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LAST EDITION DBSERET EVENI N c + NEWS Tho And Iubllclly Xen H Powerful I tlio Popular Men mof Katnlty VroHtabt Dally
For First Time Since 1863 Maine
Will Send Follower of Jef
ferson to the Senate
prohibition Law Miiy ho ItcMibiulttPtl
To People mitt IHiil Option
ihun u Chance
Poruiind Mo Kept 13 Complete re
turn on the voto for state senators
ilirfW the Democrats have secured 21
out of 31 tiialt Tho last state senate
NJS mOIl up of 23 lepublIcons and S
With but four representative Ills
In Is to bo tomplfted at 130 pm
t du the I < inocrnts had elected 84
Ipr > intntlves and Republicans 55
The Democrats of Mitlns had lilt
f ult > I i Jay In contumplltlng tha
mjKnlf10 ot their victory ester tiW
in Iho struggle with tho IK publicans
Willi t nl srorus of little obscure for
eit t < nn > and Island plantations to
hear from nildlilonal revised returns
made farly give Cot Fred W rialutod I
iDcm 71711 voles for governor and I
0 UiTt M Fcrnald of Portland
ificpi ClODO PinlakdH total plurality
Ik estimated at SMK
It vtjed returns show the election of
A her C Hinds Rep In tho First
Patriot by 200 ot Daniel J McCIIIll
cuddy iwm In the second by 3000
tf Samuel W Clould Dem In the
Third by 2200 and Frank P Ournsoy
tltcn In the Fourth by COO
Whllo the election of Col Plalnted
it ml two Democratic congressmen
teemed a great feat Interest today
filtered In the makeup of tho legis
future which has n decidedly changed I
c mplrxlon With 139 senatorial and
nprcyrntrftlves districts heard from
out of a total of U2 the Democrats
Already have M III a Joint convention
with 92 to control It thc legislature la
ttfplured by the Democrats It probably
will moan the resubmlsslon to the
jjf pie of tho vexed prohibitory liquor
law und a hancc for local option In
thn tale of Intoxicating liquors Tho
Sturgis art whlih hall proved HO ob
ii xlous to many nnd was denounced
In the Democrat party platform ciin
be repealrd Cirtalnly till act can l > o
made Inoperative liv Plitlstcd with
drawing the prrrrnt commission and
neglecting to appoint their successors
Such a fcgfidaiufb ca1hiliochSoSo ff
succor to United States HInator Ku
gone halo and glVo Malno her Itrfct
perrtorrntle senator Blnco 1S8S and Now
England the nrtt since the oltctlon of
William D Eaton In Connecticut In the
late TOil
The next lealslaturn will have full
charge of rodistrlctlng the state
cturns rcrelvcd up to 1130 am gave
th Democrats control of the Malno
mate with 21 out of tho 31 seats The
Democrats have niso elected 71 repre
sentatives out of a total house member
hlp of 151 This gives the Democrats
viithln five votes of a majority In tho
lower branch
With a majority of 11 In tho senate
tlio Democrats arc assured of the con
trl In Joint convention of both branches
o f the legldlaturo which will elect a
I tilted Htates senator to succoed Sen
ator Uugene Halo
Tlif Republicans have elected El ron
rrsftntlves In the districts thus far
complete The Democratic leaders cx
ITC rd onfldcneo that returns from the
> tma nlng 29 rcprravntntlvo districts
would IIho a secure D mocrntle ma
jority In tho house
Asher C Hinds ltpp winK In the
Mri Maine congressional district hy
T4 Durnlll over Wllllm N rennet
MmMMT ° VUnK XL unomc > l returns
tompietfd today The total vote was
Hnd Hep 17373
Pennell Dem 16630
Ihnenlx Arlz Hept 1311010 com
Ntte Itturns tram J terays election
of di
1I0nl11 to the Arizona constltu
convention cftnflr the over
WhelmIng victory of the Democrat
They have elected a total of 36 dole
galrs out of 52 tho ltepubllclII1l1 have
PlotM It nnd tho fie delegates of
rounl are nllll In doubt llepub
It ann
Dlmocltts nnl leaders of the
J1Irty IIro claiming the Olla
county deIegttIon but the result will
not be known > sltlv > p until remote
pr 111111 IIro heard from
The result ilnakT Irlnln he Incor
tOttilion billhon Ir the principles ot direct leg
Iho initiative Zulu referendum
Md reall In the new lllito conlItu
lion and forecasts Its
by the oterll ot Iho state
IC ampalgn plattormll and pledges
srs alTlfII out to the letter the confll
tullon will not lft tM short plain III
Jtrumlnt pleaded for by thoso whl IX
Iress the fear that Rn other sort
mRh b frowned 11n In Washington 11
iiII et5hIish the frcn ft of tIm inl
l referendum unit recall direct
flttll m ot Untied States
lIallators and
dlret primary
918k wide prohibition find womans
of yrale may h fought out on the Moor
IInmnls hir 110 or submitted lor
to r popular Vote slmul
with the
All tl wih Ionlltutoll
Uti tl most populous sections of tho
Iat 11 be
uflOf6rl Presented according to
deletstio returns > by solid Democratic
dfleruo iihero with tile Possible exception
9ajty her tho voto of tho new
stv I 1 large enough to placo the
1ul do b 1 any event the ne
IubUrl Ware beaten Ind it Is
Ttel I ox
ttd tint lol nv Jnbr caIidIdatei who
ivlit Work 1th
crate wl the Demo
cril In th
11 Conventon
JI Newark x J Sept 13Iitaj X
the IODkin ot n 1Ma IU
at an rl man 011 rccorU to oTIcHito
sad hltWen an automobile
a bL The 111 nulomoblu
aew ca JJl maYor was driving hla
t Inon whloh Is Panted n bright
n the
ti1 da4 road to Hamburg 1
test hli ago when I bull okayed to
iQCr airnlnn the 60 homo
5i 1C loerlY or Jlle omobll8 on
bnr The IIltomoble
b 00 lIOtkiit hHIte hodun and
f a h 1olk118 could avoid it tho
lag a calle The huh hit low slrlk
fhka IV Iteel crol < 1 Piece and was
e al hromlnl9UI nBal st the
elr kept Ido of the road The
to the bull on The only demRIt eJc It
UI ts a broken lamp
Kiev ItUxila Bopt 13ho rounduo
or Jews listed for expulsion continues
From Hept 9 lo Sept 15 r were sent
out of the city and 3 2 others wire
notified to depart within a given per
iod On tinso nine left
lOI tllSI days nll persons Ilt
voluntarily During the sumo time
< 8 Jews were expelled from the sub
urb of Holomonoka and Dtmlcffka
The authorities are giving their at
tention now to those who have es
caped expulsion by hiding
On Hflturday night tha police made
an excursion ID the suspected quIlt
era of the city and captured S Jews
A similar excursion last night re
sulted In lie apprehension of 46 fer
Sons mostly jouthi who had con
cealed hrmsclres
H O Mnrxh llcllexoil of DnilcN ns
irnclnrj mill ordered to Report ii
I tjt of Male at UnMilnglon
Washington Sept laFor reasons
which are nut divulged tho state < > e
partment hal decided to make a change
In the American delegation at Panama
nnd no Murnh has been relieved of
the duties ua secretary of the legation
and ordered to report nt the state I
imitmcnt for duty therein Charlci
Campbell Jr ot Mlaourl nt presont
third secretary of the American m
bossy a Tokio will replace Mr Marsh
11 secretary of locution ut 1anunm
Uuubtlos those changes am tlio out
come of the unpleasant situation which
was created In Panama by the pub
lication of reputed Interviews with
Becy Marsh In which ho deviated tho
purpose of the United States govern
ment to Intervene In tho approaching
elections for acting president In the
event certain candldateu wero tlectol
Mr Marsh was directed to repudiate
these filleted statements and the Ills
Patches from tho Isthmus Indicate that
ho explained that ho had misunderstood
his Instruction
There Is another sub of the case
however 1 U now reported although
tho state department declines to con
IInn It that Mr Month was til victim
of inlsrnproHontatloiiH anti deception at
the hands of one of the dominant party
lead en who was a cundldatg for office
Kanxni City Sept 33I4evcral large
refiners and producers of oil In
Oklahoma will meet here Thursday
with representatives of railroads en
tering that state In an endeavor to
arrive at an adjustment for tho
transportation of crude 1 Tho oil
nierjjlnlm flue rates have severely
bIrJbredtImobil1nc3uatry Tliorallroads
readily agreed to n conference Their
representatives said there wo no de
slro to Injure tho oil Industry and they
were willing to arbitrate tho rate dis
Utica N y Sept 13 Confessing
that ho had coined many thousand
spurious fivecent pieces a man guy
Intt his name I Ooorgw Corrlgon of
Columbus 0 Is lodged In tho local
Jail In charge of secret service men
He was arrested cc Coopcrstown
Corrigan lived on tho shore of Ot
sego lake nil summer In a little hut
Posing as a camper Ills placo was
raided by government agents and
found to contain dies n hand press
metal anda quantity of newlymado
nickel Ho admitted he had been
doing the work himself nail said he
was getting ready to make quarter
Washington Sept 13A telegram
wns received at the Indian ofllco from I
Supt Young of tho Yakima Indian
reservation In Washington PItying that
the fire conditions there were greatly
Improved grNlt
Mr Young reported that Indian
agents and forest rangers were able to
take care of tho situation and that
troops would bo returned to their sta
tion at Vancouver barracks
Colorado Springs Cola Sept 13
Three masked men hold up tho Carl F
AlbrecJit saloon at Manltou at the foot
of Pikos Peak nt midnight and ob
tained JUS and a diamond worth 1160
from customer They were chased to
Colorado Spring where they attempt
ed lo take a northbound train but were
prevented by ofllcem with whom they
exchanged shots The men then escaped
coped towards tho mountains
The hague Kept 13The award of the
International court of arbitration In the
Newfoundland fisheries case became Ir
revocable todnv with tho expiration of
the live dAI allowed for an appeal with
nut either the Unite a nppol lot
Britain having entered a protest against
the findings alnst
New York Sept 13Thls Is primary
election day In New York city enrolled
voter of both Republican and Demo
cratic parties choOKln their delegates
t < thn state and various other party
conventions mid electing members of
the county committees
Interest chiefly centers In the Re
publican primaries bccauso of the
pending contest between the old
Kiinrd nnd progressives factions In
the Mate the latter bucked by Cal
Itooeovclt for control of tho state con
The polls open at 3 pll and close
at I pm
In llrooklyn 1 vigorous fight II being
waged in several districts against State
Chairman Woodruff who Is aluo tho
leader of Kings county and Is allied
with tho old guard In mptht tcr
Tammany conteNt In the primaries
arc over district leaderships In antici
pation of trouble In districts In which
eloso contests are looked for Acting
Mayor Mitchell ho ordered that extraordinary
traordinary jiollco precautions betaken
Sooner Than Deprive Women of
Protectors Will Move
Court to Modena
Storms HUM Itiwil Around 11 lU
Propoltloii for Yean Many Wit
neMs Will TVilIfy ut Trial
Fhall the IOVMI of Motions foe de
prived of all IU male Inhabitants and
thc women and children bo left alone
fur thi pICO uf three whole days Is I
subject vlilc4t has ben HRltatlng lie
minds of the citizens uf thttt burg and
also Uu mind uf Judge Joxhua Omen
wood for the past fortnight
The ucnielon lo tho hearing of tho
townslto question which should coma
up next Merle ut Pnrunan tho county
scat i5 miles away wherein prac
tically every nuilo iltlzcn of Mo ell
would bo required to be present and
It would take three djyn to go ami
come and cost tho people In thu neigh
borhood of J500
Judge Greenwood It IF said has been
puzzling his brain over the situation
for some time during which tolcpathla
message after message has boon Hash
IIIK through tho nlr from tho minds of
tho housewives of Modena to that of
thn judge praying that he make some
extraordinary ruling so that that por
tion of tho community which 1 expect
ed to chop the wood and build the lire
presIde at inonlH and shut the chick
cn coops 1 night may bo loft tl pur
sue their everyday duties and uuurd the
weaker onll from harm
And the benevolent Judge his ear
ever to thp ground when Iw wants of
mirroring humanity are Involved heard
tha cry and was oquul to tho occasion
This morning when iiauhiK through
Modena on his way to hold court at
HI George ho left word that If the
mountain could nut very well coins to
Mohammed then Mohammed would
como to tho mountain accordingly tho
Judgo and clerk of tho Fifth judicial
district will pick 111 all thing needful
at Its regular place of holding court at
Parovvan and with bag and baggage
ntor tho picclncts of tho town of Mo
den where ho will hold court and
hear this case so plethoric with per
plexing technicalities
Storms Ujth mild and flurce have
boon waging about this townslto pro
position for years Whllo the people
slept several surroptlllouH efforts have
boen made to obtain tltla to the ground
The nrst was to obtain title by having
UioKioUnd ivicitced under the school
law but this was frustrated by the
fact that this section In township 34
wIi already 1 school tract Then a
movo was attempted through tho Third
district court at Halt Lake when Judge
Henderson was on the bench to make
I townslte of I wherein tho Inhabi
tants with their JCOQOO in Improvements
would have been given 30 days to va
cato or come through This was
sIdetracked by the people laying the
matter before the dipartment of the In
terior and coining back through tho
general land office
1 order to put a quietus on all this
agitation over townslto titles the cUt
semi o Modena met and appointed the
following to look after their rights
called tho Model settlement commit
tee U L Nolf chairman William
Lund secretary William A Bond cat
tleman and William lX > fi1ci Post
master the other members
Their first movo was to make application
cation to the federal govornment for
patent for the 119 acres Involved nils
patent wa filed at the county Tit
April 26 1910 When this patent was
Issued by Uncle Ham on account at
contests Judge OreenwooJ van made
trustee and next week he will hear
thc rase and make a final order and
probably Issue I final deed to tho right
ful owners of the townxlto lands
Tho principal contestant ta tho San
Pedro railroad running thruugh tlio
town Involving a dozen acres of lands
wnntctl for Block yards and switching
pnJs The next largein contirgtnJit
U tho Gold Hprlnss Mining and Power
company which has a power plant on
time ground worth 50000 Involving1 per
hajis 6 acres The third Is K A Taylor
president of tho IVsefPt Wonder Min
ing company which Is holding a small
acreage with sonic small Improve
ineiitx The judge will consider tho > o
and other minor cases and likely mao
some equitable ruling
Tho Judge will then pais on tho In
dividual deeds coming under tho tvvtcnt
as to original holdings of occupants
and such other claims as outsiders may
file I is estimated that about P
acres of the townilto will be offered lor
Iala tho pmocrods from which must ha
iicwl first to reimburse the citizens to
cover expense of securing the patent
nnd Bccond to erect schoOl housea or
other public buildings Already 20 of
theo lots hove been sold at 10 ra > h
It Is thought tills rll will bring in I
snug um for public Improvements
Judgo Greenwood will hold court at St
George Sept J then at Purowan SePt
16 antI from there ho adjourns to hold
his extraordinary xomdon at Mode na
RIchard A Ualllnper necretnry of tho
Interior will bo In Salt Lake next
Monday on his way to Washington
from tho northwest He will mrlvo In
tho city at 9 oclock In the morning ac
cording to tho program remaining until
E oclock In the afternoon Secretary
Dalllnger will bo met und entertained
by prominent local Ilepubllcans and
during his stay will visit the land onico
nnd look over the city
ongmont Colo Sept 13For over
two hours yesterday tho body of John
V Penaulte one of Colorados early
settlers sat bolt upright In his bum
Ihl reins tightly gripped In both handr
whim the old family horse ambled
down the country roads to the IVn
Quite homo here
Numerous passersbY hailed tho old
man who was 1 familiar figure In this
part of the country but It WM not
discovered that he was dead until 1
neighbor stopped the hone to ask
Penqullo for I lift
Physicians declared Prnqultftn death
duo to heart disease and said that It
must have occurred at least two hours
before the body wa discovered
Seven Hundred Thousand Acres
Will be Sold at Provo
November 1
lnllr J Inlt Mutt ho Made 11 l1 h
Critw Lands to 1m Sold
tKtober 13
Washington Sept t3hat Is de
Ilarod to ho the larKott auction isle
of lands ever nff icd At oho time will
take phicd on the Crow Mont and
the Ulntah Utah Indian resorvntlons
on Oct IS and Nov 1 iioxt rospuatlvc
About 1500000 acre of land suit
able inlnclpally for dry farming und
grazing aro Involved In the sale
which was ordered by tho prcsldit
and the secretary of tho Interior
under directions troll Congress
The lands on thu Crow reservation
which amount to about SOOono acres
will bo sold at Hillings onl at not
less than J2 per acre onellfth pay
able In cash and the remainder to bo
paid In four annual Instalments with
out Interest Tho Ilntali lands ap
proximating 700000 acres will be sold
nt Provo Utah at not less than 60
cents tin acre entire payment to bo
made In cash
Only Six Republican Member Presnt
I Aft Than Quorum May Make
Statement hut Not Certain
Chicago Sept 13The in stiig of
the Ilepubllcun memberst of tho ilnllln
KcrPlncbot Invcntlentlng committee
which was set for todAy by Chairman
ICnuto Nelson was delayed by tho fail
ure of Mr Nelson to arrive at the ap
pointed hour 10 oclock 1 was gal
tho train on which the mnntor waa rx
Ktod to arrive was late but he would
b hero today to call the meeting to
A wad expected the Dcmocrntlo
members and Mr Madison of Kansas
the Insurgent Republican who on Fri
day mado public tholr llndlnxn which
condemned The official licit of Soy
Halllngcr le to ittttnd All the Ru
publican members with the exception
of Senator Nelxon and Flint wera
present for tho metitlng Senator Flint
In not expoctwl to return from 1 rip
abroad for some time
His absence will reuult in no quorum
being maintained
However It was re ortc < l that Hcn I
tor Nelson had a loiter from Senator
Flint authorizing Senator Nol 3ii to I
cost Mr Flints vote with the majority
of Uio Republicans If thUs Is done ac
tion on the question a to whether the
Republican findings In the controversy
shall b made public now may b ex
pected Tho Republican members wero
noncommita regarding this phaie of
the dispute
After keeping his oolloaguej waiting
BeAOTol hours Senator Nelson arrived
and called tho nicotine of Republicans
to order
Luncheon was sent to thC committee i
room and tho exccutlvol < i > lon continued 1
untied during the afternoon Senator
Puthurland left lie meeting for a few
minutes but declined to discuss tho do
IImtolV Ho said It teas pcslbls a
statement might 0 mado nt 3 oclock
Chicago Sept 13To 10yearold
boys played cowboy yesterday with a
and Howard Simpson
revolver today Howar llmpon
Is reported dying at the Ravonswood
Thojhot was fired by Thomas Shlrcly
a neighbors lad In the dining room
of the Sturdy homo The boys had
Just returned from school Young
Shlrely found on old revolver belong
ing to his father which was thought
unloaded and the game began When
In the hands of Shlrely tho weapon ex
ploded and tho bullet struck the Simp
son lad In tlio head
St Louts Sept tlaor Fred
erick 1 Krclsmsn yesterday sent let
tors to tho majors of 1000 cities and
towns In the Bt Louis territory ask
ing them to attend tho National Good
Roods convention to bo holt In St
Louis Sept 2 8 2 and SO The gov
ernors of the several states have ap
pointed delegates Tho attendance Is
expected to reach 5000
M r lI
wI Ibavs yoca Co say
C t oar cociafory cr1
Advance indications arc that
the coming Fair and Con
ference throngs will be here
in greater numbers than ever
the first week in October
This is the time to reach
them in their homes telling
them if the inducements you
have to offer them in their
fall and winter purchases
The Semi
Weekly News
Is the one great medium
through uliich the country
people fr the west can be
reached > their hOles I
Many Aspirants for County Of
fices Develop in Re
publican Ranks
Xn UpixHtlon So Pur to IVornt In
cli iii iiti tim of Clcrl hlp Ilcconlcr
chIp > or ShrkMilly
WhIle the date for holding the county
convention 1 yet a considerable dU
hence away iollttoully speaking iui
IMHtlve lenH of the probable Iliieiin
of Itopublkun onndlduteM fur the vari
ous county oftlcoA RiO being ldlllgol
In already among thoio Interested hii
pilinarlw at whluh 1legllO to the
county convention will IM chotieii will
be hold Friday Sept SO from I to U
oclock pm Tho county convention
will bo hold in tho Salt Uiktt hester
Monday tkt 3 a 10 oclock um
H far no opposition hits devolop
to the candidacy of Mia Mar arol
Zane WltvhOr In the Republican ranks
for county clerk Mrs Wltoher lou
occupied the office for tho last two
years and nnnounu < d her candldaoy fur
reelection at n mooting of the Womans
ItcpulillcHti dub hold yesterday
iur county treasurer John A Groia
bk It Is understood will mako this
raco for tile third time lIe will W
actively opposed by Fred C Ilasoott
who hus for the lout two yearn PIHI
occupied I dcputyshlp In tho orrlvo of
the county clerk Mr UuHsett unnouncs
his candidacy for tho trcaiurervhlp
that he Intends to mnko I vigorous
fight for the nomination Stove Stab
ford It U mid U tulsa out for tho of
flee onsldorabla of a tight Is prom
iced over this nomination as Trciinurur
Urutsbock Is said to have very strong
P 0 Ilefflntiotliam who has occu
pied the litIOn of county auditor iwo
terms will be opposed It Is under
tto < hy Roncoo Vlirua formerly I
deputy In tho auditors olTIoe The niimo
ot Dob Wlmmor has alSo livtn non
tlontxl In connection with tlvi nomina
tion for auditor
For the assosnorshlp Amos Gabbult
the present tnrumhcnt wems to have u
clear field for renomlnatlon no oppoel
tlon having developed to his candidacy
thus far Sheriff Joseph Sharp also appears
pears sure of
As now candidate In the field for the
In oppnattlon tu
county mirveyorshlp OIIP ttOI tl
the claims of Joseph Bwcnson now
lining the position for the fourth time
Jiave been mentioned tIme nnmua of
Hylventer Q Cannon mining engineers
I A Gardner draftsmHii In tho office
of the county rooordej and Carl A
Poet mining engineer
There will bo two opponents at leant
for the position of county attorney
now held by Job I1 Lyon from present
appearances One of the aspirants Is I
I K Wllley the other Nephl Jenson
The latter it Is understood Is con
ducting an Indcimiidont campaign
while Atty Wllley expects to go Into
lie convention for tlio nomination
hacked by supporters In opposition to
the candidacy of Mr Lyon The name
of James Ingohretoen has also been
mentioned as n possible candidate for
the Republican nomination of county
Prod Jnque county recorder has
apparently no opposition to his can
didacy for a second term In his own
party This Is his first term In the of
lIce and his friends are sanguine for
his renomlnaton nnd election
Walter Burton county commis
sioner Is understood to be I candidate
to succced himself Oscar W CarNon
an attorney Is Bald to bo a candidate
for election from Salt Lake City on
the county commission Two members
are to tie elected Chairman Mackay
being tho holdover metnborwhose term
does not expire for two years Com
missioner Murdoch It is understood
wishes to retIre from tho commlrslon
ship on account of press of private
For lie legislative ticket the name
tlO lelslatve tc161 te
of Lawli Telle Cannon has bean mon
tloned In connection with tho state
Bcnatorshlp nomination as hal also
that of Ronncr X SmIth W N Wil
liams who hns been state senator for
two terms his not yet announced his
candidacy for reelection
To date the names of Clauil < > Russell
Carl Hardy and William T Hardy have
been mentioned for representatives
Democratic DII tlnn From Cache
In Lruclf4l for lrolilblllon
Special to The News
Logan Sept 12While It Is expected
there will bo a vigorous fight In the
state Democratic convention against
the statewide prohibition plank yet
the Democratic delegates from Cache
county have been Instructed to voto
for such a plank County Chairman
H G Hayball Is known to be opposed
to tho statewide prohibition and I IH
said he will rail a caucus of the dele
gales to be held In Salt Lake City
Wednesday afternoon tho day before
the convention when some definite
stand will be taken by the Cache
delegation The Logan delegation to
the Mate convention Is us follows
It 0 Hayball William Edwards Jo
seph U Cnidon J 1 Urillln George
Kktdmore Chnrl < England L S Car
don Frank Thadher Abraham Jorgen
SOl Mattki II Hanson liar Nelson
Charles H Hurt John T Calne Jr
Other delegates in Cache county are
Mendon Henry Shelton with W I
Sorenson a alternate Richmond J I
Shepherd a M Thompson ant NcphI
K Nelson Mllhtlle James A Hovey
with H C Hennlgcr a alternate
Somehow or other the local Demo
crats have obtained the idea that If a
plank pledging the party to statewldo
prohibition Is put In the platform
another will go In relative to eccles
iastical Interference In elections and
there Is I practically unanimous sen
timent her against such 1 plank being
allowed to go In the platform and the
probability Is that Caihe will be found
solidly against It
PiIeinttlon to Democratic Contention
ARiitnn htateVldp Plank
Special to Th Newi
Park City Sept IS Peter Clark
chairman of the ecu us > f tho Demo
crats at the cf hal 1 flight led
the opposition to prohibition and the
New York Sept 13Joo Sey
mour In his CurtlsB biplane and
rod Schrlavcr In the Howard
Dletz biplane had nn unusual ox
pcrlenco early today when both be
came lost In a dense tog that hung
over the HatnpJtend Plains ob
touting nil object
Both men hud difficulty In get
ting heir bearIngs nnd kept will up
In the nlr to prevent collisions with
tree and fences
Rich aeronaut was warned of the
others approach by the throbbing
of lie motor and thus avoided col
lision by flying over or below each
other aH they approached Seymour
made four long crosacountry flights
and Sehrlever mode three
Fcnllment of the nine delegates to
the State Democratic convention wns
against tho adoption of n statewide
prohibition plank In the platform of
tho Democratic party Time delegates
chosen to the Htnte cnnvcntlon are M
follows Peter Clark JulIus Frankell
J J Coffey George Smith John A
Pa lion Patrick Heenan Mrs luey
Gnrvln IYnnk Molxiughlln amid John
Atlllntlo of Silt Iulin Dclrsiitlnn lo he
nlcl cd
To dItle upon tho attitude to be
taken by the Hal Like delegation In
thc Irovo convention on certain pro
posed plunks In its platform n caucus
of tho Democratic delegates to the state
convention will bo held In the Dooley
block at 8 oclock this evening Lynuui
K Martlnouu whl for live years was
itate chairman of the Democratic party
said that Homo lively discussion would
doubtless take lace tonlRht over Ill
of the proposed planks Several plunks
on which It In sought to pledge tho
lologatlon will bo thoroughly discussed
ut the meeting thin evenIng Bald Mr
Miirtlneau flue Halt Jikn delegation
130 strong proposes to go Into the stato
convention with decided Ideas an to
tho attitude to bo taken by the party
on the questions of time day and to
nlghta discussion will largely decide
what that attitude shall be The pro
hibition nnd other questions will bo
dlHcusred Other matters to bo con
sidered said Mr Marlnrau will bo
the matter of securing a bras band to
accompany lie delegates to Irovo and
to decorate the special train which will
Icavo Halt Lake City for Irovo at 810
Thursday morning Thin Cache and
northern delegations will join the Salt
Lake delegation at the depot
Cliilin a Victory In Securing lirrnlor
County Convention
Cuunl 1111101
Special tu Tie New
Logan tJiSPii l7 Th iicllun of the
HlpuhlCI county conimlttoe In call
lag a convention to consist of 1M
members Is taken by nomu of tho
politicians here to mean 1 victory for
the Insurgents In tho party as that Is
what they have contended for while tho
regulars have worked for I smaller
convention nnd today tie predictions
are belnt made by Insurgent leaders
that Senator Ilulltn cannot bo renoin
mat cii
Tho date of tho convention will bo
changed as Oct 1 Is duck day and a
great man politician wnnt to BO
gunning The new date will either ho
Runnhl <
Sept 30 or Oct 3
Special to The News
Kphralra Sept lFive delegate
were elected by the Democratic
precinct primary held In this city
Saturday night to attend the state con
vention to be held Sept 1 at Irovo
The delegation Is ns follows J 1
Hansen It M Olsen Peter Greaves
Jr John A Anderson Jr and J H
Deal Alternates James I Wlllardson
Orson Poulxen and J 1 Hanson Tho
delegation was Instructed to work
for prohibition
Kurrka DrlrintUon Will Onx > < Plank
In Provo Contention
SpecIal to The News
Eureka Sept 13That a decided
stand against prohibition will he mado
In the Irovo convention by the
Eureka delegation chosen last night
In the local Democratic primary held
In tho city hall Is the general opinion
1 J Kcnnell was chairman of tho
meeting with John 1 Shea secretary
The following delegates wore named
for the Provo convention George M
hayes John 1 Shea A I Eagle 1
J Fennel F loaner August Ter
trault Hall dear Alternates John I
Holland Joseph Phillip Joseph Han
nalln I C Doty Mike TlRchnor John
Kllmurry Levan Bacon anti Frank
Morley The Democrat of Juab coun
t will hold primaries next Monday
night to elect delegates to tho coun
ty convention
Mrs Margaret Zane Wltohor an
nounced her candidacy for reelection
to the Salt fAke county clerkship at
a luncheon given to tho ladles of tho
Woman Republican club at Mrs
Wltchers apartments In the Woodruff
Monday afternoon Tho hostess was as
Hinted In receiving by Mrs J U Kl
dredge Sr and Mrs Fred Price A
pleasant social hour was passed and
current politics wan discussed by Mrs
Ira D Wines Ten WI served and
music formed an enjoyable part of thn
afternoons entertainment
Ferdinand Erlckson mayor of Mt
Pleasant and formerly Judge of the
Seventh judicial district Is mentioned
ng n candidate for the congressional
nomination at Provo convention U Is
said the fait Lake delegation In re
turn for favor extended has agreed
to endorse the Sanpoto county min
The Republican state convention will
be held In Ogden Monday Sept 18
The basis of representation Is one
delegate for each 90 votes cast In
1901 for Congressman Unwell which
will give the convention 639 delegates
Salt fAke ruuntv will have 200 dele
gates In tho convention
Col r E Loose has tendered hU
resignation < ui head of the Republican
elate committee Action on tho resig
nation however will not bo taken
until iho meeting of the state con
vent to n
venton II
Nashville Tnn fmit IS Will Sharp
and Hob Bruce twt Titer < > T wIre lynch
e1 < near Tlplon lll Tenn last night
for an attempted assault on two lIttle
flt f
Government Will Push Cases
Against Those Who Have
Been Indicted
Nutiicmt of Men Not Ihiil c l Under
stood Ono b New yorktr I
Another Clilcugoan
Chicago Sept 13It II expected that
two more moat packers will bo Indicted
by the federal Brand Jury which yester
day charged 10 Chicago packers with
conspiracy and Illegal monopoly ami
today the government announced 1U
Intention to force tho early trial of all
The additional Indictments It Is Inti
mated may not come until tho 10 men
already named have given bonds Each
must provide 10000 personal bond on
each of the three Indictments returned
Judge Landls deoldod
Nona of the men against whom pro
sontmenls havo been presented syas In
court today when tho matter of their
arrest was brought tin by Special Anst
U S Dint Atty Wllkorson Ho asked
that warrants bo Issued forthwith for
detention of the puckers Indicted Atty
John S Miller senior counsel for the
packers explained tho absence ot tho is
Two of them aro In Eurppe ha
told the court und tho others havo
< our ot1Ire
their big business uffalia to attend to
Though they lire ready to appear It
they must we would like permission to t
enter bonds for them with the clerk of
time court unlesM your honor Insists on
their appearance before you
Whut amount of bond would you
suggest 7 nuked tim court
I was J5000 live years ago nnd that
Is satisfactory answered Atty Miller
The attorneys for the government ob
jected however asking that It no mad
iit least 10000 each on each of the thrC
Indictments and to this the packers
attorneys assented
Nothing was mild In court as to when c
tho defendants should appear 16 stand
trial V S Diet Atty Edwin AV films
however said later that an effort would
be made to push It ahead and Atty
Iovy Mayer speaking for tIme packers
said no delay would be sought by the 1
Icrente the men later to bo Indicted
were wns kept 1 close secret with the j
governments attorneys 1 Is under
stood one Nw York picker und u
other from Chicago were to bo named
No Indictments In the alleged oleo
margarine frauds are expected for ev
erul days It wan announced
Nods la pl 13 Lewis Dem son
of a prominent farmer was Instantly
Vlllnd 1mlnelt Gladys Sexton of Neola
was severely Injured toiUy when lieyers
horso bee frightened reared and fell
on an automobile In which a theater
party wns driving to Omaha Younu D i
ers neck was broken
Washington 8ept 13Morn than G
plaster costs mostly heads of American
In tho
Indians which have reposed
cornice of tho pension Office hal wilt
become tho property of tho bureau of
ethnology Interior department am 4t
cials recently ordered 1 complete ren t
ovation of tho building and had ex i
pected to dl Joe of these casts tut Junk
until manuscripts found under a bust
of Sir Walter Scott gave Identity to
the focus
The manuscripts describe the life
masks as those of Indian prisoners In
custody at Fort Marion near St Au
gustine Flo and of Indian children at i
tie Hiunpton Vu Indian school Sev
eral vhltn faces woro represented Il
among those In the collection Includ f j
ing Ian Melgn architect of the pen J I
sion building Sir Walter Scot Alex I
ander Hamilton and John Slldell once
United States senator from Louisiana I
The bureau of ethnology will place the
buits on exhibition
Hits tho IHMlnctlon of Heine the Hrst
Meet of the Kind In This Country
To b Financially Suctssful
Hasten Sept nThe HarvtirdBos
ton I r moet hM tho distinction of
being the first aviation meet In the
country to result In a financial success
and today tho last of the 10 days at 1
e again called forth many
thousands who have become enthusias
tic over air navigation Although tho
meet will continue through Thursday
competition for tho numerous prizes
closed today t
Having tuned up 111 engine and 4
tightened tho wires of tile racing bi hu
plane again Glenn I Curt s was said
to be contemplating the Boston light i
night for tho J10000 prize araJnune C
WhItes time 34 minute 115 seconds
for the 33 miles spin looked unbeat
able early today
The committee revised the record for
distance established yesterday by i
Ralph Johnstone In n Wright biplane
which gave tho plucky air pilot about
four miles additional JohtiHtonoa dis i
tance was KIln out yesterday as 97 u
miles 466S feet while tho corrected of i
ficial statument issued In tho forenoon
credits him with 101 miles 3S9 feet
The United States aeronautical re
serve Intended to Include In Its mem
bership all the aviators ot the country
and to bear I distinct relation l lie
government which shall have the scrv
ices of Its members In time of need
completed Us organization In this city
last night aj a result of the endeavors
Ryan and Clifford R
of James Harry Ind Clilord
Harmful of New York Hided various
high army nnd naval official The t
following officers were nomfd
Commodore James Barry Ryan of
New York chief nf staff Clifford 1
Harmon of New York general board
Cortlondt Field Illshop Herbert Sultr
ier Clifford 1 Harmon and Janus Bar
ry Ryan of New York
1 Organization Mill be rfected m
every state throughout the union
f M

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