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Democratic Convention at Provo
Declares for Absolute Plank
On Liquor Question
Julle KrlcKMiu Nominated for Con
Jr K ami 11111teH O C IlldmnU
Tor Supremo Hcncli
favorltiB tntcwllo
Adopt platform
rworA election of United Hste 80n
t M by V0t of people
of rail
for good restitution
icl rei
ro J irood road conservation of
wure dlrel primary IInd lnltl <
Uir and referendum
Kcmlnates Judge Ferdlnnnd Krlek
on of SnnpeU for Congros
Nominates Judge C C Hlchnrrts
of Ogdcn for nupreme bench
Htars with enthusiasm lha an
nouncement of Undo Jeoso Kntirht
that he will bu a candidate for gov
ernor two years henoe
After two and a half hours of fervid
ratary tho Democratic convention
t Provo Thursday adopted a platform
4 luring for statewide prolilbltlun
regulation of common citrrlerH by state
statute primary elections Initiative
jtferendum and recall election of
United 8tat s senator by vow of tho
ivhiyle people IfOl < lroab and tho con
Btrvtlon of the resources of the stato
The convention plac < l In nomination
us candidate for Congieas Judgo Fer
dinand Krlckson of anp lo county nml
ui candidate for Justice of the supreme
ouit Judgo C C HfcJiarilB of Ogden
The only dsht of the convention cumo
on lh prohibition plank The commit
tAl on platform and resolutions went
Into pension at oclock pm In JUBIO
Jinlghts office and most of tho time
until after 6 oclock wan spent In ilo
tatlns the prohibition plank Tho fUht
VBI then carried on to the floor of the
convention ILnd Ih expiessions of the
tkltgates how d a very pronounced di
vergence in the views held by Duino
crata on the subject
During the wait for tho report uf th
platform and resolutions committee
teeral flvemlnuto talk wero made in
the uincntlon which resumed session
at 32 In the afternoon The Hhulcrt
quartet composed of four handsome
young ladles of Irovo abo renderrd
fouirnl selections
Mrs E J D Iloundy of Bait Uike
vras Introduced by Judge King Mr
H njndy said lIhe wan torn a Dumocrut
and toped to mtlntn as a Democrat
m through Ute Shu wild tho duty of
ins delegate of this convention should
J > e to endeavor to recall thowj Deino
rats who had strayed away from tho
od Jfffersonlon principles eclally
tbtwa who had becn carried away by
DIP liquor Intervals
Abel John nvnns of Utah county fol
lowed Mm Houndy He said hu wan a
member of the orlfrlna1 sagebrush De
mocracy of the stato and had stood
fm oer since
JuUire W N DuHenberry who pre
I Uoj uver the first Domoorntlc oonvon
t < n the State of Utah was tho next
vker lie said ho had JUlit recovered
fIn a sickness the lln t In 60 years
tut ho snld my Domocrncy was not
affe ted and Is as rtrons 11I < ner
Stephen U UlchardH of Stilt Lake
< ounty wis Introduced Ho urge < t tho
ne HRlly for the adoption of n cooil
ratfonn and < ald tho nomination of
pwd cfflccre was trrpat He urged the
invention to use Us best endeavors In
b < th these llnei
Wllliim if lloylnnoe formnr mayor
uf Jrvo nud he hnd never rpgr ttpd
1 II he was a DwnoontL He mid tho
IVmxtnts were entering upon a cam
jialgn of eduritlon n alnst bosslsm an 1
deolared that tho convention would
nrme n ticket which would bo a win
J H Morean of Utah county Judne
JnkR cin of SonrHite county ID H
Morns of Wnslilnnton county Lt II
Martineau of BAIt Uiko count niii 1 B
8 Jns of Utah county also dcllvertd
brnf but foneful nddrcssos
> roe committee on organization nnd
i < f bunlncHif In UH report making
tn > t > inpjiar orpanlratlon irennanent
included the following resolution rela
tive to the DemocmtJo Idea of electing
initd Stat senators
H < > l td That wo Ihe reprpsentu
t cf htf Dtfrtocfattc putty of Utah
in onvtritlon v6ncml Jd pludce our
Jjf thjil In cafe n Democratic imi
JrltJ is ihofon to tho next legislature
that thr choice of United States sen
ator Hull be determined Jiy n primary
elf lion of the Democratic voter of
tie itatn such primary to bo provided
Jor by the Democratic tato committee
to br held Hftcr the general election
ana before the meetlnR of tho ICRlsla
lure and that every Democratic letn
lator bo bound by tho result of the
primary election
Shortly nfter G oclock tho announce
jnM 1114 made that tho platform nnd
l f lutons
committee wim ready to
jepcrt Immediately a wivo of oxpec
kUcy wept vcr tno convention and
the ointora Iot tad
rrndy for business
rTr rMlnK of the platform wn a
erfuntM mntlfr unlll thn plank
for Mtatewldn prohibition
er nlh the committee had fought
Wi 1 11 than two hou wn reached
lrt Ih Ttto1k Wila rfn < l tho Orltt IIInll
< 01
111 lli ° noor wa J 11 Anderson
a a
11 < 1 fom SRnptf 110 llllIolOll
mone u or olisIMrabA len th on tho
mm nUMt on and wnuvlth somo
mat II VM mniU no < l alntc < l with tlm fact
remarks were not 1It nlll lie
Krlnr Amoct ° f ltfth ounly took a
> link nll III IIIIM tnp nlllllRt Iho Prohibitory
the TV Pntform Ho nald for
lion eRlormtlC Party to Rllopt prohlbl
1nrJnltlatent t > t 10 I3aco the 1 > nrt > < ln nn
nllltull He favored lIub
mllllrlr Ihe
pI Question to n veto of tho
tOJt1 Ut wlshd t0 co the lMUO
ftn quarly bfrore tho pCOpl If
I mndn to crllt thl plilt
n Iown the thmnt of tho poplo ot
raft Mr Bmoot It 111 I > c tho
Vtl mllnk the D mcrntlc lrt
t r the 2111 Smoot Inov1 to 10
hllh plAnk oofk to the oommlttfo
Lnk ahnuld > ICI0rt In lieu thereof a
t tOlclln
Ublltd thnl tho flurllon bn
10 Ihft PlOplo
th rhRlt wn nxt rCtolfnlzl by
boul Mr I lIpht toM lIolIIlIhlnl
Mrt or raclal the whisky
Nae < l
the ollice In Jrovo coring
prent clti attornlY of the
y Oar
hn 1tr In mrellePII frms He nlct
1t thr n
nfmnmt sh6u1l
hlbl carry pro
end plnro In Ocft
Or and men or hon
nil kiM CEriy Mr Knlithf addrB
preCnt V chteltd hy the doleGlltc
Co A Dod of Weber county saia
> J It I
I r
ilnilKO of ho SoMiitli IHslrlct Vow Manor of Jit IlciiMint Xmll
11I1I1l1 for CoimriM h y tlic licmcicnitlo Slnto Coin cut Ion nt Imio
the convention was getting tnu much
lllto n Uejmlillcnii convention loo
much KIIR rule Ho aid the Ihiuor
iucxtlon waH not a paramount IMUP
Kmnk II HUplierw of Salt Iako
county in Id hu won In favor of ntate
wide prohibition and would vote for
It And whllo ho differed with Mesr
Smoot and Hiod he believed a mlstako
san being miide In not submitting the
ctuestlon to the people He said that
tho W C T U of Provo haul sub
mitted a plunk to tlm committee
asking that the next legislature pans u
constitutional amendment for uubmls
slon to the jxople by which they
should decide for tlionmolveq the ques
tion of prohibition This done tho
speaker said tho matter would be
decided absolutely
J n Call of lioxelder county advo
cated tho adoption of the platform
with the statewide plnnk us did also
Mr Howard of Kmnry county Tho
latter said If nil the people had nil the
freedom they wanted everything
would have to bo locked up
Judco John U Mllnor of Utah coun
t who said lie had been a ntudent
for 7s years and hnd stood with tho
Domocrncy of the slate ever lnco Un
Inception xnld ho wished to penk for
young Utah He said ho was opposed
to prohibition on high moral grounds
aiil that he stood with A O Hmoot
on tho question Ho wished the Ques
tion submitted to the people lit a
special election I
A U MorKnn of Utah county said
the prohibition question had been
made an liwuo and that It must bo mot
Evan A Owen of Cache county was
recognized by tho chair but tie re
fused to HO to the stnnd to make hlv
talk beciiuse ho nalil he wan afraid
the delegate would mtttako him for
Bill Glanmann which he Hold would
be a fearful calamity Mr Owen slid
his county wan for Drohlbltlon and
ho said that If the prohibition plank
was adopted by tho convention Lucho
would send three Democratic ropnwen
tittlviM and one Democratic senator to
the next state legislature
J I Overflew of Snit 1rfike hoped
the prohibition plank would bo adopted
J H Sloyle of Knit Lake while In fuvor
of statewide prohibition said he would
vote to submit the question to n vote
of tho people
Mr Hoyd of Weber then offered the
following substitute for Mr Stnoots
Ve pledge the Democratic members
of the next legislature to refer the
question of statewide prohibition un
der the Initiative and referendum to u
vote of tho people for their approval or
rejection within 80 days after the ad
journment of tho legislature and wo
bind our legislators to such action
Frank HI Stephen moved that tho
last clause of tho amendment be strick
en out
Joseph ICImbnll of Rait Lake spoko In
favor of the platform ns did ilIAD Wil
liam Hoylanre of Utah
Ally liny Vnn Colt of Salt I ikc nnld
that the passage of the law as pro
posed by the amendment would bp un
conrtllutlonal nnd hn favored the plat
form 11M presented
Mrs H A Kenner spoke on behalf of
thn mothers of the state urging thn
convention to ndopt statewide prohibi
Judge Hrlckcon of Panpetc said that
as mayor Of Sit Pleasant he had been
urged to have a law passed to clone
the Ialoonl but ho had refused to do
no until there WM Etatowlde prohibi
Judffp J W I3urton of Snlt Lakp op
posed the amendment and Mm J D
Houndy urged that tho platform bo
adopted ns proposed
Judge IV H Klnp said he ha1 been
Refreshing I
is XntureV season of rest and
During sleep the body re
places waste and rebuilds
new cells for the activities of
the coming day
If coffee keeps yon nwnkc
at night and it docs many
WI lont stisprct the cause
quit the coffee nnd enjoy the
restful sleep that follows a
change to wellmade
It contains no caffeine
the dnig in coffee nothing
but nourishment food cle
ment including the vital
phosphates grown in wheat
for rebuilding brain and
nerve cells
Theres a Reason
Postum Cereal Co Limited
Buttle Crock Mich
for yearn president of the AntlSalnon
ICIIKUC of Utah but with nil his pre
dilections npnlntt millions he would not
force his views upon nnjono Hn he
Ilevvu that many Democrats were In
fuvor of prohibition Hu favored the
submlNBlon of the question to tho vote
of the people
J K Tolton of Heaver then moved
the previous qucRtlon Abel John Evans
appealed from the decision of tho chair
thai tho previous question hail been
ordored Tho chair 111I4 sustained on a
vote of the convention
The Stephens amendment wan then
i no plntform as originally presented
by the committee Wils then adoplixl
amid great cheering
Tho convention then patiaed on to tho
matter of nominations Judge Ferdi
nand Krlckmm of Sanpcto was named
ns ccandldate for ConBr by acclama
tion and Judtte C C Illchards of Oc
den was named for the supreme bench
The convention then nirnoil the fol
lowing state commlttpe Ileaver John
II Tanner Hoxelder J O Call Cache
Hyrum n Haybnll ian II Owen A
V Funk Carbon N M Mednon Da
vid I J Mulr Emerj William How
ard CJrnnd F A Robinson Junti Mac
Sennel Mlllard U W Injf Summit
George Smith Salt Lake W U Wal
lace F F FernBlrom Hay Van Coll
T II Fitzgerald James II Moyle John
P Tobln S R Thurmnn Tooolo A J
Green VftshlnBton K H Murray
Waaatch A W Clyde Utah James
II Clark Ilyrnm Lemmon AV 8 Giles
iVeber F O Smith John Reanvxn
SnnpetP Joneph Judd L r Nelson
Tho committee will mpet at tho of
Jlco of James II Moylc In Salt Lake
Democratic Platform as Adopted
The Democratic convention at Provo
adoplrd the followlnt platform
About lo enter upon anolher slate
wide cHmpiilun for the advocacy of
thoio principles of government which
vitally concern pery citizen
Tho DemocnUlc part deems It ofl
HMitlal lo declaro its position upon tho
most Imporlanl < iue llons which al ihU
time divide the lectors of the Plata
and nation
Politic Is not 11 Kiimp lo be pld > ed
for nelfliih end and without n fcrnpu
lous regard to maans Public olllco U
not a tool for those who want more
than their share of opportunity
Party IB not a machine to despoil the
many by tho few
Old prejudices and antique war crlP
can no longer stlllo popular con
science S
Pnrtylsm mu t not > ecllpsl patrlot
ifm The plain people are weary of the
evcr lotiB of government nnd are deter
mined to have 1 npw deal
The Democralli party came Into ex
istence with tho nation nnd will live so
long ns thp principles nf popular gov
ernment animate the hearts of men
as the champion of the rights of thn
massrw It 18 their only protection
HRalnrt the enoronphments of central i
ized wealth and power the only < nfe
Btiard npnlnst pllIJJqracr Itl1caIrt1nl
Ism J t f
Kaeh Individual should rectlve from
society a rovvanl for all toll commen
surate with the contribution to tho wel
fare of society We favor
1 Organization All Just nnd nec
essary organization for thp protection
of labor and Ihe adjudication of all
differences by nrmpartlsaii boards
2 Exclusion Tho exclusion of all
coolie labor from competition with
American labor
3 Compensation A worklnKinnns
compensation act the enforcement of
the best sanitary conditions thn benj
use of safety appliances and the best
regulation of the terms nnd condition
of labor especially ns anVcttnff tlw
employment of women nnd children
HAl 1uOA ng
1 npRUlatlon Tho pajMaso of a
law which shall pnit In operation the
provisions of the Htato eonstllullon
providing for thn regulation of trans
portation charges l > y common carriers
nnd to prevent discriminations mul
abuses thereunder
2 Tickets and Ill p A law pro
hlblttrifr all offlcerH state county ami
municipal whwn duty It may be to
make Interpret and cxefiulo the laws
nf the RtatP from accpptlng free
passes from any public corporation
To destroy Irresponsible political ma
chines place all officers In touch with
the people Iflvo dlipcl end full force
to the ballot to eliminate corrupt In
fluences In public nffalrs and secure
Instlng reforms wo declare In favor
1 Primary 1 Tho cnactmpnt of a
illwt prninry aw liy which all gen
eral oiflcers inrludlnir candldntpi for
the XnltPd State senate may b
chosen hv vote of tho whole people
I Initiative and Hefercndum Ro
cali Tlie necp ary legUlntlon to
thn of tho
carry Into effort thel1rolalon
stato constitution providing for tho
Initiative and referendum and tha
rlKht of recall of any unfaithful or
Incompetent public servant pnrtlculnr
H In casp of municipal officers
3 Prpvent Corrupt Practises We
demand 1esl llItIIn nRalnst nil forms
of corruption in elections prohibiting
use of mono Riving of promises ac
contributions from
ccotlne campaign
all affected by ItKUlatton publication
O <
Absolutely Pure
The only bahJng powfor
matte from Royal Grnpo
Croam of Tartar
HoAlum HoLime Phosphate
City on Monday PVCI ing nxt when a
rtfitn chairman will r < l
Something of a e > n itun all caused
Just tx > fore the COI ntin < lo ed by
th declaration muit tv Wllfonl H
ailes n delegate fritn lTUli county
that Undo Jesce Kmght would bo a
candidate for
governor t WI years
hence He mild Mr Knight wlnheil to
ay a fow words to the Democrats bo
rare adjournment J t Knight then
stepped to the platform nrnld the die rH
of the convention ami said
Vou will know before I get through
where I got my odurHtlon I got It
while ilrMng oxen nrruig the plain I
have felt guilty eer lnce two yoara
ngo when I refused the nomination
but my Judgment wit then that I
ought not take It but I imvo since
then got a little scnnc in enso I nm
elected which of course 1 will be tho
Itepubllcans need not worry about the
money part of It I will not accept nny
palary I can tell the Democrats how
to run things cheap
1 rould tell the Democratic party
how to got along cheap If they want
me to When I was 16 I drove a yoke
of oxen down to Dixie that had been
to the MlKtourl rher urn back nnd
the man I drove them for ptomlseil to
I ay mo well Wlien I got there ho
ouldnt pay mo but he said he would
ht me have nn Indian pony to ride
back on
Mr Knight said he would pipage him
Belf ns to whether he should contrlb
ite for campaign expenses
The convention gave Mr Knlghl nn
ovation and a moment Inter adjourned
sine die
Chairman W if King announced nt
the nnd of the convention that a dully
Democratic newspaper would IK Htiirt
ed In Halt Inke City bcforo October
M U Cunningham It is said will bo
managing editor of thp new dally
A resolution sympathizing with May
or William Gnynor wn unanimously
massed by the convention
Joe Mandcrflold went along with
thn Salt Lake Houte special as dlil
Vsst flupt W H Smith They handled
ho large delegation aboard with mas
terly efficiency
Harry dishing did Ihe grand for
the Denver nio Orande special Har
ry understands his busjness and got
his train Into the convention city ahead
of all others
O to bo uncle to the Rhubert quar
lei1 Judge W II King claimed Ihnt
rplattonihlp after the first muMcal se
lection yesterday mom Ill and wan
enthuslastlrally Hobsnnlzod by tho
young ladles
of anonymous letters tho sale of
editorial support Use of conveyances
except for aged cripples etc at the
expense of the state betting on elec
tlnnx use of passes by all officers and
candidates nml providing for tho
limitation of campaign nxpcnies and
publication of same both before and
after elections
AVe favor 1 Good Hoads Legisla
tion that will 1 > a t secure the con
struction of a system of good roads
throughout the cntlrp Ktnte
2 Public Schools Necessary leg
Idnllon in maintain to the fullest ex
tent nil needs of oiir public schools
Inclufllng high schools ai also the
n college and the state uni
300ernmentCl1r Cllles Tho
pnxsnsp of a law permitting cities to
establish a commission form of gov
< Htaln Funds A law miulrlng
all statn funds to bo deposited with re
sponsible banks and upon the giving
of ample security therefor also the
payment In the state of Iho highest
rate of Interest obtalnnble on public
li Pensions for the veterans of our
Indian wain
Tho natural recourcen of the country
are tho bnul of Its prosperity Slid
Kroivtli and tiny should bo used In the
Interest or all of the people We there
fore favor
1 Th conservation of the rc ourpp
of the state and tho fullest coop < Td
Um of thp state and thu federal gov
ernment In souring tho lx > st use nt
iho grazing ond timber lands and water
sujiply within tho state
2 Tlw further disposition of tho
lands of the stnto should bo guarded
by tho wrlctest legislation nnd the
bi > nri3 entru te l with tho iwlo nnd
1180 thereof should bo cnmp se < l uf
men of unquestioned capacity and In
8 We denounce the Ilppubllcan i > rtj
of tho State of Utah for the rulnonn
conduct of affair In relation to thn
land grunt received from tho federal
Kovpniment After 14 years of Inef
ficient senlrp the public Institutions
have txyn wellnigh pauperized tlirou
th Ijmorant nnd Hcandalnun manniw
menlof tho nnd Krint to thn State of
Utah VliMr In sister states similar
land grants have been ronnerved and
arc now a constantly Increasing sourco
of revenue to them Utah thmugh Uo
publlcnn maimgompnt standn prncti
cnlly stripped of her gifts with no
probability It evor being able to reo
trlovo the rrvenaea thtin fquanderpd
All property should bear Itn Just pro
pnrtlnn of the burdens of gwermmnl
taxes should lie only levied for leI
imate nixpssarj public purj > iei and
rut be uniform and equitable pub
lic funds nnd public credit should not
be glvon or loaned to private Individu
als or corporation
Vo thlto rt clare that
1 Tariff Tariff In n tax paid by
tho consumer The modern Mlcpuhil
can inrln emanated from the necessi
ties for revenue during the
lhl groat Civil
wsr nnd has hen perpetuated by self
ish and irrupt men for r years until
It thrnflt < n tho very life nf tho coun
IJkn nil taxation I Mioull be fur
publle puit > oi only nnd not for pri
vate profit and should b no levlel ns
not to discriminate agnlnst any nectlon
clft s industn o occupation und lit
llmltwl to the actual needs of th ROV
ernment honestly and ccoiomlcully nd
To nvil Injury to any 1rxttlmntr > In
du try tbrr > ugh nPcrs ary tariff < hlnKc
wo tar the creation of nonpurtlsin
tariff commission empowered to Imrert
Todays Weather Chart for United States
S Department of Aftrloulturb
nt rr tloni HVMIII i nil nrm < TKM MwUUa M
p ItanABiorwMallavogi IM pu Urv a > iaUaf gtltlr
IxnxiiHIor < oll l II HMnUumuk letnUof M ul B
fllarl fIUt dr I ool > foriircrilojl10 7iijl7
Biwnou l < l4Uuuo wuiiw O k ri J fl
elMJri 9 ld gtiln > i 0 n on DlwI
Afr i llitiklk w101 rinldtiiN nlnlnmni timri > tur <
ar > tr3 iLlr aar o 11 Qen I
For SIt Lako City nnd rtah Gen
erally tall tonight ami Sntunlny
Unsettled conditions prevailed over
Tevi 1
the great basin and tho southwrmt
ilurlng the laMt S < hours ami show
ers were
general The atmnxphcrlo
prewjuie u high oaBt uf the Mlnxl
slppl river attended by cool weather
while HPSI of this river the pressure
Is low accompanied bj temperatures
higher than usual at this season lluln I
Igate poniomlo conditions and to re
port publicly to tho Congress r
Wo denounce tho noAldrloh tni
Iff act aU a niuHterpleix of Injusttie
dictated by special Inteiesln and mak
Ing remoraelevx exactions to enrich Ihe
fow at thp expense of tho many through
the trusts and monopolies which t
foster and 1 brazen lolntlon of the
pludgbd mudo by the Hfipubllcui pnrty
to thu na ton
2 Income Tux W e favor all In
como tax as being a Just means of
equitably distributing the burden of
maintaining the government applicable
alike to Individuals nnd corporations
3 Truntfi We oppose all combina
tions of capital organized to arbitrarily
control trade among our citizens nnd
favor effective legislation nnd Its rigid
enforcement to destroy monopolies nnd
to secure Individual opportunity nnd In
dependence and favor n penalty of Im
prisonment for nil who violate such
We call attention to the rapid growth
f trusts monopolloa and organization
In restraint of trade and to the danger
ous conditions which Uneaten the In
duslrtal and economic life of tho people
ai the direct result of Republican rule
both In the nation and stnto imd hold
the pitcent administration resp nslbly
therefor re1IMlbll
We call attention to tho welldenned
policy of the Uf publican party which
glvoa the trusts the advantage of freo
tmila In articles which the lust con I
tuine while placing protective duties
even to the point of prohibition upon
all artlcles competing nlth what the
trusts make nnd sell
XVe call attention to Iho wIHtolL
IUth < d fact that articles produced by
leading protected trusU of Ihls coun I
try are shipped abroad at considerable
oxpenxe and cold to foreign consumers
ut 1 loner price than Is charged the
American consumer at home
Wo fuvor admitting free of duty all
good and products comixting with
trustmade articles and urge the ex
orcise of ull legitimate power for the
suppression and eradication of the evils
connected therewith
We condemn the unscrupulous meth
ods of Republican campaign managers
In this tae who employ political trick
Iten lo convey by sleullh the Impres
sion that thn Church leaders SAX on >
thing for the public and nay another
thing for private pars nnd thai the
welfare of the Church dell upon the
success of 1 political party On OIIH
point we dlroct special attention t trio
open aflklal deolarutlon of the Church
as a Church that It favors both from
principle and polo the absolute nepa
rullon of church and state no domina
tion of tho stnto by the church no state
Intprfpience with the functions of the
church or wllh Iho free exercls nf re
ligion and the Absolute freedom of the
Individual from the domination of PC
I clcftlaAtkal authority In political mat
ters True to Its record of a century
th Democratic party adheres loyally In
I tho principle hero sot forth and In the
I Interest of Justice > enco and good will
we demand thai this principle bo n <
cepted and nuted upon in gnod fnlth h
every citizen of Utah
The Democratic party has always
advocated the largest intvumro of lll > er
ly to the Individual citizen conslntent
I with public welfare Imweer
lh Iublc well1re ue rec
I ognize the tat that tint manufacture
and sale of Intoxicating
lale Intoxlcatlnl liquors and
tho use thervof ns a beverage Is ole of
the greatest evils to society 1 results
In untold economic IOM hot to the
stato and tho Individual It fills our
Jails penitentiaries nnd asylums and
It In the muae of the greater per cent
of the crime committed We bpllcve
that the largpst unit of Rnvernment can
obtain the best result In dealing with
tho liquor question and we therefore
favor the prohlblllon of the
o manufac
ture sale or other disposal of rtny
spirituous vinous mall o other Intox
Icatlng liquors within the State of
We thetefore favor the enactment by
tho next legislature of I statute pro
viding for ttewide prohibition of
the liquor truffle within this state and
we pledge the Democratic senators and
reprtwontatlvPH flectM to the legisla
ture to vote for such a law
Wo call attention to the fact that tho
Itepubllcan leaders while soliciting cc
clerlastlcal support h v at tho amo
time entered Into an alliance with the
liquor element to prevent or prntpono
the enactment ot prohibitory laws
thus demonstrating to tho world that
there Is no Institution or organization
no ncr or Hal they would not
attempt to rtebnuih and none so low
they would not z < lusly approve and
uphold tn order tn m compllsh their
partlznn ends
We denounce the Republican rty
of Utah for Ita tnj < ulncy toward cor
tioratlonii Its sui > incy lo tyran
nous machine Its xord of a dis
turber of the public pence nnrt the in
cubator of the Amerlpan pnrty Its
with the liquor Interests
corrupt banrnln wih lquor Intlr
ests ItH Inofncten in public service
Its extravagance in the matter of public
lic funds IH nnlSlminlstrnllon In nil
the departments f the state nnd
county Kovprnmert Its reactionary
policies Ita opposition t private Judg
ment to enlighten the public con
Mlence nnd to the pini of Independ
ence nnd cMe rigM jsnew tat dp
velop cltltenshlp
velnl denounce A1r hsm and Can
nonlsm as manifest 1 arH repirtlatp1
and M JwrMnltled and
In thn nation ad I nniled
upheld by to Rfpubllcwi machtna In
fell along tho south Atlantic coast
nnd at Hpuknn Wash
The Indlcilnns nro for generally fair
weather in this vicinity tonight and
Tho higher ternparnttiro yostnnlay
W81 82 degrees the moan WH It tie
groes which IH 7 11 lrref above the
average fur this seuHon The lowcwt
tcmirvrature today WHS 01 degrees Tho
temperature reioril for till month to
lulu shows an accumulated cxcex of
Utah And In this connection we call
the attention of the cnneJon lnl
the conduct of the Hepubllcan senator
und congressman from this Htnte who
have bcon truckling sycophants wherE
they should hae been Independent and
lounigpoux In the Infamous tariff
measures passed In violation of the
pledges of the IlppublScnn platform
there was no schedule so corrupt no
exaction mndn upon the rnrrup un
just no demond of nn Illegal combina
tion and trust so outrageous thai
Utahs congressional delegation did not
welcome and applaud
Inlllnllon at Dcilli Slldo Princd n
Mut Voul Affair
The clai nf 40 Shrlner nnvltlntps slid
the slide at Satans toboggan In Wobor
canyon Thursdm night and ns each
slider slid kerslash Into eight feet
of water at the bottom of the dceenl
34 dwear Tho precipitation during
the last S4 IIJr was 03F Inch Ii 1 1
making the total for the month HB3 Ife f
Inrhm which Is 012 Inch below tho f
normal The precipitation for the
hmor year to date I 633 Inrhex ii
which In K43 Inches belnw normal i
The relative humidity yesterday R ii
C m was M cAnt and this
r p IVI CI per Inl thll i
morning Ht 6 a m 0 76 per cent 1
The Htm risen today at 009 a mt
and sets nt 63C I m J i
Tho moon IIA nt 617 p m and i
els at 407 a m or the 17th
ft wild eyed group of Bedouins shot off J 1
their Mint lois and shouted fretulvdly Ii 1
In the choicest Arabic The program ai i
omllnod In ThiimlnyH NWM was CAr f
rlPd out both In the letter nnd the spirit 1 J
to thn nmnzomcnt of passengers on
passing trains who could not Imagine I
what had broKPii loose I ai l
At the t niHlusIon o thp Impromptu t 1
bathing piogrnm tho novitiates were Il
roundwl up ubbed down properly at
tired and ushered Into the banquet
hal consisting of an Immense tent j i
whirl II to N replaced later by a per I
mnnenl building As many speexhes I
wpr mado a the manngcmpnt thought t
the audlnnre could stand und after thn H
prandial hnh oatise the various trlbex PI f > I
of American Islam took train for
home 1 WSH 1 am when the SnIt i 1
LaVe pontlgnt rptumed all delighted
with the experience of the occasion i
lh exprlenc
The Devils Slldo Initiation Is to be b t
made I permnnont feature of the order i
In this frt o tho country f ll
Special School Children Day tomor t
row afternoon All school children 2Bc i
n > I
i I
Cullen Hotel Cafe
Armours ilmltvst roni fill Hoof mill Icnrn Cnamcry 111 Corn
Trd Chlcluns XI 1 bnttor nml cgs arc usrd ricliHirly In tho
preparation nf our nipiiti
ItlNCII I0c Mini lo 2ISO SHPT 17 lUt
Veal llroth iicln < CoDMiimni IVmilciVi
1111 Plellt > ItntlMio
Chlclicii Iliilllnil Klclmrd Dolby
Ilol Iuiliiy Suiih Icli Ki > llolt llo > toii llalrtl 1orU nml licans
llcwt Prlmo Href an ln
IxMtnco und Toniulo Kaliid
llultrnd ltcot Wt nnie l and Ma > hod 10111Ii
Iliinami Hoat Cliocolnip Crtnni Pie
T8 Como or Milk
I H Ktt
I jiOrienCofid
Prv Goods
Store closes at 1230 until
for final
I 3 p m Saturday ior I
preparations for the prelimin
I ary opening from 7 to 9 p m I i t
Living moolels will wear cor
rect apparel of every style and I 1
description Music
i Arrange your shopping for the I
forenoon hours or from 3 to 7
Moderately prleed Milliner will be a feature this
wasnn t
t li if if if if 1J

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