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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, October 11, 1910, Last Edition, Image 4

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Corner o souttHTcmplo nml East Ten
Clt > Utah
c Whltnei Business Manage
In Advancn
> Bj Mnll per 5 car T 56
By Carriers per > car <
Address all business corrmunfcatlor
ujd all remittances
Salt Lako Clt > litaH
Corrrspnndcncn nnd othT roadlmTinal
ri Jor nuhllcMcn ahond b adrtrcssc
itho FDITOr
lhc Pnt ° rflce ol SAU Ink
Jf ° con < K d i mtltv nccordlni
to Act QtSCovirrcis SfarehtB 141
The troubli In countries llko Jorlujpil
to that ivhenovcr tlm uro rcsslvo ele
ment attains povver iho eceses of he
mob become no uncontrotabJo nsHbdc
iund HUppnsMon b > the Iroulinni of
violence The catibc of bert > suffers
ton account of those excesses Jhc
friends of 1 r ert > are charged
with tho disorders of the mob
andtho oppoitunltv ils taken nlvun
WEO of bj despotism to cst iblish ilselt
flif power as tlm savior of tbopcople
fr mi a reign of tenor Thls hj the
dangerin Portugal unless thoTlopub
llcansrshnllimicceed in establishing or
dec andjpratect life nnd piopertj
There seems to be a great deal of
dissatisfaction In Carbolic countries
Kv 1th i the manner In which the chb
Ushedl ctourch is exercising Tin power
nnd Innucnce Injrranceiln SpiiIn In
iMrtugnl and even In Jtalj tho nnll
ciurclu iontlment Is very strong rAs <
illustration tthooxccutkin last > enr
lin Spiin pf Ferrer BOCplhe lllwraUele
ifl inrnttajlamc and Jis deafh la celebrated1
iiiH over iljo world by tuomo J 7iirtred <
Hpiiltn as a martyrdom A great deal
or bIttorne sifpH ard the churclifmiiy bo
nttrlbutefWofthlslll advlfccd < uid cruel
execution InIoitiigathe fatal bluni
< ler vvas tepeatqd by lieiltllllng oC > Dr
JJomlm rfla n scientist511 liberal andsa
progress o pollticlin Hc os Jtist
a man as Tern r To
tovfcnt tho putting to death of thtso
men has lnniencedfpolltlcaloveiils on
theUberlaJi peninsula mav notvfctuip
pear put JtjjatccrtulnUliat the na l
tlons Inthlstagci dojiot caimlj submitS
v tpjtho rule ot tcrrortimi Therois foo i
iTnuch liberal nnd oven radical sentl
fjnbnfoi ithat and too llttle espect for
jtho clolfi of tiio clerjr and thb lom
loolery ot ui ts Moderrdam la ram
It has pcnetratedlitho ranks of
republic of Portugal will
lie csiiibllshed upon i bound and nafo
fOur wwn eovcrjinient was found
c3 by PurltanS who had
the pattern of tlie dtniocnicy of tKo
Vordfof God Thatao Btalullti and
prpsresjlvp power t Kmerlcan InatltUj
Hlpni Sjhcoi theii an antljcllBlous
democracy tho olTaprlnB of tho rclgni
tPrrorTiihasltrledatjVarlouaitimes to
S1talfo tnoplace of4ho Ideal ofourpurl
an Jfatliera butw > far vritha fom
firetQ Bilpcoss TVs hopo itho ropuKllo
siyPpr uBaliwlllkmilcetnojimlstako ift
Jife foundatlons aro lald ln righteous 1
Iho AmcileanIndustries for Octo
or contalnsi aBtiongj wtlele on Free
Speech fniv1ilchtlioLos Angcl9 hori
i irls commented pn Thoulutntu ot
lhatiartkoclalms Hint at ho conven
1 tion of Inborew nt Isorfolk Virginia j
iil Novemb i 1007 resohlilpnn vveroi
Tldopted prpvldjng for i vvar fund to be
ilsed afcalnt the lsja Angeles TInes
Thcsrcaolutlons as passed nre quoted in
v Thoro are faoiiic filiotntions fiom the
AmerlciiuFcderntlonlst of which tJio
On tho Jacjlle coast one elt > of rqf
u oToi tupporteri of the optn shop
jlma nhendy been stnbllshcd It < t t
ialflil frit iml phllantluoplsU nre
mttcmptlnK tofctrnd the wnlli until It
I Viclrcles tho wtoloco i < > t AIcr < hants
iiuiiiiifucttui capfnlns of Industry
Ju ees eglslitois ami profession
men nrn eiunffcd In thfj ittflntpt tobulld
lhovall j An itmosphcro otdeeii
Kloom nlwaij jhovoisiovcr this cltj pf
tirfURt cstublshcd b > thut philanthropic
Tnomoteiif ofthc opvn shop and ovui
tjicv IriSldp iportnlsi tlio mlfcoiibln lotus
jrntcrntvuos efs the hciirtchllllntr In
Borlptlon1 Abandon hope alljtvwho
totter UiPid ji Phq ntv pf Angels
lirro the dieam nf the plilliiiitlnoplsth
ofitho qponishoii has been leillrpd Is
1fiiclt of iluvo ownris slivo iliicu >
nndli Mattel Hliuos
f seltliPt > ln hi rcoUitlonsspiHscil at
Norfollc nor lnfithe niobvtlons trom
thekpnpci jinuilloned Is fhprp nnv cull
ifor1 Incomlhrlsm ni iiuuchjsipj In Uici
liiit upon thn tlmqj And ji foimlnj
n judgment on i ease that Involves hi
iHtiuicllimof an ort inlallon riCHtich Ini
m tancq as lljut cojnposi > d of a greul
JiuniJierat Ameiiitui v ir lngnton no
falrinlndad 7m > n or vvuninn wlll diuw
3ii4tv conclusions nut the lansuago
i > > the Ffdorntloplstj Is ccitalntv
I In flcHlpliutliiB < h < people
o Tos Angi les ns siuvo owners slave
tlriversjund chattel slaves It touches
tlip ganger liuv faueh epiesslons iinj
Tip Intpnded iiercl asjOinuincnt i rhet
orlc butt hero aio fanatics who nmj
o illscein between iihser
made ffoi rfi > ct und hti
qf fact Ihej arc walking powder
jnagalnoh of discontent and a nerj
ai tU le a e irloon or n bit
ma beionn Ilio bpaik that
MM whether Uie ptciUlQiiot
Mil Vthavauthcfr nitlsl 01 bpcakci bermui
Mderoua of not li t IH thodmifccrtot
i froo speech No kpnq cin ealCul ito1
It1 mil have upoji tierank
ApgelcH hqiroi jprcsqp a
iiiltlonHl Impq tunce Iheie
jo no ijoubUalotit Hint Uho matter
Hhoild bo Hiftfd toUlus hotlonijimd the
oi nnLcd labor
nepj mayjbo
Hnnjit that jMiislnlnilcul to thn labor
JilntiireJta nsto itho public vVvlfiro ln
i rei irkahlellhol ut wnst nccordi
lrjhjto T oiVWcok of Jul > n piper
yjUbllshedlaL Ajclorla n C bcttledjln
rovlotta to flm dttte > fUJ
4 I 1
brought against a well know
InolvConjrormlstAaivine Dr Hortonfy
jLord Alfred Bouglas editor of th
VAcademVi 8 plaintiff The ufjegc
libel TVoff contained Ina Icttei wrltte
fbV DrHorton and published In th
Daliy Nrws n ivhlch H wnsiclMrg
cjl ithat tho Academy Lprdy Douv
flatfs paper vvos biased In favor o
Catholicism The publlshcrjof th
JDalv < Nrw vtore codofendantf
Llfumeroui libel suits It appears hav
been brought against KngVsh and Can
i ifaii paTiefs latejj buthc fliie yus
menlIoiicdJlH the mostyeniurkaTile no
itAly bcciiuso of the groundon vvhlcl
ihn suit was broughtf bull also of < thi
1efcn e v
I Ur Morton stajel that there Ls 11
LliKlanU an apostolate of tha press
vvorkliirf jn favoiof RomutK Cathnlks
There were lioHifd cr > tow papeu
on Which bepostolatc hud not se
cured un agent Whose business It wa
toexcisenfi plcco of nevvs or anj
stitch or rifftlee of asbook which toll
against npmc Such men were hi
said on iflio stuffs of somo papers
without he know Sedge of heli em
plojrrsPr HortoiPdeelared that all
thls1wcrkia doiie scerctlj and direct
1 UtentlonMs djrectcd to lUlt Is with
Thcjur > returned a verdict for thu
defendant and Lord1 AUred Douglas
nndlthe Academj hadto iij costs
Tlio verdlui The Week coiiBlu ers Jn
tcrcstlns not onlv UlUBtratlnBJth6
kfroedom vvhlch Is allowed to honest
erJtlcTsin but In iho light whlcli It
throwHjiii the motlrndB ndopted toiln
nuence the pjess a matter which will
no doibt thepaper ciuotcd thinks re
Scelvi luo attention especially In view
pf ilro present Ugltatlon for revision
lot Cie Coronation oath
i ThoWl5consln Farmerireports a local
Varm practice rthat might ibe followed
Jvvlth advantage on tlie dry JTajmsi of
tiiBtiplatMiu whifevorlti isposslbjeUo
ralstj good corn vvjtffout Irrigation
Much ot our arid land In tho west
Iproclnces earsjof corn ofJlarse size and
nio inuality while > tho f odder h Itself fls
> mbll Mid1ofnoffreat value Now the
problem cf haresJtlnKjthls corn js ia
perplexfng one ovflna toJtJw hlgh prjce
iandscSrclty of cniclerif farinilaljorBut
irtlfls coTiCCOurdbo hoggetll dbwii
ns they term tho process ofTnllovvlrig
the pigs ifo harvest sit to themselves
th n tlfoi dry farm iwouldj receive an
additional valuV SeSuiso li couldj ibo
uilllfeil Xor he jjostlinportantand ex
peiislvopart ottlip ralslnfffotfevvlne
B M Rt t fc V f
the final jgrowring and fattening period
An lovv farmor writes iotlje Whicolii
Bln paper ifhat hei has tried lt and
foundlhat ll pjUd fronuevfiry polnf of
view In ftho tflrsi place hired help k
high andIfcostM J4andln somo cases
5 per icre tbgot > cofnIiplcked that av
cnurges SO bushcls poracre In tho eec
ood placo ewjeHenco has taught him
ihatnoman < rnjikera8rnany rxiunds1
of porkufi a given fmrobefiofjdayBfeed
ing eltrier inyi Arjr lot iotv on posture
asrthhoBwlllfrnake If allowed tohar
vest hU o wni gralnj other things be
This practlcalJJarrner thpp goes on
ftowsay i
l dontkfiowiwliether or notMtvivould
pay toitiirnjhoss Into corn alone I
son dwarf pRMxi < rapoi the Ia trtime
Iffplow mjj corn and then tunu my
hogsilninsVEoon1as > thet corn bcglns to
dent A When I turnthem iln I simply
open tho gateiand let5thenivKo They
cat thpTOpe lonsbeforntthey learn Ito
breakj < lown corn If ljaveneverllpst
a hopJJ jet cither bytcholera or any
H would say that Haloes1 not4cqulro
much of a7fence to hold V hogl in a
comflcld ilhavo to buy mv own vvlrci
but T cut vyillow ipoots met Uwo rods
npnrt nnd itisotwentv Inch f oven wire
It fenced 12 acres nfacostof UTS lt
would cost mc that to get tho field
huftkerl besides thomnnv boardandh
stllliihave iny lro for several jears
uso and at tho same tlmejpul mo o
pounds of pork ontliemarkct
The Wisconsin papcr adds tint to
liav p Iho hogs huk thclr ovvrijcorn not
iily saves an 7mmcn ie amount otHh
jor but we have found that Itjlncreas
s Uio productiveness of land On
nstanca lsicltcd > wherova tonacre field
iear farm buildings hasibVcn hogged
lovvn touT jears in succession the plin
3olnfr to plow the ground late Jin the
fall afler the hogs have cIcanedTlt up
While ordinarily It IB vnot a good plan
lo < usothdtonncrop s > stein on the
same land nevertheless vthere arn clr
U I1
oumstances under which one hti to do
nhvt Is expedient lather than conform
to any Ideal plan or sj stem
Thin matter of Irclni table to plow
corn Innd ln thn faTlJ Is In Itself u
InUfavor of using1
pnri of < thn corn Intthls wny b > ithosor
vvhifj huve a largo number ot hogs3 lo
feed out V i
iTho price of pork today would point
to huge profits In tlls direction In case
oui dry farms can bo put to use In this
vvaj A pitictlcal farmer him suggest
ed to us thin hint to our nrld farmers
Jf jou must worry hide It A
The pickpocket Ins tho pick ot tho
The grafter Is one vho does things by
doing people j i
The waiter loves a liberal guest to
tho tip ibf rhfsJllngef
Wlitnnxnianborrows trouble ho is
alvvavsnnxloU3to pavMt back
r g
are honorablo but they
UIQ iibtalwaisw gnB ot wisdom
iWoiidputha and dogfish terved on
the fsamo Table fight llko cats nnd
s >
doga v
mnni hair falls outfall at
oicftltxls a slgnthiit he wears a tou
PjOOU f f
lt doesnt seom to be a verj hot cam
paign Feeing that the hurnlntrrjuostlon
IH firewater
Mr Justice Hughes It Bounds vcrj
well quite as well asChief Justice
Manuol ot Portugal haa gonojo liiigi
land ThereHlsuno saler Irefuge tori a
political exile
conjposcil of
regulars and Insurgents would be
a muslcaKnovelts
What > JIInneEottt needs now Is not
the reign of repulars or Insurgents
buttho raliiIofthurJuit
t 7 = r =
When a public oflkilal sajs that he
courtB an ilnvcstlfciTtlon he It unualli
doing nothing moro fhunjllrtlnf
John Deltz Is the hero of tho bittlc
of Wounded HundiiH Bitting BiilUwas
the hero qVtlibtb iftlc of roitntled jincc
fleports from Ilochcstor Jllnii
nuiIc It clc ir th itj Senator Li Tojletlo
win come Inch M J hu noT go
Jf Mr jlnehot had been chief lorcs
ter undoubtcdlj the Minnesota foiest
tlreMiever jjyntild have occurred Docs
ircldont Taft realize Ihls
Ihoro Is much worry In norne rriiaf
teni iw Uo vho pild for tlm Pcnnsjl
umlaHj specinl tnlns As Jones nif
iho freight possibly Jones pald fortho
Federal medic il nilthoiltlcs have
found that Hast Indians arriving In
CajTfornla are Infected wlUiithe hook
worm disease t Our natlvo iIndlan4
have alunjs been Infected vvllli it
Semtoi Hoot expresses the opinion
th it the old method jot revising The
tariff Jn toto n 111 ncv cr ngaln be re
sorted to but ithat t wlll bo revision
ij schedule as ndvocated by President
Taft In that case iH vvllUbcpobslblo
to luivo roast plffwlthoutburning down
a whole tow n
At Hot Spring Arkarms Colonel
Itooecvejt took Issuo with Picsldont
rruft on tho subject of leclaniatlon of
thoiswamp IniulB In n speech vvhfcli lio
idllvered atj tho Arkansas tstnto full
TCoIonel noosevclt declared thatstho na
jtlorial government should do all It
legitimately could dolfbasMst Inulraln
lnt these lands
i if t r
It Isn profound observation
to say tfmtitleglslattoni tn at motscondl
tionsa hundred andlthlrtyjoars ago
fwlll inot BliffIco for conditions todu >
Ihoivorlest trvo in fitatesmanshlp
iTnovvsStliat Ho also knowatthat new
partlesjaro irurely nocesaary to fapll >
jOld irinclplea to new conditions
Changing names novjer changes facts
Washington Horald
3y one stroko of lila pen President
Taft hU8Uk nyaboutJS 000 postmasters
out offpolltlcs An Idea of tho jgood
effect this ordor wllljhavo onttho postal
aervlco may best bo galned byfa study
of rtheresults of a > almllur onleru lilcli
tookbom l00 consuls out1 offpoIltlcH
Tho consular servleoTvvas completely re
organized after tills order vvontjlnto ef
fect Thotevlls ofthoTold sjstemNhavo
beon cinroctcd and ithe motto of the
consulai aervlco ofUtoday la Efflcl
Phlladolphla Publlc Ledger
Against > tho charge that titled Eng
lehmonlaroldlojimay bo citedthe fict
hat Enildp GreyjIiasjBlaln half a mll
lon wild creatures socalled They
were Intruth about asinvtldluB the
avcragoibarnjard pullet andkhadsbcen >
driven w ithln rango In order ithat the
arljnlght notbo undulj fagged Ut isi
notatatedwhether thojeulvva acting
ni the roloof faunal naturalist or of1
ilaln butchcr but hemust Miavo becni
olerablj busj
Brookljn SlandardUnlon >
v i ir
It might he oll jtcrmed gross Im
xrtlncnco to dressl a bell boj In the
mlform otia lUnlted btatos aims cap
alnniid < > thQ public will surely side
vlthJGcn runston In Illsprotest tolthe
management of a Kansas Cltv hotel
Thlsjls an Instance of tha foollshehcip
nlng offakgart > thatsfandsjforsome
thlng It might almost bot said that
owniilght disrespect forHhej honorable
lid idlgnlfied position of captain Hvas
Isplnjed b > tho hotel In permitting
uchi thing nut before HA tooisvxecp
ngcondemnation of thn case In point
einiado It should boidefinlteliknown
vhqthor the management orrthe ibell
> o > iwas responsible for the clothes ho
AORK rou ini irvsns
Tlnt wo nil lllce sheep havo1 gotie
strnj or it e likely to seems to bo
he reason back of tho pioposal ofona
t thu ponologlsts utWushmgtonltorDer
lllon5 nnd thumbprint cverj mani on
voman bom Into the Morld jlfls a
Minneapolis man Albert L Knll who
rop jHOd this to tho meeting of the
vnerlcan Pilson lahsoclatlon nnd
hlnks the United Stntcsi ought HO doi
ho Job UvldontlvMr IlallUhlnks tho
Jnlted States has little to do jit would
o a fine flit Job a chronlei census
gathering much enlarged
New iVork rvejlngPost
Nonrlv two hundred fcsidtnts of
Hvanstin HIQ Chicago jRubuib have
ledged their support toiilo opei tlve
rocerj to bc opcnedfcarlj In Oetoboi
nd to be conducted onyiip plan vvhkh
H followodbj thu coopcratlvq storc
n Fngland PurchnseriiMvlll pas thoj
larket prices for what the buj npd
t Ihn end of the month or of tho
uartei the profits will bo distributed
n tho form of dlv ideml Manage
unt of tho storo will bewcstcd In a
> oard of director and a competent
hlcago rimccrlln to have the actual
hargo of the business f Tlm promoters
re cry ambitious nnd U they succeed
n tho retail part of U cxpoct to go
nto It wholesale and ultimately to
ontrol the producing pait so that
ood products 111 go direct from pro
uccr to consumer TOiojmiost Inter
stlng ifcaturu ofjtho venlur Is the re
jortcd object at those intho movement
hlclils < to havo a Btoro which they
in control Jlncldantallj however
hey dothopo to reduce Hhcln present
ost ofMlvlngj fl M
A Moiicrn feolonioil
1 t C
An old gentleman somoUlmo
had occasion to > ongngaxaj gardener
Ono mornlnB heihad two latiillcants
for tho po3ltlon onoiwas as cr >
decent lookingman while tho other
was imuch less roposscaslng ln vhjs
appearaneound maimor < fk s i
AfteriTnTlnomontBihcsltatlonthQ oldi
gentleman SchoBoSthoJIatterlappllcant1
A friend vhoj won iprcijontt cvincodj
a good dealiiof siirprlso > at thoVseloc j
tlori amlrasUedV Has > thntl man ° > r
Jo repliod lho old gentleman
jOs afmatteri of faxstr 1 never savvt
olthorof < thcmJBOforovunUntodai j
Thcil iwhytdld you chooao jtho
aribrterman iThooth5r hadfaimuch1
betto fnciS I fti IJ X l
i FacolV JexcloimodtiUio oldj man lns
dssvi3ttlotfrao tUlsou somcthlnffS
tt irardner cooBO
bi tJbrocchcaJ If tho aro
° n i S 8 y ° u nnt hlm
on Seat jou
iPcacc Cora
Nrth American
ahutblll vvhichrby uu act of Congress
> > ec tine law H JuncriJlO provided for
ho appointment fofa < commlsslon offive
IV Cn3b = rs to draft Articles of Interna
tional fcderatloiL with thcso thrco
problems totonslder < The llmlla
tlons or armament by liitcrnutloinl
< blhe possibility otfcom
bluing the nuvlesidf tluVworldi for
peace i3 An > olliorxinctliodi to bilns
about peace Tici pioulcms aro ds
ciiKscd cachlii fturnjbyaiumlltun iHolti
L It niliprdlnbly bq found thatiany
0 ° ft RWVjIkcIv UH bo estau
thcuircsciit time wlllhna to
0 bused omthesethiceproposltloii8
1 Lacji nationMnthe leahuit lot re
st ecUtho sovereignty and UrritorlaUln
tcgrltyjot the thers
> HIB armies and navies of the
mombtrjhofjtlic league tc boiiliits aow
icotocnfoicc thomeciois nC thq in
tcrnatlotmmrlbuiln InfaUViucstlonslthnt
the members pf ftho league piovloiMy
agree itoViefer tbou bltrutlon
S3 flic armies uul navies of > trn
edguo to sustultiuany member of thu
league In t dispute with iinv outside
nation which refuses to arbitrate
A Sure Barricade
i KjanTrFor < who re ye puttln up a
finee Dojleufthermal th jears jee
Hved < herovudout
DpjIc Well 1th fact Is Darnev th
docthors in itus t take precautions
agnlnjthlm microbes jeve hcardiof
fet Louis Star
ThohaWt of contradicting sometimes i
oerleupsJltselft unvvlttlnglv
IJvo heard it wild it marked a
loungei atthe cross roads store that
tJohnjHbnderson ovei bj Woodvlllo was
one of 18 sons j
Thatswhar > ehecrd wrong icon
jtrlbuted the chronic klekcr Tvvnnt
iJohiisHcndcrsorilutull fTwns a brother i
oJhU n TLlpplucott sMagazlne
t Triedftjrid True
JDIdjou like hpllast sweet I gave
cs AVhj
1 Oh coBridoJnpat it outitwico ana
1 thought thcro mightbo somethlnejthoi
mutter vvlth ltrthulH all The Taller
Tlio UuIJne < Pusslon
Banker tonowtutor Alwajs bear
In mindthat lnmy children I nm eni
truatlngftol you my most precious jpos
sessions and givethem your best AndS
what Is fyour lowest price Fllegcndo
ShadinKflt CIopo
Farmer GIIosiwhorhns Just cashed a
cJieek I don t think this money a
light i
The Cashier Wouldyou mind count
Ing It agalu sir 1 think jou 11 find it
Farmer GllesJhaving done so Yes
but you bo carefulvyoung moni it s only
Just rifcht Sketch
vvoiof Mind
A well knownhuniorlstvexpfeBsed tho
oplnlontthut tho keencst repartee after
nil vvasttho halt unconscious sortthut
prangBo vholo heartcdlj 7iroin he
musses UlercjB oiutoo that ltoytellan
support otjjhls theorj
A woman vvhohndhbeensolllng fiah
enteredia streetjcar wlthi an temptyJ
basketlonJierarmrj htlllTglvlngi forth
an unmistakubloodor ofitlui nnnyUrlbo
next to ni joung mant a noticeable
suell whotdievt hla coattalls nvvay
nntUplalnlj nhovvcd his disgust
f 1 h pose remarked tlio Tvoman pres
ently that vou df rathorSthcre was a1
gentleman BlttinBbosldoJjou
Yes Ifwould iwas thOjlnstanttrcplj
TJiere nnsfea1 moment s fpause nndj
then she looked up at him and said Soi
jvvoUldU ChicagoRecordHeiaid
A Ticklish Subject
A great Scotch lawyer vvlthl wit andi
learningin equal parts wasf plcadhjgj
beforea Judge with wh bm ho wainon
most intlmate terms Happening to bo
letalned for a client oCHhcinamO of
Ulekle he commcncedi hlsHpieUi
1 1 iekleV mj client1 the defendant my
lord i
Ho was Intelruptccly bj a lfiugh lnt
OUItTlckle icrtyoursclfiU said tho Judgo
promptlyi o arenas able to do so as
I am
I Whereupon the laughter Increased
London Dnllj
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anxious about > our dcbccnt mj devil
Blrn Justrlcli Yes once when 1 went
up In a b tlloon Chicago Dallj Jvcvvs
the paper that < Unclo loo
nnonitu The people ha o brolns
Yesf won tiiho bo mad when ho finds
tluttho people are uslnp cm though
Cleveland Loader
Seaside Visltoi admiring < v seagull
How nlco and clean hotlooko
boatman Alf rnaajn If jou spent as
much time In thq witri a ho docs
jnud look clcaii too Punch
Jouij crenilcs nro calling ion u
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Yes replied SfiiUoi oriliuin
What nro vou roJnR > to do for It
oll jln oulei to aoldrbclng cilltd
a tiulttei or a mollv coddle d guess Ill
have to makej good jin > right to tho
title Wnahin tqn Star
Mrs Lapsllnp wan exhibltliiR her
new bah brush to the ciller Its tlm
biht one T cvci him Hho slid 1
bougntlt from i woman peddler tho oth
ei d > Tho bilstles aio lone and Ililn
> ou sec and thcv go right down to tho
frolics nt tin roit of tho hnlr Chi
cago Tribune
JJane Is worn Ing terrlbls over that
coming aliHhln trip
Is she afraid
No not nt jail Shos vvorrjlng he
cnu o pho hasn t a thlncr ithat fl lltito
land In Clev eland PJaln Dealer t
h ninproprt pn you can pal
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itlio AllntaryMelpdrama
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mirtjf WUliplara nljinaiitcljjy VonrJji6nYq
s W f jlJF5tt > 1t isi iiirneHtHlnnSliir atc See
k H
Scenic line of tttie > WorW
SaltjLake to Denver 1
Through Pullmansleqpcrs
to Chicago and pqiiits cast
Steamship iticketsi to all
t parts of thcKvorld
Office aOlMainISt
v y
Attricllvo Beriiloills no bho
Corfoct Time
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