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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, September 20, 1910, Last Edition, Image 6

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v t Gim tr T > i
C r I
Officials Declare Minn and Milt Nca
rioclio lll 8 < Min bo Stllhl
Much Ort < Illiirkoil Or
notftr mIne III the 1101 coun
try will I k < 1 tly neBln aclhlllcu1 again
und that hi the OolJ Chief lUlnlni
i oompanV in tho Jidd Chief dtwrlct
11 W Jvumi ot luUund Oru and
to A HJiiKua Pf 1VJIWU oIllclulK
Suit Lake nil
tho oiiiKin > unlltd Jit
mornltiif u > puichaso JUo niulmTif
nccessoiy jiiuunlnery tot 4tu cyanUK
Hlan 118 ulruuly Imvti Lutulled tin
Pipe line HUKS hoist uim the noiw
iary bull < lIn 1I tOI the pl t The pur
to lIe niaits are a
cha CH that vre
y irumplng nutht and necewjnry iiKlnuH
f for running tin rock criuhur und tho
A large amount of work hUll been
hau developed
done on the property whlc
veloped Intu a IW > luw Biwuo gold I
mine fly muuns or ar Incline i haft up
wardt of iiOoou ton iif ova hue oeon
develped which wDI average better I
I than 18 to the ton Jiit > or It run
ning li H ton and lrtlr I ho ore has
been blokod out red > < n mine I
A rock rusher two Jr1 a half miles
of plle line settling UiikB and other
equipment Iniludlng n I PG hout ovor
the dlmfl hate been Ui aUed With I
1 tho machinery being IJllnrJ3110cl today
Uio property will ba fuly ftiulpped
with an uptodHtc cyanldlng plant
I r s most of the ore In the mliv JM
quite line and breaks very easily It
will be no trouble to break It nnlt put
It In the solutions direct As there are
I no problems to work out the compiAiy
call begin producing from thoimoni < int
thw plant starts
> I Ploche Is picking up nnd It will not
f be long before the camp will be In full
swing again said Mr Hodgn ° 13us
ncss Is already getting Ixttor
I The Mfndha Nevada III uhlpplnir from
two to three cars of oro a week and
It Is hardly showing on tho mine Tho
company could probably do much bet
ter If necessary The Consolidated I
I 3ipche Is putting down Its shaft II s fast
us possible and making about five toot
a day
1 IlaA number of other properties arm be
r Ing put In shape to start work ami be
3 fore long the cnmp will be morn lIvely
than It ever was
Colorado nnd Iron Illowoin Ilron
1rltv of DUIiloiiiU
Thero was considerable activity In
Colorado and Iron Illonsom today an
they become ex dividend In both cases
the seller took the dividend and let go
nt the difference between the dividend
I and the market yesterday Colorado
sold nt 31 cents on n buyer nnd at 33
cents for cash Iron illoxsom was db
I pood of at 74 cents at the opening
of the market but gradually moved up
to 77 cento at tho close
Trading throughout this morning W64
extremely slow unit but for the lIttle
llfn Injected Into tho situation by the
I desIre of some to unload their Colorado
and Iron Blossom there would have
been almost rothln of Interest The
total number of ahurrg of stock that
changed hands amounted to 22900
while the amount represented by the
transactions was 16245
In splto of the excellent showing
made by Ohio Copper during August
which showa that the company can
is produce caper cheaper or ns cheap an
nny mine In the country the stock sold
d for tl55 OdeOn I
On the curb market the following
were the sales 200 shared nf Hly
Vltrh nt 10 cants 1000 scares of Oold
Phaln nt 3R tents 300 at 34 1000 nt
t 3r buver 80 day end 700 shares or Opex
nt 35 cents
t I Forenoon I Afternoon
Htocks I Hid AHlce < l I Bid Asked
Ieck Tun1 0 I
lUg JI 00341 0n I Ot
lung Arl I 10 O OS
Black Jnck I IOH1 ln1
Donnl6 n 01 01
Iulock 01 I OOY
Cmf Urd o OO ½
Cnriln 20 23
Cedar 1 16 16 Un 15
Cent Mom 10
Century J Or
Colorado 32 34 31 35
CUIUlbuA 1 5 r 49 M
C Mlrrur 1 0 00
row 1 Pt I t5a oti o53P 6
Ialy Judge t 0 I 463 3S I 4C
Dragon I 1 10 I i 10 L
I Cm Pt I 00341 I O O0
F In Con r O04 01 I 0 11
1 Tin 10 o J O
VI F T 0 1 < 01 I 01
Ely Cdlu 12
Emerald to 13 I 10 1
Ornd Cent lC 10 I 10 10
I Ibfx 1 01 01
Ind Queen I oi 01 01
llKt 04
1POD 1 10 10
Ino 02
I Iron 11loi i5 i1 7G 76
ton Hat OO 01
Iron K Con 09 1 09 12
o Inwcrll O 02 01 O
IIltonn I 1 1
King Wm I 10 0 IG I 20
Lion JI I 10 I 10
LOwer M I2IIiI 1 13 I 1
Mu al 80 I 875 8CO 181
May Day O5I C I M 06Y
11 Hi I I 01 01
Min Flat P 01 OO 01
f lAke I OH2 O
I i I Ext I t 01 I 01
Mn3s Oil I 75 80 I 1 O
I Ne HillA 245 I 24 215 2r
ttvjiouse I 1 175
XI Yorkf OH I 05 11 05
Ohio Copper 163 I 1iO 1c 10
Opollonlo 161 t lG 17
Ploch M I f 01 1 I
PJutu Ot os 04 I 04
Prince on 596 M I
Prvo 0 Ot I OO i 01
al 01 t2 ½ 15 It 311 1
I Vaues Here
lr c rn I rh IH1 r
> ns good ni ur
innrv This means Just
v hat It nays I you
lioiild ever make a
purchase here antI livid I
that I was not Just
what you wanted you
may return tho article
and provided you do
t care to make nn
xOanle we will re
fund your money
1 c Thfits how good ev
rvthlne Is at Hreed
MIS worth every cent
we ask
1e edenOffIcetj Co
60W 2ndiso j
iw j
SlIVKIt 53
UPIWI tntliodci 1237 Ji
iri > LIU
011 s I 81101 I HIS I
sopt so i mm J I I 2 I 22I0
hltN IH1H13
1 Wiirrlnr 1175 r I 176
HlulLAnac I 1 10 115 I 10
HIII1ntu 0J
Spy rKhs U31 OIV4 01il QtIPj
vii King J0 SM 226
K HhloldCon 1J2 ½
24ux Con 24 ½ I 24H 2
B Cul Coll 09 10 08U 10
8 Lon III o 01 00 01
Hwiin Con 01 r
Tin Cent07 om on 05
Tin Comb O 01 01 01
Tin Kmp O 0
Unl fnm 11 2 19 21MV4
Uni Mer OOi MV4
Utah Con 025 03U 033 03
Victor Con 03 03 04
Vlctoulu U 07W 15 105 125
Woat Xe v 0 03 08
Vjink Con 0 10 0 to
e Copper osy oom 01
Cellar Tel 10u itt 16 2000 nt 15
Coilirado 900 at 31 buyer 60 900 ut
Irom lllosnom 600 nt i 30 at 71
stiller 50 1200 at 75 1100 at 70
100 ut 1
Ohio LolIlr 200 at 1G5
Back Ink 600 At 11
Crown Point SOOO at 0 5000 at
OVi buer to
Cedar TaJ 1000 at 15
Lower Iammoth 2000 at 1i 3000
I at 13 H buyer 60
Hloux Con 1000 at 25
Utah Con 1000 at 3 >
HhiirrH Amount
Uegular 8200 390800
Open k 14700 233700
22000 JC24500
Black Jack 500 at lift
Cedar Tnl 200 at 1 tt 2500 at
Cal Con 100 U CO
Crown Point UOOO at 6
Iron HlosHom 000 at 7r
May Day 2800 lit 6 1000 at 6U
Ohio Copper 100 at LOT ½
Tlntlo Cenlral 1000 at 8
Stock I U1 I Asked
Itlng Cent Starvlard lM2 1
Fedr Ely Or 0s
Onlen Chain 33 35
Opex 4 2514
Wet Quincy 161 2
Elp mteb 10 1
ColurrhUs Ex I 2714
Thinhann 1
Old American 04 10
Demijohn 04 06 ½
Ulntnh Trasure Hi 05 07
rmmot iO 9
Utah Mlne 70 80
I nngham COpP iJ 1S i 1
II C Cutler I mining onglneer has
suod the Stall Hmtherii for n tenth In
terest In the famous Htnll lOOse whfrh
brought 1JI0000 < X to the leawrs tin tho
NationalMining company ground
In n 10foot vein In tho pit of the
Nevada Ccuisolldatnd conshlembln nn
ttvo copper Is bolivp found which will
sweeten up tho grade of copper this
month Tho concentrator at McOlll has
ndopt tlthe plan of closing down every
Charles M MncNolll president of
tho Chlno Copper company has Issued
a statement that there will bo no In
crenso In tho nhnros of stock of the
company Futuro financing he declares
wilt have to b taken euro of In the
futureT smelter was yesterday Fettling
with tho May Day Mining company for
n number of lots of ore shipped In l < y
lonsors amounting to 5000 Ono car
from a lease carried 1304570 In gold
silver oral lead
Duncan MacVlctilc general manager
of the Nevada Dougtas hnl returned
from a business trip to tho cost
A new gnollno locomotive and n ven
hIntIng system for dellvorlng air to the
face of the tunnel lies been Installed
at the Snake Creek Mining and Tunnel
tug comi > nny blur bore AM f result
the third shIft was lnt night relnstut
crt nnd Contractors Free Taylor Rr
driving nway at the mountain faster
than ever The company Is making n
record In pushing1 this big bore under
tho Park City mines
At a meeting of the directors of the
Plocho Demijohn yesterday It was de
cided to begin regular shipment at
once nnd Increase tho force so that
greater ore reserves can bo developed
The company has else taken over the
two Gold Shield claim which adjoin
the property
John Deco general manager of a
number of Tlntlc properties left last
night to Inspect them
The Utah Mine of Fish Springs has n
car of ore In the market ont another
from tho Galena property which It has
under n lease
C P Crawford of Salt Lake has re
turned fn m an Inspection trip of the
camp of National which he dcclaici
Is one of the most wonderful mineral
countries he has ever visited There
he ImlnrM the eompuny talks of not
milling ore running less than 113 i
pound o n6 a ton O that runs
70 a pound or 140000 n ton has lityii
milled nnd 13 tons of ore have produced
1000000 Mr Crawford has secured a
Ices In the camp
The Tlntlr standard has now driven
with ii drill 203 feet east of tho 980foot
shft and 1 black Iron Is now coming
in Uth tho quartz At the annual
niroting yesterday tho following wre
the board of directors elected K J
rtaddatz George P Husch W I Sny
der I G Snyder and A N Holdaway
J M Reynolds haw returned from a
trip through the northwest 0
D O Jnckllng general manager of
tim Ttnh Copper
11 compiinv nrrlrfd
hOle Into today fri Arizona and New
MiMco where he has been Inspectlrg
the work being done nt the Chino and
Hoy Consolidated jwriiwiili
According to Manager Jules Lnhnrthe
of the Mason V Siley Mines company
woik will begin withIn a few days on
the bunk houses and quarters for
the n > on to work on the smelter at
Yulnirlcn The railroad is now tlnlMied
t > tho point where tho boardIng h > u >
vlll be put In and by the last of the
wctk will be finished to the smelter
General Manager Collln Mratorh
tin Chlo upper Is nt the mine nnd nil1
nt PnghBin and s ike today
A rPrdlnc to a dIspatch ivcMved ov r
Pollock Co private wire this morn
log the output of Nevada Consolidate
fj August was RS271 IOU > A a 1
> cease nf 1009541 as nmpnr Ith
Jul 1 is understood that a still fur
ther decease ivlll be mod > this riontli
opper exports Monday uinounted to
1 K3 tons bringing the total since Sept
1 up to 17vJ tps Ila N
Now Sucking For Shipment Comiwini
Orunnlzril lo Piirclmso mill
lie t cliii Milling IrIql lea
Viiluen are greatly Increasing with
depth at the Silent King group o
claim In tho S 11 ran BO of moun
tnlna In Arizona according to W 1
Clark who hOI Just turnoil after
upending several tvtoki ut tho property
Ho alto brought back with him 1 nUI
bar of romples token out In the last
hot Just bofoio he left and those dhow
bettor viUutw than any of tho others
A corporation has been recently form
Mi for the purpoito of purchiiHlng bond
lug locating or Requiring mining prop
ortion with Mr Chirk an president John
A Klrltfy Is vlco president nnd G P
Clark Is secretary emil treaswer with
T A Stevens as assistant secretary
and treasurer Tho company Is I closet
corporation known an the Mine Kx
ploratlou and Development company
and no Block will bv placed on the
market The company already own 17
claims nnd cumpny propertied unller
bond and lease one of which Is the
Silent King group
At the Inttcr property trenching and
other work has boon dono ulonir the
vein for pmotlcally 800 feet so that
flora Idea of the rich ole body hiS been
gleaned Identlrnlly the same
ton as were fnund In tho shaft huvn
been found In lienchlng 215 to thu
west of the shaft At this point tho
values ran around 1 Similar work
done 0 feet oust of the shaft brought
7 In
oven better results all high ns
instill Ixlng found
Th shaft Is now down 66 ret from
the collar and for airline time the ore
has been sucked A crab sample of all
the ore now sacked assayed 15250
Just before leaving the property Mr
Clark picked up some o tho ore
brought up In tho bucket This oro hr
brought home with him An assay of
ono of these piece of rock carried J490
while an assay or tho small pieces thai I
broke off In transportation came m
The bout assay rrcured down to 31
feet In the shaft was J1486 From that
on the ore began to Improve rapidly
nnd regularly going from J23GO to
S4 90 TJio oro carries about ounce for
ounce In gold and silver
The high prrmlo rock varies from a
foot to two feet wide whlln the bal
anon of tho vein which 18 three and 1
half feet varies from 11 to 151 I ton
In metal
When Mr Clark left for Arizona he
took with him 10 sacks These liave
already been used up In the sacking of
ore and moro are on tho way Tlw
company Is now extracting almost
enough oro to > ay running expenses
Ivow iHumplirloa Is consulting engi
neer for tho new company nnd Is now
at the properly J U Nlshot Is tho
general manager of tho company In
speaking of the property Mr Hum
phries declared that It Is the best ho
has over neon for tho amount of work
Tho shaft Is now equipped with a
whim and two hIm nlnu men In nil
are nt work nl the mine The cons
puny Is now making from 2H to 3 feet
n clay 11 sinking
Tho work on tho property has caused
a llttlo town to grow up near tho min
Thus far nit the buildings Are frnmo
and canvass The company nan n
boarding house bunk house olllce nnd
dwellings making nine buildings
Mr hIves who has been keeping a
store at cora the community for tho
King of Arizona mine has decided to
move Ills frame building nnd dock of
goods to tho new camp at the Silent
King so that by Oct 1 a store will bo
opened at the mine
mscovriNUKs lINl
Stockholders of the Daly Went Min
ing1 company are receiving notices Hint
tho company will discontinue dividends
for tho present This In on account of
the necessity or putting In A new
mill Until sufficient ore Is developed
to Justify the erection of 1 now mill no
dividends will be Issued The following
In thenotlce sent out
On account of Increased develop
ment work and reduced production
which Is considered advisable for the
reasons given In tho last quarterly re
port dividends will be suspended until
further action of the board of di
CU y Badger Uros Private Wire
Boston Sept Ohe Boston market
linn no leader all the quotations are
tow nnd scattered with the brokers bare
of stocks and the traders speculating
market leaning generally
In Now York lennlnl general
to the short side following New York
advance to that effect Wo look for de
cided Improvement hero boforo long
Hovoy Kenny
James A Pollock S Co bankers and
this afternoon I
brokers received the following af
ernoon over their private wires
Ophlr 107146110 Vexlcan tOO ask
ed Ooulrt K Curry 1 nol < Con Va
1O2 4tn US Savage 20 bid Hale Nor
pross S40X Yellow Jacket 696 GO Con
tlilence Union 31332 E asked Sierra Nevada 1HMO
Tonopah Nevada 87iO 9M Montana
Tonopah VW Tonopah Extension 91r
K MucNsmarn 29 bid Midway WffSl
Tonopah belmont 432U431 Tonopah
North Star 7 bid Went End Con SO
bid Rescue JfllO Jim nutler 27029
Sandstorm I bid Jumbo Ext 4 bid
Kendall 3 bid llooth 10 bid Hue Hull
MJS Adams 132 Silver Tick 1U9 Blue
HaIl JOS lAn Ktar 3H Ore 738 At
lanta r3 bid Qt Bend IV4 lIed Top
Kxl 4IS Florence 2tt223 Ooldflnld
1aisy 3 < J3 Comb Fraction nd4 bid at
head lIlt 1C asked t3 Ilend Annex 1
asked Kewnnon MgO Portland 2 bid
rrntkenacle 3 asked 1 Mohawk 2 ask
ed Tied Hills 1 bid Y Tiger 8 asked
Jmndnta S hid Oolrtfleld Con S3MJ
21 > t DflelJ TrlniiBle 2 asked C O D
l5h6 Florence Hxt 2 asked
Ronnie Clare 34 MnntCT I 1
Cons Hked 3 HnroMitnko bid Cons 1 asked Tramp
Manh cons I bid Dexter 6 bid
t sr mew Eagle SMJ41 Nevada Hills
3 4 V > Plttsburg 811 Peak 47W60
KnK B Nest I bid Hallttone 3ffS
Il > iid Mountain 4 < bid 11
Will Buy
10 Con Wagon 1h U = M
SJ on Life ins C 1700
yt rtah Sugar pfd 149
10 First Nol Hank Ogden roco
10iPCML nioo
10 State nan of Utah utlt
10 Amalgamated Sugar pfd MM
10 Amalgamated Sugar com IMoo
I Edward L Barton
I < 7 South Main St Photiei 07
Badger Brothers
ALL OTAit sirxrxr SI
For Sale
SO ttah Karl Tunneling SI10
100 UtahIdaho Sugar TH
188 Ensign Amusement 8T5
11000 Con Fuel nond
New York Sept 20 Oalns of H to I
full point were made by the principal
mluutcg of
active stocks In the first Jew
trading today Dealings worn fictive and
well distributed Union pflliln Rending
nnd American Smelting roii 1 and St
Paul New York Central Missouri Pa
chIc and Pualflo Mnll large fractions
old MAl
Ioulnvllle Nashvlll > lost 1 and Ccn
rat of Nfw Jersey lost 5
A Imnilfiil of sperlultles moved up
sharply but the usual market leaders
illrt not rise much after the opening
flKiires Manhattan gained 2i Peoples
IllurlA lnnhntan jlnrl
Gas 1U Houthern Pnclno prefened
AmerIcan lInear Tenne sfO Copper and
American LInseed Oil 1
Dealings In stocks were restricted to
prjtifrhslonul hands The ni > III vrlecs
wns In eonieiiuenco of reslstanfio ester
day to operations for the decline The
advance In turn attracted selling orders
nnd limited the movement Northern Ill
elite rose I but Iho general list receded
from the lUst hours prices
Bonds were firm
American hoot Sugar rose ocr a point
to 3SW The market otherwlso was In
clined to cag
Weaknes In U H Sreel affected tho
whole market That stork said down fmm
Mi Its highest prlie if th < morning
to nsH Inlon Pa ine Heading St
Pall Amalgamated Copper American
Smelting and Consolidated Gas also were
down from 1 to H4 from their best
prices and n fraction below last night I
Ilethlehem Stool preferred sold 3 points
under yesterdays closing and Illinois
Central 1 American Can preferred ad
vanced 1
vAneec market closed steady amid very
dull The decline In Inlon Pacific United
States Rubber and VirginiaCarolina
Chemical reached 1 American locomo
tive and Great Northern Ore Certificates
1 tl and Hock Island preferred 2
There was some rally afterwards when
shorts covered BlossShcffleld Steel rose
CottlenecBlpts eo
tlmnlert itt FIt market How weak
IleevrH 4JO828 Texas steers 376300
western steers 42M7d > stockers and
feeders aaSOO cows and heifers 22
3033 calves 73T960
Hogs Reoelptn tstlmxted at ItO
market steady 5c off bight 9J01T975
make S4IXJ9M heavy R30t9W rough
SSOfiSKO good to choice heavy 8WV3
R3f8r U < 9ti bulk of sales 86OU
Sheep Receipts estimated at 2SMO
market steady Natjve 2750468 west
ern 3KB4tn yi irllng 47SSCT5
lambs native 585 723 western 51
> <
Kansas City Kept 3CattleHecepts
17KO market steady to weak Native
steers 52W60 native cows and heif
ers 275675 stockers and feeders 33
< 60 bulln 3O > ff 4m calves 40082S
westorn steers 450l 109 western cows
i7MJ i iWelpts 7000 market Be low
er Hulk 10 39tt heavy SWty
Julk and butchers 01 4i9V light
Sheep Receipts Idoro market steady
Muttons 400fli47S lambs 6rna700
fed wethers nnd yearlings 400 650
fed western 375iT4to
Omaha Sept 20CnttleflOCPIhltIi I
b e market 1o1t15c lower Native steers
ro iS cows and heifers 3000375
western steers 3706CO range cows and
heifers 2Ti4CO canner 25033 M
slockers nnd feeders 3009625 calves
aOO700 bulls stags etc SCOftBoa
ltogtllfcelPts nono market lOUISe
lower Heavy SMItam mixed S7SW
50 light U100925 pigs 8500925 bulk
805ti 635
Sheep RecelptB X market steady
Yearlings MOSM withers 375r4
ones 35oa3W lambs OX7700
fit Louis Sept 00Wool steady Ter
ritory nnd western mediums 1S < 13 fInn
mediums 17CT20 fIne 14B17
Uoston Sept 00Sioro snap Is ap
parent In the local wool market due It
s said to a demand for domestic prod
uct by foreigner The foreign buying
so far has been confined to short Oregon
clothing No 2 California and short
Montana and while the aggregate amount
Is not largo the advent Is encouraging
Again It has stimulated some buying by
tile mills
mli remain steady and no increase or
decrease Is anticipated for some time
Tho bulk of the local business has been
In territory original bas mostly from
Montana Wyoming ana Utah and bring
lontnl omlnl ant
Ing 19 to lIe In the grease
The fleece division of the market U
dull with Ohio halfblood grades selling
nt 2S to J
a 10 said that the foreign buyers paid
12 to I5e for Red Blurt California wool
London Sept UTho arrivals of
wool for the fIfth PCfles of auction sales
closed today with the following amounts
New South Wales IP W boles Queens
land S4CMO Victoria 7X00 South Aus
traits S u West Australia 410 and
Cape of Good Hope and Natal 17000 Of
Cnf Go 10le
this total 17ttO tiales of Australasian
100 I
and 1200U Cape of flood Hope and Natal
were forwarded direct to spinners leav
ing tIme net available for the sales 11800
bales Including 33COO bales of old stock
Chicago Sept Encouraged by bull
ish foreign news speculators bought
wheat frI today and prices advanced
Many traders who went home short last I
night were covering busily this morning
The European supply snowed I smaller
Increase than expected And there waS a
rIse In Black Sea freight rates Sharply
higher quotations nt LIverpOol formed
nn even morn decisIve Inlluenco agulnst
the bears The market hero opened y
41 K to 6 up Ivcernber started a
l Hi to i s coin of mm to Stf i
Selling for liotli Southwest find North
west unt however caused 1 reac
tion to 100V
With the greater pat of the corn crop In
some of the lending sates reported out
of danger except for a severe freeze
the market today dragged lower De
ctml > er started a shade off to a shade
ur > at M to MV touched iat und declined
to MS
tmRO for oats was not brisk D
cember opened tf > lt down nt SjH
and eased off to s ½
A lower market fa hogs combined with
slowness Of cash Inquiry made provisions
weak First prices were unchanged to
IncR er
Qalb tqc January q1onattX
for pork 19C5 for lard and 9Ci < j to
P for ribs
Wheat Foreigners were fair buyers of
whet futures here today and prices
continued to show firmness The close
was i up nt lW iWT for December
Corn Tlio fact that country kites and
primary receipts were largo kept down
prices Tho clone was weik with De
cember new ore nt 62 >
Cash closeCorn No S J5 No 3 white
ro ti No 2 yellow iiaU No 8 alIt
> o J white HiM No fc yellow MW
i4 No 4 6tc J No I white HJ40M
No 4 yellow A3W U51
CIOMnyeCa 7Ji Doc 74
narley Cosh Bf73 Dc
TlmothyCoiih uOOJ78 Oct 0000
I lover Cash lJMfjP15fn
Whoat Sept lUoftIGO lCnH9Hl
May 10114
ornSept HU j Dee MTi May t5t
OntsHept 3lj Dec MVi May 3SU
Mess Pork per bblOot 197314 Jan
Lard rtl10 > lbsOet laM Novo
IJ I6 Jnn 101215
Short lUbe per Ito lbsOct 1145 Jan
Chicago Sept jnliutter Sternly
Creameries 5rfS dairies 23017
KgRSHteariy nt mark oases Included
JIIHt cY hark Include
flIt 1 m receipts < Wi firsts 22 prime
Oral 2 4
fhee eStcady Daisies l eU Twins
JoV Young Americas 16Uj Long
Horns i
Now York Sept Jaw SUKV Ioml
omit muscovado SO test 3W centrltugal
P test 430 molasses sugar W test 3L
lUflned quiet crushed 675
sugar 1IIet gran
ulated 60u powdered 515
CoUto Hpot steady No 4 Santos 116
1aat Sales Sept 20
Ainnlgamatod Copper 63
American Beet Sugar 37H
American Car 81 Foundry 46 9i
American Cotton oil bid 61H
American Locomotive 374
American Smelting llefng C5i
Amer SmoltinK Uofng pfd bid 1001
American Sugar RefIning 116
Annconda Mlnln Co 33
AtchIson OSi
Atlantic Const Line 10011
taltlinoro fe Oho > 104U
Brooklyn lUpId Transit 7H i
Jnnadlan Piiullle ISMTfc
Chesapeake Ohio 743
Chicago Northwestern HH
Chicago Mil Ht Paul 12091
Colorado Kuol I Iron bid 29
Colorado Southern bid r 3
Delaware Hudson bid 159
envcr ci Plo Qrnnde 30
Denver RIo Grand pfU 7
Ire 2SU
Great Northern pfd 1219i
Orent Northern Oro Ctfs C61i
Illnols Central 128
ntorbroigli Mpt 21
ntorbornughMet pfd MU
xiulsvllle Nashville H2t
Missouri Pacific 524
MissourI Kanans A Texas 31
National BIscuit bid 12
National Lead OH
New York Central 11314
Norfolk Western bid J6 t
Northern Pacific ill
Pucllte Mall 2lS
Ponnsylvnnta 123
PoopleH das 1nn j
Pullman Palace Car bid 160
Heading 14011
Hock Island Co 30 i
Hock Island Co pr1 62
Southern Pacific 113i
Southern Hallway say
Union Pacific 155
United States Steel 6634
United States Stool pfd ns > i
Wabash 16
Wabash pfd 35
Western Union ox dlv bid 62
Htnndard Oil 595
IMoneer Hooflncs
Sold laid and guaranteed by
According to an advertisement an
nouncing the holding of tho annual
meeting of the stockholders of tho
Oregon Short Lino Railroad company
on October IS next the stockholder
will voto on a proposition to Increase
the capital stock of tho railroad com
pany from 50000000 to JIOO000000
an amendment to article 3 of tho
articles of Incorporation of the com
pany being necessary for tho purpose
I is proposed tn issue tho new stock
In hares of S100 each
The mooting will bo held nt tho of
flco of tho rnllroiid company in thu
city and 15 directors will bo elected
for the coming year In addition to
the regular buslncx of the meeting
Colorado Mniiiifiictnrors to Petition
liitir tnlu Cdininerce COIII lon
1or latter FrclKht Itntcs
Denver Sept OAt a meeting last
night between representatives of tho
Colorado Manufacturers association
and the Denver chamber of commerce
It was decided to file with the Interstate
commerce commission 1 petition asking
for reduction In practically nil freight
rates to and from Denver
The application will bo filed as it
petition of Intervention In the Sit
Lake City case decided by tho com
mission three months ago In favor of
tho Utah Mhlppers There will l > e no
protest agaInst the rates granted to
Snlt Lake City nnd Utah common
points but the commission will bo
asked to glvo Denver new rates based
substantially upon those ordered In the
Utah case
In the Salt Lake City cases tho railroads
roads were given until Oct 1 to pre
sent their objections to the new rates
At last nights meeting It was decid
ed that Denver commercial organiza
tions will not send any delegates to
the conference of western governors
and representatives of commercial or
ganizations called by Gas Btubhs of
Kansas to inent nt Topeka Sept 22
to frame B protest against tho proposed
Increase of freight rates by the rail
New York Sept 20 Money on cull
easy 132 per cent ruling rate 15
per cent cloning bid li pet cent of
fered at 2 per cent
Time pr dull and steady for Co
days 4 per cent for 90 days 4ft4 H
per cent for six months 4H per cent
Close Prime mercantile paper 5H
to C per cent
Sterling exchange steady with actual
business In bankers bills at 483509
48360 for GIn bills and nt J4S615
for demand
Commercial bills 43ffV
I5nr silver 53H cents
Mexican dollars 44 cents
Government bonds steady railroad
bond llrm
bnd frm
The Crystal 9nunclrycomflltny of this
city flied Hrtlelen of Incorporation with
the county clerk today The cnpltsllin
lion of Inn concern Is I30COO In 0
ton ch The
Btas of the par vnln of 10 Rrhj
errnpanV will flgnuP In a general laun
luOlln lnf TIM life of the orpratlon
II 35 year Franklin n lIOl Sr II
S Fnkln
president Samuel Ruwell vlco president
p1ldnt Rmuel
sod ar Francis Platt Mcrtlary and trees
Harry Joseph who was speaker ol
the house of representatives of tho
1907 fcsslon of thu Htnto legislature
has announced lila candIdacy for thu
lower house of thu national Congress
subject to the will of Uio Ilnpubllcan
state convention which meets In Ogdun
Monday Hot 2S In speaking of liU
candidacy Mr Joseph today mild
J bullovc 1 Is about time fur the
Hupubllcan party to rucugnlzo tho Derv
Ice which 1 have to long and fulthfull
rendered It In this tate I have been
lightIng tho battles of Kepubllcunlsm
for years and in a way that has mado
mora friends for the party than have
mummy others t havo served tho party
In the legislature wJion I WW honored
In being selected speaker of the house
I have bvvn prominently connected with
the mining Industry und have spent u
lot uf money In duvcloplng properties
throughout tho state In fact when
Senator Smoot wanted figures on which
to right to maintain the tariff on lead
during the consideration of the Aldrich
bill 1 gathered the statistics under the
uusptci of the Mine Operators associ
ation My Interests ama all In this state
and I hnvo agricultural us well ns min
ling Interests I vtis honored In being
selected as chul nnun of tho board of
tho state Industrial school and during
that tlino tho Institution hits been
brought to the front and Is now tli >
peer of any similar Institution In thu
United States I also had the honor to
found the town of HI Joseph situated
u few miles north of Halt Lake on the
Short LIne und liambcrgcr roads I
have also taken nn active part In the
state fair und other public Institutions
I am making tho fight for the con
gressional nomination on the broad
ground of Republican doctrine nnd If
elected I shall servo the people In a
way that will reflect credit upon the
lilt Joseph has Indo public tho an
nouncement of his candidacy In tho
following open Utter addressed to Tho
llepuhllpuns of Utah
Standing upon u platform of ag
gressive Itepubllciinlmn IIH enunciated
by such timehonored Republican loath
era IU ruled the nation from the tlmo I
of Lincoln to the present I hereby
announce my candidacy for the nomina I
tion ot reprexcntntlvu to Congress sub
ject to tho decision of the Republican
state convention to be hold at Ogdon
on Sept 2fl 1910
I feel that my longcontinued serv
ice for time lull nnd in the Interests of
Utah which I have at all times en
dcuvored to serve honorably and con
oclontlouHly juKtlllcs me In asking of
tho Republican party nf this state thll
honor <
10norI elected mimi of this there Is no
doubt If Inm nominated I Khali en
deavor to curry out the will of the peo
plo of Utah on till national questions I
affecting their general vclfarc nnrt
that of tho stnto to tho end that It
may attuln I leadership among the sis
terhood of states I defeated for the
nomination I shrill most cheerfully
acquiesce In the notion of the conven
tion and the party cnn rest assured
that I shall do all In my power to pre
wsrvo tho entity und Integrity of tho
party anti do my utmost toward UK
success at tho polls on Nov 8 1910
Industrial Freedom Sln11 of linli
County Domucriiiti
HpKlul to Tlie Nuws
Spanish Fork Sept Ole Utah
county Democratic convention wns helt
hero today the wntchworil of the dele
gates Ixlng Industrial freedom Tho
mchtlng was held In the pavilion about
250 of the 2ifl authnrlzod delegates
being In attendance
County Chairman W P Giles called
the meeting to order promising victory
for Democracy In this Democrat
year He Introduced the Klmbert
quartet from 1rovo and after to mo ex
cellent Hinging A It Morgan wub
nominated temporary chairman and
David Htone temporary secretary
Mr Morgan ctilictl the attention of
the convention to tile unsettled condi
tion of Ihs nation politically wiylng
with great cnrnoKtness that tho
wih gfIlt enrOtneslf watch
word of every progressive Democrat
should be Industrial freedom He
pointed out that tho tariff had gone up
instead of down and wan designed to
favor predatory Interests o should
do all In our power to bring tho pro
gressive Insurgents of the llepubllcan
party into tho Democratic fold fjr
Ilooscvelt nnd his followers are ado
< ntlng Democratic principles as well
as wo could ourselves said the speaker
Various committees were appointed
and In the afternoon session tho follow
ing permanent officers were elected A
I Morgan chairman James H Clark
fIrst vice chairman Hyrum Lemon
second vlco chairman David Stone
Via Nickel Plato Ennui
New York alI return 2550 Doston
and return 2560 Hcduccd rates to
other eastern points Liberal stop
overs Tickets on sale dally until
Kept 30th 30 day limit Inquire of
local agent or write C A Noun D
P A 811 17th St Denver Colo
Conlvllle Sept 21 22 23 special
rateR from nil Utah points beginning
Sept 20 Tickets good returning until
Sept 14
10 Z C M I S
10 Amal Huirar Co via Ilt
SXO VtahIdfthai 11 r6 S
10 State Uak of Utah 8 U
Botids Bought tend 801d 10
lo UtahIdaho Sugar
10 Con Wag A Macaco 8r
I 7 C 32 1 O
5 Homo Fire IniCall m r
Jihn C5 CnterJ
Crllabllhe 2133
noth PhiO C3 A
Sllinilnllnii Knfrrnl Out of Court Knd
Liquidation IlroiiBht hy Mr
Tho famous llrudleynrown will con
test case has bscn brought to
C i close
A tentative
agreement wns reached
yesterday Between counsel for both I
side hereby Mrs Annie 1 Uradlty
obtains 12500 for her two rhurtn
Arthur unit Martin MontKomw
Brown Ilccaueo Senator Arthur Brown
nfuced to
acknowledge the
icknowlecgo paternity
or tho children publicly mind Inteml
pUblcy Ind partially
right by imirrineo tho wrongs done her
hotel Mrs Ilradlcy hot him In the flaiuigt
ihfngton D C on the niter
noon of Dec 8 1906 Senator flrow
tiled on Dec 22 DrolQ
110 tentative ulromnt provides
thutt ili clulms he
thlt 11 biemlased a3iflat
the Brown estate on behalf of agdlnt
children Hy this agreement om 10
court Is ostnbllshcd tho
eslahl he pnrentnBe 01
time two children
P > WPweni for Mrs Brnillcy and
W I Klhig for Max Drown execute
will make a motion In the
moton district
court that the iatrCI
COlrt action against the will
now pending bo dlsmlnsed This win
be onl ns soon as tho agreement II
drawn and signed I
Mrs Braille wall Inch on a charge of
llrstdegreo murder In Washington
and acquitted On her lshlnlton
Lake she Instituted null In tho Sai
trlct court hero to break the will ol
Senator Brown who hnl left wi tilt 1 1
nmoney nl property valued at about
100000 to his two children by his abut
wife Max Brown his son wall named
as executer Senator Brown In the will
disclaimed time parentage of the two
children by Mrs Hradley and they nero
cut off without n penny I was for
this reason that the suit was tiled
The case had been net for trial the
InHt Monday In August before Judge
M L Ritchie but at that time another
continuance ins granted I Is under
stood that the continuance was made
indefinite because I was known that
there was nn effort being made to settle
the caw out of court
People Buy Coal
Itecnuse they hnvo to do so
They want a good fuel that will
burn At tho right speed to give
tho needed service nnd not bo
This In tho
kind of coal ne
Hell That fiooa conl Is at
staple nl grnnulnted sugar
S Bamberger Coal Co
Four Yards Both Phones
Ask for our booklet about
coal prizes for customers
JasA Pollock
J3J to f35 So Main Street
Stocks and Bonds Bought and
Sold In anT market of lbs
Fastest service to Chicago
Hoard of Trade
Kelly Moitrose
201202 Mcintyre RuStling
For Sale
3 Utah Mexican
Rubber S
Co Capital Stock 32500
While Ringing S
IIliiili1 the Alarm S
I is no time to wonder i
i S your insurance is all right
I You should know now
I r t Dont put it off for a
day Look up your
0f1 t policies
iu aicaww79 I you arc insured
k15 in the Hartford Fire
5 Insurance Company
ti h 1d of Hartford Cnn
C you need not worry
For 100 years it
lias promptly paid
ever honest loss The Hartford insures all classes of property
It also serves property owners by telling them how to guard
against thc danges of lre It has published a book on the
subject with separate chapters for householders merchants and
manufacturers that will be sent free to those who apply for it
If you ate not now insured in the Hartford see to it when next
you insure that you get a Hartford policy
Heber J Grant < Co Gen Agts 1
20 So Main S Salt Lake City Utah I

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