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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, September 26, 1910, Last Edition, Image 4

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COl11fr of Koutli T mpl and Hast Tem
pie lilrelo H it I ke city Ulnh
Hone O Whitney lluslnais Manager
tin Advance
Hy Mill p lr ar 800
< > Carr or IIr > nr 1IfJ
HmlHlcly IJotr year IHfl
Saturday News jier year 200
J Vlilr 11 buln eommiinleatluni
unU all r inlttnno t1
1 Bait Mike City Ulull
Mrpondnr8 And olhMr rmttlna mil
ter for pullHvilloii iliuulil h iidilrcmttd
to Ihe KU Ton
1dlrn HtInlIIuN w York
mnklln I loom flat Iron Utillillng
lhklo A W Wolf tfeeurll fiuildliifc
Kntertd at Hie riostortloe of Halt Tnke
City n a nrronil Ja i matter nccorcllnu
tr Ait of IongrM March 3 1T
fAt IAKK lIT SKIT S6 1310
The Slat Senilnnnunl Rencral confer
ence of tho Church of Josus Christ of
Iattercliy Slntti will convene In the
Tabernacle Salt Lake City on Thurs
day October C 1910 at 10 ocloct lIm
A general Prlaathood meetlnK will bo
hrld on Friday evening October 7 In
the Tabernacle commenolnsr at i
Klrst rtc l < Jency
A general confrentn of the Ueeeret
Kundny School union will be held In tho
tabernacle Salt Iwiko City Sunday eve
ning Oct 9 nt 7 oclock Interested
In Sunday school work nro Invited to
General Supcrlntendency
Ill the Old World Htato politics
Intimately connected with religious
rvrv often
ligious belief nmt observance It uaocl
to bo out of tho < iu ilton In some coun
cither politically or
trlr to advance
Foclnlly or financially uiilena tl could be
jtrovrit by the ultrnnturo of a clergy
nwu that onoll r llslon was of the ftp
lirnved brand To bclleVfl and to wor
hhlp different from the common herd
was to brand oneself I ° octal outcast
avonuoof preferment
and tu rut off ovcry
Hut In this countrj things nre or
tjught to bo different Here the gov
ernment of the stuto tnkts absolutely
no notice of tho religion of the citi
zens Polltlcnlly men may divide on
lllgh or low tariff on ntuteV rights or
conservation temperani or imy other
question of a iiocular nature but they
cannot legitimately bring their rijllg
Ions differences Into the political dls
rUHolon The question whether the
pope la tho successor of Peter whether
tho Prophet Joseph vas ft true pro
phet whether Immersion II tho only
true mode of baptism whether man ha
n free will und ft thousand other que
tlnnB are foreign tu tha state nnd the
rolltlial tntuB of u citizen should not
be ifferted onn way or nnother by his
belief or nonbelief In such matters
In the Colonlu some churchus hod
government support but when the state
Kovernmonti were formed and when
tho Federal Constitution Kao AdoPtui
rtute support was withdrawn It wan
rxi rfsHly pruld that no rellfflouh
ti stf should ever b required ow a ciuoll
Ilixtlon fi > r any ufllcc or public trust
nnler the Unlt d Hwtwi Thin aennra
tlo f the hurchM ruIn lh Ute VMUI
oil of thp Kie tal liolntH of illfer
II bitwtfn tho Nt W World aWl th
01 I 1ndrr thl Mrinr tnent relfrl u
nucittlp4 Mini rliurcliw 1m v llourtiiheU
luul the tiilv Man been liuneflttnl Itnt l
1 hi principle hm Hnrart till bejontl
Ih ouiicnrU of UIU ITnlted Stntoj
Tin old World ban adotrt l It In prnc
Ik if not formally mil tho brouil
niliKl l tmiplr of the Olil NVorlil Mit
Kratffi to ProvtiVinp > Tot thl revels
tiiti lit tin ImnortHnt truth wliloh U
dtti < d to bt mtjtdlofl Ui Anwtcnn In
itliut jn B > litt rlKhC lItar wo
nIl I Ihn II 111 uo
Hiui1 iji In H T litlcRl invention and
nti i k HIP i hunt lIt JMUH Olirlnt of
ltui < lny Knlntii a wwi Unit nc
cui HiK 10 riport In th Colonial theu
trr III the nolulled Amerlran con
Orntirtn oil HsturUny HIlIlIot rliiht
ilnon xnyono In till country under tllfi
Artie rl < on flint turn H Hilltlnal g t > irr
Inp Irto nn nntlchurrh denunrlatlon
inrottnfr IH that the ny to koel
rtuirrh nnd htate lIopat01
It npponrs to UK thnt the IIJloRh
who prn tituted thr < on < ntlan by at
tacking a ohuroli thereby rrownl eltlllr
UiHr iKiiorance of or liullrferonee to
riria of tho grtnt principle of Amer
ican R > rrnmnt nnd that tb pr ild
Infr offlccr whn fnlletl II AlII tlum to
qrdor prood unfaithful to an Im
portant triiRt H nppnarn to ui fur
ther that th men and women that
follow the polltlrnl MHnrlnrd benrcrs
lho publicly disregard what ought to
ln n tiered lnherlt ne from the fa
til > rfi nnd In their blind btKoted fury
tear 1111 U were thf tag to shreds dl <
i iy a innrvplmi rnntempt foi Amerl
cnn HtandardH of rlRht ami wrong If
lhe > had had tIny rcRBrd for tho
I 1 Unlarll they would ha loudly pro
1ttr1 HKRlnst the prnf nation of u
t ronvntlon by the Introduction Into It
if nn element of religious pfrscotltlon
fniime on nil perre uton wherever they
aie but double shame on those uhi
Under the American IUK nxiiume tho
riile nf persecutors And th fact thut
thfy do 110 merely In order to lei ofll
ft > and control of Jho money of the
t > eople they Brfl l1ttll nIl n 11 dot not
rhaltt1 their HUI nny more lepectnblu
Oentlemen oU tire on tlm wrong
Ijqrk If you huvn Any cit vnnrs
nlltln81 political parties that In dlffer
fht nut In stntlnK then Icnvw th
urth onK all churtlim ulna Jlelit
your > tRlit on politic I llnm like trua
Atnericunk und du not neak In tlae
hMMlH about the Church merely to entcli
the oton of blKts nnd iKiiorumtifeii
Klcht in tint ox > n nnd nt like rownnls
behind tho rotten rnmpurtu of nntl
Morinonlliin You mv no morn
right tu make an uttHck upon the
Church nnd rnll It polltlm than you
have to iittiick the ntliollcM or JOWH
nnd cull It ixilltlcii In dolfii no you
briind you ret If n nlloni und trulturn
to Uic Inttltutloni of this RlurluUH coun
The Twin Hills Iiluho ewII one ttt
the moat Influential paper In the poutli
ailern I urt uf mil fair neighbor state
In a strung editorial call attention
101M jKiMtlcal activity of hrlous
tlturvhet In IU neighborhood during
the IUllt primary election Uenoralty a
grout cry has gone up to hPi i > n
from tho vculftolaatlcul und political
mpM baeuuiB of the nlluiivd Inlor
fefenco of Ihe Monnun Cnureh In
Ihe politic of both UUlt Hiid Idaho
It IB not the Mortnon Church this time
It appears from the Information
furnished by our Tln 1iilU name
HIke that tlif vry runk from which
tho unlllirmoM ury genorall >
co m on furnish tho most tonsplououii
IntcrmlxlurH of thn Kind objected tu
As ls nearly rtluHys the rtitx1 the ac
ouwnt arc guilty of the try lnA for
which they blame tlw ttorday
f alnl This Ins never been luionn to
The T lIln Jnll Now elilm thut
the cliurchen Itilluenoed nomlnntloiiH
Sl1lcl fully lucouse thuy hail tin or
RiinlzHtlin fur that puriH u Votcm
the paper wiy were tmlnod In WHIM
of thu uhiiruli bulldlnKH uccorttlnK to
reporta of the dofeitcd uml ftcqucnl
ly lullmlzed pilmary cundl < < lUll Just
how tu mark their ballots In order tu
> oto for men nnd pomlbly women run
dlduten the ihurchta uuntod to nee
The Churrh of Jestia Christ ot Lat
terday Sulntu hoij nflon b eii dcciiHid
by others of undue Interference In
politico The only foundation for thin
aa far u we I now Is the fact thut In
fluentlitl mun In the Church hnvo ut
tlmeK oxerclseil their prero HtlfH n >
American citizens to InlHiunoo part
policies and elrctlom Hut that l
noniothlng every Amnrlcan citizen ha
n perfect rlsht to do Member of
other churelips Iicroaboiil nro dolne
the same thing nnd tome of them oie
not content with their own Influence
but they are trying to nllat the In
fluence nnd money of rellRloiiHly In
clined citizen < > f other Htiiteo from
th Atlantic to the Pacific who hae
absolutely no iiimlncm In Utah In
their political chemes and plnrm That
goiB without criticism nnd It RhoUH
how Insincere Is tha howl of untl
Mormons about Church Innuoncf
There U very little foundation foi
It Tho Church by Its xtandnrdn of
faith by Holtupn lechiratlon and by
constHnt tnuchlne dlflerontlnteu be
tween uhuixh und ptnte holdliifc thai
both Hro divinely Hanotloned Instltu
tlon lur tho cdurutlon uf mankind
and that eaeh luii IU own vphore of
unrfulnevs Till In the position of the
Ulmrclu It hav aluays bii A i from thv
Tho Twin Full Nem tiredlot tllut
Idaho rltlwng may possibly havu tv
line up on thn question churchvx and
ntutu A lineup an thin buals the
paper says In Inevitable In Idnho ana
tho birth of It merely dipondt on how
tolerant u viiat throng of Christian
yot Illwrul minded people limy bo If
It comei to thut we hue no doubt th
Lutturilay Kulnte will be found on thu
slclo that contundx for keeping church
and state separate for thuy uro earnest
In upholding th principle In Kiivern
mont and law MB inundated In too
tlon IK Dootrlna and Covenants Wu
do nut bulleo It juxt to mlnitlo religious
Influence with ilvll Roornmentwher
by onu r llrloiiH iwlety In fodturvd nnd
nothar pnxcrllwd In Its nplrltunl prl
vlltK nd the Inillvliluul rlghtH of Itl
rnemhor w citizen denied
The relation that nhoulcl < xlit be
t the IIChoela nnd the OIHT nffulrB
of Ufa In n topic thut forvvcr alHltn
the ahmtlnn of our niodirn gtimmunt
tlt8 That the notiooli kluill prrphrn for
life Htlil bo n pnrt thcr of nt nil time
Is now Hn naceptml nxlom mnonK the
beet edncnfor Hut low to VrlnK
Hbout mitual iDlatlons of thtt fireatMt
educational value brtHicn Ilio ttclioiil
nnd the home the vrhn and lit f nn
ur xliop thn MiliiHil and tho ioll6RO
higher up In It word betwuiu t ff
eehool nnd life llurlf n its bent tlJl1 t
an 1 lilKlifst iiieaulnKthlx III tho prolj
lent yet unsulted
Onti factor of the situation Ie l > lnK
worketl uut In Clri at Wrltnln In LUII
dun Juvcnlii labor rhniiK s arc be
Inp established by the Hoard of Trade
Thfl inntltutloDtt are provliifr HO ef
ficient that It U now proposed to In
clude In the lints the numcn of all
children registered In tho schools who
Ulll mhorlly be leaving und seeking ein
It In provided that children attending
whool shall bo registered for employ
niunt only nt their achool nnd that If
Rny iiuch children make direct appli
cations to the central labor bureau
they hall be referred back to their
whool that list of children nnd young
people about to leave school Hholl l
ent In tf tho education office nt the
oloeo of onch month by the head Inch
or or nupcrlntendents cnnrcrnMl and
that tha Vocal labor exchange rruinAKer
shall have authority to mak copies of
these lists ami that all applications by
employers for the seinlees of children
or young people leaving day or eve
ning schools ahall be made dlrett to
the labor exchann
According to the Kngllsh nexvspaper
Bccountr the labor market will be co
organized that thn usual waeto arising
from the mnlndjusttnent of Bupply 1 < nd
demand will be IfHRrntnl This nfciisil
tatuH the Inclusion of nil typeH of labor
nnd oupeclHlly tliat of Juvinllcn bi
CIIU H tha dlticounirfeinont uf bo > M und
Itlrlii fiom entering nn ovurstocked oc
iiuitallnn In an lini > nrtnnt mothoil of ad
justing supply uml demnnd The or
Kunlsnllon whlih osnebns a record of
tlioge trades In which labor In either
vcarcn or plentiful la the only 1J1I14 that
can formulate n general policy with re
jrurd to juvenile labor
The first step tenant reiculaline juvu
nile labor IB to hnt > nn exchangn
through which nil Jobs arc obtained
then constant pres ure can bo exerted
on nil children to give up unsatisfac
tory work und u free nnd continual
competition will bo lot up between
Hood nnd bud job no that bad employ
urn wll finu their employe constnntly
tnovlng umiy
Knell school sends IIH lIt tu tho labor
tiurcuu mill thus the latter Is retained
us the Central medium of exchange
ao liiK the confunion ond Irregulari
ties that tnl ht IIroe If employorH lu
ijulred HiuonK tha iiroun schools for
suitable tuixliitaiit nnd furnishing the
bureau with n full lint uf all students
In the tlty i udy for amploymont An
iaclally valuable feature of this lost
pinvls6n will lie lt ktatcment from
teachers and Huperlntandenta as to the
ability character und general qualifi
cations of BHCII of tho applluantf
HomethlnK of this kind may become
nucuxsary bufuru innR In cur own coun
tii unleM effoctlvo means nfo found
for reducing tho cost of living
The Kpeclflv problem which the Ung
llsh exchange In Mcklug to soo Is
how st to control and ndvse the chI
drenof hoo oinployinunt the cxchangu
will keep u complete und contlnuoux
record J lm only pprnoim really tlttod
for this work are the teachers mnnii
fciin of Buhool IInel tnembors of care
committee On the biitU of knowledge
provided by the labor exchanges thoj
must dlrfcinntlate hatwern iimploers
dvlHA the children lit the start nnd
wiitoh tliosu who at Irt fall to get
ntlsfactory vmpnyin nt no UH to put
them Into gomcthtng belter on the first
opportunity Thin general Htipcrvlslon
In to be entrusted by the board of tiutlo
to < lvlnory cominlttfrH nrt whl h It II
OMsnntlal thut tho educittlon authori
ties ahuuld ua several luivo nlrcady
duno onaent to place the best possible
reprrsentntlvpn They will then bu
abli not only to Hend In skilled em
ployiiientu the best of their children
but to exercise control over nil nnd
by uniting a knowledge of tho Individ
ual ihlld derived from the school to
the knonledRe of Indimtrlnl conditions
deiiwd from tho oxchnnKo to divert
the low of labor Into the most suitable
channels It Is believed that the labor
exchange committee nlll then bccomo
most valuable us thnt link between tho
fohool nnd renl life which hiM been
lacking In the pimt For without such
u link education In the opinion of the
Umdnn MorninK Post become liter
lle We think so too
Thu condition of the day nro thua
compelling VIA formation of a more
deflnltn relntlon between the element
ary schools nnd tho dully life of tho
people especially the Industrial phases
uf life njuc tnrn and business men
in our own oountiy will watch with
Interest the tesulta of th In Hrltlsh ex
peilment of cooperation between the
choolll and the employment bureaus
How mony lapdogs to the mile
The lone bandlta favorite game Is
Thtj Ung of dUpnt I n worse than that
of 1
Thn gun meters only rival Is the
taxloab meter
Too rich man hnfl utt ntlve listeners
becnuse money tuiks
Dr Oook ha hern discovered lignin
And the end Is not yet
Tho uvlntor prefer not to have a
loud by da > for a GUI11
That untenuptlul nrjreement may
hava been a host prandial affair
If the best man always won every
Ulan thinks It would be himself
At Hoiatoga the Colonel will give the
old guard the fight of 1111 life
Huu Siirtunnto for man that phoo
IB not nil common fate or all
What Is the dlfforcnoe hetuenn nn
w Prf dent nnd n iwePreiildtnt
The luretul nnd the wll o man
Hlwny lets tomorrow take earn of It
That JTcAt ran on the Georgia may
have one on n bust because the octan
Is wet
The II1ln who 11r unes anything
tint tli worst uUla never Ipoka or nny
other gI
Many of Ihe ultm aonxsrvrttlpnlal1
find It vciy hard to pr ert tUelr torn
The convention hHll I the rut
iiiniifetnont hall for them le rol the
icople 1111111I10
Among other xhlblt to bo ln tnllid
Ht tho coming state ftllr will be 1
groat many horses und tattle
i > aker Cannon nlwnys speakl of Ihft
InsurRents as though he would like tu
huo tltnn one by one town In the
With n good cause anil good men
American can nnt Ie defeated tnyi
the organ of the Amerlcnn party Hut
then both are lacking
The question How long should a
nO1I1 teV Is bolng dlicu etl In Eng
land and Iho E t Any one Ishlng to
rend n long novel nnd a good one
hfnlld rend Clarissa Harlow
A California professor cay that the
negro race will bo extinct within
three hundred yearn That professor
ihould hold a chair of anthropology
In the University of Chicago
An exchange says that the city of
Hamilton O proposes to cover irart
of UK main i > trr et with a glas canopy
and Illumlnatfl the Interior with pow
erful electric lights Did Hamilton get
the Idea from H HtlatT It rends very
much as though It did
fJov Hadley of MtsKourl ban received
a ittier fron Colonel lloonevult III
which tli Colonel uretn lie did not
deem It advisable 10 go up In nn nero
plann wllllfi In Ht Lfiius Xt 11 He In
innro rnutlpua tnsn ha wus nn Presi
dent for then lie did nnt lioHltute to
1It4M a trip tn a kubmarln
Omulia iic >
In till Inllwd 8tutn ore than liny
other country labor ha u voice1 m
IxilIUc It In hiard by individual ns
plrantn for office n u oil UH by great
political purtltjj an a whole nnd IU In
tervit nre rightly held to IM > of para
mount Importuned AM a rewult coiull
tlOfiH Jiavo b811 iriileil that huvo tn
abled tho AmerlcHii worknun to reniu
n stundard of living attained by thu
woikmen of tciirccly another nation in
the world Their HKO 1I uro higher
hours are shorter cuncmiorm of labjr
better Rill opportunities of nclf culture
lIu rlor
TIII risiiiuns AWAUU
Philadelphia > > dger
It mjsreprcsutitB the award In iho
nsherle ellallIlito speaK of U as a
compromUe It la true that neither
side won all the points for which It con
ttndcd but each point WRl duclded
Up < n Ha morlt and tipun only one wna
there nny dlsxent Tlif ronult Is no
more a comnroinlno o than uny utlicr
judicial decision whlih U made upuii
tho facts und the law nnd without
favoritism It la jireilxely this ul > st
tutlon of judicial lonxlderntlon for ill
Ivunticltig of nntlnnat Intweata thit
nmrks tho great Hdunee of The Hugu
tribunal over the old fashioned mud vf
llOdal arbitration
Oeo Hare III jOrth Amerlcun Ilevlew
History from the beginning of gov
crnmentu to the beginning of the r < pub
llo Is n seamy rucord of tyranny of the
strong the rich the ponurful To thU
day in nearly all lunds except our own
rtul doinlniincfl U extu I mil ofivnly by u
cla II H in HVISSIII autmiucy stilt iiile
In Qermuny monarchy boquemhed by
Ood utlll hoj thu filial word In Italy
tho nobility In Hngland thn ailstoc
raoy in Spain but > esterduy the
church oven In Frunze ileurly u cla e
tho HoclallatM hold the Inluncu of pow
er Here we find no nuoh uvcendumy
Tht Individual III still hU OVMI martcr
nt the polls nnd In tils home j rblom
Is no murej IVrsonnl son Ice U nut
ynonyinijun with p > lltlcul norrftude
Our Is still tho land i > f the frpn und
whatever differences exist rrspfcUn
Iho power < of governtu p rolat thlrfly
on the one hand to restriction of Vuf
trace nnd on tho othor to thv elimina
tion of Hex qualllUatlnn Neither proj
ect Involves revolution Ruth netkn
coniildcrntlon upon thr ground of pollci
desplto tho Insistence In the second
Instance of Inherent right Could t ho
futherx have b en iiMure l of eo happy
a condition among 90000000 of people
rnn wo doubt that they would hove
felt far more confident than they did
feel thut the foundation thoy were luy
Injr with Huch oaro nnd foresight UH
wore within 11IIr power to exercise
would prnvn Indeed everlasting As
suredly thorn Is no visible breach In the
wall of government of and by the P fh
scinxn sconns AOAIX
UIlIlmore American
Science hnn scored Rnothor victory In
Us content with lockjmv so long re
gnrded Incurable and so much dread
ed for Its fntnl and agonizing suffer
ings In this century science la wag
ing u good fight ngnlnst the dlioaan
moat feared and while It has not ac
complished nl Its alms It hall dotin
Important work besides UH pnnltlvo
medical advnnce In educating the pub
lic to higher standards of Intelligence
In ennltaty matters and mode of living
PhllHdelphla Jlecord
The Massaehusetta manufnrturer
complAin thnt thuy are ut u disadvan
tage with their conipfiltor because
they pny higher wages Hut one of
thp largest 8t Loula innnufnetnrem
hns Just decided to have his fine phons I
mide In Ororkton He found It Impos
sible to compete with the New England
made shoes Tho highest prltod labor
Is tho cheapest labor because It In the
beit labor and higher wages dr nnt
Involve higher costs of production
TIII iivv Toui or WIAFT
New York World
Even In so small matter compara
tlvely an tho city printing Mayor Ony
norn expert commission of Inquiry es
timated that JIOOOOO a year wnll wasted
under the old condition David Fergu
son the new supervisor of the city rec
ord sayg thnt the wnste was nearer
1600000 For tho city record alone h
Is nsklng IUOOOO lesi than Inat year
How could such vavt sums be thrown
awny merely on printing Hy bnl
nneed eollu lve nnd noncompetitive
bldu Ry using expensive iwper for un
important blanks lly using type thnt
permitted n heavy charge for fat H
printing unneresosrv matter lly split
ordnis The system Willi doubly prodl
gul To enable grafteru to CArrYOn
an unwirnwl JJ co t4he city 15 or more
Waste wnll grcHter tlnn dishonest pm i
fits nnd corrupt cnmmlsilons It went
on flmplv berau e tho o who wero r
ponnlbe for the rltv government dd I
not attend tn their duty I
T m Ncnr
hlit anlmol said the toaoher of
till clciM In natural history inflKes
tlir nearest approach to nmnT
The Una or timidly ventured the
curl hlrChl
llttln liov with the
taijo Trlhune
Vhnt llo Ixnrnoil
Well haf > 01 learned anything
from > wir experlmont at mnklllg
Voa I have learned npt to promise
one any vegutnulej
a ii >
City Jgurnal
Rome day n Kenlus will nrlso and
malio It fortune by harnekslnB the
cnerlf now wasted on tho averngo salt
hllkcrAtchilion Qloge
I mirposc said n sympathetic
neighbor that you will rect a hand
somo monument to your husbands
memory t
To hl1 memory echoed the tear
ful widow Why poor John hadnt
nn > I WBS sortlnK over somo of hli I
clothes today and I found tho packets
full of letters 1 had Riven him to
po tTnpeka Btnte Journal
Sol Tliat Commrrcliil
We Yankees nr > commerclnl o ld
Judge Albion K Wnlcott of Vermont
nt n commerrlal travelers banquet at
Atlantic City but were not n com
mercial at the Southerner would
make out t
The Southerner declares that n
typical Yankee onee visited thn South
Here1 said a guide to him one
day here riGht In his room Ilr
Washlnston received his tint commls
IolonTh Yankee brlRhtenert up
AVhst nfr cent commlwlon was It
he asked Loulsllle Times
Karly In till Oamo
XelKhbor Jtf any one lck over nt
your hou e Jnhnny
Johnnv Dadn allln some
Naldhbar In JH verv slclt
Johnny Not yet Th doctor only
started t umn this inornln ChlcflBO
ill polocy
Mttle Jim nnd Pat the Gardner had
been Brent pals and when Pat went
Jmck to tha Vuld fort lo end his
flays nnd slowwitted Dutch Jan took
liU pluce Jim was a very unhappy
klddlo After HUmln unsuccessful at
tempt to lntnroit Jun In hi mnall
affair he u ux1 wroth und one morn
ing hili father hnurd u tempest In the
Harden culminating In U Jill > ou re
Htieli a fool
Irathur took matter In liuml nt this
Pnlnt nnd an Instant apology Wit
next In order Jim r bt < IIed but finally
calmed ht rnfflr foldings and went
to the aggrieved gardener more In
Morrow than In anger with Jan I
Im uwfulh sorry youre a fool
Itohoboth Hundn Herald
LAME Manager
Special Matin l > u iI y
KliAW lKLANOEn Iremrit
And hn company in
A comedy In thre n ts tv A 15
lr < ei > JJr to Sl ft Mutinfc toll
Henry w HaMiRe Ireienli
An AIlBtar Caiil In
livening price I3r Mo 7i 10
and Jl W Alatiru prlreji L e IAk
TTr unit SHU
N I Attrnrtlon Htartlng Timrsilnir
Ot U Mtt 1 MINI8TJ
rioth I > hun s KCS
ilallnr Dull
rI 8 JIIt iHHliJ fiMJ
OrpliHiim Mritlnn IMctures
Orphtum Urdugiro
Matinee prit rt 5i w Me
N ht prct r i jio
Formerly Grand
Ind Phone S73T Holl U57
The Irk The atf < N Y > 8u tlS
A r liy ot tht rnnmtlan v > 01 ls hv
huctne Waltei nulhor < > f Paid In
nnd His Curable imp n
Mntlnen Vmln lay nnd ftatnrdt
Kvenlng prices ff Me n Tic
C iirtain 1116
Mntlnf jirli e Ji nnd W
l urmln 213
Daniels Theatre
MAX FLOnENCK General > nIlStr
First Apiienranip of
Vllh thp Allen Curtis Companv nnd
n HlK n iith nrull In II
Mimli nl nietv
Kver nlRht it 14 5 and 11 i Mntl
nees Wedmrsrtnv and nnlur ta > 1 ° f >
Si cents
nUIIRln Inlt Wr ntfeley
All sats Jo fenM
1xcellent nrOKrams lrt I ima Isls
Bliuber ami 1u Thenir
I Denver Rio Grande
= = = = o =
Sept 23
IlilnRo J55 00
SI Iouls HO00
Omoha anMO City 1000
Uenvor Coli aprln s 2250
Other points In proportion
Denver and Pueblo COOO
On 5alu September 24th 25th
Provo Canvon Hunilajs onlj 1 r
on regular train 7CO a m
Hold Mimic 171
Federal Coal Co
IIHH the only coal ynrd in tho
nest with 1
Cool handled from this floor
must ne es arliv bo
Clean Coal
Exclusive Aeentii for Kern
merer and CJjnn Quealy noel
Coal when you
want i
Office ISO Main Street
nd W St
Yards Sth Ho and 3
P J Sloran General Manacer
T J OlUlen OunI Salos Ait
HIt vou sen thoso pretty now
Queen Quality
ion to s nn7
KIIOKS oxiy ° flon
Nom Ixllcr d rlcowlicrc nt VOO 4
U > lln Street
An impressive dis
play of
Captivating effects for
street and evcniiif weal
in nil tho latest models l
ludiiiK hobbles and mod
ified hobbles silks serg
es voiles Panamas chif
fons marquisette made
over silk foundationssilk
001 sik fouudatons sik I
nnd velvet combinations
poplins broadcloths aeo
lians crepe meteors nnd
holiel Piiocs range from
13 to 50
The popular colors are
black navy tans raisons
grays greens laic nnd
l > lnin combinations
itnrn nntr RTonn ts AT
Francis Woodmansee I
Xmcrlciiit roioino1 111111Cllljl Tilbuno
In Conrcrt Vllli I
Miss Florence Jepperson
Wednesday Eve Sept 28
Tllul 8111 SiTfxf nnil Oi Sai > opciH Monday at Tluntci1 J
Showing for Fall
Gowns and Dresses
For Evening Afternoon
and Street Wear
Those inodols shown arC creations and suggestions
JCatols snggCstons
from the leading FAS1IJOX CENTERS It
New chiffon and blouses in beautiful effects J
Hosiery novelties arid neckwear in the latest pro
Those better coals are tH Jive Kinds wih the max
imum of heat and the minimum of WlstC
We sell the fy e better kinds of coal Aberdeen
liawatha Castle OatC lear Creek and Elk
Your Wnrniit rrlcniK
Woodruff Sheets Morris
Ellas S Woodruff Nephl L MorrK
ileber S Sheets COAL CO
3eo Q Morris W S Woodruff
IlCr Illi V A So Temple
Mornings and
Evenings Cooler
la a safe weather prediction ft
if a
ottjoy the warming Influence
Mantel flnei > t lino of genuine plan >
finished Mantels In tho Mat ICI m
the homo complete
From 60 up
Sec what you arc buying don t se
lect from u catalog
w rm h
A patent radiant grade war
room thorouhllly and Is rlfan am
Opposite South Onto Temple Hlo k
The SemiWeekly News
t I

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