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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, September 12, 1910, Last Edition, Image 11

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Ia i
S nr > r lit nlkcrr
JI1I1II12 eCcsIr
J tllI
FlII1 I 111111 I II t Ottl
lOlltlll Out II t
ltiK A t IW rllI oe 1l1IIIIIA
w I of ycUr
I3 iclli Ibo Biory
I Ia liKw n Ihll Mur
II WH game
tf lm Ihe wlnllcr
J < 1 HUD
II tnlllllltOlld the U <
Hl < IflSUO ptnm
if second In tin
f i e Ths lo team were pUy
I poitseason lid
nil of their poI
S nardfought fr1 m
grime was
j J
lit bat nnd lite uhlblllOI1
r 1 II II
loc <
best ever
I f Die ell 1N I u duU lIu lIItnt
d > i rllett Willi 0 tiO nl
UiJ I mfnuY andtli JItln waN UI
tl I big leiR1
IKI nf thw liiUt
1 I 1 111 lIt t I
111111 on 1lh f
1t i
10 10
t u d ball U would lid untnlr
I r aliil
g1 out RII
piay r
tine 11 me lIt t very man played Hit
in time It wn somewhat o
sir > buttle but ttlB BUPPri
I made U n rlenn light ai
f iwm nln nirn on one s di
the oilier Murray hil
unit but tlio IKUlltig wai
I i ihe lilts no well MvittereiJ
v III1P ntiicn won the gnm
1 c imilts It the onslaught
I tWd runs went over the vial nl
nth The occidentals would
1 t r d if Mirrxy hAd not putt n
nor In the fifth
0 t in r yesterday game glef
S 11 iir t tWo with tim next twi
nt me end of the w ck at Walk
i Th score
tr I
11 n nH JO A Eo
I C 6 0 IJ
11 0 1 1 I
d r 3 p I I 0 Q
I fi o 1 I I
11 1 1 1
1 a r < I 3 1 0
l l 6 0
1 I r I g 0 0 0 0
e 0 23
3 I
n rftr p
f r 1 0 I Z t 41
MII P 1 0 Q U 10
I 41 Z 9 33 U 3
orvitiHNrAlS I
11 h nH 10 A I
JIMn h 1 U 0 i
10 11 I I
I lIrd r r n 1 I 0
Pllf rr 0 0 Z I
1 Adn I O 0
I r 0 0
MII I 0 A 101 I 1
I 0 i 0 l
I 0 I 10
r I I s J < 4 M 10 3
81nr ny INVINOS
I oM rvo 12
li1 1b Ivt MJ 03S
n s CM XI 00 l
ii 0 i > 11 Ml 004
Hrmn1 PtiTince hit Means Stolen
Kf i TrKiinn A Ounn Iang
i lnci Earned runs Murray 2
In i tae Murray l Occidentals
1 Ti 3f halUOlt Mooney 2
nl t K > McCreary 3 by Mur
rtt I MflIy 10 Doulilo plays
rttM A liunn Kltet base on
r r R 1 urn durin Mwney Lang
I i S II < Ji < > UIfllllFVlfl
te < lnr > t l1 Time LI game 2 hours
j 111
Murray the pennant nfmilnu loam oe
tile tte mat league took the first of
the jioitneaenn Rame at Kanduy Satur
i n uflernoon before a nood crowd The
t WOI s to IC rough round account
tin f i many crmtly error and the con
it large Moor fne came wan a
ii KB HE nntest throughout Both Mur i
i ii id Smith t re hit hard but Mur
rv WaN Rlcn better support by the I
t1rg alT
1 ii B mi Haturday marked the opening
f ii n w ball park itt Sandy rho
came t kd like ble league hall ai
r II until the nlxtti Inning the core up
t i time Mandinic nutliing to nothlnc
1w > F > m > tvhit teiikallonKl plays mlle
i if m otonj of the Ruine Mooney
i lo1d made a riKituculnr cutoh
f i IE drive In urttliund hot off the
to t e i > lu > when he run Into the
i I nlhei In It pop up from
BUK h1 brouBht t1e roolers to liter
Afl 11 IIJ 10 A 11
r i u b 6 1 1 1
i r 3 I 1 2 1
i1 if a 2 2 0 1 2
11 3 1 1 3 0
BIk J f I 0 2 4 0 0
e f j 4 0 I 4 0 I
timwk I u I 0 1 3
I tng s f 0 0 3 0 0
80111 I t 0 2 3
I 1 r U 1 0 I 0
r r 11 n
Adl It 1111 PO A K
hII > r t 3 I J l 0 V
Kd lb S I 1 12 0
1 r 0 i 1 o 0
1 11 1 4 1 0
I 6 I II 1 3 0
jlO ro 6 1 1 1 t 0
11 Ch 1 1 3 2 Z 0
If 1 Q J
q I i 6 1 2 0 2 1
t i fT 2 I = 1 1 I
rIa 4S M 11 r is 2
I tnnnry TwOhasn hlHIlutlu
JIIo nlro 52 I 110 Thn
l4 i lthinsun Home mn > Uunn
i 1 ni 111 to Itiihlnson Hit by
11 iid h IITIrunn ritruih out lly
ut > ts Hmllil T hIneu IIn 111111
Uff fillII 2 1inptroKeiti Tlmu ot
faiTh liuis Atlundanceffin
t SP lal IQ The N WR
t Er 11 sept 11111 on cxoellnl genie
I i v tho VurekH Dastfbull team de
fa l > Soi Sly the core of 2 to 1
Ik a that ot H rTlfl ot thr ° for
a Etn i r no and oicrefore wan hot
1 The genie rfti lillvil
iDf a loItbr battle between VI
illft r Krrka arl J1
Harrison for III >
at iiiV ollowlne but thru hlta
IR Iot itarrteonji IK The second
f e Wl hii puyed at laIn Krlday
Tho rr
AII IL hill PO A E
L h h3 I t 1 1 0
I 1 a II 1 0 I
r or p 1 0 II 0 0 0
I II 1 0 0 3 I 1
2h 1 I 2 J II
iIii I t 1 1 I 0 1
IiLh tkfl < 3 0 0 0 0 I
r t I II I 0 0
Visn If t 0 I 1 0 0
31 1 31 3
t dl I Ik n out ibr attrniIIng In hunt
1k m All n BII 10 Il
lf h 3 II I
Wall 2 3 I
111 i f I 0 1 1 II
All > 3 I I 2 1 1
lIodw 4 0 I 9 I I
ii lhl rf t I 2 0 J I
W kn 1 I r t Ij I 3 n II
l lb 1 0 f
SIn t 11 n 0
WtlhIe g IJ L I
0 I 0 6 l
Toti M j
r i
h nll
r11 010 W > fnvi
ha tl
00 Ml fll J
I roell runu 1
IODU ul ny Wllllam8 111 J Illlrrl
Hate Otl ba11eO
ba1laQa WUl1a111 1
Photo by tMnh Photo Matcrlnli Co
Aluivc Aro Sent Mls linn Vllllniun ulimrr nnil ila llnlrhliitiiiIn hr piny of Hip cliullcnci iiiilili of thr
Woniini SlnslrM In t In flnlc Ml > s VlllliiniN lh on llui lcfl MUt llntililiiooii on tin I I I gi i I iI
nn J n nnJntnn ttit n o oN kn2 fltetJflnna spAtflfla
off Jimneon S lilt bj pltcherll pone
WlllUmn Left on baBenKurckn S
Pnyi < on R Wild plllhlIl1rrIHon Two
hnap hit lloldaway KirBt haM or er
om pjyiion f Kureka I Btolop hued 1
T Done HolilBwny 11111 Urnjilro
IllltyUuloh of Knit Ink rime of game
14 ltllIalllnoelj
w it ret
Chicago w 3 611
Iltuhurit 16 Jl 1i01
New York n M M
PhlladMphln t6 ra 512
Clticlnnatl M fij h9
Bt Iviul 1 W 4W
Brooklyn 61 i6 i ot
Boston f W 313
Chiefs Hpt U CMcngo regnlnea
their lend of 101J camen In the Kttlonal
loflgu race todny dRfeathiR PUUbnrB
J to J before n rotmu crowd Colt
bough hit for 111 n fetU kept the drive
scattered 1Oe IlnlcflnB Camnlti
wlldnef arid timely bite won fbr the
ore niir
Chicago J J J
PlttMurK S 12 <
Ualt rlei > Oole nrd KllnR Camnltz and
tmllrunlller and IJfII
rinelnnml Sept 1181 LouPe won
a e Mw game from Cincinnati today
S to 6 Gnrper well hatted hard at all
MnKOV t1oU nii wlldn ii coming near
looliic for the vUttoro
Boore It H K
Bt lulR S IS 1
Cincinnati 1 10 J
Huttrrleo Golden llnrmnn rirfnahan
end PholpHi Uaupcrand Mple n
Vinplren Johniiioiflrand Koon
j j
r1 w r Pet
Philadelphia 9 VI 610
New York 7S S4 SSI
IJiMon Tl U 614
Dntrolt TB M 11
WnvhlnKton M 13 14 7
Cleveland 1 78 40
rnn BO 61 75 M
St lxml M 03 US
St loul Sept H Cleveland took
both garnet of a doubleheader from St
IMil S In 0 And 7 to S
First gems
Score It
BcOr n 1
St Ioul 0 I 1
Cleveland a 7 3
rndtn N
Hltlt MilUiy and Kllllfir Mitchell
jnd Lend
Second KHnie
Score Iln H II J
Ht Louts S 7 6
n v inmi 7 9 i
Ilalterleii Lake and Stephens Kwst
ncr and Lund
Chlcnao Sept 11A heel on hall to
I Toner n ncraUH hit by Mcintyre
and an error mid Crawfotda triple 1 VB
iwirolt two in the OraL inning today Hinl
although the visitor could not ftnf off
Olmalead thereafter Detroit won 2 lo 0
fvorei II II n
Iietrolt I 7 J
Chicago 1 2 1
It tt rp Jlulllri and BrhmlfU Olm
atMd and Illoek
Lrt Anpl Rjpt 11
MornlnB onl
Bcore It 1 R
Io AnR len J 4 0
Ban Krnnclftcn 9 6 1
llatlerl NBKle and OrenilairT llonley
and Williams
AfUrnoon alt
Sore H H n
Lou ngelei < > 1 7 3
SAn Kiunclpeo S 1 l
tlattprlesThIorMn and Orendorft 8u
tor and William
Ban Kranol co fifpt 1
Morning garne
F ore II II H
Oakland r S 2
Portland J 1 4
Ilatl rle Moer NIn and Thoma
llolp Kenton Muriay and Kluher
Afternoon scare
Fqr n Hflf
Cultlnnd i 4 I 1
Portlnnd 3 4 3
ntl rlr cyjrUUan and Ihorans
Krupp and qrhUan ao
Hacrnmanto CJ Fcpt 11
Sore rt H B
Sacramento J S 0
Vernon n 2 3
Itatterlen Ar llnpe anti 1Il1le
Bclmrf and Hogan
At Ioulvllln Plrst same IxniliiNllle n
Toledo f Second name U > ul vllle 10
Toledo I
At Mhiwaukee1lrst game Milwaukee
2 Minneapolis I Becond game Milwau
kee 1 Mlnnwpoll G
Al ColumbUHPlrat came Columbun
fl2VAWSJ f i
8 Jit
1 l > l t
Boston Sept 12 Golfers throughout
the country arc now looking forward
to tho nOtiOnal amateur rlmrnplonMilp I
tourney lo bo played over Otn Brook I
line country link near here Sept I
to 17 Judging by present Indication
the coming contest proml to ho the
greatest ever linld Tho entry list II
ono of the largest over received over
1 Rolfer hllnl chcduled to compete
In the tournament I It a remarkable
flat both n regard quantity and qual
ity So long la tha list that at four
minute Interval beginning at oclock
Monday morning Sept 1 It will bo
after S In the afternoon before the last
man III dispatched Chandler Egan of
Chicago twice national champion la
to come out nfter I years retirement
Th > entry from New York Chicago
and nttsburg Ii almost nn large re
latively as from thi city There are
however two extitle holder lacking I
from the mntropolltnn contingent
Jeromo D Travel ant Ilnlay S I
Douglas Gardner W White of New
York tntercholastlo champion U In
the first pair Running down tha list
In the order of start Marshall Whit
latch ApawAmls and Percy Jyno Jr
Princeton make a nlgnlflcant couple
while W D Vanderpool Morris coun
ty and Arden riobblns Rarden City
are 810 put together Fred Snare
Enelewood Is yoked with Onorge Ab
bott Dyker Meadow JUII below Pa
Mortimer Burnen Enslcwood Walter
J Travl In put with V lAwrence
Hrni Burn whoever ho may be Vnr
ren IC Wood the younr Chicago crnck
II drawn wth Kben M Hyer Pita
burG exnational champion A fine
pair jUt beyond is Fred Herreshoft
metropolitan chamr n > and Oeoree
metropltan Plttsburg Two Baltuvrol
club member are kM In 13 B
Fchley and Max nehr the New Jer e >
l champion Scattering along below arc
lo IndlanHpolln I HNond uunte Colum
bus 0 Jmllaiupuli S
At Kansuic Cltilltat K m Kana
City 0 St IMiij S fe InnTnKsi Second
game Kansna City 64 SI IHul 1 called
In sixth dnrknotni
At Ienv r First game D nver n
SiouxCity ti 8 end game Denver t
Sioux nea City 2 Cflllrd enut sixth dirk
At OmahHrHlrst gnmc c Omaha 7 ro
Ieka 0 Second ciUm Omaha 7 Topeka
pek i
LHI JoMph Pint game 51 loceph
2 Ilncaln 0 HdOOrHl gamE RI Joseph
0 Lincoln I
AI WIcHltaHlrst itume Wlrhltv a
lit MolniM 4 Haoorni game lchllj
3 Del Moines II
Tacoma Wash Sept 1
Score n I B
Tacoma 1 7 I
Spokane 1 20
Hutterles McCnmim and Hyrne
Jkinuer Baker and Hhea
Nineteen 111 came called on ac
count of darknnes
Vancouver Vush Sept 1
Score n I H
Seattle o 7 S
Vancouver 1 I 4
tintterle J ckert and Hemenwajri
Miller and Lewis
Second game
Sr 311113
tMttle 0 2 2
Vancouver 1 8 0
tUtterle Hinkle will Itemenway
Jeiunn and Irnls
Topeka Ion Sept 1 Hurry Cln
der made a flight in a Strobol airship
her tonight and narrowly nmnpnd
death 11 started at the fair ground
with the Intention if circling the state
house dome und returning Shortly
after lie rose Into the air the rudder
on his craft broke and It wag whirled
around and round Mood nt angle tutor
the perpendicular first on one end and
then on the other and finally was
landod wifely at Nlnjh antI lluchan
street The drug rope caught itt a
big tree and the airship settled down
Into I email tree within a few feet of
the open slreet fJtnder 111 nit hurt
John M Ward Ooorge T Tlrokaw
both of New York Robert Hunter of
Chicago and C II Macdonald iind
Olltnnn Tiffany both o New York thin
two latter being together E M Wild
tho young Crnnfnrd N T crick it
put with L Kdwsrd Knwver the Chi
cago Mar while Chick Evans Jr
of < halo ho locenlly won the west
ern open championship will pli with
An hie Held of New York Sam Gra
ham of Oroenwl Conn baa drawn
Hohert Oardner rf Chicago and Yale
present title holder II C Watson
Westbrook lute as mate Albert Hfcknl
rlnceton InterefllegUte title holder
Walter Egan Chandler Egan cousin
Is listed also Tommy Sherman and
Tom Stevenson the world golfer ot
IJoston Perclval Gilbert the former
Harvard star A W Tllllnghast Philadelphia
adelphia U I Hovey Connecticut
champion Kill Knowles former Yale
luminary J O Anderson xTtay
state title holder and B 1 Herrlmnn
Yale former < tutnCg holder Charles
1 Brown ejkIIiulson rlvor champion
J 9 a
1 II t g
ltnoio Iy tttcfl 1VAa
hea drawn t O Lockwood former
Maanchircii tlllo holder and f L
nhctt IJrc I I Paul Hunter the Cb
cflgo ellai 1 K Kerr the 18a
cso will tau with ChaiutlSer
old collogH i wil wit Clanl11er
lp 1
I1 Dcfrntinu Illa lliiliilii > oii In Stit
iiltln M liih lea lirinnllii Inlcr
Mniiilnlii Cliiiiiuiliin
M K I rluin > luil iat OP
me I it 1 tn hit hd > HIK > < ii
t I > > Mis lilllIItfllt ni 111 Ciuiili >
lll I lay coil tlinib I 011111111 livi
I I Inlti niountniii < hnmiun MIM
1 11 nil tnre elu Haiimiajr It
11 iidliixc mnli i 4 > > t I Km
ti luau M illliim liic wit tItle
I I > 10 1 r Mil hi gem < r dc inuKln
I AtfiuidH > iii tn titan f r be
rr t 1 11
Mlf Illjl Illlllllll KB nat un usa
1iit t f 3111 WllliI Mn > ha > dem
I1 d iii itif WciTT1OII irmrih HI the
i HUM lull iit h lu u plHyri of
Biin i iluianrc fnullih UK uiltne Ml
> i I iiiftM 3tlea UlMinmn ndnpted an
> if s c I > f gem HKHliiHt liar i > lH > nl
I C I Ih ne vvllll IIKJ ° ollr > lut
I ln l I of 1 > wu nun ti for JlliF
M nt iitn in for elu IIHI fine In innr
1 I III 1 inOUI KMt TO Hfrollll el
I H 11 nhlliliiiin of akill putt
Miutrq ails Hiiicliliurm forcIng hei
11 inneii n I 1 ivp gatie all the WY
ilinilgli II
Ih Inirriniiieiil JUKI cloned Hi the
lint dh > lusen the mOIl plitcelit
ful In hut hlftoo of Ute sport here Mori
inter pt WHH m nlfpit in tin iiame than
I hefme and llm player howed tAr
hctter form than In past evwitu of the
kind The play tens alway hard and
t4t anti tlinse who worked their was
into lh > neinltlnal and nnMl hit tr
iKliit for lte privilege of the Ht rom
1imcm cf th mache rollowlng yes
trdayu nn biding malche there wits
I lennlii ilinn i at hue club which warn
Illenlt ty I Urge numh of 1hIKI
alp lnnx or them vlsliora and many f
them losein In the ply which hlll been
going Gui 1 the club during this lat rr
weks The dinner was 1 delightful affair
Scion bosh social hid fMlnJ stand
Pidftidid paint Curl IOIIIAmlll wnrn a ilttlng close for I
prookllne IU pl HIbllrt
amnloUI loi wil balm I weeka
struggle nt the < V tlntry rluhl link to
morrw Jir th Lcl > iPlrt i hli of the
Unln Wtntnti nolf rsKoclntlon The
lIII yi > r that nurvlven
Murllv through Jii hole
of mmUl play mid live mundfl of mntih
play will receive f god modal und hi > I
club the iu todv for
lulny H year of tho
IlAVMnnver nip
Iloherl A Oardnep of the lhinadle
7of club if Chicago In the prmienl title
holder and will ie one of tomorrows
The Held also Includen Walter 3
TruvlK of Garden City a threetime
T linnr I fhniMlttr KBHII nf Kxnioor
vlio won In I > < H MIld 1WS Slid K M
Hi1 ur Plttshurg I hf title heftier of
1SO Jerome J Travcm of Muntclalr
the winner In IMS I N Jnmft nf
rhlcfljrn In I90J U M I inrrlriuni of
Nitty V nrk In IWVJ and A F Dotiylara
of Nassau in 1605 will not start
OMEN oiiiits 31 HB1
Ihclg Rpt 11 < onleetnnlii from
it dozen weHlern club moro than 60
entries altogether haE beau i rlv >
for the annuHl wnmiina western gRIt
rrmmplonthlp whlcj wllljitart with an
eighthate iunllfylMRroui nt the Sko
kin Country cluti TiiBsdny The mutch
will b plnyeil nt IS hole one each day
with the lIne Saturday
The iMMt known of the local players
will compete
St Lmiln Sept 10inpt Thomas 8
Baldwin made a 14 mile flight In his
ffrniilano over th Mlglpd river here
lain tins aftermmn In 19 minute He
tt osd over throe and flew undor two
hrWgoH while In lie aIr Including the
time he wn on thE ground between the
flight It wa 1 inlnulc from tilt > time
lie started until ho landed on the avia
tion Rround
Hcforr starting on the river flight he
madu two prollnilniny trips of three
minute each In the air Then he start
ed toward the river and immediately
venl over tilt bridge near HIP Meld and
continued down tile river Going up In
to the air 16 feet he croMmd tn inlcr
urban bridge and later the Kndn bridge
on which tOPOO pkoIle were standing
He iontlnuefl down the river Ant
landml In Illlnol seven ml leu below hip
starting point He made the trip In 10
minute On the upward flight lie went
under the Kad bridge nnd narrowly
inlnned a ferryboat ait she emerged from
n mnke cloud Befoir he left the river
channel he flow tinder the Interurtxili
lnlilRp and landed on tie Atm spot
from which he Btnrted Pnrt of the
time the aviator wns loot In the moko
rloiulB He held his machine at all
Lime at right ancles to n 12nille wind
laldwln who III flying under the nua
lce of the PotDliipntch will lOok
fold flight hero tomorrow and Monday
fr Paul i4pt loHnlph rue ivilrrma i
world nutomobllo circular tiak r n
fur one mile um broken pity n ilniot at i
he late fair truck here thlx afternoon
Dc Palma Kenulifr HurmMii and Old
Plaid all lowered the mark I S1SO set i
1 > > 10 Palmn > 1 the SemIte track one
jeir atjii hut OMtleld ucedd In
naklng the best time of then I thn
tew record l > lnl I9U Kat h man wa
Klen two trtalH at the record Oldfleld
made a second trial anil although I
Ire came off near the 1nlb he mado
ho distance In isew The timing wtm
tono by nn electric device anI he roo
nn1 will stand
gee Girt V J Sapt m letit Cxd
1111 Of New Jcrexy won tii s flirt
championship match on the mng hero
t114113 by n core of 151 cit of n pnlM
ile MO fiwgeant Stndle touted Stntoa
I nfantry was svitti with i Corporal
felt trailed Stan tntonti > thinl with
M Cflpt Iam Xii York fnuftli
with iti and cpt Pfcii New J roy
nrtlt with 1S
nfiiir PKTrmss STOMUC I
Sea FntnelHb 8Mi I Tex ntokard
HIS lest MK Ffte nf Iii ° VIC piclurvnlmn
of Uie J nrle6Oohn n i nln apparently
by UbbVV The 101 sr 1IVI
4lerdy m rnlnc fr1 1 Vnlejiola
Mater whnre the pi in wem helng
shewn under f tempm it > te tUR or
der WI the oMft rtl I tlmatoa his
Uw at U
IOOTUI STH ivirunn
Itttvaukc6 H ent 11 Htv V Qh
l11Jurl halyard i I and ch
renMn fC6ltji H stilt win iVC to make
Itt eatDPHlgn 19T rngre with his
right erp in t 111 I om Wait Mlel
ping oft it treet eat > lay When ho
t dipped W hrttiklng hIll above the el
UK IHizii roit IIIOHT
Paris Sept JlThe ntcpilltv of
Paris proposes to offt i rle of J20000
I n the Krench i t ng a night
ulth a passenger fr J rlB to Urus
Ih and return on f aslnn of tho
visit of the city cotufll ti Brussels on
bacL Ii
SIllnl niioimic Intention I < u II
Own II I IkIll II I
New Vcik Kept llTluil Ihe Jocke
> lub Pulp ileljed upon II rI pulley
in an effort lu karat lioriv racing In
ti from Ih < tffit of tn drastic i m <
lulling law paM > il by the lull frtla
lum wa the declaration In racing circle
hr todaj bawd on Inn HUlhorlly ot
leooiit Iua n town with rofntnelit tpem
I of llW JncKoS dub flue autliorltlM
unconlliig Il tinHe nnouneemil will
tlnhf their cause In t lie tuudR Hml edit
tht Ilel laliP <
54ke advantage of every poMlul nlar
point Ui nc tlftften Million dollar
which they have Inveeted In racing Ins
> ftlnery in New York tuie
In in IniHiilew with Us members oe
lh Jockey Hub published luclay Ihuct 11
nation In summed oil ItB f > lluw i
11IIOt Jo < ktr club stewards Intend 10
tight li the future Their amiability In
Hie past hits Itiwn accepted on the par
of their opponent s I sign of weak
ness and < H it rult racing na been op
liresPol Tli le ard have dtsco er <
hat their tame lubmlnlon has been m
In Ilic in at rather thin tak flll iud
Hiitnpi < f die c4 mt dediiloiii 1ILon
in In liettliig fearful thai the euemli
n f ll uport might nay that they wen
llnl tin law ouiellilng the iu t
tuoks hive never donu III stewards
I 1 merely taken the hon of the
IAn ulloTveil them by lh courts
1 ivies with I mistaken Idea HIM
thn were uiiMlnnlliiliiiifr am lot
ilmi Hm ice irwrhii rnugttt the pool
room for HMuy years
1 lhl v lnii much better I
fr mpwnntii Imrf Hoi in I l < this tanya I
In h wni their prnvlnr and Jurladle lion
to HI i K < i > rdln > or IhIt morAl nf
p rwinK IotiiM the rae I rk The turf
would hut Itti hotter off If they hiu
turk I 11 own bailiwick
I hnr i n the > ollc of 111 Jockey
club herr to let matter take their
course lie it nirt not tnlnk I wtca tn
fight the o IIInl forcr Hut now they
Intend to nrk I cnurttr for relict Bull
In lvI hrciEii nt once with his object
Wrlllnjc to the sporting editor of Thf
New Tllllr til > Kon last years captalr
nf the universIty fontlmll team and this
> farn coach of the freahnian team savI
he will have plenty of good tnnterta
fr hid team and conic Rood looking
limber as candidate for next years var
ly eleven Anmnc tlm men oleon wi
tiny lo pul In shape when Kbool opens
MI the following Vlmmer and Klrbj
frum the Salt Ijike high Wataon who
warn Ogdefla alunt Rimrd and tackle
Ashton PuthcrlMinl Hampton and Ithy
ncarnon from Iranlte nlh Hlmmon nl
rnyxon hull Vln n of the Lehl huh
IMIIman n giant from Hnulilfr anti JH
robs and Jonep of tieS years iMRkftbal
tADI from the B r of provo The
freshman schedule for ttw eearon 1
b s hay with rnme with the principal
mate lean lad aome trip out nf the
all In pnxpect
loach Oleion will 1 ork with Coaol
Denntnn and betxveen Tlie two I Htront
varsity team and a sir OUR freshmen wll
nurely remilt the Athletic Held at tlM
varsity will surely ace tome gruellnc
contest between the team In the prep
rallona son for the real c me > nf the pea
llnl > iiuwnlnii HOB compteled arrange
men tam the iwo4ntn nf Ihe JUnhjil
tan club this ann In the Auditorium
The tnt went is wbeduled for next
lotiday night with four 4round bouti
and a ntund affair The feature for
the opening nlnbt will rrohlhh be a
go between Kid Harrison and Kid HOB
lx > tinn Wept 1iltobcrt Ix > rnlnc the
nctor I hut acroniplUhpil nn nero
Idnno flIght sucrose the Irish clmnnpl to
day HIsrlhiK from IIolylieHd Ioraln
dlreclrd his course to Dublin Although
ha had trinible with hiM cnelp he cot
within two mile of the Irish coant Tho
breaking of a wire then forrwl him to
deiwenil Into tho sea He jivvnni ashore
and hIl mHi bine via picked up by n
ttfamiT The dlplnn f > across the han
liel III about 6S mil
New York et e Two iiemon am
under the can f Kiirceona here I 111 <
rcnult nf 1 ball game yesterday for the
h mIOIhln of llHrlem IcaRiie Slr nire
Iv flioiidh neIther of the Injured will
playing T wltneeBlne the game
flaSh were pitti k 1 halted ball To
UH > grnundu it
feph Krnlth wa pausing 1 Irn
bit aulitmoblle when n low foul venl
lilnnlnc over the Ilk fence and hit him
Mjuarely In the eye smashing bit
KlaceK ant bllndlnc him for a time
An hour later Ja < ob lloidkleln JR > eam
old pawed the lam pot In line to re
ceive another lot foul behind the cam
lie wan knocked unconll lou
Parin Sept IlW Ie Vanderbilt
wan Hiirce fiil In two event at tho
Chant Illy course today ills Hrunic won
the PrIx In lUwhettn itrlnnnlal ntnkeai
ftllloK while bitt Minified
for the 2yearold 0111 whl hit Mln
fied itHptuit the Prix In llochette for
2ycnrolil ltl lOach prize unolmtl
lo 4XM > Thp tlinnnce wamt fly nrwl a
half furlrncK
Nov yrk Sept II Announcement IK
mad her thai Iliarieit Punic of
mAi Ne York Athletic rui ihampMi
vlmm i of th world M IWi and 8
arda ilvmplr hamplon of El loots
Alheii rind ondmi and Amerlcnn them
iilon a > all illxtHnieii from f ynnlR to
ni mile hal decided In retire Vhll no
rcanm IK given for Daniel dt isbn to
abandon ihe port In Mich hf liui reign
ed 1nKiilnrl > Mipteme 1 11 hinted that
newfound iiiatr1m < inl l care are more
or lisp rponslll
Charles 15 Courtnoy tho vtprait
roulnn lOftLh IN rapidly rctcoverliiR
front bin recent severn lllnowiarcord
log to latest report from illusion He
lellove he If gei for jH > veral your
more of a < tlvo tnrhlnK Furthermore
liC lit not going to leave Hhncrt fur any
amount of monc tint could be rained
by H rival instil milan
Courtnev In reBalnlnic his health itt
tin old homo nt Pitlon Springs nftor
severe ilinesit follow Inr an attack
a cvprl Inlf
of nrtle lndlfe lon For envtmil
veck the old mn wn In n serious
ondltlon but rornell men every
that he
vhere IAr now ret akoured
vlll lw b ik In the laumli uet year
Courtney rocov ry will relievo
on lder ble tetiNlnn at forivll for
whenever ono mention the p lhihtv
ot the old innn giving up tb wrk
here ii an underxurrmjl of nia At
thlr What would Cornell do if ho
IMW Olid orn1 tn
could no longer couch In Iw of
enurnca age and the CertaInl that
lip must some day retire It I per
mt > pertinent to put the cluee Ii In
n positIve form What will Cornell do
when that rontln ncy arise II Is
difficult to dldooolHte Conrtnc from
no 111 <
Cornell and mama triumph thit the
ornolllnn In reluctant St la He the
H Is 1rIhl that John I lc the
expert boat builder nnrt 5SOthtOt
conch for the IM few ear I iH st
I the place Certainly HoI IOOK to
h e 111 mOt logical man under the
I HrenmMHncfw He In an intimate
friend of Cnurtnev and undonttand
I rourtncs methods of discipline
certain that Cornell would
It Is Ilrllln rrnll Inlhl
roarhe rtle
have no outside rovIng 0111
the Ten Eyrks r til are recognized
nit experts hul Crrnell would not be
kind of row Ine PT
I tailifled with am 1111 rnlna
I ccpt the Cottrincy tjle Outbid of
11011 Wnlnl Vliu Vllh Only
bccn Itj Itt luits III I I ti mid icti
Nw Ynrk iitpit IS Sire Sarah
KlnR of llnmklyn will ihiit neck re
evw a tail Ival jpup ni Iho wlnn r
of the lfIII hnlihl skirt rltnrn
olhll of < ater New York A
rt for lh trophy wita ute fiBture
of u KvijlHro iutllij Hi Nfirth lieucli
l fiK Island estrday lltP > ro
ICrll atnufld 5 wnuMli conlt
aflia time woni n dMlrintr to enter
who were not riulppd with hnbbl
skirt win h > hobbled with ropes
until thv are fully am unconifortnblo
UN If dreseed in the helchl of fnnhlon
rime winner covered the KM yards
with oni Mivtn tumblw No time
tia taken
Jlole flout hut i 11 Cornell oarsmen
would r
Already then u a iiiovcnienl on foot
In hold a Ml crew iplehrnllon for
fourtnoy The unargrndimtRK want
In make SIte old man ffol how Kind
they Nrc Hint he has recovered and
will b with them again
Thc e itre thin men from whom thn
Neut pieRed York HlKhlliuleri of 1911 will he
Ill her Ford Qiilnii Wnrhnp
IIlchn HuHhAH Muhei llrvolle nf
Hit hunonci Itymi 0 Norfolk Tnldwell
n MrKeevport Lnrllte o Itnaheitter
Able of Han Antonio and Mctlue of
lHlrhera8wrrney Mitchell rifor
Blair of Itwhenler Koctyei of Brltl ti
port and Valali of Jersey Cy
I nldr1 Chaae Oarduer Fouler
Import Aililln Iln ch KrtlKht John
son of Jenny City Iilnchl nf UintMstcr
Elliott of McKenpiirt Priest of Dan
vlllf Httinllton of Oakland
Outfielder hannell Cree DunleLi
Woller Hemphlll Julie of Montreal and
halley of Lancaster
New York S eptl0if report drift
ing down from New Hacn Olin he be
lieved they elr not think much at Yale
of new football very Intact Foot
bull men have lioen Hi New Hnvcn
from limo to time during the past
fortnight nnd letter have han re
ceived here JiidRlncr from the mnny
opinion of Talc men thin latest twlt
of the rule sevieItneri mind IH a velnl
conooction of vaguely winded Clausen
contradiction nbsunl tPchnlcaUtlen
wlh the hpsl element of football tllm
looted tint the dunger clement still
Aii In all Yale III not very optltn
Istle over the outlook A rndlcnl
xtutememt Watt to the effect that tim
rule committee would have to meet
In mId a nn und chutiRo the code It
was explained lint this step would
he nnc 8nr > to pievent the bIg KRtnrs
from becoming farcical other rant
era cry that the game will ho a mesa
for the plnyera nntl vorea for the pub
Mqrpnvnr Yale will not inako haute
to Ret her men out for early prnctlfe
All usual Iho Hfimd will report two
weeks before college opens An limo
vatluii In at hand however In that
limy will Joiirnoy to I < ukr > vll1e Ci In
stead of trolling out on the uncut
Scope of Yule field The men will re
port on Sept 13 Prsrtlor will be held
on the ground of llniclikl whool nOd
Ihe iiqiuid will bo quartered In the car
mltorlea there
Twti retoYinv oau eil the shift In the
early pmctl nene One In that cooler
quarters are ditalnablp at Itakevllle
the other that Ito inanaKerrmnt wlpliex
lo nave tho Vxlr gridiron 1111 much as
nonlble Ixikevllle la aituated In the
hIghest part of the sit te The player
will he able to do more crouarountry
tiork IncludliiR mountain cllmblnc
than WA itoiwlhlp HI New haven Then
prelltnlnnry prnctluc it Yalo flnlrl al
ways cuts up the gridiron ro that the
task of putting It In nliape for the bIll
I HICK 1M a haiti one
It 18 reported that the cqund will
return to New HUH on Sept 28
Yale opeiiK the IINUlon with We nyan
tint following day This too III odd
for college does not open until Sept
2 K inch ipeclnl fnculty plrllll lon had
to be > lIrtd for Iho Wcflleynn genie
Walter Cump hAil returned to New
Haven anti Is tinny mapping out
Yale strategic game In this phase
of the work hr will bo helped by
Hnorfie Kostor Hanford who usetl to
e ucl Columbia men how lo play
football Sanford will hue with tho
twin Ht kovllle Head Couch Ed
ward nnrrtA ell JII In Wiwonnln floe k
lleld C wirh Hurry Holl III Mkhlgnn
and Cal Fieil DII > In Canada
bottom Sept AimnsemenlH have
been made for the trip of the Oo ton
lied Sox to the Pacific coast next
John I Taylor of the Haiton club
and Tip ONeill of tilt WeMtern
IcaKiie worked over the detail for nn
hour and Mr Taylor decided that the
Hodtmi club wouhl make the trip Mr
ONeill plJ1d lila winters In Cnllfor
nile and IB well jKWtwl on the hu el > All
condition on the coat ONelll was
the first to reroinlzo that Duffy Len
Imd thus inakhiK of ft Rood lull player
and coached him after he left the high
Dchoul team Ht Alamedti
OXelll has boon workIng out tim
Itinerary sine onrly this prlitK nnd
hl0 cicii the date and lennna of boil
IlRrk from Fan PranclKo to Chicago
Thcri will bt nn attempt to take nil
the money In California but rather lo
gli the 1oart nnd the weMcru people
it i hence to ee the lied Sox with their
team out for bunlneji
The Chicago White Sox made tho
mistake of playing a a SatIn all the play
er renhed th coast all out of con
dition after a Ions winter ret In the
east and thla preliminary work put the
ChIcago team III poor condition for tIm
wrd Mann to follow
Th I oton players will meet at gall
franci co March I and prttlo for
a week before playing the lIt game
with AIle of the leading coat team
A Boton will have at least nix play
er on the pay roll who will Inter cam
the Pacirlr slope the lied Hox will IMI
In condition to how form from the first
game They will play a eerie of games
with the club at Io Angles Sacra
mmilo San KrancUcu and Oakland
TnHlitne midweek lrlr flu Iht lite
rim of the late
The team will nt stun Capt until
near April and will break the long ride
by playlni at flAlt l ikc Denier OIIIM
Ha and two or three other minor lall8
cit ell
SHOT ron nrriinv n Yrs
liiHitl HI Sepl K Ualter r tol
llday wm hot and Killed ypeterde > bv
Jopeph WlHetn at a hit cam betwe
the Thompeonvllle and Oalatlii team
lnlll < wall acting 5 gatekeeper sod
wit endeaverine to cohMi u int tim
pHee of lIrmlalon from WiggInS Wig
gIns tied snlI Ia nelnc nutiued hv a pOse
with blondhoiinilt
Letterhea or acrntch jiap r when I
we can ell von scratch oiflnr pa

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