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l I
J Tolls Interesting Story of Trip of
Prest Smiths Party to Eu
I ropean Conferences
i f f tind It lou In tlm Cliiirvh Abroad JU
i jHirlid In livcillint Sllalllollor
I iiinlt fur iros III Nuvcr llcllcr
jUd prevnlatlun at the > ml q
I Ir Kiirc ill Blorkholm thi M
II I tJ HJH nniiT than that from un > In
I KtuN I ihi fnlon arid within i r
I ut mr Him tli total rprr > eutaiii
i fium il1 < > Ihr niate oinblnij Tli
I Itah liflr atit took part In Ih < dlcfii
I iifvm and In the framing of re oliitlonr
i Mc4Qr1rK ID Hlnriojj > W Nlbley s ho
1 man the nly Hiaker at th tnOtr
i jja Ic i un lIlY artnvn
1j The rieii cr opened by the
J 1 choir HlnntiiK lhlII Hit illRhly nod
fq j A > i > iw rlnx > rnM > r 1olnR oitered by
i1 11 Elupr Arnnld hultheM Itr tim
I I lng1I1 r Hint tJmjr thi UOndroUi
I f Ht iy by the pholr lll liop Nlbl y
I Divke in tart UK folloni
U In a plnuNrf ID nKUrn to Qliao
1 t Ji r r r hair find the honor of Rocom
iJ I JYINI IrdRldtnt Smith 111 a trIll
i I Hn tjh Huiope home rome of the In
ildpntx of tlmt Jlurney may be of In
I 9 terest to you
KxrepUng a nllRtit attack ot mlatloo
4 I i Pracident Pntls hfth wan and In
I i oTc ii < nt Wo had u tlm of rojopln
I In Nv York and I congrntiihtlo Hitler
ii1 4 Hllh on the pragrtts mudn thero
ii I From Now York wo nllod to Ant
I 44 rJ nerp nri < l went from there to Hottor
R f rtain vhero ve met with al > lIt J60
AII oldern We attended the largenl mrtt
iPi liiK of eldern and Inveittlgatora In thU
I 1 5I il city that I Imvo attende fiwny fnini
1 IT ii1 buine
ir Them I a icrlounneM In the char
a4 I acter of tho peopli > of the Netherlands
bt which make them tnont ndmlrahle
2i S 1resldent Thatcher of that nilsInn Ii
I I doing nn oxonllent work and with him
11111 tplendld body of young men clean
wholoftomo an it udmlrable
Jn flottcrdnm we held one of the
Ilr fat priesthood meetings J ever nt
4R tinde away from homo
J I Krom there we took the train for
Hnmbnrif and fopenhHRen Iroclilent
V Androw 4en en having arranged meil
1 lns at the Utter city I felt tn nym
C i pathlie with Troaldent Hmlth for thi
I 4I jMirnov boeame anlnouK rpnolvlng It
I dh self Into a preni hlnit or speaking tour
I ii Our pxperlenpo In Copenhagen wnll a
t ii repetition of what ocruried In Holler
I ilrim IhoiiRli nol quite on na oxtrn
I j nlve a cnle
I ° From Copenhaffen o Journeyed to
< hrlr tlanln Norvvny whero ilmllar
I II meeting were held with the elder und
h the Palntn
Ii 1 After each meeting the Bntntu df
I hired to Hbnkn the hand of rltlol1l
1 L Smith 111 they puwd from the bulld
II Inrc
A 1 Inl1rom thin city we went to Stock
hi holm Swertun where a large conference
i5 i 4 WH held and the nest dny we attnndeit
the Worlds 1ftwn consrecH In that city
i Trw reprerentatlon from Utah at this
f i city wan greater than that from any
I other Male Indeed ulmoxt nil the stntes
I put toijpthcr We wern treated pxrel
frothy nnd look part In the framing ot
I i I resolution
I From Ploekholni we went to Berlin
I I where hoi ver
I no publlo meting
1 j were held on nroount of tlm recent ex
1 jiflllnn of Mormon mlwdonarlen
I Tlie fldrrn are lounreltnfc the Saint
1 now not In Immigrate to Utah but to
t I ii remain In their native land to build
i 1 up Phurche throughout the world
1 henre the action of the ierman au
t j
iliiirlllcn MMN nnwarmnted
j i I The elders now Instruct the people
i not to Immigrate unlo pi at leant two
j i I pttr onn he converted to tako each place
I r In tho conference
Tlm notion of the German authorl
r tli itf hardly becoming the twentieth
I centurj
F Fnun llorlln we vlnlted ltzerlnYit
I where IroelUont JlcKay In dolnjr a
fcreat work The young men with him
lire nuperh
I Kverywhrrfl we went ue noticed H
i I Droflcloncy In the ulnelnff of the Kalntn
t There never was better opportunity In
i prench In ilerntany IJian now a hotter
r iindrrrttandln with IRaN to the
hurch nnd a more willing ear to greet
the eldnrn In the world
u Wp found evidence everywhere of
I I 1hn benontw or the tnhernacl organ re
I Italit and the work of the bureau nf
I Information ThU IK the twentieth cell
tury the CIRC of enlightenment
From Zurich we wont to lnndlln
I where Iiffddftnt tatn prnpnred for
tile inoeilnuH at l > eiMri < l the property
I o f ihf rhurch In that sreat city Wt
found cver wheri u inme willing fUll
I than no did f > ur imit HK < > when lrc
Fl cot fln hti iitKl Ell 1111 > e
From Ididnn wint to Liverpool
IlOd A few ih heI hrn wont up to
KdlnhurnJi I
The trip was a Btrenumji one meet
Ins a1ti meetliiK day after < uy HnlI
I i dent Hmlth > health U fair however
for hf luiil a HOIX riut solnjr nod ciom
Inn on the boat
If the woik nl thn Lord were found
ed on error the art ut enlightenment In
which we live would MOOn show 4i
i eakneMi KdonlmlKo litix IricrffltOd
iiml with Its Inrroate con > eiii the brtiak
I I Ing lcvvn of prejudice The itmn who
it nhfted < it JiU fcllowx In thouglit lit
ntiead Of nil the niKt It In tho think
ing pn > t uf thfi world thut III bIn
nine to ppreelatn thn truth > t nil
Kospel Ony that xvhlpjija nrovotl wjb
Ktnnd ultimately lnnfe enllchteniil
men ale dl ravdlnrt many of the crwoiti
of the day Having thrown out error
thr longing of their hearty mnken them
mtft < pptljp to the tuitlm the alden ran
jjlve them
Th old countries eem to Im rca
tionably iirooperoun the Middeit Ptt
I taclp there liowev > r In the fart that
I If born In overty In poverty thy ro
I main Only one In Inn thmi nd thus
I horn In Kuropn rte bip rhln pte < 1p l
jnent limo mutterx < r different for
IiI In u choice In nIt nlv > M > all other
You should br rII1 f our mlulnn
ntteg they urn clcnn rl liinH jounr
men Trael I a RTPM rlui < ati hi > iir2
they aro deriving greet 1t1ilntallth
I from It
fievMnl tlme I hive
> ink n mv chit
dren to 111 old rpirtu to lvw thflin
tile decrnttatlon nut f vht I URH hug
u nnd to fthnw them whu th < > inmptl hal
dunn for me
The tlderc arr Cfl < iMiiaRlnv the
UHlntH to remain In foroisn lamU find
l liulld up the work of the lArd lmr
A l lderaMo proportlnn uf the
money you glv r or tIthIng ROtS toward
th building UP n f the churches bt4njr
V erected throng iit the world
Truth ranmt b overthrown IM UK
ntH for the honor and the glory ot
1 GodThp
Thp rhii ihn Mine nn anthem Hal
i lelujah fir ih Lord Hod Omnipotent
HIIJ11l ik election from Handel
lcq a
He < 1 i f wa gt en by Elder An
gus M urnMi
i ii
1W I
Fso the aamo care and
forethought in selecting
your druggist that you
would your doctor
The ability and inte
grity of the man who
compounds your pro
scription is just liS
ossontinl IS the knowl
edge and skill of the
1111111 who orders it
= = = = =
Tim Pure Drcs
fioutli Main
tl Ml Mtt
Prlics Offered lit III SIll II Inlr III
Kiufiumsp Yuuuuig lfn anil
Ad Writer
In autumn in thC long lilt of FpeIaI
premlumn that inv been offj re I uS thi
inBtiiifarturers in flu IH jyii prodiip
uf the ttnt to bi swai ln ihe slit
run thia ymr the fo lbiln specU
piemliimi lisv An offcrO by Irof
John T hutuue Uf of tlieI Attrlti
turnl coIleR to M awarded In the live
stock drp llm nts 11 by th citIes
McAllliit Aderil lnrt ngsny of Salt
hike l ilr to be swarded In the man
iifnctureri UepartrnmU
Hoys 4lorV JiilRlnK conl il itIIP fair
ItJlJtjal nrlte 1W strolid urlH JW
These prUs nre offered by frcf John
T Cain lit of the Agricultural college
to Interest the young men In lie live
chock liiisliKK firl in ordr to attract
tnore attention In the nuru In thia
vrnrk given In schools of this ISle Till
contest I to h held RI the elate fair
end nlmal rpjbrl In the lompetlllon
v111 be ipcl In Ihd work I
The bojo nre to JII lo on class In
u ch of the following division Draft
linrses brf csltle dslry rjittle sheep
and hne The rlas will onlt of four
or nintu animals and Hie are lo lip pier
fd nmt sCOtiI third ctp according to
Judgment of mich contestant aunt rearons
f r tho piscine arc to lie written or giv
en orally according to the demands of
the Judgs of each contest
First Any boy in the state who bus
lisper rftpefv any tfcruMr live slock
Judging work In school and rho Is not
over II years old II eligible
ovt 2 eor cll
Hfcond The work of pli Ing and giv
ing Ihe ron for so doing Is to be in
dividual with no lissloiance from the
popl i or hooks
Third Tw nlyflv minutes will lm giv
en for placing the animal snd IS mln
utf f6r glvlnjc or writing th reasons
roiirthrtacTng will count in per cent
foH wi i
and Vcrtio s Mar tent
Flflh Thn Jii < tJi t o thin cnnteit will
Ie selected from among the rriRiilag
judges at th fair If possible and In
case they cannot act 1 committee of
live stock men will hn selected to puCe
on the work
ThO cii las tcA iii ster Ad rtllnl
egeney WHIPS
Ifnl Is not too late wn would like lo
I I pnlal each prlu for the beet
sdvfftlsemfnt of a Ulan manufactured
RlrlS believe of course that advertis
ing will do more to develop rttsh Indus
tries limn possibly any other One thing
which Is An sildltlonn1 reason for us of
frlnir the prlie along the llne shove
We will oFfer 1 J10 cash prize for thin
best advertisement the only reelrletlon
Vino that It advertises a Itah manu
Hcturfd article
The funeral of the late D K Valker
an account o whose demise nprears
on lingo r nlll be held from tlm
family re > ld m e 136R east Hoilth
Temple street At I oclock Tuesday
evening The family will accompany
the bOIl In tile midnight train to Han
Krsnrlsco for tntPrment
lal 1roni iinmln PucKn I nll OIL Is
Gntlirrod In by Alert
Where are all thn Indians
And those raging buffalo
Im way out we P to see them
And I hull ron TorontO I
1 must test my trusty skin arm
lit wasnt niHde to show
But Officer d ileivelMtiil rudely pinch
The man from Toronto O
Hmll f ron U 1 visitor In Suit Lake
He halls from the qulit Canadian city
of Toriinto where the street cars aro
I mute and HIP condiiPtor ci > llect
lnt InIAI
I the fare wit Ii I boy He < nine West to
answer the cull of thp wIld snd nr
ilved In the rllj ° with a bulging
plirlou us li HIP whpieuhonts of tho
Indian and buffaloes and
In1 1lfllol I trusty
Colts six shunter In his hip pocket
Hn nan looking for the Indians and
snarled diwn ComniTcls1 street not
UhoutiiR that only the female Indians
of that thoroughfare wore the war
rwlnt Just then officer Cleveland
camp along and noticed HIP arma
ment rarrled In i nron on Ihl port
side He wes brought to thin local luau
tile soil loon Into thin brig nnd
IHIT gave ball 11 the sum of IK Ax
he went iii he was heard to say no < pr
thought hey arrested a man for carry
Ing ivenponi In the 11 They dont
over In Toronto O11 HP failed f show
up in claim his nrtlllprv In the police
court today and the ball wn forfeited
Pru4pcctlin OuMnnicr HcfiiM to Iliu
And Auult illotcd
The police arreslfxj Fred > ilmr n
onak thin mornIng charged with d >
turbine thp Iicaee of Ix < uls Ankuhdi R
ftveond hand denier at f < < > nnu > rlal
treoL On ptntpniefiU mad by Jim > r
Atkubloli vlll be charged In I com
plaint with arsault on ileer
The poiice have had numernus com
plaints from citizens lately of ft soom1
bund dealer on CommPtttial atrpat who
would Auk I man In tn look at his
jroort and when the Indlvliluil thus
aecosled i fufe lo buy IhO clothing
man would abuse and even nscault him
TMs r what rt < iUims al his ox
perlenpe I was walking along 1 lie
street he CC5 when this man > ked
me to come In and ee I new fall hat
cheap I odnt like the hat so I re
futert tr Kiy 1 and told him Er Then
he leached for a billy and struck me
When I recovered I sarted t > 1pt n
that Jin < ut when the poilce came
Judge W H King Outlines Attitude
tude of Democratic Party
1 On Leading Questions
Mcrllnrf uf lcinlcr uf liirly JlcliI to
ITIIIII Iliitfdtm on IriMn
< inmjillou
What nlll probably be the attitude nf
the iHTnocmllp purt In the ItwtieR lo
tome befitr the people of Itah In lie
riinltie iHilltlral campaign wan oil t II uiul
Ihl morning by Judw Ullllnm 1
King who wan lectcil at a meeting
nf I If lander uf thin pirty hold yellier
d8 > to be temporal y flmlrmnn of tho
emf > crfttlo slit to tutn Il lon to be lield
it 1iovo Sept 15 llio matting was
ompoped nf peveral of the wheelhors
> f the Democratic party anti wan hold
In Ionnoctlon ullli the exeoiltlvu com
nlttfe willed holds another meeting
this oonlnj for the purpnita 1 nf further
IlKtmliiK Ito platform to lit adopted
al the Irovo comcntlon
At > eilerd y8 session considerable
llicllMlon tool place over the adoption
of Illnk favoring staten his vruhlhl
101 UK mparntion nf church anti
Mute demanding a public cervlrf tiim
irlmloii nn attack upon the Payne
AldrIch I iiliT Myitem etc
To n ttfwn representative this
inumlnK Judge King ipukn of all these
nubJMtM and outlined the prohulils po
sltlori of the Prow conventIon with re
fjunJ II them huiulg o King wild
The record of the Hopubllcnil party
on the liirlff nOd other itivatlon ulll
furnish 11w leading lIII of the Am
pnlKn My tin pniKSKa of the Payne
Aldihh bill the <
bi Ihl Hepubllrnn thiniRht
that Ihe tnrlff rjucntlon Wil ccttlfd 01
nt loss 1 deiude but Urn iniinlfmt
favoritlern of that Mil In bahalf o I
trimtsi nml corpora lon hii > o arouvd
imbue sentiment until Hepiibllian
IhcintnlveH liavo been compelled to
npolciRlB for many or Its foaturun and
to piiRgost nindltlTitionH of many of tho I
rh dule In m > opinion tho 01110
ratio PnIl3 nt Provo ulll ilnriounoe this
bill ug inif of tin lost vicIous ICVCHIIH
nets ever adopted Jt will donoiime
the method by nnkh Iho jclinlulon acru
prepared alit call altnntlun lo he fact
that 1 was prepiued by the great
truntf criminal orgmilzatloli wtirt the
HiuiiopcillBM nnd that tho a ii hors and
npuniors ot the bill ern imir puppets
II i lie llHn of seltiulu orsuiilzutloim
Till Jnvonlliu u lli 11145 disrliir
nsiilngt trusts i4iit monopolism b ith In
cullj nnd nntloniili a lid Invlu HIP tt
tontloii of the Jiuhlk to tj fut t hut I th
republican inirty nt hOI nnd mitloii
hilly fwilRrn thodB
11 orruiilzritloiw uhlrli
tleativi prlvntft ctinipotltlon nnd In the
fnd jtllli dlh 110 not subjugated
ledurr the publlo to n rendition of In
diiMrlnl rtndn Them will ton plank
I hope donouinlnj t iHnnonl with nil
that that term Impllo alit nn iipptnl
for Incbpendencftand
lenllnrnRnc enlightened Judw
mfnt upon the part of the Iltlorltt lt
the Mate
o doubt the liquor nucntlon will b
onl of almost rHhiidunliiK Intcrfu
In the convention mid Jud f > iCluig
11 do not know what the pmltlnn of
the party will be on thin question Ii
will at Innnt denounce corrupt barifHlnV
by the i > loon men o Itnh orKln1
disgrace to the good people of thin stale
that the uhlnky Interests Hhnud control
any polltlcwl party
There will probuhly be H dnclarn
lion In favor of carryIng out the cin
stltutloiiul provlMloiiH for f pithllo 1
Ice lom m I lOll The Domocmtlo party
now as tiluiiye hut tocnl for the sap
nratlon of rhuroh and Mute I hellnvnt
that thnro should be no effort to unite
church runt state PronnJlv I believe
now an I ulunys have that In tut dos
hug the church It Injurnd and strIfe
In th state Is develop I look for tie
Demorrntl purty to adopt a strong
sane Democratic platt nn on thtt
will ommnnd Itself tn the judgment of
pntrlotU thinkIng people
T I Fltrirerftld rhnlrman of the fx
reutlve romm1tle nf the Democratic
atnte committee thin mornIng sent out
cards notlfjlnc the delegates to the
State convention that the committee
had cel eted the Salt Lake route an Ihs
ofklnl route for the Pnlt Iakn ucla
catkin to the Pmvo conventIon Tho
train will leae the Salt bake route de
pot fit Union station nt SM am nnd
leovlnq Provo returning nt 1030 pm
The 1nLlie and Hnxelder deleg < tlon
will aNo tttko thin traIn
Jodey EldrodRe rhnlrman Qf the
nepuhllcan county committee and as
sayer In charge of the United KtHtfR
assay office In this city baa gone on a
10 dayn flKhlnB tour Ho Is npcompa
nlort W Hurry Merrill
William M llojlnnce of Provo III
mentioned In conhtetitrn with the Dem
ocratic Kulvrnntorlnl nomination
The Republicans r Mmrnj will hold
n toRether meeting it the Murray
city hall YdiioBdfly evening Sept 1
Tli purposn of the meeting Is to cf
feet a permanent nrRnnlzatlon
A H Taylor 1 farmer waa the Irll
offpnder against the traffic ordlmio
brought In today He In al < 1 rharcoj
with replMlnp nn offlPV 1 v 0aiiBe lit
allowed fight and hAd to b pi uaited
to romp tn the station Clarence Par
due the Orlver of an nutomoblle aIn
was arrested ami Utor John Whltlhfr
At Smith and I Ixilcher were booknd
at hwtdquarterM IKTBUBP thoy had faIfHl
to observe lh law rrfnilatlntr teamtor
and other vphlrle drivers
Mutt u lal Allinrt bert llnc In
Street Uy nine
lack Hownnder nllaa howe Andrews
alf allin JAck Anthbrenct alias also
Olml carl Ro Hnder a mini who
19Iulla a dairy nt Ninth Wet and
Twelfth South rtroets was held up and
beaten by two bold highwaymen Satur
day night at the corner of Flr t Wet
und Twelfth South streets
The men secured About I and I cold
watch from this man with the several
names A woman paMlnc at the time
noticed him lying In the road uncon
itctnug and ran to the < asa Pontentla
nr and RBVC the clarm Itowander
was picked up and when II wound
vere 1rc sd taken to his home
Howtindfr alln Andrews doesnt
know what his name I because hi ha a
chanRed I so often according to tile
sheriffs ortlce AI one tIme he Rave
one mime nnd at other times he give
another He Is best known b > thp
name of Howander fie until iltlc in
cHi ailns the hold up al
Affidavit in Support of Bail Re
cites Story of the
fj Trial
1 heel Ito MniupnKliilcnicitt 11 SnprpniL1
Court Opinion juoictl lu
= >
Tbom VnniW conviited of Wife
lom rll 1
miinler and n < rtlmined in the 0111
JAi awaItIng rllil tilal if tho cl
111t tally Int ip district cujt by lt
attorney John l Tobln a motion unit
log that he bo > ndmltt li KIJJn
mtpport of life motion a 1iiKthy ulll
diult is niliiileil In hlPh the legal
history of tim rtlw U raoIeweui
rh iiindavll elates that tha Mil
molly given tiy suvernl of the lotidlllK
witnesses nt the trial of Vunoe hll sinew
I iprn either contradicted or dlsvtMlt
1 III clHlmed that Arunndi Vancu WIlt
rai4 the must linxirtniH faCtOr In aid
if the stain imcl that she dilL HiiKKRMml
bat the dffcnditnto wife Mnry Vnnce
had been p ilauliud Further It Is Mid
aha canned the publication In the nowi
mpeis of aitlclee which prejudiced Iho
ummunlty ntfahmt the ujirfenulitmit 1
I alluKril that 1na Vance the de
endHiit datiRhtei WIH under the con
trot and Influence of Anmndn Vnnce
Vurd and that she had testIfied to hor
father benthiK her inother under lu
trurtlon from Mis Ward
In tho motion the defendant luole
from the opinion of IJio ttuprotno court
which reversed the trlnl court and
ntitntml Viincu I now trial In nn nt
unipt In ehow that the ovlduncu In
t rodurud UHB puiely clrcuniHlantlal
and that the iirvnumptlun Hint thu do
endant In guilty of the crime charged
II not trunK
The motion tUute nlau fmni Chief
Justice Slriiup who Hild 1 think
this IH I ease Uf too mitch fonjictuiu
tinil not enough nvldenrv
lSi 3IOHNINC itnvunv
Itcculitloii AOn orrll of tourlcrJ
On llu > Dcncli
Tht same old procnulon of drunk
lined up t > forc JudK Uhltnkcr 11 po
lice court this morning and told the
same old ctorl n in the veiy lame old
wn oat of the Sunday celebrators
seem discharged
U W linuauher who until recently
conducted u grocery at the corner of
Third Knnt and Third South glrcnti
Utin given a hearing on a charge of
HTjur > I IH alleged In the complaint
Hied by the cull > attorney that
IljuHchcr IIIIH niudr I false utlldaxlt
In couiKvtlon with tho sale uf the
grocery toro to H 1 Knrmer The
iiftldavlt given b > iEauschcr at the
time of Ihl eale Htates that he
I Ruufdipr had paid all the outstand
ing accounts Thl Farmer denies and
nays that Ilatischer inndn I tale af
lldavlt knownlnKlv npnd In tip aCe
was Hxed at 1MO nd the trial set for
Sept 16
The name of 1 SlhhietmChar1top was
called again hi the police court hut
ns the aforesaid Mr Chmlton lR now
vIewIng lie beautIes of the scenery
between here and ChlcaKrt annexed to
one Herman Larson a Chicago doll
the the case was dismissed
Robert I > Kdwards who walked Into
Ihl JohnsonSchrumm Drug store and
declaring his name was Webber anti
that he was a Ion of T O Webber of
the Z C 1 I and presented a check
for 10 drawn on the Utah National
bank was In court today for a prellm
Inarv hearIng His case was set for
Sept 16 Kdwards pre ented the check
to Joy Johnson who wns suspicious
and called the police The county at
torney offlre says that there are othor
her given by Kdttards whn cashed
them by the same ruse he used un
siipcesjfulh at the druir store
I A Prlidand Tom Evans and Her
bert Riser who were In court charged
with vIolating the street tralTIc ordi
nance were dlfiharged when they eon
lnced the court thev were Ignorant of
the law William Swift forfeited lila
bond of 1 on thp same charge o W
CtHinor and A H Fox were lined < 3
Tho case of r Parker I hangeron
In Pal ONells aloon on Comme rcliil
ntre t who l charged with tuftmlt ind
batter on Alfifd Ollllo n Mnirur
miner was continued until Wednewilay
Thl tight between the men urosp over
be refusal of OIIIU to give M rents to
turk r
Judge Marshall held I short scsulon
ot the r S courts Monday rnornlim
at which the following business was
The reuse of John It Van Kvern VJO
0111 and Irrigation company ft
al Casp heretofore submitted on de
murrer Demurrer overruled mind de
fendant Riven JO days In which to
IT f A vs Gus LJndholm Informn
ion filed by U K iittorne > Order for
warrant Issued and ball fixed at 300
tlndholm III charged with riding on 1
puss issued to another
Hawhldo Northern Consolidated
Mines company t A W Scott Case
hoard tin demurrer and plea of de
fendant Submitted by C C Doy for
complainant without argument
The court adjourned until Monday
Sept 1ft
The case of Thomas R Thomas vs
Mammoth Mining company In whloh
2Lid Is asked for Injuries atmtalncd
by plaintiff while working In n mine
nt Tnt wan transferred from tho
Third district court to Judgp Mar
shalls lourt
hAi Olr
oroi mtiNfis stiT
Chance Quilt SulTrniI Lois of Animr
nil by Theft
Alleging that hecuus of the nccll
gene nf Max Florence manager of the
Shutwit ttiMitpr thldveM luolio Into 1
dressing room uf Iho theater and stole
two dress stilt electrical apparatus
mind other thing of tlio total value of
MM rharlPH Quill an electric novelty
H rfonner has mmmenepd action In tho
olvll dMslon of the city court against
HIP thontrlcal manager for damages
Part of the stuff amounting to t24 was
retovctwl one mat being fpund In 1
iKtwn shop And the suit Is brought for
JUSU Is nllsgnd that during tlio TVPP <
uummenelng Aug 17 Quill was en
gaged In his net at the Shubcrt and that
on the night of Aug 31 the good wern
tolun The plaintiff claim that the
window of the driutinK rom which
open out un > alley wa nol num
clently lrlMte by nhuttef or other
device fund for that reason bo li en
titled for to recover of the amount prayed
Mirnxir PIUKS LI1N
A nrslde hits filed suit npalnst
lintel 1 MulIMt in the district court
asking that he tp Riven a mechanic
lien nn a hOI owned by the defendant
because of lhe alleged nonpayment Of
I a bill of 153 Incurred In the hauling
of gravel nml sand used In tho von
utruction of the hoime HP auks aio
for uttumvy fee of IJS and for costs
of null
A complaint lies keen tiled In JlUtlce
K M nishopn court rhnrglnir J S
PMk with liiivlnB In his 1Ultlon In
frctcd fruit II Is alleged thnl Park
IMI W bushels of Jonathan npplM
Mhpi were infected with the lirvan of
the codling mth
vioIArHIth3l I law
Niischutt U charged In o
Phillip hnrJ1 I
complhlnt Nlhlll W Illnglev In Jus
tice Stanley Hanks court with having
In his pofwesslon one wld duck nnd
three American abnsetts out ofsen on
Member of llru > rr liil Ward Vlolilnl
The fnllowlni nollie WAS rr eHed liy
Thn 2w today for nubllcallim
To urlioni I may roniern Notlcn III
h ieb gIven to Iht meinbeia of I lIP
Ohurli ir Jesus < timid t of tetter day
MHlnti Ilolt ttlfler Illarles Woolfenden
on tin iiniitti isy of i > tiinber IIICS
lie vine iiren tiCiu illS I I wshhpeel
liv the hUlinprh of hip heaver laet
Wnril Ir Milton of thr hleb mum 1111 of
tIle bamn Mtuke of 7Jon WIIB cxcom
inunlcutnl rim the 1l11rdl of Jesus
Ilitiit nf lHtirU Halnt
TlMSP n Iici wie iMiwI upon i h rnM
rmilnsr KUli Voolfet l n for luivlrit
violated the ntahlfpalo Issued te the
Ijlc tronliiriil VllfOM Woodruff nnrt
lidtipled bv Hie Church a nil rniitrHry tn
Iho rule Bn1 teHchlliRii nf said Church
t Irk nf thn lllih toniicll
lies vnr CIM ltnh held In 1910
So Turned on Stu41 Ill Left It llminlns
And liuicd toiulcrnallon
The tint brontli of fall prompted ai
occutwnt of un apartment nt lie St
Itoglx 341 rant geivind South street to
turn on tilt Htcsni nullator 11111 then
lenvp tho apnrtntrnt yeMwdny mornfn
and four call camo to tim fire dopart
men I In quick succonslon from us many
different apartments at the plneo Ill
forming thexipirntor that tho place was
InvestIgation showed that the totim
had done no dimmgo further than xcur
IIIK Home of Iho dweller In thai npait
molil tioiMB viry budly one woman
and her baby hud beoome iii > hyutcrluil
tlmt It WIIB found nIIr lo cill
a physician to quiet her
Cliurcli oniclnl Will bo Shun
Tliroucli Sic liHtllullxii
PresldentH of tho four utakps In Salt
Lake Ity their coitn plors member
of the high rwuncll the bishops of
the varlouue wards together with their
counwplor will be the guests of tho
official of tho DcHeret Oymnaslnin to
morrow nvcnlng The pirty will bn
taken on K tour of Innpectlon through
flip big bulldlnK when tho nrlous fen I
lures of tho bIg Institution will bo nx
SHAWAt the residence of hlji sister
Mrs HuttlP James 4M west Hfli
North Sept II 1510 of heart dis
ease William U Hhaw born May to
1WX Itiillynmi Onchn Otnl > TVah Kn
if VhnrlW O emil IHrrljt ShRw I
A Wort fiUiemV sarVtcf will b held
Monday nt RfKnt from the residence nf
Mrs Haitis lames and the regular fit
lieral eervlte will be belch Tuesday st
I pm from thc Third ward chapel III
Iljrum where the remains will be shIp
il on Tuesday nt R am Friends are
Invited If tntn services Interment will
lie nt Ilyrum rtnh
IIOnilOCKRIn this pity Ppt II 1910
nrnpo HorroPks IIK Nt B years 9
month 1 days little dmighter of Jtr
und Mrs Kclnard Horrocks 113 rtrant
a venue
lhl uncoil will in held Tuesday Ppt
II at n oplocV noon from the family
rpsldnco Friends mny Iw thp remains
from noon today until time of the fu
neral Interment Ml Olltet
WAIKKK In Hits city Isvhi Frederick
Walker b loved Imslinnd of AJthPft
Walker In Ida 3rd 1111 at the > family
residence IM east South Temple srrprr
FuniHl nolle Inter Pun FranIII
papers please copy
Fl liIER At 28 polludlI court Fept It
1910 of diphtheria Daniel snn of I
nmlo and Mary Ann Lewis Fuller
sped 10 ynars
InteunenI took piers fiundnv at 4jI >
pin In the Ctty erneterv
n E Evan FlorIst It 3 Main ut
Floral dcslcru unqclalty Phones 961
Judge Lewis to Have a Busy Sea
son in the District
Tio Murder TrlnN oil tlio locket
lolm A ImirA mill Iliiiniiis IIIKO
ll for Xiv Tiliil
The calendar nf criminal innm for the
ptrnrnor lerm of court Hhos hut tho
rIM JudRo will Imvo n bUllY time Tho
oJliiK of cares In the calendar occu
pled thn attention or Judj Liiwls thin
morning Blntutoiy offeiinea iect tho
lint there bolliK 11 lo bo tried ombez
zlement comes next with eight dofend
niitn Two jwrttoiiH will nnswer to Ito
chaiRO of muixlor In lhr first degree
Tho cases were set for trial im fol
Sept 13OcoigA Thompson biirslniy
Jn third ilKrco Kratik Wood tutsuult
with Intent to commit murder Krimlt
lark IntrBliiry In uecoiid cltKne
4eit 20 Harry Jllllen forgery Frcil
H Middi forger
Sept IH Katukn assault with a
deadly capon Ooorjsn Kypro nllal1lt
with u deudly weapon harry Walton
liurslniy in ncooiul drgrce J AV ole
Ktatutory orfen p
Sept 2 fgth1 Urunuwlrk rind Inr
tony JoKe M Htoln rmbezzlompnt
Dam DORHII iKsoult with intent to
commit murder Walter Hramwell
foignry 11 Mlllr liurglury In HPPOIII
degree Jnined Ollroy ImrBliry In Ir
nod denreo Peter Antlvrl criminal IICB
Icct of rtilldntn
Sept 2211 Smith burglary In sec
ond decree C E Smith buislary In
hornnd degree
Drpl 27Icmeph Konler fnllurc t II
provide M > ron Allroil enilvozrlemcnt
LBhltimi Kiiine hum rglim r In third il <
crie K Mon Rrnnd lurceny
Sept 2SJInrk Hois statutory of
Sept 291 15 ktwls etnhezalcment
Oct 311 W ClirlKtlanoen olitnln
ntr money ttmlrr fnlxo pretftiFea Hill
Iurill proud larceny
Ort 1T U Illltton embezzleinm
JnppU A Illork swtutorv offense
Oct 10 Mntl Mfttlvl statUtOry uf
JfiiiRO Oeoise O HiinelilnKK Mntutoij
ilfenw Frank Smith pnihezzlnnient
Oct II Krmene Sinclair ntntuton of
fence K W Junes forgery Unnmus
Johnson Invohmlnry mnnilnuKhtcr
Oct n KlnT Klholm utattitory of
fpiiK1 flrnre Uronkn grand larceny
Oct 13 IHoy ForKllMin Htntulory
Oct 1Tf C A nil re wn rinb < > xlmenl
rtluir Hiown cinbfzzlement Thomas
Vnnce murder In IliTt desree Jnlm
Joo Kloron Illegal registration Jnmes
liirrny statutory offense OeorKf
hart assault
Oct IS John A Jones murdrr In Hri < l
AIM Hint < I Hobliunn Wrtlcs n Driinin
rlemuIIrCtfltmttlPIl I
A new jjJnyVerltftW Klnic tnieil
Illustrating scene from tlm puck of
Mormon II ml written liy Hire C Hobln
Hon an nttornoj will hn trlrd out lit
lloiintirnl this week 1111 It HU < CMIUI
preeenteil througlintit Llnh anti Idaho
Deallne 7lth the Jinellrc nation
nfileh lived In ancient North Amrrlrn
the play hPRlnK nith the perlwl h
It people was ruled over by king Inn
tremy to the 10ulF1 of their fathrrn nmt
the prnphen A rnln enialtIit ntninr
them thiit tIe jniinRp t ton ami not IIB
rldpflt BliniiM Inherit the klnedom Tills
fnt old jBr rt the eldest ton ft
lunar nn < l lie tetietleil HRfllnul nM fnllvr
how the daughter rf Inreil a beautiful
girl otdHlned the cood graces or AkUh
Ihn rouii tloi of Omer and llnnlh won
h < r olden It the them of the driinR
The enerv uoeil In original ha Hill
C nmonih and mnv other hlntori points
helnir < jer > pe < l
Wick Dine Flame Oil CookStove
Ready Any moment cooking biking
Ironlnff Doe not oerheftt the kitchen
A splendid toTe for summer cooking
Economical and eaeIl j regulated Three ilic
I B > prte
r l i
Hair Dressing
and Manicur
tac fN I
Bill Raisers
Trooping Home
TIIKM5 hlmul 1IIl1Ihr
nf ° Illlili JlMSnUV fnnill
aro on flirlr iiy to vim1 homo
to lirlim ronirml Hirer anti k
liiilinlnp llu < y liicrcmc lie
llelilliie bills II lIttle lint jon
ilfinl JIm for tlipj lirlBlilin HID
eluecrIs4 bloiiU ii lutcr 110115
Electric Iron
r j
< 1
Not a bill raiser but
a conveniencean econ
omizer twelve months in
the year
Only electric iron
with cool handle hot
point attached stand
and 2 year guarantee
Utah Light
Railway Co
Electricity for Every
Union Dental Co
Painless extraction of teeth or no
pay All work guaranteed
REIl inEP us
We Treat You Right
A Monopoly in Music
Is Out of the Question in Homes
That Have the Pianola Piano
Until the advent of flu Pianola music in most homes wns l much or
n luxmy
Tlio many who could only listen wore dependent upon the few
who could play
But now this musical mpnopoly is broken All of the pianos beau
tiful seurcts an unlocked and freed 1 > y the Pianola The listeners
may now be players themselves
The Pianola Piano 0
Yoiiif you arc not a tmiMcian can now easily have music ancl the very best music
play farbetter than most pianfct in plenty j
And moreotl may enjoy to the full the
kccu dud Inspiring yon pleasure of rolticiiur They have learned that the Pianola gives
music yourself to the novice the musical jKJWcrs and the
ThoiiramlB of imiMChuupry people have tlcasurcs which before were known
learned that with the Pianola they may only to musical nrtifU
But It Must Be The Pianola
Do not stint your enjoyment liy mUtak very important Learn the wonderful val
ordinaVv for the ues afforded Ii v the iICtro5It and the
jug an emrdinary pmno player or
Piano itself Learn before instciul of
Vc A Vllt to our More will make all this
after > ourjpurcliasc that the difference is cry clear
Pianolas 250 to 450 Pianola Pianos 550 and up
lUodnrate Monthly Payment if Dcfired
Have you subscribed to our free exchange library Ask about It
74 So Main Next to McCornicks Bank
= s Y T
1 I f 14

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