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EDITION1 D ES E RE T Tlio Saw 1i the Vonulnr Futility Dally
I EVENING NEWS Publicity Anil n Pnucrful Men unof rrofltnble
I But It Will Never be Known What
Caused Ferry No 18 to Sink
In Lake Michigan
I Aor ViwTlicro Any llrcnKiloMii IIC tlio
MadiliKT In Supt Trumps
Ludlngton Midi Hept 10That yes
iploys wreck of Pero Muniuetto cur
ttr y No IS and the loss o29 lives was
not due to a storm to overloading or to
a breakdown In thn vessel machinery
and that tho real cause of thu disaster
will never bo fully determined Is tho
I concluilon rcachid by General Supt
f w V Trump ot tho Peru Maniuotto
railroad who came hero yesterday to
I lnt 3tigntQ the wreck
A c rdlng to the report sent by Mr
Trunip to Pcre Mhnjuotto headquarters
in Detroit today Capt Hussell ot
I Meamcr 11 was inruly asked by Capt
Kllt > of No 18 to BtHnd by when ho
I arrived at tho scone Capt Kilty uvl
1 dcntly not believing his vessel vila In
Immediate danger
eRVt Jtussell however ubterved
lhil No IS was sinking and lowered
j his llfo bouts just before No 18 went
I down
According to Mr Trump there wero
G peojdp un board No J8 Tho 16 uUovo
i thu regular crew wur6 four employes
I or tho Chicago Navigation company
I with Beyjnour K Coclirune vlco prenl
I dent of the compuny and a corps of
txtra scrubbers carpet layers etc
who were working while tho boat was
I moving In order tv save time Mr
Uochrane wa saved but his tour cm
pluyes wero lost
The first Intimation those on board
INo 18 had that anything was wrdns
I was when whcolsman about 4 um
I found that the vestl Vas not respond
Iliig quickly The compartment or tho
engine room was then found to con
lUln A considerable amount of water
though not enough to disturb the flro
men und deck hands sleeping there
IDIdrcst nlgnaU were given ns the vcs
pel continued to sink and the Ufa
boats on the port side were lowered but
Innt cut away from tho imlp Capt
Kitty continuing to head the xtramor
for the vjost shore of Lake Michigan
All of the Rurvlvotn Jumped or were
Ihrown from tlio boat when nhe sunk
vnd were picked up by boats from
steamer Nft 47
ilfc ptTerp l Ht nrlehum City Park
Olty nnjl JUehcnld to bo Hcporteil
HfKelel to The > ewB
asliIngtop D C Sept lOAwt
Mc y Hills of the treasury department
tdfty assigned jyoulu shlplej or 10
fin ttah examine and report upon
ho varfCfUs sites offered to the got
an me nt upon which to erect pubic
lldlngs In the follawlnt Utah cltlo
llrilIam City Park City And Richfield
Uddyvlllc KyBept 10ghrht nrn
were Indicted here yesterday for tho
murder of Axiom Cooper nt Lomasco
j bout a month age Cooper was a
tenant on tha farm of Milton Ollvtr a
ltne in the coming night rider trials
t1nd it if claimed that he was killed
liS the result of n night rider plot Thoso
nditeil for wilful murder arc
Aloiizo Gray ° Spunk Creedmore
Hartley Cretdmore loud Murphy
llalj Mitchell and Roy M rlck
Hyron Hamlns and James Dozart
vtre Indicted fcc manslaughter Tho
men aro now In Jail here
Denver Sept Prohibitionists In
Mate convention hero today ratified the
tuXct reported by their nomlnatlnc
c committee and adopted a platform In
aadltion to tlwj usual plunks favoring
plunk tavorlnl
ftboluto prohibition or the manufac
ture sale transportation or Importation
of al utKllo llfluors for hlprtatml
lo ei the platfonh favors graduated
income and Inheritance tuxo + strict
InerlalC tuxo Itllc en
torr ment of child labor laws the el
JtUtlvc and referendum and recall
London Sept lOTho several steam
I Cd
hich left
Brltllh port for the
united Htalcs today carried
talel Crrlelt between
6 to and jooo pasKengeru The rush
111 1 teat that nnnV well to do
Inraoa were obliged
th oblged to content
ntnuelvc with thirdclass
thlrclaR or even
trTiEST berths and gladly jrnld eml
handsome premiums to surrender
in tlr uccoinmodotlonB surllllcr
Jt N aconmodatons
ot the American am
hlidol ls on the M uretanlu
Sir PI as arc
Eem John UMlesHriBe and
lber u Huggleallle Rld
tleiagt to
ItltcatN the international
rbon Interatonal
congress to bo held In
ton > 28 Vnlhlng
1flcs 01 Kygept 10Mr
1 RBuchanip of leeingtin
Ul i lxlnllon
than ProslL1ent ft the WoinnnB Chris
tri Temperantf union anti widely
nln n
nound today Womenn liar qlub circles an
hfr for
rM OlldllllCY
Iii thIs ron
II the
111hirt 10 Sevent conlrealonal
11flnclla1 plank her
lIOunrr plalk u r
the < 1IHUorm Is iltreUd gahuis
liquor olrtctL1 glllt
Hqul rattle
111Itke SCOt IOLigjtweih
rhal IOh
lkh alld All Volgast of Cadillac
PACkay cfarlanl 01
Chl o
Itt In iIiivauke Idled yesterday to
t CUn4 ° lhlaUbeon Spt io In a 10
ln OdClii
taIgt nOdtClalo hOI Thlbos are to
llgl pOUnds itt Iocloek
sftvrnoon punds It oclock on the
IfrrnOI ot the onllt
Curb Broker IJrlngH Suit < < > ICuJoln
Atloriitydclirral UNtrlcl Attorney
Anil Stale Conipt mile
New VorrU Bipt 1001 behalf of
business associates Jnlnvs t O I ourh
broker linn undertaken to test thu LOII
atltutlonullty of tho now law which
wont Into effect In Now Yorl state on
Sept 1 to regulate nil private bunku
01 all business which In tiny way tic
cepts money for deposit An order to
show cauo why thu attorneygeneral
district attorney police commissioner
old thu state comptroller should riot
bo enjoined from enforcing tho pro
vUlon of tho law Imposes unequal
supreme court Counsel for Mr Leo
uruUcs that thu law Imposed unequal
restraints giving to thu great business I
houses I irecdoin denied ttio smaller
banker thus to 1 intents antI pur
looses depriving him of hil business
and his property without duo process
or law
Louis Marshall who appears for thu
stiito nttornuyKfncrul rl his argument
recalls how I commission appointed < In
190S by Gov Hughes found serious I
abuse In tho
ablll small private bunk
throughout this city chiefly patronized
by poor Immigrants During the panic
or 1907 thuMO lost J2000OW It wag
easier to run I bank thnn a saloon
says the lawyer for tho private bank
or was subject to no regulation where
as the sMoon had to comply with dis
tinct restrictions
Justice llljur accepted tho briefs oC
counsel and reserved decision
ChlaiBO Sept IoU 8 Senator yil
llftiu Lorlmcr this nfternooi icslgnod
his membership In the Hamilton club
of Chicago of which ho has been I
member for many years Senator
Iorlmeru letter of resignation was
sent to the club following a twohour
conference with friends und follows
former ITciddcnt ItoosovcltH refusal to
attend tho club banqilct If Mr Lorlmur
were preuent
Sun Antonio Tex Sept 10ol
Cecil Lyons chairman of tho llepubll
can state executive committee who is
hero conferrliiK with tho local Repub
lican leaders uimotmccl today that el
President Jlootmtjlt would tour Texas
next Much
CoU Lyon wllljncct Col Roosevelt In
Now York next January and the Itin
fIUIod erary for th latter yltl then bo ur
1 a
Boston Sept 10Tho practical uiu I
of nvroplanes as Instruments ot war
I to bo further damonxtratcd ell today
at the BostonHarvard aviation meet
ing at Atlantic Hiding as I passenger
with Charles K Wlllard in his Curtis
Mplane Capt 1 C Sickel U S A
planned to take rltlo shots at the tar
gets on the tel while tho machlno
was In motion 0 feet In tho air Capt
Sickol Is ono nf the foremost sharp
shooters In the country
The power and possibilities of tho
I CurtlssKurgess biplane were to bo
tested today by fllenn H Curtlss the
first professional aviator to try out a
The sky was clear blue at duwn to
day and a tour mile breezo from the
north was blowing across tho field
A special bomb dropping content telil
bn arranged for tho last dnys of tho
meet The missiles will bn fresh eggs
Instead of plaster of Paris bombs and
they will bo dropped rrom an elevation
or not loss than lSOO feet Two
trophies have been offered for the con
test The first U a cup known as the
city of Boston trophy presented by
Mayor Flligeraia or iioston Aiiotncr
cup presented by John Hays Hammond
Is tho second prize Each aviator wi
bo allowed three eggs
Philadelphia Sept 10 Reuben A i
llolden of Ynle tills afternoon won tho
iri ercollcglato tennis championship In
dingle by defeating In the flnnl round
three sets to one A H Suectxer of
Harvard on the courts of tho Marion
Cricket club at Havcrford
New York Sept 10 Passing o sen
tence by Judge Martin In the United
States circuit court set for today on
Charles II Helk former secretary of
tho American Sugar Itcdnlng company
nnd Krnest V debrdclit superb
ndent of tho companys rellncry In
Wtlllnmsbur convicted of under
weighing frauds was deferred by re
quest of counsel to next Monday
Washington Sept 10An earnest of
the plowing kinship among peoples of
the American hemisphere Is tho presldcn
tlul order Unit tho American ling shah
bo kept nt halfmast for a few days over
the public buildings hem us 1 mark of
respect to the memory of Kcrtiandec Al
huno Ute acting prrcident of Ohlle who
died In Santiago on the lxtb of tills
month A HlmiUr order was Issued when
J re ldcnt Montt of Chile died In Furu
Aug 1 no Hint tile tails have been Kept
almost dale convtuntly it liulfmKSt since IeJt
This Is almost wlllioiit precedent i
Herrtorore the nutloimi Bthndard has
hen placed M Imlftnast only on the
death of some dltlnfulkhed American
I was not even luncrca In the case of i
King Kdward
Tho police nro determined 10 capturn I
tlio boys that 111 In tlm habit of
throwing atones at the PHHNIIIR trains to
tho vicinity of the Orann Bhort Line
depot lhavc Issued tin order to
atTest I offendcm and Lieut Hrmpln
itujs ilmt When r ptu IM tle will bn
MVcrely punldhed J gang of bad boys
of all ages congregate on tho railroad
Irurku and have been Ihrpwlnj ntoncs
rlBht nt Its windows nf passing trains
No pnsKengers have an yet been hurt
but many narrow itapoiaro nIJr
Leading Business and Public
Men of Affairs Solidly Opposed
To Coming Meet
lrul 1 I lo start an Aultntlon for an
IIJudIJ inn in tile
> ct llJIlllurl1
Kpuolnl lo fhe News
Ogden Sept 10hllt the merchants
and rnoro repio > untutlvo buslnoM men
of Ogden ire strongly opposed to thin
proposci riicamoel Hchoduled here
from Kept 23 to Oct 1 I period of 21
days IH very apparent to any person
Interested enough to mnko I few In
quiries A Now representative today
briefly Interviewed n large number of
prominent merchant and other men
Interested In public affairs nnd tho re
sult show Wit almost without ex
ception tio business interest of tho
city aro not In favor of tho racing
Several business men who did not
carD to bo quoted In print IlntCl In
no uncertain tone that elToit should
bo mado to have an antiracing bill
pans tho legislature Whllo acknowl
edging lint for the good of tho city us
a whole tho racing gamo should be
suppressed yet for certain Individual
causes special requests were mado In
noino Inntanccs to keep names from
the press
Home merchants stated that for a
period of about 0 days following a
meet collections were so bud that I I
wan extremely discouraging to tho
business man 1roin authoritative
Hources It watt learned that morphine
anti cocaine lends arid other char
acters follow tho races In great num
hers and that Ilia city Is wept with
a Wavo of holdups and other strong
arm men who ply their nefarlouH trade
nightly during thin various meets and
for many weeks following
A few representative brief Interviews
with business unit public mon follow
< Jeoriro 111 fling nianncor Brown
lull Hros company stated thut ho wan
greatly opposed to tho racetrack Imo
owing to Iho attendant evils such aa
bopkmuklng gambling liquor sellltiK
und because the extremely undcslr
nbjo element which races Invariably
bring Into a town Ho did not think
thit any class of business was benefit
ed hut on the other hand felt that a
ma < > et especially one of the length
schcdulia for tlP lnttf Tart of tills
month fluid early part of October was
a5pastttva datuic44bchxJront
I r standJllt
I Jolin H eli prominent jeweler
Mated that a racemoot was a detri
ment to the retutl Duldnesf nf Ogden
and that I dues more harm than good
1ivd > l Xjo clothier said thnt ho
was at first of the opinion that 1 race
meet brought moliey Into tho city but
after having experienced several dur
ing the past two years believes that
U Is a great detriment to tho business
Interests of the city nnd to the moral
conditions generally He docs not ob
ject to good clean horse racing a i
sport but believes the existing method
of playing tho ponies docs Rrcat
harm to the community
Abbott It Jtcyvuwd president of
the AVcber club and the Commercial
National bank Minted thut ho told
Mayor Glasmann lie would not oppose
one weeks racing but felt that 21 day
ns scheduled was entirely too long for
the good of the town
Totnuisler I i V Shurlllff thinks
thut a racemeet In a detriment to lie
city He says he IMS seen horse races
since 1853 In Ogden and really likes
tho sport when I Is conducted for that
alone but ho greatly deplores the
gambling bookmakIng lIquor selling
anti other evils existing at modern race
courses He feels that much more harm
than good conies through these meets
Will Wrlcht of the firm of W H
Wright Son company prominent
merchants states that his firm U
strongly opposed to the horsenice
game and he known that more money
goes out of the city than Is brought
In Collections Arc Invariably very
bad following a racemeet and from
the standpoint of moral financial and
every other condition the city Is very
much worse off after n lengthy meet
has been pulled off than before Mr
Wright very often goes to New York
and other eastern points on buslneiu
and his experience Is that the bet
ter ilement nnd more representative
class of people in every community ho
lifts visited Invariably state In strong
terms that tho racetrack game Is a
terrible detriment from every stand
Vllfonl 1 Ilinnmcll manager Utah
Stationery company say that there Is
a noticeable falling off In business
during a rncfmeet and for Homo time
following He feels that the city should
not allow inch practises OH book
making and other racetrack evils to
bo run Mr Dramwoll Is very much
opposed to the game
John V ninth secretary Ogden Uct
termcnt league seen no harm In the
sport of homo racing but deplores tho
boo laklnK gambling und tho bud
clement brought Into tho city at thezc
time Ha feels that a modern race
meet Is a great detriment to tho com
SiiiHiliitoiidcnt John M MI1N or tlio
Ogdun City public schools stated that
tho evil effect on high school and sub
high school students resulting from a
modern rnco mect U very notlccabla
und Is undoubtedly 1 great detriment
to the city In general lioamrmi that
good horso ring If conducted without
gambling and bookmaking II n wholo
comb sport but under the existing con
dition much hurni comcMto tho com
munity Mr Mills feels that thahang
erson at I racemeet are of tho scuta
of tho earth Including dora fiends and
other mynil lepers and Knows of na
benefit resulting to to town through
their visit
rhLMn > or lolin A II11 says that
ho Is not In favor of gambling of any
George limiter manager William
Driven Son druggists says that lie
is strongly opposed to Rumbling
llebor ScoMtrofl of lie drip of John
Bcowcroft flouts Co wholesale mer
clinnti is strongly opposed to every evil
known to bo run in connection with 1
horso rnccmtiet und duplore tho fact
that ftlteh practises nrp allowed to GO
unmoltetrd In the city HQ does not
SlCntto TholiMind Pooplo < Siehii
tiled ut IliMilicru llcld Montreal
Fur 1lno Ouch Air fvrciiiiiny
Montreal Sept OhA throng of 75000
people assembled on Fletchers Jell to
du > for thu first open air ceremony or
the cnclnirlfitlu llrK Archblbhoi
Kuiley of Now Yolk who
JuIIIY jnoBlded nt
tin ceremony drove out to tho plnci
of asKoinbliiKO wllll ArchbIshop Hru
thirst On his nrrll Ito tvtis escorted
to the tornpprul clnipcl where ho said
the lilACS Tho prwicher of tho day was
MunslRnor OConncll archbishop of
WhEn tho pnpnl lkat rnrdlnal Van
niltelll arrived at the foot of the moun
tain odcortcd mounted ot
18cold by n ountld squad o
Hllninluna u net ofchlinitn which hail
bvon placed on tlifv mount rang out I
wvl ine ArrliblHltop oConnell WOK
about the pulpit when the ICRiito ar
Tho arrhblKhops lxvi > d to the legate
who with the lay clinnibrlalnn Thomiii
HiiRlieH Kelly of Now York Will M Do
MartlKny pmcceilcd to the Altar rail
lie vpcnt I moment In prayer then as
cunded a thmnu oPPosite to thAt of
Archbishop l nlley
the Immense crown forced Itself
ulthln avery Inch of space outsldn the
police linen which were tightly drawn
near the altar and the pulpit Thou
KundH jammed iiKolnut tlio
HlntlH Jllomctl Igal mouiitnln
fldoH and an equal throng gathered be
yond tho street car lines
At the conKourntlon of tho elements
the viut iiKHernbliiKn fell on Its knee
The losnto quit hH throno and knelt
at the foot of thin altar
lt tot tlo nlar directly behind
Archbishop Karley
A hundred bIshops iVOIC nsiembled
On the right were the united choirs of
Montreal all male Voices men and
bn > x and a bald of 50 tilecen nne
At tho conclusion of the tnnnK tlje
tutpul leffiito Imimrted n benediction
from lie pulpit
Chief of IVillcn Cdinrlxiiu Hold hiM
mel enforced tho rctrulAlloiiM firmly anti
experienced no difficulty In PO dolnR
Ho was url ho mild thnt the force
would bo able to handle the multitude
which will gather for the crowning In
cident of thl cohsress the cnohnrlillc
The minimi convention or the young
peoples assOciations of tho Liberty
stake will tko place Bunijay Sept I
three cessions belnff held Fine Inusl
eal programs Invvo been prri > aiTd for
Inch session and Rood speakers will be
present at nil meotlngs The mamlnif
session will bo held In mite
esslol 1 hI ll 11 Thirtyfirst
ward meetinghouse on Ninth East
street botxveen Ninth and
Itrtt Tenth South
comrn nplr at 10 ortook The after
noon cetnlon will be held at thn saute
place beginning nt 2 oclocltThe eveiinKT
Hcetdon rvlll bo held In he fjrrnnd ward
chdpet COrnel FUtli at and Sovcntli
1i ctn4ntJ An 3oL
The Knights of Columbus will not po
to Euicltn tonorrriw as was arranged
Thu affair Is postponed until Sept 2S
At that time Homo
tmo members there will
M Initiated Into tho third degree of the
believe that tho business Interests of
tho city are In nny way bcnetltcd
AV M riccott president Utah Slate
federation of Labor states that ho lifts
always been vdry much opposed to racetrack
track gambling and bellows that a man
has more chance with a faro game
or a roulette wheel than betting on
race horses Mr IlKgott feels thut
much harm In donu to Ito laboring men
mucI loborlli
of tho community through the occa
ionnl visits of racetrack followers and
of tho game Itself Much hardearned
mono Is lost to the profit of tlm
bookies and tho community I In a
state of n moral upheaval during the
Imo tho thing la allowed to run Ho
declares that he enjoys tho sport of
horse racing the same as baseball but
feels that the modem game la I
detriment In every way to tho city
llnmlllo Decker local manager Utah
Light Hallway company cmphatlcal
Iy states that he II greatly opposed to
he modern racomcct with UH attend
ant evils Tho community Is thrown In
a state of upheaval during the meet ho
says tend men nnd women boys and
young girls gamble openly nnd uro t
en started on 0 course which leads to iv
moral death Mr Decker has seen the
Rome In California antI knows of He
many evils The city In which horse
racing Is allowed accumulate 1 very
undeclrablo clement of race follower
dope fiends and persons of very do
prayed morals Mr Decker feels that
Ogden will bo greatly harmed through
tho proposed meet from Sept 23 to Oct
Sain IJrfiwnlnc president city coun
Is In tho statement that
cli emphatic sltttlent lat
t racemeet 11 u great detriment to any
community and la opposed to ths
game scheduled here thla month
About tho only voices raIsed In favor
or tho proposed race meet In ORdcn are
those of the saloonkeepers and women
or tho Belle London stripe
l LA
cIcl J
Wibafi lava y wa to say
Co SIB conrottiry aoIt
Advance inlications arc that
the coming Fair and Con
ference tlironfj8 will bo here
in greater numbers than ever
the first week in October
This is the time to reach
thum in heir homes telling
them of thr inducements jon
have to tiller them in their
fall and winter purchases
The Semi
Weekly News
Is Ihe1ne great medium
through which tho country
people d the vct can be
reached in their homes
Little Son of Prominent Italian of
New York in Their Power
For Three Months
rifty lUlivllict on Watch for Kidnap
era hit They 1 all gei I Some
how lo ICcnpe
New York Sept 10 Although llttlo
Michael Sclmeea tint 3yo rold win of
Dr Mlchnel Belmeca n prominent Ital
ian lI today safuly In thu hands of Jilh
relatIves after liavliiK been hold for
nearly three months n captive by Black
Hand kldnuporn tho ubductore of the
boy have so tar cHcaped tho oleo
dragnet net for them when It van
IMnI l h iIao a Lw L <
vj to i tui iiinu 11IHMV WI uuvjuv
to be relumed to his guardians
Fifty dctectlvrm of them Italian squad
hate been for hours watching ferries
und railroad stations and tho vicinity of
13r SclmctuH home In Manhattan In
expectancy of trapping tIm kidnapers
when the lid mysteriously turned up
last night ut tho home of Dr Bcimocus
futlierlnlaw Dr Michael Ietrullii In
Uiooklyn The police hud heard that
lr Hclmcca was trying to raise 17090
vrhlch hud been demanded as ft ransom
for tho boy Dr Sclmeca however
denied that he hud pufd I rent for the
return of the child
Much mystery surrounds tho clrcum
donees of the child reappearance I
wan Hiid nt tho 1otrcila home that u
telegrnph nieagago wan received dur
ing the evening that llttlo Michael
would bo found walking on riftyllfth
street Manhattan The Ietrellun drove
In tholr carriage to tlittt locality they
said and spied tho lad alone 1 the
SIdewalk Tho boy uttered I cry of
joy when ho saw lila relative amid wan
oon snugly wrapped up In tho carriage
and on tho way to tbo Potrollit Ilrook
yn homo Up to thin afternoon the
boy had not been taken from tho Petrel
la home to that of his parent on tho
lower cast side of Manhattan
Lieut Vanchrls of tho Italian squad
declared that lie known tho Identity or
the boys captors and arrests In the
calf are considered probable
Dr Sclme iottled In this country
iii 1903 und noon built up 0 large prac
iso on the cast side
Snj No Truth In filqrypf < CoiHrlbur
linn for Prohibition Plank
Special t Tho New
Irov 8Ih tr100J u
mdrnlns flnUJ denied tlio asrertluna
made In Halt Lake to thn ufTect that
lie had pledged himself to contribute
KI0009 to tho Democratic campaign
fund In consideration or the insertion
of a prohibition plank In the Demo
cratio platform at tho state convention
to be held In this city Sept 15 coupled
wili a promise that hil lon J Wli
lain Knight bo nomlhntcd for Con
gress and that he Jesse Knight him
self b endorsed for the UnitedStatci
senate Mr Knight stated emphatically
this morning that he had made no
such pledge of campaign contributions
and that tho other assertions were pure
dreams dreamed only In Salt Lake or
In his own words that is tho first I
have heard of the nhole business FO
rrrlng to the published story
Mr Knlglit further raid
A to my accepting office I would
not accept a position outside of the
State of Utah no matter what wits In
he platform under any conditions r
J accepted ono In the sato It must Lo
1 i small one
smal ole
I brlleve I can speak for my MIII
AVIII who would not accept any political
office under any platform We think
our time worth more at homo than tool
Ing around In Ute
Iloth Will and myself will do all wo
enl for state nlde nrohlbltlon cxcert
In regard to accepting office and XClrt
not think the Democrats hae even
bought of us In that connection
The Item referred to In tho above
dispatch from Irovo tho home of Mr
night and tho city selected for the
loldlng of the state Democratic con
vention next Thursday Is ono appear
Ing In Tho HernldHepuhllcan this
morning In which ax stated above tho
insertion Is made that Mr Knight has
announced that ho will contribute no
0 to the Democratic campaign fund
upon the Pledge to Incorporate In the
platform to be adopted at the convert
Ion a plank declaring for prohibition
and the nomination of J Will Knight
who wan defeated In the gubernatorial
race on the Democratic ticket two
ears Ago
Suddenly seIzed With Hemorrhage of
Iulie 111 With Prlend
Whllo In conversation with I friend
at Sandy yesterday afternoon Samuel
J Butterflold for many ors u real I
dent of the valley suddenly plac hU
land to his hears and keeled over to
he ground A rush of blood from tao
unit followed and In live minutes Mr
Uutterfleld was dead
Modlcal attendance was hurried to
he scene and It was found that tha
lemorrhttBtf of the lungs had caused his
eath Mr Uulterneld hit not been In
bud health and his sudden death was
a grrat shock to those who knew him
I The remains are nt the undertaking
utabllshment of C H Hanks In Mur
I ray Mr nutterfleld lived In Herrlinun 1
and had driven over to attend to Homo
mslneis In Sandy when stricken Ho
I II tho lon of Samuel lluttcrfleld ono
or tho pIoneers He leaves a ulfoanA
thr children The funml arrange
nents are not yet announced
The National Association of IJfoUn
detuprtcrhi In annual session nl De
roll Michigan has tnt a message or
ympiJthy to n CJeorge B SquIres
expressIng Its wilios for her husbands
recovery and complimenting him on the
xcellfcnt nmnagemont or the state In
uranco dopirtmcnt undtr lily odinlnls
riitlon Mr Done ht thl request of
1r Squires ncknowledped this mcs
ago with thanks and with best wishes
for the success of tho convention miet
njr Joseph V Smith nerrotary of the
Ptah associatIon is In attendance at the
Derit meeting
l > p rrrt Own In Vclromc 1 lint cit
Tile City Next Sntunliiy
Xoxt Saturday one week from to
day Ihoro Is to bo Joy unbounded for
tho youngMnrs of tho town The new
Oeseret gymnasium shimming pool U
to bo filled tor their special benefit flub
an Invitation IH sent broadcast for them
to respond to tho cull All ihicy have to
take to tho gymnasium Is a town The
sulmmlng will bo donu In natural
AdmlHslon tu tho swimming pool will
be by ticket tho tlckatx to bo obtained
from time various Hundiiy school super
IntendentH of tho city who will 11 fur
nished with free tickets by the jymnu
alum management each ticket Btatliif
the hour for which I li to bo imod
Tickets will lin 0 available at the
Eyinnisliim ofIcon Tho only limitation
Is that tho boys bo between tho ages
of 12 and IS yearn A sufllelant number
of attendants will bo prevent to mica
that the days frolic In enXved by
avery yoiiMKiter tluiro and that they
disport themselves with all tjie dignity
poiwlble on Much an occasion
An In8lclol of the gymnasium is to
nine nt 730 ly tlm presidencies high
councils nnd blxhoprlcn of I lie four
liiles of Halt Jalii mind DavU Jordan
und Omnlto Make
Physical Director Day will begin ma
king tho phyxtrnl examinations on
1 V < lii ii i Ill te Inrp Trial for Iavi
liU Had Inper
After 1 morning HOHHIOII In the gov
ernors office Detective Larwm of Chi
cugo secured possession of J William
CIO Iceurel p Wlhlll
Chiirlton who In wnntcxl In the eoHtorn
city for pasning northUm paper and
lie will leave with bin prisoner on thai
first train for the Windy city 1 A
King made a bitter fight to prevent
thn extradition of his client
Charlton hnd 1 lot of letters In lila
and made Im
po scHMlon they IIHle a irood
proKslon on Got Spry The county at
torney wo not on hand nnd the detec
tive had to let ax lila own funnel
He did to 11 that after much tlellb
cratlon the governor finally signed tho
requisition blued by Clot Denoen of
Illinois a
I nil 1101 Si eel tel larllrlt > utr > In
THblrlRdo Itivllal
At tlio loon recital ut lie tabernacle
today the visitors nero treated to 1
l lal nf xceptlopnl merit the ohlof
attraction lJo front thuiuvcr liottutl
Suit Htnilim of tho miiinmolli urean
being the rendorliiK of two numbers by
Prof Aiton Mtcoheto an eminent
violinist recently from llorlln and an
oXSoclald recnl drOustiJvVHotlniider
niNal pupil ortluat JorntHler
His playing was masterly 1 rnoro Indi
cation of what Salt linkers may here
after hear from him as he probably
will make this city his home
Prof Stechele rendered Bachs
Oloccona nnd afterward In company
with tho organ nn aria from Ball
Prof J J McClellan pla > cd on the
organ the PIlRrlms Chorus from
TannalmUBor Consolation from
Mendelssohn Kninonlo Ontrow from
HUQenltNn Largo rrom HuIJ 4
and l srnnd offertolre on a thom
from the Kreutzer Sonata bv
Heethoven arranged for the organ by
Prof Ii A Merrill Itelnrm Ironi Offi
cial Trip lo Vdnr Valley
Prof I A Men III has retained fion
Car valley where he wont with > i
party to twtabllfh I state experimental
agricultural rtutlon He was accom
panied by former Mayor Decker of
lro > o Itah County oinnils oncr
Wnlkei County Clork tv U Dunn
Mayor Southwlck and Pontmastrr Ufts
of Uehl The nurty located the station
of W acres on the southwest quarter of
the loulhwxt quarter s lon g town
ship r south range 2 west equal lIs
ance between the northern and south
ern parts of tho county and clue by
the Mercur branch of the Salt I > ako
Itoute Irof Merrill considers tic lo
cation an Ideal one A good dell of
the equipment rrom the dlhonntlnuej
station at Tootle will he move thither
and small tho expense or maintenance will > e
According to the weekly report or
tbd city board of health for the week
ending Sept 9 there Is a slight dn
crease In ho number of typhoid fever
eases tcported UK compared with last
week a dcerouHO In thin number of
births and a slight Increase In the
number of dUll Of the 17 births re
ported this week K were males and 28
mimics or this Ill deaths 19 were
millet and 10 females Heel bodies
were shlpjxd Into tho city for burial
Of the 31 cases of contagion disease
reported this week 1 won diphtheria
ns against none laM woek Srt wero
typhoid 4 scarlet fever 1 whooping
cough nod I iliiken pox Sixteen
liouteH me quarantined on account of
scarlet fever 3 with diphtheria but
there arc no cases of smallpox at tho
lolatlon hospital Two canes of
typhoid fever were fent from points
outside of the city to loil hospital
Democrat to Name Dclecnlos lo
I iniitv Convention Srpl W
On Tuenday Sept 20 delegate to the
Donvocmtlc county convention to ha
li < ld at Stttidy FrIday Hejit M will >
< lc > ted In Its several proelncts Iho
convention will consist of about ISO
delegates Thin ap > ortloiiincnt i on the
tjaxlf of one delegate for every J tides
cast in 90S to Jotte William Knlitld
for gnvwnor A commit toe ionsNt ng
of T n FltiReruld L II Martin ij
nnd Joseph KImball has been npi > olnt J
to attend to the matter o transporta
tion William I Wallace was tiamil
MS ono of thc committee on organisa
tion to take the placo of Frank n
HtephMiff resigned The committee t
ow conipoisd n T H lltigeruld
nichard P Morris and W U Walluc
Tho committee was gIven iiower to
namo additional members if It were
found advisable
Tne Halt JAke county delegation ti
the state convention wilt caucus In thu
Dooly block on Tuesday Sept 1 to lo
cldo upon Its course of action at the
Prove gathering on tho litli
Had They Done Their Duty Failure
Of Banks Could Have
Been Averted
HcISI Offcrrtl Conilcitincfl Oflcu
oiiipollid In tinko Icr luII
Wuihlniilun Sept 10Close 01 to tile ijj
lieul of the radical shnkoup In tho
r nk of tIme bunk oxiimlnnrw by which
20 rnfii on Thursday woro shifted to
ni w Holds Comptroller of tlio Currency l4 i
Murray today announced that ho would jJ
make I pcnonul investigatIon of con
dition In all examination districts Thu
comptroller In 1 Mutoniunt addressed to ib
I oxumlnmii Mild L ri
In iilmo every CIIMO of a national i iii
bunk failure since I have been comp
cutler thai Intolvoncy could huvo been 1
averted hud thd national bank examin 4 L
er determined thu tnio condition und lii
lepurUsl lila findings In tlnui for 101
forco a currpctlun In thu udmlnutru
tons uf Uio bunks affairs I
ijonciumninu tIle c cuhw mudu by
bunk oxamlnors Mr Murray said ha Ir
hud been compelled to unduittiko I ler
donnl vxumlnaiiun of cundltlona III ou
ry dlttrlct uu UH tu uncurtain at nm C
hand why an uxumlnor was unable tu
discover impundlnic dlMUter In tho at
tain ut tnu imnk tie win bo nccom
unltd und aamtwd un die mm1 > 01
cur L Tulllnjr formorly u national bank
ukuiniiiur und now chIef of thu divi
sion uf reporu In tho comptrollers of
lice After citing that vxamlneiu or failed N
bunks had uttered OXCUBIU hut tlny
had been unablo tu leiirn In advance
or I bunks truo condition that olllciru ij d
and directors or bnnk would not cor p
rect conditions brought to their atten
tion or any Otto of another dozen ICU
sons Mr Murray In his
lns MI hl statement i
says i
The comptroller ulw > doHlrci to on t1
certain uJiy Homo cxamliitra are Ii
iipuble of correcting while they ute
In the bank all the conditions subject
to criticism when other examiners fire
cither unublo or unwilling to accomplish I
plish like lOHuItu ant only report lie
critlelms to tho comptrollers omco
Many of tile examiners say In Uiulr 4
reports of examinations forwarded to
tho comptrnilci8 rnicc thutl Is u
hurdalilp not only on tho exiimlnorx but
on mal members of the directory of
country banks to ask tbo various
boards to meet tho examiner during o
at tie clojo of ChI ttxumlnotlon
The comptroller Is 6r th t opinion that
the board or Hrtctoio which will nut
or ciinuot meet with i 1 jrprcacntatlVa
of the govrrninent for ji short tlmo
twice I year to no over In detail tho
conditions which he llnds a lid reports to
It Is computed of members who arc not
doing their duty In any sense of thud
word and It Is now proposed to find
out whether the hardships complained
or by the examiners really flf
ihihiago Sept 10 Wolnoy K KUBCO
esublivhtHl a record yesterday In tho
marriage license department itt tho
county building Mr Ituaco lucks two
months of Lolng 92 years ol 1 lie ap
plied for a license to marry Miss Helen
Longer H years old
Clerk Salinonfon Immediately after
the departure of the couple delved In
to the archives and announced that all
reordJ hnd been smashed Previously
S5 yearn had been the ago of the oldest
applicant for a marriage license
ItUHco who Is 1 veteran of the Civil
war anti n resident of Chicago for 60
Years was born In Waterloo v 1 nn
Nov > ISIS Ho married nt tlio nge of
2 and his first wife lived to Celebrate
her slxtyMrenth annlvorMiry Hho died
five years ago
At lila residence Mr Iliuco explained
hU reason for taking the latest step
I grieved n lot over the death ot my
nrtt wife he said I got to bo
lonesome with nothing hut my parrot
to keep company I dont believe In
the Robinson Crusoe typo of existence
Isle as long 08 you dont llvo on I desert
Since meeting Miss Conger two
years ago I fell that Wf wore created
for each other Call It mental wave
or psychic nuggc ton 11 whatever
you want
There was no formal proposal I
did not ask liar It she would be mine
I know nho would and elm knew I
wanted her I remarked to her the
othi5r day
Its about time no were applying
for n license ind site said any time I
was ready she was a
Sacramento Cal Sept 10A t
oclixk this morning phy dolani In nt
tendaneo nn bathes 1 < Hamilton tho
aviator who WHS badly Injured In the
wreck of hl machine last night at t hi
state fair grounds guvo out 1 stnr
mOlt nftrr it third examination that
lamllloni condition was favorable
They now bolleve that no permanent or
< langerous Injurlw have been suffernd
Vunierou deep pushes and hurnl from
ho radiator of the engine of his blplnnn
are the only visible results of thai tied
lent but lion serious are the Internal
Inures will not b known until later
The Jtunmlni or the rudder of the
machine Bud the sudden drop eas
thi atm nt made by Hamilton as hi
lay IwttlN In UrfndHffe at the hutei
When I hit the utefrliig vheol Jam
tni me back against the nidlntor nnd
iflld me fast while the kCHlding water
rlekted nvw me
ciilvacv Sept 1 Announcement wn
ruidf ti > da f H KOOOOO gift to tlio
HvmiKton Illlnot Hospital nssoili
lion by Qeorjr XV Putten brotbT of
lumen A Putten rile money U to bt
tied by the hospItal us HII endowment
found to b known as the Agnes und
Louisa Putten fund Mrs Agnex Pat
ten who died re < ontl > was the mother
of the donor and nf James A PatUn
and trs Louisa Patten Is tho wife of
James A Patten
a 2

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