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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, September 27, 1910, Last Edition, Image 1

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Li caratoaa the Colonel Beat the
II UP Old Guard to a f
Abraham Gruber Made Attack
On Him Which He
oodrulT Mndo Sicc h IX
1 llrIllUII
1 1lull11I1 lrc li hllIII1I
1 rhlIII
lIrilll1 = I
Irwrult WHS I ull IU IIIOMII tcmtior
lteillbll < n MnK1
Iia rmnn of IIw I
rrr t
llulit ml tlif
IriHiuntlot itflcr u hlltrr
Ifloor IIn tliiMiP X1 tII Iiit 01111
10 lIbllluw CuI HlloccUt
I name IllW l for hut of Uiv Ilrldrnl Micr I
IIIMII umdldiile of till reuulnr orsnii
trials nl1 Riinril rile
Iballon known n I ii
cllclocil Itooevcll III
hIlul I ilL ciiilv si
the lead nnd tlilt slimlllv InmaMil
red Ioy do
ilsurcd II
linlll liH clt 1 Ins wii
illvc majority
I Thi roll i nil UIH IIMiett ill atltl P
III and llu II iiiigIit Ii I count win Vn
IIIle i for IliMfotflt lo ISft for Slier
I mini wllh four not vollna
K i R R N y Sept 2Tho legend
Eti teaiivn are puiutuully late np
l it i ith itnl tone today to tho
it of th old gUUII and tho Plo
at Iho
Bi fr is vh < gathered lanlly
state toni
n 1 the Uepubltiali Illte
n 11
i i N t so the delegates or the
tntjri whn Bwurnied Into rer
I Iltr IW I ri
Dk und nanny or the concllion
il ilea itl the newts and ovcrtlovvcd
I the old
hnd no forth that
I I word goc
i guln
f wotl tight to elect
In their
iu i vcrc beaten Illt lght
Ir ricsliUnt Sherman the temporary
man and viryonc vvnllcd for the
Ifr o orks Iol 1uiirveW WUS the first
fi His nhtited
I ime Iia uppraninco
after Vlco
I of applause Shortly afel
1 at Slirmun look hU Real and tho
tiatlort hhook tho building
uniitos William llarne Jr
e muIC lllal
I gu irl leader catnu In fur much
called Iho con
r riil jixlruff Ialed
rllfl to fUir nt 1SOJ und the con
nliifi iouk up tlijj rccularjl LcAtol
Ji > UCI1 II h i the roll oHllh d > bcen coniwlot
f c i hulrmiui Woodruff announced
The next order of bualnoiH Is tho
t i of tt temporary IhnUmuti
inRtrtrit hush tlion n
M wal nn hl tlOI I
i of uncertain npplau after
iluiliiiuti AVoodruff addicted
I i ntion He nald
ti been Instructed by the Ho
I n ftate committee to rnom
A t 1 11 convention I temporary
dl and in tlulng 5 I ask your
II L n c tor a moment
r lent IC deeply doslres that
si rtv here in romenllon atsctnblcd
ntlng the largfut und imwl po
I lepiiblhan ronstltuoncy of the
r i state Hhrtuld uncitilvofull en
1 flS adnilnlBtratlon This I know
f r rsonal ktiowlodge ohs the result
v sit made two weeks Iwfoiu the
if thi tnt committee tn tile
< apitul ut lleverlj There ho
imo 811 not only bin do lres but
II apiirehcnfclons
I 1 1 v thoiic upprchenslons what
r i ituial than till tielcitliiii to
t keynote epoiI 11 lemitorury
lies been Btnt to
L ft tf hll who hal 8tIL
mj 1 r the admlnlstmtlon to Hit
Inlo tno
T4 r Hi country even
pi lt > on Htulc of Ohio the vice
pr f Hie Iultod States James
hi rn
rt rl M 1 Indeed could the slRtf
D in tuatd by somo ulterior no
Ih ivrn thought of to speak for
l n1 dnilnUtratlon In thU hia
1 I I 111 with ununlnilly pre
II l1 i yrar ngo ut Chicago
I 1 h for the Bicond highest
tr in t i rl of the pooplo
I j for the designation ot
I j nt IIH temporary chair
t I th luentlon by the utalo
C i Il is moetlng biht night
I 1 rir r i ontlnucd wne vvltmly
t Jd I 1 i > ears sign when Henii
1 I tt premier of time nulloniil
I n N r was mlected at the
I I r te Unto committee held
e t t re the convention
Su 11 of the Republican Mete
I lee ne had suggested to
I G r an I know or to any
< 1 fl 1 r of the committee tho
1 f n ilier person limn the vlco
r 11 m I nporary chulrmiin until
M ittlnif In tho rninmlttoti
L I ve d to iiubntltutQ nn
r r that of Vice President
l mr r 1ie utters name had I
11 hlllrs
b n i i s rmsentcd Vhnt waR
t II his con
j flu Jr ndercc between Col
1 ns c oJ inynelf Just after the
1 stute committee ehowM
tr ti otherwlsn be
1 an cnlllhlrwls pro
r Ie 11 i < olilinsi Pan t < the ne
Iun r I e Irenldent Sherman vns
I tUld my personal ground but
al h llred nn opportunity to
7 unI h ws ns to the policies
u III I hrenfter guide the destl
j tH of U Hepuhllcan pnrty Iul
j iimr > I luau tPtteV read my Ict
1 t i1 sn1 Ida
1 In letter to me
0 AU1 f 1910
i loie llooicclt Oyster Hay
i K Dear u ttOojeitft nol
b 1 to80ell1 can
t I that II 11 neccHsary for Inn
r nlttU tlmt the action of thn stutn
I ltrll In which I par
tpie d I 11 In no sense Intended nand
e 1
or r hoolll > towurd you or one
1 un uln ou
1J ard and Harnos lifter thoir
1 I Vu nhd thry oJ me what
I etn u all about this whole matt r and
u knnw
1 u mia lpll SIO Ihll 1
1ailnlat whih the now pupar
1ail Illa mornlnl thnt Ih
uu 1011
tle rlell Not no of
1 lH
ul Ihnt our name WOUU1 b pre
tout your otWt Ward
itS natio omT iUMotWt Wan
imt cmllllcmnl or me tho
balr Of time stale committee
that Itth commlle
tbl rO1
wi I it doui and J nov
imen p QttS urfrl 71 In my life ti
im did x2tmndo time motion which
Ins bet ot I word had been Hall t1
Indl ald It t mneting by anybody that
Ud I tin e 8 SOil cour that wal tl b lakln
mieluicir Urhiwom
e0 ni uelUlr OrlAom
IQr any one Cue told ar or DartI
S S 1
DBSBRET EVENING NEWS The Xcnl IUI hy 1lnll tho Irolho Charletr of j
I t j I
New Orleans Hcpt 27Tour thou
aml pcmona 10lt their lives ill time
recent vmiV 111 Nicaragua according
of the
to Jucoh Weinberger manager
lllueritMi Htotimiihlp company at
Juelehl Nicaragua who returned
to New Oilcans lust night
Mr Weinberger kept In close touch
with time progro ot the revolution In
or any of llic other members of thn
coinmlttuo that this wits tliclr purpose
llollovliiK Unit you mUll appreciate
the position In which umlor the cir
cumstuncei we suddenly found our
selves after having agreed upon thp
iclcction of Sherman In conformity
with the precedent established by tlic
election of Himutor Hoot two yours ago
nn temporary chnlrmnn I bel to re
main with best wishes I
Yours ttflectlontitely
Jlialrninn Woodruff added to his
fpocch the letter written by Vice Piosl
dell Uliorinnn to the stnte canunlttea
nuking thnt the committee InveHtlgnle
tho chitrgra that his selection hall beau
inodct by inlHrepreHentntlon and the
committees action on the mutter lust
The committee Air Woodruff wild
decided that Vice President Shermans
rclectlon sas made ultlunU deceit unil
Tlicro were clieniH for tho vice ptesl
ilent timid Joseph Hicks of Nassau coun
ty who In 1 short speech nominated
ell Koosoxelt for temporary chalnnan
The contention broke Into wild cheers
mid continuous nppluu delegate
waving their lucia and clapping their
hands while the band played n fan
fare ill thiEIt AS AIIH IIOOSI5VB1T
Abinlmm Gruber of New York ha
hn 1 Iweii elected to fire the biomliUle
of the old guard itKHlnst Col Uonsc
volt n selection win lecognlzed and
made lila way to the platfonn flruber
null In part
No one enjoyed IrubcrH speech more
than nl Roosevelt who chuckled re
peatedly Time delegated binned ambers
ii iii t cinch t that It would be found that
twothirds of HooHerclttt stiPtigth
holderi tin contention CBIHL trol federal office
At one jK > lnt th jeers and rat calls
becalm so grunt that Col htoop v cit
lenpe to hits feet and waving his liundi
lit the delccutes cried
I ak I full hcntlng for 01 riruber
Tho FK > nKer continued hut hlsspM al
most drowned hlB attacks on Col
Stirred by the action of the Ilvpuhll
cun laic committee vh1eli last night
resolved by a vote of 2 to IS that no de
celt or fmud had been prutUsed by
the selection of Mr Sherman as tem
porary presiding officer Col Homevolt
willy today Authorized the following
fhe conduct of I majority of the
atutt ommlttei last evening puts In
the leUrNt light wlml this context
really In fhl htiitojiicnt of hI
niiikflr lr and HtjnkeJJprpyQ concluHlvcly
the Irr koqthk wus used In the iITmt
t6 win I majority to keep time mamiRC
tiietil of the party under the control of
tho men who have discredited It by
their fiction There has ICe been a
lit convention to vvhMi It vvn better
worth going thun Is tills one for
nrvtr hvfoio Mils an hustle IM > CII HO itear
ly drawn between honesty and cltunll
ness In publIc life nnd that jiecullar
baKoiinw In imlltlca maimcfment which
has made the Very woid polltlilao ob
noxious to the pcnpla our flpht Is
fquarcly HKnlimt corruption and the un
I clean bomlsm which has bred corrup
Tho men who by trIckery kept con
trol of thu state committee and w tin
now como hene hi the effort to domin
ate the cupuutmut bin are time ver > 111
w1v > urn tfonllhl for the corruption
Mlilrli produced Alld ii nnd for all that
IIUM been dlxcredltablo In the jmrtv
inaiUKeinent Hnd now these decplj dis
credited lMvxn1 iTdent the effort of the
people tho effort of the plnln people
who tnakf up the great bulk of the Ito
pnhlkan xrty to rescue that party
from the factions which have used It
only to further their own bace nnd
HinMi purpose
Washington Sept 26 Tho white
tduvo traffic was the principal achieve
dlBcUKHcd ut the lint national confer
ence of Catholic charities here tonight
Hev P Mueller Hlmons of Strnsburp
In a report on the International Asso
ciation fur the Protection of Young
flirts said time nomlled white slivo
traffic wan their greatest danger The
number of the tmfflckem men nnC
women ho added nan Immense Hu
ndvocated the creation of special con
trul offices of the association for tho
protection of girls located In tho most
Important city of each diocese
Father Simons urged Upon hit hear
era time protection of girls In their na
tive rllltH Thin local protection he
added was being undertaken In tliU
country by ninny Catholic societies or
ganlzicl for the purpose
The confctcnco received reports from
a number of city commit teen on the
Causes assigned for thc downfall of
girls Included cheap dunce halls con
nected with saloon cheap lodging
houses and low wages
Ileports on time conditions of Catholic
clmritle In n number of cities were
road nt the afternoon session
Judge Charles De tVjrrcey of time su
perior court of MairpachimettH summar
ized the on 1ltonl of Catholic chari
ties throughout tho Unite SUito us
Indicated by reports from states unit
cities These documents ho declared
howl that Catholics have no reason to
complain of unfair treatment on time
tart of governmental authorities
He did not consider It necessary to
organlie elate conference of Cnthnllr
charities a quetlon which tho national
conference had submitted to Cntholla
hnrltlcft workers throughout the coun
try but iidvlsed tho formation of dio
cesan conferences He paid I tribute
to the fair phityor nonCatholic In cur
uectlon with Catholic charity work and
urged cooperation with nil charity
Mllnn Italy Kept i7A mesnaico
from DonjpdOMdla ays that George
rhauvcs thr TeruvUn arlxtor ltd
there at J5 oclock thin afternoon
Comptroller Murray Will Estab
lish One Where Borrowings
Will be Recorded
As Vlicn irporalliniN niul Inilhldinils
Ilorrtm to lUliiit of rcdlt In Out I
ltuts itt Jlicn Ou to Others
WoHhlngton Sufi 1ln order tu
proc nt corpuratlonv tlrmn and Individ
uals from borrowing tu time extiint of
their credit In their own cities then
going risen hete and tloliiK time slime
Comptrollet of thu Currency Murray
lion decided UIHUI the cHtalillshinent of
u central cadlt buteau In VnslilnKton
In which will bo tecorded all such her
rowltiRB from national banks
Time tiedlt bureau will IMJ located In
the office of the comptroller The ne
cc49lt for ibm oitubtl hmont arl is
tom the fact that very often thu local
borrowings of Institutions arc to
extent of their ability to pay and If
obllRatlotiH of which the national ex
humors have no knowledKe i xl < it lit
other 1f lt the effeet Is to Imnalr
the mUeniy of tho national banks
holding the niper
Many exatnlnem ham orgnnUed In
dUldunl hureaUH which show the bor
rciwlntrf of flnna or Individuals in their
own district They haVe beiti very use
ful In zuuI4IstIng the exunlneri to deter
mine the Value of ommerclal paper
and other obligations held by thu na
tional banks Comptroller Muiray Is
oxiiandlnK this system Into I national
one by which ptlxate luforlaton
the resources nnd borrow Ings of every
firm pottnernhlp or corporation will bo
recorded In VushlnRton and onO 1cl
tlnlly cxchatmed between the examin
intoTiirjuiooi or ST ximrv
Nashville Tenn Sept Z 7Tii s
twentyfifth nnniial cotnentlon of the
Brotheihood of HI Andrew will open
here tomorroiv and continue until Oct
< 1200 and lJOO dekgatei
3 Between 120f Ilcllglll
from all part of the Vnlted States are
larlM <
expetted Olfford Plnchot will make
the prlnrlp uII 1r1 on tho evening of
dot I
On Jiiittbeflctior < < ltjtiiirff Jn Her
Soldiersliti IoiiKlillli
I InlyI 2 anil 3 IHit
Gettysburg Pa Kept 27itt tho
prlllln of 1 large assemblage the
memorial to the Pennsylvania soldiers
who fought at Gettysburg July 1 2
and 3 J43 was dedicated today
Among the throng wcre nearly 5000
veterans of he Oh II war from this
No illnplny or ostentatIon marked tho
rorumonlcH Theme wan no parade nor
salute The veterans went to the scene
singly or In groups Time only touch
of the spectacular wall given when the
students from nIl lrt college
marched to the memorial carrying tliclr
college colors
hen H S lluldokopcr president of
the memorial commission turned over
time memorial to Gay Stuart represent
ing the state
Addresses ivere then made by Gen
James V hatta of Ilillodolphln rot
the cavalry and Capt James A third
ner of New Cnatlo for the artillery
Hhort speeches also were made hy
Maj Ocns Slckcls Wilson Chamber
Ilhi and others
PeniiBjIvama memorial which w AR
erec ted nt a cost of MnO ° t Is the most
Imposing monument on the battlefield
of Gettysburg
Tho most Interesting feature of tho
memorial U the recording on tablets of
bronze placed on the granite facade
about the foot of the memorial of tho
PennsylvanIan who
name of every
fought at Gettysburg
51niiolie tPf Kn gland Sept 27t
lockout of 150000 operatives In the cot
ton mills appears unavoidable unless
hero In a marked change In IUI
of the card
llon soon The secritary cad
room umalgnmntlon declared today that
the employee would not nccept arbitra
tion on the terms impwed by the fed
eration of mauler cotton spinners
Pept Complete low of
intmory Denver resulting from I concussIon
m1 of a
the >
brain wus
of hue WI nl c
fall five stories lon George W Hull
1al ntcr employed on n
hammer a cari
building 1 course of construction hero
buldln eslcn1ay from a
Htlllhnmmer plunged > trm
scaffold pllnJ t pile of debris five
stories below Fellow workmen rushing
t torl1 aid were astounded to see Still
hammer get to his feet and start to
wards them
Vhf ls all thn excitement about
asked StllihsmniT
flthRmmf latch 1 hAd fall he
remarked casually 11 that so What
town Is this anyway Kt InulT
II 1Wn
taken to a hospital where It
Ho was Ilkel hOIIIII I
was found that he had suffered no In
juries beyond the concussion of the
jlrlll lond hfl
brain from which It was declared
brln prohhhly fully recover within 1 few
Chicago Sept flJnhn ClInton 22
jt hlcRI who has turned states evi
dence centrist less Marks I Jeweler
dI trial allnd ratlng n fence testlfed
01 Judge Knvansgh s t onrt yesterday that
lift and his pit robbed from one to five
flats or hou es a night from Jan 1
to April houla day of hla arreaL The
goods recovered are valued at S 1 i and
Clnlol testified that Marks paid them
only IWO for the lot
Clinton telling of his methods of work
Ing sold
InJ wo were detained oe even min
utes In a flat we figured w e were hoe
ing money Cal 1 we would ling a doorbell
got s response we would
bell ROil If ITU relpn 001
Inquire for omebo < U H not we got
tees nil wt over
boar That big JlmmJ 8 111 Ilrr
updW or Jwtlry niver took anything except money
Arguments Before Judge Morse
Arc Concluded This
J Decided One Vny Cits ttornry
Muy tiu tn lull I tin1 Other
Va > III1 Will Nut
Arjiiinmts In the DlnlnnyWhltakM
contempt case were Concluded thIs for
noon before Judge 0 W uIoieof the
district cons C and this cunit Ink the
mat tor under udvlemnt
It In now up to Judge M MIIK to de
cide whether or not the ixilite CUll
hooaitRo of hiiving orlglnnl and vxclu
nlo Jurisdiction his lbs right to ad
judge the city attorney guilty of con
tempt for Culling to pniseoute cares In
tho court The decision will be of far
reaching Importance ax It will eetllu I
point of law that hal engulfed Judge
J J Whltitkei of the ulty Police court
and utiugKlo City Atty 1 J Dlnlnn > In a bitter
Af at City Atty 1 J Daly was the
first to itilly to tho dol nM or Mr I > 1
ninny The burden of isle argument
had not
was that the police oouil
oilglnnl oxcluslve JurlHdic tlori IU It
und had not tie
MMS H minor court 11 hal
the city attorney guilty
right to 111 el Uory GI I
of contempt
Mr DlnjLiiny asked the pilvilcue of
HUbinltilng IL brief to Iho court cover
Ing the iHjlntx onwhich arguments had
been mudo This was granted and the
brief will be ted homo tlnu this aft
010 1
Attoiiuv S P AniMtrong lelwlneil
liy 11 Ulnlnny devoted tin greater
part of his argument to i discussion
nf thi Hnwullan nine In which a prtx
otUtor was adjudged In contempt of
court tel falling to prosecute L disc
coming before the ooirt He saul bait
thIs was the only cane he had hi en ablb
to find In the book where MKh a ruling
lemma made and tho only caw un whlih
could find legal justlilca
the opposition fn < > jUIlua
ton for Us Htdtid Many oIlier a
In the books showed that the K > lleo
court did not have original exdulvo
1 uitl Id let IOU
Attorney 1 A Walton appointed
spe r111 proHCctitor bv Judge Whltaker
during the contempt prococdlngi con
cluded the argument for JudK < Vhlta
ker lie maintained that the poll p
oirt had us miuli right as 1 Justlee or
Judge of the district coUrt to fine ror
If Judge Morse doc not make per
iinincm the toinpornry writ of prohibition
bition restraining Judge VhltaUer
from taking irtlur netitin In 11 o un
tempt proorodlng then It looks nit
though City Attonif1 Dlnlnny II slat
thourh one dims In Jail 1 time anti
IH maim perniHnrnt Judge Whltaker
N prohibited taking further action
und a line point of law li nettled
Wealthy Clas on Ilnvo flta1NimmnIvrit
lluxu Illcd In tlie hlrretn linn
To Maintain Order
Homo Sept 7Wlth the removal
of the censorship startling detnllH of
the cholera epidemic nt NnpUw are b
IIIK received A number of persons
huve died In the streets and the Popular
oxeltenient Is tucll that the i > ollce have
mnntulning order It
great dllllculty In manlulnlnl <
I IH iciKirted that 10000 pHHonl of the
wealthier classes already lucre lied
I from Naples
There were 32 cases and 26 deathi
from cholorrt In Nnplen yentorday
Immigrants arriving today from
America weie forcibly prevented from
landing The i awcpgoni on time etcnm
er Canoplc which leached Naples yeH
entity from Boston were pel milled to
debark but were Immediately escorted
to hit railroad station by soldIers
Most of the cnses are In tho Ffjualld
The duke anti
quarter of the city dukl
ditrhens of AoMn have hurriedly returned
turned to Naples and lure organizing
relief mehoIH
lniiManne Bwlticrlnnd Sept 7Mme
Maroelln Scmbrlch narrowly escaped nt
her villa here Sunday mIght when n mim
who IIA inestimably entered for the our
e of robberY ultiicked her comPAnion
ITfciileln llerta MIlk known In Ameri
ca ns Miss Krledu in the granule stir
roiinilhiK the house The prima sienna
rOlndllj her frlen < ln a slstnnc and
was herself nttaeked but succeeded In
driving off her iissallimt
l Jl
l flUf
W feav y33 ao say
d mtr s Ut ty vb r
Advance indications arc that
the coming Fair and Con
ference throngs will bo here
in greater number than ever
the first week in October
This is the time to reach
them in their home telling
them of the inducements you
have to offer them in their
fall and winter purchases
The Semi
Weekly News
Is the ole great medium
through which the country
people of the west can be
ached in their hOle
Ill Matter of Water Distribution
Will be Fought Out in Irrigation
Congress Thursday Aftcrnon
ItocldiM lo lre > ent Itt ii llL > oliillinis
< inntl > of Denxer Ss nil tho
AIr Ilnilo
Pueblo Colo Bept flThe bottle of
state a rl its versus tho sew mitlnnal
latn In the matter of wHJer distributIon
I tlaLrlbulnn
will M fought out on th Moor of the
iiatlonftl Irritation OOIIR i on Thuri
dHy afternoon
The battU1 lines were drawn this
morning vvlimi the Colorado ftulectioii
In cattcusdeviet1j to presant two ws
olulloiis Find tn raooiNmond the pnit
sage of I law authorizing the appropriation
unction of JlOWooo annually fiotn lime
minds of the reelumatlon ervlce for
the gflglnft of utroumn and second to
urge the rewititlhiB or the order of time
Interior departun regarding the lie
trlbutlim of waters ol the lila Ornndo
In southern Colorado Nuw Mexico and
venteill TCXHS
The tlrxt K olutlon wa endorsed by
time inurRln uf only a dnxen u oten and
there was H divided opinion on the
resolution tenanting the Hlo Ontmle
pioject Colorados case will he pre
sented by K r Oouds tim 11 L Kimpp
and < I Ilulbiook
From piMCfnt Indication the con
re 1 will iindoubtedl turn down Colo
rados contention by an ov rw helming
Preliminary tu the net mlilreaciw thli
mornltiK time concresa adopted tile fol
lowing resolution
Itevolvad that Ill secretary Is here
by I ole to airs lion V 1
Mondell the earnest wltfhes of this con
ress for liln speedy recovery
The water plmte wits scored toRY
by F C loud of Denver who recom
mended that HlliiKS on water rIghts be
1dlII Lhlt 1111a Ilter rlJhl
1 <
restricted tin name as hoiiitwtends and
that those rights b abaolutoly revoked
u nils tho huliler within 1 reasonable
time devtlolieil the same
J N Wilson of Wyoming emphasized
the necOHsltv lor uniform State lawn
cunlloJhl1 ifi ifiiitlon bon I
Iso iimnemut rmlitloirlol JlouliirftM Vur
JIItl uuigfif tin liiiictllnrboi
lisa eedii mind Hnhhlili
Ofiden rtih Sept 2T In I tom
niunlCJitkm to the Amalgamated Sugar
company of title city llendrj U Shaw
government jntthologist saymi that the
sugar beet Induttn is uerloudy niunac
ed and that concerted action Is fleece
UI to rid cutuito cltotrlcta In which
beets arc grown of the vveod und rub
bish the hibernating jilncon of the In
v ctM Ho urges the nece slty of legla
Intlon compelling the removal of the
wcedH and ruljblnli In concluding hl <
Inter Mr Shaw stays
I HUggeet that the weeds should
be cut down vhnrtl before the hosts
are dug thin would provldu shelter
for the leaf hopper jitter the beet
ar harvosted then when the weeds
have dried they cntild bo hurnod
thus destroying faucets harboring
under them
I Irf Bcarcelv neceasary for mo to
state that curlv top haa bpcomn a
serious mennce to the beet Industry In
c rlaln district Therefore I am of
time opinion that the slain hould
and burning of
mako the rutting Ino htrllll
weeds compulsory Tliov harbor other
beet leafhopper
hurtful pentx bexhlea the
hopper U will be nln for I few
farmers here amid there to loon helm
farniH lit this manner Hnvernl flAir
alienily make It obllKatory for the
farnior to clean off His wceilH from
til roadside eontlKboun to their
farm 1 would be but a logical step
further to require the destruction of
weeds along diana as well as rond
also nlong the inllroul right of vay
knovvledgo IhH Is
To mv ifersonal l11 I
a matter alTertlng not only Itnh and
Idaho but also Colorado CMIIfornla
portions of Nobroska and Arlrotm
San rrnnclsco Sept charged
with tho murdor of IIvli Kwun tho
Pasco nobles school teacher whoso
body wan found buried beneath tho
haycmeiit of I vacant hrniHo In tills city
HAS Dr Jninea
Dr Itolxrt Thompson HII Rmt
S Grant Wits arraigned today Iwforo
loll Judge Cnnlan Time complaint
was rend and the defendant Instructed
as to his lights after which the ease
went over until next Monday to he set
for tllal
Acting Chief of Polle Wall mrelved a
telegram today from 1 constable at
Weed filsklyou countji Haying that
Pike the youth who obtained money
from the nccui > od physician on threat
or eXIr bad Ixen pln t d under ar
rest thero
Time police toda > located A Serf the
owner of the express wagnn uwl In
transferlng IJva Swarms hotly from time
doctors otllcc to thehouse where Mm
0011011 fec
va5 burled Herr told them that the
driver of the wagon whom he know
only as Pan was now In Minneapolis
Chicago Kf pt 7lbulnl his ruling
of the senate Investigating
on the decleions tlal IIVlt
gating tonimltte In the ens of Sena
tor George K Spencer of Alabama In
1S76 chairman Hut row today barred
hearsay evidence from the Ixjrlmer
Rept2Tims liodv of Albert
IHulK Arlt fpt 1h
bert WclKhboriit 811 f > 5 who > Mini tier
rcirntly from inrtlnnapulis uu M found
n nUn 11
I l nouth
in a field near Naio eight
I l tom
of flushes yesterday nailing another
numerous rrlmcs In CobSs rpuntv tn
the limit week
Ftc aulv mull td hd iv ru 1
iKirth where Weiftlvh rs fell tav
torn up wlrt lhb r fll C
OlJcnco of a tcnlfrio struggle It IiI
Iiiu sept rllill < Tl IHtlinm I
icy nutlf it trlrtl flight with hli IIKW
> monnplvna eontlun
ihnrMHiwrr mOIOIlal IIl
d for um A the internatIonal Hvlu
lion met > t IRImont iatk hong II
Th > imclilnt Ilealopl a IPd of
fiom W to W inllii an hour without
the full power of the motor being
u 11 he wm nntrilr by a cowboy
hhchwmal who hMi been Men In the
vllnll of other erfmoi reported und
who nHl liand d held up R lalo nt
Honnoir lax nlchi sail ocilld sitar cut
ulnl 6
Stuns ltiinna > TIIIIH and IIIIII
What Mlslit llui > IteMillcd Serl < m > l
Wlitlc l1 kln of their luniheon two
hoiM laIt u I dtlIvtnv van b
lonirlnx I u u j > nenHvel Music com
pany and nitinilliiK In float le the colt
ierna pint f hUeln M In upper Main
strait f11 tHoh oull along te
at at the MuKileii nun hour lodiy
and wvulil hl ratted somethIng r
Miinbllni dines Ill nut a urtily pert
vtrliii in I iv cmiii Mopiwd ihtni In
thur nm l rim me team Hily be
11 b
Jiiked Si lli i < mriKK nuinlnu a gen
hiiT Wi of r 11 lied l wen left uii
iitthisej i hp Ihf inlilpntli Ihtlkllj
Unit the ilfaturo or 11 Ruelatorlai f
r i I would keep Hum quiet while Hie
iilday dollHlit Umrl The turned Into
IIe shieSt mid maniiKifd more wlwJom
Inn mn > driver iv keeping to 111
IIIh aide 01 the rUlt Al tJ corner
Of I litt Hnutli all Mnln sir ee tlwy
ham i 1ln CftPibldCmaiu tovtrnl and HIP
f i S m y I nil u huRl daot1 a flee thcI Ur
le1 th nuwlwK or I neat liar limit
I Ii V1 tt a SJ t m artwd with I
mucaci TI Then h
ifi ooked one hand
11th Ih i u iits 141 I
Iltl AII 1 right lh Ih
bore e II flimsily hilUuiururl 10 rach Ih
11111 n ld wit im R skilful gIli
hut rr II siulIhiPy 1 ar which iaui
8101111 I mertonmni i bul not tint I
Ca tl u I m ii tShflhrtrii 11d imp 1011
tWe or I u woln ill uinmo jlea html
nulls I em u isa < 1 nhurw airtii from
Mi im horo were > i Idled ulll
Man I oUdrll amIr ajipeareil
10 the u
1 wholly onmfdu
itiL Vwl whol LiImunsclsup nt
mime n ii nine I
> naene ho hud been is
Hpoiwulo rni by reuiuui of He eentiuose
tttit n it hih the hsi5se 1 If been left
ItndllK II I III II iiehm uimc p
tf it tie i I m ii moment wal m kklr sun
ruldl1 h nrilua men mind maths but
lie rmukkI lld himself IWIY from 11e
0IOd nriui walked
orwd UII sway retuuaime 10 re
tl hi pltl Ills rptlIII Ild
iV In i Nlopplll III hiotis hwPf
indouliMllv pirxnie net ooh hae
bin s V rlou 1unHW I the urow4d
rw lal lo Tli New I
Kay v IllefJept 37 Kllmbeth lluteher
lark died Vt her home In thin city lat
night otter haliiR Rlen birth to twin
both ni whl II nr1 htflK and nr re
ported by the HttemlliiK pViynlrlMiin to
be In nromlxlng condition Mrs lurk
WBM the wife of ayrt Clark of I i
lIac and the slaughter of Vlltsm
iluLabuk 5tv wiJ BRtll of age and
1hnt iiifj lIIflrrn
Sp111 In The Sew >
layIIII Sept 2 7 Jams hail of
Kaynvllle wan rendered uncoiminiis by
a blow from II brick which fell from
butt top of the first dry of the isya
nut cnop now umUr i netnsiet toil
this mnrnliiR at 10 oeliH He 10
malncd In A stupor for r an hour
hut Is repotted an KVovoilnp Hid m
taupe from death HH the remilt of the
blow Ii pronoiiuefnl reinarkahl by the
lhlcllln HltenJlnn him
Indcr Iii Mlreillon nf Miss Nelirker
the Irat women lutIIsPs Bt the IIpI
ernt KynmH lnnl were nriii > nUe < l Jlomlay
nIght lloslJea Mlse Nel > eker Mlis
lohnkon MtM IxlWHrrtp and MIni rrM
well will MwUt In the Inetruotlon hsl
eal Hlrpdr W II IaY In HI ornitnl
Smug regular clai work In mill departS
meet and the rnemlter arm > entertnn Inn
the work with eonnloVrahlr enthiolasni
fuliire lmmln
In the near
will lif mtranlKNl In is women und
gIrls lUpartmenle unit an Intruilnr mill
b e s < urAd for the womb
Our llmidiod Dollarx Sml uteri hiuih for
ITO ff Hoy Stiiul
IN meeting
The lioy scout movement
will nutvex one ellliKt nlrendy SC > >
wrlhlMR Sfl fr time nrlll 111 IYII CII
rolled The find insiStIng will be held
next Prld y eenlnR In the i rlor of the
Vuem InnBrrfTHtlonal ohureh nlieie linyH
IS t 18 years of ga will lie weleomwl
The rides or the orcmilmtlon mire
bo 11
110 on JolnlllK he roout must
years r1nlllJ tnuet lilies A Limit In thi
followlrii points before Inking the oath
Know the Beout law lRnfl and in
Know thn Id iry of tin Mars am
Tie the four inrlard knots
This pi llmhiin test fllllcw tIn boj
to wear Hi rim lor iwvltlnto button
but In order I i > e R full soont lie mUd
have iii IHBt 1 f montli senl ns 1
tenderfooi him iflib Itnowlediro or pie
mentiity rini 101 and hnndiiRlni IlIve
some knowldR f the Myor or Momi
alntiabet hums < i i rtaln track reeegqI 1
certain norl ror obwrvatjon mut hi
able to milk s mile III IS mlnutM
at scout paf must lay and Horn 1 fire
not using lIIr Ilisn tWO matehes toIlet
be nn ainatnii ok and must know the
principal pol1 of lh < rnmnS5S
Tramps thmmih lh country are rea
tune of lIsa Wrk ilr Oonhen W thiit
worthless to
show his
any hey who < an
membership nnd will become n member
or the organization to slut a mmbfr
wfiI be ctvn the Irtneflt of thin dtmallnn
so ion HH the amount lasts No nnv
need think thoutih that he can he mea
week or ino Im hl
a member a
dollar then drop out or the irnmiliistlon
He must Ix eojne a m mt > ei I > Mm S
nvmlxr Mr Onuhen Is plsnnln for M
summer CahIll next MHteoti vbei ihe
boys will lit given nn opportunlK to en
Into proctlw the thmtrlea lbs wd l m
In them boy scout work
J V lilac ln MHtor In charge of th
locul ImmlRrmlon nfllce wn In OK
den Monday I klne up Informitlnn
jelnllve to some of the dueen Chine
of this lixHlltv a hn have applied for
the privilege of tlnp back to their na
tive land on a visit carrying with th
liertnlt Gin right to return to thin coun
try Any Chinaman may RO bark lo
hip native land but when h8 return
nnd tap on Uncle Samuels door to Art
In hIli papers must be straIght In every
iJetHlI or bask he Roe to the Kloweiy
kingdom to wpend the rest of his cIa > k
So far Mr hltee hiss found the paper
straight and he think the 12 men ill
tlv next
take their rtepartnie Iltbn
tmri bm
their I1pflI
fen do 1111
Itnsldeinbly snore than t < i i
hern In i
quired month
Walks Home Chats With Rela
tive Lies Down and Expires U f
pires Peacefully S
I j
Illl II1 licorfnl niifl In Ilio Best nr I
llcnllli and SuIs AtteiulliiK
llurlnos Mils Aliirnlii
Wai kin to hi home at 110 eolith 4 1
Seventh KftBi alreet at 11 oclOOk this ii
morning apparently in the host of
health and spirits John Thomas
llnekle chatted at the gale with a 111 me
friend entwred the house and lying I
down on H bed I tsar nilnulon later i
pcuieftilly died Dr J O livns pro I i
business Buckle and Sons company 1 ti
Mr Buckle visited hIs plaoo of I
InislnesH Hucklu Hon
II and coinpunw I I
100 aouth Slate street na nitial thin to
mornIng everyone leniarklnt 011 hi f u m
apparent wood health Jut before 11 j
oclock lie stnrtod home and when i
he arrived nt the front gate otiattcd J I ii
murrll > nlth his ilecoaked vvlfcs 5
tnothur Mrs Unlsford glvliiK her a f I
hug or candy And jeitlne about
various nmttep list Interosied them f
He troll eel into the hoiiee meeting
his wife Mrs Maria Hiicklo and then
went upstairs where IB mliHUoi litter t
he wit found dead on tho bed the 1
pleading pxpreulon on his faQc show j I
Inn thnt death hush been p lnlas cl
A utrniKe eolnrldeiuc In tile fact I
that Mr lluiklen father John died In i
1 I
a similar nimuicr Driving home all
iiHiia1 one noon he wna tliought to he 1
unhltihlne time home when n little I
hill look the word tlwt Rrandpa I I
wa fisleop In the barn lie was dead II I
John T Buckle WAil born In Utindit1
ICiiRl nd In 1S61 and itimeult aomo time I
In Australia before conilns to Vtnli III u
Ilil lie flits a tailor by trade though
of lute years lie anil bin soon have tui t t
numb on n tailoring and elextrlcMl ehop I
eoinblneil Kor 30 > ft n he wnaa mem
bur of the 1 O O K liavltiK 111 at
different tlme Inset Rrund ninntor of
Jordan lodge No 1 nit Kiiiml mas
ter of tin brand lodge or the Jurlfillu
tIn ot CT tim ii mind huRt chief put trlareis
ot the I iqtilrrh encampment No 1 of the
Odd Fellows bilge In early days he
ns H member of the rhtlrcli of gill I
mol though of late years he hRH Riven
Hllenlunce to no pnttleular rellRlouv or
RIllllMltlOIl U
Mr Dm Vie In survived by hmis wife
Maria anil the following children John
V Buckl It a Uucklc Victor Huckle
alec tmlu Mellatoul HID C1lrlrll
FQ sriotui4 lnllM Cook
IIIJIIIJlUflliiItyaot will 1UjJIu
Urt nt nio end I Lif IJe
but tiih time hall not ye i I lull till
IKlMIKtHl m i
10 h
Snow Jr ProniMuz Youns I
llulnOrt Mali Hies of IoUT 1 j
of iIil5tiZJ r
Jr on
lx > r nao
Snnw and llulflu J Know 41 > Tlllrl j I
street died of typhoid fever at ftifti i L
clock Monday night Bfier a IInlrllll
thought j
hihsiCIp of several vvfek It was It
he Had pawed tile crisis of his IIhllfl i I
the family wua filing to congratulate
Itelf wlieii there was a sudden
Chun KB for tIle vofM amid the end cume l
mimmi1rtediy lie Is survived by par1 mku I
deter Mrs
rnts awl lO u
Wallace Hunter and wan
mkk Ind Mr
It KiBndion of hue Uto ior nxu Miow j
lrCiiteat of ibm Church 1T
The < locu el wall born Oct 16 1W1 lit
llrlclHin City About W ynrn ngo this u
fHinllv inved In Silt Latte Tvlirro tile I I
graduated rnm the I I n 4i
unlftr VOUHK man lty and ariervvnrds nent Into the I
home buildIng Inulneu
meal estate and
with hi stint fit whleh tiu ln is ite
rhowvil much aptness r
The funeral wriangnnentu have not yet I
teem rompleterl but the burial will ha I
In the family plot at the ell cemetery
luronens Hermlone > on lr u > chen ut 4I
Herlln a protnlneni artist In lsltlng I
days HH the h
Hall lhe Cllj for H few I
uttii of Mrs A II Hchulthevi UK
KlKllth Kt1 ttreet She IIHS lsltr t lhl
studIos of the IIKH artists and will soon I J
leave for ChIcago to mnk sonic oxhlhlts it
of her oas work I i
IlironsMi Hermlone von Pr useien m
liCe produtoil ptverftl noted painting
clitof runt which an Cln nnd the
< I
Swine Tile Couch of CUopara
Temple ot V COUL The Vampire1 and I
the Hpbltix Woman She received her
first rvrogntllon during the mlgn of I
AVItlUm I when she entered her imlnt 1
tug Mam Iniperatn for exhibition In
mite lirrlln salon After a fan dxiln
illt In Halt lke she will leave for 0
rll KIKIVVII lleldent of Dranrr Diet
A Her Sudden S < lim tit HIT Ilonir
Mrs Klluilieth Lnvitt AVIIIIam motl I
er of V H VllllHins Sarah AVIIIIanv J
Mr Kmimi LArsen and Mm C II
Halden lied at her home In flea muir 1
DiU mornliiR following a sudden ash
life of rheumatism of the Imirt occur
rltiK wter lIlY She VBB a native of I
Knghind but bus lived In Utah for flu
joist 30 oar She was 7S years anil
11 months ot age She WAS the widow I I
of TJiomns Will III 1111 who died nbou
one your URP Time funervl will bo held t 1
Tlturwlay afternoon at 3 oclock ut the
reaJdenco oC William it Williams sat
Fifth nunuu
Th managi ment of the plint depart
ment of the Hell Telephone company I
atated tmlay tho lompanys Intention to
Immexllatnlv remove thin two blocks of
pole left standing on Ninth Hastlitrvnt
txtwepn Kouitli and Hlxth South I
streeta The stieet IH now asphalted >
south across th Ninth South atrcct nt4 m
terevctlon with work progreoslnc noftlt
from the nouth end if the street ut thd
Ill line When tb miles ar lilt liii t
i oUr IhorouRhfx Iv will I one of the I
mowt attractive In tin i lt > t v
Th cOunty iMimmlMloiMrj Mayor
8 Hrnnford Dr T H Heitty of the ff
tate bourd of he llh KnRliivr V V Si Juu
Doremua and others Intcrentod in the f 1
conditions will i
count health
dIv and >
i Cot
make an automobile trip up lug
In the nwvnlng for the
ton wood ivinyor
usrertalnlng whether un
nurpnie romlltioiis rW PollnMng jl
aanltaiy will be cleaned I f
on V
th ir leper the < an11 J
from mouth to a point above Brlghtonj I

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