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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, September 12, 1910, Last Edition, Image 1

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IIF EDITION j DESBRB r I Tho KeuM Is the 1opulni1 riimlly il r
L EVENING NEW S 8 Inlillltv And n Powerful Men nsof Profitable
n nn
French Army 80000 Strong Is
Combining Them on the
Plains of Picardy
Work of Machine Hcbtrlctctl III Tost
or Oiimblllly for OirryliiR J > ls
pit U lc < Mml lIccoiinolturliiK
Grand VIHIcres Fnincc Sept 12
I The Krench urmy with tho now atixlll
Inry of aviation nddod begun today
In practical demonstrptlon of what
I might bo cipected It n hostile forco
lanlcd on the southern count of tho
I British channel
I The econc of this years innniicVors In
the plain of Wen rely tho old inovluco
I In the north of France bordered on
I tho north und northwest by tho Hlov
I which separate the republic from
rat Hrltalii and forms tho depart
rnent of Hommo and part of Disc
I Jas de Culnli and Alone
The SOOOO troops engaged nro
t divided Into onpovlnt mimic one
designated at the bluo and reirc ent
Jne an invading force being under thu
command of tell Ilcqiiart former
minister of war and the other the red
forming the army of defense under
command of Gen Mucntcr Hon
Michel has the supremo position
The operations opened tit dnyllnht
Cen riciiiiarta men having effected
theoretically a land log on French
Mil advancing from the river belno
at llouen At the same tlino tho red
arm coneentrated nonr Atnltns
An Interesting feature of the Incites
win tho cmplnjinent of the 120 trims
with which each army II equipped
Ocn Plc < imrt trained In infantry
evolutions Hcattcred 1111 cannon In
Mipport of the new open order fornm
tion of his Infantry while Oen
Meunler the artillerist roamed his
den Michel has strictly forblddqn
nn > feats of Irowell on the part of
the aeroplanes which might reHult In
Interference end collision and tho
work of the machine In restricted to
A Irt nf their capability a swift des
patch bearers and for reconnoUorlnir
purposes I
The dirigible balloons participating
are equipped with Unlit wireless out
fit and nre In constant communica
tion with the earth In this way they
perform th double mlwlon of Hlrlal
coutlnc and of transmitting instruc
tion from the commanders to their
Maj T H ntleV Molt American
military nttnchf it PnrK 18 attaclvd
Id the afflff of rtwi JTIrliftf1 nml is
vafrhlnir tho operation for tho
United SMte Tier department
Paris Sept 1 A telephone mrs ago
from Home today describes the cholera
ttnitlon at Nap < ns growing more
erufic There arm > 1 new oases and
fKht death from the dlfeasc In that
nty yesterday
Mattnpolactt Manx SePt ITen
thousand dollars worth of Jewelry WOlf
reported stoin from two mitnnior
homes on MKlithouim road In this town
lest night Mrs A I Uckoven of thl
raro and Mrs Arthur AV Hinko of
now were the sufferers from tho
brink uhlch nre thought to havo been
iliad by profcsilonal burglars who nn
working along tho shore or Blizzards
l > ay
Sir Dekoven reported over JS600
nnrtr of Jewelry dnlln und Mm Blake
statf that her loss would lie about half
as heavy
Baltimore Md8cpt 1The fifteenth
biennial jewlon of the Rrand United
Order of Odd Fellows began hero to
nay with delegates representing nearly
every state In attendance Clov Cro
thers and Mayor Maliool welcomed the
Motors in fldilrcRscs preceding too
iiptnlng meeting
fiweral nuxlliHrltH of the order are
meeting here at the same time
Watcrtown S v Kept 12Four
robbers failed In an attempt to blow
open tho vault In the state bank of
Henry 8 D today but wrecked the
VoMnifton Kept 12 se propulatlon
Jf alon 0 Ii 116GT7 an lncrea of
HI Ir 366 per cent ns cotniinrri1 with
I2 In 1 <
Chknlro RN IziI x men claiming
In he m mbf r of H Persian llglniui cult
CrC Arrelted PlerdllY by the pollcw
I they with Shout w awn eliot wom
wpr hrhllnlt serlcos III the water
or La
Laic Mlchtgan
lit aleta ere Ma In the water
tllni foot of vermy bauterard nnd
Th raNt he aHenllnll or chiirchgotra
and Olip were antifled of the Hinging
mid shouting of the cultlBtn They or
oral Into a ae women and mn blns low
At JS URtlr Uf h tlrtr neckf
itt the ti e nUtJlt to break up the a < rv
ring Irndon
Iat r ralwrt it loud pro
ioujjly itt their cells Ih lrIMIIr renewed
mflZitr I IInflnlhfll rleen K ch
I look turn
I1rrnln 80rlllonR
at va will tome Ill this afternoon
the ShEffleid Ronuo slullon
WPrp nnrIirpl 1 1 pcrons
doklllod 10 Vfirely ilure1 and
dOtn a
IIIIIIhll hurt titer IrlBhtwood
nburl nr fr K
il t this lon III A wrck ot nil
rain No I from ulnvllls
r Il1i car
< u
Fort ItJ natloni Iuurdomen to
killed were
C lkll AnderHOn
n Tnd nrcninn
asinuel Ieti more Tndianapol 11111
aJ cl eolltaloll was caused by an open
Delegation Calls on Chief Barlow
With Talc of Highbinders
In Midst
Din To IMiiiu Alloy Menhunt At
tucked by San rriinrlMii Stiimscr
H III till hospital
rite troubles of the Chinese Tonga of
tho Yto and Ylck fntnllloa have llnully
ttrotcltcd to cmbructi tho Clilneso col
ony of Halt Lake and Die first alit
break occurred HO voml diiyii ago when
Din Tn a muichnnl In Ilum alloy wits
attacked by Yco Bin a Dan Kninclico
hlRhbliuler unj HO curiously Injured
Unit Ito Chlnainun IH In a bad condition
lit UK Holy Cross hospital
That there Is trouble confronting cer
tain inombcrH or ono Tong IH shown by
tio fnvt that a large delcKiitlon visited
iotlce hUll fUarlurJl last night nnd
naked that they bo given protection
against the hlghhlndcru who are said
to he in tho city In numbers
Tlio Yio family lo ono largo Tons and
llio Ylck belong lo another They havo
been ut war all over the country and
In Hall FrancIsco recently n trucu win
clnied Tho local Chinamen refuse
tn ay much concerning tho mutter but
thlit nn oull1l enl IH Immlnont la shown
by their visit to headquarters tho po >
lieu say
Two Chlnumsn who are HUH > octed of
being the man wanted hired nn au
tomobllo iMilx Hiinilay mornlni and
ulllhr cover of diirkneiM rodo from Salt
1it ke to Ogden Thl Cut nit uteis boa ru
ed the westbound train and the chauf
feur returned to Halt Lake with JO for
the speedy run
Clurenco Mcl ailden Shot Through Leg
In tin Wild HuhlllIlIc
llciccl lo bo Ixicrl Inn
Heno Nov Popt II As a result ot
a pitched ilxtttlo Between employes ut
the Southern club H gambling resort
at Ely NHV and five robbers who held
up tljo place yesterday morning one
manIn In tho hospital fatally Hhot nnd
two others are seriously wounded The
rubbers made gold their mcape wllh
abu t1QOO wlilcli they tookjfrurit tho
nmlm tables The five menentered
tile f place with drawn revolvers and
oohlmanded tilt occupants to hold Up
theIr hands Their order wa obeyed
and they procoeded to empty the labia
Dank rolls Into a sack
Clyde Tllford ono of the dslern re
fused to give over tho money ut his
table and pulled n gun A general
light ensued In which many phot wero
hired George Miller wax fatally shot
through the left lung Clarence McFnd
den wall shot in the left leg and Tll
Cord received a sculp wound None of
the robbers were hit loses are In
Clarence McFudden believed IoOsl
bly to bo the man mentioned in tha
above dispatch left this city several
months ago to engngo In law practise In
Nevada He Is null known here n Halt
Lake high Kchcol graduate and a grad
uate of eastern law tchol
New York HOlt 1Z Announcement
VUH mude toda > by tho banlilng firm of
< ubn Iooli > i Company that they hril
llsixiieil of tbo block of Hock Island
referred tock recently nriiulrcd from
ho Pruioon Hynilcute to Phelpn Dodge
I Company who control the El Paso
t Southwestern railroad The Hock
Island und HI Iuso railroads touch ut
several poInts mil tho transfer of the
lock Inland Hock Indicates closer com
munity of Interests between the two
RSOtflit Tho amount of stock trans
eiled baa not been learned hut the
tntcmont IA male that tho IteldMorrls
ntr > re < tn Htlll contlol the Hock Island
lhlla dciphia Sept lohll Kcanlon
< cartoonist of thin city who wan
ound dead In his studio hero yester
day evidently died from natural
causes according tn the coroner Llttlo
was known of Hranton here
For unvernl years he worked alone
In lila studio penning drawings versa
and storlea that from time to time
brought him returns from publications
On several occasion he had written
his sister postal cards signed Walt
Mason tho nntne of a well known
writer of Verso She thought Walt
Mawonn productions wero her broth
ers and this fact led the pollen to Iso
love for a lime thnt Scallion was the
well known writer
KmnarlH Kns Sept 12 t want It
Walt Mason Is In Emporia Kns
T3mporla as Sept 12 I want It
understood distinctly that John 15
Sealon who died at Philadelphia yes
erday and was known under the pet
name of Walt Manon was not Walt
Mason edltnrlnl writer of the Kmprola
Garettc wellknown as the Kansan
wrier of versed paid William Allen
Whlto editor of the Kmporln Oazette
oday Wnlt Mason Is at work on Thc
Os7ett > today
Whln gthn StIlt 13AnoUur
hlIf In the ndmlnlstmtlon forces
nt thC trcaiury occurred today when
w M inlay assistant ruperlnteiiitcnt
of liulldlnK n reduced t I clerk
stilt lid 1J 1 Jamison I dork was
oppolntrd to lucceM him Imlay wiui
conrtJinlUl clerk to former Bocre
tot Leslie I Bhaw
QCOTKO Simmons chief of tho ill
tlilbn of printing nnj tHllcnnrr for
the last 1 yeers wn s Iuct t a
clerkship Biul 1 P Wt ton was
transerred from thq government
rrlnllnic office to succeed him
Annual Convention of Utah Feder
ation of Labor in
Will Work for letter Protection of
IjilMircrs II isi ones Aineiuleil Me
hunlcit IItll and Other iei I ire
About CO ilolejiiton representing or
ganized labor from all luta of the
statu nxsdinblad In Federation hal In
thin city tlila morning for tie annual
convention of the Utah Htuto Federa
tion of habor W 1 Ilsgott of Og
den president of tho state organization
presided at the meeting Theo Glerne
acting an secretary Flftuan of thu
members precnt OH mo from Ogden
which was the ItilKcgt dtdogutton laos
cOt out ldo of Suit Lnko City Tins
convention will cunllnuo during Tuos
After welcomliiK the dvlegtitao Presi
dent Plggott outlined Homo of tho ob
jects nought to ho lutunipllihed < by thy
convention among which Is the enac
lion by tIle Htuto logliluuue of IU Im
proved ineeJiuiikm lien law its It Is
claimed the present Htntuto dues not
give much protection to the mechanic
nn efficient shop und fiutoiy Ingpoctlon
law will also bo tiCked fr and the
iieceuelty or Home Hurt of an employers
liability law or compulsory tnsuranco
law will bo among the matters to oc
cupy the attention of the convention
during its sessions today and tumorron
John M Marshall of Uu Cigar mak
ers union of Ogden ti prosvnt ut the
convention and will Present for Its at
tention the incBhunlcH lien law yf the
state of MKlil nn Mr Maiihall says
tho Michigan law on tho subject in very
comprohttiijlve and will no doubt UK
sit the cuniinlttov In lormulutlng tho
desires uf tho federatIon in thin re I
The questIon of patronage of homo
Industries will 0011 up Jkir discus
sion diirhiK the convention nnd some
action will itoubtltwi no taken with
regard to tAitlcipntlon In political
inovcmenui the Hentlmunt of tho
traftimicn undoubtedly being for
greater activity among the members
of the Federation In thIngs political
President Plggott anrnmnued tho np
lolntmcnt of the following committee
lefore which will conif the actual
buslnera of the convention
Resolutions E Inlnel Salt
Ilk chairman Alonzo West Ogdea
A C prague Halt Lake J M Marshall
shall iidjJ4Uli jliitt of Ogdori
sOflItOrtb rlI taJi4r 4ltsasy It
Lalticlialrinan vKmll I Masburjr
Charles J need and John CSruhcr of
Halt Lake Inc Edith Kiclmnlx of
Inw and CoriHtitutlim J G Wllks
chairmen J J tBnmm and F J
Carroll of Ktlt Lake Ceo Dlnsdale
mil I T Hutton o Ogden
lrcd Ill tn h II K curo Salt Lake
halrman H K Ituesell W J Hum
ey Miss Mnud WIMI and W J
After tho appoIntment of the com
nlttee I rtcpM waR taken by the con
vention until 2 p m
Comptroller of llio Currriiiy Murray
Addrcxes Tliem tlsoeat lug
Working Cooicnitlnn
Washington Sept lTho National
Association C Supervtoors of State
Hanks b 111 a three days convention
III Washington today Tho examlnera
gathered at the treasury department
and well addresxtd by Lawrence O
Murray comptroller of the currency
Mr Murray lV0Isicedl to the state du
icrvisors I working cooperation with
ho national examlnen He declared
he had In his office 1 list of men who
as ofllcors of national hanks had
proved Incompetent and had hen re
moved from office and said that If any
or them should make application to or
ganize stati banks their names WOuld
be furnished to tho Htnte banking nu
thorleH he1 proposed that tho state
upervlsors rboula furnish to the na
lonal system the names of men who
had been driven out of Itt Htato banks
During the last 1 month the comp
rollnr nnlJ lit had refused 10S nppllra
lonrf to forDs national banks lecause
he men behind them had been found
ncompetent or dishonest that thorn
was not enough business to make the
proposed InHtitutlotm profitable or that
the applicants wero i ciilatorR or men
without standing In their communities
Vnshlnnton Kept TSxccllrnt argus
tea was mail m lie month of August
iy the cnnnl digger on tlio Isthmus Th
otnl amount of excaVation was 3K1S4S3
cubic 011 plnce mcnHunmcntn
npalnrt 24 J 5 ynrrtf In the precfdliiK
nnnth the lacrosse In iiecounted for
iy the fart that there were two N
working day II August than In July
with two Incise les rnlnfnll
IltlctnirK Srpl Ii Thn twelfth annual
ronviiition nf tlif National Ancwlatlon
lit Retail I > rugglsts ojin yt here nt the
Kort 1111 hotpl
TIle convention II Attended by lois
gateS from lW n rc > olatIonH nftlllnlsd
with Hi nnllonil body Tie two chief
topic lo l > o < luiiia 4d rnlnte to cir
iHnpfn lnR and profomlonni Indemnity
iisurnn e
hllacUilphln Sept 1 11 Ixcamo
known that Mothei Mary Cement for
22 yearn superior general of thn SUtcr
of St Jiweuh Iloinon Cathollc church
died at the convent of the outer at
Chestnut Hill I sulmrb on Saturday
Mt She hnd undrr her authority moro
ban 600 INter of Pi Joseph who arc
hcatlerrd over ties caetorn eectlon of
tho United State
Distressing Adventure of Party
Of Sal Lakers in Yes
terdays Storm
HIIIC ilCt li ami Sorry ScnslcU
Cnmil Hull for llivlr IUct
AN Thoy Jirlfl
Hurrtcll about for Mourn nn the
wove of Utnh Lake Sunday nix Hull
l4tiders and I limit cnptaln hardy 0
capod wIth their lives When a terrific
northtvoatar struck the mjlo iarty
while In tlio center of the lako on the
return from Mullein dumbled tho
launch engine all nt hues mibmerKed
the boat In tlio crctati of tlio waves
all even tho Rklpldr gave up In dui
Ialr Only ono of the party was not
hielpleeso with senitlokne f und to bbs
coolitexti largely tie exuralunlsts tills
morning were ncrodltlng the fact that
thoy iiro nllvo The members of the
jiufty aro WlJIIam Huntsbcrgor chief
clerk to Mr Dijntgn of tho Ulo
Granite ralwajvJrF H Ilayer of tho
Vylle Permanent cit in p Walter
Gregory and IVqnk podge lawyer
Walter duff Mr durkiy and Captain
The party made Ibo trip from
tiencta lo MosIOn IS mil outhwe
Sunday niurnlng In water ns calm as
a mirror and tl the return trip
all went well until the launch Jon
phlne arrived In the middle of the
lake and a terrific gale midenly np
lloro alt tho northwest The
WHVI > rolled and pitched and at tinier
went clear over tho boat Captain
AVestfnll opened the engine nt full
xptod In the hnjioe if making Geneva
before serious damago was done
he waves however rote KO high
that the launch wan on the point n
capsizing H the captnlii ordered every
man to lie lnt In lie bottom of the
boat next to the engIne While In this
pailtlon waves dashed over the top of
the boat drenching every mal within
a Cow minutes An the bout rocked and
careened every mal except ono be
came ileathly sick and many hoped
the launch would go down tJveti the
eafconed mariner heaved hla dinner
to the carp
In a Mum time 1 mammoth wnve
sprang over the sInks of thE launch
and stopped the Rnxollnn engine Cap
tain Wcstfoll then gave up
hut alter I OICKOO the
only mall who ° WM not sla
sIck Bpraiig to thp wh cwl anti turn
il I lift UtLU5JIflI l W1J tlC
wttvd to heacfieinT I 5Rway could tC
seen the Uiowt thC head of I
Prove rher and though the engine
smIle broken orcgory held the wheel
HO that Iho boat headed almost In tha
Then came four hours of anxious
MaltliiR four hours of drifting with
the wind Every available utensil was
used to ball out and the poor seamen
Inv Hiietchod nlmoit helpless In the
bottom of the boat
0 1
When diirkneiw was approaching the
willows at the mouth of the river
loomed up like a cloud on the horizon
but after 1 time the launch struck
bottom at a point r 0 yards south of
tho river Every man undressed and
though the water was chilly got out
nnd iniflioil hits disabled launch to
ward the doerr water In the river Thl
was finally accomplished and about
dark the crow landed nt the Provo
entrance to the lake IS mllo from
Fortunately nn autotnobllo was them
nnd the men were tak > n In their wet
clothes to the nobcrfs hotel where
noon the edge of the peril they had un
dergone was mitigated In comfort and
Most of the men tills morning ray
that the captain was nt fault na lie
gave up entirely hit nil of them want
no more of the treacherous waters of
Utah lake
pplUntlon for n Pantou for JInrd
Iloyle John Oijli Patrick T Hen
iicsM and Tlios Krlino ell 11
New York Sept II President Taft
It was learned today hal denied nppll
atlon for 1 pardon for KdTvnrd Prfiyle
John Coyle Patrick T Hennessy and
lionma ICehoe this sugar weighers who
were Rentenced along with Oliver spaY
or tho dock miprrlntendent for ira title
on the Wllllamsburg dorks of tho sugar
Spltzer was paidoned and gave testl
Spi12r n subsequent trial of Herko
nlld Oerbmucht who were convicted
l1 IJ
1 I Imm
tosvs yi3 ft say
gali csIryv2cIL3
Advance indications arc that
the comiiif Fair nnd Con
ference throngs will bo here
in greater lumbers than ever
the firt week in October
Tim is the time to reach
thrill iii their hOle telling
them I the inducements you
havo to ofTor them In their
fall an I winter purchases
The Semi fr
Weekly News
Is the one prcnt medium
through yliich the country
jicoplc lr the vett can be
reached 1 their homes
Thayer Third Vice President of
The Pennsylvania Says They
Have Been Too Low
Aro Not Coni > I atory for Scnlro
Ilrndcrcd hit Public Wi Not
Stand for an AduiiKv
New York Sept lJohn A Thayer
third 111 proldant of the Pcnnsjl
vanla railroad today told tho Interstate
commerce commlnlon which Is In
quiring Into the iiuoatlim of Increased
freight tariffs by the eastern roads
that the rates between that ejsl and
west have been for ell too low and
that time tariffs should have been rais
ed In WS
The adjustment was delayed until lha
buslnoa depression had passed the
wltnnu said
Mr Thayer said that passenger rates
wero not comperwatbry for the service
rendered but that the public through
its legislatures would not stand for
11 advance In through passenger
rates He laid that rates on through
truillo had boiii too low In comparison
with local rates
Considering uhc mutter of freight
tariff Mr Thayer said
A car of first claps freight from New
York or Boston 1100 mile to Chicago
would at high speed bring Just ITt A
ear of uteri from IlttHburg to NuW
York ion than Half the distance load
ed und unloaded for use brlnsa twice
thn revenue
On ever > thing from Huston to Chi
cago we only set 55 cents a bundled
and have to pay the Now Iliixen rail
road 20 per ent of It for bringing It
to Jersey 111
Mr Thayer said In comluitlon
While the estimated Increuao of this
advance on linen east of Plttsburg Is
300l000 which Is a large sum It must
be renmmlifixd as far as the Pennsyl
vania railroad IH concerned that wo
deal with MTV lao and huge llguros
and after I that ho amount only
represented 2 310 per cent of our groin
earnings from freight tratllc and
1 610 per cent of our total
gross earnings from nil sources
so that It Is not i t large standard advance
vance In our opinion but a mere ad
justment of rates to bring un a portion
of the revenue we toast have In order
to meet demands now made on us
Cal lloiixctrlt Very mlou to tsovr
lain What tiI vii ilet thl Old Gnanl
IN MaUlnj In lungs Coimly
Now York Sept Uln order to as
certain the exact Hiatus of the tight
which the progressives lire wagIng
against the old guard for control of the
Republican state convention Theodore
llooecvelt summoned n number of
leaders to Oyster Hay today for a con
Primaries nro to be hold In Now
York Ituffnlo and Iloehester tomorrow
and Mr Hooxevcll hoped to ascertain
Just what Inroads tho old guard lead
ers might be able to make Into tho
Now York county delegation and how
much progressho support might be ex
pected from Kings county
Those Invited to discuss the tdtua
llon Included County Chairman Lloyd
e Jrlscoiu who has boon directing the
Roosevelt forcus during the colonels
absence In the west Congressman
Herbert Ian City Comptroller
William A Prvndergnst who on his
recent return from Kuropc announced
his determination lo stand by Col
noosevrlt Naval Olllcer F J 1
Krncke Congressmen William M
balder and E W Voorhls Kings coun
ty district leailern and Congressman
W W Cocks who represents the
Oyster Bay district
Probably one of the bitterns Ir
publican fights In Manhattan tomor
row will be carried on In the Fifteenth
district where Assemblyman William
M Bennett 18 I candidate not only for
reelection an district leader but for
he congressional nomination to 1 le
e < d J Van Olcott The district com
nlttoo has endorsed the ticket of tho
Olcott faction and Chairman Grlscom
replying to an Inquiry today from state
ommltteemim Harry W Msrk titnted
hat because o the district commit
tens cndorspment the Olcott tdket ta
n be consIdered ns backed bs the or
SIIIIIIII Siildilo Appear to Iunist
flint ItciMirt WON Euulrnlpd
A hurry call In I womans volco Imo
over the telephone to police hO llflu r
tees this inornliw Informing tie dook
sergeant that a man had committed t ul
dde by shooting himself at 78 K Street
omcora wlio made a quirk response to
ho call found T O Allen sitting on
he jiorch at the number given and he
lenled knowing anything of on attempt
elr destructlin
at self deatrctln
Neighbors Informed the pleD that It
vas Mr Allen who hud made him attempt
Wtl Jr
tempt and he mi wnrchcd No ftjvol
ver was found on him Tho nelghltoni
who had called tlv 11N mid tluit
I liny had hoard n snot and when they
rushed out snw Mr Allen lying on tins
ground In his back yard Mr All n de
lied this tilno nnd Ifrt for downtown
JJmployes at tho T U Allen Bl trlo
com an > nnxt door dfiilrd henrlrur ajiy
hot and said there hi4 not bcennny
attempted sulcldo S Jt
lfK Amy Gertrude W < x > d 75 ycrn
old died at the home of her sister Mrs
A Prtnnlngton last night Mr Pcn
Ington lives ut 11 mouth of JUg Cot
nxvixxl can n Wond hud boeii
bin In Salt Lake for the last five
days but coinca from lAke Idnho U6r
hu bull Is on the way from that place
later ow and the funeral rlll be announc
No Insurgency in Republican
Ranks but Ominous Mutter
ings Have Been Heard
Tor Delegate In Constitutional Con
S 11011111111 CoiitiMM lid tig
Waged In Now liTi 6y
Portland MAlua Sit 1 2Vsii
known candidate well uinletstood Is
8Uo of HtRtc rather than national
oharnrteri and fine weather drew the
voters of Main to the poll today for
tho biennial state election Gov litre
M 1emalil who warn seeking a flecoiifl
term ban had to dufeiul lila adminis
I tration against qnuiuully aggressive
attack by the Dtmucrau headed by
Col Fred Plelnted fuur tltnei mayor
of Augusta WIOB battle cry wan
While Insurgency In tho Itcpuhllcan
ranks im nppln to national unrest
have not developAl in Maine 11410
has been ncvortliloMS mutterlngn
iigaliiRt some of tlio HepublleKn stole
leaders nnd there was considerable
Interest tOday tn se how far this
would munlfcut Itself
Phoenix Ariz Sept 1 2Aiinfla II
liMlillnir an election today for the
chilcu of dplegatoii to the conslltii
tonal convention The contest 1M along
strictly party linen between thn lie
jiulith IUIH and Oemorrnt with H third
party the lahorllen having Iluidlilate
In svvcnU oountliK and thatChIng It
will elect wine delugatn Plftytvo
delegates nre to be chosen Icit of th
leading pnrthw I r elalmltig I will
have a clear majority In the uuiistttu
tonal convention
The democrats are appealing to the
voters on the ground thai the Initia
tive referendum and reeall ulioulil he
Incorporated In the state roiKtltUtlon
Tho Itepubllenn hnve declared
against Incorporating th < se provlnloiin
In the constitution on Uie ground they
assert that President raft and Con
gress might reject such niillcnl legisla
tive provisions anil cauSe the po tpono
ment of ntntehoiul
The Pueblo speech of former Presi
dent Hoisevolt which hn addrenxiNl
In part to the voters of Jonl amid
New Mexico was InterirrctM by this
Pemorrntlc newspapers of Arizona HA
n declaration In favor of the direct
leglRlatlon principle but the former
president deemed In telegram 111 t I
Ilepuldlcan oh culUorx that lila word hash
n ILIJlod
commit lilmnflf on l li e
IhilRiIlt COIlSi4
IMSINfi VCill > IN NI2W lltllSKV
Trenton N J SIII 12 The primary
conteSts to hI ivakid In al part of
New Jurspv are especially IntemxtlUK
this year be < auie they will embrace
the first test of the new Ian giving the
pcopl opportunity to express their
cJiolce for IT S senator They are also
expected In have rotiHlderable bearing
on the election of governor and on
e m in nlltlough tho direct primary
net has not yet been broadened to the
dxtent of taking In nominations for
th < > so nllkoa
Special interest attnrbea tn the vntn
for United States seimtor hecaune the
rival candidate will b former Oar
Stoke and former Gov Murphy with
Congressman rowler posing as tlv
choice of the new Idia OCO In the
upper end of the Plate P S Senator
Kean who seeks rcel ton reftmed
to submit his randldecv to the people
as did RM > former Stte AspsMosr
Onild Italrd the South Jersey l ad r
and otlwr aspirant for senatorial hon
Little Jtock Ark Sept 12 ArkiiiisnH
vutera today are voting for slate nfll
curs and the adoption rir rejection of an
Initiative and referendum amendment
tn the constitution For the but five
ddVH William 1 Itrynn has stumped
the state In the Interna of the amend I
mont maXlng from five to nix sppoli
each daV The candidate for guvernor
arts George W IXmadiy l > mrKnit
Andrew I Ilowlnnd llepubllcan and
Pnnlel Hogan Korlnllst
A ii bert ii I I sely Adinlllfd Tluit There
Iliue Itmi Financial Dlffcrcnci
llrlMon Thnn
New YOrk Helit 12Time llrnt ndnil
ton from ali hll IV Rnureef that
hare halt Jweri fInancial dlffer < iac ii be
tWIn Hubert W hauler nod his bride
Lion Caiillerl wlw Just at thin time
luI on opposite irfdes of the IKWH Was
made today Thl statement oamo from
Sidney IfMrrl the Clinndlnr counsel
when axked If thee Iwul been an ante
nuptlAl H pprmmit IMupcn Mr Chun
ler and Mmo CuvnlUil
There wnH roplUsI the attorney
Hut I n111 not say how much money
VH IniolvtHi n the ngrooincnt That
Is I mutter thaI may come out later
but we are boplns thl Ill matlrr may
be Mttlml without any litigation
Mr Harris saul that while lie < T
ported tn RN Imp mrnilwr of Jfr
ChanlcrR family ar nit the matter there
would be no fiunlly conference I re
Mr Chnnler tlll 1 mt MIIIP Cava
lieu tnt II he still think lie loves
her said fuR lawyer Anldi fro n
the flnanrMI dlffenno1 thi > Ar e nn
pood terms
l Iss < > Tex cpt lSIMal1
rwnrhM line today of the robbery
Bnturda nr C Riinea Sonora
Mnxlro or Cashier Paul Imborl awl
thl lit A X hansom of this usitimet
and Sonora MIning Company Tit
two men were on their way to the
mine with fi 6 with wMch to nay
err the mlnrr when two Imnillt
stepped lnl > > the mad forced lb of
fleet off their horses took thiCk money
ey HiiJ the Insists and galloped lulu
the mountain Sight flUtdi5rtS ate
now In Jail Th lioiiluji occurred al
nimont In tho town of Cnnanon I
Swung Red Lanterns Car
Stopped and They Hopped
On to Step
hOot Coii Ulln of 15 III CnMi nnd
Tiucote MlilolliiM Valued nt SUM
Tied In Ilundnim
Pouglikeepsic N 1 Sept 1Phro
belated autumohlllstM burying Into
Pmignkvepale at 1 40mlpanh paoa
In I b0 tourIng car were hultrtt at < t
lonely spot on the neiv state road near
Ithincbc ck N Y try Him mornlni
by tho swingIng of a pair of red Inn
At their macblne stopped tho InilUrnii
went out anj two imi Uet men happed
light I > tint high step oflhe car
Thi ax > ne of them on oach ldo
o f tin iiiomobil and osoh cnrrfcd iv
glliii niiiR rvulver
let out hre while we erntivh you
Id ole or the 011 HH he swung opeti
hi ilmu of the car The automoblllstH
I HttpfJ down while tho barrels of Ito
lni > ipolvers coveiwl their every move
Ip wIth your haitdsvti no fool
Inn ma flit next eommnnd Then
while one or the hlghnnymen stood on f
tho iwut uf Ihe cur the other went
through I HI 11 or 8 > of pockets miss
ing nothing In hits deliberate search He
took out a bandana handkerchief and
nirefullv tieI ui In It his booty JITS
cash I rile > watchpn worth J0 J and
notnn IK t < rtiablf PHIIOIII the vnluo cf
whi Is nt stated
As the ItlKliWHVinan xtpjipod bark t
allow hi victims to itturn to the ar
ono of the trio J W Tovsley of New
York city stopped quickly picked ip
a huge rock and sprang upon tho mask
e < l man The wcoml hlEbwuymun 1
afraid to me nl Towlwy for fear of
Injuring bill compHUliiiiuhed to th
rexMii MhootmK twice Into the air nsli
came He Pulled Towsley away nutllntj
hIm spiTwIinn toward the ear whlcli
the ether nutomobli were Just en
tering Thn lie ftm > bml bin compiin
lon nnd the two diniplMMirod in th
ditrkiii at the aide nf the ruil
The nutomolilllHtu made record tuna
to nblneb eK and from there telel > I
to tlin authorities In Pnughkejepgla and
neighboring towns Drimty herfft
were at ome stilt out In pursuit of
the highwaymen
Nearly n scout nf automobile holdup
have ixctirr Hl In this neighborhood dur t
ing the la tttw weeke
I ittiH Iww I
WnmneIst it1Tflessd In
Uhlrmtonn lk > twe ti the hop i4Iuig toni 1
anti the Sties Sing tong rMulted In the
Hlnn > tlng of two moiv Chlnpue lant fl
night One of tht vlrtlm Ixi Jill may I
lIlt from n wound In th neck The i m
other Hue Wall wisE struck In the niltt I 1
tEnd leg
TUith men Sif Hury Sing membeii J
They pre eomlnR from 11 moetlng of
the riliifin Six cnmpHnlen at which nn l
effort bad IKXII mudc Ui mulo a peac
11I11 pad when they were attached by
menibeis of tin Hop SInK tlln g The
3uy Sing men returned the light but
their assailant It la believed received i
notice and departed before tho arrival t
or the pollco L
llontnn Sept II President Taft nr t
rlvnt at tin liotrl Tnuiiln m this < llv i
toilflj at 1045 am The president
came to attend the fuucrnl of Hnlletinr
05 i Powers He will return to Beverly I
ImiiHiliHlel aftir the srr IIPB
naimlc PruiwiU tie pt 1I1t tran
8plr < d lint during the recent Imperial LiT
Sully nmneuvers 15 n ClaI a Gcr ef
niHiiAtMHrloiiii who belongs In tho F
tlnltod SLatE wan arrestnl on suspicion i
of being It spy rllllllttU MAtixfied time an
thoiltleo of his Iniiooenrv and was ru i
Harbin 8 eiit II A band of brlgandi
dtbUh1 nM passengers held up it flits i
Mian utifinipr plying nn the Sunjail mi1 il i
after a < lfIrACI fight overrHine hi i
crew and robbed the tfnfrrf p J
In Httwiintln to defend their yes i i4 I i
twl the owntri tw c 1tu > Mdnni WI i J 4
lilllnl end many or tIe rhlnesp crew j j
were wounded aN seer such < f the
n Chlne imcnengerii as < ft mel re AIi ii
Hl tane trH
WliMi the pirates were In control or til ii
tIns ltuttllon they bound this > asoi
gem the Irfw nl Russians and isu w
two Itundan uom < n and took the viilu ijl i I
tables of the curttvos nt tholr Intiure
A Uiiwlnn Riiiibortl naji neitt In Iur 1 u
mill or tho outlaws l
New York Sept 111 Donald U IJ
MauMlllan of Worcester atmdomy who ti1ib
uccomnunicil commander Peary on ills
trip to th nith pole wnt nortl to
friends lur UnlHy that Ills iwrty which
explored hi lmi1 went of DivlH Inlet j
bail IxMn auii dkful In n illntvitch from
Labrador dated Aug 30 Prof MacMll
lan Bay I
It mIght InlMist you to know that
our trip has Iwcn siic < HHful Our plan
wae to Htrlko dut vent from Davis Inlet
BCTOBK country through wn unoxplored i
aectton until w inm to the leorge
river hoping en route to dlwovor many
unknown Inkea and the rpRUlftr trull ot i
tlxn Morli to thin easet p rl I
We did all thrt wi plajinod and Is
morn Took shuts for longitude and i
181UuI < at serious point on trip
inuwwl IhiouKh three large taken tho
tarffeni Mi irNMpl about 2S miles 4
and < mc t the George 110 miles from
MM 01I rt W > passed one night In a
lodge a Ith the Indians and ChanaTor N
Via on banks of tile river
t 3
rfLM 4
Mum h > vtr Kng rfept lIbt cot I M
ton mill i > I mtupa not ImMnc cotnplkxl
with tin rnndt nf the employers nr J
rwnfliiii nl me ixlng made by the lat
ter foi K nut mtliig next Monday K
whell i JI Iii I J1 hUt will bo rrcom
The lmprtiiii prevail however 5
that tho differeucen will bt adjusted this

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