held yesterday
Ileplibllrnn leaders throughout the
state are making determined efforts
to prevent n llescrtlon lo tho rankx of
Hell thin Democratic candidate for
govorhor nnd Cllllllt rtinnngorn for
I Curry nail J lel amid Htnntnn have en
rolled themselves In Jo5mons fuuse1
A J Wallace declared loot nlirhi that
the party would ho drawn closely to
gather on tho ground that Johnson
does not stand for Insurgency on nn >
tonal isemica having broken away
from the regulars only on state Is
The tariff nnd other matters that
the Insurgents the caM have taken
Into account wero not Issue In Urn
Johnson cnmrmlgn he said The
state fight was confined to n state
matter and did not extend to national
affairs The members of the llncoln
Koosevolt league have been referred
to r Insurgents but tljey nro not
Insurgents of tho easteri jtypei1
Oyster liny tug 20 Oeorge Gostcll
n New York iletectlvi > who was well
known for his enormous strength wns
murdered early today In a fight with
a crowd at tho landing of the Sowun
liaka Yacht clubs bonthouso hro
Gostell had been actIng as keeper of
the boathouse clurlngthc Slunmor whllo
lie was recuperating from n bullet
wound An attempt wea nmdn to ns
sArslnate him In New York last spring
while he was arresting I man who was
inspected o robbery His assailant
fled leaving him for dead and waR not
nostell had Imd trouble all summer
with I crowd of men who Insisted on
loitering about the boathouse and a
week ago he fought eernl of them
single handed driving them nwoy Half
n dozen of them wont to the bonthouio
last night nnd Gostrll drove them away
They returned In n few minutes one of
them carrylns n shotgun Three shots
were fired two from the detectives re
volver and ono from the shotgun los
tell fell dead on the wharf
Oostell came to America several years
ago from Denmark Ho said little of
hil past life He prized greatly a seal
rlnp on which Will 1 coat of arms and
was believed here to be n member of n
noble family
New York Auir NTIIO discovery a
rea hours before the time set for the
sailing today of the Russian line steam
ship 1ltufuila of a can of giant gun
powder In the coal that was being
loaded Into the ships bunkers IH be
loved to have forestalled n scheme for
the destruction of the vessel at sea
Inn Utunnla carries more than 100
and a large cargo Hud
passengers Ind I lag lu <
the powder escaped notice It would
probably have found Its way with the
coal Into the furnaces and disaster
would have roloed
The can containing one and a half
pounds of gunpowder was utmost
cooped up by the great shovel when
n workman saw It 1 Will taken to
the captain who had It soaked In wa
ter and the cover pried or
Bogus Telecrnni ArtlM Draws Ninety
pajs on Vncrnnoy Chance
E V Wilson who with N McPhee
a arrested after an attempt had been
made to swindle the Mine A Smelter
Supply company and the UtahIdaho
Sugar company through bogus tele
grams was arraigned this morning In
the police court on n charge of vagran
cy and after his plea of guilty was
given u suspended sentence of 0 days
tven part of Wilson who was former
ly a lineman for the Western Union
Telegraph company In the attempted
swindle Is Mid to have leen procuring
the Monk form of the menaces
Portland Or AUB 20 Wlllnm I >
exnttorniy general of indiana
Taylor cxatmIW 111t1
diana who with his wife Is on a
toflr of tho west declares his visit
has brought about n clmUKn of his
views on conservation
This Is my first trip through tho
cnt said Mr Taylor und It only
requires n glance to gntsp the sit
uation 1 have an entirely dllTeront
vlovv of conservation than uhun I
lee Indiana The power stored In
your mountain streams oan hardly
b realized True conservation
would b to develop this power In
Kteud of keeping It locked up Of
course laws should b passed so
that this KttAt IPWI could not
tome Into the posKtMilon of a few
Individuals but the barring out of
everyone IH not the remedy
I believe that If every man In
Ihe east who favors rudlral con
Mcrvatlqu xlioulj visit the west and
> tudy the situation nsI Imve done
he would clmnio JH views I am
convlneed that the west should
have something to say about a
conservation policy
ltcry Moo Wn Miromlcd In Mj > s > lcry
Nild They VIII Kill for
Ihcrpool Tonlnlll
Quebec Aug 04Dr Ilawley Crll
lien and Miss Kthel Clare Lenove were
taken from the provincial jail early
today In separate carriage nnd driv
en rapidly westward Tho couple In
chnrtro of Detective Inspeetor Dow
Strgennt Dotectlvo Mitchell and two
wardruMscs It In stated will rail on
the steamer Mecanllr which departs
at T oclock tonight for Liverpool
The detectives with Dr Crlppvn and
Miss Iencvo probably will meet the
Megnntlo with 1 tug at Capo Rouge
seven mil writt of Quebec on the
Rt Lawrence river The detectives In
removing the prisoner from the jail
shrouded every move as It ltas de
sired to avoid n demonstration
The Mcgantlc Is due at Liverpool t
week from today
The prisoners wore driven from the
Jail In separate hacks Inspeetor Dew
and Sergt Mitchell wero with Crlppon
thai the two Hollowny Jill wardresses
with Miss Leneve Another hack fol
kned containing loci police ofllcers
ahd representatIves of the owners of
thej > reKantlr
IeJnntlr drove to the dock where
the part uonrcloA it ferry boat for
Ixvls across tKeSt Lawrence They
were transferred to 1 tug which start
ed full speed up tins river Mninwhllo
wIreless orders had boon sent to the
captain o tho Megnntk to slow up
between Hlllery and Cape Rouge to
permit the party to go Hbonrd
The transfer TI the steamer occurred
In midstream shortly after 1 oclock
The prisoners were put In sepnmto
cabins where they will bo kept out of
sight whllo the Megantlf Is at the
wharf here
Found Dead In lllH n1 liy UN Wife
At Jlrl3 Moniinc Hour
James Anderson ngod 73 years n pio
neer tailor who bin lived In Salt Lake
for < 5 years died early this morning nt
his homo 316 Tenth East street from
heart fnlhire Ho hnd not been feel
Ing well for two or three days past but
yesterday teas about the house nn
steering time door sprinkling the lawn
and shut up the chickens before re
tiring for the night after eating sup
per At 330 this morning Mrs An
derson called at tho bedroom and found
him lying on his left side sound asleep
the next tIme she rolled ho was on his
right side dead apparently having ex
pired while asleep ns there was not
tho slightest signs of struggle or con
vulsion The suddenness of his taking
king off will prove a great shook to his
numerous relatives and friends
The funeral will probably bo held
In the Thirtythird ward the day anti
hour having not yet been appointed
clmtfr after which burial will baa In the city
The deceased was born In Copenha
gen July 7 1837 Ho came to Utah In
1RC5 He walked nearly all the way
from tho Missouri river across the
plains to Halt Iako He lived for
many years In tho Eighteenth ward
near time Groves U D S hospital
where lie was an actIve worker In the
Mormon Church Ills first wife died
several years ago
The deceased Is survived by his wife
and children ns follows Mr oulsn
Stevens of Fourteenth South and Ninth
East Fred G Anderson of Richmond
avenue assistant imnnger of Mehese
company Mrs nerthiv Klelnnmn of
1C32 Ninth Eat Mr Dell WnJton
Simpson avenue Ullllnn M Anderson
Frank Anderson and Leslie Anderson
Preliminary Import of Commissioner
Slums Increases III 1 Uncx
The preliminary report of tho com
missioner of Internal revenue on cal
lections for the yenr ending Juno 3
has just been Issued nnd 1 copy re
ceived nt the office of li 1 Calllster
collector for Montana district This
teport shows that the district of Mon
tana which Includes Montana and
Utah ho aggregate collections of
JK13S8G05 The total for tho United
States for 1910 amounted In ordinary
collections to 2CV7C823098 The
new corpxiratlon tax In 209597S3
this being tho first year this special
tax ho been collected The total In
crease for 1910 over 1908 Is J 386
29560 The Increase In spirit taxes
over JIiOU In round numbers In 313
000000 In tobacco 16000000 fer
mented liquors 3000000 oleomar
garine 200000 Filled cheese and
adulterated butter run 1804 and 11100
Increase respectively Opium shows
no collections Tho collection on
playing rards for 1810 was 566624
nn increase of 163271 SplrltH dis
tilled from apples peaches and other
fruit AS well as those distilled from
other products show large Increase
Cigars lUKe Incrtou4 clgnrnttca and snuff show
Western Pacific Special Carrying
Press and Invited Guests
Going West
Celebration end Reception nt WhIIC
iililtvii Tonight 1 loud bod III
Iplcllil Slinpe
Special to The News
Wendover Utah Aug OTho special
train over the Western Iaclflo arrived
here on tlma to the dot with 12 I
lomnx general passenger traffic man
ager In charge of the train and O F
Herr acting as host
The train Is due to arrive at Wlnne
muccn Nov at 830 this evening whero
It will remain until morning and n
I wil remlln unt 1
celebration will b Indulged In and 1
reception1 by the civic body will take
Among those on board Is Julius Kahn
congressman from tho Fourth district
of California who attended Um gover
nor conference In Halt Lake In the In
turcst of the 1nclttcInnama exposi
tion He expresses himself us being delight
ed with Hull lke and her people und
with tho results of the conference oftho
the roadbed Is In splendid shape
for 1 new line and the stretch across
time southern end of the lake Is now
high above the water
The party was much Interested In the
salt beds at Salduro and found AVen
dover now 1 thriving town
The train crossed tho Nevada line at
10 V and thai next stop will b at
Elko at 330 this afternoon
I 1 Ogilvle superintendent of tho
eastern dixlslon of the Western Pacific
Is In flmiKocf the runningof lh train
while Ibo train crew Is made up of
W J Meehan conductor Charles Hut
liven engineer Arthur Gregory fire
man and liraUem II l Woods and
J Wrogs
KiiKlne 104 Is pulling tho first west
bound > an enger train over Goulds last
link to the count
Lcavlnir the handsome new Salt Lake
City Union station at 7 oclock tho
wostwaJ trip
press special began ia weltWIJ
KmerslngfroiH b nnath the umbrella
trin blth
fcheds nt the west of the depot the train
followed tho new truck for Its run
toward OarllRld And while no effort
WHS nindo jo creatn e speed record the
present JoUrnvy being undcrtiikcn for
the puri > 83 of enabling the newspaper
men to ub ervo time road Itself and the
points of Interest along the line yet
the trnln Went along at a good clip
skimming over tho brown plains be
tween Halt Lake and tho smelter city
near the Ilke
Garfield Is 14 miles west from Salt
Lake Here the vast smelting plants
of the American Smelting Refining
company were throwing out columns ot
thick black smoke In tho process ot
transforming the gross ores Into valu
able metals Historic Black Hock was
ptmied near this point and time remains
of the once popular lake resort named
for the second martyrpresident
rock bottomed
The trip over tho riprap
tomed track over the edge of the lake
came next and for live mlleo the train
had the appearance of running through
water This stretch of track linn canned
the Western Pacific much trouble during
having been washed
ing the past season hAlnl ben
ed out a number of times by tho en
croaching waves of time steadily rlslnir
lake Finally the track was raised UI
poveral feet on a foundation of rock
nnd now It Is high anti dry and It I
thought safe from any further damage
by the waters of the lake
Among the points uf Interest passnj
by time train Is the old B T City for
merly a flourishing supply point on the
stretch toward the Great American des
ert TIme old pony express station wost
of the lake wns also nn object of In
terested gaze
Grants station Is 31 mllfs west of
Bait Lake and Tlmplo Is somuthlnj
over 40 miles Iloth places ore stations
on the Western 1acllle Tho next sta
tion reached Is Delle which Is 4 mllej
< next 61 miles Knolls
out Low come IXt mle KIlh
k2 miles where the real desert country
begins Bat Is 92 miles Arlnnns 103
miles and then at I distance 0 112 inllns
from Hat Lake Is ono of the great
est natural wonders on tho routo of tho
Western Pacific This Is time stop ut
Hulduro a word from tho Spanish and
meaning eternal salt Hero the tiatn
stops In the midst of a Mint fluid of
fcolld salt 10 miles wide by 15 Ill
long nnd which stretches downward In
places to a depth of IK feet The field
of glistening whIte extends for miles in
each direction tho whIte particles tank
ing up limo mass being 90 per cent puru
I Tho construction gangs of tho
Western Pacific found It nceessiry to
haul heavy plunk to lay upon the salt
beds before construction could go for
ward Gravel and sand waR liaulod
from the cnsten edge and piled on tim
plank mid th > roadbed was thus slow
ly and laboriously constructs over th1
long stretch of moist yet SOKI edIt
After xpriidlng a short chime explor
ing the surface of the laity area and
attempting to compute the probable
number of people that could be sup
plied with salt how many years with
each person consuming so much per
day and other similar Interesting prob
lems the newspapermen vaulted back
on the train and the stnrt on tho last
I stretch of track In Utah was made
Wendocr Is situated jut east of the
west line dividing Utah from Nevada
Just a couple of hundred yards from time
station the line between the states Is
Indicated by two high sign poles one
on each side of the track bearing tin
words Utah and Nevada In large
letters The track crosses the line nt
nn angle and continues Its meander
Ing across the western end of the dot
ert after getting Into tho Nevada coun
Vcndover Is a station of some Im
portance on the line I wns headquar
ters for division supplies and repairs
early In Hie history of the road and
more or less extensive shops and ware
houses were constructed here Wen
demon Is further distinguished as be
Ing the Juntlon of the line to be extended
Into the Deep Creek
tended NJ Cretk country
neil ever since the road has been com
pleted to that point most of tho ship
ments made from the Deep Creek coun
try bav been hauled In to mllu to
I p
Awakened by Knock on Door Mrs
Littley Finds Home in
111 ItrlniMd Ironi 111 II 1rmo
CinilloiKMl by Olllrvrn Not
To go I Jclil
Special Corrtupondinee
Lehl Utah Co UR 0Mrs George
tAttle antI her children narrowly OH
cuped being burned to death at i
oclock thlx morning when some mlx
crennt set Mm to their home and then
made his escape
Mrs Littley at the hour mmamned was
awakened by a knock at her door find
got up to look through the transom to
discover the kitchen on llm As the
building wits of frame nnd as dry us
tinder through the long drouth Mrs
Littley barely had time to escape the
flumes with her children before the
whole building 11 abhine Very little
of the household goods could be sat
ed before tho whole building wan In
ushes Tho los un the building I
amounts to 11000 and on tho furniture
0 No Insurance The building be
longs to Hurt Goodwin and IB located
just northeast of time Sun Pedro eta
llon Mr Little wu In Salt Like
thus leaving Ills wife and children alono
to battle with tho llnrnta
Thnt time lire was the work of nn In
cendiary there Is no doubt us tlmurtm
had been no limo In the kitchen or any
other port of tho hou f
About threo months ago a Syrian
pocllor culled at tilt Littley home In
the absence of time hUHband and at
tiinutod to nvHault Mr Little Ho
WM arreqtcd and on conviction was
sentenced to serve 76 days In tim
county Jail His sentence expired ut
730 lost night midho wan cHiitlonod
by the ofllcors not to go neur Lehl
ns It was remembered Unit when imo
uaa sentenced he had made the threat
to get qyon with his accuser
The lan told the ofllcers that Ito
was going to Gnrllold To get thero
on n direct lino ho would liuvc to RO
through Lent which II about 20 mIles
from tho county Jail nt Prove Hetween
tho tlmn of his release and the ilmo
at lly Little homo ho hnd mnplr
itlmo to cover tho distance The of
ficers have so tar no trate of him No
one 0iw him In Jrovo attain hit > ra >
lease Tho family know of no other
Later Information from I < chl Is thut
the Syrian hellion aup cted oT the I
lon of the Little hOle was In n Pro
vo rooming houso all nl ht Tho or
igin of the fire is still an unsolved
mystery In Lnhl however
Vendover TIme trnln renched Wen
clover which Is 1208 miles welt of Suit
Lake at 10 oclock this murnlng A
plop of 45 minutes waa mnde to allow
the press rcpreKontntlves to Inspect the
Improvements that Imve been made In
this town whoso growth In absolutely
nail entirely due to the building of the
Western Pacific
I is a sleepy crowd on the train this
morning following yogtordnys Msslon
In Halt lake whlrh conUliued long
after midnight and Included a recital
nt the Tabernacle I trip up Emigra
tion mnyon ullh n Dutch lunch ut UfO
resort n visit to tho Orphoum thence
to the Commercial club there refresh
ments were nerved nnd afterwards I
plunge nt Warm Springs
Those In the party I the special
train now heading for Oakland ore
W A Ixuvson Sacrnmento Dee J
V OHrlen spoelal agent Western
Unloji Telegraph company 1 J Max
well general attorney Quincy West
ern railroad Snn Francisco Cal II 1
Adams first traffic innnnger Wentern
Pacific railroad Sin Francisco Cnl J
F Carrere Sucnimento Union n A
Cunningham manager Dally Appeal
Mnrysvillo Cal G C ManMtl11 iir
villa Dally Register orii r Ii
R Spellman engineer Western Parlllc
rnllrond Hun Francisco Cal J F lion
E S Simpson Han Francisco 11 lon
L llrown San Francisco Bxnmlncr J
E Baker OnklnndTrlbune O F Herr
assistant genera passenger agent
I li
Western Pacific railroad Han Francis
co Cal I K Woodnrd sten Rrnphor
1 < H Fclghncr Pullnmn conductor C
B Ilenton D H dining car roudurtor
K II Carpenter
F Knrrnmento Slur
Clyde Opelt superintendent dlnng car
mil hotel department Clayton Camp
bell managing editor Oakland J all
cr Irving Martin president and man
ager Stockton Itecord C Llnroln dis
trict Bupnlntendent the Pullman com
pany San FraiHlsco Cal W J SlioJ
well assistant general freight agent
Western Pacific railroad San Fran
cisco eal John F Galvln mnnnglng
editor Ore Mercury urovllle Cal
A L Cowcll editor the Kxenlrig Mall
Stockton Cal Dr C 1 Plnkhani
WoKtern Pacific rnllrofui surgeon Ban
Fnanclkco Cal Kdgar Itelnhart San
Fnmcls6o Call J 1 Chamb0m
swretno1 passenger traffic
111ner mntiHger J
King Steele Del Monte Weekly K U
I Miiax pnu nger trnlMc manager West
ern Pacific Hallroad comiwny Sun
Francisco CaL f F Flnnegan baggage
gag muster K A Davis eleclrlchiii
C T OConnor dining car conductor
J J Lycett dining cur conductor In
charge 1 1 Kemp ulllclal photog
rapher A Johnson assistant photog
rapher Jet Johnson Pulled PIYHS
San Fninclsoo Cal c F Craig sec
rctnry second vice president and gen
eral manager J W Mulliern suporln
tendent western division Sner ni nlo
11 Col George 1 Plppy San Fwii
cl co Cnl Col Chnrlos A Cooke Stun
Francisco Cnl Mnl Pamuel W Dun
ning U 8 A CAM Hoffman Son
FrnnclKo Hultetln 1 J OKrlen vice
president Dally Evening Mall Mars
vllle 11 W C Shultd trainmaster
Portoln Cnl n M Ionloy road fore
man of engines Oakland CH C A
Horn Son IYunclsco Chronicle T It
Healy Evening lost i3aaim Frnnclsco
Cal MnJ f K Hooper general pus
serser gent of the Denver t Rio
GranJo Arthur J Drown Fall Lake
HeraldHepubllean J W Hvdp flea
eret News W J Sloan Salt Like Tele
gram Kenneth Kerr Salt Lake Trlb
une Bdwanl CharltonDenver hooky
Mountain News Frank Francis
JrRncl Og
den Standard Frnpk Ferrnr Denver
Rocky MountaIn New J n Hlllanl
Denver Republican F L Welnternen i
Ver Post William A Bcully Heiuld
Telegraph Colorado SprIngs and A I
S Andrews Pueblo Chieftain I
Admiral de la Peysere French
Minister of Marine Enthusias
tic Convert to Possibilities
lolllt American Alator 1 lni
Flight ti iMiiidiiu hut Kurocd J
To hftsecgd 1
P rte Aug MAdmlral ds la Pey
sere the Prtnrh
rlnlh of marine
has become An enthusiastic marne
lonvirt to
tho potnlhllitlrvi of the neroplune In
naval warfare In view of the
results at
tained In the PnrlsLondon flight at
Mot mint the great
l Ilnl crosscouptry
course Just completed by French avia
tors and other went achievements In
the air
In 1 Mtntemont today he expressed
the wish that tlie KIT nth Meet should
take Ural runl In the world In aerial
navigation as It locl now in submit
rule feet and proposed the establish
invnt of ilntillis of atitoplnnes at the
Frtnch naval bns i of Cherbourg
DrfKt Toulon nnd iilzrrla Africa to
protnt thai ports and locHte the mines
ii ml submarine at iv Possible enemy
For the prlrd of a single cruiser
soul the minister we may have thou
scouts ratulH of neroplnlios They will b our
I U understood that Mol snnt the
Aniprlcnn aviator nol on his wuy to
London will compote with Latham
Paulhnn antI Fnrman for tho special
Mlcholn prize of J20UOO for a nostop
flight from Paris to clerrriontFerrnnd
with a pissengei
In many respects this night Is con
sidered far more difficult than previous
uuroplane featcs not merely because
of the passenger and
tl 119tIKer noHop stipula
tions but because the light must end
on tho summit of Puy do Dome u
mountain 4 SCO feet high vhorc thom
strong and erratic air currents Will
mnko a landing extremely difficult
dltt ul
The rules provide that time cool ttr
mtut upon starting moXe I cotnplctd
circle of tho Arc de
crde rc Trlompho In Pnrla
nnd after completing Ihe SIT miles
straightaway course circle the rplre of
the cathedral nt ClermontFerrand be
fore landing on the mountain tot
ILKilir lUT DlW UR
Clint iipmm IliKlunil AUC IU Jufin
II Molssnm the Ihlcago aviator who
was forced to dciicnd at Italnliarn
four miles from here by an accident
to ills neroplnno TlnirfdHj nBeenddl
nt c > 20tink ifinriilns on the last leg
of his flight in London
I strong wind wni blojvllif MoL
xaiit described I circle of three utile
tovnril edwny nnd then wn com
plelled to descend Ho announced
after his dencent that he found the
wlrnl too strong ammO would not ho able
to tnnko 1 new start for several hpurs
II ahr hitd trouble with bin appar
ntim Alr after his descent wa obliged
to take the machinery of his niono
Ilnno to pieces In order to cWnn cer
tain inlets Part of the engine was
brought to the work shops of the roy
al enslneers here for repairs
11 wlml t i now so heavy that It N
doubtful If he will ho able to start on
time last 25 miles of hil Journey today
The flight If possible can only be
made toward evening
Cincinnati o AlI 20A pathetic
story was revealed by Mrs Beta Kpll
lug In her suit for a writ of replevin
before Judge Meyers hero yesterday
Hop husband who had not ben sup
porting her oompellnd her to go to
work In a shoo factory timId sold tho
entire household furniture of their lit
tie flat Including the babys gocartl
and clothing to n bartender for 3 tl
pay a bar bill i
Tile bartender refused to nllow Mrs
Kolllng to enter Oio rut when she
returned from work nnd the woman
wns practically homeless JUlltt fey
era Ipsued the writ o replevin fifooi
charge and saw to It personally that
It was served
Now York Aup 20 Two tailors are
dying In the Hat tern hospital here to
day from the effects of knockout
drops They were found lying uncon
scious and apparently dead on thn
platform of nn uptown L station
The police believe that they were
victims of holdup men who after
rlOnl their victims pockets drag
lockel dral
goal them to the elevated platform wltl
the Intention if It
Inlontlol placing their suppos
edly dead bodies on the tracks SUPPOI
I IH the opinion of tho police that thn
assailants wIre frightened away be
toro accomplishing their purpose Thn
hospital surgeons hnve been unable tn
revive either of the victims sufficiently
tn get n coherent story ns to where
the had been or what bad happened
New York Aug 20 Harry MylettcJ
nn oldtime clown who was onco know
to circusgoers from tho Atlantic tr
the pHclflc as Handsomo Harry hai
been committed to the New York alms
He has bol crippled for many Yesr
anal when his slender savings RAve Out
he became n public charge Mytettq
rplv his Injuries at 1 fTfortnancri
which President Hmfleld Bftnded Thn
clown tried to excf himself and lit
one of Ids feats a Ir1 nvcr three etc
pliant misjudged the distance antI fej
between two of them HP recoverecl
sufficiently to return to the ring bud
w s nrver 11 icver again At ono tlni l
he received I salary or SI 000 a week
New York Aug 20 Market report
for the ullO days they that durlnq
that time 1 mllllin bushels of Amer
lean vvhent have been punliasecl for ex
ort to France The French whna
rrnn nrennllng tn advice received
here has shown 1 deficit of nbout if
000000 hunhels American producer
expect of the shortage to bo called upon 10 supply mos
The wheat already purchased will b
shipped from Kill ore and Phllade
I phla Four stenmcilrts have dread
been i hnrtere tt carr wheat exclu
l slveiy each taking about 1SOOOO busheh

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