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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, September 28, 1910, Last Edition, Image 3

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Ft1 j i
lr od Draneb
Indo Tel
1 Item IIr e juMtil J
IIQDIIIC coltl laJnU tstT1 sa
a1itsctor7 dulIYItl
rtlW Point 1Ij1I cll lIeIIII WclW < Colli
1II1ICJlur OUT lilll for Stock
Inn stream1
Owlet Hpt 28AI 11141 Ifgular week
h mating of the board of county toul
decided to
rnlluncno U Willi
of the CXPCMBO for un
trout fry In
Itlng in Planting
Btrwims of Weber county It being con
sidered Ihlll thin lIS not n legal clulm
iguln the inunty Tho claim wus
tent to Ihu board hy State FJall und
OIlInP Waidon Fred Cliumbu1 hut the
inmlMlowr cannot 8eo the r jjuy
deal to allow the claim at this time
It In understood that other countloi
Jn the mate ore iwylng uch
A Lommunlcotlon from R H llolllna
A HOHH Jio hold n bond jiRHlnul the
muty fr JIOOOO duo April 1012 wn
It pointed out
nail ala plaewl on lllo
thlll the eounlj Mmuld under th e pro
M of the law oi > t lI > ho 10 IJeI
4nt nf the bond onch year thim pro
sIditie for their payment at the end
t > f 10 your
The lemeeB of IdlnWllil resort In OB
tln cmijon sint n communication ask
loll for n remittance on n portion of
their liquor llcenw granted last July
on Wio jtrouniiH that tho bar in now
cloned nnd the llrenw paid for somo
vepkn In ndvanee Thla tnnttor was
taken under ndvlscniPnt
A contract for wiring tho county In
firmary for elect Ill lights Was let to
the Ofrden Electric Supply Co their
IM being J198
raymentfl of Interest on the county
Umd ninountlnf to J1600 VRI nu
I thnrljpd and the county clerk Initruct
td to draw a wurrantor that amount
ngdfn Sept SS Knormous attend
nice Is allll recorded at the Four Stat
lair The Great Western Carnival
company which lies been delayed had
its amuncments In place yesterday and
these proved to bo cry attractive to the
great throng of visitors The achool
chlldien of the city are being permitted
tu attend the fair und ore adding to
the life of the occasion Fight hundred
iipU from the high schools will ut
tad Thursday
Deglnnlng this morning the big auc
tion solo of rams at the International
thecp show started and will continue
inch day until the fair has Hosed
Dnlglit Lincoln of Ohio an auctioneer
nf national repute will have charge of
the sale and some of the best sheep
iter put on exhibition will be old to I
the highest bidder
ngclwi 8ept 2tLarge fortes of
orkintn are now engaged in digging
trenches for water and gas mains nnd
tr laying conduits for telephone and
chctrle light wires In Hudson nienue
hlh I soon to bo con veiled Into a
thrhlng business street Hi > nuniernuH
lire the trenches and the workmen that
wie PHUPOS to sea how so many dlffei
cot ImprnvenieiitB can be onrrlod on
at the same time hj so limited a npaco
Kxtra long shifts nre being worked
f en days In the week 110 as to com
plete the preliminary work before freer I
leg weather Ms In Grading on North
Washington avenue Is being satisfac
torily carried forward
MV nitiDfii
Ogden Fept SThe now steel rail
load bridge oer the Weber river being
built by the Denver ft Rio Grande Hall
load company at n cost of over J25000
it priigr6j lng rapidly under the direc
lion nf the local engineer The structure
vlli be over GOO feet In length and the
lotitrait calls for Its completion not
Jater thai Nov 1
Ogden Sept SJor tho first time In
two weekw a pOMtlon of police court
1118 held before Judge J K Haglcy pin
tom Tuesday afternoon W U Senth
ftiKl i ss Hills charged with grand
l recn > were arraigned mid waived
their preliminary hearing They were
IHJ to answer to the district court
ttmler SoOO ball each South and the
IHI noniHii are alleged to have bur
R Iarll the realdeneo of Thomas Hurt
on Adami avenue on Aug 24 takIng
therefrom Jewelry Old wearing apparel
jalued III MOO They were arrested hi
Ornnhn and Detective James Ponder
end IJ < S11 shcrlfc John Murphy
broulfhl them to Ogden about twj
Bfka age
Three viola lor or the bicycle ordl
lIan 101101td Si each
Thlrtfvn drunks forfeited J5 oneli ami
nap thl forfelt t3 bail for llsturb
hiK the
her were also a nuns
il 5TfltIC > forfeitures among
them Jrt Irig the regular monlhl > flno
hni < e < l n ° denIzen
lh ° f the under
V4fl1h III the rate
of J10 each
lcd Hamlltot1 and Clayton King were
on the chlllge of lIrunklnlieM
MId sentOneed In
serve Iho
laYB each
It a tine otfl
OOIH5X Jhitiiis
ItIII Ilwllllnlll llnel OnllIl Vest
II4h of OdplI have
turrisge lIepnle hy CoUnl been rnnt1 0
Il pe County lark H
Msretger c IIINlpr William Allll < on of the Og
a Thu1j nnnun the ellgnJtlnoJ1t
Igem HlIlng nr Henry W Sll
111JIotKI AMt In
eai Of tit n hrllliant me
comic opera The
rinee rf iiI5fl
srae tr Praok W Uace at this city who
eerat1 Oil al the
3TOtheni h famous Mayc
= nl U ach est or Minn
AVhlln Inui Flour
Is better 1loui hc
caunn UH lactic of bet
ter heat
for ntonmcli troubto recently IH report
ed to bo well on the load to rciovoiy
Ulstrlcl Judge J A Howell Is hohl
IIIIr court III DnvlH county this week
With the exception of KJbiy Snpt 30
when the trial of Karl V Mitchell
cholGoli with SraU 1rccn > f III eut
for hellu
Krscll Iluiidull the 8yearold son of
Oeoifeo llundall of Noith Ogden mut
Kli cleaUi taut ovenlnc while driving
a team Tli hOlOcli marled middenly
when the siut fell out throning him
under tho whoils and his skull vai >
HprlliRvllli Kept Ls The proRram
HUM been completed ror the county mtu
elltlonal InslllUI III IIn held hcro oat
13 14 IInl 1i IIH 1011111
Ihunulll IIIRhl will l0 ipVottvl to nn
Inortllll wcln or get acUilnle
IlIelInl nt which
llIltllI teucherH will
bo tho ghost of the
Hprlngvlllo loath
Friday Oct
14 at 930 um H ceii
ernl session at the hIgh school will bo
doolcd lUlol 10 hlcltl iitieit tiii
how lu n PPttnc Abnormal III the
Child will be disclosed
clfell by Dr K U
Hughe of Pinvo Tli USOH and
Abuses of Ui Teaching of Physlolocv
dlMjUMed by Dr Chamberlnl of Iho II
Y 1 V Bitch Phyfl velopmen by
Maud 1111
May Dubcock of the O or V
At 2 fm lcl1illtmont work In which
h i
the high < fch1 will be led by Dr J P
Menlll ot U of tJ the
S F JTlmlllar grade
led by Dr
Joseph Peternon of n Y U
IIIIT the vrimary led ly Mfss Pollock of
the Salt Lake city iicliools
AI VS ° n BC1ornl csslim
i will ho
h i
Judd nt the
theater to
which the >
orlll public Is invited MnuJonflmh
Thomas president of the State Teach
eu iiHaoclntlon will be tho speaker
On Satuiday Ort IB nt 930 u Ken
oral eeislon when Slnte Kupt A C
Nelson Hoist 1 > II ChrlHtrrnen of the
Salt Lake city sehooN and one other
Hpenkcr yet to bo selected will oddreas
tho teachers
At 2 pm department moetliiKH di
voted to art for gTiininur nnd primary
grades will bu conducted by Profs
KnBtmainj und Kuxaon HIgh school
will bu given over to general bUBlness
Special Correspondence
Heaver Sept 6The Beaver county
air has now become a matter of hU
tory having been brought to u close
on Sutuiday the 24th inst Tho ex
hibit woro excellent considering the
fcvrro drouth In the ell part of the
season and were a surprise to ninny
people who thought Beaver county
coulJ not produce such cereals and
vegctablos The livestock show than
oiiKtrated that the effort of the f arm
ors to raise good horses cows pigs
i < h > ep and poultry arty meeting with
HUCCOSH IIH ii number of line animal
were In evidence The chief executive
of the state did us tho honor of a visit
on Thursday accompanied by two
members of tho supreme court The
governor made tin excellent addicii at
the Houso
Opera on Thursday evening
and also nt nn open air conceit the
same evening Hall games nnj horse
racing formed quite a portion of tho
program claiming tho attention of this
lovers of that kind of amusement Tills
was seriously marred however by three
accidents Thomas Sly IH Ing kicked In
tho head by a horse and his life was
despaired of for some tIme but a
change for the bettor Is noticeable An
Individual from Parowan had his nose
serIously damaged and Cyrus Davis
had his leg broken The
Ild patients are
doinG well
Somo dissatisfaction Is expressed
over the fact that on nutnmoblle race
took placo Sunday The fair manage
ment disclaim rcsponslWlty for tho
Special Correspondence
Stephen Wiilker has been appointed
agent for The Dsucict News and for
Church publications tit Peon In place of
Oscar Ullklns who has removed Our
patrons will please we him about or
dering books etc and also to cattle
subscriptIon accounts
T I Rosmussen has been appointed
agent for The Unscret News and for
lunch publications nt Oakley In place
of I Frailer resigned Sulwcrlbcrs
will please renew their subscriptIons
through him Orders for Church works
etc tlon will also receive his prompt litton
Via Oregon Shore Line for Inter
Mounlaln Four ShUt Fair and Inter
Mountain Good lloads Convention
Tickets on sale Sept 22nd to DUI
Inclusive limited to Sop 30th Hound
trip 11 CK = Ticket OfJIco 1B6
Mnln Choice of 11 trains with 45
inlnulo service mornings anti afternoons
John cowcroft Sons Co
urnAPITAL 100000000
urn 1000000
Ibftf le catCh ht50015 h1 fur the largest fcll h ulolMaln stock or tm
Omnhn ald Snn raneiaco It sistat
hlpnlnl ent1 sic our mail IrIr rnnI I you lt hNiflIht
The K eaa It dellvercA by carrier
every night Sunday eicoptnl at 7i
cents per month All paymtiita mil
conpnlnto regarding lam ihould
be made to Dnvld Jotinton accnt
for Dally Paturdny nnl HunUWcH
Iy News Ind Phone 573A Ortitrn
taken for Church vorlo It > lence UI
South First Vet fltret
Carrier cut ilfie of Aotid my Ave
Ind 3121 U
Carrier west aldu of Academy Ave
Ind 1C2A
Drill Soiilh hlirol lI lll lu iiiulcil nnd
ii I ice lininiciiHiils
I tin tig iiratcd
Irovo Kept 28At the city coun
cil session lust night a rue iiitioIt WW
piiKscd to uilvortluc tho Intcittou of tha
ciiunrll tu crude Flltli South street
from Academy tivennn li Fifth Wool
street nnd to pnvu the HldowalUs on
nlr Iae
the seine street
A btdldltiR Inxprctlon ordinance WAe
jiiisDed Tho ini i Italic r < Vulit I
pLTmins who contnniplitte erecting pub
Ik bullilliiBM nnvwjiore In the city
limits tu not 1 permit fro in tho build
IIIJT liMjicrtnr
Thn council dined I rcHpIiillun to
bo preimroil iirnvldliiK furtlio jiaiiuent
tractors of the money dUt tim Blilo wak 1011
Provo Sept itSJudge Jlontb nlll
KO to nenjamln on Oct I to look over
thn Rroiind Involved In tho suit of
Henjnmln Argyle against Ihf Lithe
Hhnic Drainage district Tho coup has
boon hoard anil ta ken under Idle
mont by tho court
Prove Hejit 28 Jlnrrliisa ijjnse
have boon IHjuiod by tlin county clerk
to John Ill In 1 of Iajnon and Huby
Cahoon of Donjiiniln JumcH Ilracl
flold or HprlnKvlllo nnd Kusenlii a
Allred or SpinlHli lork Frank W
Stout of Amarlcan Fork nnd Hcsel
Jlenary of Sprinffvlllo Kriust Frau
com of PI Ion and Prudence Hudson
of Santaquln Roy Duke and Jcnnlo
John both of Irovo
Hpetlal torreiipoiidi
Afount Pleakant Sept 6The Twen
tieth Century club will commence its
years work next Thursday afternoon
with the following us ottlctrs and mtin
bern Piuxldont Mrs P 1 Nlelien
vice president Mm K C Jensen sec
rotary 11 Jacobs responding sec
retary Mrs Qeo Christensen tieas
timer Miss Hilda Maduen librarian
Miss AVlnnlfred Jensen cla commit I
tee Hilda MuJEtm Ir A C Wall
Mrs W D Oundland MlKs Annie Jo
haiiMtfii Miss Wlnnlfred Jensen library
committee Mrs 1 M Nielsen Mrs
Abram Johnson Mrs George Christen
sen Mrs J W Choiry and Mrs II
C Jacobs rhii folloultiK are mom
lioiii of the club Mrs J H Uarle
Mrs Ferdinand Urlckson Mrs Gooruo
Mud sen Mrs H It Madscn Mrs II S
Nielsen Mrs Ann Proctor Mrs John
II Seely Mrs Morgan Winters Mrs
11 li Nielsen Mrs James I nrfon Mm
A L Larsen Miss Mnrgnret Hoynolds
Mrs J V Jensen Mrs Wllllnm Han
gen Mrs A 1 MfUben of Provo Mrs
Nielsen Mary F rhrlstenson and Mims Klla
1 i coxriui > ci3
1 Pleatmnt Sept 26Ile luke con
ference of the Y I and Y M M I A
of the North Sanpete stake was held
In Spring Ilty Sunday Hept 26 Two
oltlcers meetings wore held In the eve
ning A tarKc attendance wits present
and the outlook for tho comhiR year
Is flattering Elder Moroni
fllterilg Snow gen
eral secretary of the Y 1 M Iv A and
Mm Thutfher were present sid jgeve
timely suggestions
Tim officers of the South ward Pilnm
ry nssoclntlons of 1 Pleasant tjavo
a surprise party Wednesday evening
In honor of Mrs Brick Gundor on
PUXgl lmCJs
I Pleasant Sept 211The funeral
services over the remains of Mrs
Malmo Margrel Kabrlxklo were held In
the South ward meetinghouse Thurs
day Sept 22 1910 Elder Chris Johan
sen presiding Addiesycn vcre made
by Mnds Anderson Petor Mona n rind
James Monton Deceased
11 PI was tho
daughter of John and June Tlduell She
was Iho wlfo of Alma Zabilxkle and Is
survived by her husband and eight
children namely Martha Jane Jeff
John It Jerome George A Charles
A Ann Kllza Margaret alIt Hose Zn
brlskle Hhe was tiged d6 years and
hail lived In thin region since url She
was born In Xnuvoo on June 9 1 > 44
The funeral cecilia nor thL lemalns
of Kphrahn Jefff who iliad from In
juries received by n hoisr falling with
him Ire hold In the South narcl hal
Sunday nt 1 oclock
Elder Hcnrj L Acord of Spring City
after flllliiR an honorable mlsxlon to Ute
Northncntorn state has returned
James Christensen son of T C
Chrlstensen of Chester hiss rerently re
turned from the Norway mission
Lawrence Olson o Spring City has
received 1 cull to the mlsnlon field
J I fitalter who was severely In
jured some time ago by being crushed
between I wagon and 1 IhreMilnR ma
chine Is out again
The following births are reported To
the wife of Stephen U flannel of Spring
City 1 boy which lIved but a short
time To tho wife of George Jensen
of Spring City I daughter To the wife
of Albert Norman of Fnlrvlen I girl
Tuesday Sept 20 In this city Sept
IS to the wife of John higher n daugh
ter In this city Sept 16 to the wife
of Win Omenn n son In tills city
Sept 17 to tho wife of lloy Christen
son a son
101 I
Andrew Anderson of Moroni Is ship
ping one car of cabbage and one car
of potatoes to Salt Lake markets
On Vednesdny noscoo Morley of Mo
roni Wail found guilty of having com
mitted n statutory offense1 lie pleaded
not guilty but the court found him
guilty and fentenred him to servo ont
veal In the penitentiary
lllchlleld Kept iArza Judd ap
peared before t 1 romiiilpsloner
Hayes here today on th < charge of pur
lousing letters from th Pangultch post
utIle He was held 1 bonds of 00
which he fumlshiii I i an dcleclrd
In the act of tejbug i Hluablo letter
from one of tIm kirk Nxs ur the night
of Sept 15 acfordlng t1 the evidence
presented today
lUpoclnl Corrr e 1
IHkf > iown 1lnh fiiit M r Aqulli
Nebiker IN vliltlnct fiinr m Silt Lake
lhiuds Webb Jeun ii I 1 0 > Thomp
MOl nnd Imirl anti ti I I MIH will M
tiiKi college III III IH 1 winior
1lnra Westnn ROW t i i > Htlillnu at
Pail for tho winter Flnl
John H Weliji IK illpb MHK some PC
Inurkably fins apples I r n 1 hln ni
rhunl leo From om > I i Btber1
10 bU tiel
At tliu Primary eanfmn in 1ILk
Inwri aiil ItOUIKl viUI < > timidity Hl
irrittf ser5 made bv Mi K irii tlrs
Infold Mrs Mum 1rt ni Miss Item
1nl Iar I ler
Alnkoltn MiKlnnon r 11 iipii ami
Lima Noliiml of I I sic the
tldle1 In our dlitil < t i I
Mr uml Jim John < < 1 who
woi 45 leeentlv tnuirled n < n n friends
mi iijo > abl lecept lou i < v
Mutlaim Kept 27A I I ihiy sea
shut nf time Fifth KIII Liurt cloned
hero today Dnrlni ihi ciHlnn evl
ilpiici In this polobrateii i > n nille hoar
Inp Wil UN1I1 Vim is i < t ho first time
that IL Rcwlon of conn ii m beld In
Modenit nnd the Veil secured
through tile gal him nitty nf i
11111Y n liiflne Ore
wood who forowiw tl < n it muld bo
IKvcHxmy to mullion nln I the eat ire
population tn Pamwmi n 11 illil not
coiiie here Tho rrwrn nt KU involved
the title lOlL Imge nninl r lotK dend
0 under the original inuiimu entry
rRprclal Corre pm ieiie5
St Anthony Idn Soil s < Tim null
IH reported of 2100 arri < or land near
this city frdni tho Jllghlnnd family t
Oammliwloner Orme rh
< rmlllnlr Orlll purchase
prlco wn 15000 The user will tm
hark In tho tittlo nnd fliwp btinlneM
8pe4al Corroaponjonrr
Towley Tyo Sept 2i3Thi lllif units
Stake HCridtiny openH ti dA nuil approprl
nt rtculues wil bo bet d it 9 am 1rof
tinblnson and Prof Ilannnn live vlslteil
th Hinkc 100 the Interest i > r the school
Tln > H < bool will occtip tin lour upper
rnnpiH of the stone nchoolhnuxp Just com
pltJ District schM also opens today
I will occupy tb four l t rooms In
ibo lute scnoolhoine mid i n of tlm
roums In the old lullHllnj liurence 1
Kuri hir ti engage an prn < lial
A win 81 born to Mr unit Mrs A
Johnson Thursday Mrs Johnson has
been critically III but Is improving
Chairmen and secretaries of the mis
xlonary reunions arc requested to sand
at oleo Information ns to when and
where they will be hold to H O lloyn
olds 67 east South Temple street for
JTon ZelihilutilTho semiannual re
union of the elders 11111 Saints from
MnorlUnd will be held < on Thursday
evening Out 6 In the TyelfthThlr
ttiinh ward chapel east Second South
street commencing at 730 pits An ex
cellent proKmin nun been prepared ana
tho Maori Saints Including Tiimlhana
Te Awe Awe anti Wnltokorau will b
present All who have not received
Invitations are reouostM to w > nr their
addresses to the secretary Carl T
Freeze 216 south Seventh Hast street
Hat Lake City
Australian Tloiinlon Thursdnv ere
fling Oct 6 In the new TwelfthThir
teenth ward meetinghouse
Norwich Thursday Oct G at 730
pm Tenth ward atvemhly room
Eighths Hast and rnurlh South
IrfHidon ThurBdaj Oct 6 at 8 p
m In Whitney hall corner A street
and Second avenue
NIII < Pioneer slake hall Say
coils wurd Oct 7
XIII r Harratt hal Saturday
cvcnlnir Oct 1
IriiIiJeiiuiing5 block 21 west First
South Saturday Oct S at S
SallrdH lt J m
Shrllleld Saturday Oct 8 at 8 n m
Thlrtjtlrst wall amusement hal
Take Ashton avenue car to Ninth
Now Oak and Mahogany olnVo
clerks are sold by Warren Paul for
from JIG to J3G Como In Inspect
them 66 West Third South
Alexander OptUnl Co now 20 E 3d So
The Nenrt I Delivered by Ca r
In llan Every t < thunfia > t
OplfJ at r Cents P month All
pnyraenti aim complaint r wdinir
delher > should be mo lo to j Sf
In5 Agelt fl Dly Saturdr
avid 8rmlW 1i
al SmlWokl Nowm us W
Irat Noith meetphone w
Del Offlro with Carton Comn
Jteal Eltate iinj loan
113 o
Ion or
In MMn Btret 1honw 91 lull and 1W
IliiostrrV lull rxucclM to lnl > c lin
ixiilmit Deal Vltli
S > ndkato
IXRan Sept 27 Malcolm N hIIRIlr
nt Halt Iake City and Mr Nomomb
profiontliiK n tImisgi newHintpT
met with tIme IkjontciH rlub last night
und llnciiKUd the mutter nf ndvertli
big I xi Ran uml Cache valley The prop
OKltlon Invnlvod tin iHltliiK of JW > for
Blilch adv rtlililc will bi placed In
piMtern impcra The plnn Kim canoml
ly Hpuroved and u eommlttip consisting
or C I Marcia II L Campbell John
hrlnten on Hinnn Halt Roy Car
Inn and Noah I irxon wn named to
infer with the luminous men of the
Ity and IUH the llcnl If pomlble to
tiH > There In little ilotibt that the
noney will bf raised und thnt hereafter
a campaign nf publicity will be waned
In time nut In tho interest of IxiKun
nnd Cache county
Muitiui iiHivsus
LoRan Kept 27Marriligo llieiiie
were Isniied today II tha follow Inn
mined persons Jesse J Godfrey ami
Ioula Alchlbald Imth nf T ton Clt >
Ida Snmuil CHuener and Clurn Oyler
lioth of Kant narlanrt Leroy Hansen rAn
Logan and Maud Kcherelpy of Hlrh
inond rhnrlei Snow Jr of Tensdalf
Utah and Ala 1 1C UK or Cow ley Wyoming
C Spel al Corrcfpondeiue
Ilountlful Hql 27A farewell party
will l > e gIven In BerRl dc bull Mon
day ovonlnft Ot 3 In honor of Klder
Wllllnm Nnylnr who loaves Oct 5 tor
t mission to Great llrtUIn
KollowliiK II 11 report of climatic con
ditions obtaining over the Pacific iilopo
ntnteit for the week enelltu Sept 19
AlontuiiR Helena The temperature
averaged about nurinal with unusual
ly warm nlRhtu the latter pirt of tho
ncek The precipitation wa deflclont
In the noitheantern portion but ropl
CUIB how fell In the outhiin and
ontern portions Sunnlilne wus below
iyomlnR Chejenne The first of tim
week was cool und cloudy but the
clone won much warmer and clearer
cole temperature averaged about nor
niMl In the noutheciHtern part and from
i three desroeH to live degrees above In
the northern and wnHtcrn portions
There were only IhV dCntttreiV rua
of rain
Idaho Uolie rho ory conditions
began Wednesday continuing the re
mainder of tho wvek Haiti fell over
tins entire state and wns especially
enellclal In the southern portion
where the dry spell has Ixen practical
ly contlm > ui < since Morih Home darn
age WHJ oaimed by cxcrgalve precl
pitutlon locally In the BtJUtliweMflrn
portion The week won fomewhnto
warmer than usual and sunshine was
Colorado Denver The week opened
cool but the remaining days were un
usually warm with marked tempera
ture excesses In the wevtern counties
general below
1reolpltmtlon was gLnorlly
normnl but showeis occurreil at time
oivonliiR und close of tho week Sun
shine was abundant
New Mexico Santa JV The week
11 clear warm and dry but part
ly cloudy show ry weather with mod
erate temperature sot In on Wednes
day and continued to tho clOse of the
week The showers wee quite general
giving some relief from the Rcneral
dryness and Hiding Tall pastures
< 1
Streams were renewed temporarily
Arizona Phoenix The week was
partly cloudy The temperntuie aver
HKed r deer above normal III the north
ern and central portions and 1 ret
above In the southern portion Light
showers fell th first half In the north
ern and rentnil portions and heavy rain
In the extremi southwestern portion on
the lith
ftnli Salt rlkr City The tempera
Ilr1 nvernipil consldr ribly above nor
mal miny tntlonii reportlnp maximum
Marvelous This
S150 175 119
2 values
Tailored waIsts of ulrni n tripes
or thinks also white ta 111 i Icils
llannelcttp In various colnr and stripes
il mercerized materials In plnin whUe or
figured nnd striped ihx < lsn Nak sateen
I or chciked and doited Dim1 cit black
1 saleen all elegantly rmule waists with
usesizes H to
smart touches of ne i 1117
47 44ZliiO Jl 76 and 0 CD f 1 1 Q
values special at
1000 Turkish Bath
Kites 2 by 42 rcgu
tar price 1G3
Thursdav at tn h
1000 yds Bleached
Night Gown
Yard wide 110
I G 23c Thurnda at
temperatures of 80 cleg or above loud
mine fell everywhere greatly relieving
HID druuthy coiclltlnim Hunshlno wan
less than usual but
Ih1 Isu81 bll sufllclont
Nevada Ileiio The week was cloudy
anti threatening ultti general ruin on
the HlCtli amounting In most local
ities tnfroin halt nil Inch to almost an
mli The temperature iiveragrd I few
degrees below normal
Washington Seattle The tempera
tore averaged above normal In Hi
northeiuitorn portion oltwuhorc about
1011111 The week bugau a rid cloned
< linr but then wero rains on HIP 16th
mid 17th which cleared the almon
phcre alI rellled the dust Sunshine
wan ample
Oregon Portland About numiRl tire
m < st
1 j
At the DaynesBoebe Store Work of Remodeling and
Store Alterations Must Begin Next Week and > tj4
These Pianos Must Go in the Meantime at I
Some Price on Some Kind of Terms i t t
i I < l i
lhiJkt i
We Are prepared to Accept Any Reasonable Offer as to I I f 1
Price or Terms on These 68 Pianos Tho Finest t
Styles and Makesthe Real Bargains of This i > ljit
Grand Stock id I 11
x i t 1
Come Quick While the Opportunity is YoursAn Oppor t i t T i I 1 v y t
tunity You May Never Have Again It Means a iW i j H
Saving of 115 135 165 to 235 h fd1 h
f I I l 0 f
Store Will be Open until 815 P M 45 Main Street 1 L llU l
Tide has boon a remarkable salt a
phcnumenat sale One hundred and
thirtyone people have bought pianos
nnd organ hero during the past flight
Think of I
Out of this Brand stock of finest pl
anile and OIRIIIIH there have autuall
been sold ono hundr < l and thirtyone
In just eight day an aveniRe of more
than sixteen per day
I means something to accomplish
that feat It means that first of all
the old house of DAyncmHeobo always
keeps fnlth with the ieopl It means
that not a statement as to the great
saving In price on heat pianos was
overestimated or overdrawn
It means that cmo himilntl trial thlr
tjoiu jiluno bujers fit itiumi ci Ilhlll
ni rrpnMiitnl In our nil uticnmmemuts
cicii belter for none worn ilKniipohit
nl icrj peron ii lin Inn nllrnilcil
lhl wile ullh lhe hlljlilri notion of
biijlnt a lila Ill him fiiimd Just Ill pl
nni they ilolrcd nt 1 price they ncirr
drcametl of MTiirliiR Ul terms flip
ciiMest cior uttered
But be It remembered that tho
I > aynMBc ebe Music company carries
the largest stock of hlRhRindn pianos
playerplano organs small Inatru
ments Rheet music etc In this great
Intermountnlii country occupying I
largo building 1 btilldlnR that large
ns It Is has grown ton small for our
needs and we must enlarge our quar
ters Hence this great sale
Now listen Here Is Ibe situation
we find ourselves In nt tho Present
According to contract we must have
our warerooms In readiness for the
workmen n exl Monday the 3 On
that date they tnko charge nf the
building to begin Immediately the work
of cornpletn remodeling mid alteration
of Bam Ole of the xtlpulatlons Is
that all pianos must bo out of the way
of possible damuR
And wo now have left just about
sixtyeight pIAnos and four days In
which to dispose of them
So It II up to us
And we ore going to make good
mark our word wo are going to eloise
n Mn r I 1
u uu 0 w A
anos by 930 next Saturday night at
some price on some kind of term
Its up to us to sell them and we
are gnlnR to s J pianos In such n way
miki the prices so low the value si
gri at the terms of payment so Ell
that It will h up to the buyers of thin
city and section as to briber they
will nllon sighs an opportunity to get
lyv them
XIT then tho pianos thoM sixty
eight are pianos of the better clana
higher grade the real bargains of this
grand stock and wo are going to close
them out at prices that are ridiculously
low for tlscm highprude tnakog but
wMch you Inn verify hy taking tn
minutes of your time and Investi
JJo reasonable offer refuted
They niunt go must b sold
Come nn < 1 hHp yourself
IprlchK nt ss
TpilchK nl jr nml S7S
r > rleht HI St > SS7 S9 anil 50S
The eLm f pianos are all III good oon
lltlons ant are certainly worth two or
three time the nab prkcs W e will
guarantee them fully
To ovrv one who elects one of
these InexpnslK upright we extend
ho iirhiixe of returntnic It lthln
two years at the 0mj price paul for
t toutirds a mw piano
Thu you have the usc nf the instru
ment for two far without costing
the chll
you one penny and you and rhl
dren will have the benefit of Its use
Pianos at 17 Cents
Per Day
550 Plaid All Just think of It on the swaB out
Al lay of 17 rents per day > wu can own
Wool Blankets n beautiful plan pr Did you aver hear
or n proportion so liberal Can you
In grev ani lute fford IrloMIO the inee
blue null C Ii punk tCll tl I
and white r 1 and
black jlaiclf 104 slo 300 Uprights at 127
w < igh 4 Ito fn ale
lila reek a i lunf Mahogany < a iil > two left ov
385 I large tin other imdiuni fixf Con <
quick for one of thO
o I
> ratures and frosts werfl fe 1 1Y
lurutures irevalled no 11 wfrt f I
reported Precipitation wan above nor hI
mal very beneficial rain fell In oil lo
AalltleM nn I or more iIiiyH except along I
tile east fllope of Iho Cascade moun r 4
tains Sunshine was dellolent t
California Snn rninclHoo Unusually 1 i t
early reins fell on ihi 14th and tIlls In I q
the central and southern and also In Iho i I
COlt counties from Ventura north j 1
ward HalsIiiH and bennn wero dam tl J
aged Time rainfall nt Fresno I Inch < I
flo I
811d the heaviest for 20 yearn to date I Ii
There was unsettled weather nt tho k f
close of the week The temperature In I
the Hacramontn nnd San Jonquln val
ley and on time northern coast was I I
much below normal whllo In the south I l I
ern lutiiitleg It was above it
i t I LIE
I fi L iii
325 Uprights at 156 I
CuclMi tuth uml mahogany CIKCX I i
hum > make CMluho MJCS largo size II I i uj
cicry liii > rcm < mciit
1111111111 uoiiilcrful bar I I qf
uIIII I i I 1
t jf i L j
350 Uprights at 178 I ItUi11
I r
MnliOKiui 1 Knellili oak nnil seal ms mm t 111 tt t
t Its poiiiilar iiinKrs two In Colonial i i J aLm4
clr lgn and elegant 1mmit rut nients hi 1 I 4 J I I
excr > uitj Ii
1 i r
375 Uprights at 207 i It > ft1 l 4
f vr
lit em In inKsloii oak another In ma i j I
hogiui Inn nmli and Iatst Miles i 1 it
hnmlhoiml tiirrcl panels larst slc e
425 Uprights at 263 r JiX I I 1 t
Iteuiitlful mahogany only tuo left 1 I J
Onn IH cxiMiilvfly marital ilu > oilier n f 1 r V
utlr l i
Colonial i IeIgp > err Midi bargains I > f I
us Ilicc r 1 1 i
450 Uprights at 276 0 J
Choice iniihOKany lenctT j a I Ia ye J d 1
tis left the host prtMlurt of thrco
lillilisnidp maUei i utxchmtiau btjlen j I t I 1 i
I 1
500 Uprights at 296 I 1 f fi
Ionr c of this malcs the iholoct I d tl f 11
hargnliK In the slock Illchly cariiil t I I tL I 1 4
IMinrN anil > llngtrrs rnrn iiiahitRnny JI i fr ill I I t i l
maul sciinlno ro > euooil icnecis pianos t I
that are lit to grace nny hOI I t 4
Only Three Days Left I ilf Iju 1 Iii
Hut remember you have only three ii I
day In which to take advantage of f L
this lTontspcrday offer This nala I 1 t
must end next Saturday night unless ij i
nil of the pianos are sold In the mean P j
tnl o t Z
So hurry Is the word rl
Special Bargains in a Player 1 f t
Piano I j
I 1
a sg
Vi offer a ii rue Mimplc plajorpl I P d
lUl fsiiulc ii Ill I logan y ruse 11 r 1 1
1 rolls nf iniilc ii 3000 Miluc at J I 3
mil 328
11113 5323 fi F
a Y
TTnw Alinnf tnA Chi tAn jt 1 ii L Ii
w r liV i
Perbaps you have ben Uilnklng about l 1 rl
buying tin children I nice piano but i i
felt you could not afford I right now Jt 7
orthat the terms of payment were too fr r i I I i
high llH I t I >
You can scarcely offer that as an i
excuse aria when we are selling the i I 1
very beat nMiknn at such ridiculously I th
low price and on payments of U 00 J i
UI monthly Ir J I
Come In and select I nlc piano for j J
the little onos Oho thorn 1 musical I
education The saving you will msKo i I I
on the Instrument will pay for their it
musical education ic
PlayerPianos 1 u j
Probably you have been wanting n
playurplurio Probably you have best i
tHted about buying on account of tlm
price I t rms Hero Is an opportunity I
you will probable never have again tu 5
iptimlly nf fiom UM to 8J on the mfl
jest mashes You can buy one of ties
on payment nf U monthly I
SSSO lacrriann SI5S I
M150 larrllaiuw > 578 I
Sinn IMiiMrlliinoi 5512 m
SMO IlajcrPhinos s a j I I
Therw Is an Instrument h < Mo tor ever I j
home from tIme simple cottaeo to tin t
lately mansion a pnce to nt every
pocketbook on terms that everybody i i i
can meet Hut bo unmeet In lIme I
bIa the advertised closing dcla o l I
this tulle Is next Saturday night It wit I
net l o vIse for you to wait until the
last The bargains aro rapId bolny i i
taken time before I Is too late jI
u fl
Af SO IIIU III CIIM u I 101 n v Wllf
credit YOU 12 en very dollar paid nl I L S
lima of purcbaw In ex < ons of 10 nuns 1
np to J40 on plitnno n 1 f r im 15 up e 4
0 on organs FI im iI I 4 I ii I
SKI ciifi tncllt > 1 with 10 s A i
SIS cihu CTCillts ou ultli Kt t Ii
21 cifli nills iu Si ills 831 hi t1 I 1 1
S2 cjili crcxlllf Mm vtllh 811
sat CHll ClClIU 011 tilth X5l s K fl I
i3S cn Ji credit 1 u l nt I I
S ill cnll lIII j u ullll SO I
Thursday SpeciaIBoys Knickerbocker Pants I TJIT r1
I 76 u < in assorted patterns In d irk Rrn lirown See 5 W m6 J
b iiuedrabttt uulzs4tn1G yearn sixiial at only I IN s J l 1 1 I

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