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i HJe Him 1roni Aicua Well In >
I rl f Jiniii JHilrlrl Ofliir Illtrlit In
fl Sniillnrii luili Aitho
I jf I
f I I In Bplte of tin facV of tho giant pro
I ji I duction of nil In California and that It
I rf has nnsy access to the eoHboftrd UtnJi
J Is certain ti > tecom one of the grout
II oil producing state and somo of the
I 1 largest oil fields In tlio country will U
11 I developed hero Is the opinion of K V
I > Itodflsh a well known mining engineer
I l
ii I 0 who Is heavily InletfItotl In the Ran
I I Juan dlstrlrt and In which ho and his
I t
J tl IlIllI < lc1M art putting In their own
t r money
tl f n III understood that both the RIO
I tirande and tho tiantii Fo hay ur
5 1 1 voycd line Into Uio 011 fields anil thut
I j i It Is nlOHt probable tluU Uio hitler Mill
t I r run a lIon through tho oil country dl
t feot to Halt Lnto Uoiddes thu activity
I I I shown by these two road tho Phelps
Dodgu Interests have hud a corps of
lfit 1 tj eurveyom In the Hold fanning B road
I through
I T Tho recent informutlon from tho Han
I 11 Juan fields I8YI that thn Arcola wull
11 J 4 WAH pumped for 24 hours producing 64
tI j I 1 Ixitroli < > t oil and nt the samo tlmo
i r ji 1ft never lowerIng tho oil an Inch It Is
I 1 heUlIv that this ivoll ulono In canablo
I producing from 200 to coO barrels of
I oil a day There are now close to O
I JJUJI1 producing welts In the district and n
I 1MM Jargo amount of oil could ho taken out
1 If required
I Mori activity IN being shown at
I I present In the oil fields of Utah than
nt any limo In Its history In tho VIr
3 gin river country work Is being con
U tinued on tha three wells being sunk
I by as ninny compunlcs there In
I ji I Kmcry county thu roads to tho field
I J I HDiithefiPt of tho town of Hmery havo
Lit I been completed and machinery I
being hauled In Far on to tho outh >
S S cost In Wayno county Nato Lavl In
k1 pushing work on his property Sev
iJIu I eral others In Wayne country ala also
ri preparing to get busy In Grand coon
1 1 ty a number of prospectors am search
J ing for nil Along tho rjratul river near
Jloab oil Is being sought and then In
I 4r Ulntuh county some dlxtnnco from
It Vernal a large number of wolln have
1 been opened UI
I tit I
I t Majority of Swiirlllca Show DeiHue on
h Iocnl Miirkct
i id Conditions on the locnl exchange con
t i tinued dull again today and the volumo
F i hj of trading was slight Apparently
I iL thor was no Incentive toward nativity
d In nplto of the fact that dividends havo
tl rl14 been announced for four of the lIsted
klI stocks this month them was very lit
I f hI tle activity In them thin morning and
I vhnt there wall showed lower prices
i fij Tho total number of sharps of stock
05 c that changed hands this morning was
I E 12571 whllo thn amount represented by
t the transactions was 1121001
Iron Blossom sagged again tod ivy
I i 1j and EOO shares were disposed of on a
ti seller 60 days at SO cents The best
9 Iirlce paid for Colorado was 39 cents
I i i King William climbed up to 13V nts I
t i registering about the only advance
l 1 ColumbuM Consolidated gold ns low ns
N ill I rt cents
I The curb market wns quieter than
usual Tho only sain registered was 50
I tihare of Opex nt 36 cents
j Foienoon I ATtornoon
giir Stocks Bid A kxl I Kid tA ked
9 Beck Tun1 02 oiz
I e Big Ulll 1 Oh ot OI 01
t i I fling AmnI 06 OS
I it Jack Jack 10 1 11 I3
1 Bonnie B 01 01
I 1 ulo 0 M
I it I Curlm 3 3
r Cedar 11 123j 124 132
I Jj jl I Century 03
r r aormlo 3 31 3S
fl Cclunibufl 6 st f a
V 1 qt tVJIoreur 11 I OS
I Crown It0 oo OS p
q tUaly Judgei 425 0 O 4 0Y
I t > riigon I 10 i
r t i1i K C Point I 00 H 0 OOH I OQK
I it L T Con i 01 01 01
a J T Dov O 03
I Iii Kly Colu 10 is 0 15
I PI Emerald 10 16 10 13
1 L Grand Cent 100 13f 1OV4 1124
I 13L 1071 1121
bid Queen 0014 01 01
Ingot 01 001 01
t Iron nOR CO SI 79 SO
Iron Hat 01
I I1 r j I I Con 01 13 09 15
f J flowers 0IS 0014
1 Keystono 11 O ii
1I King Wm IR 20 IS 20
1 Lfchl 1
I f
Mt Belt llrt
Ilon Hill 10 10
i i t I 1iiatn I 12 19 12 13
va 1
l1 Mason Val 7S 875 915
t I 1 f Mny Day OlVi O 044 n5
1I r Slln Flat 1 00 00l
11 004
0 005
I tr t i lako1 02 O OI 0
I 3itL11xP 01 01
I 1 i i i May Oil x i 75 sr 76 01KS
r Nov Ill j 2ir M 2M 2214
ii I rib Newhouso 4 175 175
I 1 r New York 030 lil M
i 1 Oh COl I 16 11 lM 170
hi Rpohongo I 14 I
Ophonl1 1 13 IS
i l Palmer Oil 140 iRo 140 1
Ii Ploche M 116 140 16
1 I i Plutu 01H osu 04 0
I Irlnco Con 52 is M 5S
1 Provo 1004 004 5SVo
l RichAnne ii 0 Vo
i Keven Tgh 03H Ot 014 04U
i Ii
Bll King IJO 0 150 200
i ii ti R Shield 01 0
Ii l 4 Bloux Con f 25 2 25
B Col Con 10 11 21w 4 114
11 u 1 Iron HI 004 01 01 ll
It i Swan Con OOVi 03 03
I M Tin Cont 08 I 0 0SI 09
i Tin Comb 00 01 oov 01
nun h
> W
i I Letter Files
Our irirthod of mine let
c ters Is so arranged that
you al find those Saran
1 li letter naitin whrn you
nnnd them Your omc
time Is worth money Our
11i4 rlnl vystom save tina
f and monay Ever rrfeea
1 of commercial paper
should be filed and wo can
I show you methods for III
iji InK every onice form 1
Ilb t
ilL iI Our letter fllw rout from
I t Li Stc to 2 dollars trm
1 > Vo have un expert at < n
f tlalllni surh < ttnl
See Us
L i
lUgl e 13
CUIII 1 Cltlle JI
liA1J 1 I
UIIJH rl 12H 1220
IIUI 4I i87 il2V
Todals 5 I7OHOO I
FvHt 1 1101 1IHIHH2
Tin Jmp O 1 ooa
Uncle B I1 20 I n 2
united Ir
Illed oW 0
Utah Con 0 310 I 04
Victor Con 03 01 I 0
VIctoria 101 140 101 124
10 14
1 No I O II
1Mk Con o 09 0 0
Yor Cap < 01
Stocks I Did I Asked
Inlhr Gont Stand 15 10
Opex N M 3
Foderal lily 10 12
Vtst Qulno Ul I
lmlJohl O M
IlnRhtllll COPlr 1 18
Thompson 17 I
Ilohe KinK 2J I
Cedar rat 3000 at 12 H buyer 601
2000 at 12
Columbus 100 at t7 800 at 64 100
at 6f 300 at 66
Iron BlosHom 400 at 81 GOO at 80
seller 60
Loiver Mammoth 500 at lVi
May Day 274 at H i lCOO at I
Ohio Copper 400 lit 167 U
Opohongo GOO at 15
South Col Con 300 at 10U
Beck Tunnel 1000 at 2
lack Jack 1000 nt 1 400 at HVi
Cedar Tat 300 at 12
ColorAdo LOO at 39
Col Con 100 at 65
King Wm 400 at 19 Y
Tlntlc Central 5000 at 84 3000 nt
8H buyer 00
Open TUgular 10374 17200 281601 140000
22674 421601
Carlsa 100 at 16
Cedar Tul 2000 at 12 3000 at
12 H 5000 at 1
Grand Central 200 pit 110
Iron Blossom 200 at SO
Mason Valley 5 at 880
May Day 400 at C
Nev Hills 400 at 22JH
Ohio Copper 100 at lOll j
814 Tin Central 1000 n 81 1000 at
Montana Stone Welislis ll c Bind Tlircc
Quarter Carat
wlituwn Mont Kept ILWhat
la Mild to bo the finest Mipphlro ever
found In Montana which means In
America or anywhere In the world
for that matter except In India Is now
on nxhlbltlon at Butter Bros1 Jewelry
The atone weights 5 carats of n
beautiful deep blue color with bril
liant luster rivaling tho diamond and
being fully as valuable as I diamond
of that size It Is 1 perfectly faultlesi
stone and Is well worth the soolng
I has been pronounced the bet
stone by Mr Wells of the English
company who has Just returned to
London after a visit to the Togo mine
1 was found In tho property of the
VogoAmrrlcan Sapphire company In
Fergus county and Is another evidence
of the supremacy of this county
SMicirnit MIV umvn
loliil U Itynn mid Oilier Arrho to
In pm Smelter
John Ryan ali several others arrived
this ornlnl from Butte and left nt i
once for the new smclllnr plant at I
Tooel Upon the arrival of the party
hero they were nt onco taken Into an
automobile and whisked away to th
Among those who composed tIle party
tilt went to Tooele today wero John
1 Ilyan president of the Amalgamated
Copper company and the Prune mover
In what Is known as tho Colpllynn
Interests R 1 Malhowson general
manager of the Wnshoe smelter at
Anaconda and tho general manager
of the construction of tho Internation
al Hmeltln and noflnlnir plant at
Toele Scott Woodward who will bo
nan nf tim oro buyers James II White
hill purehuulnl agent for the Interna
tional plnnt nnd tim Olroux mines A
O McGregon electrical engineer for the
company C I Hepeth englneerln
charge and AV D Thornton nf Uutte
who secured the iontract with the Utnn
Consolidated that was the nucleus for
tho building of the plant
I was nnnounred that the visit was
the first Mr Hun has made to the
plant since It was completed and that
there wrji nothing to say at present
Upon the return of the party from tilt
plant some fuels HH to the future
might ho given out It was declared
James A Pollock Co bankers and
brokers furnish the following received
over their private wire this afternoon
Ophlr MfflSJii Mexican 112140
1 25 Gould Curry So bid Con Va
12Ii61 Savage 17 bid Yellow
JH ket 70 bid Hlorra Nevada J3023
Kxrheiuer zr sales Union 35040
fholliir t7ftls Iotosl 46 asked
TonnpHh Nevada 900 asked Mon
tuna Tnnopnh 8 bid Tonopah Extri I
9 nuked MncNamnra 28080 Midway
23 hlt Tonopah Belmont 41 24 bid j
Tnnopnh North Star R9 Went End I
Con 60 bid Rescue PK10 Jim But
Icr 246330OOI4DIrIELD
Col 1 4 asked Jumbo ixt 45
f4 Kendall 3 bid Booth 10 4
Blue Bull 6 bid Adams 2 linked
Silver Pick 7 hId Blue Bell 3 j4
Lone Star 3j4 Oro 67 Atlanta
1214 Ot Bend 3 < 4 Bed Top
Ext Sff4 Florence 2274fi30
Ooldfleld Daisy 2 f4 Comb Frac
lion 41 < M2 Kewnnos sq 9 Portland
2 hid Crackerjack 3 asked F Mo
hawk 3 asked HM hula 4flS y
Tiger OOfO Grandma 24tJ OnMflold
Con 87e8an Dfleld Triangle
1HT2 C O D IB bid Florence Bxtn
1 sales Jxln
Bnnnio riBie r hid Maynover Cons
3 4 Mmgy Mt 1
funw asked Home
IRkc stake on 1 asked > Tramp Cons I
Mnnh Cons Jilf4 Dexter 7 asked
tifJllrV Eagle > 4 asked Novtda
111 2 2H bid Plttshurg Hi ivak
4 bid I igles Nest 4 bid HaNtino
hV > u lUDl M uitnlM 45 bid lUw
hide Coalition 10 bid
Itriinlillo Mlnrrt 101 1IIleltIc1iIgii
Gnulo Tiiinrntvii Hock Mlnttl In
Illuu Jroiih Grould
Special to The News
Spokane Wash Kept IS Conrad
Willie of Spokane president and mn
ngcr of the United Copper Mining
company operating near Ctiewelali
AViisIi announces that three tons of
oro sent to the Oranby companys
smelter at Grand Fork 1 C netted
JGM2S the distribution being 1981 per
cent copper 3U ounces of liver and
IS of nil ounce of gold to tho ton
The oro wa tnkon from 1 shoot that
has widened to 1 Inches of which from
live to Ix Inches Is of tho grade from
which tIC smelter vottlnment was ob
tained The shoot Is the third In a
series that have been opened In the
tourm of drifting on one vein Chal
copyrlte and gray copper ore tho cia
irionts of tho new body which like Its
prnl < ccs8orH lies In the shale and data
arid pnnillel with a dike of nndoelte
1000 The shoot feat will be followed by n drift of
I In expected the hoot will gain
width a tho work progresses Tho first
hoot nxpanded from I to 10 fcot within
its < W feet of length and tho second of
a maximum of 8 feet within tha 300
feet I wna followed longitudinally The
mill grade of tho first hoot his
nn average value rif J10 to the ton of
thu second SG to > 20 while the third
nppenru to be all good as the second
and Is expected to be better by this
ration of Improvement hecnimo of the
increased depth attained the second
shunt having been drifted on ut I depth
of 400 foot while the maximum depth
to bo attained nr the third will be COO
ShlpnwwiUi from tho property have
boon with regularity end
ben i > n ce < llnff rCKllrlty
have been iniule palely of ort broken In
tho courso of development Tho output
has avrrairvd a carload 1 week of 10
ore with an occasional carload of high
er quality
Republic lllncs corporation control e l
by H > okime inert operating In HepuUu
call In oaHtern hlngtoJ rxiU Its
fourth dividend of 1J cont a share or
M6000 on Sept 3 The oman is
operating the Len IlnePeorlSurprlas
cruup of mines In Kepubllc cap under
a lease and bond In tho sum ot J2230C0
Though this bond wn entered Into only
eight months ago and extended over A
jxsrlod of two yfwrw already 75 Per cent
In paid The earnings Including th >
dividends and Investments In the Htoi k
of the North Washington Power and
Reduction company were derived from
M per cent of tho net smelter rrturni
on the ore the other SO per cent going
to the owners of the property the
Pearl Consolidated company until the
full amount of tho bond shall hay
been pnld Pearl Consolidated company
IUd Its sixth dividend of 1 cent n share
of J18707 on Sept 12 making J12 0J
to ilate
1W A Urocltay superintendent nnd
manager of the flue Grouae Tungsten
tdmpnny who IN In SpxiXane reports
that n car of ore will be shipped from
the property near Loon Lake Wash
In a Abort tlm Awaiting development
nnd the Installation of adequate con
centrating facilities only thn crucible
ore will be selected This consists of
75 per cent granite minus feldspar
md SG per cent tungsten making n
combination of Iron maganese and
tungstlc Held A recent analysis of
concentrates by Frank Oarrett
chemist for tho Klrth Sterling Steel
company gives the following 71 66
per cent tungNtlr acid 2360 per cent
manganese oxide 288 per cent Iron
oxide 60 per cent lime 05 per cept
sulphur 02 per cent phosphorus A
sampling plant costing JI 000 will 1m
established at Ixion Ixiko In tno near
future with Mr Brockway as chemist
This will give small shippers nn op
portunity to dispose of ore at home
Hepoits from tJm nnoltor on the sec
ond car of ore sent to the smelter from
the Reindeer mine at Mull an Idaho
show net returns of between lOot and
1700 Rome of the ore Is stated to hnvu
gone well toward 20 per cent In puts
copper Tile first car netted KOO Thu
company hal decided to erect a mill to
work the ore
Sufficient good galena ore has been
taken from the Pdar Creek mlno near
Murray Idaho to make u carload ship
mont Much concentrating oro has
nlso been taken out The excellent
showing of lead ore continues One
raise was mado In the shipping oro And
a nernnd ral o Is being driven on n good
Peter Vannettland associates loosen
of the upper workings of tho Callnhnn
mlno In the Co Mir dAleneswho Milppod
HX curl of galena ore this summer are
pjeparlng to double their shipments A
Ktcum drill plant has been Installed at
tho mine which has shipped 29 cars ot
ore to date
on inutj ixniNo
A deal Is pending between the Moab
oil men and Halt Lake parties by
which a company will t > e formed to
take over the Moah oil claim and do
velop them The claim holders will be
given 10 per cent of tho stock of the
company pnld up nnd nonaiscssabl
Tho balance of the stock will he used
for the development of the claims The
Intermountnln Sureties company of
Salt Lake and N J McCloud field
manager of the lledrvood Oil company
tire promoting the deal Mr McCIoud
came through last week from BlulT
and after being shown the ground
readily consented to help promote the
organization of the company Grnnd
Valley Times
n J Evans hal returned from n
trip to California
n 1 frlpps of nunnThompson com
pany left today for Arizona
Fred Fllndt came In from the camp
of Ion Valley this morning
H I Cobb has returned after sev
eral weeks spent on 1 ranch In Mon
Arthur Magoun secretary of the
South olumbus returned from Alta
The topper exports on Monday
amounting to 4178 ton of copper
r Will Buy I
10 Con Wagon tlcbIUC
a Con Life Ins Cn 1700
KO rtsh Sugar pfd 140
10 First NatL Bank Olden JfOo
10 z c M i aioo
10 Stats Bank of Utah sttM
10 Amalgamated Huiar pfd MM
10 Amalgamated Sugar com 1WW
Edward L Burton
47 South Main St rhone tn J
Badger Brothers
For Sale
80 Utah Earns Tunneling 110
100 UtahIdaho Sugar 384754
188 Ensign Amusemont 875
1000 Con Fuel Bond
making I total since the first of the
month of 9491 tons
IV Zelgler representing Herman II
Green Is reprCelltlnl Ienlln
now In tho camp of National
11 has selected the Op
eltlfd ground for the
lease and will begin operations at once
According to tv T I White three
standard rigs are on their way Into the
Sun Juan oil fields and
61 a more sys
tematic Plan of development la now al
Ing on thore
C K Short manager of the Oold
Springs Mining Power company was
plny Wi
In from Modenu yesterday He declares
< decl
that hit plants of tho company are now
operating smoothly
The property of the Chofey Mines
company was sold recently by tho
sheriff of Humboldt county Nov to
satisfy a Judgment of JieM S7 hold by
W S McCornlck of Halt Lake
Tho returns from two carload ship
monte of ore from the Ninetynine
Copper property of Good Springs rnv
showed 191X per cent copper and for
tho other 2067 per cent red metal
A V Taylor manager of the Plttn
burgSalt Lake Oil company returned
last night from Spring Valley Wyo
Ho says tho refinery there on 0 record
day handles 1000 gallons of crude oil
and the output of the field Is rapidly In
Raymond Hay hIlLs bonded for JSOOOO
tho Thornton gold property one mile
east of the Indian Iko group In Ink
canyon Humboldt county NJov to
Dice fi Cole of Seattle The latter art
also Consolidated operating a lease on the Rye Patch
Tlio Carbonate postofflce In Ameri
can Fork canyon has been discontin
ued HU Uncle Sam did not receive suf
ficient revenue to tot the bills The
men at the mines In the canyon have
mado arrangements for the malts to b
carried by the McGhlc and Beck stages
Reports from the east say that the
Utah Copper crowd has bought In the
open market sufficient stock to give ab
solute control of the Nevada Consoli
dated Copper company This will turn
half the dividend of the Nevada Con
solidated to the Utah Copper stock
The Kuveka shaft at tho Ely Central
Is said to have struck the primary ore
zone similar t the Nevada Consoli
dated at a depth of WG feet In the
Clipper shaft the drift on the 220foot
level has been working In sulphides
for the past 14 feet antI the drift la
now 01 feet from the shaft
Two carloads of ore taken out In de
velopment arc now on the market from
the CcHumBjus Extension property at
Alta There Is nol a 20foot breast of
low and nigh grado ore In the mlno and
Tony Jacobson declare that It will
either b one of the finest producers In
the stato or one of the greatest disap
While on his way bock from Alaska
United States Atty Gen George Wick
ersharn stopped off at Anaconda to look
Into the smoke cases that have been
started by tho government for tho al
leged protectIon of the forest In Deer
Lodge valley Mr Wlckersham spent
Saturday and Sunday looking over the
conditions lit the Woshoe smelter and
tho Ueaverhead forest reicrvo
The Ulntah Mining and Development
company has been Incorporated with
capital stock at 100000 In shares of
Jl each and 151000 subscribed by tho
taking over of the Horse Shoo Placer
mining claim In the Homo Shoo bend of
tho Green river J J Snider Is presi
dent I W McCool vice president
Max 12 Smith treasurer and Dana T
Smith secretary
The Nevada Exploration and Mining
company has filed amendments to Its
articles of Incorporation fixing the cap
ital stock at 10000 with 600000 shares
The American Exploration company
of Salt Lake City tiled articles of In
corporation with thin county clerk till
morning The capital stock of tho con
cern Is 150000 In hharo of the par
value of St each IOOOW of which
has bern subscribed The Inoorporators
aro K V Bodflwh George J Davis
Charles A Olllettc Frank J Giutlu
and John F Drayton The object of
the company II to acquire mines and
mlnng claims and to work and de
velop these propertUw to the extrac
tion of ore also to purchase oils and
minerals and to refine and mill thorn
Thin Her Hock Drill company of Don
ver Colo filed articles of Incorporation
with the county clerk this morning
T capital stock Is 100000 divided
Into 100000 hare The company will
deal In mining machinery of all kInds
and will have headquarters In Denver
Wm T Cromar to Ada E White
lisp lots 4 6 6 and 7 Millers
Bub f 5 tO
Milton M Miles to i eFJ
Miles par nf lot 1 block 21 platO
O lC0
Salt Lake Sec I Tr C to Kim
ball Btchnrds lot ro Holly
wood 10
A N Humphrlon and wife to Ed
ward Carroll lot 9 block 5 Idle
wild lt
Jarkpon V fain to Tllll Main
lots J and 1 block 1 Archer 8
Ktillaks Hub 500
Fred flscs and wife to J V W
FltxRersld part of section 31
township 3 south range I wet 1MO
Jomcn 1 Price and wife 10 Fred
Bouse part of section 3 town
ship I south range i west 1000
James A Drown snrt wife lo Susan
Thlbodlan part of section 2
township I smith range I a 803
Valter II Vtolnom to I W Har
ris et Il 2 lots block 1 Poliom
Add jc < >
Msry J H Conner to Ethel O
ThrMKel lots S 4 S nod t block
4 Woodland Add I i
Pioneer Roonnen
Bold laid and guaranteed by
m lon TA
For the Democrtle State Convention
held at Prov Kept 15th UIO the
Denver 8 Rio Grande Ily having
been chosen as the official route as
special train will leave Ogen at SIC
a m Salt Lake 935 a m arriving
Provo IO1B I m Returning leave
Provo thirty minutes after adjourn
ment of convention Ogden and Salt
Lake bands to accompany delegates
on special train Everybody Invited
Tickets one far for round trip
Now York sept UTh was some
how of activity at the opening of tho
lock market today In contrast with
the apathy for Imf time post Price
changes were stIll narrow with decline
predmilnatlnic United Blale Steel and
Pennsylvania fell H American Can pre
ferred nnd Western Union rue 1 Block
wrro inclined 10 in tIlt realising on the
jOck lilmil luue I havltiK R bad effect
Itock Island vrotmed lost g1 and American
Jock Ilall lrhuel Steel n
can Car ana BIonsbnefn loe
Afterwards the lint moved up brIskly
to about ymterduyi cloning under the
lead of Roadln which rained f POint
International laper Central LeuMr
Consolidated dus and General Llectrlo
gained 1
galncl forenoon dealings txeteaed the
total of recant days tile Mlle etocUoa
was the prlnclpul subject of discussion
Traders orrcred Block at first and Mud
IItolu Inl
Iradel otered
lag the market unresponsive lurned to I
the buying aide A lrge Proportion of
the denllnits was In Reading Union Ia
cUb nnd UnIted States Steel Gains of
scored in numerous
an much M a point w Icore Iw
erous nocks R Minneapolis 8U PftU1
Bault rite Marie rest 4H 8t Paul 3 h
Louisville Niushvllle lultlmorp Ohio
and AUuntlo Nhvl Line 3 Toledo HL
lx > uls it Western preferred Hi and
Union PoclHc Heading and United
flints lUotty Hi Chicago A lon de
clined Heaty Iowa Central preferred 1
The demand won quiet at noon
Band were nrm
101Is Beading and Union Puclno ex
tended their gains 3 points but tlio rest
of the list was quiet and pruotlcally unchanged
changed Northern Pacific advanced Hi
Noilli American IS md annn 1 leo
trio 3
Ito In the afternoon the extreme dul
ness of tho demand began to affect prices
Reactions however were trivial ana tho
telling movement WaS abandoned
8ellnl market closed Arm at the best
prices of the day
Price were held suspended slightly be
low the oat through most of the final
hour Atlantic Coast too rOle 3H Illi
nois Central 3 JnterMetropoIltan pre
ferred Hi American Sugar IS and
Southern Iacino 1i
American LlMeed preferred declliTd
minutes 1 Tho market hardened tn tho last few
Chicago Sept lSCUIelelpl M
tlmated at 600 market weak Jeeo
ImAlo 10 wost
47M830 Texas steers 376S
83 TtxR Ileen feed
Jrn and
tell steers WB7CO stockerii tet
ens 4WW610 cows and heifers 3Z5J
6W calves 865Q9 3
HoBSBecflpts estImated ViIrSr
market dull dt lower Light MOff 905
mixed 87i30B heavy sr 9W wugh
mlxe b
SCoasM good to choice heavy cavil
8GI pig 85cJO61 bulk of sales 8M
940 HheepKccelpts estimated t 25000
thepleClpIN etmaled < a west
crn 34j410 yearlInK 4aGO lambs
34HG eurlnls
native 53 > e700 western 6OC6W
Omaha SePt IJCaltlenecelpts 9 BOO
market steady Native steens 4WgIU
cow and holfer iWJliSSO western
steers 75e6M range cows flfld butt
cr5 2SOS460 canners ft0ff34 lock
era and feeders 3000825 calves 3c
725 bulls tags etc 3WBGO
IlogsHecelpts 6W market 10f15c
lower Heavy Bt110bJ mixed 004 f 92
light PSO Sm pigs SW950 bulk of
sales 900I09
ShMrAllecelpH S6W market steady
Yearling 470K4CO wethers 40ff IW
ewes 3784K lambs e UOOJW
Kansas City Sept CaltleKeceipt
uJo Including lW southerns market
steady to K > c lower Native steers 4SMP
800 native cows and helter JwVj0j
natve eOI 3SS
stockors and feeders 3WO6W bulls z
f4ai calves 37W8O western steer
4Mtf7i6 western cows 2TC8Ji
Hogs Ilecelpts etoo mnr1i lOc
lolntctlltR sales pHU70 heavy
2MJ9M packers and butcher 9COt
970 light D041195
ahlnecelpl 10504 market stead
Mutton 404t404 lambs SSfifJtiO fed
Mulon 4f 40
wether and yearlings 40tA31 fed
western ewes 3TV43
llWool quiet Ter
St Louis Sept 101
rltory Lulll western medIum 1803 fine
mediums 1713 nno lUrl
Boston Sept 13 Trade In the wool
market as a general rule continues ex
tremely quiet No manufacturer Is fits
powd to engage large supplies vt raw
material at aJ time owing to Uia un
satisfactory state of Vie goods market
Orders < tor goods aro Increasing how
ever and the mills ore expected to book
a moderately satisfactory amount of new
business for the late fall
CliO 1
Chicago Sept 13 With the European
visible supply showing n big increase
nail with foreign crop conditions reported
favorable support for wheat prices here
today was poor Even lie hula failed
to see any Indication of Improvement In
either tile domestic or foreign demand
On the contrary the worlds stocks as
privately compiled were said to be np
preaching another recordbrwiklng total
Owning figures were I 4 to S lower
December started at 9t to 83K 1 de
cline of i to Ii steadying on the lower
Predicted fronts failed to appear and
corn was wwvk In consequence Decem
ber opened H to 4 oft at 6H4 to toH
Reports nf storm damage In Illinois led
to ptcniineIs at the latter price
In oats there was considerable unload
ing by local longs December started M >
to U down at 3 to 3 and reacted to
OfferIngs of provisions were free and
demand slack The opening will at I
decline of 6 to 2 rents with ths Jsnu
nry option nt 18214 for pork 10M for
lard and a74ff9 tO ribs
Wheat Export talk at llaltlmor and
s decrease In primary receipts added R
little firmness to the rlctlrIS The close
was easy however with December at
24Afl to 9 i I net loss of 4 to
Corn Later thl market eased off a
trifle The close was N at 65H for
December R net loss < H to 4
Cash con No 2 KnjeH No2 j al
low 57cVi i No3 fVi T67 No S Thlto
ftI67 No > yellow S7JrU No 4 tff
l No 4 white G6t15e14 No 4 yellow
Clotertve Cash 7
Barley Cash B2 7 > 7
Tlmotliy Cash JJOilOM Marc tM
0975 CloverCnsh 1200Ol fO Oct 1 o
WhentScpt PSi to S Dee 954gHi
May If4fl
Corn Sjit M > lc tfM Slav W
Oats Sept 53U Dec KSU Slav 38U
Is Pork ocr 100 bblSept 20 IS Oct
2010 Jan IS44
I r tier 1W lhsStpt irtj Oct
122114 Nov 11S2W Jan 10674 to 70
Oct SHort 1160SUGAR TtlM per 10 IbsSept 1 72H
New Tork Sept liflaw sugar steady
muscovado 8 test S It centrifugal 9
test i36 molasses sugar SO tent 361
Refined steady crushed EB5 sriuiulat
e t powdered 5g
Coffeo ot atrnl 11 TRo 10 f
lOVi No 4 Santo lllj
Burrnn AND oaS
Chicago Sept il nutter Steady
Creameries 24V33 daIlies 23927
CBg Stesdy st mark cases Included
14017 firsts t receipt 84 firstS 2 prime
CheewPtesdy DsJnles IfiffV Twins
1KQH Young America lUJi Long
Horns 161114
btntn Democratic convention Provo
Sept lEth Leaves Salt Lake at 830
leaves Provo at 1030 p m SlfO the
round trip
Light heat and good Janitor tr
Building Ice Included In low rent Mcintyre
Last Hale Sept 13 1D10
Amalgamated Copper 84H
American let Sugar 3TA
American Car A Foundry 4714
American Cotton Oil 03H
American Locomotive Mil 35U
American Smelting A Bellntng C8 > i
Am Smelting Bollnlng pfd bid103
American Sugar Helloing 118
Anaconda Mining Co 39 r
Atchison 7
Atlantic Coast Linn 110
Baltimore Ohio 10G
Brooklyn nnpld Trnnslt 744
Canadian Pacific 191
Chesapeake A Ohio 74
Chicago A Northwestern 144H
Chicago Mil ft HI Paul 122H
Colorado Fuel ft Iron 30H
Colorado A Southern L
Delaware A Hudson bid < 160
Denver tt filo Grando 30J4
Denver A Rio Ortindo pfd 7114
Erie 26l i
Great Northern pfd 12U
Great Northern Oro Ctfs 1
Illinois Central 130
Interborough Met Ji
Intorbomugh Met pfd 60
Louisville S Nashvlllo 113
Missouri 1acUlo 5314
Missouri Kansas fc Texas 31
National Biscuit 13
National Lead < li31
Now York Central 1131
Norfolk A Western
Northern Pacific liU
Padno Mull 28
Pennsylvania 12914
PropKs Ga 106H
Pullman Palace Car bid US
neahl 12
Rock Island Co 3214
Rock Island Co pf < I 65T i
Southern Pacific H4U
Southern Hallway 23U
UnlontPoclilo N > 6i
United States Steel W i
United States Steel pfd 116U
Wabnsh 1U
Wabnsh pfd 36H
Western Union 63U
Standard Oil SOI
New York Sept IS Money on call
easy HHU per cent ruling rate 114
POt cant closing bid 174 per cont of
fered nt 2 per cent
Tlmo loans cany for G days 3VIQ4
por cent fop M days 404U per cent
for nix months 4UWH4 per cent
Close Prime mercantile paper 614
to G per cent
Sterling ucchango Ir with actual
business JI bankers balls at tlMWW
34S365 for COday bills and at 148620
for demand
Commercial bills 4A3l4
Bar silver f3 cents
Mexican dollars 44 cents
Government bonds steady railroad
bond firm
A sweet little girl anout three years
old was brought Into police headquar
ters early this mornlnc She had no hat
and a lightly dressed When Q police
man found her she was looking In the
bin store windows downtown I want
a big doll rihe told the officer At the
station she said her name was Little
Girl ° UP until a late hour this afternoon
no one nod called to ask for her and
no Inquiry has I wen hear around the
station for the tot She Is up In Matron
Qlffords rooms playing with a big rug
01 made by 1 woman prisoner out of
enmo old clothes She doesnt know
where she lives
Provo Kept 13The annual stab
convention of tho Womans Christian
Temperance union will ho held at
Provo thin week beginning Wednesday
The olllccrs are UK follows Presi
dent Mrs Lulu L shrphard llrat vice
president Mrs C H Newton Kctond
vice president Mrs Mary M Bo > ilvn
corresponding secretary Miss Luota H
Kennedy recording secretary Mlsa
Harriet Luncy assistant recording
secretary Mrs E 1 Shelton treasur
er Mrs M F Core secretary L T
L Mrs Frank Cook secretary V 1
31 Miss Wlnnirrrd Jensen state or
ganizer Mr Corey Albrltton
The program of the throedays meet
Ing follows
Wednesdaj evening Convention call
ed to order by state president dcvo
tlonals special music address of wel
come for tho city Mayor AV IL Boy
address for the Church Hlsbop Albert
Manncrlng address for tho club Mrs
J W Alrd nddienn for the schools
L K Kagertion special music
response to tho address of welcome
respnl wecome
fT Stephen Longstroth appointment
of committees offering colon Vic
tory Mils Ethel Kavband member
ship and adjournment
Thursday Morning Pml O aervlcei
rolIcaJl of delegates reading of declar
ation of principles state recording
secretary reports of stato omcers Tho
Best Thing Our Union Has Done Thin
Year delegates Plea For Our Na
tional Papers state corresponding
secretary memorial service plea for
life and memorial members noontide
prayer adjournment for lunch
Thursday afternoon First vlco presi
dent presiding Devutlonnls reports of
superintendents literature Miss Freda
Drewel Work Among Soldiers Mrs
C A Walker Sabbath Observance
Ml s Loulso Frost mothnrs meeting
Mn A H Burkholder special music
AntiNarcotics Mrs Abby Burt
Prisons and Jails Miss Josephine
Kellogg Sabbath Schools Mrs W
L Craig Flower Mission Mrs Mary
Sumne music presidents annual R
dress question box on department
work for unions
Thursday night Fathers evening
dnvotlonals music HcsponsElrflltJes of
Fatherhood Prof George I Brim
hal Father In tho Homo and
Chur B v Wlldman Murphy mu
sic Father In BuslnecsOeorge Htart
up A Fathers Opportunity From a
Mothers Standpoint Mrs James
Cherry offering membership adjournment
Friday morning Second vIce presi
dent presiding Devotionals reports of
superintendents Press and National
Papers Mien Loetn 8 Kennedy Bed
Letter Days Mrs lAu Colby B T
I Miss Jennie Simmons Mercy
Mrs T D I t Purity Mrs L L
Shepard musIc Legislation Mrs P
A Slmpldn Medical Temperance
Mrs A M Granger medal contents
n U MoriUromerr Christian Citi
zenship Mrs 3 W Alrd discussion
of department work led by president
election of officers noontide prayer
Friday afternoon Mothera after
noon Bible Texts for Mothers Mn
P A Blmpkln Pitfalls for Girls Mrs
Edna Houtz White Slave Traffic
Mrs W A Wight music Juvenile
Court Work Mr Anna L Toting
closing consecratIon
Generally Fair Tonight and
lam f
7 am C8
Jam 7
I fm M i 1
10 fm 1
11am 75
j2nnnn TJ
lPm sa
Highest 7
Lowest c
inux T 1NCl
Beginners1 class commences Tuesday
September 13th Odeon Dancing
1 First Nt Bank Ogtlon3rO01
nlol OIlon ow
10 Amal Sugar Co Pfd aLto
SW UlnhIdalm Sugar I 1g
10 State Bank of Utah sum
Bond llouitht and Bold uo
100 UtahIdaho litigar
JO Con Wag Mach Co 84 hit
6 Z C M1 120 r
I Homo I lro Ingcot awco I
Jihn Ce Cutler Jr
Established ISM
Both Phene tM BLD
D A D Mvivln chief of tho tU
ru of nnlinal Industry nt Washing
ton is vlsitlnK In this city olhln v
nnd Mrs K l Ooehcn en route et t
from an oltldnl trip to the Pacific
1 orlcnl UII 1lcno coo it
lie resuincH his Journey Wodnesday
Mrs Qoohcn Is a nlccc of tho doctor
Cashier W Jr Blicamuui returned
this morning from u two woeks1 outing
at the Wlliner nxnoh In tho oUlnl
era part of tho stato whero there u
Iota of ozono and
< ant oxpoauro to tho in
Jvlgorntlng atmosphere IDs If
11trotng ntosphero tao 11
nil bronzed up like an overland utiea
driver and ho cola fully an hcalt > y
Ho drove Into Ogden 3 miles early to
lay simply a I morning beacon
J J ThonnoH has returned fioin f
Inuls where ho went an a deleeto
to tho national convention of Kaglc
Dewltt Knox has returned to Yule to
finish hil college cotireu graduaMn
next Juno with the dvgroo IrcuaI
AV F Wylnnd iLSHlstiint olraorver at
Portland la In tho city and called at
tho weather office today clle
novo Dr S 1 < Vlslmrd loft this noon
for Los Angeles his pro ont homo
after f buslnos trip to the northern
part ot thin stnte
Walter Anderson Supt of rap
service of the O S L leave tonight
for Butte to attend 1 mooting of the
Montana Demurrage association to
which the Short Line alloclaton
Tho high priests or Liberty stake will
hold their regular quorum meeting in
tho Twentieth ward chapel Sunday
morning Sept 18 at 10 oclock a m
All high priests of the stake are re
quested to bo present
General Secretary B s Hlncklcy of
the Deacret Gymnasium requests the
members of the reception committee
for tho oponlng appointed commllr
several wards moot at tho gymnasium C
Friday evening nt 730 p m
Tho priesthood meeting ot tho Salt
Lake stalin will bo hold In tho 811
teonth want meetinghouse commenc
ing nt 730 p m Monday Sept 1
Tho Twentyseventh quarterly con
ferenco of Salt Lake slake will con
Sons on Sunday Kept IS 1010 There
will bo three sossilInsirl tho assembly
hall at 10 a rn and 7 p m and In
tho tabernacle at 2 p m Tho evening
meeting will l > n In charge of tho Re
Jlef society and tho Primary associa
lon of tho stake
a n
There could bo no Restored Church
had there boon no apostasy nu4
The Great Apostasy by Dr J E
Talmage Deseret News Book Store
cloth 60 cents
l QQl ICg N
JtJPQ ry
1eSn cc 1W e3
l 1r
1I l r f W I
< n 4
Jas A Pollock
SSI to ISE So Main Street
Stocks and Bond Bought and hi
Sold In a marli t of the
Fastest service to ChIcago
Board of Trade
Kelly Moitrose 0n It
201202 McIntyre Bnltdine
For Sale ndi
3 Utah Mexican Rubber Pith
Co Capital Stock 332500 ases
I i A era
0 if
There is Protection
To the patron who avail him hil
self of the use of SOFTENED
laundering their apparel The 03
life of tho fabric Is increased ddy
J whitens the white good and
brightens tho colored
Both llonsuI0 IM MAIN ST

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