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IEi7r EDITION1 DESERET EVENING NEWS Tlio Content Ncwo il liy Lcmli to tlto It IVosllno AdtertWiiir CTmroeWT nntl of He Itt
Under No Circumstances Can He
Accept That for Governor
Of New York
llIlw Comment on HnnieV
BeftIId lo
Slalemint That Ho Win II
IllIjtVrnUM Sinn
Oyiter IUv Sept HCol lloowvolt
exprmed satisfaction today over tho
jult In the llepubllcnn primaries In
rIY York ounty yesterday and nt the
Un JIM uh he WQM to take tt han
In dMtlnic the Republican utntn plit
Naturally I am gratified at the re
leIs than 1
mit he aU It Will no
lit said that James n Reynold wag
from New York later In the day
to go ocr with him the labor plunks
In the platform
Col nonwvelt was asked about re
cent eporU that ho might accept tho
chairmanship nnl that an effort
might be made to force the nomination
for governor IIn him He said there
puMlblllty of nuch n thing and
nm ro J > o
that he could a > no more on tho sub
< that he could not under any cir
ject nce accept either the state
chairmanshIP or the gubernatorial
01 ume would not say whether
he would accept the temporary
nanhlp of the state opubllcan
muter If It be offered mm
mThe colonel refund to comment on
statement Issued hy WilliAm
the Mr
nVrnes Jr of Albany In which
flames ld Col noofevelt was a Inn
gcrTultian The colonel la to go to
Sorrow to Illverhend N Y to speak
at the Suffolk county fair
1olltlcal leader In the Ilepubllcan
scanning tho returns of tho primaries
party tslcrIA found that tho
maries held yesterday
tuition between the old guard and
the HoSeelt adherents was unchang
el The BooMvelt forces carried every
dlitrirt in New Yk county wheN
no opposition InKing
there wan prnctlcaW
King county State Chairman Wood
pff won Ii out of 29 districts
The old guard now claim they will
to Saratoga with 109 out of tho HI
go Lloyd
SWte from Kings while
Grmom chief lieutenant of Col
lloo e elt figure to have 233 out of 26t
delegates from the greater city to the
ttflto eomentlon
There were no change brought about
by the ixunocratlc primaries
Reno Sept HOrls C Ring stale
superintendent of public Instruction of
Nevada and for over 30 years connected
with the educational department of
this state died last night In this city
liter a long lllnew Ring was 77
years of age and was a native of
Vhtaton III He was nominated by
the Republicans of Nevada for rc
flfctlon this year and would have gone
to the polls without opposition at tho
general election
Seattle Wash Sept 14A registered
nail pourh containing several thou
and dollars In gold bullion shipped
train Fairbanks for Seattle Is mining
and li uj > pos < t by local postal nu
tborltlen to have been stolen Tho
package wan sent over the government
trail to Vojdez Secret service men
have bwn at work on the mystery for
several days
Newark N J Sept 14Johnny
Dwyer formerly ono of the best known
featherweight In this country Is rI t
at his home In Perth Amboy Ho was
injured last night by falling beneath a
on > motlvo at a railroad cnwstng and
HM a few hours later
During his ring carter Dwyer fought
more than UO battles without reedy
Ing a knockout
OlMIi COMMITS suwllm
Denver lolo Sept lleturnlnB to
Mr fathers home from tho North Don
or high school of which she wan n
WPll 16yenrvld Arlena Stivers the
daughter of a foreman of a local elec
Inc company power plant committed
uiclde yesterday by drinking three
ounces of carbolic acid
A not found between the pages of
CCC or her school books and addressed
w James Kunford of Oklahoma City
OkJa reproached Hunford for what the
frj lurn < < i jils lack of faith In hor
and told 01 her Intention to take hro
wn lIfe
MlddlHolIn N Y
ii beiii Kept Hork
went btlng F11100 rapidly on the monii
enl which will make tho ot
M it T rove K
i one arrlrnan at Ar Ien The corner
18hl privately by MM Harrl
Sir With Ist 11111110 The ceremonies on Kalur
monument when com
WetM will u
i bo R massive
p Yore shaft ot
1 tih Mr design In which vi1I bo carved
d it to of J1arrhnans name with the
The hi birth nnd death
hJh tfJVe I situated In a grove of
Are tteel on the mountainside
Arden bnuse near
tfltfl family e tho home of the lInrrl
ri dd O1cg hi 11t Set > t 14A sailor who nr
tla ill thday rein Danzig hnll been
n a OpNtnJ
fottl A bacterial nBR choletit BUS
dertdA examination wis or
London e rly sept In HIt Ia announced
Clarkerly DeCIIIlber
Clarke piEriScWlHTMri1 Summer
cf Ieoria
J Itnit > 111 will Col J
Urrtion I mar7
IOn the xllorer
Sr tf thr Le and discover
ejycmlcg in the Congo
Wia nept J4lrs
tdwattt Iollso
IT at Blkckworf Ira E1wardll a farm
In hat homwl Point Wlt murdered
home lato
by Org m580 yterduy afternoon
followed httenzi n farm hand who
hll brains I time crime bjv Wowing out
° cause for the
uJ01ZI tragedy III
Or Maxurll Superintendent of New
York Citys Stliool Sujs There
IH Too Mucli of It
Now York Kept HThe public
schools duvoto too much time to th
reading or poetry these diiyn accord
Ing to Dr William H Maxwell sup
ctlntcndent of schools who has Juiit
put before tho school prlnclpaJa hie
annual message of advice and lutruc
KhakospearoH works arc particularly
ulIulnl > led to tho grades in the opinion
of Dr Maxwell Ho also deprecated
tho habit of glxlng involved and com
pllcnttui inathcmollcal problems and
too little physical training drilling In
rending aloud and correct pionuncla
I do not underrate lie educational
advantage of vomc said Mr Maxwell
A few groat natratlvr poems that In
variably iippcul to children silch IH
Ixjngfcllows KvanKOllnp and Miles
Blandish and Kcotts Lady of tho
Lnkp are all right And theo poems
ale much bettor adapted to tho ele
mentary school thnn any of Shake
Rpruros 11IIs A few good proso
works hould not be neglected either
such as Irving ii nip Van Winkle
while books of travel and biographies
of great men should be familiar to
pupil Franklins Autobiography
Hhould be read by every pupil In New
In our mathematical work bear In
mind that the long rnmpllcuted and
more ptueln problems have no ymca In
Hchoo work Short problems as near
ly nfl poHAlblo like the operations re
quired In practlcil life are what arc
needed At lean five minutes In every
mathematical drill should be given to
rapid addition and 15 minutes to rapid
mental arithmetic
I placo high value on drawing
manual training singing anti sewing
and cooking yet thu most Important
work log you have to do Is physical train
Now York Kept 14 Ernest W Ocr
binrht former superintendent of the
AVilllnmsburK refinery of the American
Itctlnlng company who with Charles
I Jlelke former secretary and treas
urer of the company wn convicted
last spring of conspiracy to defraud tho
fitavnrnment by tho underweighing of
sugar was today nentrnccvl to two
years In tho federl penitentiary at At
lanta nnd fined J5000 by Judge Martin
In the U R court
After Imposing sentence Judge Mar
tin granted a stay on appeal and fixed
ball at 23000 Sentence on Helke who
has been called tlo man higher UI is
ti pending
The conviction of Helke and Ocr
bracht vtls In n largo measuro brought
about by the of Oliver
tht testimony 8plt
zer former dock superintendent who
following his conviction ami the serv
ing of 1 part of his sentence nt Atlan
ta turned states evidence Bpltzcr was
pardoned by President Taft
Tour ImllvldmiN nnd Thrro Companies
Xnmrd II Imllrtniont
Chicago Sept lTho socalled brick
trust was Indicted hy tho federal grand
Jury today charged with violation of
tho Sherman antitrust law Four In
dividuals and three companies are
Winnipeg Sept HThe countess of
Antrim was robbed of her Jewels val
ued nt several thousand dollars hero
last night
This Is ono of the many robberies
which have taken place on trains and
In railway hotels In western Canada
lately which have netted tho robbers a
sum estimated nt nearly 100000
Thowo indicted arc
D V Purlngton president of the
Purlngton Paving BrIck company of
Oalesbnrg III C C Barr president
of tho Barr tlny company of Reading
Ill II S Ilenkort secretary of the
Metropolitan Paving Hrlck company of
Cnnton 0 William V Drcnnan Chi
ago sales agent for tho thrive companion
nion The companies represented by the
t crlnF Individuals also were Indicted
Judge Landls in the United States
district court Issued bench wannnUi
ugilnst tho accused I Is alleged that
the defendants were engaged In I com
bination In restraint of trade and that
annual meetings were held at which the
price of brick for Chicago was fixed
fit Ionls Sept 11Two hundred
metribers of the Master Car nnd Loco
motlvo Painters Association of the
United States timid Cnnndn opened their
fortyfirst annual convention her yes
terday and elected the following offi
J 1 Pltard Whistler Ala president
John T McCruckon New York City
first vice president
John Hartley Topeka Kan second
Vice president
xA P Dane Ilcwton secretary and
treasurer 0
The progrntti comprises 0 series of
technical papers and discussions The
methods endorsed by the association
are customarily given an Investigation
by the railroad companies and experi
ments started In company shops to fur
ther prove their practicability
Washington Sept 14Pearls are
growing nn cocoanut trees In the
Malay peninsula and the novel dls
Scovery hn been made the subject of
I special report from Consul Oen
Du Bul to the department of com
merce and labor The pearls are
said to be not unlike thaI of tho
oyster containing calcium carbon
ate nnd a little organic matter Cer
tain concretions form Just beneath
the stern of tim cocoanut shell and
the result la I pure white pearl
which brings a high price The pearl
in supposed by the Malaya to po
I Homo kind of charm
Insurgent Leader Carried Ev
ery County In the State With
Exception of One
Ilurallty IMIntiilrcl nt 30000 Major
ity of Sew Iy Klcclrd Icgblatttro
Hf Ilar
o >
Beattlo Wash Sept 11jim Uie In
surgent stoim that swept over the state
or Washington yestniday tho old guard
of the Republican party lout everything I
Miles Iolmlcxter of tipoknne insurgent
leader In tho prvgcnt hOI l to defeat
uhoin tho president of the United States
and Jtls clone advisers lent their ad
vice to th regular Republicans was
nominated for United States iiunator by
30000 plurality carrying every county
In the state except one defeating his
leading opponent Judge Thomas Burke
of Seattle in Burke own precinct and
carrying Pierce county the home of the
other regular candidate James 1 Ash
KotuniH from Tuesdays primaries In
Sknglt nnd Whatcom counties Indicate
that Representative William B
Humivtirpy standpatter has been rP
nomlnutcd In the ITrstdistrict
Jefferson county which gaVo JUdtru
Hurkc for United States senator 75
plurality II the only county which
JIlUs Polndexter Insurgent candidate
for seimtor did not carry All esti
mates of Polndcxters plurality go as
high HH WCOO
The Insurgents gain only ono con
gressmatmStimnton Warburton tim
Second or Tacoma district who df
feutod Reprenentatlvo W W McCredle
Tho Third district Spokane which
nominated William La Kollottc kina
infirm of the Wisconsin senator was al
ready Insurgent
The Democratic vote WI so small
that returns sent In thus far take no
account of I I Is believed that StAte
Senator Georgo V Cottond of Seattle
national head of tue Good Templars
hag received thu Democratic nomination
for senator In the First dIstrict the
only Democratic candidate fur repre
sentative Wlu W W Ulack of Uverett
who W unanimously chosen In tho
Second district 11 Uuighorno of Taco
ma was nominated
S An the Democratic voto was only 3
per cent of the total It Is evident that
lots ninny Democrats voted Republican bal
Polndexter having received a majority
of all the Votes cast any attempt to de
feat him in the legislature would he
A mujority of the members of tho
newly elected legislature are regulars
Charles Schmoll Under Arrest as n
SuMriciouf Character Makes
Clean Drcnst of Crlnuvs
s Charlai Schmoll under arrest charged
with being a suspicious character con
fessed to over IB burglaries during tho
past three months He Is the man who
haa been raiding stores saloons and
other places after they were closed for
the night Several hundred dollars
worth of goods have been secured by
this SKyearold crook and most of It
has been sold The police have taken
some plunder from the mans room at
ito Fashion rooming house Ho comes
from Htitte and Is a member of tho
Loyal Order of Moose here having
been taken In with a large number
of others when the lodge was Installed
Among tile pisces entered by Schmoll
according to his confession to Chief
Uarlow today wore Tho Sherwood
market tho Kirk market the M 1
saloon on West Temple 0 saloon on
Second South street and Main the
Monarch hardware store on South
Temple street u butcher shop on South
Temple street near tho O 0 S L depot
a grocery store on West Temple street
near tho Monarch Hardware store the
Comet saloon on West Temple street
the Hoover Drug company a butcher
auDi In Greek town n grocery store In
the same vicinity tho GreekAmerican
grocery the HurryHack saloon the
Kaltalr depot and other
Hen RUal fled 1 petition with the
dty recorder this afternoon seeking
from the city council the payment
him of 11000 an damages for Injuries
sustained In falling Into a storm drain
lultalnd tllg
nt Third West and South Temple
that the
Sept 1 alleging
streets on Htlt aleilng
negligence of the city wa responsible
for his accident S
Grnornl Headquarters for the
MiHlo Grnlrnl 1 IQulrtr
HocUy Mountain Rwrultlne DIMrict
Since June 23 when the recruiting sta
tion of the marine corps was established
here 7J men have been enlisted 3 per
cmt of these being Utah residents Ser
geant Nile and four men comprise tho de
tall Nae headquarters At the New AMnd
ior hotel on Main street where they
have made wh Man considered In the
service a record In tel the work don
h so well considered by the department
that wel Lake has ben made the general
headquarters for the nocky mountain
region having n I its subsidiary office
ron hlnl Ilutt Ogden and
Dnvr Time last batch of recruits sent
Island included William
west to Mar Isllnd Wliain
PetersOn of thl city The full strength
of the marine service is 9SSO men the
Srciint strength being within of that
number Hut as men nre constantly b
dlharged constant enlistments arc
log dhrhargd enllltmfnt
necllt though 3 per cent of the men
discharged recnllit 1
The rain whkh fell today was part
of a light showery urea extending allover
basin ns far south
over tb great ba loulh ns
Modena The precIpitatiOn was very
light and 11 repetition Is promised by
ho weather Office for tonight with clear
kle s on tho morrow The sun creases
tin rquHtor one week from today nt
which time pronoun Pd motcorologlcol
dlsturbauci a cuitoraary
His Latest Aerial Invention the
Zeppelin Destroyed by Ex
plosion of One of Motors
Clou Scarcely Knotting What Hail
llnppcnctl Tumbled Out of lr
fillip t SIMO Jlielr 11 ten
laden Bnden Sept 14If anything
could discourage that Intrepid apostle
of air nuvlgiitlon Count Xoppolln It
would appear to linvfl been furnlih
0 < today vlicn thd Zeppelin VI hl <
latest aerial Invention Mas torn by tho
txlo lon of one of the three motors
located In tho stern gondola
Three of the alrehlitii crew wore
seriously Injured
Tho accident occurred as the
dirigible won being slowly worked Into
its shed here TUB defective motor
had been opurutlngufi ututtl when sud
ilenly tho crow were whirled from
the imsts 1n tho rear rondola as the
craft trembled and lurched There
was I sharp roport a flash of name
nnil In I moment the Immense fabric
of silk canvass was afire Tho crow
hardl realIzing wlmtjlmd happened
tumbled over the sldelof the airship
barely rscaplngr with their lives The
lire spread HO rapIdly that tho shed
was noon destroyed
This Is the llfth serIeus accident
which has befallen the Zeppelin
dirigibles tho histories of which have
been brilliant but brief
Zeppelin VI was under charter of
tho passenger airship company hav
ing replaced In the passenger service
the recently wrecked utchland I
uus transferred from KfederlchHhafen
lo this phice and aftdr being fitted
with improved propelldrs and other
new features made a trial trip on
August 19 It proved to bo tho
npepillegt of its type and It was an
nounced that it would maintain a
sliced of 38 miles an hour
Tho dlrlglbln was reconstructed to
curry 10 passengers and In tho Last
few days had made several trips
Many Americans were among tho
Baron Kudolpli aoldschmldtnoths
hIM had chartered the airship for
the usa of n private party next Fri
day Up had agreed to pay 1600 for
tho llrst two hours of tho excursion
and 2BO for ach additional hour
The JSeprxlln VI will b best remem
bred by Its nntabla flight from Fried
rlqhBhafen to Herlln when It carried
Count ZeppelIn the Inventor on a visit
to Kmporor William
When the Doutschlantl ntut WTe > k > d
the Oorman Airship Stock company
which hal InaAigurntAd a pai enx < r
service In thn vl nltyf Ikulen Baden
chartered the ZeppellnVI ami advor
tIred that It would make dally trip
of from ono to thrfe hours eAch until
Sept 30 when It won exported ho
IKiutsohland would again b 111 con
Tho Zeppelin VI was built In 1909
hut had since been nlteped and enlarged
liar navigating and op rntlngr machin
ery was contained In two gondola car
situated In the bow and stern It wes In
tho stern gondola that tho explosion oc
curred today
Suspended from Uio center of the air
Rhlp was a luxuriously furnished cab
in She carried 0 crew of 10 men
The measur monts of the Zeppelin VI
Length 472 feet width 4 teat gas
capacity 20000 cubit yards Her three
motors had a total of 400horsepowvr
expended In four propellers and rWllg
her I speed of 3S miles nn hour
Madrid Ftpt 14Ccimntltomaneuios
jireiddcnt of tho Spanish clinjnber Jf
dellutN In reported In nn Interview to
day ns declaring that tho policies c
remlcr Cannlejas am gaining dully
adherents among tho adversaries of the
government al the country convinced
that he Is working for tho best Interests
of the nation
Tho omiiit thinks that Spain will bn
emancipated from fanatloafl clerical
ism which lie nay has for centuries
weighed heavily on It Tlio le
I not ngalrurt Cnth illclsm but ngaliist
clcrlcallim which Is Impeding tho com
merclnl dmclopment of Spain and
mingling In politIcs
At the opening nt tho cortex CanaJe
jams according to the president will an
nounce an unmodified continuation or
his religious cnmpalgn
Tho padlock bill prohibiting tho
creation of further religious estardls
mojits until the revision of the concor
dat has been completed and a deflrlt °
law on the subject lino boen pmmaso1
which measure is opposed by the Vati
can will not b withdrawn but on th
contrary the senate will ronumo Its
discussion of tho leg
l I
R llI
W IS yo ft Y
lo I lrv on
Advance indications arc that
the coming Fail and Con
ference throngs will be here
in greater numbers than ever
the first week in October
This is thc time to reach
them in their home J telling
them of the inducements you
have to offer them in their
fall and winter purchases
The Semi
Weekly News
I the one great medium
through which the country
people of the west can be
reached in their homes
Arrangements Complete for State
Convention at Garden
City Tomorrow
floating Political gtrnmms Indicate That
NcHrProhlhltloii Plank Will
lie Adopted
1 arrangements are about com
Plcto for the llnoup of the Halt Lake
delegation In tho Democratic conven
tion tomorrow at Provo Tho delegates
will leave the city nt 830 In the
morning over tho Knit Lake Route
which nil provide I Hpoclul train
for tho piirpone The ache and Box
Cider and other northern delegations
arc expected to Join tho salt Lako
delegates at thll poInt The special
train will bo decorated anti a brass
band will be aboard to cnlhcn tho trip
with Inspiriting strain
Floating political straws Indicate
that the Provo convention will not
oOIollon wi
take 1 stand for unqualified state
wide prohibition antI whim many
delegates favor such a plank and
will put UI a stiff fight to secure a
statewIde declaration on tho part of
Democracy other delegates art In
favor of a nearprohibition plank
which will bo the local option law
rovernod Hint Is where local option
makes tho state wet except where
the communities petition to have It
go dry the nubstltutn plank will
provide that the state shall go do
except where tho majority of time regis
tered voters shall petition to hate
their district go wet
I further appears that the conven
tion will not adopt any drastic anti
railroad plank although It Is likely
time convention will Insist that the
legislature pos laws which will carry
out time provisions of tho state con
Htltutlon with respect to a public utili
ties coniml Blon
I Is expected that a very strong
Htand will be taken ugnlnst the Payne
Aldrich tariff bill and that tho Demo
crat of Maine will be the recipients
of a congratulatory metsage from the
Utah Jcffcrsonlans In convention assembled
According to tho consensus of
opinion among local Democrats the
convention at Provo tomorrow will be
ono of the most Interesting occasions
at the kind In years
rinlnh nrnndlev Set Upon While at
Piny and Will Carry Scar
Throucli Life
With his upper Up almost torn off by
a bull dog Ralph Umndley the
6ycarold ton of Karl O and Jane
Hrandley of M Jeremy street Is in a
serious condition but aside from a scar
for lIfe will not otherwise be Injured
by tho accident The little fellow was
playing In his fathers shed which the
children UFO as a playhouse when I
neighbors bull dog visited tho place
Whether the boy tried t drive tho ani
mal away or to pet him Is unknown
but It low upon him tearing the upper
part of his Up almost front his taco A
surgeon was at once notified and soon
flue lip was studied The child Is doing
well but will hnvn a scar for life us
part of the lip was torn entirely uwny
Go to MO < JUO of Onmr Tomorrow for
IetUt1is of Initiation
The Nobles of tho Mystic Shrine ex
pect to take out 0 people Thursday
to Devils Hide on tholr first annual
pilgrimage to this new Mecca The use
of the Union Pacific right of way has
been secured at this place where the
Bhrlners have eroded n permanent
cement Mosque of Omar the Inten
tion being to hold at this plate annual
gatherings principally for purposes of
Initiating Shrlncm are to L invited
from nil over tie country to attend
Tho Devils Slide Is to bo utilized to
make more Impressive tho rites and
ceremonies signalizing the Introduc
tion of new members Into the pro
found mysteries of tho order
Atlanta my N j sept U WOmen I
of the organizations rntaled with the a
A n will b barred from time big en
campment parade next eek The an
rouncement II made by Executive IS
rolncement I Btfrirtt that the line will
be composed entirely of Civil war vet
romJofd the ix option < I gun de
tall from the Pmi of Veterans for es
cort out and fO11 fire salups
Special 10 Tho ewt1
Ogden Sept 14 Nt 1 Brown a
rnnll carrier was bit by an automobile
and painfully thugh not terlouniy
hurt Just before noon today at < thl
Intersection of Julncy avenue and
Twentythird street Mr Brown wa
behind n telephone jKle just as the au
tomobile approached aol neither ho
tomoble th thor He
nor the driver saw 10
101 drer t bnilrod but
wile knocked down mint hnlllt
as the automobile was nt being driven
fait ho was not badly Jiuit Tho driver
asilttgd the
was John Chambers th Ault <
victim after the accident He was token
to his homo In Mon axnun
Special to The N rs
Ogden Sept 14John Larson near
repairer working for the Tnlon Pacine
Kt Uawllns was found dying nciu there
nwlM nt 1030 oclock When found
he < nearly dead and died a few
minutes after he was pl ked up He
train his
1M been hit by a IU11
right leg and riGht arm btinif scv ic < i
from the body 5
Itotiirns Prom New IITSCV Prlmnrlos
ilte blokes lUg nulii Oter
Trenton N J Sept H Returns of
yesterdays primaries In New Jersey
Indicate that former Got Kdwnrd C
Stokox won over former Qov Franklin
Murphy In the cuntest for the Republic
an Indoriement for United States scoot
friends of Woodrow Wilson itresi
dint of Irlnccton university claim tluit
hf will have 1000 of the ltOO dele
gatra In tomorrows Democratic state
ronvantlon and that he will bo the par
tys choice for governor
However the supporters of Frank 8
lat nbach Jr In Meteor county fits
pute the CLaims of Slate Clmrnian Nu
gent antI insist that more than 800 of
the delegates In the com on t Ion will be
agHlnnt Dr Wilson und they expect
that on the second ballot those votes
will icnrcntrnte on Mr Katzenbach
The bitter was the unsuoimsful candi
date fur governor at the last state election
Vivian M Lewis ran abend In nearly
every dIstrIct amhundouhtell will IM
tho Republican candidate for governor
Tho conMitlon meets next Tuesday
Return from I5sex county ronomtnut
ed Congressman Parker Congressman
Wiley another regular Republican la
the other Kss x district was also ro
Tho vote in Fex county was decid
edly In taor ir the regular organiza
tions on both publican and Demoira
tic sides
Ill itll11514 itt ihrnturr of Irl llonnlo
Williams Whllo W II iiI I
Home Iroin Work
Followed by I bold fWlpad for wv
oral blockS late laot night Mm IMnnU
Williams who II emplojed at the D
t n l depot lunch room tuinwl tittii
denly on the mnn and struck him SCIOCI
the fate with her heavy pure The man
nnuered by the blow kicked Mrs Wll
hems three times In the alxlomrn ami
lien lieu northward ana escaped Into the
Ir Williams sciMined aid her cries
brounht several men to the scuns 0110
of wliorii otwixMl time wouldbu fuotpad
The wlor bad I long Btmt however stat
he easily eluded his pursuer irs Williams
hams wan nlilr to walk to IH UOIIIK but
her hotly In soxrifly brulied whole tile
amen kicked lie
She lcked thit she Wil hllnl 1 frleml
en Fight Booth HUNt and lett for hr
hOI Z Cliii Fourth South street nbout
IDJn oclwk She walked through the
park surrounding the city nnd county
building nnd nculced a swarthy lough
locking mac foliouliiK her but kcoplug
out ot sight at time behind tho trees
nnd shrubbery When elms neared the
corn r ne Fourth South and Second East
treut time man inpldly mime up wltli
her Mrs Williams wheeled on him Rod
took him by surprise Where are you
Il he asXta roughly Mr V 1
ROWf then struck him with the purse
The uimault followed
Mrs Williams Hays further that she
Is sure the mnn Intended to hold her
up but flint the blow In the face nnd
h < i srrrnmi iluterted him from iiocom
pushing the put pose Until recently It
mitt been uuslomury for her to work
until a Into hour nt the now depot nnd
Site thinks po < sllly it Is on mo man who
has noticed her coming home at a late
hour uf tin ran who committed tho
nimnult Is of a dark and snnrthy com
plexion with a block mustache and
might be either n Greek or an Italian
The matter was reported to the pollca
Immedlntnly after the assault occurred
but them Is no inord or An Investigation
being ordered hy lleut Shannon who
was In charge at the time The day po
llen know absolutely nothing about the
nffulr anl It any attempt wits made to
npprehcnd tIe assaIlant tImer > Is nothing
knonn rlunn it nt adijunrlers today
Look for llrniocrntlu Victory In Nru
York AihocatCH Connrrxalho
Ilnlfunn here
John Dent reached homo Tuesday
night after having spent over thrwj
months trawling In Europe with mem
hers of his family He was accom
pooled try Mrs Deco and daughter Mr
Mary Haslam and her daughter Miss
Oretchcn it Promont Nob Mrs J D
Wood of this city nnd her dnuslilor
tiiat B Cuxsnndit and granddaughter
Mary Hlcenbotham Mrs Wood anal
party will reach Salt Ixiku this nftiT
noon they having remained over in
Now York
fho Dern party left Salt Like Juno
C anil stopped In Knglund for a wile
visited Oermany and Holland
Tnny also lsl1 Oerl1Y old 101
land sailing from Rotterdam Aug 2T
In relation to politics Mr fern said
Reuchlnc New York I onme In con
tact with many men and found the
general sentiment even among tho Re
mblicnns that New York state still
Iublkanl thin fall The people
go Dt nv > Lratlc Inl
do not Boom Mtlaned with the present
tariff bill
Coming home I find w < are on tho
election the Dom
eve of an Important eltUon 11e Dm
their state convention lit
ociat to hold thlr Itate II
Provo tomorrow I bohievts If the Demo
cratic at ITovo will take a firm
ixirtv Ir 11 1m
stand on welletnbllsbod Democratic
principles and not f off on a tangent
It will lx gaining ever day In cur
state In strength p
Wild Onrnhnl olliiiiii Sl > urt at
At Wnmlnmcro Jlolonlromo
Cowboys eownlrU wiitl steer huck
nnd ropers
log horsM champiOn rlder rp
Frontier day show Just
ers In fat the fonler low
will be seen
nt Cluyenne ln
as it nppersd Ch8fnle 11 b
In all APpre glory at the Motordrome
al tl Prl > Just
for four 4l5 > beginning next
c1e delimited exiream
Srnt the performance It is jiretaised to
lent llooirtt w I II lrem1ef
pleas thousands here who moms the one
rtmlncHr extant of oldtime 181
real rmlndr fxtlnt oldtme
Ue world champion roper throw
To ass the rltor
f steer ulnglehanded In three rntn
a ute wild atelr Ibo iiMimplon bor rider
ute ln ulner
May for nt minutes with the
attiC Steamboat as Ihl worlla most
Icltni biuWng horse is called to see I
cowgirls race ni wildly as the cow
VoyJStho are hut n few of the features 1
of th nnnual roundup at Cheyenne I
There II no artificiality about the Free I
tier day hol the men ate direct from
trr puddle on the plains nnd the annual
determination of superiority among them
tl in Important to them ns the election
nf I nre ldent I U no play game It
It real and the bait man wins I
rIl In
I Tht Eteat arena at the Motordrome Is I
rA par xcellncc for Suib R me t
end J xcln lovers of real tally I
L wettera lit lire expected to aUeni I
When Experts Testified Did Not
Miss a Word and Whispered
To His Solicitor
1rof IVppcr of UnltcrMly of lnroL
HINlIlhcII itt Ltmtgtli ills Ex
Lm liii itt 1111 of I comma ins t
wldulI Hell Testifying at thn
resumption today of the Crippen mur
der trial Ilof Augustus J Pepper
ixithologUt of till university of London
aid ills examInation had u > n < lnced
him that the human part found In Limo
collai of the Ullldtop Croetccnt homo
were severed by I hand skilled In stir
gely and directed by I mind that pos
soused a real knowledge of anatonly
The evIdence of the medical exports
haw bcii awaited with ungorneos antI
the famous little courtroom In how
Street miss crouded to Its capacity The
prlxon In the dook preBentcd con t
ttactlng appearances it9i
DI HAwley 1 Lrlppon who is H4 I
ihnigvd u n thu principal In the murder
of hiM wllf Hells Illmure the Amen i
lun acltt > > 8 was icemlngly an cool and i
collected HH ever Ho did not mUs n
woid of tuntimuD and ca orly whls IiJ I
pOnd in hlH solicitor Arthur Newton I
whenever he thought ho had detected t4T
I point In hIs favor 5 1 l
On the other hand Ethel Claro I 1 J I
Iencve nCfulled as an occoswry after I
Ihw fact was nun and pUtlnly In men I
tul soil pliyslciil distress Iime police
uuthorltleD had anticipated that tho day j
would bts a trying one for her nnd ae 1 m
cordlngly khv was attendm for time ittf i
first time in court by H wardresM who
sat close to her throughout time proceed 4
ing il
1iof Iepper was the list witness I
oallml by the prose < utli > ti At consld
ortihlo length ho denciibei the examina a
tion which he matte uf thu paits and i
vet forth his oonclunlons Wltneujfrold f I
he hud Idcntlllod pIeces of llcnh UK he 4 i
lotiKliiR to vorloux parts of time 1 bOc
except the head hands forearms feat t
and legs below the knee Ho could lay i
that tbi > nmmbora found wlro un
dniibterlly from a huiruin body
No bones Were discovered nor was 1
thre any tnu1 nf th genital organs i 1
The whole viscera was Intact and time I
only wound wax a cut In tho upper prfrt
of tho windpipe Other parts were left
undisturbed by the ono who did tho l
tutting and the way In which tho
parts had been separated convinced I
thn expert that whoever was guilty of
the mutilation did his work with an
exactness born of familiarity with the l
human body I I
Prof Popper said that the hair dis il
covered Included a short Btrnnd of fair S
texture wrapped up In 1 handkerchief
of the alse commonly uned by1 man The it
witness Identified jmtlculnrly I piece 1
of flpf < h f by 7 Inch In size ax fl
coming from the abdominal wall nnd J
which bore a fait wnleh In his i
opinion wns undoubtedly loft by a
wound from an operation
Tho witness said that tho scar was I
In a vertical direction alit morn than
4 inches In length 1 was old and
might have been on tho body for many
years Tho condition of time organs ro 4
catered was healthy nnd In bin judg
mont Indicated n stoutlnh person In I 1j I
middle life I
Witness said he found no trace of the I
poxThe witness explained ho meant that
ho Nfl not Identify the sex anntnmat S
Icullj He was closely questioned re
garding the soar jinn Jewton tried to I
make nut that what appeared HS a
scar might be merely an overlapping
of the skin
That suggestion Is fantastical explained
the patholnglnt
plained otholoIIIt
Washington Kept 14 Cotton grot 4
Irg IF > > ec < iniliig an Important Industrial I
fatter In many Aslntlc countries and
the production of this staple abroad Is j
declared by American consular officials I
to be steadily on the Increase 0
Ono hundred thousand bales of cotton
will bo produced at Adnrtn Turkey J i
during tho present year reports Con i
sul Nathan Mr Nathan points out as m
vlgiiincunt the fact that at least 8000 < U °
bathes of long fiber cotton will b pro i
duced OH tho result of the planting of f
American seed This years crop In t
that port of Turkey will exceed by 40
000 bales tho production last year
Consul Halrtemon of Uombay has 1
submitted n statistical report showing I
that lirltlHh India produced 3120111
bales of cotton up to July 1 1910 an
Increase of more than 1000000 bales W
compared with tho preceding year
Other connular officials have fllfcd re l
port Indicating that cotton Is now 1
being raised In larger quantities In
some of the countries bordering the
Mediterranean sea I I j
Chicago Sopt14Itaco prejudice
has developed In two Chicago public
schools within one week after tho
opening of the school year Protests
against the sending of white children i I
to tho Mitchell and the Hayes schools I
whom many negro children are en
rolled havo been made to tho board I
of education by Aid erlan A V Bell I
fusfl Htl fiction followed the making I
of complaints to him by tho parent I
of many of tho white children
Tho protests are a result of the rq I
dlstrictlng of thu school boundaries I
The children of the parents making m
tho complaint last year attended time f
Wells and Columbus schools but were
trannferred when the boundaries were
changed j1
nr1 SXn iiiriis GIRD
IMttHburg Kept II narbara Klce
ag < 1 IS daughter of a tal former of
orth Itruildock was bitten In two
places on the ring finger or the left
han by a tmhi nakt ahiio cha tvaj
sleeping on a ouch In the dlnlngroom l I
of her home early yesterday The first
bite the girl thought was the scratch S
nf a pet kitten but a toss minutes i
later time was fully awakened by In t
tense inln Lighting I lamp she saw A J t
fourfoot black snake cmwl from the iI
dlnlngroom Into tho kitchen and escape 1
through 1 rat hole > I
Time girl was taken to n physician
who cauterised the sound The arm I
badly swollen himmever and bli > d
U feared
poisoning tcaret
Pm v T

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