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Deseret evening news. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, October 15, 1910, Last Edition, Part Two, Image 15

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wr I jl R tQ f i TTO1 FN1XftLI3 iNV19OT rLiNu AT AnERICANJjAVY t 3i 1 1 1
S > fJ t 1i
CII m7X3 00L13PT0 SEVENTY S HAY DIRECT OPERAS IN Ml AMERICA i E fV hIrh1t fIIrif t1 i 1 f I lIAt tfi11
anancse Editor Says Coun
jaP U Useless
ff Wealth is lt
< in Time of Wfar
D ciJr sloeo Gold and
Patriotism Are Asserted lo
revent Efficiency
1r citl
PtCIAt 391QCOfltlfluIflg b
PtomW1910Con I
ToIO s eptmr
States as a
rltJihnOtU United St
ttfl i orotlhCllljO Koron or
p werlher nelenlo I lsmosf rereliCluUel ti
Central the vast wealth ot the
rrnksllIhtot yswoulti
mrCafl Reptiblir which ho says
tliO oelil oc < lLgroatwara
te tJ1denll1l1mberot
WCUId not he a sufllclent
there ratroltlem to fight the
ltn niIm3tCi in
bilu e edl
VhenwoSlnletlln our preceding
Vtien O the
torIJwrlteslhls pubItClt
Uri naval Increment
Etafldrd of JatanC
< lnhrnrsIIlhe bun of the AmericAn
approached nnd In
flettn certain pernon
feet i Jert
advisability n
trrorate US about 400
naval ititldtng with a
tern tnto arace ot
rko America w Mel he described ns
tim earth
ontho face ot
thu richwt Mllon on
out that If uch power once ct
k with the aid of Its
ItHif 0 tho Ink
menwealth a country lIke Japan
Mne and the
Tcr struBBle
nevcrIuOO to win In the
nem end
hatter If persisted ncolltllforher
It would require
only fl > national
quire a Great rrltaln or a
with such an natnfionlst
l rcUccI that
To title roys the 11tor
AmerIca wai truly as rich as my acquain
tance hart reprwcntcd hulaltho samo
such pobltlon that It
the Republic was In a
lons of dollars
could not Invest nil Itsmllllons
In tho buldlnc of battle ships and ar
mored cruisers for the reason that while
it could certainly bulM hlpslt had not
the men to operate them My friend be
came curloiu and wanted to bo en
i lightened on this point Thereupon I an
Fwered 1
l ft HnulJ bo easjforVmerlca > with her
tremendousWealth to turn out one hun
ilreJnayttlhousandbattle ships but z4he
cannot tlnd the officers and men with llio
necessary Knowledge to operuttoand utilize
them to their best advantage Look for
example atthcStiteJn which the Amer
ican battle ship feet with the outward
semblance dignity made Its round tho
world tour When It reached the MaBel I
Iin Straits many sailors had already du I
fOrtcd nml by the time the fleet got to
Chill onil Tent tlieso ilertcrtlona had be
come mill more common and the number
ot men who thus abandoned their posis
nlshl coUnted by the hundred
vot u Knee of lKlitrr
1hltac but serves to Illustrate that
the American people are nolarnee of
flstitera Probably as many us flft per
cent are either foreigners ioideacendants
ot foroleric and are lacking In juiblla
rplrHandiiatrlotlsm They tiara not tho
faintest Intention of 8orylnglii tho army
or navy for the sake of their country
ant oven ultouhi they do so they would
be bul a band of merceharlea whose ac
tos would always be determined by the
amount of their remuneration arid the ria
lure of the work assigned them Seeing
that circumnavigation otlholilobc
KasMinethlng Quite out ot the ordinary
Wholesale desertions were the result If
IhiSils the cuba In time of pence we con
readily conjecture what would be the con
lltlonln thnopfwaK
0 lionover Americana have an inordl
MIlo of field If thcrpls moncy lii a
Ihlnf they will go for It arid are qiilto
liidlfterMU tu therOlcjbf protector their
Wintry Thu3ltlsdlfncult tbiohtalnignqd
Offieersnnd ivcrilf Hqmoare forthcoming
the IIUOII can hover ° > hopb to Bet many
nf llm When lle me to the rnnlniit
fIIeUIIsdltnculW 1I tht1 more keenly tell
U good lUora are noLon lonmi good of
flcer ol000cannot achieve ayng t t s
a tl ot a head without bodynndjllmbB
though > herefpro 11 will ju rpttfter be
POalblc tot Aituerleut with Ito rireal1hlo
bU11i1 hips ohio will ho building merely
eluy uhipo
lrohJN Ohns thus Imposed a hundl
can hr Jiwn Ametlca by flaking It lurd for
m ill 1iCUro the flout While Japan CAll
needs but hot Ih
lhlp3 T1t0
1 huIIIght ty totIhol 800111 not < to
lorralltedlheseIWo fttctora equally to
ut thu0
k relt L nntlonfl Tllla 1Imtt lion
Such et telll hr Iolhu t th mJlill 1 11 decree
thu sltuatlon wo Jo no BIB
hIIV AlteIlcu not °
1c en 11 bnlld l her
Uperlatjtu I1 tip navy to i the
000dIeuS and t ls lherervrq
1tewllhItr lO that 1apjncati eashiycoin
III this respect J I
Oc Illell
11 P
ChitUltui001 IIII I hllnjill 1I I iI ou I hittiut of
< Citi n ho Waiter dcyeho1j5 Into an
or itt 1Imllllllon ot armament
Conillellllolll innli1 increment la not
h erdeh lbl thing > 10 loflettu A Ii
arnameutt8 itia y lje Osunr
leuco ti01 a eunrantte
ulnuoi1 beneltu tiuot wuuw Lucerne lo
t toecih at large Itthto natiOns could hil
Ofttuer ttuo ligrule to 111Harm ulhol
Its or IlIliart uM bn l licuietulable
arc beIng a fict imt Uw UnaiuiH of the Powers
JOQIl5rdIooth by hh
IM > ll KPIOmlll
lons limit nrzuul10 art u Iic 1IIICI Ifwo
° I bsl Imll hi rcelly we HKht enor
llt ert M le the foPiHi liunlena and
llerHheo tuil InLo
N ° ehituitels f peace
ifllhustrlO I lovelopmillt thte 11011011t8of
y ConBrSS0 L0 lmnlclntcly ImalI
beeii 1I
IR1lol tihucutsuIng tho ap
POzllutentot < l ominlB5n to lnvMtlgap
ln < I
TI MnK ot tillirs l niirinanunt
In11 voot lhl
mocm nt ii
ihIKioyeriienl must lnc
eninaii f llhl i
So ttrlnl Rclllno c Amorlcn hl
Wa M yelns IltWiitht bloOd of George
lnlonJ Atthtn1 Lincoln The
V Ior Uloa 10 1 I GcorB0 tli > rltlshlChn t
fiJnrbfll Exch q UOI ta bald hiut the
kl ow r of thin world llaNo u eu I bed thl
tWfo I IOIH selM ° twnothiu lliqny
pnrrmn1en nn yetGrej
t < M noMZ Kiltaln l
flOtltjig oG long
assho hiatt
Vlr i sl > a a y 7ist cm
rlr I iiein
JtitUTi11 T > ° aillke
louee I toO 1 g nlce K
hu IOec I onnd > o t o are power
tb lra
J 9oeoti olle rw if ttun aeoorttotlu
l ° IeOhl lca8 of fflalntninhijg rieii11
lf1 t j r
ore equally i f i
I oha fU pouerIco to r0 othuCu
llpbIIld tli
I o IUPIJl lhOJnnnenYjfO
lloilalnleI 11 otriet the Pchflo
M ILmlrfte H011I cur ihlelll e to effec uttiocroat
l yO Il tlt15iiblnllthIIn
I elofhejworldBlhlstorYi Ir nuII1
i i a
I r
7I d tp ut p t4
J5 4 4 r
J 3O t n
lfv o t o I
frY9t1iWO1 4 u o 7 1 p r ° + t I It
I d h
i qr tL 4 4
I ° t
I a 4 i i y
444 u 0 I t
S sUNcsiaJua iaj n vtw itr < r 4r
50 rwasiciXAittciN XNtr o AirssiCA AS AH
Spoclai i Dispatch
LrONDoy Saturday
lu 11Jm oboorverul are much Impressed
with the fact that the Immigration into
the United States during the fiscal year
ended Juno SO has again passed the one
Special Dispatch
LONDOV Saturaay
PlayKocra will bo sorry to learn that
Jlr Arthur Conan Doy ohns decided
o give up playwrlUiiB I have
K > intention of ever again writing for
ho stage said Sir Arthur yesterday Just
> s he was leaving for his country place
Dont think I amleaving Btngo work be
tattoo It does not lnterest me I Interests
ne too riiucli It lah > absorbing that It
throws oneB mind away from the deeper
things of life and makes It dlfllcult to
settle lovn steadily to any ypeclnl coureo
DC reading or literary work For those
hocant treat tho deep matters of life
ilramatlcally It Is different but I recognize
my own limitations In that rmpoct and so
r mako an absolute vov that I H not
again virile for the stage
I pUll have In my desk a one act play
that 1 wrote iomo time ago Jt It Is ever
produeellllwH have to bo at lAy OWA OX
pcnsc The cost of production would pre
vent U ever being accepted by any mana
ger and Im afraid It would frighten the
most experienced of utaso carpenters l
called It The Lift The scene lies at the
top of the Eiffel Tower All tile charac
ters must ascend nnd descend a regular I
wot klnp lift Entrances are perpendicular
Instendiof llJ1ep cc ends with
a startling sensation terrlllc catastrophe
phcLlely liavo boon very buay with stasc
work continued Sir Arthur You see 1
have produced thrco plays Jn a little more
than nyear That means Rlvlm tho tnca
Iro pretty close attenubn All three 1
produced entirely myself nnd at my own
expense Blniply because I could not nod a
manager whoiwould uvcppt them or umler
Ink lho uoii pt producing them on his own
Klmt jKdwnrds deiilli ovontuill
knocked tim life out < ot my play The
House ot Tcmperly That made an awlt
Housoofforjlcrl Iliud slimed a con 7
tract to take the Adelphl Theatre until
tluoeuiol of the teasbn4 So lus the poilllon
was serlouu alilosl haul iiothlnh with
whlch to replace Tomperly I was com
pelled to make an offpit nnd J wrote The
Specklpd Dod We hud that drami
actually in rchcaranl three weeKu after I
liad commenced Xi Uy tho way what
I would Ilko to dp and what J probably
ill do Ibe It take The HOUKO of
leituiterpttrud Its prize Ilglitlo Pails I
think they nilirht Illtn to see U theio
Special nlspatLh aOatUtday
cu itn era aro xorj much I Pctb the
IrdlLtmont which Imi been brought
i tlrW 1i 1 jt
nsilnst their pctii by a London eteilimiy
surgeon AcroidlnK to ii him Ihuy niu tAll
truVdunBeroua animal known i to II ali
1 ito tat hu tt1 j1 Is ponalbo
for inoro human Ills than unj other
treituro illiat1 walks on four tugs I
f fJ tlinkuf oni Kood litt why
Bhould iJOtoierateul ton feon nt
nVoiisacatcli jnir they nrpioxc ilicji by
i JrlIJv jlCS k S 2teIIf i lJpiw
Sf ttoztt TOP V SWlnttMoniiwir M
or4 icatj thnlltwoot1diotfoun1tiitot jt
M KhAWiljv vOlytuuorouloll 01 hlld
biyn7uCsonoTtlmttwlitafcaTceEr iSfaiitiSs
million mark IlllldlnlfJ landlO
This total included the following number
of representatives of various races and
nationalities Italians aIJ3 Poles iSS
S1S Jews HKO Germans lSSO 12ngllsh 1
r4 Irish S33S2 SInsyars ilSW Ulack
jAfrlcnns 4Mt > Japanese 27fS Kast Indl
an 17S2 Chinese 1770 Islander HI Co
rcuns 13
In the above 1ew tlio artist has en
deavored to visualizenpottlon of this huge I
I Invading army For moro effective av
since hue miffntsettcs held I meeting
there I
invading Amrrlians con
This force ot 1allnl
Uuffalolio Ucipi
Fists of YonnglUr
tnIttt elflClitt Wild
other name Inno laryclnllIi
Nell it uovgIrlvtott lots of letnlns and
her hunda always full o young Hailing
guns thifo Indian bucks a mnmw
band tin
thiee pappooses a cowboy
lr nIfOI
broncos and a mixed hrd of camp
lowers In the hal of actors and
captured Stratford nil
actresses eIJurlt
right at tho llrst onset 1
trash but
sill1ott kind of
The pUy Is I hllel rlndot
le imelIund
nvery scone winds up with I general
pnimlicunus org itt of BU It PI rW ll H1r I
of flrinmlU d oluutQ thug pillory Tho In
Hans too aro all dcclm out lntlio sinirtl
HIt11 pain a nil fcatherf nnd Hcixsicli
while two of them
and pound on tomtoms Whthv rtl
Iltilulild itt ll wl llllp Tlla
lllnIholllrouul 1111
I programme Mated Ihtil hut > maiiiiKeinent
paid Undo Hum 3IO I I let these I tid tons
Icomu to nneland Ii title Sum mado a
rangement of the whole the numerical or
der his not been followed Italians are
shown on 110 left iiext come the 101eI <
of Chlnanich Jews aiid so
smaller group ChlnllcnJowsalll
on through the many nationalities rcpre
l Tho Hrm hand ot the United State ad
King of the Wild West Qtganiz a
Dramatic Shooting Gallery in London
Invading American Indians
Iwadiig Amerianlldians
Delight the British Small
Boy by Gun Play
Special DKpatch
JOMION Satiirilay
Young Hutfalos stock of
S blank tOUiA cartridges nl loUlhe < lat dy 1
u shoot himself popularity in thu
cheap pilcid tiiKllih thcatieH and In
cidentally HO swell his bank account tmt
ho 1 be Hcll able to pay a barber lo
rut his hilr which ut present seems
tuho luiyond his mcano lie and his play
Kim of the Wild Vest bejrnn caieeiliitf
Theatie Stratford am
nt llin BOIUJhIhelltro Slrl torllI
woUo up that unlovely suburb with Indian
yelli1 revolver HhotH and cowboy whoops
8111IfoIIII not had ftUCtl night tJt
good trade The pappoofw though nero
ciilo and ntlsht oauly be mistaken for
Mnliama plckunlnnlct
t huvunt the HllBhlcn doubt that
liuffalo and his outllt will hae
Young urnlo utd lsoutt wi
highly protltable tlrno of It over hen ind
that they will set tluMisands of cockney
boys dreaming of th < joys of yhodllnK In
dians and other t0 nniilnw When the
play was iibout half through a boy stHlid
1 lug behind me open mouthed ant bMUh
IcAHvnskcd Ills moUier
t IstliKfoinriy moio 7
YIsIar iflll
Loth monV i
think < so
Oh good
That boy wnslhe real orlllo Oi1i
The Kilig ot
liking I bake my belief that
the VId West will have Jurt the Huccfvs
lIt was biouuht tii Etuglalti to uchluxc Hut
I cant help plt > liiR any octet Inllw com I
pany who U mm shy Ills lot will bo a hard
= 5
t SetJeofOdd Volumes aQuaint Somety i
Special Dispatch
Slledt io upsv Lfailuriay4
riIOlJOit s ° accustomed tp jjmieur
10UGIS societies that Ito ls
f pcpplo and ipialnt soccUosthntl
h at dnythlriBitovcn
supposed not to shy a ljini
wisp Ionil6nerrubbcd hia
Tin worldly lontOlerrubielil
iiiol njeiind rrailovopAiid pveivagain ho
iiihpuriciinient that the rybrd MayoyifHlf
Mlioilic oUo of
John Khlll vould i entertain 1thiScttuipf
JcUI 11 tluoIaflSIOll
OdillyplumcH1 U dInner at the
House = ic iuHpectcd a Iilddnjolcibut
the arihbmicciniiiit waji a soHoiiu ono
raarutiuat tile I old Mayor wIts icomem
l irjIHHithcI Illttrttttiranlso > wero
ltttu l
platln5jn4plViiiKcrritu I rl foi that the
1 abStcdl when i Hr wns dlscpvcrcd
W ut < a
jLq vt S
Ht tie Is a illlolt intisli 801 lily ut iiiialnl
e itu mil Unit It hai hcii In xbnuKo
klncn 1S71 tin llrst pnslilinc of tin 01
Sanlzutlon havlni Ion Iri llornard
Quailtch the blblloiiaplnr
Qiiirll Sctto ot 0111 Volumes ° iftpluln
the records whIch hold the rules nnd his
tori of tho soilcU ahull consist ot twen
ty IICi ihii llufc t18 iinUc ot olumes
of tho Vnrloium ht s1alIflS21hut
biipplemental Old Volurnis toilhu mmibr
of twentiono l lab olotod and Incorpo
rated In tho otto as xutmOos iirlsp It
nhnll bu open to the Odd Counclllpnto
electaa mcrltus Old VolliinoniuyCdtI
bupplemcntnl Aolumq who hasserid
thojcausu ot ho hctto fall to l t not I
i i
TOM than KCVII years iitid who1 Is II nut lute
by nbtiiicf Ill health orlitlicr lulllclent
caijMi turiitcnd with regularity the meet
inits of tlie iettct
r ElIcit Odd Volunio ISideslgnalcd as Ills
Ocldsiilp nnd among thu present Odd Vol
limcii aro such 1IIgIIIIII tulen of the
iVirtlstlc literary and profmlonnl llelda an I
Hlr AJfreii laSt Mr loliu Lane IrofrBFor
If5llvanu3 P Thompson DI Scot Keltlej
Mr Alfred J navies Mi HonrrH
Whentley Sir 10rn Ktl Clarke and Mr AI
thiir Plvsy while those hirmhered iimons
tlio Suiplomentar Odil olin H Include
Mi 1 chIt lln8 nll IiIKr IMwnrdiulll
Jnincs vhii Mr Frnmpton Mo tyn PljKottiVnd Sir loiirgo
0I I 11
ministration was fhown in this S4J7pnllcn
mhIISItIIOtWllH erel Polygamlnts 2
debarred There were polSlmlI
lehI10I 1hIe
nnarchlslH lid ht1hots Inibecllvs and feebleminded
minded ISOInsane 9 professional beggars
Jln ll
It paupers 2471 persons with diseasesV
6WpcrHons likely tobecome public cliarscs
ahdl3K contract laborers
False Alarms of Fire wjlh Amazing
Rescues Are Features of Bril
isli House Parties
Special Dispatch
LUXIIUN Saturday
The time has now arrived for what
Is termed the autumn
socially speaking
and with Ittho usual
titian campaign t10
round of country house parties I vras
Lord Itosebery who once tnld tliiU liiK
land Is becoming the playground and
plalsnnce < if thivplutocracy of all nations
One thIng Is certain and that Is that It Is
the American or AnsloAmerlcan UHt
cstes who have clone most to liven thlnKn
up In London and in the country lUl
host and iiuiot for tilurtwUIJI
aro now considered julte out ltlilo
uhen she goes to the country slit takes
with her a troop of servant tutu
itimisninrnt lucre Is of ioiii > e hrlilgc I
that maihlcnlng gamo jig waw anil now
11 lowly ruvi vii puller Society lives II
gamble and par ut It gambles to ti >
bin mule lattchitg and acting areKonii
llmcs Ill OtVhlCI In any cast late hours
Aru Kciivrnlly Die nile and tile evening Is
U tin wound up un tit practical Jokos all
I regular rough anil tumble Thu lady
wno WI lIes In IhoTlter under tliep > uii >
ilijliyjnu X itll of some aimifnguc
Ii I ICeS which Khe has witnessed at cer
tain country house parties Sometimes the
eiiys an alarm or Ira Is jjlvwi Inlho
middle of the jilslit and fur tin men of
the pifty tonscuoHID JulleIIrh and
1111 ChIll In the scantiest alllre Is reckoned
a charming dlvvrslon Then lIOCIS lout I
each guests belongings 1n moved huu
sbino onpelsoft roomnnd boxes lilt rlflcil
the contents ot oh Ill tOtS upiet ur tin llom
uiidlivlien bedtime come the confusion Is
of COIl rae absolute A cut It ill llttiu >
hum befu put Into a girls bed 1 to id
Into an old ladys till a dull dressed UI
biby inlolhlolo a bachcloi IIK V
Hie put on faces whltli peei jountl Set CellS
ami even fiom undor drosslns tables In
fact the wind 11l bn mild ono II
apply lo some of 111 best known coinUry
inansloiis uf ICnglund
IrICUrl1 daylight nmuiMiiiiilH are
Juft as NuJto At oim smait lumsc
a gjmklvini lsli Id at whl h Uir
woinim bllnilfokludiVuiuiilrlvviiround tlni
lawn In vltibou IJai lujsit lit couiao
marked mil by idtt Itt iIIt flit i > otllis In in
tOtter tlonkoy ildtv to ate got up thv
women J riding astride fltierln lights i > r
i Special Illspntch I
JoMioSi Saturday
IE hclenllllc world will ultls helhc
Till by the relliemenl fiom aetlve
life of two > prominent men One H
Sir Vllllam Christie the A lrom > mer
Uo > al and tho other Sir Patrick Mamon
who holds thn important lIst of luttll Ui
aal er to 1 Uolunliil Ollicu
Sir Vlllltim Christie Iilf foity years
hu hIShclIlllbI < i seiii many new
worjd added to human kiii vlidge Till
proiucsH mridi 0 hI hIlt ItIliUtTI I 111 tIIJlJi
att Sir William In thn cou > e ot an Inlcr
lew Is hardtoY tuto catalogue IruI
f > I
> iI J
I ii
1 i 1JI
I SfflBILeEffTTO J J J r 1 ir1l4 I i f 1 N JI f iJii 1
I p n i < Wr fil 1jf t J 1 5 i
IJU N nu PI 0 P E R A C ihfl t In
JjiEiliGft 4 ff Ii tlt l m ljtl f t j i1 t Ii I J 111ij 1 ti lrt l 1
I 1
r t l1 Iw p I
V tJhW U f f
Insists on Choosing His Own > tr I f11I f t1 i r
Company and Personally F il1i Jt tt ti Ii m
Conducting Rehearsals JJ7 1 it Im ititlwn1 m I
m J 1
I a fi xm 1fi i I
Ii iJi t m
ff 5fii j 1 1
Aiss Constance Collier Is Coining ti
I H flJI tti
to New York to Star Under Mr Jivth li I I iij 1ff
Charles rrohirnnb ian igcment II 11i I r jffiAm
0 W
= tI I I1i r
1 t JI i
Spcclil Dlsmtch t 1 al tJj it i I I
i g1t1j 4
LONIJOK Saturday i t1W
Sir W S Gilbert has received a tempting i 1i i
J1 I t ii f Y1i
offer to direct a revival of Gilbert and ii Ji jriittiU II p
a > J IliJri t
Sullivan operas hi the United Ktates rl tt Ljl 1 t f 1 i
Although lie Is more than seventy years j j f i
old his ago does not ilctcr him from ac A iB r ffiili > tmi 1
cepting It but what he will Insist on Is i < i1ffoj t I ffi ttl ilj i
J I1 JI rl
that ho nhnll be allowed to choose his iL it 14 rut I I
jown company select his own musical < itr 1 d I tOt j II
directors superintend tho lostumes and tt ilp jm I
scenery and personally conduct the re 1 j I t 1 ff
hearsals Otherwise ho will not go Ir JI I 11 1I I i 1111j
Tim great librettist has had a some > it I II r r
what bitter experience American imal I k I
tlcntmerit of his operas says M A 1 I 1 z tt f it 1 jt iJf I li
With one exception he anti Sit Arthur d7 f IJn
1 l
I Hulllvan never got a pnn out of all the < uiiAmucpc tijS1rt4
thousand if pel formancci of theIr to UI Its 5 1 W
In tiio United Htalex Tlniexccptlon was r S lk t rllil I f II Ii f
a Bo ton nianiRer who sent CIO < ich to r m W I fil
the composer and llbreltlKt J 1 I BA I l 4 I 1Thj
I Sllfs Conslnneo Collier Is about to start < < 1 1 f l Y tl I
for New York to star under Mr Cliarlcs I d 1jd
I Krohmnn mamtcimnt Per home rcjton I J
I Ah Krohnnh nntH tin n imu of the plai W m r
jkept secret That Ipnlcs as If lie were slv t I II f ° f t m 1 1
I ns his pre i agont a helping hind with T lOIVi iI I J 1 oj W
mystery paragraphs Whrn 1Is Collier I 1t1 j 4 unI11 I 1jl I
and her husband Mr Julian IEstranso 1 l i h f l tf
return to London next spring they hope U i II i ej 1 t ti1H Hi ift
III lease a thcHtri of their own tojmanage iIYf lrI If
and net in AY vVe1l II lI JJ 11 1 J
The IGail of Yarmouth has closed his j t 4lj rI 1 jl 1 JY
engagement as actor nuititor nlanhther it jrt J8 jl iI r
Hip Court Theatre The Karl sings land > tr < Wli f tI h t
dance1 better than most members of the ri j0 j4 l 1 I i i
House of Lords < i2JWir It1 11 U H < LilbIOJ
McllyllHlV Morality > 11 v 1 j 1 jU
Ir 1
In The Man from the Sea llio Bishop 1 I f11 I j 1n 11
t i i
denounces the Jellyfish morality of hoc r nr
pre > ant day Arc not even Jcllynsh to be fgJjIt 4i Ii J II It jt
> J Itl I
scandal Tj
exempt from tlie tongue of nndal J
At lIe LyrliS Theatre they are beating 11 I I fl I tj 4 I
all records In the way of long distance f
advance booking Tile I oIlcan Is authority I o
for the statement that the other day a r I I fJ m fj h
ulock of scats was sold for the perform 1 d iii1 t 1 G 4 I i
htc1 L Q
nice of The Chocolate Soldier to be l 1 11 1 I IJ
there September 9 1311 J 01 I > tf 1JfI Jlll lV
BlVen on
h 1 L i 1
< > iul t1 1
For tlio last few weeks Mr Henry t
Arthur Jones has been down In Sussex t tli t V ° tj r t Iff t
tit the Ileacon Hotel In Crowborough i Ji i 1i1 t 1 4 fi1
finishing up his new piny which Is to be iipf I41 I4tI
llrst given in America Mr Jones himself I i I W1jt
will go over in about a month tosuperin 4 J m i lift j 0 i
tend Its production and whilothcro PpnV mp I I j1 1 I It
ably will avail himself of several invitations i er f i1 tl i1ll fll
J if rt f ° rJ nJ
lions to deliver collegelectures It ll
Mr Harry Lander can have but small l 1 I i j U I 1 lf
pcnye of humor off tho btaRc states > t I t I J HI fflJ
London Opinion to whine about man 3 > j t r ° t3 1 11
ager being unsportsmanllkoIn1 not cancel j 1 I j I l1
ling his cOlltrnet so that ho might Ill II < 0 7 < i
n t r
mi I1 j tr i
even larger ones elsewhere 1 v ti l Rt
Mr Iauder says the managers are set J l 1 i
Ing all his young life iind energy without t l Jt f l j tJ
giving anything In return I lou ahuIII ail f 1 t 1 I t q 0
them thousands of dolLars he received i it l
ot tI I
HcoMy In America I < t I tx I > 1 m
Mr Iyn Harding Is also ambitious to i t t 1f
lierambn West Knd actormanager It lie 4 I i fj l I 1 d I lit i
doesnt gel a theatre of hisown he tliteat 0 1 < < 0 rl f
It I W 1
somehow and present C 1 I
itn to get even 1 l I
t i W1l
ShiikvEpoare In the provinces Ii I 1 I t tIut t t
In 11 lrtteit lets Inthe Dally TclcBraph c f 1F t ti ° 1V
iiitislo 1 1 4 J t I
Mi Seymour Hicks describes tho 4 i I d 1 I
hall stago as ndomain bounded Oil Ihe I I9 I lfI lti 1 J
11111 LIt by an acrobat on the south by a 1 ij 11 q tIti IJiIIJi
ensl vciitrllpciulst L i h Z 1 j I l
conjurer on tie east iiy a I f4 t I
tutu on tin went byft troupe of performlhii < It4 r
r I
logs Mr licks thoughtlessly neglects to z i r ft 41
satisfy our curiosily and tell us which 1 < t 1 if lt if 1 iJ1fil
d j lli1i
section of the stage he Is wont to ap Ii i I If > i II I H
lIlt op I I i 4 tu H 11 t
Iliiillly Vrisns llu Sfnl I 1 1I1 ll 1dt J
While Air Georgo Orossinlth was playing I VM I 1 l a b
Ids roll lit a wouldbo thief In Our 118 S JJ1IIf
I l t I t f1
nlnlit real ono got into IIM 44
UilbbK the oilier II I pile rf lAlftlml
Ills tilt it ltIlIlltti and 1111111 iiulto u ra 1 F t I j t Po l t
ill I tnhie iii Ill iip of his Jewelry If it I I i 1 t I lm l1 M
V 1
wiMivnot forMr Croismltlid sex tills story tfl 1 > f j 1 k i t
tvoiild somehow foutul ratio r familiar 0 11 > I4I m j4I tiAit
Miss Lena Ashwell Is going to America i 1f tJ I JI I t itl
al allcn to play thus gloomyilierolne in J i ik ryhl n i 11 m
Mr Chavlcs Milillans Tlio Hlrlln 5 tlIJ 1i1 J ti i Jhi t f I 1
ieopieVThe playyus nfailure InIn 7t 1 it I 17t 14 jj
loii hut that doesnt Mlgnlfy She wlllbe J ft CJ1 b
iniler the manasemout of Mr C lure tl iJS Iif ml a
I t J
v d e nl I
Iyicr v I I it
In iMsen sinRtiioprice of thcntre tickets i ° i t t1 n I j f > A rt
J ilr tletl itt Tiob saysi U have nhvays I1t l Ti4 J h 1 G
idvoinifd cheap priced so its for cntcrr + 11 I ro
k d r
I iilnnioiilH which vaivnnpriltu have clicip i1I > it i
I irliiK You lutva Ill 111W KiiBllsh Loot at a i fr ia Irt 1i t 11 aI
erluin ptleu and Importid < iiallty at a I I f l i 1rtitii
I ill tIIO price Doth are excellent1 J J Jg tff
I Unrortuiiatoly there Wnii pure food laiy f 9 h j > I 1 1 Jtr 1 J it ttt
11111 nilmi Ito I tlotil fare aud Voll liuva J < 4T i i 1
ti lake llio nlaiiaBcrs wbril ais 10 whdheri n 1 d I k S tj k1 htl
Out S beef Isprimeinnot 0 0 Ih I J C1tJ 1t f Irn ijl l 1 I IL It
i I 4 1j ij
IIIIQ powiror lnsiniiiii 4 has ilItcI II j > 4 Ir < fi1it 1t il g
cli giwitly lull liifcvtlniiie S ifUV pliptos Ji diJ l fJfi WI >
raphy Imfi Itccii liVouglii Into UHe iiiil lf tH k i W ft
knowleilKi 1111 lIlt It 1 ittlktlt lit bcaliro fYAI IJ1 i II
I tiol JIll ilIiTciloniTIio grcjit thlnj 1011 11i I Ii I
hcih the Iiurftdiiciloii of photography U < HJ i tv0lj4 I uj 1
I was In KTJ In Jlii iliiysuf IhV iijir > i LlIIJ 1 ° li I HJ f I
IIhI that I llrst nieil to got a iiiiiiim JI IIf I 1113 it > 1it e r
IItt sun I ion thin llmti I ilIIlI1 1111 i fn ut1f
H > i ipln mil IIIM inu n pliuici 1111 I I its iv I it IIO
II Hurl < ablo fPlIs that havi spi it Illl i Y p I r T iI Mlftf
from tin IWO of p loli IlrlIY nr oIUP I J l io II Ii J II1 dft 1 1
lilr illtrij lui Illili > f nipl i 11II III 1111110 rJ i9 ut t flji S J 1I iJIH
IStl110 I i JI 1r ff r J 1 I
sirntriJi 11111lIn who Is slxI I Ic l ci Vj 1ff <
1 Iarrt of agela lit I liltoto II tilt IL I I I It ittIi r1 j ° iI JjtII
ipulst ialiv of Ills 11118 litit lIt hlen 0 > t9 f k j JI
voied to tIll warfoi It nliist he miilurltl ifl iN
niOMiuItc To Mm 0 tIll iI till ito 0 alunbh I 1 It l I 8l1ui1 j
11I lIllY thRt II 111rt110111r lrJIIIill I1 I f J fi i lt I I 1J
I H Iu ilt ti1 luc lu tIU IICttI s or I i1 r 1iX m t h
1 I 11vl1
the Insect I ti J 1
J > h I
0 i 1 1 silJili u I
c si N
fi I I 1 R 1I 1 i J1f tf1l
1 kllf 4 JSr 1E JiI IJ 1 i i t

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