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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, October 13, 1910, Last Edition, Image 3

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> rf w 1
r > N P s
V vy > i jlnis l a
2S81i BS i
c lijio
ituisiftloii ofJThort at
0jcn Octl3DonilnlckAVhllc tho
jlalUn Janitor of the uptown Harrl
man Ticket ofllc which was robbd of
moR than 500 Into Saturday night jasi
arrtigned In pollst court before Juduo
Km on Wednesda > 0on tho chart o1
I BWnd luncns and untirtd a 1U Oot
ulltj Hla bond w is Increastdvtu i
inot LhnMs furnshtd late In Iho
ral ftllottcountrymtn Tl o
c I
G 0 McPecK
wipton sworn to b >
Sstint ticket ascnt ho wus je
M nslbic for the tliefftv havlnc attl i
dentali left tho safe open actoralnB to i
admlilons It lannot bo
evWtncU tht stale h is t
to lomntlt trand Uncn >
relimlnan htirln0 and bound over to
the dlstrlcl eourt under jJuOOi bonds
ihlch he was unable tpjurnlsh Tos
howed that Kin had worked
the toons old gamo of pUshint against Jolmj
Bottrocll a spccal officer a crowd
nfthe laee trick and had thrust his
Hand into Bothwclls trouoei pocket In
the attempt to ateif a purse tontalnlng
H9 Ihe bfnccr who wasort duts atj
the time and who was uiirylnga child
In hH arms reached for his pocket and
touched Kings hand but tho Mattel
nmclehls get awasfin thejcrowd Ho
Htcr arrostcdl Jailer Hagbeit
Andciton Kings attorney attempUit
to shoHtlmt Bothwcll ln hs pildo at
tenins < inYofllcci felt obliged to bu
onthe constant lookout for what he
thought to be suspicious cluuractbrs
Hojveici the court foundJaUMcIent
orounds to hold tho man tothe < hlghcl
court and the ordci was BO made tji
RttlplnHoiB i well known local i
tanker denied ithe iOiargetof oxceed
ilng tlio lutomoblle spoetlitlmltrandhlsf
cane will be called thlsfinornlngi rt
iller Gardner forfeited 5100boiidaf
on the charge ofvagrancy the money
hav ng been supplied bs a dcnlzeniof
the red light dibtrlet Gatdncrs honre
Trink IvaMvi a Korean wasngaln i
present charged with vngrnncs and
denied ill knowledge off tiwEngllBh
languige notwithstanding tht fact that
Detective Tender heard him aceost a
ludy on the street n few nights ago
nnil ask her in the roostflucnt English
to kl = s him Ills ea e will bo heard as
sran 09 a eomp tcnt fellow countrj
man can be secured iut an Intcrpieter
Hnrrj Miller a minor was sent to
Jail for five ibss for drunkenness bo
cuis ° hi > would not tell where ha to
cured Ihe llquoi loung Miller made
innticinpt to addrcsn tho courtaH
fnntncntwas being pi ed biitjio was
lockcl up before being allowed to BIS
anthing U is vurs Uprobable thitlio
will Ije ihcn his HUcrls If he decides
to divulge his hccret
O dcn Oct 13 Tho 111 it pii > ilB of
the beet season will be madp tojtho
firmers bs Ihe Amalgamated Sugni
complin on Saturdas when over 75
COO will bt distributed nmon tha igrl
cultunl produceis of Weber counts
The local fictors Is runnlngj ull blast
nnd Inllratlons arc cvenvmoro4promls
Inp thin at the time the sugar mill
bgin the season s run
Ogilen Oct 13 A spccl il car con
tilnlns 1 mlaslonarleB and converts of
Ihe MoimonTlnirch ivvlll nrrlvt on
rrldas morning over theUnlonilPaclllc
enrout to Silt Like The ontlro
piris Is from Luropo nndysevprvl Og
dcnltcs ire enterls antlcipatinr the
arrlnl of frlcnls and relitlves m tho
nm iiLhrs rAiiMUHSf
Opl ii Oct 13 Oodon anif vlclnlls
was visited with a welcome lain storm
oa Tuo ilas night and Wj < dneBilav Thq
slormwlll aid thoTarmcrs Int digging
politocs and bcot digging w 111 be made
ci < lr to n certalivctcnt
Oct pi Whlio working on
I ne wrecked
audllorlutn building on
avtmc Contnctor AVIlllnm
iruiiiu the iblood tone Ulib nerves
fstrqtisttcntho sComocb aldjdlBoatlonJjOnd
j promote sVceliTCstfuljhatural sleep Tnoy
nroi cjiocoIatoSoalod acceptable Fto lift
Laionincb andfuisllyjassini
W v u i or l tiL JJflfltWMM
yous > and dyspeptic > tnonillHOpD
women nnd children and
l > rlco OOc or
C 1 HOOD CO LowollMasi
II Crandcll WIM taught beneath Ji
ft ailing wall and palnfullj though not
iBorloiiBls InjuroJ Fourteen woikmcn
innrrovvly esctipodoliijury by mailing
aw ay from the alliwltcn llrnt Indl
tcatlons of the fall wero noticed The1
tulldlnir cojlapsed on Iho eus cndilaBl
wcok timdftho owifor had decided to
iraso tho ruined jparteund lemnduiyiio
balance Mr Crundell iwhoso homo
fls ut Rlvcrdnlo was fastening a ropo
itoJBOiiiebcamHtortbe purjioso ofpull
ilng tlib Wall down vvhon It Huddenls
pitched forwaul fBome of tho falling
tlnibcraiistrlUIng hltn on tho facel and
shoukleia He was able to vvalk to H
phynltlans olllcb mcaiby and on ex
amination It wu1 found slhat his nose
hnd beon broken nTidsevcrnl painful
bruises Indicted on fthe face tunil
Ogdcn Oct 13 Judgo H H Holnpp
Isjlri retpjpfofr n telegram from hl wlfe
nndUhsuJBhtcrJand son Frank htntlng
that the latter hid safely nrrlved ln Now
YorlrniiU that lies would Journey home
after a couple 4of vveekn visit In thu
Now iCngland stntp I rank llolnjiri
hns beononva inlfslon In Germany foi
three venrs during which time hojiad
presided over two different tonfoTcncci
Ho lefthciewhen butnlnetecn > ears of
TnrriHint > ncTiTiouH CHUCK
jOgden Oct 13 chafgid wlthjuttet
Ing aflctltlous Uieck C P Howard an
old > man vsas niralgned Jiafore District
JudBelIovrellon Wednesday and cntcr
f notsullty Ills heating
fOct 22 lloward
Icged toliave pasaed a check slgncdby
iA L IJarson nmountlnir to J085
tile1 trinm having been committed on
A oolt loCMIghtnlnrj
stnu ka colt VnUhc form ol N
sen tnOjirjIlesJwpst of pgilcn on Tiies
e1nyabout mldnlght Itilllctlnpr Injnjrles
rO sel Ions hat It became ntc s ary to
Itllllhe anllnalt
and T ula T Allen of Littleton Colo
HiUTji P Stein of Buffalo 1 Y and
Mrs Helen M Rectoi of Denvcri Colo
Ogdtn OctilS T4ie defendants In ihe
cao > of ACecllla Grow administratrix
of tho estate of Cyrus L Grow against
the Oicgon Short Lino Railroad corn
pans have filed a petition In tho dis
trict court asking for tho removal of
theufcisclo the circuit court of the
United States for the district of Utah
The Tpotltlon sets forth tho fact that
tho amount In ldlsputo Is In excess of
52000 and that tho taso tomes under
tho lawtrelating Jo liability ottcnm
mon carriers to thclrs emplosos AThe
case wns bioughttoiecbver tho sum of
2J000 for tho death of Grow which
occurred at Mora Siding Idaho Jan
5 1910 The lallroad company has filed
a bond for1000 signed by Lewis S
Hills nnd James A Kldrcdge
Special Correspondence
Fain low Ott 12 Walter X Frazlor
food nnd dairy Inspector ofjSalt Lako
wis In this clts iecently and lslted
the creameries and a few milk produc
eis Jo did not find much fault with
the creameries especially the Ftilrvlowi
cieameryf whcrp ho spolcn flattcrlncly i
Kto tho boys Then ho wont to Salt Lake
ami gavoithemlaiblackoO Ho report
cil tnlho board of healthlindthoy held
court without thai defendant being
present nnd condemned the whole of
JAUivlow and Indlanoln While thero
are < vx few iJaces wliero the suriound
ings are not what thesMshould lw most
of the people are very cleanly wltlitf
their milk and the people of these
phvceH fceli that nn ilnjustlco has beem
done In condemning tho ontlro com
munity for a few cnsis Hoalso re
ported that the local board of health
had takenno piecautlonK against ts
phold JIT fact hoipleked on Falrvlow
a fnn example to filghtcn other com
inunltlosat the o penseiof tho people
here TheJlcnscnrcrcamcrhn8 Bcored
over1560 points nnd thOTjinlrvlow as
jhlchns 00 polntHStateInspector Wll
lard Hanson has itakonjup Falrvlews
side ottho controvcisy illosis there
Is no milk golngtotheVronnierlos from
famllcs having typhoid and that the
cieamorlca vhave corcdnbovoi tho re
quired standard aim hns given them
pormlsslon tojshlpi The SaltiLako nu
thorltlesjlvavejicon making anotherln
spectlonnnd ayivelytlltinnsrocinir
complaint regardlniridcllYery should
bofmndor to Davlfl Johnson n ent
for Dally 8nturdft > Maiid1ScmlWrrli
If Now InoT Phone 37JA Orders
InKcnUor Churqhwtirks HeRldenoo 447
SouthFlrstJTleBt Strut
CarrloroiuttBldo of Academy AvC
find 3121 ttf
Cirrlor iw Unld Mo Acadniny Avo
find 103A
Special Correspondence
Proo Oct 1J Suit hao been com
mented by Utah Lake Land Water
PowoKtompiny against C M Jor
fdan anil Mnbello Jprdan foi t2109 CO
with lntorestnt > 8 per tent from Oct ID
< D10WB 15 Uca and llOOjittorno fees
alleged toba due on a promlusory note
seturcd by Utuh county real estate on
which foreclosure In asked
ProvoOct 1J Hasmond Duncan de
livered fanjntqrcbtlng lecture < on Tlio
Homeric Prlntlplo of Gie ekiEdueatlon
before tho students of the Brlgham
lYoungj utilverslts < In C611ege > hull jos
tonluy forenoon Tho pi escalation of
the Gicek pas Elektra toyjthe Dun
can company in tho opera house list
evening given under tho auspices ol
tho U Y U wus attended bj a large
coumi XOTES
FzovofOtt 12 J Alma llmtcher In
the Fouith dlbtrltt touit jesterdax
cntnrcd u plea of not guilty to a chiuo
of fnlluic to provide foi his minor thll
Oieii ThcitaseVwhs bet for Nov a
lHtateof Maud hmitli a minor order
of snle of real citato
PTOO Oct 12 Marriage licenses
have beep Issued to the foliowing coup
les t
Joseph II Vance Jr and Carrie Can
nam both offaprlnsvlllo
X Clsde Fulton of Ogden ami Grace
13 Thomas oC
j Provn Oct 12 The frenialhs nf hq
late Thomas It Clirk mav bo viewed jtt
the residence tornor First North and
Slxfti West stroetH fromtlO3 < Ktoil230
JInsor Hay his signed the ordinance
passed bv tho tits council granting a
franchise to the EvansChlpnianjpco
plfT foi a light of way throughProvo
tltv for their Salt LakcPayson Inter
urban railroad rt u
FACTS ron CAT uirmwj sur
The mucous membrane lines all pas
sages and cavities communlcatlngtwlth
the exterior
Citairhi Is an exce slvo secretion
accompanied with chionlc Inflamma
tion from tho mutous membrane
Hoods Saihaparllla attn on tho mu
cous membrane throuRh the blood re
duces Inflammation estibllbhcs healthy
action and radlcallj cures all cases of
catarrh 8
iSpeclal Correpondencir
Mt Pleaainfo Oct 1J The cattle
horses and sheep1 belonging to > Mount
Pleasant parties returned Mondas uv
nlng from tho state fall John H
beel > with 14 luud offluo reglstortd
Shorthorn stock ranging ftomi C
months to 4 years old valued at fiom
f 10000 to J1JOOO carried oa 68 prizes
all prlzcb In that tlaab being given to
him In the 1 renth diaft horse de
paitment hei won 11 prlros rive prizes
were received for fat cattle
From his Hock of Ramboullctt sheep
ho received slx flrufprlzes
All icturned In good shape Tand ho
feels Batisncd ovcrvtho results
Henry llaslor th a hoardfpf 15
head of registered Jersey cattle rang
Ing from 4 weeks to 10 years old valu >
cd at tlOOO won one prize
W I > Cindlind also of Mount
Pleasant rotelved two firsts with hU
bunch of Ramboullfltt
Mount Plcasant Oct 12 Mln Trcs
bloWllcox of Mount Pleasint Ins ac
cepted a position as teachcnSln the
public schools Jot Garlftnil4iBoxoldcr
counts for tho comlngyenifU
Tho Rev and Mrs E JJ Mork and
family have changed their placo of
nbodo from MJount Plen nnt to Salt
Luke Cits J13 work calls him to tho
cits Ho will visit this cltyHwo times
hcnch month and hold services at tho
M i church as he Is stillj pastor bore
Mvron fAIdrlch of Spring iCIty haH
puichnscd tho house ind lot on veat
Main street formerly itho propertv
of Mrs T II Crlckson of Salt Lake
Cltv for the sum of J1400
Joseph Anderson nnd Kntlo M Jen
sen both of Fountain CJroen woro
married In Salt Lake Cits rccentls
nn oiinrOjTiin top
Inuuiy calling of Hfc ilcmajids a vigor
oua body and a keen brain Without
health there Is no success But Eleotrlo
Bitters Is tho greatest Health Bulld < jr
thoworld nan over known It compels
pcrfecfjactlon of stomach 11 ver kid
neys bowels purlflesuandenrlchofl tho
blood tones and Invigorates ftho whole
BS stem and enables you to Bland the
vvear nnd tenU of vonr dally work
Aflor months ot Buffering from Kid
ney Trouble writes W M Sherman1
of dishing Me threobottlo of Kleo
trie Bitters1 made moj feol like a new
man 50c aUZ > C CM HDrug depart
ment 112114 Main street Salt Lake
Spoolal1 Cofiospondeace
vinnll Dot ia = 2 M Work fcons
nf this oily are lurpilv Intel onted In loal
InndB nlHintedlnuBnUnVenn > oru Thpy
luivo dono eonsldorable development orkj
during thos Kiinimcrtiuid tills wook coin
monccd liaullnir coal to jballnn wherol
thoro la ilemnndformllUhejinro In posl
fltou to bnmlle iilio coUt isfcxpollen
liimUU and tltOBo IntercDtoarfeol tlmtj
they lmo a rood ibuslnesB jproponltlon
iTho land llos aboutjlOjmllcncimt of Sail
na with a down hill KViido fromUho mtno
to tho ltH AboutrimlfvnJmlloof n = W
road had toMiu mado from thOj counts
Cul tothevtoaJ ThlNjhiul > JuJst1be0n
iflnlnhtd lit a coot of Mflverol luinarcdvdol1
Inra when Iho flocxli swept mown thoj
Rcrond roadfwoa thon bulltijat a cest of
urn During thai sunimoriiitunneljha3
JbMnfruiOlnjia > W < > t7 < lunniffwlilchiwork
iJjout 100 tons of ooal wore takonioiit1 Thoi
coal llcniHn a fork ami nbovva a flnol
IcdcoioC ovor fcot flovortliof thoiLarv
orn iwa r
altmlat tha Iftst meotlng oftho cltyjcoun
tll SupU Andersonw no rsportcrt plenty
ei Vn ofJoutBldottasi
iforenlh6TordlnnhcotcovlnB8qchlcai > sS
lriStheCiAtu ntiwBWiojflooldcJtoj
romov 1iUlfiwooa51atcrals7iwe8t pf > jfaln
r5trcatandtfr < paco > wtthljBttlyanIidironj
rSnrriifnn ViitflhaoincnlioioWtholUBCraj
elJNcvro ii iJJcllvoredtJby iarrlcr
y ex
J jf
iandS mlWc < ly7iI Toiv3 jts w
Firat iNorthf StrotC Plionoj R
B UOfn < irwlth3Car loni Company
R aajKstato > ondLIOai mnNortli
iMalniatreotsPhonostiW Dell nnd 150
Indi v tll
Special Correspondence
Losnn Oct 12 Deputy Camo War
den Harry Stone In running down tho
umo otitho mem < hargedjvrflh Hhoot
Ing chltkcnH yosterdaj lliiAlls found
tliAt tho only onofof Uio thrio nitu lio
killed a chlckan vnl nr inlnlstti mid
that ho ae In uttcrf lfin i into of thu
fiuit that It waH unlawful to do so
Imlnpr been Iior vbutn4cry short tlmo
with friends In lew pf tho Urcutn
stanctsiif tho cosuatllBlit ptmltj I1I
be Imposed If itho tise Is tulcn Inly
court as Improbably will be
an Oct > 12f Tho following named
porpons obialnedjmnnliffo licenses nom
CkilciJnmes today Jlyrum W Chrln
teiiBon and I onaATcnson both of 3Ilnk
Creok AbramT Diloy of Login vnd
Stella A AVIltox of Talrvlow Id iho
Alma Lringstroth of tendon and Ivy
Coburn at Wollsvlllu ClaieiiLO Hoppes
ilndSLutlla Ulcharilson botli of Falr
vlovv Idahp Nils Drlcksen ind Ulalno
Ciodtnttboth oMxiffan John A Klql
senfnnd iXfton Jdrklnson both of I > i
Bnn AsrtriWebHter niid Jtatlicl Potre
both oOGlendalo Iduho U Uail Nkl
sen of Prciton rand Wlnnlo Geddes of
Salt Lake City
> fc i tJ AiiWf n
5 No onc has overimade a palve olnt
mcnf or bilm toJcompare with Buck
Icns Ainlca Sahe7 Its the onu perfoct
heolei6f1Cuts7iCorns Bunib Bnilss
Bores BcaMs BollsT Ulters Ec eniu
Ball nheuin For Pore Kj < a Cold
Sores Chnppcdi Hand or Spmlns Its
supremo1 sIrifaHlblo4for Illts Onl
25c at X C M I Drus dtpirtmtnt 112
114Maln street Salt I ilte City
rBuy a Jevbl StoclinanKo or Heiter
and voti wllli bohtippj Utah Imple
ment Vohlclu Cos
Redmond Oct 12 Mrs C J Smith
of Redmond died this motnlng at hor
home In this tltv after an Illness of
tspbold fever bhe has been 111 for
several weeks and It was thought she
was recovering w henbane took a sud
den thtingo foi the worse Mrs Smith
VV < IH the Uaughtet jofntho late Mi and
Mrs A Nlsson of liphralm and hui
many friends will remember her as
Liz lu NIsBon She vvas one of the
good joung women o Ephralm and
haw ahost of friends who will mourn
hei lose She wris mauled about tvo
vears ngo to Mi famith and has blnco
made hei homox In Redmond She
leaves a Blstoi Ini this city Mrs C
J Chrlstensen anil hei hnsband tu
mourn her loss The nrrnncments for
tho funeral have not yet been com
Special Correspondence
niners > Oot 10 A meeting was held
hero last night under the dliettlon of
tho Mutual Improvement association in
the Interest oC a library and gymni l
urru It wns well attended anl the fol
lowing piogram worked up a gitat deal
of Interests
Tho congiegntlon Joined In singing
Wo thank theo oC God for a prophet
nnd Redeemer of Israel Pra > er wns
offered by Elder1 Isaao Allred and tho
benediction pronounced by Elder Alfred
J Broderlck MuMc nnd singing was
furnirticd by Etta and BlrtieWilliams
and Edgar Irven and Alma William
A comic recitation was given by Miss
AsnesWltkmnn Tho subject of Ath
letics was ticatod bsW P Murdock
tho subject A Libiars was hajidlal
bjr mders P V Bundoeon and 1 J
Peacock Jr A few moments were
glv en for tho expression ot tho pconlo
Elder Potcr Chrlstenscn took up thU
time In somo vors rood romarlra clos
ing wrlth the remarks I haie a et
of l oks which coit mo JSC You can
have them Pator llannon also as
iiurod the committee oftabout 20 good
booknnnd Mr Lilng promised to send
six of tho bent mnrnztnos each month
Tlio head of tho donation list was as
BUI cd by B J Peacock Sr tovon bn
foro the meeting took pac 1ln the um
of tf50 provided the town will raise
that amount to 00
A baby boy canxi t thohomo of Ir
and M rs Paries Anderson last Wed
nesday Tho baby llvxcUuntll Sunday
when It passed away
Threshlngr h at lasUboirun In earn
Special Corrcfipondonro
Starling Oct 12 One of tho saddest
occidentalto occur In this community
1 pick n cl ch wul rcllsta cJl tiibltroobles led i
f nt tDablllonait t of h ij ttinflnch ai
Dlttlnoj Knuitt lK eI csn > BI U 3 after
utlne IHihiln Ibo SldtfoVWMto thelt riwtV
i l hu ihouii In l
icmuE > nicma Duia curing r
onltrt or tho tlooucb Btlrnntata tha
flutter from Ibladlntrcntnzcorapklnti tuj
ln t l7llMlrg i4nc doeBJiot
who onc try th a will Hod
iblo la ao mai7rayiuitthje7Yrlir
Uij t da wtthast < bnar iBat after al
5 > rsxii
y nroemetlrwgeuib an4flo
but l > r their jenUo U n
Thompson wunrlcnlhly burned which
maj taiisfl his death Ho In eomp my
with scvornliol his plasm ite i took a I
1 rip to the Sterling coil inlnea nhout
foui mll6B inBtfof thls tlly nnd vvhon
leadline Ihe tunnel found wnno
del vvhloli thoyputllntheir potktts to
liso later In reloadliiK hell3 < While
ucnrlng town tlio younif man who had
tho most In hln ixickets was going to
tot Homo afire and tplnecd uini upon
n lock mull ns tho mutch totlehed It
It at onto CMlodtiV and the jrtung
man was not fai ciibugh nwas PJ the
powdci which was In his puekct wns
aUo Ignited The flesh > > ulnioft
Inirmd from his mm Ills ithfst Is
itlw budly burnod amlijalM its fitt
Tho little fellow julfetcdior iseveial
hours beforora doctcn couldrenth towp
as thcj had to nond itoMantl for help
II Is Turned itho young man will dlo
from tho effects
nnvrn oj
Sttrllmr Pet U VestcFday after
noon JmiieoiraisoitjoE tills tlty dltil at
the homo of hlspirents In1 this tlty
uftti an nines of onlyra1fw hours Ho
wontto Mantlan n bufclnefas trip Sun
and while thqre he was taken sick ulth
a teirlbln puln In his hi ail ontl vvai
Compelled to return thoint dining tho
night It Rrotv worsts and Di Nelson oC
Mont wns summoned tvho found that
a blood vtjwl ha < 1 burst In Ills hcul
nrjd atuti d thatho tould llvo only a
short Hint He lived however until
ycsteidts Tut the piln was Intense
nnd deith tame as a grrit icllof to
Mr aiKcn was u son of Mr andii
Mis iJnuper Larson and was boTiT fiT
Sterling 3J years ago He made Stor
ling hli liotiib and has womfrfaiids ln
this h ctlon of the country who will
mourn his loss Sir Larson was well
knuvvn on the iace tricks of tlmiatatc
a hu wts one of thu best ilderalni tho
country During thorecent lacos in
KlchfleJU It la thought thatjhe retclvul
ils Injun as vhlloridingcinqofthe
horses during the races ho fell offhand
hitdr i ompl lined of Ills head being hurt
but went on and paid no attention to
it until vvhon ho vviu suddenly taken
Melt ivhllo ut JLinti JIri Larsen IOIACS
lila parents and fievcrn1 btothcra aiiilf
sisters to mourn his demlste The1 fun
eral services will be hold at themeet
o tomoiiOw afternqon
d S ZS SSS S i I
n m
m fetf
noo i m
White Sheet i1 S3 >
i1M S3m
I ii
Chiffon taffeta isllk petticoats Irt
black and a largo aasortniont of itff
light nnil dark rshudosiubq mniis 11
pretty changeabio1 effects four
different styIesV Vo liayp them jn 3 ite
all lengths bh pfe
speclalat r i7 IK
Ladles taffeta silk waists 1
jbliicUv navy Kray browhi ill
inaroon and many other Protty
llchtcr shades also JR good assort lit
ineiit of prettsplalil3 Wo havo 1
riojs Hoiivy Itiis alt sizes 4iB yaliies ori BpecJal E
iliui Calf lllsli
Ciits with extra m
ii eay y o Ics bu c 1 le
indcpllar tops SL5Q Dressing Sacques
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