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LAST EDI TIOU DESERET EVENING NEWS CJ Conllnnuui He Tim I nulor nerv NeusItpnchct In Working Ailvcrtlilnc otcc II hilt the IMy Miijllie IA Competition n Strnne rilb I
At Kansas City Endorsed Pas
sage Federal Worklngmans
Compensation Act
Sill 1nlr Itnllrcxiil iniiloc Crlppliil
Jror llfc blKiulil Taj4 All of IVimlty
And Hiillroutl Nothing
Kansas City Kan Sept lSpcnlilng
tll an uudlcnc composed chlelly uf
urklnRin In thin city Col Theodore
rnoDOVfrlt today heartily Indorsed tho
rusage of ft federal woiklngmnns I
iiimpunsatlon net This li one uf thu
ihlef planks of tho Kansas late pint
form recently adopted
Breaking without noloo In the nudl
tjrlum here Cut lloofcvclt III free
iiuently cheered to tho echo Jle wis
introduced by exMayor Uuyner ft pro
icIro Republican who 1ms been re
jOwLlod n g one of the ultongoM ndinlr
tn of Col Itnontvclt In Kansas In I
piciciUIng Col HooKuVoll he chaiuo
tcrlzed him as onft of the foremoal men I
nf the world
More than once we have had In In
n > jlinlO conditions In such business
in you lme In tills city nnld Col
Kuoftvvelt In beginning his midre
Alwnys when lit have idonu to the
mployei has explained to the vvasio
eninor tlint If tho government was HUP
tvii > ful In ilK exercise of control It
would 1 ivfiult In the cutting down of
wngeti rIt Is not so All wo utiUgglcd
t i di was to tecuie hotter conditions
< It employment anti of llvlnc unions the
nun nclually cmvloyed In Industries
Tnke such questions ni whnt Is
railed tho employer liability I do
nut like that ixpreimluii bcciiuiu 1
think the term should be the com
ponsntlon of emplojus for Injurlw I
feel fry strongly tmt In every In
dustryi where there II the slightest
risk caytf or limb whether on rail
iotds iiln nny other Industry that hi
the evttit of loss of life or Injury we
should nol loavo It to lawaUiti to de
termlno what hill ho done and leant
of nil nhould wo allow the whole weight
of tho bur Jfii tn fall upon shoulder
trust able to lear It I a tntui b
killed In an Induntry Instead of leaving
Ills widow and chlldraii to Uur tho
whole burden I would Juivs It dis
tributed f rhe whole Industry by
mlfXinsr thn cniplojer I > ny 0 certain
nmountvf 4ninp < nuatJon it Is not fair
that a man working on 1 rollnay who
loseii his nrm shoUld pny I the penal
ty by beIng crlpi KU all nr his life whIle
tho railway nothing
ra I 1 pajM lthlng
I II not laIr that 1 girl working In
n factory which renders her liable to
Buffer Injury shall KU on In llfo maimed
nnd no ono chic bear the burden for
nt The bur elMhollt bo distributed
when n wurklnsnmn Is Injured 01
killed In bin oinpluymtnt There hould
ho no question of responsibility He
should recEIve compensatIon for the
Injury hb has Huffired and It ho Is
killed his family should receive euch
It should be the duty of the govern
mint to see that he Is paid too Ho
should not 0 left to bring a lawsuit
There are admirable lawyers but not
many are found follovliifr the profes
sion of ambulance chasers The lawyer
who nmkr bin living by hunting up ao
cldenls and by ciirrylnK on law suits
which may ho justifiable o unju tlfl
able I < not ns a rule one whose Inter
ets It Is veMary < o consider
Wo should have Ilia compensation
act llxcd that she wi > 11 > worker
would Ret his share And none or It
should go to a man who Rots him Into
the lau mltH In connection with It
I do not uant tu pennllzc the Cor
poration by makIng It pay an excessive
amount I want to see that what Is
paltl Koen to the Inhjred man ami time
Injured mans family jnmfore I
want to eliminate tho lawyer totally
horn the trunmrtlon
f emphatically HIM for progrotslvn
legislation I s regards the control of
the corporation as ffnrds the adjust I
moot of our relations with the corpora
tlnns hut friends do not forget that
legislation will over avail unless wn
Jiavo the right tyjw of men and womti
on yoked whose behalf the legislatIon H Iti
That la the keynote shouted a man
In the rear of the auditorium
res that J x tho keynote con
tinued Col Tlnosovelt We must have
good law we must havo laws that
will prevent men oppressing others or
taking an Improper sharo of whnt is
gnlncd through the exercise of their
joint energIes But the law Is only
n help I tll man has not the right
stuff In him nothIng rita be done for
Mm And If Any man thinks the law
i lone 01 Ihl exertion nf anybody but
HniBclf will Iliiible him to make a
Ucelf In llfntfthcn that man may
make up his ililnil that he U duo to
failure from the outset Do not mint
nnyinnirvho you thntany chiiiKo
In tlc law wl brInK about tho inlllrn
blum That la norm distance off yet
1 > 0 not trust hlii If ho tells you that
1 syitcni of law will servo as a sub
stitute for both men and women doing
their duty In thc position which they
reIPI the mail has not got foresight
thrift and power to work hard ho Is
not going to make n success You can
not make any uirpnratlon employ him
permanently IClc K not wOrth em
Mo It Is with the woman I want
tr see the woman bunlens lightened
an far RR posilble I hxve no sym
h who Is always com
rathyfor tile lUSh II CIU
pldlnlng about the Foclal injustice to
which ho IK exposed and nt tile same
limn IK In ldl < nt i whllu bin wife takes
In washing
oi tiilnkwc all know certain mrti to
1 e found nboutthp ionirr grocery and
In NoUion who < lc > lalm on the In
istir i > r our jrestnt civilization hut
mtho w leave thcr win to do nil
ths work for thlil varllculur workIngmen
I illstrust I i s > 1 nhQ talks about
mw society ahould be roformrd but
vlio cannnt Koep his wife and children
r of the jfoorhbtiie ly his orn of
f rt 1 U well to thlnR of orecs rlghln
lut It II still more Important to think
of nnttt duty t n man Is I good
Mher it ho Is Melt harsh cruel or
v olent 1 his dealings with those de
endng upon him If IIC IK n good
neighbor nnd u good nmn ii > work b
id e ho lit I good citizen If he fall
Copenhagen Sept ITho Inter
national Socialist congress nl to
days plenary Hitting adopted a res
olution demanding tho establish
ment of a system of universal und
compulsory Insurance against un
employment HID cost of which I s
to be borne by the owners of time
lea 11 of production
Among other things tho renolu
ton sot forth that the condition of
Ihs unemployed was Inseparable
from the present capitalistic mode
of ptoductlin and that as long us
capitalism hi < sway VII pallla
tlvo measure were possible of suc
Ilillllji Curl S4PIt rated lrom Wife by
umerli Ill p IJnch Mnrrlcil nnd Ijiili
Vldiicil ItcnuirrlcM Earl Love
Kunlon 0 Hcpt IAl iiualnt 1 ru
ninnco us tas ever written dowiv In
fiction has found Its ending here In
real life
Phillip Cnrr reumrrlcd to Ihe wife
ho lost In the turmoil of the Civil war
nearly half o century ugo Is enjoying
with hor his mcond honeymoon They
were reunited In wedlock a tow days
since but It was only yesterday that
the facts became known an to their life
Separated by raiding guerillas who
captured Ihe federal malls divorced
boauuyf of n believed dosurtlon each
renioul led and tauh ngaln wldowud
they found tho lov of their youth sihi
nlliuno upon an accidental meeting not
long Mlnco and their now boruthul fi1
lowcd tune
Lan U now Tl yearn of age and lilj
wire f
It wan In IS62 that Curr reminding
to 1lnrolMn serond call fur tio Mm
marched to the front paving his bildc
of a year and hlx Infant daughter b >
hind When sumac months Inter his
letters and remittance stopped sue
was Induced to nnnlv for a rilvon in
the grounds that ho had deserted her
Soma time later she remarried and
went to hIve In tho cart When err
returned from tho war his bride wan
uniting end he loiirnwl of the divorce
Btung to the quick he too marred
Many years Inter her second huban1
and his second wife dlrd Heviiitly un
returned to the scenes of his boyhtol
and here ho met the girl tio left be
hind him In the dark days of 62 Ho
I explained how tho malls n been raid
ed and this letters written with the
ntuh1 nf the pencil In tbn trenches if
Tmuiftsseo stolen with his slender nav
flg4IQlfl hiS oldlerpay o J13 a
motijh nll told howxwhen her let
ter foppii ho too bllcvcd thftt h
had been dirertetl
Both thd old people say howrvoi
that the tragedy of years has ben
71111 now do up to them by their happlnesi if
Llinrvli Gnllirrinc of Omldn Slake
CIKK Over Until Sciilriiibcr 2125
The First presidency announces the
postponement of tho Onelda slak4 con
feronc tl Prwton Idaho Sntuidny and
Sunday next until Sept HH
short In this resject he li n bad
manU Is AS I was In the Civil war
What the man In liluo wanted to know
about the comrade at his skIs was
lot whether he wan well off or not
well off not whether ho was a bank
er or n worklnsinnn but whether If
found In 1 tight place he would May
nit So It 14 with civil life What Is
Indispensably necessary for every
mann succevi Is that he should have
those qualities that will Inspire ro
sect In whoever happens to work
hello him I In the man who does
his dally work well who gains your
Much can be done by the law
much by the honest administration of
the law but much depends upon the
character of the Individual woman
Do not misunderstand me There
are plenty of people plenty of wealthy
mIl who will pelze on what I have
said and Fay that U what I have told
oUlt depends upon the Individual
Hut the law must not permit Injus
tice I must prevent Injustice Wo
must constantly work to make condi
tions better In order that each man
may show his best In order to make the
chances of success In life better for the
nvcrjgonmn to lend his life happily and
well for himself his wife and his chil
drenWe cannot bp excused It we fall to
work In the Interest of men whose
hopen for future lie along these lines
1 cannot say how strongly I feel that
I want you to remember that everything
ponrlble should be done by the law
aim bthe administration o the law to
bring about HIOFO results that vvlll
work for Justice and prosperity When
we do this conditions vvlll be fixed so
Hint In the last analysis the chief fac
tor In the success or failure of any
man or woman will bo hil or her per
sonal ch rncter
In his Introductory remarks Col
llooicvelt ild ho wanted the people or
an nl to understand that ho was fur
from being an enemy of great Indus
trial enterprise
I mn their frend provided they me
decently aid nnd hoi stly conducted he
There were cries ut Good Good
I hal the nuecess gf the captain nf
Industry provided only thnt his sue
cers means decent ticatment to they
under him fair treatment to those With
whom he does hU buslneps I ask that
the big business man hi Call to his
employen HIM fair to the people J
ht has that I vvlll do nil I can to htr
him I he Is not I will do my best U
SNS th hs Iw
Phow us the son o Jnpie A tar
fleld shouted several men In the add
HxMayor luyer Insisted ucon Mr
Gurncld rising In his place on the stage
and there was continued chceririir
Amid I surgIng Ins of humanity
Col Howl mid his party wet then I
escorted to their carriage
Through two mil of decorated
streetS the UvvalkR of whIJi wee
filled with people In spite nf the
drentTilng rnln tho party prwocdeJ to
the Ilaltlmorc hotel where luachron
was rervel Tlc Thffd ioclnint t
Mltourl llilUtjA headed by n hand
acted 1 on escort tot 061 011
Representatives Coal Miners
Union and Operators Arrive
At Settlement
SltelIl1 COlunlhll Ciillid for flny
oniio Sipt 7 for 11t11111
81cIl 111 The Necs
Kemmeror Wyo sept lthie tub
committee of representative of dis
trict No 22 Piton 31no Workers of
America and the elli inlna operator
tr jomlng has arrived nt n ItO
ment of thn miners wao ciucntlon and
the miners will reiumu 0 ark tomorrow
A special convention 111 been called to
meet at Cheyenne Sept 7
A special dispatch received early thin
morning from ICoinmoier announced
that the mines of district 22 hud sus
pended opetntlon aunltlng definite re
ply from tho nubs IQ committee at
Denver where the question of tho min
ers vvugo settle In which an Increase
In nil dnpaitments over tho scale pre
vailing during the past two year was
dumnndfd was being considered The
twoyear contract between the miners
and the operators expired Aug 31 and
It wan gpncially understood that If the
dimandK for Increase In pay was not
coniwlrd the mile would go out
This actually happened In the mlniH
at Kemmprer but according to the
above dispatch I cettloinent at least
of a tempomry character has heel ar
rived at Tho special convention called
for Cheyenne felt i will no doubt
make tho settlement permanent
Frpsno C 11 Hppt Congrefmnn
J C NVpdhnm In 1 letter to Chair
man M B Harris of thl lonKr ll lon
nl commute announcer hint In the
event of his reelection he vvlll not
ole for Cannon for speaker of the
house o
I have no personal feeling against
Speaker Cannon said Mr Necdham
bill I sincerely believe that 1 Is to
the best Intfrects of the Republican
party thnt a change tn the upeakcrchlp
be made
I i
PhlUdelphlu Kept i Ciusrle isper
aged 42 formerly 1 iilfchrr for the old
Athletics of this city In the American
association tiled here last night of
rtrlghts illieutae He nho was connected
lli the fit Ixuil club and with lie
Dsltlmnrn Nntlonnln when that team Won
the pennant In 1S91
Philadelphia Sept ITwo arrest
were made hero today In connectIon
with the ICOOOO Jewelry robbery In At
lantic city nn Aug 2J The names of
the prlnoiiers have not be n given out
and the police ray that other arrests
will follow Tho robbery was cleverly
executed The burglars entered lie
Jewelry store of Krrlco Illothers on the
board walk during the night and re
moved tho jewels from the window
and show cases
Chicago Sept Japanese and Chi
nese over 21 yearn of age are eligible
to attend thu public day schools of the
city of Chicago as well as tho night
pchooU provided they aro of good
moral character and are vouched for
by prfonl known to the board of edu
This wan decided by the board of
education yesterday nt Its first meet
Ing of the year when Ylm Cham
Chinese 28 years old and Yoni1 Ya
niaka Japanese 21 years old were
given permission to attend
Sai Francisco Sept IOn thou
sand singers and ninny musicians from
nil parts of tho Pacific const are In
San Francisco to Ink part In the
saengerfrst which opens tonight Qne
or the features of the five days festi
val Is a competition among Oprninn
singing societies for n 510000 gold cup
presented 1 by Kaiser Wllhelm An
other contest vvlll b for n 0 trophy
given by the emperor of Austria for
the best team of Tyrolean singers
This morning B reception was given
by Arthur Clenspn one of the chorus
conductors to the directors or the
societies represented nt the festival
nnd to the fiaengerfest executive com
Many visitors front thn east and
thousands from the coast cities have
come to hear the concerts
Jefferson City Mo fept 1Former
IJeut Qov John c McKlnley of Union
villp > lo today filed his declaration with
the srcictarv of tate HI I candidate for
the ncpubllciin nomination for United
Stairs senator to succeed Penator tar
nero Hn Is the onlv Ittrubllcan to take
such action thus far
Omaha Kept IThe result of the
canvass of the votes uf the recent
primary elections on member of the
twii houses of the legislature shows
that the Oregon plan vvlll almost
certainly carry for the election of u
United States senator to succeed Sen
ator nurkctt regardless of the political
complexion of the next legislature Of
the Democrats 81 of the 33 candidates
for the senile and 75 of tho 10 can
didates for the house are signer of
statement No I while on thn Ucpubll
can ride 1 senatorial candidates and
4 legislative aspirants have taken the
e pledge
ftriiiut ilury I he eva I nn the Then
Alii 3or Sheriff of llcl < lug tutu II y
Anil Chirr of Police
Nownrl Ohio Sept IJ a report
mndo today the Kicking county grand
Jury plnccn responsibility for the
lynching of Dry Detective Carl
Btherlngtiiii on July S on the then
mavor of Newark the sheriff of
IlckitiK county und thin rhlnf of jroiice
of Newark nil of whom have lnco
resigned or been deposed
A total of CiS Indictment was re
turned by the KIM nd jllf II the i
II of its silting 0111 connection
ivlth Iso 1lchlll or those US chargo
the alleged rIoters with murder In tliu
tiret degree 21 are accused of riot
Ing 10 with nK nnlt rind two with perjury
KHIUHH City Mo Vpf i Hodcar
rylng wild not too hard work for MrJ
MnrgarcA In lIIItn r6t urui
nomnn of ICannai tilt y KII when
auto was tiling lo cnrir money to nlil
In gsttlng her cnn pareheI from the
Missouri penltcitlary i nd todny she
got her reward The buy was paroled
bj Oov Ilddley
Troublex never cHtue HliiKlv for thE
nged and bent mother KloodM of
19034 nlmost ruined hjr little hOle
Tlirn her huxband bccumi III and he
IIIIH been Klmost a helplejts Invalid ever
dnc fccaiccl had IKJ token to his
bed when the boy wnrf lentoiiced to
in ear In jirlKon fur 11 robbery com
mitted ntur Ht Joraph The home wan
mortgaged to get nionpy to defend
Mm but his WHH it lout CM inc
Wllllei us sh called licr non went
In pi Icon mid th mother ltisnip tn work
inil pant money to get hIm out lly
much iKTKUiisloli nile aol a Job carry
Ing a hod Then slip lirevailed upon
liar employer to let her Ifithp nail plan
ter a house Her havlnga she Intent
id In n restaurant and aided by tho
profits from his vcnturjj she managed
lo get hII sons case before the gov
ernor j
flnclnnntl Ohio SeJ > t 1Today
ho baseball drafting CQHon opens and
thn National baxcbalt commission will
iipol to iipiuirtlon placers according to
the drafting rules of organized baseball
Competition for minor league players
never was no keen nnd vcry club III flip
tivi major leagues linn rppp < > nt tlvpi
h o 1
I league players they wish to secure for
I s
In addition ti I uliportlonliig piytmn
the romihisslrtn < vll insider n num
f ber qf fnsft wMch ro on HIP docket
of the uorrlll iip obll
New York j Rurgeons say
todlo that there Is a slight chance
for the recovery of 2disn vera Fitch
the young California atithorr who
In a flt of despondency because she
belloved hfi had made I literary
failure shot herself at thc Hotel
AstOr Monday night
Tho young woman now has t
I strong dmlro to live Hho wn renting
comfortably today
anal Niilkaniv Irohnblj Will Not be
Abaltil mi Account of ijick
Of FiiiuN
At the meeting of thp committee of
the whole in council tonight tho abat
ing of the Ninth South canal nuIsance
will be thoroughly considered but
despite thl undcukd merit In the pro
tests of citizens nothing can be done
this year to rectify the matter for the
slmplo reason that to do nn would bo
to violate the law Tho administra
tion hns spent HO much money that
now the law forbids the expenditure
of another cent outside of the budget
Section 3 of article XLV o the state
constitution reads
No debt In excess of the taxes for
the current year shall bp created by
any county or subdivision thereof or
by stay school district therein by any
etl town or village or by any
subdivision thereof In tliLi tnto un
ites the proposition to create such debt
shah hav been submitted to 1 vote
of uchqualified electors as shall have
paid 1 property tax therein In the
> e preceding such election and I
majority nf those voting thereon shall
have vot d In favor of Incurring duch
Some time ago I became noceisary
to appropriate some money fir the
publishing flf a fpvv copies of the uulo
mobile rlw but tho available money
of the council tan all gone mind City
RicofderJirves gave J10 out of his
own office allowance for the purpose
There will however be a special
meeting ot the council tonight but a
the new high line water main matter
was laid over for one week on Mon
day last It will not come up for con
No Iuncrnl XrrnnirfiiMiH Undertaken
dull Mdovv Arrive Tomorimv
tntll the irrlval tomorrow ninrnln
from I > Angeles of Mrs David t
Murray ami her brotherinlaw J I
Govne the body of tavid K Murray
former genTnl manager of the EmIl
Telephone ornpflny who committed
suicide inesday mornlnrf by Icaplnjr
from the I of of the De eiet National
bank building Is lying nt ODinncll
mortuary I Hhout any funeral arrangc
ments hang been made
Following the raged of yertertlsy I
morning Mrs Murray who wan at the
time pta Ing for a visit to Salt Lake
war nollflrJ and hastened her depar
ture She 11 accompanied by her broth
erinlaw Mr Gevne anti Is nol
lPlnl t wards flit Lake
While n arrangements of the fun
eral will be completed until nfte tho
arrival of Mrs Murray and Mr Oivie
It hM len announceil that the ttlks nf
while bwtherhood Mr MurraY wis n
member Kill take n part In the sect
Uprising Against Government Re
ported in Province of Niieva
Vizcaya Luzon
Iormcr lOtcriMir of Hocus urll Id
Cut Wlrid Numbrp of Iollim
rrtt 14 Ililinoun
Manila lppt 1An uprising agnlntl
the government It rtM > rt d In the prov
ince of Nuova Vlaeuyu A conlabulnry
force Is hurrying tu the scene and u
battlH U oxpoctcil hourly
Tia rebel niovcinunt I 5 lioHdwl by
Simeon MandiU former governor of
tho province of hocus Norte who has
been u fuMltlvu flout Justlcv
Mundiir occupleM Polano I town of
bout 6000 Inhiifiltiinl northwest uf
the center of Nueva Vlzcuya an1 about
lits nillcm nortli of Ilayonong The tale
graph wires north of Itiiynnong have
been rut und I Is Imponnlbln to learn
the number of Mnndard followers I
Is doubted however that the lining
Is serious
Iol Ta > lor at till head of Urn roli
xtabulavy at Ilayoiiung IN preparing for
nn attack and the constabulary forces
from other iKilntw url moving toward
Haiti ii p to Hurround tho outlaw H und
capture them juvermnent reinforce
inentH me mu vol hit lilt If nfndod
Vord of the trouble rouched ManlU
today Mandiic while governor ml
jotted I prisoner tu I third degree
dxamlnutlon of such heveilty that tu
man died The governor was con
victed of homicide and sentenced to U
yearn Imprlnnnment He appealed from
hr verdict of the court and while tlic
appeal was ponding jumped bin bom
and him been missing for several
Xuevn Vlxcaya Is the central pro
lace of Iuzon and nnyonong II Itv
Warhlnglon Sept IThc reported
dIsturbance In the province of Nuova
Vlitnya elation as a surprise to the
ifllclaU of bureau of Insular nffalrs and
the other otllrers of the war depart
ment No Intimation haul reached
WnNhlngtnn of any general discontent
In thin wild spared settled province
anti It Is believed hero that It was a
surprIse likewise to the official In the
scovis TO UK tum
Manila Sept 1 Secrotury ruf Wet
Dickinson lies given his approval of
tin rojeot to unify DIP constabulary
and the wuutH He plans to appoint
a board of officer consisting of two
scouts and two niniljrr of he con
stabulary who under the presidency
o Major General Dutch command
ing the department n Ihn Philippines
will work nut the details nail submit
a plan which It Is hoped may he plac
ed before Congress In December rIC
I II entlmnted that It will be pr s
Mblo to effect the saving of I million
dollars to the oar department and at
tho same time to Increase lift efficiency
by unifying the corps
New York Sept 1Thn neon that
Col Iloosovelt nmy be akd to accept
the post of adviser to lie regent at
China nt I very large salary was cur
rent In Pekln a month ago according
to Ur William Edgar Rlet who lies
Just returned to America ethic a year
spent In studying 111 political situation
tion In tna
Dr Olcl left Pekln on Aug I and
nt that time he says It won current
gossip In political circles that the pal
ace authorities Ire coonsldplrng a
proposition to engage Col Jloosnvclt to
assist In piloting the country through
n Mthrr stormy period Many of the
diplomats Lr Olcl declares were con
fident that the offer would appeal to the
American expresident and might In
duce him to abandon the light against
the bosses here to bcomc a bean him
nelf In tie Flower kingdom
Speaking of condition Dr Old said
there was nn antibaby movement In
China the leaders being UPI > NI to
the rule of the child emperor This
ho raId If U
movement I grew rapidly
as many thought It would might result
In I revolution China Is friendly to
this country he said alt the political
leaders In that country regard Presi
dent Taft highly
Sacramento Cal Sept tChnrle 1
Hamilton who arrived here last night
will attempt to outJoyride the auto
mobile at the California state fair next
In the light of n powerful searchlight
tho New York aviator will try each
nIght to michcle the iiiiutracic at
Aqrlcultural park In his Curllts bi
plane ahead of a highpower motor car
Ilane addition he declare he Is going
after the International aeroplane record
for 1 mile
When told that n preliminary Injunc
tion asked for him In New York to
prevent Glenn H Curt from Inter
feting with his contract for nylnw n
rllll wih denied Hamilton
hlbltlon had been 110nlld lamlon
said I merely asked for an Injunction n
R precautionary measuip anti not that I
preCllonor Intervene from CurtMs
I Special t o luC News
Washington U i 2451it tclul A
Thurlivell has been ipixilnled postmaster
nt Manvlle corniw county W > o
vice llnII4 ManiiiKi resigned
lnhnlN Issue t IHM jotin D flowers
and 1 Mnyhue gd n IJ > > o Olt phono
grspli Vlftor A 1f lstrom Hull Ike
grph ttor
City UrfsdmukliiK nrbln
IdshoUnus I HII TwIn Tails uto
mstlc potato pllr i epli Holleobiick
BoIse anImal irs iwnlel 1 Huffman
John II Walter
White > t geHbIC u IUer
Mountain Home mJow wash securIng
mnlomlnlCal4 A Iaker Fort Fred
Rtrcle track rail bond for iallRa > s
POPUUTIOX or nuooKiv
Waihlnrton Sept IThe population
of iirooklyn NY I KSIril an Increaie
nf 4ST7A or 401 per cent us compared
with 11f5E In 1PCO
HllhKo Hpuln Sepl I The strlkn
situation Is aUrmlng The fund
of the mIll horn been exlinuiteii
nnd the strikers are hi an ugly
mood Collision with the police
gendarmes nnd strike breakers oc
cur constantly Many factories are
bellic ilntM1 and the work In Ihe
harlror huc been holly smpendtd
Tn > opi 1 rc Ishutg concentrated
ind n Kirdori of soldlrni has been
thrown nhoul tin illy to prevent
11 n > tr f strlkrrn from other
Ac > lcin Puilllr Inlhli Mil of Ci tlc
IliHllio tu siiiri Inlr for
Mm lrUIIhl
111 tliurmii of the plan rot peiUi
InK for Ban Franclmo the Panama
Pacific Iltrll loll exposItIon cole
brntlng the comp4 > tloii of thf Panriitv
curwl In the year 1916 the manualmen
of the Western Pacllle ItHllway com
puny hal enlisted the aid of the civil
liodlei of the clUoa of the wcbtern states
and hiss unt out vuggciitlve copIes of
reiiojutluiis to bo adopted by them
bodies II aid of tht project Col I A
llcnton gviipnil agent of tin PISHOIIK
dipartment of the Wontern Pacllle thin
niortilng received from K U ISJIIIH
iiasnmcer tnilllc niunHKui cuplux of
rlllltul which Col Itcnton will sub
mil to the Commercial club with the
roqueHt tnut th y hsiterest othet clvl
Illel iin1 that Ihf resolutions be full
101 Mcd adopted and copies Kent to
the ciiiujrosloniil delegation at Wash
Ington The roMnlutlon IH as follows
Whntoas The Panama canal now II
procoMt Df construction vvlll IUVP beoi
completed In die ypar I91S uniting lie
waters of the IMclflc and Atlantic
ocpnn nnd
Whereas There Is I unanlmnux son
tliiipnt that lie roinpletlnn of thin gl
gantlnwork should be celebrated In 11
nnd most fitting nnd niPinorable inca Nr
Wlireax I Is the oonyptii of opln
Ion of the president of the United tHule
members of Connies other oinelals
und the citizens generally that nn Inter
uutlotiHl exp llon be held commcmo
rating that great event tltercfoto be It
RptoUod That wo inol hfftrtllj
endorfo the proposed PanamaPneinc
International expositIon to be held In
Ran Francisco In 191S and pledge our
cooperations antI Assistance and be It
Itesolvpd That nil of the senators
and repifnentnUv8 from our state he
refiuest e to rise their Influenreto t
cure for the expofltlon In SIn Frnn
IHCU reconiInfli governrrtpntal endorsement BUI
Hrsohld That n copy of till iiif
amble and resolution bo cent tn the
senators and representatives In Con
gress with n request that they umlHt
In carrying out their letter Hiid spIrit
and that a leJ he also cent to the
PanamaPacific International Rxponl
ton company In Pan Frmielsici 111
Wiifthlnicton rept Ihler Wlllln 1
Moore of thin weather bureau today la
sued the following bulletin
Rains fell within thn hist 21 hoiirw
In the region of forest flues In the
northwestern states In connection with
n disturbance that is now over the
Rocky Mountain region and movlnn
slowly eastward Mention wns mailo
Ut the coming of thin disturbance In
the weekly forecast Issued on the IStn
Rutherford N J topt 1 MaJ J
Monroe Taylor nuthor of I number of
books on dogs and considered a im
titian nuthorltv on that subject iiIticl
here today lie was born In Lexing
ton Ky In lS1 g HP nl first peas
Idpnt of the American Kennel club nnd
figures promInentlY an a Judge In ev
ery Important slog show held In this
country 0
Aberdeen Stotland Sept 1KIng
Oeorge shooting party at Balmoral
wan thrown Into excitement today
when IxjrU Klmarnock i ocoid secre
tary In the British diplomatic service
received four pellets through the are
cldentat discharge nf u gun The ser
riMry was not seriously Injured 1
Iins been Impossible to learn abuSe gun
tho mishap
was responsible for mlahll
1 The last vviinotis In
rlikaso fell IThl
lie trlst of te ONeH llrowne charged
flepreaeiitalvt While to
with bribing nelJuelllvt Whl
William Lorlm for frilled
vole for Im Lorlner
testimony In
States curator SKVP 1llllon
Kentens court today an1 Hlnte
HidK Mlrl
lld 1tna bc fn the Humming
for the prosecution Ill
111 prouton
up Ihl
Tile indictment voted by lh gr nj1 Jury
viterdai MRSlnil 1 I Keele H
aI9rla 11111 rMurntd In court
IrewtiC withal 55 rturne clrl
ooy wll tlx l m I10OH The bill i
cruarged peliur
cruuld eels I eiY letecMv nsslgflii
10 the states attorneys offlce lttel
tided for llrowne however deolaHnc
bat he had been ree to treat
ckrurer right tied tliiil pursuant Iu
such IfUo he ttui l pul5d with drink
UnreufHtallve Uwk m yer who laB one
or he IWmormtlr reprusentstlves h4
voted for lA > rtmer Krele Mill thm
was intoxicated wlifn IM
le < k meyer I Inloxlfle
sonfputd tn reeelvlng tK fur voting
rr lnnmer
AtUiiU II Sept I The Democratic
lute lon llon mt here today with
ulioiit 10 delegrkteH In aitendanrf The
idostloii of s uHHform Wit the irlni
p1 huslncM srneiluM The convention
will nine nomtimte fnrm ll > thr state
anilMlate who aeta chosen In lust
tlndldal iirlmary Inotudlim Hoke Smltji
for governor
fo rroolullen fndorMue Hoke anillli for
president of Ihr fnltetl states in Hit
will adopted miy the contention this aft
prnoon I dut Mm mlnntb fltted
Ie p r1 the milieus lute of Ihe
Ugh nftlr of presIdent sad wsus ul
tnltteil by T K Patterson of Spallu
= = = = = = ii
Fred W Cheney of Manchester
N H Shoots Himself iri Brides
Presence in Hotel C
Jf ll < ion 1IIIIe Wltl sioon Jad
f5ou of Thnt hum Vlicii lie
Atlomptoil StiluliloJ
Urand Junction Colo S4pt 1
Itejr 1 resulting trol 1 thee
L > oiienuooii nmrkwl II > y n riot
in dlMMipatlun following ills elopement
with ti wornnii nearly tvvlc hIl age
Is believed to hftvo been the cause of
the attempted suicide here lait night
of Ired V
Iret Cherie 26 old
Cheney years on
or George v Cheney munngor of the
Manchester S I brunch of tho New
York Mutual iMo insurance company C
Mini I member or an old and wollto
du New lfniglfluI <
i 11111 family Uliunqy shot
hliiisiiir In the head with a revolver
ut a hotel in the prdnencc of his
Outcry held He hat small chunco Of re
Chriiev sod his wife nrrlveil Into a
yesterday afternoon from Denver I
uitoliliing at this dace accorning to
Mrs i hency tu break t Journey to
the Pailfle coui This y wentu a p
hotel ana I hurt time lifter they hntl
retired to their room a shot ivan
Hotel Piuployes found Chancy on tlio
floor with I bullet In his 01110
rlll Mrs Chenpy on the bed Ina iloail
Later the woman told of her young
huabinrtg dUalputlun alnne rIull
olnprinant from HiHtmi last Joule and
101111 Ilt JUle Ild
did not deny that Cheney hud ex
prewpd regret for his action and
threatened to return to hIs parenl
She herself declined II tell anything about
Five hundred dollar WA foundIn
Cheney possession the latt irs
Cheney wild of JBOOO which lift hInt
when they left Hixtnn
Mnnclip trr N J Sopu lFrftid
W Cheney who shot Clr91
CJniml Junction ell tu the s4m1 Of
I H Ihol Itt IhlK city lute Agent
ofthe New York Mutual Ilfo II ur
I ruminny lie hud nEd In good
society and was well liked H i I
married early In June to iliss Mny
Alyee Morse daughter of H Frank
Alerse an accoiintAitt Tint marriage
which took place outside of this city
wAs a great surprise to both families
an It wa unknown to them until
they received letter from the bridal
couple announcing the event and slat
InK that they wera on thou way wet
here Ne reason for the shooting it known
hlr j
Iloton Sopt 1Ilnud Orahain
Whlll timid A V loP both of Jlngltthd
tw of hp foreign aviators s1in will
pnrtfcliwte in the aviation
pnltrll > II Karvariltlostprf 1la
lion moet Pcpt J18 rrllll In jhl
elty 1Irr tndav on the iteatnM fymriii from
Uvrrpool I
AltlmuRh the first f lh blc prwc
isa nirrlitc were tA hints hm > n bcgltu
Inn I appnrpd durlnr thu Hfterm iii
that luCy would I > P tKwtponpd becau
of the a cloiidi sail rainy weather
iihkriMh Vls ept 1 The body of
Frink T Turkrr uesfsutnt attorney
geiernl of Wisconsin sail rnndldate fn
the Ilopubllran nomlmitlon for attor
ney general mit the prhrmry nlestlon I
Ii held Tuesday next was taken from
Ito Fox ilvrr hprf hIs innmlng I li
hfllcvml hI foil Into the river during
thin night while making his way to n
Chicago Kept lIsrbjr lMd < r will
occupy pulpits In jynumucr qf ylilciiR
churches Sunday to preach tfie doc
trine of trade unionism The movq
ment for I nallonnl oh rvnnce of
Labor Sunday which was launched
by the Amcrlcnn Federation of Ijibor
has taken hold hero nnd many proaph
ell will use abor as their them
at both evening nnd morning services
next Sunday
Milwaukee Sept 1ThRt the falluie
nf the general pmporty tax Is due to
he Inherent defptts of the theory Is
he conclusion of the committed on
the causes of the failure of such ta
after n years Investigation the report
being made to lie International Tat
Association convention today
Tho committee on uniform dnailfl
Btlon of real estate reported that a
fair and accurate a6 imont of real
estate will be iromoted by the adoji I
lon of tax maps and the ulasilncatloii
of real estate ns presented In the report
of the committee on uniform listing of
real estate The latter committee In
till report favored the listing of reai I
property under the two brads of veto I
of land and value ef lmirovpments I
and that the rill of listing rs l prW
Seth values In New York city1 U bhr I
Adapted for porurlng an equitable ji
lIIrlln Sopt lrhe emptror
autumn review on Tempelhof Meld of
tin garrisons If Uorlhi and Iotvdam
took pbice todaj the nonlvprSBrj nf 1
he battle of Sedan 1S0 wbtn HIP
German army of XOOOO romnimideil I
by WIlllAm I ovetthrew the rcnch
Imler Napoleon III MacMahon ami
Todays maneuvem were partlolput
ed In by 20000 men of aUntie Includ
log the hJUSohold regiments ThH
brilliant spertiicle ivan wltnessotl IJ
a large number of foreigners Thj > I
American guests were Myron T ller 14
rltk former governor nf Ohio and
Mr Herrick Henry W Taft nnl
Mr Taft MuJ fVederlck S Foils f
Cispi < muel 15 flockenbach Capt r
Arthur U Conger and niembrs of th
Mrerc n embassy

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