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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, September 16, 1910, Last Edition, Image 9

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< rt 7 r i r f
i SEVRl iN
sserts He Is Merely Urging the
Application of Old Moralities
To Modern Conditions
JlrpUr I II 111110 Whn OIIIU O IIhll
uil loumll > liciiuiiiKCH bomo
cu tmcr
I 5Thco
0irr JW N Sepl
doro R w ell ald lOllpr 1luI hl I
roplutlpn Jn declaring hl
not i iUF
U h
It f i ti nl creed Neither i
nakitir I ur appeal to mob mlo
IT a iitai uli dcfcrmo pf his doctrln
ho declared
of the flCW nationalism
Hat he wa c mutely urging the appli
cation f 011 mirnlltlcs to modern conk
dltions At the Jtpnie time he replied
Slth IIml 1 thoao who have beu op
m < nd holt denounced nctm
poll ape whlih ho SMld attn k1 Jiunwt
publk mell
iteveU Iuldreas suu doI
fred t jI JIe Suffolk lounty fair ut
fljterteU t I Do 10 < 19 uloL 12Q
Wer1e milomoblle in und from
mlleo ITt IlII
11trhetld n4 poko to n fercal cow
on the Mr 1 iouiidn
C I U > ML > B qtr U
Tl1e r oionet tjfpg Hlwi of now iw
the close of a
i trt1f ut
iiffib Hnalum in wllH tit nlno denyuncpd dlll
honMt lorporatt liii dUhonest men of
talth un1 iMlUUul bQlee 11 > maflo
York tl11u
BO refmjKB lo the New
lItk 1 tlluiiU I hno
noWiial ti send deal if imminent on my siwetli
new mill > pull ni he sold All that
pn lutunutum monn In the UII > IICII
pew oldllmo jnprullllin to
lion of irtaln
ltd hanged > jndllions of tho da >
IhO i
0J wlh to i ee greater noNcrnmeiiltu
lo dcnl wtli
mclenq b < euie wc turn
pdlfljrnoy Plmpjo
alfr buMIA
i si
i Jrtr
Emi are uU that lire necessarj In small
fomm inai i When there In no bllf buM
Ittt 8d caih wan 1 orks for himself
When yu gel nweft ot wealth Ruth
Jred together eril great corporations
fltuiopln onrtltlonB then become no
tbanceil that Ihtru must be an Incseimo
In governmental aitlt to pontrol tin
Vfallh fr buBi g e lclenc >
1 i uld m > t ilo AnY wrong to the
treat etpoTaln but I dont Intend to
dy aol on lbs big corporation U pood
nature too tee Ibt the corporation does
nol df harm against u i I want to
fce su h < ontrol ot the wealth npw
githfrrfl for buSIneSS uses as to favor
the hnntit man who ifes the wealth
gtnulnfl for the service of the public
and 10 Jna < e the dishonest rofin fpel
that h e baa to do what Is right nnd If
1 des n > feel It we shall see to It
that hf doe
That U nj > nhole creed That Is nil
there Is to It Them Ii no resolution
In It Thre 18 no appeal to mot rulq
On the contrary I recognize mob vIa
Unre as an enerav of thc public good
Jull it l much AI liiulesn wealth I nrn
against he pnnr man who Is guilty of
1h < r trirrtf 01 lnwl n lolencO and
fhen II Is In mj power I shall try to
funffh Mm for his misdeeds just as
Mieneier I lmi > the posierJ wIll Join
ullh those that see to It that the cor
rupt man of wfl11lh Ip good not be
< auie he likes It but bemuse he has
to tt
Cnl I onse elt spoke with even more I
than urtomnry earnestness Ills word
vfr > re chcd with cheers
I How want to speak to you as
citizens on tIe crpat problems that
concern nil of ua I think every citizen
or a free Democracy ought to distrust
Bhoxe all others the public men wliost
dds do not square with his words
That has two sides It has to do
Kith the pi lltuiiin who mnkfls his
promise that he dnea not keep and
It has to do with npwspaper that say
that the know in not true Mark
Twain aid that there are Si > 3 different
krd of lies put tile only ono which
llal auOinrltatlvel forbidden WAN that
ot bearing false wltnrsts nKnlnijBt jour
SfljhbT There are one or two nv t
rniMltan dallies which would do well
Don Be Bald
One of Our Howlers Tells llou Mm
Ohlaliird ii Mar > iliii iotli uf
Sin llulr bj tlio Im pf u
Simple lldio llunci > flee
I Iii Ir iKLlulltij nnil
Tonics Hail all
I tad what mutt people woulil call H
txiuufui i d of Kt > idun ialr I prized
It inst llgnlj aa I connldarcd It my
I thief aitiu tlun Huddcnl It began 10
inn out very raildl > und ut tunes 1
t > id lntui IUhiK pr the lCOIi litiii
tn se1 hall 1Iclalll iald 111 l ee
iIi in lOt tl nl1rurt torni hair mlc
I rolwt ii but iiullilnn tlm the > gave
I Jnr did hot slightest iud On the con
tr Y m > bull ticmeil to come out even
I Dater tI1 I 1118 now fvaiful lent I
Jltouli i coinu entirely IwHI In mj In
Mir u frl < nj tutU me or nn Kouador iicrb
Jdlch ht kill 0ili pu ltlHy KHW l1alr
4l Inr eij where 11111 roOts were not
trUrely 1101 And its salti the ball cii
f tlie country where it grew wens fa
W ui fr their liraiillful long unit tip
Wi rojdunl dlco I imolned this herb
Mia 118 Rum and Mehttiol CrjutnU and
ranujlattlj I > KUD 1111 usti In three ap
piKilton u eliltrely stopped the Intense
lucIdii of my scalp und in n rj short
< > m n nol only tpnd my fnlllnR hair
JJl ntliwj HH nUimdanre Of new hnlr
rm inc in In Ijim than ont month my
lilt W lutigar thicker and more bai > tl
Sal II el All due tu thin murulouH
Ilir herb A lady to whom 1
fT he formulH used It on her dauKh
tSr 1 na8tl < say It mode her hair grow
taH incite i1 In la than n month toc
tai 1 0 II noni I ham 1
ihi 11 shown It all > U Is
tti Orl hK wmU will ueluqll Brow
w italy th refore I Wink the public
ii5Iit J ha1 II Al Illll I thought I
iWkH I 111 HI CCII the ecrct
hi lterrel
TTi I thiiik liiw I BUITerwl and
lim b4llb ml wio t H und hwn livttdrcds
I mi
i athsri
mimt imwl
u IIB8 jt the name aa I
414 WrIU 1 liii I ought let gIve II td th
10 0 Tici ercire 1 aulhurlza this paper
10 tulI tic fORull chil h Iv cii rol
liii II 11m ° lanins tie Com
1 I es Juk IMlllhOI Qrnll it drachm
t 1l u nu e ij lerfum 1 iihI fQw 110cc
Th Ijltl
ReIon Jow
ttcUy W trtumo wh Ih tnxrii per
III liii the olbtr ttircdttnts Ihl
tit sur 1 ask your druRxUt for nil
Iim In the Wona do Corn
Po ii ha Iicks5i One of them entitles you
hit lonk free rlnkler tOil fur our
tIthed lwtihp and you race altlo tIO
lroUt 110 Ir e Ihe ficd advice ot all
on hit hair
lb iiullrp by simply writing to
tatin 1 you will nnd enclosed In tho
tIJi uur drugci for ball
1 flt 8 OZ
60tatIUg M 114 Of hltay Ibm > then put
lume tnthoh Irjutals nod the Uct
CI Uvona 1 rJ olieIlitif of thc hattie
to ttsM hiu mpll6e let It Ulnd sUe
fthp i and ndd tlc remainder
lU be ilVl lit Cnipne Always I
U liMItI I tInpreu In a two
tfnlaln hohtls a Ihla PI11fatlol
1II UollII1 JUivC Of Ihe LotliidOr herb
nl Sbov lnd II loses
itlInsthl If unellltd Its
In Ilb sad te EUl1l1fall > n nIllt and mOrn
r 41
S > Tleil ued lhl Into its ttalp Ir
EaCCtfl5 Ii will Mon ltoduQ mot
r It fIn llle result 1si II Uii careful ot ta
r btre or M part of the
i leo tie Rt vnot to priluca
L k
Healthy children sleep soundly AD7
child that doc not sleep Is DOt healthy
tjlcfplcnncss II caused by ucdljtcitej
futj tapcf which toerate potions
jijckapoo Wprm Klllpr tho pice
tatting candy lozenges tiroducn
pound restful sleep by cleaning out
poJioos and Impurities It Is a great
chds tonic and itrrngUibulldcr
rrlce ZSc sold by drusglaU ocri
wh ro and by
Iliu Xctir hiibMlliitors
1hc btorrK Wieiu tlio Cum Slon
to print that at tho hiud of their
column und then try lo Ihn lv to It
I withhold their atneo bit omlsgloit la
easily tiuppjleU
° There are two primp dlllcullloH In
KettJnjr sooj government Ono arises
from blue dUhonnit politician I think
the corrupt politician no worse rncmy
of the people hp the nun IIhq MBJ
ituu1 110 liotinf publli servant The
llHnllo lie dor In tf the public In 80
mfuIIDK tile public by attAOKlne the
men who uio honest Hint the public
ciotcs lo be ulilt to rrcollnlZll find to
wllr n plnet mm vslv > arc 11I hIIOIII
Hilili a rptfti If uf tlu ercuttfst 1111
Mintuno to fii Jhlif
The corrupt pulltlcltm Is no worse
than that corrupt politician nulii
tn > tho iifwajwper which Hajt what
Ix not true alum mwn In public life
Iloiif ly truth courajfo > ou IIold
them just as wuoh It public ns In hill
vale life
In concluding his speech he yrKCJ
Krontcr rwpcct for inununl labor An
for rich malefactor he bclloeil that
HIP rhihuy njiin who ncls rich b
KamlliK q the xfturltlfB of llic tOOth
ho operates In truit for Ills stocHhold
ire dlioili IIQ punlxlied and Itt If It Is
imiotsblo d > punish lilm under present
Jimll Iliv IL w C ylipuld he chuiiRCil
ren bq < eiipnicd wnon is nn px
nrps lon we pu I lko to hpar arid whQn
It Js upd In connection with Chain
btrliilin Colic Cholera nnd ninrrhfjpa
Ilcinrdy It mends that It never falls
to dirt dlarrhoeu dysentery or bowel
complaints It l < pleasant to tako
nrid cinally vulgpbln fur cifldro aunt
adults Sold by all dealers
Ir n A JJfsM has removed his offices
to mite 250 Xfcliitjro Illdfr and
changed resldcnco to 1264 U 2nd So
Chejennn Wyo Sept 15 Irliatoi
John Lumpkln utii ft liutpx negro de
serters from Troop M Mntli cumin
were arrested hop today barged with
IIIIK robhpd hOfo army ufo at Polo
Mountain maneuver camp AUK 9 of
6500 All but n few dollars was re
The tWQ men were seep last nlsht bj
i M gpjjdy p Piile Creek storekeeper
go In an uutQinoblle 10 H place wljerr
the safe was hidden In the ground end
hq follcjutd thepi to thp cIty nnil then
nitlllrd olllcers
When IuiiRkm was nrreitpd IZilOO
was fmjnd In llj cati hoi Chief of Io
lice t > mnll > later found U SttO in a ak
In thr reAr af fUtc room
James tolle U ranch mnd says the
two n prpec forced filtr to drive them
tt i railroad statiOn with the money
paving him Uo to keep flUent
Uriltcd States army officers are still
investigating believing that others
may be Implicated Two mor men
are held is puspecls
ManY reagents from Catarrh suffer
ers who use ntqmlzers have caused im
to put liP Liquid Cream Halm o new
and convcnlpnt form of Elys Creom
Dnrin tho only remedy for Catarrh
which cnn vnvs be dtrrndpd on In
power to allay lnilqmmnton to cleanse
the clogged nlrpa snies to promote
free natural brpathlnir Ibo two fpnns
of Cream Balm aro alike Liquid Cream
J3am Is sold by nil druggists for 7t
cents lpcudlnB spraying tube Mailed
by Ely Bros 56 Vnrren Street Now
Salt Lake Photo nnil Rnnnlr Co
Kodaks llnlstHiiK framIng lU Main
Denver Cop Fept Adherents of
nov Jnhri V Stmfrotli who lust night
secured his rtnomltmtlon In the Pemo
qr tlc itnta caiucnllon harp li Y the
scant olllrlnl plurality of 27 otes to
day llnlahod hall work nf lirlnBlns
nbont the nomination of prnctlrnllj Ihll
entire Bhafrqtli flitP T8 WH Pen
Mr delegation with ZS1 votes out of
1100 was unnblp II > stem tht Bhafroth
tItle except hate tonight when It as
sisted In selecting Alpxamler Inll on
if S llcla poijim ns capdd to for statu
railway comnps loper Ivory oilier
c lUlHte supported by the Denver
men was dnfouicd
Opposition mnpiiK the women of Den
ver ppiifitj to the irnumlnqtlon fit Mrs
Kntlicrjno M Cop afi state superin
tendent of public Instruction also went
HHlm llrs Cooks opponent recelvlnc
II liHRllglhlo totti vnfe rhlc npother
Plan of the women to nominate n
woman for secretary of stale failed
o > rn morn dUnstroiitly
Nomltiotlotm made today are
Far Meutenuit Governor Stephen
II litzgercthtt fLnomllloted
Ior Secretary of Stiito Jnmts n
Pearce renomlnntcd
For TrflIMIternIlII Ken ihan
For Auditor M A leddy
For Hnllrond Commissioner Alexan
der DnlcUon
Tot Superintendent of Public In
struPtlon 4trs Katherine M Cook
Hlgn nts Ktl Unlyprslty John T
Bofhen Denver and George V Teal
nf llouldcr
Trenton N J Sept tliDr Wood
row Wilson pre l < ilnt nf Irlnpooti
university wail nomlm Ibis nftor
noon for governor th y the J > Democrats
ot NoW Jeracy Thp > uta for three load
nR candidates woe follows Wilson
747W lYnnk II Knttenhiich 373
GCOTRO Bllzer 206
The nomination was nude nn the
first ballot and was made tinanlmoua
on motion pf fllzvr nnil lyiuicliach
Dr AYlson appeared l > efor > the con
rntlon nft < r his notnlnuHon and IK
cepted the honor In a enpthv spree h
Amonc the ptesrntday questions ho
wild nro three glitch ho characterized
nn irrrat qucntlpn tconpmy In admin
strntlnn eauatlx on pf taxe antI
control of corporations Other Im
porUtnt qiiestoQi ho raId were this
proper liability of eonnloyers corrupt
prnctlsts In loctlons qn dcons rva
NO qvNH v < m HOYS
Wnshlnston pppt 16The mllltln di
vIsion of tho war department recently
ocelveft nn nppllcatlon for Rum um
forms and other equipment for a com
Vin > of boys The department huts dr
cldwl there la no warrant of law for
uny such course If the company wets
tricanlcej OK u rlllg club and nnillatpd
With the Natlonnt IUA Au oclatlon of
Amrrlra thnn rliles could bo purchased
trough th > Uto for Ito etulpinont of
itli 111111111
Simple Expression of Republican
Principles in Such Form as to
Appeal to Prejudices
Admit It N lldul Apulnl Itllt
NJIIL ot litMt Hun In It HIIlul
HCIIII Ditfcnltil
Uclrtllt Sept 15rongrl IIn
EdwIn f > iby pIIJIIIIr pf Jlii jlallln
Barriiicliot irntJgsting committee
oyjT lcil Ihu Conviction Ijvre today
In an lnlijnlw tIIct tj cy lijiJliKer
lia nyl I rnon guilty of corruption or
In each nf trust and den d liinur
gunoy 11M the expressIon of Kojiubll
cnn trlnelplwi In nuch a form as to ap
peal to tits IrllJlIlclIII of the people
1 tvoulil hue jircferred the orderl
method of hiving our conclusions
wibuiltted llryt to Congress said
CLiiprn man Jenb who hfid Just reo
tifrnod from tile onmniltiees meeting
In Chlciigo but slfles a mnorit nf
the ommlttofi hMf Ivefi out a re
port tho usual custom IIIJH beau
SVh > should we blink at the elton
tlon In Mm Hppublkan purl
foiiflltlvnn Are grave In this extreme
The paity Is ilhldi within lUntlf In
Aiirgcnt HcpubllL ore advocating
the defwnt of sltlnic Rcpub
llcann who arc ui t > r rceleitlon and
the xiibitltutlon of Itppulilkans bear
Ing u different bunner Insursent ts
spriwllnp rnpldl rind the election ot
S6 liei cent of Utr part > in till house
b > the soiulltd ffular wing of the
Ii3rih U JiurcuMrigK doubtful and
dltrh ull
Rome cf tie Inca nlrmd > ilefentcd
Stories of Success
= No career in thlj
countrj 1Tr rn > re
eiicourui < im nt to
M thp i UIIK bu > lnu M
re man than that of
John Unnamnk
tlio merchant of the
OolOxn Ilule No
t4 man Ever mad a
more MC urn pities
r tel of tho world und
j I its BOod and rio
J I ono lins ever glned
o Wither record for hon < il > ami fair
neis in his UuslneHH cleat
ills Whole life ruin the time he
Valkcd four mIs each morning to
York In n boon store at St5 a week
until the ago pf tw < mt > four when his
savings ialil9l Iim to opnn the Ok
Hall clothing store Irf n Slot > of earn
out hard work and rigid economy
Us a story that points a moral
It Is upplianbjo tQ even young man
wh > wan III to rIse nnd be succeusful
Tho prnctlae of saving is Indicative
Of thrift Intelligence nnrt stability
The man vir Tnqve I hIs money ta a
credit to thp cQnmutilt himself and
his family
Jt Is not what you earn but what
you tave flInt couno If yiu hmo but
a single dollar nhgml bring It her
we will opon a savings account for
you and jou will receive very oour
tea > and consideration
i4 jjiiin birut
4 II UK busUiCf I lieurt
are the best blood and brains or tilt
partY end their place will be luird III
rill And other squall Rood will he
defeated bcouuie lipy rcfius to ills
earth the name liciul > llitn that bus
Ktood Cn > elull for the tflMt Irogrpa
Jo nid inM htsrioi 1Sj litlon and
assume tit rjnniy ofJnsurgtint which
rneqna nothing
Not n rnlnulo should be lost when
n child shows symptom of croup
fhnmberlalnH Cough Tl < mndv Riven UK
noon as the child becorms hoarse < > I
con nfet the croup r ugh appear
will prevenl time attacK Hold by nil
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CciiMd It lie IlCslclnit
JoIlon OklH Sept 111Ill mi ad
dress Ht tlitt Mutivsn torn states fitlr
lipru this fLerLjoon 0ev C N lia kell
delivered what he termed UI uiml > ls
of the new fiction Itoo velt He
mid particular wttBiUlon to the Mux
kave town lot cte nncl his own re
moval from the Democnitlc national
commute both of which he said
originated tu politIcal moves on the
part of HoixevuU for persucutlon only
cinimvntlnK on principles nrinounced
hiy ItoQevelt In the laltwry ICansaii
lIt pipecli the governor endeavored
to how the former president Insincere
und said he had suffered an entIre
chanvti of DiouRbt since his presldcn
tUI trin expired
ut Itooaevelts comment on the
Vnltftd Biatej syuremu oourt he spill
Is It building for the welfare of
our ouuntry wlien lenders rf public
thought bred lack uf respect or tm
tvutRe uontumpt fur our weed Instl
tutlotii He said Uoosen hud stnp
itd Mecitlons befpro tbu Inter tate
commttrco commlwton lo jitoteot
1iuil llorton Ho asserted that H M
DituKiiorty n Iteplllillcan lawyer nf
olumhus was Indicted with him In
the town Jot cases but prosvciitl was
stopper by Roosevrlt bei aim Diuch
irt WM promicant In he 10111
Choajng the governor aald
hete he nsserlM his prlni lrteH
to bo clean Impartial and nr ttc
nqunre deal nature other fat here
tf fur related show the certainty if
hi0 i hQIfI if pojkj In those partl
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ped nil the ItthlilK °
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kin In healths condition
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urn nil their tui tu your lioiun
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I liiiiiilnr llic > Increase thu
llcliilni lillU n little hut itt
dont cure for tlio lirlchlcn tlio
ciievrlest McuK iliitcf diijt
Electric Iron
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Not a bill raiser but
a conveniencean econ
omizer twelve months in
the year
Only electric iron
with cool handle hot
point attached stand
and 2 year guarantee
Ulah Light
Railway Co
Electricity for Every
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For tho seasons
best wearables
for men and wo
Installment Co
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There is Protection J
To the patrin who nvailn him t
Belt of tho liso of HOKTKVijn
und riI4TUIRn WATKn In
laundering their apparel The
life of tho fabric III Increased
U whitens tIn white goods and
brightens the c I > i > d
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Sloth Phones lit Ut MAIN flT
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Mantels of Every
Style and finish from
60 Up
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Satisfaction cuiranteed on
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Dpp South Hate Temple FtCk
See Our New
Line of Serges
and Suitings
Peoples Cask
42 TO 48 W 1ST SO
Ilic Cosmopolitan jl
Magazine f
fr of the threat Nf YrJt 1
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The Deserei Tti
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Mnopolltan one year In < l rh
by f M
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This offer got1 to old anti s
new subscribers alike 14
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Apolv to your local agent or
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The Deseret News lh1
I Sub > tIn Department
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