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Corner of south Temple ana rIt Tm
I 110 Streets Salt Like City Utah
Horco O iihltney ualntu Manar
In Advance
Tiy Mnli ffT yir
fy Carriers eAI
rer year
IiY 20
HemlWeekly cat
per jcar
Saturday Now per year
I Addrei nil bunlnesi communication
Dad all remlttnnrri
I Salt Ik City UtAh
Corre ponrt nc anti other rendlne rnstj
II in Jor t > ub catlon ahould La addred
to tlO KDHOli
Eastern ltfpr entstlves N w york
rrntikim P Alrorn FIt Iron IJU 3n I I
I CllJffngoA W Wolf gcci < tr Hulldlng
Entered at this rxnlofflcc Rtll Take
City an seconrt elans matter according
I to Act oCngreaa Mros 2 Ip
n ICO 1 BImmn
On 1M 15th or this month Mexico
will begin the centennial celebration nf
i iU struggle tor Independence fhe feto
will nt for cveial dAs Undoubted
4 ly a great ninny Americans will Rj to
Jlexlro tn witness tlm celebration and
I tlivy will see not only the gny life of
tho people to the oulh ot itt but nlim
the inurvPlou evidences of the progieM
they hivt itimlo tlio last htindreil yuarn
The Mexican republic la not yet a
hundred years iIi The constitution
I closely resembling Hint nf the United
States WHS proclaimed In 1MI October
4 but thc Moxlemm regard the ringing
of the Independence bell by Hidalgo
Hept 16 IUt ns tin flr < < t cflll tn lib
erty nod thy iirr ubonl to fomm mo
I Rte that hUlorlcHl rtviiit
Illldulgu WHO u Catholic ihat He
wiis a frenl nnd ItO liud a wonderful
ful fnlluenra over the Inllitna of
palish Knowing tlio MWtlment I II I lie
country for Independence ho begun tlio
inaniifiuturo of wmtpon mid planned
nn uprising during U loituln fwtlviil
The loimplrnoy wan dlHcovwred ho
I fiver coil ho decided to Htrlkc tho hlow
I nt once Ho ut eiuly IIIUHH oil the dute
I Jut mentlonfil ho immiunced to his
1 parlrhlonerH that fipnln WH 1111 longer
I Bpunlsh but Krench tind that the I him
Iwd come for Mexico to ho tree Then
i ho rang the liberty bell Prom a
near by church ho took a banner hear
t Ing the plctuio of the Virgin of Ouida
lupc ninl ntllxcd It to his htnre The
h war woe to bo n roll loJH as well an
civil unit the Indians were filled with
cMtliiiMuHin nnd Joined tho army of tho
1 priest In great number To begin with
they had encouraging BUCCOHH Hidalgo
iliove the Spnnlih Ki n1i < on out of CJnan
ajuato and won two main victories
Hut ho was no Roneral Ito did not
know how to lake advnntngp of a vlt
tory Koon hi nd bin throo Bfiiarala
were btrayoil captinvd
Their head > cro placed upon plkex ut
1 luannjuato ui II wnrnlnR tu JIuxl
1 can Hut the revolt went on Jose Maria
Morrlov another Catholic priest took
1 up the command and bcRan u HUCCOSK
ful campaign usraliiHt tho KpttndinlM
llo fought inniiy tmttlei and wan vlo
torloun In till but two Amoiiff his
trusted lieutenants WitS another prltat
Murlnto MiitunioiYM who wan n great
mllltBry Krniu Morelon called a con
gr sn and tried to organize an Inde
pendent Rovernmont On Nov It 1813
this ciincreJH published a fornutl I > e
1111 Ill lion of Independenre of Kpnln
Tho new name for tho nation was to be
Tho Kingdom of Anahuae It wan
j to bo a kingdom with the Catholic re
I ligion for Mate rellfdon Morelon WOM
captured by tho H inliuiK broUKht be
toro the holy olllcc condemned to
death and aliot In IXcomber li5
I Thin nuxt revolutionary loader WR
Jturbklf a dcnertcr from tho Spanish
I army who proclaimed the Ilun do
IfTunln lnnn ng las Tres Clarantlas
which guaranteed the security of the
Catholic church the Indeprndcneo of
Ilexlco anti a monarchy under a Span
J hh prince On May IS 1S22 ho sot the
I I SItTlrnn confrrcns to choose him cm
pcror Ills title was AtiKUstln I Ills
rulo uan ilcrpotlc anil ho was over
thrown by Clcnoral Santa Ana who es
tablished tIm republic which exists to
day and which In Its lawn nnd cus
toms embodies tho dream ot Hidalgo
r True there hail beon un IntcrreKnuni
when Maximilian ruled but Juarez anti
i Porflrlo Dlnz overthrew thia new Im
perialist mid Diaz captured the City
of MexU wlior this month ho will
ibreit the r lebrntlon of HldalKos call
to arms
The nphtltullnn of lIe new re > uhllu
v as received with rnthu ln m Felix
> Vn > amez who styled himself Cluada
him V ii tTlB In honor of UIH Virgin uf
OiidaUi took the faith of offleo on
Ol 4 h5 a < the first president of
Nex n The support given It by the
rlllq Slnts through the promulgation
nf the Monroo doctrine In 153 prevent
ed Spain from nny further attempt to
rci lalm hr lost jMMwwiislon
The proRreHS In late years has btvn
marvelous In 1S67 the country urn
bankrupt Infested with brlmndK har
raHcrt by civil Wllr n land of unesCo
trails and IlInlRled IIUsnn Ultw creat
ed a military jiollee who made the
country Internally unfe and by a defin
ite policy of railway building tHlwxl In
twenti riRlit years the mileage from
S60 to over 10000 Dma has rompcllmi
good order und Htltiiulatnl In yen men I
i The foiilgn capital lit work In Mexi
I co lllcll wit JMtOOOO when I > lnz lie
amA president Is now U40000966
Modern iive m > rio anti convcnlenem
arc PVf > hrre eleitrlc lighting plant
modern riialnaK system ant water
works Hrrir > ol Hr unlvfirwil nnd the
people lidvr lieen taught so well to
value trannulllty that President Diaz
I may Kay ns he d hi In an Interview I
I have waited iwtlftniiy for tho day
i Ahen umt i jlc of the Mexican repub
t lic would be prepared to change tholr
Kovcnnrfnt nt oery election without
l dancer nf armed revolutions nnd with
out Injury to tilt national credit or In
terfcienet with the national progroM
i I believe that day has come
Catholic clergymen as may ho seen
from tho hlntory of Mexico were very
nctlvo In the work of liberation They
proclaimed liberty In the chunhcn
They mail lanrru drilled soldiers led
i armies fought battles They were de
nounced by followclcrfOinon con
demned by the Inqulaltlon and killed
but other took the place or the mar
tyrx to the cauic If theso prleati hail
ben afraid of Rovernlnsr their politics
by their rellilon Mexico mlsht yet have
been In bondage
It alinoat Invariably happen In band
and orchejtiu Performance but par
ticularly the former that when n num
ber U of sufficient Interest to elicit
pronounced npplauie tho blind or or
theotra responds with foni llttld
skit In inmt caifH beneath the die
nltv of the number Applauded It has
always seonicd Modular It not laoon
1IIIIml bolt what the audience WtlS
plMIod with would appear the meat
proper thing to renpond to an encore
with or It the Fclrcllon In to lOng
one of lie movements most likely to
give xntljfartlpn u la auto to say
that prolonirvd applause does not
cull for MII extra number on the pro
grnm no much na It relic for n repeti
tion of the imnlo that has Klvmi par
ticular pleasure Hut It In not one time
In n thouannd that Ihh Is done The
hand nt Saltalr played the overturn to
Tannhnustr the other evening In an
Imprrsulvc way that brought part of
thin large audience to their feet with
rhcerlnff as wrll UK with tlio cuntnin
nry methuj of appreciation Did thn
bundniaatcr respond by repeating that
mljrttlc if not nverpouerlni final
presto movement No he did not Ho
gave n little fltnplo number that most
any amateur orgim mu eat Ion could him timI Ic
inotlllnfr that no lila really cared
anything for mind only Ktiung nut the
program S hcn Hdiisui laN here ho
jruve a lr ontatloii of the lleb lodl
that nun conslderod hy niunlulamt In
the audience as thai ovine of concert
bund pnrforiimnpp TIll like of It hml
never been hoard hell > before Of I
iiur e Hut audience called for It repu
tltlon DM they get HV No they did
nut They wero shon Instead n Jl
iillegro vlvneo twostep IIM far bu
lieath thin dignity of the Uobeslodt
HK darlcncMs U t > > ioatll tho light TIme
cIlMKUtUdictloti In the lion e wall quite
marked ntcry munlulan present re
gretted It It Mould bo bettor If hand
1II0ler8 ran not reniiond to iipphiuio In
tho Hill ml t with which that appluu > o li
hull mu I Test cmi tu not respond at all but
tu take up tho following number on the
proKrnm for performance It Is a inten
tion whether It would not ho best to
arrange piouranm of what IH toll III
reid mvasonmatlmm length and not dovlato
from them under any circumstances
Kncorlng In a niilsunco on general prln
clplcfl It cnn be Hopped by Riving
notice on program that It will not bu
The New York Hun has mado a com
parlnon Ixtwucn tho census figures of
nomo American and sonic herman
cltliK and come to tlm conclusion that
It In reasonably safe to amuimo that
tho figures for the next German census
will how that tho majority of the Icr
man cities have continued to grow at
a rato considerably larger than that
nhoivn for American cltlen In the recent
census Thla It all tho more remark
Hblo JO > IIIKO American cities havo
largely rolled on tho annexation of ad
joining districts to make a big show
log This Is the case In Salt I ake not
withstanding the hofists of the pnrty
bonfen It Is the cape In many other
American cities
Hero am some of the figures given
hy tho Sun They cover ten years
growth 1895 to 1905 In German 1900
In 19in In the United fltntes First ap
p < nl largo cities of approximately equal
population mind them tablo Is as follows
IIO UPS lain
hamburg M3000 6000 135000
Munich ti3l0O0 411000 12ROOO
Dresden r11OO 311000 181000
Cologne 429000 32000 101000
Frankrort 335ojl 9000 106000
Total 63l00 IMMOO 651001
1910 190 GIIIII
HI roOlIllI 681100 675000 1000
Pllllbllrg 3t000 452000 S2W
Detroit 466000 256000 1sOOO
tllwnuko 374100 255000 11900
Cincinnati 61000 320000 35000
Total 2 45000 192000 501000
Another tahlo shows the Irolllh for
mailer dlllB
1905 1S9S Cain
Hanover 2T20 21000 610
Duuselilorf 2580W m0 S2000
Konhulh 23600 17301V 6SOM
Hionion 01000 142000 SO00
Btcttln 2sooo itiooo 87001
Total l23tCOO 8000 SSIOO
1910 1900 lain
Jersey City KSOOO 206000 ti 300 <
KnnniH City 245PAO 164000 84000
Indlannpollii 384000 1H9000 GIiOO
Irovldenre 2400 176000 isoon
St 1HUl e 215000 163000 620W
Total 11S9000 S7EOOO 3U0
Amerlra halt had tho benefit of con
tlderahlo foreign ImmlRratlon Oennnn
ellles ilepend on the natural Increase
altO thus Influx from the country The
notable BQln for Ito German cities
speaks v oll for the country And tho
comparison is Interestliiff at this time
It suggests tho question whether the
United States under n trust leglmo Is
falling lt hlnd In the march of progress
Straw hats off to Autumn
Must excuse making Is nfarlylnir
Lark of opportunity keeps many a
man honest
luturnlnc camrrcrs are seeking rest
for the weary
To Mil people dirty milk In really a
dirty alamo
The whirligigs of time Is preferable
to R merrygoround
All the Utah town flrl dnIMts but
Dlngharn city Is a peach
A besom of destruction could hardly
t > o norgi than a forest flro
The holihle skirt makes the wearer
walk like an ugly duklimig
oluncl Roosevelt has too much
nervous energy to stand rat lie must
In All Utahs great npple crop this
jcar theie Is not one nppla of discord
You cant always walk Into ft mans
rood Kracrx through an open counte
If ono could only run his prices
down na easily AN one runs down hlfl
Often tImes them U little differ
ence between running for office and
running for life
What kind of u horse did the
Emperor of Korea got In exchange for
hl < kingdom 1
After one has collected hU
thoughts the collection usually U with
out any particular vitluc
Highly Koreans gathered In Han
Francisco and passed resolutions re
pudiating the cession of the sovereign
ty of the Korean empire to Japan The
three tailors of Toole street ore In
creasIng In number
John P Archbold vies president and
director uf the Btundarri Oil company
saji The Standard OH does not nm
ploy red haIred aliens In Its hiiHiiean
To hrlng a red headed sliori In eon
tact wIth such Inflammable material
OH koleno would bo to atari a con
flagration The S 0 managers arc
wise In their generation
A dispatch from HI Irtcrhurg says
tho minister of uyff nnd corn stitu ml I
cations At KuohlulT IM displacing all
Jews and Liberals In tIme service with
notorious thieves nnd Black Hundreds
AntlKemlteH In HUMln have nothing
to learn from onllMonnotiH
The Kansas IncurRents were hardly
consistent In sofia of the drvlarutlona
In their pliitfnim In thn plank up
proving time ltoo < ovelt pulklcs IIH to
conservation they pledged time Kunmm
congresMtneii and senators In Vote for
them us opposed to the II rice laid down
by thrive uho mire hiding buhlnd the
uornout dwtrlne of status rlghtH In
another plunk thin same wornout
doctrine of stateH rights HIPIUS to bo
apotheoiilzed for Kaunas congress
men are pledged to votn for a law com
pelling corporations to begin litigations
In Kansas courts and take no refuge In
federal courta until the Kansas su
premo court shall have passed upon
these litigations Conilstency Is a
Jewel oven In 11 platform
Cardinal Gibbons has recently ut
tered n word of warning against
luxury You sec he ald wo have
many more channels of pleasure than
wero known to tho patrlcluns of
Augustus Caesars time jet thorn Is
the desire for now pleasures and moro
pleasure ricnsuro hunting Is the
curse of our age The world has be
come ft vast Vanity fair No one buys
truth Jso ono mM > VhHt Is right
Tho demand U only for pleasure
Duly In as obsoletu as the hoop
skirt SolflndulKuncn IH rendering
modern society an empty and Inslii
Id ns a trlbo of chatterIng monkeys
The voice of reason should ho lifted
Against excessive pleasureseeking
which means moral decay and suicide
of the race
Manchester Lnlon
The conflict In Nicaragua had con
tinned PO long that hardly any one
could bo exacted to tell definitely
what the controversy was about Tho
end was certainly In doubt for more
than n year before tho hoot announce
ment that the government of Madrli
had failed to assert ItMlf and It WHO
tho government of MadrU which was
to fcucceed that of Zclayu Neither
liax been able to make good and nt
tho last It Is Kstrada who wing out
It is Hinted aumlofllclally that the
year or more of warfare In Nicaragua
hafl cost morn than five thousand
lives and an Immense amount of prop
erty It Is to bo hoped that for ft
llmo there may be pcacu In the re
public No ono In this country Is
likely to make capital out of It for
tho embarrassment of the present 01
any other administration Xchiyu
Madrlz and Kstrada will soon be for
gotten and it Is gratifying that the
Insurrection which has been costly In
lives and In prosperity of tho small
republic will soon be forgotten Wo
shall now hear no more of Nicaragua
until another Will of success breaks
out In tho little republic
New York World
The Census llurcnti lino reported tho
population In 1910 of two Ktates and
eightytwo cities The list of cltlCH
does not yet Include tho largest three
New York Chicago and Philadelphia
Nor does It contain two or three oth
ers over the halfnillllon mark but It
dON Include time majority of thoso
ranging from 100000 to DOOOOO Them
eighty two cities are scattered all over
tho country In 1SDO they contained
41KOOO Inhabitants In 1900 they Inn
6044000 and now In IDIO they have
S0 j000 Therefore tho Increase In the
decade ISOtilttOO was 1529000 and 111 tIle
decade 1POO1910 It has been 2051000
Tho decade Junt cloning shows tn In
crease f22000 greater than that of lilt
predecessor Iteyond all question tIme
city of New York will show an enor
mous gain It was forenhaduwRd hj
the Simile ctrinus of IOCS which showed
nn Increase of 577000 In live years Ot
Vermont It Is mid that the lImb m y
show a decrease the first Instance In
which the population of any American
State has ever declined New Hamp
shire lost more than KOOO In tho decade
lSfiO70 Nevada lout 17000 In the decade
188000 and 3000 morn In 190010 Ver
mont has gmwn only 60 per cent In
ninety years In ono dcadn Its In
crease was inly 136 and In another 978
Ilirlttlnn Herald
One of the most Interesting exposi
long of the year In the JapancxoHrlt
Uh ICxposliion being held at ShIP
herds Hush near Ixjudon Japiinesu
Inndscapo gardeners have turned large
tincts Into flower gaidcni dotted wltn
quaint Japrfneve houses and thorn Is a
mngnincent exhibit of the arts crafts
and Industries of Japan A party of
Alnus the people often called tli old
est race In tIme world who live In the
northern purl of Jiipan aro atltnctlnt
much attention There nn hut few
if them left though at ono time they
doubtleEit held u great part of Japan
It Is thought that they will yoon he
extinct It will l > o noticed that their
sews bear but little resemblance to
those of the Japanese The Ainu are
sometimes compared to tho American
Indians both having held full away
over a country for centuries only tu be
driven Into a small PArt of their former
territory by a Ktrongcr and progressive
race The stronger and victorious races
have often been unjust oppressive and
murderous In spirit anti action as the
white man was against tho red mtn
here Strange to say the aborigines o
almost all lands when they are crowd
ed hark by thin stronger arm die al
most us rapidly from civilisation Oil
from i tin bullet like wIld nrilmtln that
pine nnd die when confined within
phlo State Journal
The United limbs treasury In said
to In gaining a half million doll in it
weak which xtutnment oxclles it fretful
contemporary to ask Who pays
Why the pcupto pay lie ultimate con
sumer pays I tin man In tho mine Shot
store nail on tho farm payHeverybody
knon that And they are talslng no
fuss about It either unless they ecu
Mist sums of the money oxpondnl fill
junkets big salaries gilt edge needless
him I tioshmi pa Joy riding em um tomnohi ics and
thoii8iiiilH of lillo boiiis nnd tnimi ry
which the eountry pays for and duo < IIt
got II ocnt of value III icturn Oh
tho gold bricks that thv people get
Easy ntJlIIh
Happiness would epm to consist of
not longing for thn things that would
make tin happy f
OliO I lIt mu t In mu
Iana asked u little boy what Is
u legal blank
A logil blank Johnny replied his
father Is n lawyer who imver gets u
UHC Chicago HecordHorald
Klslit in Mnr
Ho you linvo Joined Ito HUffraij
aiiivtYen Inilord aid Mrs Do Htylo
And Im t itilik i mig of having my no
dal secretary throw a brick at n po
llcemiin IlttHbtirg 1ont
1 mujusi ice
Nun WliHti that dirty mark on
your lee Muster 1rank 1
Frank Harold kicked me
NnrBc Well KO at onco amid va h
It off
Frank Why 7 It wasnt mo what
did Itl London Itinch
MahcIV Surprise1
MablHs III nn awful prrdlcnmcnt
Whats thin mutter
rho man Hho was engaged to at
tho summer resort Is actually writing
love totters to her now that shes
home Detroit Frco 1rets
Crcatlio fJrnliis
1a whats creative genius
Ita the ability to get up porno new
schemo for letting other people do the
work while you rake In the profits
Chicago HecordHorald
A Comfortlne Man
There Is always the right kind of
weather In somo parts of the United
States according to the weather map
Dayton News
Worldly WUclom
Little Willie Say pa what Is world
ly wisdom
Pa Worldly wisdom my son U a
perfect knowledge of the fallings of
our neighbors Chicago New
Knlcker Jonea and his wife are
singing the NrarselllHlso
Kocker Yes they are bracing up to
discharge tho cook MaDougaHa Mag
Work of Providence
° The man died eating watermel
onll HOtno one small to Brother Dickey
Ye sub ho said Providence
sometimes puta us In paradise b > fo
we gus tcr heaven Atlanta Con tl
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Bell service brings
peace of mind that no
other agency can fur
nish In an emergency
it may save livesor
fortunes It reduces
miles to inches doca
it instantly I
Call the Manager
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I1rJllIl1ll1J with n IIpM111t1
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Until Eternity
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cal Comedy fltnrs and Chorus of
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net Wednesday and Saturday 1V
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