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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, September 26, 1910, Last Edition, Image 1

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IOJ OJ SERE T EVENING NEWS The onlpitti New by Lend tlm Prcllco Clmrnctcr nnil of He lt I 1
1 1
I OLAST I aL f Jud kJ JLJi JL JLJ 8 JO jT JLJ Jw ij JB JL X11 JLA T k Micctnbllltr in Its AdvrrtUlnr
Temporary Chairman of State
Republican Convention Out
lines Proposed Platform
UvillSiipjiort Plan Thai Will Hediet
salfNl Majority Sentiment
It Agnliwt IVoIilbltlon
Special to The News
6TIu icpub
Osj n taL sept
oiwntlon met In thin city
lk an
nominating a
lay tit Iho purpose of
rtntauve in CongrcsH and a jun
court When tho
to of the uprem
called to order there
nnvrtili > n vat
indication of organized Insur
foWY j was tho gentml opinion
that ronjrprssman Joseph Howell would
f r nm iinated on the llrst ballot On
the liquor question the Indication were
tint the platform would declare for 10
Ul option QI IIn offset to the statewide
Tnriporary Clinlruinn of tIt lUimb
llcun Stulo Convention
Tixlnv at Oicilcn
JWrtlon plnk recently udoptxd In
pc fate Dcmocriitle cop njlpri WJ
inltKI tate senator flllioot was cho
Ifoaa lemporary Cht1irlluzt 1In iil ad
NIMH to the convcntlo T AenstorHmoot
uld ill dart
in prDcriifSlve party In thin tate
101 nation tn the Republican party
In giiat as Its rcord has been for de
iirti1 tilfvemrnt hair eun f lled a11
< > ill i in beneficial leglslatlbn aSid lictlv
ln 11 Inhalf of the people After nI
i < inj the legislation passedbythe
li1 onyrcfs Henatoi Hnioot panxetl to
t iililor luestlon He onrinunced
h ilt fxs favoring looal option in
mi mid owns but opposed to saloons
louiKle of incoriAimtbd pltteii and
Ifl flF
TII mnjqr prrt of Senator Sinooti
iililp HI was divotwl to the tariff tjue I
In IP Ahlh ho defended the Payne
Alillii law
S > Herd smut speech In < full
> ii iv citizens member of tho Ito
FtbUiuti Dtittf convention I apprtpcl
air vr y highly the privilege of appear
lilfin IMH rupiiiJly before such a tepro
11I181 > l > mly of citizen ot thlH jtatu
Tim niytiUon is the riutlior zl
tpjk3in of tin Illpublican Party In
tin Slat fir Itali anil of the great
itmnii oriraiilxallon of the jmrty wltn
In tnr ftYute You are the repYouiila
lit r Ihs political polcle and
V 311 ovKiinisuttorf that linve brought
tu nail itir national preatlc which her
Piiple no enjoy and have given to
tiu not n thi Hplendld progren which
fcn mail iir beloved country one of
tiir Kit tim m < wt iiiosp rou and the
crjtut f tin world powers thiJH
nalnum ne u unified free and en
JcM ni1 got rninint by the people I
foajiMtii t > > u most heartily Upon
> ur ilTiiHiii
Uili thn pollllral party
luvlnc hencflltil record In Kovern
Wtnui nffairn unpivralleletl by any other
larly iirpuiiznt n
W8 0 nr < t tojoy In tlrelaro our
MHndpl iiat ivt bellcp III prenont
t i the people of Ilah and
1101 to niaiiffn ylllfy ml
IIIcI mlftreprrnvnt or
iiltly n ui men or parties fI K other
loverh flin
The jiojri 4Jp party In tills ntnie
and na i i tIu
H the Hepubtfcran parly Il
o t
ii of Improvement
and ad
nin in KovernnientHl
Iong inntterx
IK tin inr < of
Uthtntnpt civilization and en
it is
r putty of action
anCOrnlllb to Itti profesxlnns nnJ
Wnl it s the party that hnl
Mtl on II tlatuto book ot till
i e
PVIV Ijpnenrim
bee law enactoJ
yar uco H Is the
tsl party that
anil alt the time HtandH Un
stertflZ > fnr thr American
Ito Atnirir farmer
m merhnnlc the
but10 American
jneM man the American iirofe lon
MMn f < nil the men Women nod
5V of Anorlca
JiRBlnit wVrry an
f 4Oolt r i
the tompetllor In any part of
v ld
ltThtre if
ni laxity
ha or jvearlnrjw In
reeord or l r °
tthltmpnt eMlven M In recent
IIfrnnh lilepd
TheM a dlPlny thiwn achieve
tItllIty to fxy R conBtantlv lncrea lnK
10 und Rood judgment
frBlI rr1Pletely
li II every Bltuatlon
U r fCJrd tfoqlrfd to face > el Rrtn u
atIleexntnt M hen for deKlrablc
n bU an tho work of the prc ent
national admlnlttratlon
I ruiJ7dltftl n11 ulhelll In bcneflclal
IhlllIon anti Ovlty on behalf of
fact that It I a well iindfirtocKl
a rturlnB Ih cr anti
tiaPlng Ilnp the n half
rsea chIef InlallllIon of the
J iI JfrlaUIJI1 CUCUlhf more hene
aiurlJfrlaUIJI1 hu hel1 cured than
H nut lnrv nllr Ilrvlou TonftKM
Irt lb In lime ° r PAj Tlk
tton hf Iri1ln lItt for < nnParl nn more
a nrIinarltl four yrar of ROll l
athlrnIljhn1nt lren < 1 > hili he
1 the
llil IItatlOn thr i month ot the ad
ra IreMdent William H
ta Ih
I attainment factory record of
IrtyI Anmeni III the nepuMlcan
mlnlltelln or nctllJlttl rif
Continued on pare threT
In 1909 There Were 2854 in
I That Portion of Country Cov
ered by Death Laws
IoUon Mol lltlllIttl I ICniplitjcil IH
MIMIM of tillr tt riItt hit
llrnirni IlchiK SIt
IhlnKllln Kept 20111 1M9 thou
wnru 2S54 known liiiiuluhlnM in that por
tion of the United KUtwf uuvorod by
clout registry lawn and In tho Hume
area 8402 deaths ilu > > to milolun rhi
figures art auppjloil by the ceiiHUa bu
reatiM iinnual report of mortality and
over about 65 per ccnit of the iKijiula
tOIl There In an actual fnlllnK off uf
149 In the number of hotnlcldex nn coin
pared with 1M5 whllu thoro In 1 di
crtmtse of tlm mle of ulrldfM coinin > ril
with population
folxon WIIH the lnat o ioinnionly em
ployed Instrument of oulcldp 246 eite n
bolnir due to It Firearms with 239J
were 1 clone necond on a tnmiiirt of self
tcMtrititlim while huiiRliiK WIIH rp pim
Mlblo for 121S iiHCH Tho retort HMI
NiippllPH on fiiumenitlon of accidental
dentliH fr ViM as follows
KallroiKl Injurle lGt9 drowning
4wS burpx 3M2 Injuries lit birth
360S InjurleK by horspn and home v
hides 215 Ktroetcnr 1728 itutomo
tilliH 632 Injuries In minus anil quur
rhl 1U9T Inhalation of twl onoii8
KUKPH 163J nther celilfntnl lolium
jK 177U iicvklontal ininnhi voundx
944 hput and nuiiBtroke SIS cold mid I
freezing 2l lightning ltd
Now York Hept 26 Nurmun Bell
botfrr known tIe Kid MiKoy thu
fliChtRr imriowly etcacd death today
from an explosion und lire on I launch
In which he wus pncsliiK the night with
I friend on th Jluilxon rlviT
The boat WHU anchored off Iort
tisliliiRton Kiliit fcclhj und his frlcjiJ
Frank George of Manhattan were pro
l > urliiK I chafing dub leaNt over an al
cohol lamp when the lamp exploded
The wood work of tho craft OUght fire
wid the Bawllne tank wa Hontcnid
7oth men dived over the side und Selby
lirljl 1 to Jhe edga orjh ujaft whlld
Ueo hnIw814fewlmne 1 1
to yhnio unftifttrnril I email row baRt
itnti idufiuil to Sclby The meii had
hnrdlv loft the launch when the gaso
line tank exploded
JMrlK fff I KMalhteu the MplnniM
h itarteit yedcrday with R pIUlstI r
on n fllitnl II < > i > < > lii for the auto
mobile club prlt of f > and the prize
of Kf offernl by thf municIpalIty of
Jane resumed hit trip at CI5 oclock
thlH mornlnq < Ho dpsccndod yesterday
In tho ibm iln lloulocnc because of
trouble with his rtiKlnc
lorldan who nlsu nrended yeHterday
la an effort to red Uruatelr cot cm far
HI Kalni Quentin when Ills Riisulln Rave
out and lie dexrendcii
After maklnir repair fiorldnii made an
ether ntHrl but uKHln fell to the Riouncl
lie was uninjured but nbtindnnrd further
attempt <
Cleveland O Htit IFlie condition
nr ixiTinld 1 HlulbH lrtl agent of
hi LItton 1iuirii rflllronu here who Ia
suffering fioiti u iilutiil wound In the
left breast Mlflnfllrtm Kxturday nlRht
Ia crave StublK IUIVK he Hrtldentally
dirt hlinxtlf whit examlnlnK u law r
ohr The pollcu niy Htuliln attempt
ed suicide
Tlie wounded man father J r
lit tIlts of ChliHRo vice tires itlemi I and
tinffk manager of the llarrlmnti lines
Il1rlnal In
Is here n nltlriK development
New York Sept 2fllte Imtcml ot
municipal rescanh hrro 1 > lliulliiK out
What IH txMnc di > nr In fdO cltlun for
Kcbool cMlldrcn whi are not promoted
Otto group of 98 itupeilntemlentit rei > ortn
that children Mimucl Jx interviewed by
prlnulpnls before imuke for non
IIIJOlol r others wav that teach
era tdiould give In nrltlng their rea
son for ivcunun ullut lion tiromo
tion nnd 74 report thit they require
Individual explanutlonH as to each child
held hack Twenty ell Itllve wpcelal
vatchup work for bnckwnnl iHipllt
Now York City the bureau 1 Illnll
more than lOOOOO
lon IOOOt nonpiiimotlon
In January and tin same number in
June The bureau bellivea
JIIII that sonic of
the left barks HTP of average Hblllty
but have not been properly instructed
cither through Inefficiency or frequent
abrence of their teachers
New Yorkn non froinotltn pprcrntaee
Wil 17 In January and 1lrcnll
cltlcf have averages an low an 3 4 G
and 1 jar tnt
Newark N J Bell 21 To nmu o
thft Patients 11 Ih > big Ovet brook hoe
> Itll for the lflpalie Ihit authorities will
shortly nuall 1 roinpletp tnovlri wi
ture and Vaudeville show 110111
howi will be put on il tho large
mitch hall of
mlslc hli the Jiopltal at a cost of
US each Th4 nudlcill directors will
censor the picture > rnro tho putlentM
are allowed to set thorn U iii believed
tllm I
thaI the Innovation wl haste a marked
beneficial effect II I
1 lonStp J 3 Th coroners
Jury today irturn < a verdict of
wilful murikr ngnlnut Or Iliwley
I Crlpptn the American rirntllt
In connection with the llrullni In
the Crlppen IqUoof the mutilated
body orllo nuppowidly Crlpptn
wife who wan jniotrn nn lie stage
an Uello ICInore
Vice President Says That He Will
Be Temporary Chairman of
Republican Convention
Vllllaiii tinnier 11 Announces the
Uhl Hlllril Vlll llixvrnt a
ClinipUlo Iliilfnriii
Hlrtoll N y Sept 2611 11
opining today of Vice Irowldint dhir
man on tilt < sCeflC of battle the old
guard force redoubled heir energies
tn secure control of the Itapubilcaii
Ktujo convtintlua nnd pr venl I nl
Itoosavell and the proprt lveo from
nainlne thalf candlJatcn nnd writing
the platform
Mr Shenmn Immediately enlna In
to oonferoncs with Wllllum HarncM Jr
who Bald neither side had 1 inujnrlty
of the doloKivtcn and that the llKlit wits
fur from settled
No there is nothlnK to nay nald
Jlr siiHrnmn And there wont In
anything to say as I look ut It
Who I going to b temporary chair
man of tho ooiivuatlonf
I am win the teply
Mr Khermnn was cordially Krreted by
tho leaddio of both ldt end lie dele
gate us he went to his room
Otis of the lint to greet him v UH Cur
nelius V Colllnt of Troy Col Hoose
volts upHtate lleutonunt
Mr Sllfjrjnnn thfii retired for his talk
with Mr llarne and the old guard
leaders who had b son rjuriimontnl for a
final druftliiK of plans
The fight for thi tdmporary chair
manship is far from tcttled mId Wil
liam DarmiH Jr tho old Kuuid lead
er carllur In Ine day and until It Is
Buttled I am Ruing to talk
Until the chairmanship light II over
there Is no line of talking candidate
We are going to prewnt u uomplole
platform to the resolutions commlttii
and will not nubtnlt to any amendment
whatever I have nothing to say
about ttio planks
Mr Hnrncsa statement that the ptil
guard would preKfnt It whole plat
form wan a complete nurprln I has
ing been expected that Col Hoopovelta
opponent would contme thnrnxelvcn to
nn active opposition to certain planks
of tin Fjrogriwslve platform
l d kii9
Oyster Uny Sept 26Iorre Presi
dent Koosevelt left Hagaltlore Hill early
today for New York to take n train for
Saratoga rv > l KooMvolt 1 ponlMent
he will be teiniiorari ehalniwli by a
majority of at least 100 His declara
tion yesterday that be vnuld accept no
compromise on the direct nomination
plunk will It II believed brim Up that I
Issue HM th ihlef cause nt the present I
contest and the principal point to Im
fought out aside front the struggle for
control of the convention
Imnk nnrluJonl Vnllslp rail an IC
Stole II Kroi Sqiiniv from starting
Ami Imuled In f lilcoKo lnll
Chicago Sept D6 Prank Darkcloud
descendant of I famous Chlppwa In
dian chief former halfback on the
Carlisle Indian football team came to
Chicago with his wife flvo weeks ago
to make an effort to IRk advantage of
the education he hal received lie
hunted for a Job and at the last mo
ment ho cueepeded but his money was
gone his wife In delicate health and
titacvlng He could get no credit And
for the first time In bin life he say
II broke tlm law He lolo n gun and a
shIrt Fold the gun was caught and
yesterdaY spent the first of I 112day
neritcnre In the llrldttwell
College acquaintance have become
interested In the young Indian couple
anti an effort will be made today to
raise a fund with which to secure the
young mans release
1 conceited for live weeks but no one
tumid give me employment said
Darkrloud What In the line of educa
tion for us If you will not let ux earn
our living 1 I came from Montana
where I liavo been working on I rinih
since the fair nt Seattle I woe in the
wild weft show there and wn lived In I
tepee coil were happy flint munt be
tin way we wcrn Intended to live
some day I am going back Wo arc
not wanted here
Denver 011 Sept 26 Arcoi ding tl
KathiT Hugh lj McMennnlm pastor of
the church of the Immaculatf concep
tion the most Influential unman ralho
llc congregation In Colorado tile only
condllloh upon which tho church will
function the marriage nf a CMhollr
mall to a Irote tant man who rofu o <
to take Instruction In the < 5ithol < i
faith II when that aforesaid Catholic
niuld 1M plain unattractive and on the
xhiidy side of J > In short when It xrrnm
more than prnT > Hblc that Mhl11 re
main nn old multi It she dov nt man
un what fate hlU sent her toore that
whltnHlcal old dame changew her mind
In all other capCC declarpd Father
McMenanlm the man must accept in
struction In the athollo fAlth or no
matTlaise will b ieci > gnljf < l by the
church Jf the rnurle threaten aelvll
marriage by I JuMle of the pence
said the priest w will tell them tii
go to the devil for thai Is tht vny they
nn headed
Then statements W mado by fath
er McMenanlm jecst lay In I ccrmoii
In wlileli he explains I ills 4ongrerrn
lion thn r COt pronu < snieiito h Mir1
by Die Vatican m ra 1 I Iho match
montal laws of the chui I
clf J
R f ll
wD IV ymi to say
joccjr cocmiicry vfaolotre
QCCl C vo
Advance indications a t hat
the coining Fair and Con
ference throng will U h < ri
in greater nutnberg than ever
tin first week in Octnlitr
Thi is the time II rencji
iliein in their liomcf telling
letn of the inducoincni yon
htivo to offer them in thoir
ijtll ant winter purchases
The Semi
Weekly News
Is the one great medium
hrouKh which thr country
jfoplc of the west ran he
rrl < l in their hoiirs
Adverse Attitude of Former To
wards Independent Water
Traffic Great Deterrent
TcrinliuiN im Important I tliiiniu
Have liecn TIMI iiinclcntly
Wavhlngton September i Prob
ably tliu groatct slnglf < de
trrrunt to water tormlnal advance In
tho United Hiatus IH the rreent ail
ell atlltudo of rail tines toward In
dependent water traffic In their < uc
elusive cintrol of frontage In refusal
or neglect to coordinate with general
water Arefflc and In refusal to pro
rate generally with water In8 In
movement of traffic
tt r I
euriK > mtlonj < just inside public In hIs
report tiitht ireeldent on water
transparniitlon In the tnltod Suites
After iif hjchauntlvp Innulry Into the
harbor xltiiatlon of the country and
analysis of condition CommlxMloner
Smith denl In thin section of the re
port with water terminals and he llniU
live salient tile regarding them
That terminals are ag Important ai
channel that the harbors of the
country have not fully developed their
terminal frontage nor are they prop
I er organized or controlled that
I railroads largely control water ter
minal often to the disadvantage of
and that there
general water system
Is little cooperation by localitIes with
the federal government which Improv
ed their channels
Lark of cooperation between lo
calities nnd the fed ral government
In water terminal development he
says Is In marked mntrnnt to those
continental countries whoso water
ways have been most highly de
Washington Sept 2 The frt of
the series of cabinet mentlngs that
will mark the stay of Ireildent Tuft
In Washington thlH week was held
Incidentally the presidents hou e
party also Inn today Its formal
opening being the luncheon schedul
ed for 130 p m
The cabinet days will be linsy A long
program ot subjects to be considered
has lioen nmde and eneli cluj tit
ting Is expected to he riul nK d
In I general nay the dtocuwlon
are to lie on the question of forth
romlng judicial nr lntmontK by the
president foreign alTnlm Including
the readjustment in progress In
Nicaragua repi > rt and estimate ami
economy plans rmm the department
the Inauguration t lie postal savings
bank and the externIon of tho civIl
service ti > Include assistant postmaster
and vurrnnncnt rhrk In money order
Jlerlln Kepi V Ttir rate of dt connt
ef the Inperli liMnk of Germany was
raised from 4 t r rent today
Washington 1fi 4aloIlAI banks
of the Inlted Sii have reported N
jourees of fSSItJlM 452 and rot fe of
IS47lSCi In ancnor to tho call for
their condition < > n spt I
National banks wbloh respondetl
numbered 717J16 more than I year
agoThey reported lnciear of 185000000
In deposits and 172000000 Iii surplus and
pronts sluice Kejit P I lf9
Washington sept 2eOuv ill
chriSt of Fliiriila ha confirmed hla
first stitemnnt regarding the nn t
tlonallty if he two Italians who i
were lynrhf at Tamta ilept 17 i i
The state dejMirtmctil today me
cclveil n telegram from the gov
ernor saying one of tho mjjn wa
a nnturallid CIIZIkln1 the
other a native born Jn Xew
Orleans j i
This information has been com
munlrnted the Italian embassy
and It is rx ed It will clone the
Incident I
Picks Locks and Then Hunts for
Postage Stamps and
111 Iuprrw Snillcrrd Altmit anil No
i4Lh DiIIrM 111 In I lie
lx ck your ilesksl
Put nil money jirtJ postage utainps
In hue lonjrt
One of the eieverost of olflc build
Ing Nnk Ihleven Ii picking the lock
of onicosi In the lnrg buildings and
stfHlltii stamps anti manvy Itti takes
nothing nine
No lock is ton hard for him No door
r leek soetnti to b able to defy his
knowl < KlKi of lok and lila Kit of high
c I n us hurglHr tools
He work at night after the Jmiltom
und scrub womvn have loft the build
Ings When he lIler an office he seat
tom malland valuoble papers over the
loom in his hunt for stnmjw nmt
money lie his tiesa working right
under the v err eyei of Captain of Do
toctlviw Ulley lieckntoMd and hid men
The teetlvo captain says he has the
man fjiolted who Is doing the work
and will have him In custoday beforo
The clever thief Is Halt to lx > only 22
years of age lie has been In town
Blnce lust August when he WM re
leased from the rufonn school uiivii
hu first came to Salt Lake former
Chief of Detective Cloorge Sheets mEt
him on tlm utreH SheetN told him he
would lmv tn be good while lie wan
In the city and the youth was until
the recent depredations on the offices
in the larger building
The hoI I loser so far IH the Utah
Dental company at 2tt south Main
street This place was entered lat
night nnd the thug made away with
and other convertible matter
tX > ld Illling lnt onrlhle 111
id to the mnount of t there The
Ilk on the door was i < ked and in tile
rummage thiougli the offIce he seat
tarsal paixirv books anti dentists toolS
fit > m One end of the place to thn other
In the Utah having Trust comiMiiy
building the ollleea of Van Colt Alli
son atiC Hlter wore entuiud Ole nlghti
IIKO and n valuable tanuim
10 <
papers and re ors were hnatturiNi here
Jlll1 l1 ta
puttfil IhtN rltt record m at th > i > tr
The smooth erook ala made a visit
to the Kelt building There the otlicts
of th Minneapolis Steel company were
entered nut nothing secured ro far as
known At the offices of the Salt Lake
copper company S2 In stamps wpm
tnlien The Mil showed tnimlstakably
that lie wan after money and stsniw
alone becAUH he thrown other valuable
matter aride
mater al
Tho Vermont building is Mild by tint
police to have been entered from tup i
to bottom The olllccn of the Itenelklal
Life Insurance company were broken
Into between closing time Saturday and
tilts morning When the janitors them
entered the olllces this mural nr they
found iselsers slid hooks scattered
uunl where the thief hail tossed
them in his hunt for utitnipx and money
HP Mccured here 810 In stamps and > 11 >
In money Tho oHIoe of the Inland
Cryfctal Halt eompiny wwe also en
tiitl say the police besides others In
tile building whose names they refuse
to five out
Iolhlnl Is dlmlnlnod by thIs thief I
is described aa a well dnxwenl Individual
and when he haH been sccnited by the
help cleaning UI round the ollki
buildings he has gotten away with some
read and plauslbls excuse
In the outsldM ctlons uf the cIty
burglaries are ot nIghtly occurreiice The
thieve act boldly and the police hav
I long record of hotwo hreuking that
Chief Harlow
IH fwliloin mlle public ulw
was 4en today and asked about tlio
crime wave but lie denied nny Knowl
edge of hum depredations nf the gung
of crooks who sleep by day und prowl
the streets late at night
The office building tlilf ecente tn like
beet the upper tlnors of thf building
he enters He wvlks In and makes
bin way to thus top story and works from
there down When ho heart someone
approaching he takes refug In sine of
Uu tiivalnrlrft until all dingn nt cap
ture Is iiaseetl Captain Ilerkstcad imyr
In ktinws the man he tjilnkx bee boen
doing the work Is In IJlnk hut that
nothing could be done with iiim until
after he had made an outbr k
In addition to the oHlom llstd abnvo
entered four unices In tho Mercantile hi < 1 were
The Utah Mglit IUII nis IHww
received malIce this mornltiK from tha
city relallvo to removing t I blocks
of dismantled poise left sundlng un
Ninth Hat lrrt tener i Manager
viln say the resporisitiiiity masts
with the Bell Telephon company
which by agreement with th4 Utah
Light was to el up 11 for Joint
111 fl
ocrupntioy on the side uf the road
way nnd remove the poI < In quontlon
I the telephone wires wir tho last
to he taken from them Thl his not
li the TtAh Ilcht
l > eeti done Rltoh 1llhL
iwople have htf1 frequently notljlnl
for a long tme i the tclrphmn coin
puny that the r was ntinut to carry
lln the ximpait Immodlmely If nat
nut III >
I Special to Tho N is >
Wa hlngtilV PC Bept M John C
Murph > MM betw npjiolntc iwwtmosfec
at W man Albany county Wyomthlb
vlcx u K Parker jresjgnd f
Herkfley IR1 Sept 4 Irif Harry
A Ovemtrret whn for I II lOamS
has been onn te < 1 wi
rsrimrnt or tie I nivf I r1auror
rta nnnexK ed lOdfl I il f of
Irii hnir of phllnsrni f 0 nt
in fit of New York 1 I eave
ticta la January
5 j
Joseph S Gcddes Sustained as
President of Oneida Stake
By Conference
SuiiloiYt at tvli Inilfil HII anil
Other CI i urn i Olllicrti Under 111
Put ioml stork Done
< 8peolol to The Mows
Iroston Sept Ki President 1rnncl
M Lymari ant Htiltra llelwr J Orant
lUid Cturlri W 1vnrvtx 4tt nde < l the
Oneida sinks conference held at 1t
lon Saturday arid Sundny
At thin flret sinslon of the oonfnrMicc
held inturda morning ITixIdutit U >
man 1Jk on ih thorough Olla
tUin < Ihl suk > In nil UM dni > urt
in tits which hud tur many years been
under the presidency of OiMirgn C
Inrklnon mud tn him was given full
credit for thy splendid work that had
h11 done aim 1 church ulllver Th
speaker also lauded his tfiunnelorH and
llf head of the varloiiN department
At the afternoon sewilon Iresldent
Parkinson II till II that ho haU for sumo
tulip desired to lie roll lived from the
care and responslhllltlnH of presiding
over me Oneida stake All he under
BtiMil n change wax to lie made In the
ftfflnr of the sluko lie wlshwl the
prlviivnu of retiring from the rMwItlon
He spoke Iii bIght termii of all his as
nelHts ills Jounscliira the high coun
cil and all Ihe uttlclaU of thu differ
tnt weltties antI iuurums
UIIt Kytnan then wpOlted that
Ireslflent Parkinson Ix honorably re
liiRned from the presidency of the
stake which was nupporioti by a unnn
Imous vote from the urge congrega
lion assembled
At the afternoon session of the con
ference at which close on to lSOO plO
pip wire crowded Into the stake hall
Joseph S leildes
who bail been a
counselor to Prrsldent Parkinson was
sustained I1Jf presldctit of the Onelda
stake with Juni Johnson and Taylor
Nelson UK his counselors
rharles D Ooaslimlwlio had ben ono
of President Pin klntona coun lors
uas sustained as a niembnr of the ligh
rouiifil and Sti > pli n S allan OH an al
ternatr of the high fOunHL
Th > change In the stake prrsldeiwr
was mad In vied nf Conditions oxlM
InK tlienln and was not effected l > e
ciium of the dliputen arising from the
bittnei affairs eonhoetnU with the Ir
rigation illJtrltt which are separate
and dlatlnctniRtterri from the Church
111n ell p 1 ttp cr itJtt lh1iur
stake lire8fl iwyHl3i itt ely and en
tirely to their fiumuct of col nlijfti nl
matters The ruport made by the tnm
mitt of lnestll tlon about whIch
so much has neen cald was not taken
Into confederation
The changw etTecteil appeanvl to
give iinlveisut oatlsfnctlnn and will
doubtless promote that union and good
feeling that Is iseIrstblr
Washington Sept J6The rubber In
dustry Ix increasIng with ouch strides
In the federated Malay state that
Con Mil General DuHolM hnlleves that
within the next three years the value
of exports from tin premnt acreage of
H0CiN imrap InntHtlnfis will aggregate
at least JMoOoOCO Mr Dulioin states
an ennrmoils apltal Is invented In rub
ber culture Soil he entlmates that tf
the Industry cnntlnuos to grow at the
prewnt rate within 10 wears IIn addi
tional million r > < > pl < will he required
for the labor nwcstiary to put the prod I
uct on the market
Chicago Sept i I could jlle waltz
Ing said Mica Illialwth Hants at
the close of H dance last night As die
seated herself she foil over Pin dliil
within a few minutes She had been
dancing continuously for tour hours
IIIII Harris was it years of age
e I
The xtHlc board uf panlons will m1
TifMlBy at the state prison having
adjourned over from the 17th Inst to
coniilder the following applications for
olMUI clemency Henry Johnson rape
Prank Ieis A58J Itocoll ICHrl
forgery is toy Pumnll grnnd lar
ceiiy AVAV Woods a < ault with dead
ly weapon herbs K Illgler Jr bur
Inry 1vle M Ktvin Hccoswory fom
mutation Henry D Simmons burglArv
third difrv Par > lr John Jones car
iml knowledge
Number of Snerlal Iarllen Coming
Onr Hcnicr lIlt nratiile
Th local P A R O offloer ore notl
flN from Ivnver of the arrIval from
tlm nust of the following touring liar
this KAHWIS City Bankers special
olKlit ears Including H bLeak Island
tflnoi anive Halt take llJi a m
ijopt 30 en loute to Ixw Augcles Mil
WHUkee delegation to the American
Bankers convention two cam S > I wi
pie arrive Salt Lake 3U I m Oct
3 nil route to los Anrele liilly Illf
fOnl cixnpaiiy SI HH pl < two tai ur
miss Salt lake 1015 am Ort it n
mute ti lIen KranoJiwo via Hi < ithirn
lUialtb Danish llnithorhood HSI n
lion iTh peopl nine curs Including
Hack Inlnnd diner arrive Ball Lake
I BIII Oit I en route to late An
geles New Minister theatrical cimi
ijany three cr nerlve Suit YAk
UIJO ain itrt 2 for Soiith ii Pacific
= = c = = =
loaveiiwnrth Kas Sept J6
John n Walsh J In better condi
tion physically than when ho was
MTiivcd dt the prison and he Is
bearing up well for n man of his
aft naid the prosi < ian of Iii
Irlan here txlny I
t l
Looks as Though Joseph Howell
Will Capture Congressional c
Nomination Easily
f a
Iur IxKiil opium In Incorporatexl
1ownti und Cltlr IaynrAldrlcli I
lliHIf Hill IJlllllf1cd I
1 tJ
iOalaI to The News J tfl
ogden Sept I61rolU nil Indication I I yT
this morning the Ilnpubllcan stuta I I f
Itlatforin will oontnln planks endorsing to 1
the IteiMjbllcan state luhnlnlst atlon
the national adminIstration and tim
PayneAlrtrleh tariff bill The ilpecfat I I
lawa ihse4t by CongriMit tch sthe h
railroad rate bill will RIo be ondpr d f I f
On the liquor question the Hepubjl
cans will probably declare themielvcn
for locnj option In cltlei and Incorpor lii j y
ated town Utah prohibition elsewhere i L1
In tho race for the cohirr lorial 14
nomination Joseph Houoll the Inc 1 I I
bent will Probably to renomlnatni I
Harr Joseph and Parley P Chfjstcn I
smelt han It few delegates hut tlotralit 1 i
supporter declare that It wjll only take j I 3
tIle first ballot to dixildc the contest j 1 ir
Five hundred delegates assembled In j I ii 1
the Ogden theater i i I
at 1030 oclpck and 1
considerable Interest was manifested 1 i
As tho dnlegtitlons cainn stnlllng In 5
there wnii applause Henntor moot
amid Congronsman HowiII and a num 1 I
ber of other prominent Republicans j
were gren nn ovation as they topk I iI
aLlOts on thu stage k
H I Cuinmlngs state s crfltary J fi1
called the oonventlon to order atlt < 0 f
oclock In tho absence of Chalrman I
K JooHe who Is In New York ifr I
Cummlng announced tho temporary
organleatlon nn follows Senator ne ed i i
Bmoot temporary nhalnnan Thomas
Smart Cache Cot first temporary 51cc
chalnnan J V 8evy Hevler Co sec
ond temixirary vie chairman Nels 1 mt
Jensun Doxelder third temporary vlc e
chairman P 11 ofbourow Bait lAke
f urtli tenipornry vice ctinlrmah It f I 1
dimming errctary William Alllton
first HMistant M M Steele second
aulslllnl U E Pug third nstUtanl t
SV II DeAVnlfe fourth astlstanti tan I
Ifl jamos RaniHte ftfrgeafUqtarm
i yM lJJop tint slfitftntj Oiw J lien I i II i
rdW6rJnarii rn iWi URn ft ii
chctt third aSsistant Hey J fi Car
vur ciiailtiln 1
After unnoiinclnf Oa tr mr orirji > nr i
giinlKitlon Mr CiiiiiiiilnifM introduce 1 I
S > nntur Heed Hmooi He said In this I
eixioli making convention as all Itc ti
rmbllcnn conventions have been werte
put > IUan > have comA together today to t I
announce the prlnHHes for trhlch wk ill S
stand Senator Heed Bmoot who will 1f U
act as mpornry chairman will hatldlt I i
the convention He hall shed luster I r I t II
upon his home state In his cena tortut Ii I jJ
capacity He has been consulted n > I 4
nil vital questions since he has bVtt ° lit
In thn antmte and has defendedjtH op I
people of Utah when they have XKO Qok J
sailed s V I ili
Senator Hmoot received an ovation I il I I
when ho took charge of the convention
ii H
The applause continued for fully 10 I 1 I I
minutes btn r he wan able to nisJoru
order Senator tnnot nddresns tha je J
convention Ills speech in full appear ii
elsewhere In this edition I
fl if
Imllldlulll following the speech of t
8 nalor HVd Hmnot I > ltr < tto F C I fi i
1lUrhourul of Halt Lake county movnl H I
the appointment of the commltt It j
nn crnlcnllHlM
permanent oreatiltatlou
and order or btttlnesH and platform and
retulutlonfl which carried The chair
then announced the following commit
ledoiittaislJeLlter ii
buries A7nnf > i I i i
omlon Uoreldvr f Hoist Cache vii
liam II Them Carbon George A Mur if
phy Davis Warren Iooe Bmery C I 1
HorenMin Jr Gaitleld
Thomas Sevyj 1
rb i
nrand A A Taylor Iron Huhtlen f i
Lynch juab Herbert Hope Kane A J
I Flnli < y Mlllard Mike ODay MeT ii I C
lean L U Toone Pluto A 8 Hay J Ii
cock Rich JII f
Joseph Hodges Salt Lake y
W W Wilson Han Juan N C Poul JI j
MOn i < ani > ete A H Walter Ser I
C Poulnon Summit A II Walt f i 4
Too le n A Culmer Iota AVInl > in L i 1
Jloeft fuih S I Uoodwln Wtisatch 4
Hock M Pope Washington David f4 t
Hershl Wayne II A Meeks Wcbn
J H < horror I
IVriiirttitjnt Organliwtloii and Order
Huslneifs llt ivei Oeorge Tefferi II
JloxeldMr W S Hall Cache oi hi
lUck Carbon A W lonely n > 1 fl
K C Anhlun Kmcry K J Cook t
Held Jnmes Cl Srand A A T j ti J pI
Iron Wlllanl K Corey Juan L ilUlt II
Wood Cane John Illder Morji T5 I
H Porter PHil K K 1311 III hf T It
Jo nph hodges Salt I ike f c l 4 I uf
bourow San Juan J D Sorenwn <
Hiinpete J H WlliJn ftcvltr I I 1 1 i
Sorenson Summit S I UaJ Ion Tty
ole Kd Sianlon finish Ooorjf1 CUr
rll Itjih John U Dlxmi Wn iu > h S
n M Popfli BshlnKton War i i
Cox Wayne It A Meek Web T n S
O Dye I
Platform and Hesolutlons IIfr
W H Do Woolf Buxelder llyruhi I ii
Valentine Cache Joe A fimlth Cir 4
bon A RiKler Davis Chas R JloV1 0
Kmery Gen n Miller orII t
fjbby Dn Long Irand A V J 11 i
Taylor Josh Alma Hfnue K ne I
Leonard Pugh Mlllnril Orvll Tk It I
Thompson Morgan W K riddle j ir I
Plute M M teelc Jr Illch W K ft 1
Walton flitit Ik A I Thomas I i
Sunpete W D candlahd Sevler JH I d
Krlckson Summit I U Ilooddon
Tootle W S Marks Ilnta Cites ne 1
Molsey ITtah AV L HAyes WaJAtch > I 1
jame 11 XVIIiwnj Washington It Iti
Judd Vayne II v Meek Weber J i
Jam Wotltempoer
Following the ni bug of the commIt s
teen and the announcement of the chair
men of the places nf committee mset
lng the rnnventlnn took a reef sx until o I 1
S Iclork flute afternoon
From ndirrisslnns by several 11 < 4
gnteti Is neemed certain that the name
tif Nephl I Slnrrts would go efnm ij 4 i fill
the onlntlo In Hie tAco for the nom i
nation for congressman to succcc j I
Joseph Howell ninklnt the contest t
rextanKUliM affair with Congrtni <
Unwell Aspirant Parley p Chrlstet d
mien Harry Joseph and Nephl U Mor
rK on Hie four slu s The uttpporttrl I
sf Mr Morln rtalinfti that when hit 5 0 g
nanir should RO before the convention t
It would surprise tho other doIetetlot I
a j s i rr
I i i IJI I

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