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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, October 12, 1910, Last Edition, Image 7

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J ii iI l JlJXII1 nE m L JiYIlII jJIjr1 w I m mg iN = E SlW 0GGRE w W iH 1 1 f ro f 1i ti 1 fs111
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U i tllj
1 tlcllli t > J
Louis Oct 11Theodore i Roqso
Stf aeroplane t ht totay 1
I Yc Emif was tho flmst expcrlencOjho
id had nafl Tho traveled tttlco i
1 hl I 1
ik tl IICI
J I71
I 1 j jnlnutei
lnthrco lg
4 t St II lliJ
I ic SI vvaedlils hand at
o sccond Ho Y n
I J bs
iAd thousands on tho field
H f o vvhora vvcro loo dumb
1 J frlghtoned to move yhen
j iUsI tCIclsl yr t ocf
i 6hir
I h place m shoU
I rem the It Ji
II r uc and relief went up II
Jto cy I former SaltLake
I Ifhl rfn Wrlsht aviator with whom
bQiiyi eleltmlID htHIhtk llll
col no i
> made a good fcllen
that his f iwenser for such A trip exceptsjtlmt
afraid hewns hw lnf
o t bclns nrl C11 II II
Iqtcd llng
Hint Hosey was
good time thlt1H seJ13
clcj9PI out or Iritorforo
would fall orfrtorror
nfdhe tnl
She e gIn which wanroaring t
hlss de ncl a Sd his hands at tho
Thecoloncl rils
l that Horsey
bolott o vigorously
croud vl rU c
rr b
culled j tti him
9r hftndsonthovfollcoP
p your iind rn
ion of i nooscvoit nho had forgotten
i tiilhold hlrasclC in waved his hands
ami then olicj cd orders
The colonel nlgbt was h complclo
orprl iCJ to ver boly f thou hihi
1Irl noThad tho
harl been tmltcd tngo no hld ct
iKdkidci Ihnt ho nuld jloisojnnd hp
14Hld njd not decide to go until tho
tronifnt < oreM stepped Into tho
The itrjrt itho aviation i field to <
Tutclt tho nlphti llicre wnston thpjitt
frr00nsrproffnm for tho colonels flav
in St l > ouli f Hc went to Klnloch Inn
autonoblle nt the head of a procession
f tW loi
I JUSe j aiWH i
i r 1RI jGjK S
rf >
i hM i
t Hgnal adGei lao 1
IM ltj
I r riTle F ar jfor ii7J s I
IMorclhcttTthfulHhan iTC ocCoffee
j Agrees witKlthe weakesfrdige3tiori
j D d2Usjinjigoratirignn nutriti6 sii
l Rich milk mailed grain powder form
MJ quickjildnci prepared in aJmiriSte S
t Of Tiers are imitations
f = = = t 3i
ofmotor curu that was half a mile long
Tlio cara wero filled w llh members o 1
fthu Rojiubllcah atato and city commlt
tcts and buufnesH men
r Tho rldo won K a faat and du tyono
andmuchoftho way tn cats voro cn
volopcdi Irnsuch clouds that Itvvaalm
ipoislblo to C moro than 0 tow feot
iahead Gon RoOneveKa fnco was cov
eied vvlthinJthick coatine of dirt npr v lon
ho arrlv ed th field
r IWifi R o oveltB cii iIi dri idl
ieclly < i tho aviation field Inalcud tof
Ho jtho jparklng Ii plu cotoI t automobiles
Around j thokrlm of tho fields wero hun
fd Ids oftara which looted thulr horns
tin noisy chorub an tho colonel appeared
ThC Bpectators wore nmsHcd 111
thrones on every hand andja Lompany
cqr rlny
i of nilHUa mtn keptjlhom back
Hosc > 3 maclilne a Wright biplane
wusjBtnndlng directly iil fiont of tho
rfand stand Col Roosavoltl stcppeil
ra HIlosoX I i
ifronithls automobile with Gov Hadloyf
lit hlsfHlde aiurvnlkedrovcrjto t Ho
Inspected tho i broad brovn planes and
i thu i huiro shiny engine and shook hands
hvlth tho aviator
i Id like to have you for a passenger I
y api x < u
The colonel looked nt him withouta
word Then het bcgm to lako off his
coatj Iti wnsthoflr t Intimation that
trip any ono had that ho would mako the
tripnav l lwi ri lllp quickly
With It Scared loolron his face and paid
Are 1 you really going upcolonel
o TqOJl
Of course I nm said the colonel
nnd wllhoui F another word ho took his I
sent nt lloxboyR direction bosldo tho
J t1
onylno Gov Hadloy stopped back Ho
admitted afterwards that ho wis ner
i vAiib Th Ii Is my district and It l cx
tcnds up lnlo the nlr I u suppose I feel
a sense or ICSpO n H I bill vhlle tho col
onel Is Inmy terrltoiy i ho said
Col Itoosovclt removed his slouch
hat < ni borrowed pod golf cap
which ho J pulled down over his e > 03
Tho guardsmen were standing so closely
about tho airship that few of tho spec
I I e O < i L r = G aG i B 0 0 eO
A llf
J h i d Of
Everm iu Nl9ld Iuli gsojWa t
Fpso Qiilclily Itciiioycs nahttriiffj < >
= OJSIo ningi llnlr iiiicl jncliJnKl Senliiy Frc lmoe
h 9r 0I n c tli lt R < SfPa upOI 1
1I t idr
Flillriiyqufname and laddress pii
oturolColor Grows Xew Un t tho1lil Jlrios > bellow Culot
n thfi cotipbn innd ninii to Tho Fpso
en ilhO halt orv tcards qrbj Cotnpnhy OS2iFoGq BldgrV Clhclnnalli
iBtraBgllnff or all g6he7iwohVentivVhoso iOmo > iKncosoStenccnta In iitninns i or
trMseshavolqcn thinnedbylfevcrj6r sIernn OrIM fnlh nnd
hfl rfalnB put rOfiulHhKthbruso of to hcjpnooyti packing postage ete
lt andlruII MiTO pnckHge will bo cent
f ltCh 1Ittl to 1 10
s illltjn
ifjlltchtsf 1 children hoys and i nt 01190 iibylmair prepaid fiee uf
Icrs11Idu0ul IJargo
fall nnd In thlsrsfcatijrumedsfjustthb J
Uiat null rthat will today prove tlluywunt for jr ll a r t < IatinT fii tivi v i i g I
tDQg < U jl i
irif hIRf umatsm
rf fF r J yi f scs
InjFcw WcelfsjfGuarahtecd la
1 Every Case
> ijrF tor rhoumntlum J out him
iibaRO or mournlKla 11 different from
mnythlnfji olso ever jinparad It Inn
the remarkable peciilfailtjv qf NlRnnl
jlnBtlie progreusi of the cure to the
pailcnti by producing welldefined 10
vl II1Hi uvery T t1gll lcIO mat
t I I
r j
t IP Jt fj1II W
> I
t f
i tor iii wlmt ool lorflolv serious or
v chronic tho case may b
j DMr contains no opiates or dan
ceroua drugs is nifo for young and
ioldnnd Is easily assimilated by tho
vcakcst stomach or yi tem
Jlr CtHi Tarco Warsaw X V
jsays Ihad ihuumatlsm for necri
tcnuMylcg vcio crippled tho
pain nim fierce It wan ngbny to touch
thorn even with IL cloth IbclulI
D3IIondlnJ about a month Iwris
cured It la something remarkable
DMK Is Bbld nt All diunistoics nt 1
n bottle C bottles for t3 Cure uanm
te dln nnj ordinary cms with every
purchase of 6 bottles or money refunded
If ybur dnfgslst cannot sipplyouIt
nlH bo Kent together with cuarantee on
iceelpt of price by tho DMr Medlclno
COL Lincoln Ae ciilcURO III
DSIK recommended and fold
In SaJt Lnkb City by Smith Drug Co
tutors knew uhat was frolng on Hos
beytook his place beside Col Ilooseelt
who watched tho preparations with u
f umllo of nntlclpatlbn betraying not tho
least nenousnoss Fbur guardsmen
fconted themselves on tho pround to hold
th tnllilleco of tho airship ltllthoi
motor hlfould bo Htartcd nnd tho iiro
pelerp were well under way
Ono caught hold of each ot thoi two
Kreat aluminum piopellers and Hoxsoy I
1 pavo J ho word to 8 start They whirled
the propellers nnd the sixcylinder mo
tor balked and Oulcrlmokc Tho
propellers revolved a few times and
then the motor stopped
After cto more trials tho motor was
started and the blades spun rapidly
The photographers who had been snap
ping the colonel In the machine had
baiely tlmo 1IJ stop aside bGtorelt
bounded forward over tho jnass as the
guardsmen released It
tol rtooiovelt If gripped tho rail hard
and looked straight ahead Tho aero
plane skipped over tho field for < a fow
yards then lifted its noso Into tho
d d d
JilK rlilng easily
Members of tho party that hud gone
to tho1 field from St Louis with tho
colonel began a mad hunt for him
Wh roC l Roocevelt they asked
run niuptoU truuclmnen
JJ siJ there ono of thij guards J
men bald pointing to the titr hlpls
The aeroplane sped iiulckly around
the field nt u height of lets than 100
feet It sthonrst lap > Can n6
nnd a half before tho crowd was con
vinced that It was really Col Roosu
vclt who was Hoxscys passenger
Vhon tho colonel swcp paat tho ran II
i nn 110 J leaned fonvard nblt and I
waved his bunds Tho spectators ivero
too frightened to call bnuk tohlnlu1lh
the crowd wns silent wdtchlng the
aeroplane with Intenso cxcltempnt Tho
Hying machine < spjid by and miido the
turn for the second lap
IfoNsey could be seen to bend over
nnd shout Romethlnp Into the colonels
en The r engine crackled and fpluttered
hurling tho ncroplnno r lnidllta
speed of neailyo mile n minute but
from the ground It looked as though
It was traveling comparatively slow It
sailed po evenly am1 smoothly There
as not n breath ot xwlnd and tho en
gines did not miss flro once
At iho end of thoi second lap Hoxsey
dipped his planes and the aeroplane de
hcondnd easily striking tho ground as
lightly ilK a feather a few rods from
tho grandstand The machine rolled
over tho grass nnd stopped
qf1 Roosevelt smlllnff his most ex i
pansive Kmlle nroso nnd climbed out
backwards Ho Ivearne entangled wlUi
thn wliea but was soon ltor them
and starrtd back for his automobile
When the pcoplo wero convinced that
ho had landed safely they cheered wlld
IV nnd tho guardsmen hlldnll they
could do to keep tho ciowd from break
ing Into thf neld and sweeping down
upon tho colonel I
Col Koosbvclttt nrsl act was to roach
I k i i i j
I i 1
li 1 if f 1 Iti r
j rIJll1S 1l11U1S shoo J ns e1
I P fitir f r i 1 s I 1tt 1 CStt seller in XJ fr
C l1fqlkrqoH1Jml 1J W tl1 it9 t I i tn liist i w mouths mhesholt
i I I1att 1 W tv If riefi 1 9 i > fol ifjlill 1 hioh nli iiusUle
I p >
ifl L
l Jroclljlecl LlrI OJ llll E 1 f C t x + aUlIChl
fiIx 1 r = r tli TIC if ec t it w tl1O
I LLmK SQ j WQ tnCQll1l1Cll J > t
t1i bgji i j dch i1V ii1l anst p Jthnt males p WHglil
i J f 1 o I ftWmlifimiliFfVrti Mirliiirbott nrreai I
I this p fIW 1 nc nll 1 u l tt 9p r ifo l < goodf p I t jf 1
i I ltJ jlti i i I 41 W d j F <
I leuthcrs Ifbcvnrc mid h r 1 l t t
i r Irri 1 i tw = t 1f J S Moi tirlidiis styl 1 S11lgo
1tJ + QUSI Y 1C11oJHLSOJf j I J C i v i I
i lit l lim i9r gWiiJl tYrpf < J r Jm 1R J9 01e 9 J
f II j h Hiifg6 1tiilieJi l 1Irilll 15ri j j y1t if K 1i Wi l nllcl1nt J 9prJ ll I
u I r 8 500 y < i r 9s rQOtli e1ml if
t j i I 11 i ifp iIi rl fsft J ri cJ h il ii i lgl i iV i the bpthlni t r
fI I Ii r
1 II iUI llIIIf > St 1 i
I i e I
lJl I 1 t i I I I fl i
J Jk3 1 1 J ag 1 I I 4 RIJyfl 11 J 1
tiji j 1
gu 1 < It 1
r F T T ij Y
i 11 n 1
Jill > x u J I iJtI n f 1 y W1 tiJ1 SS I i I 1 li
hi L iMiiMi i iiMIi < I 1 2 Sl JX 2 M m i2J
ou for lji Hoxsey ssharrdland shojtn It vlgor 1
It asgrcatli lrsl cHnit it aii
tha finest oxperlence 1 luuoJmd huJ
declared Ifiwlsh1 could stny up for
nn hour hQt figiiavent tho lime tliU
iiftctnijon i >
DidH feel iBCnryJ i ho was asked
Not a bit mot lLhlti ho said
What worqiyour sensations
Oh It wasiporfoctly fine l enjoyed
every tnlnutonofjlt
Guv Hndloyi ttltha long slgJi of rq
llef stoppedlup to thcscolon 1 nnd pilot
ed hlmt1IR nutonioblle They rode
down tho Ol pos t cheering crowd
nnd thjn Htartiidtbjfclc iJtISt IV > uK
Wallet Brooklns and A 1 Walsh the
Jailer IIi nniondurance run followed
the former presidents nmly In the
ncroplnne whlld Alfred LQ Blanc In
I his lllcrlot nlotlojilanc led the hulomo
hllo procewlon The aerial escort con
tinued for almost two miles from thu
alatlon Held r
Unioklns entertained tho party by
tutting slnrp turns at rtlry heights
nnd glvlrii a miniature exhibition of
his famoUB Kpiral glide La Blanc In
JiK trlin llttlojjnonoplane darted back I
and forth ncios the colonels path like
On the tilp to St Louis Col nooic
Iclf stopped to make a short speech I
at Clayton vhero a great crowd had
collected at the courthouse
I had a new experience here lnSt
Louis county Jlo vbMd I got out
thoro whor6 thenlrhhlps were and i went
up In one 1
That was news to tha people and they
cheered H
I went up In American nlrhlp
with nn American nvlnlor lo handle
ttJ1 colonel continued
From Clajton tho colonel drove Into
St Louis nnd went to tho state fair
giounfli whero tevernl thousand school
children n wcro waUlng to hear him
Arch Iloxsey thin IDtol In discuss
ing his Illght With Col Roosevelt is a
pnHiCngcr caldj
Col lloosevelt btJit me to the mach
ine 1lId1 aji crawling In among tho
wires when I gofthcre I had taken
my scat and the signal corps man had
slatted tho propellers when one of the
now spaper boys offered tha colonel a
cap he being bareheaded at the time
I slowed tho propclloiH and when the
colonel said nil right I opened her up
nnd we were off
I took tho colonel around the flut
lap without looking at him Wo were
about JiiOtcct up when I felt tio
michlnu wlgglo a llltlo and turning I
saw Mr Roosevelt was waxing his hat
at the crowd In tho paNlllon eats
The nolso from tho propellera was
Isotclrlnc I hU1fitooIlWlthllll my
lungs when I said Be caicful colonel
dont pull uny ot those Ktrinss The
l alvo cord was directly oxer hU hand
and the engine would have stopped had
ho pulled It ajlttle Ho tuinrd to mo
nnd smiled broadly showing his teelh
and replied Nothing doing
By this time wo liad circled over to
ward the UroadnoUght and I hoard
him i li lfcar ncroplano and bomb
The rest of tho conversation I could not
catch but lit colonel was cjclng tho
smokn curling from the Dreadnought
with tho cyo tlimlliiihoBawth
leal battleship that could hae been
put out ot business with a bomb
In another minute we weio back to
tho > starting place I had carefully
avoided flying over all objects so that
had therci been any trouble with the
machinery I could have gilded to tho
earth without danger lo the colonel
Jiulgo ICnvaimngli of Chicago In Sen
tencing Criminal Declares Ills
3Ioro Terrible Than Death
Chicago Oct J2Llro Imprisonment
In the penitentiary was declared by i
Judgo Marcus Kavanaugh yesterday
to bo a moro terrible punishment than
hanging Tho Jurist In a remarkable
opinion handed down In sentencing
Joseph Welcome to Ufa Imprisonment
for murder contrasted with tho
tortured soul r1I life convict in hla
solitary cell and told the prisoner that
It is not correct to regard tho death
penalty ni tha most sovere punish
ment that can bo inflicted
Wclocmo pleaded guilty 0tI having
murdered MSs Mary McLean March
22 1910ln a boarding uso which
sho conducted Tho prisoner changed
his plea from not guilty after eight
jurors were chosen
H was shown that ho had forced
his wife to become alwhltoaliivo
nnd shot her for refusing to glvo him
money Mrs McLean was sn Lnnd
killed while to Ins to save Mrs Wel
In sentencing Welcome Judge Kav
tll iirli suldf
Welcome you commltlcd lerrlblo
crime Your punishment Is to be moro
torilble still
Tho Instinctive unreasoning horror
of mankind regards death sa severe
nfThlsII1Cr Is not correct
You nro now to receive a sterner pun
liilimonl Your vl ° tlm died but once
Youwill die a hundred times you will
surfer moro the day you put on jour
prison clothes than sho did Iii her
death After that thcro will bo only
tho hopeless painful years from dny
to day from month to month stretch
ing out forever wid In agony
In four f rloyenrsthti eternal
Bolltudo nnd sllenco w 111 fcogn to crush
In upon you llko nn iron weight You
hoar that street CRIboll ilnglnsr In
tho street as It passes now You will
remember In after years as tho moat
oxnulslto imislc It ur mean hurrying
I crowds that go vvhero they JIInld
do ns they plonfio it W1J1 mean the
greatest of all pleasuresfreedom
You can only dream ot It by dayi
and by nltht and > our torture will bo
Your cough annoys you Keep on
hacking and tearing the dollcato mem
branes of your throat If you want to
1JOri 1O cd3ut ItouJYnlIrjIllri
want to be cured take Chamberlains
Cough nomedy Sold by all dealers
r 1
palmer Mann Oct IS Tub batlilnK Is
niohlbltort In an order lesuud by itho lo
cal vvatcr comnuny 1IIln pfWitto con
servethe nipldly OlmlnUhliiKfvviitcr sun
i nly which tho con pn ny8 leaeryolrw hold
until iiitCBlun vvelli can be sunk andtoth
er imors ncy me unites taken
Tho water hill fallen to appoint whoio
II Is but a few Inches nnovoUio tplpoa
throiiBh which it Is JulIIJ1 dtltho houRcs
ana Htorcs nnd Chief Snmmer 191 the Jlrrt
diprttnwnl a firtH tliayjvyltlitvso4rlro
Btrcnmi ho could cOmplotelyKcmiitjfaho
plpen InHIO mlnutOH
For tho protection of ipronerty In fiR
of tlrIlrocUJ1Ps lniya boeni placed
iiidor n lompo iry shelter attlto iaitk of
tho aunboau liver i > lth linen running
Into tho vvnter and steinuconstnntryi up
From the nnlnOH llno ofho < ohnlrn
milo long nxtenlii Io3ttiehenrt of tho
builncss ll8tllctt ready forMnimcdlnto
ti i
L c
X U Jl
l j NewYork Oct lJTlidsocetylfoVtlia
h Nwntl nor Cruelty Ho Anlinalaithero
nus hccP Mice to takcJunniiefprosecu
ij tloinf oMMltomoblKi i driveroyvvhoiraro ne
ciIIS vi llfully nlatlBhterln irlyjthou
i < 1 b
11 d
ji i i 1 f i 11 2t
I 1 7
1 t i
R 11t
i J It < 1 t 1 I
i j i
Thcphyslclan who1 recommends
ft he patient who uses and tlie
1 ii j chemist who u i analyzes i
Ott9s11 nnil81on
ihave tstabjijlicd it as preeminently
i the bcstilrj purityJIn perfection
and In results
No other prcparajlon has stood
such severe tests such World wid
Imitation and met with such popu
lar and professional endorsement
To the babe lcd Ud and the
adutflt gives pure blood strength
solid flesh and vitality
You will distinctly feel youi cold
breaking and nil tho Grippe symptoms
leaving after tiLkl sithowrlIrgt
It Is a positive fact that Popes Cold
Compound taken oyjry two hours Un
til tinco conceuutivo doses are taken
will end the Grippe and break up tho
most severe cold elthci Intho head
chest back stomach or limbs
It promptly relieves the most mis
erable neuralgia pains headache dull
ness head nnd noso stuffed up fevcr
IshnDssS sneering soro Ihroat running
of tho nose mucous catarrhnl dls
chatgcs soreness sllffncss and rheu
matic twinges
Papcs COId Compound the result
ot threo jcais research at a cost of
more than fifty thousand dollars and
contains no quinine vhlch we have
conclusively demonstrated Is not ef
fective In the treatment of colds or
Tako this harmless compound as
dliectcd with tho knowledgo that
there Is no other medicine made any
wheie lsQtnthc ol1di Which will
cure your cold or end grippe misery ns
piomptly and without any other na
Istance or bad nftcrcffccls ns a 25
cent package of Panes Cold Com
pound which any druggist in the
woild can supply
al slhcI1ct squirrels of Central Park
Dhtctor Smith of the parK board chafes
thu reckles chauffoun mako a practlsu
of testing their dextontj BUlldlni cars
by trying to run down the squirrels as
they cross the park ronilwaSB In the dark
Tho feat is not nt nil difficult ho sajs
because the animals lIre blinded by tho
Klnro of tha automobile lamps and havo
no chincoto escape
Coachmen says Director Smith
nevti lun over squirrels They nlwass
give them a chance to escape But thesis
reckless 11 automobile rhcrsnrc ruthless
rhc1IUc no moio compunction about
runiing over a squirrel than they have In
limning ovpi stone The squirrel op
nlttlon In Iho park has wen reduced In
two liars from 7003 totOOJ
Ono of Iho protecting squirrel lovers
Is ills TIuHsenSale
Tho point has been recently mado thn
no case of Chronic Brlghts DiB < nse hai
ever iccovcred In which the nervous sya
tern had so far collapsed as to dOROn
crato the optto norve
Numbers of such cases have recovered
In at Ictst throe Instances tho patients
were blind and there navo been scores
In hlch the eyesight was falling
Shortly after the crcat fire in UJ there
were osBcmbled nt Burns Hammam
Kaths Kddy Street San Francisco three
people TKhoso lives hunAonlI thread
All hndbecn condemned tod thTho
throovvnre Jlr Frank II Winter Deputy
United Stales Marshal lof Honolulu Mr
C B Xnali otlhoSrnH Co a resi
dent of Oakland and iiiJtr Lavvton also
Oakland All three hadextreme cases
of Brlchts Disease arid the dlseane had
to far proRresscd In the cases of Nash
and Lawton that tho eyesight wno dis
appearing The CBRO of Marshal Winter
did not present the eye symptom but
wo simply Include him as aKn was there
at tho same time and will say In paren
thoslsthathoWna soiBwollenjWlthVdrppsy
that the Hoonlulu physicians had given
up tho case and it didnt look like ho
could Iho two weeks
Having particularly mind the cases
of Zsash and Lawton as they wero re
cent nJid presented the supposed fatal
eye symptom nndnswo had not been
advised of tho results obtained vvo took
thn matter up with our physician and
naked for his report It Includes nil
three of the i cue assembled at thn baths
for sweating an above named and Is jia
follows All three of tho patients nro
woll Conductor Nosii is on his train
again Lawton has made a recovery and
advices from Winter within tho last two
months assert his continued health and
Recoveries under Fultons Renal com
pound are bolnjr reported In all kinds
of kidney cases from thoM Involving
tho herotoforo fatal cyo symptom down
but where this BvmDlom is In evidence
the help of n skilled physician Is often
needed to Increase thn eliminations
hold up tho heart etc until the Inflam
mation In tho kidney begins to respond
to tho Renal Compound
Kidney Dltcaoo whether In tho first
stsgn or In the chronic and supposed in
curable form la now positively curablo
In a great majority of cases
widOBlro i to hoar from nnd nrtvleo
with thoao not recovering by the third
week John J Fulton Company MS Bat
tery st Bon Francisco Literature mailed
free Fultons iRenal Compound ran be had
In your city at SchraniJohnsons
q I
The Store for Men nnd Boys
n H m
Stop at Famous
Newf IJrk
Tlst to 32d Street IJvU
rmrrnoor riJJ
SOO Rooms a J
000with Private Bath
200 per day and xip
OneBlockfrom New
PennaEuE Station
Also Convenient to
Terminal ff
Booldoti frlthJ Tariff Schedule
111 l c jf Rqf tsq pest
Q J ii 2
Rm j TO nt mon OP
That IB tho kind you got when iyou
use White Knvvn flour Every thread
maker In thhrpnrtotth country
ought to got acquainted with thin
Hour and then they would use It ex
clusively It Is making a srreat rep
utation for llHclf and that Is the best
proof of Its merltB Try It next bak
ing day
Denver mG JldeRR
1 Effect June 10th 1S10
Provo Mantl and Marysvalo 7M nm
ninnhnrn nnd Mldvalo 800 nm
Denver Chicago nnd East80nn
Park City 833 nm
Ogden and Intermediate points 1025 aim
ORilen nnd San Francisco 145 pm
OEden Sftn Francisco and Port
land M pm
Ogden San Francisco and Port
land 2CO pm
Mldvalo and Gingham 2C pm
Denver Chicago and East 403pm
1rovo Tlntic and Intermediate
Points 605pm
OgUen ami Jntcrmedlats olritaG10pm
Denver Chicago nnd East 710 pm
Grand Junction and Intermediate
points i 720 pm
Osden San Francisco nnd Port
land 1130 pm
Ogden San rranclsco and Port
land SCO am
Ogden nnd Intermediate Points 1000 nnw
Prove Tlntic and Intermediate
Points 10M nm
nlnglram and 1I1111Inc10Wnrn
Denver Chicago and East 134 JIm
Ocdon ami Intermediate points Ii43 pm
Denver Chlcago nnd East 225pm
Grand Junction nnd Intermed I
Ito point 230 pm I
Ogden and San Francisco 333ipm
Park City EOT pm
ningham and Mldvale BM5 pm
PrOvo JIantl JInrysvale Ilober COJpm
Ogncn San Francisco and Port
land 700pm
Denver Chicngo nnd East 1115 pm
Ogtten San Francisco and Port
land iil0Um
Some Eigtl es
and a M ral
June 1 Bank Opened
Inly 1 deposit S712piJOO
Juru5t 1l icposit6S80iinoili
Sept 1 tlepbslls SfH3i22332
October 1 deposits Sll12 00152
Tlieserfigures showing
tlie growth oiMhis bank
in Iour inonths are sub
mitted QlrtheCOllSidem
tionof the business c6m
intmity Confidence is
the firstTequisiteior tho
dev lopn1eDtQf a strong
banlcaucX confidence can
be indicated t in only 6uc
way bjr deposits
Nati nal
C l1IJ r
Capital sy > 500000
Surplus 4 50000
delivery cjour
febus treatment and
tiio Salt Balie Stand
ard of quality explain
the tremendous volume
of our business
Telephoned orders re
ceive quick attention
BambelllerC aICm
Both PhonCRFonr Tnnls
Ask for ourh601 < ctlbout
coal prizes
n n
Uotli Phones 171
Federal lC9
rti > II = w r
has Iho only coal yard In tho
west with a
Coal handled from this floor
must necessarily bo
Clean Coal
exclusive lent8tor Kem
mcrer and GunnQuoaly Rock
Coa when you
want it
OITlco 100 Jlnln Street
Yards Sth So and 2 nd W St
P J < Mornn Qetioral Manasar
lJ OBrien Gonl Sales Ast
I A WeeJk
For the seasons
i best wearables
r > i for men and wo
i men
7 1 Mercantile
1 n
f Installment Co
> t j4 West ScconaButli
nf l I Irj > I J
iiJliL > n iL X
Avo produce perfectly1 latin
clerod products with lOur SOFT
Its llio basis of nil flood vvork
It vvhltonB tho vvhlto K0pds
brighten the colored Eobdsantl
softens tho fabric
THE liAukrwx 01 UAL1Tr
notll Phone 191 166 MAIJC KT
Established 1S73
The Utah National Batik
Capital l arid Surplus i5MOpOpoO
Accountii of Banks Corporations
Firm and Indlvdunla Invited 4 per
cent on Savings Deposits m
W SMcCornlcki Predtn Ti BadW
gelCMhlerT RCulicr Vlca
Preit CLH Wclla Asul Cannier
Continental tlon Bank
api 250OOO9
> ETcry branciivbfiiiaipdcrnlanu 1
JECoogrl rPre8WJ INobiol
YJcc P K W jBpycrCashlcr L j f
St ire D > 1 tr i
The Mercantile Agency
George Ruat General Manager IdaQtoV
Nevada Utah andWyominff V1
Office In iPrOETOss nullding Salt Lako
Clty Utah
277 MAIN
Hi P CnARIC President
JOHN J DAliT VicoPfoildent
A H PEABODY yico Presldcnt
Eatnbllahca i
Savings Banll
iBTROJiT aROp5vwiivv Casnler
Commercial Banking In all Ills1
Branches rour cchtjhterestrpaid
The StateBcinfc
EstabHsned I
Bollcltn accounts of Banks jPlrms
and Indlvlduolo and extends tOjcu
JbSJPHF SMTTHr i President
ANTIION H IiUNDiiVice President
IIji7GnANTViiiVico President
II Ti McEVlANi s wvVAsst Cdehloiv
rv vVrvPrcsldenf
JAirES A MURIlAYyico President
WJiPBAniiivvVivViiiiiCnhlor I
H iA5 CULHEnTSONAsst Cashier
Capital and SurplusMMKIOlOp
A thoroujfhly modern aiJnirs do
pnrtment conducted In connection
with this bank Safoty deposit boxpa
for rnnt
r0eseret Natibnal
Salt Lake City tJtaL
Gapital 50000000
Surplus > 5iOOOOpob
> 8 HlW Si Prosldenr
JOIINC CUTLKK Vice Preside nt
Hi S AOUNO iCashleri 7
E S HILLS Aiat CWejv
Ij W BUHTON Asnt Giialifor
JohnH Barnes V < w niter
A V Carlson
John7 C Cutler Hoed SmooV
David Eccles John C Sharp
LB Hills Hi Gf Whitney
r Hi srolntyro Ri O Millet
Francis Jli I ynuin
Safety Deposit nrixea for ncnt
V W ntter President Oebfiro
Roraney Vice President EllastA i
Smith Cashier L H I lls JohnlRij
IIaniiis John1 C Cutler IivlaEcji
clea Ai VV Carlson GcorcoSSuther
fporccnti Interest paldbnTJ
vv 1 v feww1 >
Sl liai i i

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