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r = = = = = = DESERET 7 N N s STUBiDflSg tjOCTOBER jfl5 if 0
HirnanAY evenings meeting of
T the tabernncle cholr was a
1 peclally IntcVestlng occasion I
A for the blngers ns tho nowjy
ru SlycnnILrc
Delved records were
talking machine by
e1iaFun the
f Jniigcr Daynes of the DaynesBeebo
jiulc company under whoso direction
he records were taken for the Colum
Wi Phonograph company of New
1 on
The machine wusllrst
llicXreslllenl > fctiind In front of tho
l1ll1luttcn urdu un 1110 M
r alJerr tho clcct runl lhJ
B cntlul x lu > Ilg atL uJ t culy
1 t cuiild not be heard there The
c glvenlnclulcd Ir offi
S <
jrlictnn the lleljll1
Gfd Lombardl Light
rn riH I lulnlll <
iJiiaiiiiili 1 > J tho choir
ruth JJolnlal 110
with the Bach U minor fugue on tho
tho and the
1iof SlcClellnn
rcan 111 lceleIaUII 1
C i lie Sna > Wlllard Welhe on tho
violin The PCItoimalices were very
lolilhOlcrfunlanl9 of sound
Mtlfacwiy OIIIIO
Illlng the great lheraelelu < IOlul
IHlngtw titi itMi In
fict I IM SI 1IIedaM to llrwr
rilH ltuI u Ihe
tabernacle iccords ubICle
ln cerucunls
M has been Indicated In The News
Sweetheart proved
the IJllU Oypsy Swuethuiilt
the favorite and won a salvo
i prime The Hallelujah Chorus
ot niplauso rle JuIelujah <
1 htiffcicd from being broken In two
tho cxlra soprano note nl the close of
the first hcctlyn creating
merriment Trio double fortcs > of the
choir us reproduced nindo It very ap
larcnt that no one In body
slntcrs did any soldiering for these
dll tny
tortes were like the rushing of a
mights ld perhaps a little loi
rushing nt time when they suggest
ed fiinptoms of a hurricane However
this might be referred to as n fea
ture rather than a fault and can bo
I4easily Honed down In future per
formances The organ number was
particularly good and when tho Bach
fuucIHr recorded again with arrange
ments to catch tho heavier pedal
notes the effect ought to bo clectrl
filng Mr Wclhos violin performance
was decidedly pleasing Conductor
Stephens sild It was remarkable how
5 the lollnlit and Prof SlcClellan nt
1 the organ kept together when neither
j could OP each other one being Insldc
the organ
Pnif < Stephens also made an nn
i noun l eht that was decidedly grntl
O > lnK It was that In the course of
the ncxl30dnrs the phonograph
comimny would send out Its
expert to this city again for
further experimental recording of
choir and urgin numbers Tho
icsulta ant had exceeded Ill
I ft dilations so much that further effort
t In this line wna considered fully war
5 ranted With the present records the
has to be quickened considerably
ter poIo II nallcr
ably liejoad that In which It was taken
I l > y tlc choir so to that extent they
could hardlyiho called correct But the
company was preparing n X tlmo to
fftpfrd jvlh14 nch plates which
would extend the duration of per
i formanceone minute nt least Prof
Stephens wai rather < iproscd to the
I Lombardl lrecSll oing out ns the
organ accompaniment hnd been
f practically eliminated b > distance
whereas the organ bupplles the har
mony foundation for the singing of
this mimher which la largely In
melodic unison Howover It Is urged
tol tthe record go as on Instance of
unaccompanied ensemble singing
technically known as A cappclla
a feature In choir blnging which la
more or leas frequent noticeably n
the CathoUcseceyol Daynes le
I vcs that by locating tho recording
machine above the organ and with
three or four trumpet connections
the entire uigaa ensemble can bo se
cured also In choir recording by ad
ding a third trumpet to bo extended
from tho oigan console where tho ma
chine Is placed Into the organ the full
uluc of tho organ accompaniment to
the singing will be secured TTie
unsatisfactory records proofs ot
hlchweronol sent on were the
Jnflamniatus tho anthem Unfold
le Portals the Soldiers chorus by
tho choir nnd the Traumerel
tMIgnon and patriotic nlra Iithe
organ The jnnammatus failure was
duo to the too light organ recording
and the other two choir numbers
failed of perfect record owing to de
fects In tho wax platesl The coming
record tnklnR a looked forward to
i swlth deep lnterest
Tho personnel of l reorganized
choir o St Slarks cathedral Is as fol
ligullstAII Peabody choir
PcahI clofr
director Gcorgo I King choir
mother SIISH I Burton
Crudfers and Servers
ruclera nn1 ScIYelsGeolg
Plcrcj Oliver Kltchle Harold pluf
pPlerC Weston Hlchl Huoll Pyko
Soi < ranos = Mrs CJertrudo Murray
6 6
Slissisiorf SIlss Loulso Osuorne Miss
ilsiibel Osborne Slis W A Jluttan
SIlss A Burton Sirs Ilogle
Altos Mrs W V Adams Mrs
Thomas Wise
lii iiiiWJ
Tenors Plilllp Lamson VA TUit
nB E Lanison
I Bassos T K Harper Thomas
Wise Sir Wood Joseph Oswald
Mtislc Committee Dean Colladav
exofflclo T 13 Harper J T
Treasure The cdiolr meets fpr practise
Filduy evening lS oclock
Several speolnl tabernacle organ re
citals havo been given this week In
entertainment of distinguished IMI tors1
the performers being Assistant Or
ganists ICImball nnd Tracy Cannon
At tho concert to bo Riven by Slme
Linn Lchmnnn and her quartet of
slngcrsifrom Europe which occurs nt
tho Salt Lake theater November 2nd
I n alkcTof nfclros ie ollvAII W Chunler and proTmbly tho
ttall ol woman In tho i vor tnt i lu
1 t
1 t 1
r 1
I 16 1
0 0
Her larJcr Crfealn the Pacific
Coiu > t Muitlciil n YI li1he last let
ter 1 had from him secmed to show
that he felt the cI llil near for hIlt
he writes O If 1 can only live long
enough1 to finish my now oratorio
Alary trlnnernS to have been
Ills piece < io resistance and I hope
that I can Induce his wife to allow
mo to do the work ns much as Is
finished this winter
John Philip Souta comments on Wag
ners hold on the public In the October
1 leonc of the most notable In
stances of the popularity of out music
Is the populnilty of Wagner Wagner
tho composer who was first heralded ns
the writer ot marvellously complex
hiill Intricate works which could only
be understood by the advanced mnsl
danls now demanded by popular
audiences o I rarely play a program
without a Wagner number and my
band has In Its icpertolrc irractlcally
everything which Wagner has wilttcn
This means that tho public demands
not only the beautiful melodies like
the Rvenlng Star Prelslled
Bridal March from Lohengrin The
Spinning 6ong otc but nlso11 de
llghtpd to hear thC complicated
music Otho KnlFermarch Tris
tan and IM lie and Parsifal The
reason for this Is that Wanner was
one of the moat Inspired of all com
posers and was the greatest composer
of duimatlo mulc In fact In a forth
coming book I have made tho state
ment that If I were l send u mis
sionary orchestia to a people who
Knew nothing mU lcforlho pur
pose of making converts T should
havo tho orchestra commence upon
them with Wagners Hide of the
The music for Sunday at tlic Phillips
Congiegntlonnl ehuich will bo ns fol
lows Moinlng Organ pi elude Shelly
anthem Sing Unto tho 1lelude Adams
unison ctoolr with quintet Evening
Prelude Schubert anthem Tlio Morn
Ing Light Is Breaking Wilson duet
SIlKCH Edith Walker nnd Marie kobe
offertory Mrs Emily Sltzer choir
At St Marks ealhodinl Sunday
morning the piogram of last Sunday
IIIn repeated by request with these
numbers added To Deum Ing fiat
Woodward for offertory anthem
Ilojolce Yo Pure in Heart Snyder
with soprano and nlto solos from Miss
Osboine and Mis Adams
Prof W A Welzell music super
visor nt Uic public schools Is sending
In teachers of the second to eighth
glades outlines of Instruction In tech
nical and tonal olktothhd grade
teachers suggestions In study of tho
First muslo reader to teachois of tho
louith grade a continuation of music
reader study and to fifth grade teach
em lines of ntudy In the Second imiMc
leader Prof Wetzcll U meeting with
nctlvo and sympathetic assistance fioni
the teachers of the public school
Festival day will be celebrated In the
Jinvlsh temple Slonduy evening next
with singing by the clilldions choir
under the direction ot Silas pill Itolh
sclilld with Kilos finm Sirs Hammer
and Charles ICentt
Tho Musical Ixmder of Chicago pub
lishes n portrait oil Us cover which Is
sOm IIC 1111101 M Youngtho ticulploi
an to deceive his friends It would 11
readily pass for the Salt Lake nrtlst
lI high school baud is organized
for the cm rent school year by Con
ductor D L Chrlstensen with 15 play
ers as follows 2lutes I E Hat and
13 B tnt clarinets I saxnphones
cores 1 m meloplioncu slide trom
bones i euphoneuma a tubas and
drums By another year Sir Chrls
tciiscn proposes to try for an alto and
buss clarinet i nnd one ort bassoons
nnd perhaps an oboe An obstacle In
tho way of uslnj these Instruments Is
tho cost which thcv school board
mUht bilk at Tho hUlltlstlll tho
boys who are to piny them will boahlc
to bear pint flhe expense them
selves ns these Instruments nro nil
valuable to tho players and often good
porfoimers on them have no difficulty
In securing remunerative band posi
tions ns Sir Housa has remarked Tho
high hchool boys arc beginning well
but tho annual dllllculty Is being en
countered In persuading halt of the
band boys that they are not specially
called to play cornets or trombones I
tho boys nil had their pwiv way usto
what InstruniantH they would choose
the band OI1 bo made upoftho
two Instruments named w > t 1 <
Sir Chrlatciiscn In organizing also a
military band nt the University At
present ho has se lreIJ frletlIB
nil clailncts 2 melophoncH i3c trom
honea 1 cnphonoum tubim 2 > drums
JTo wants a piccolo E Hat clarinet 2
more molophones nnd f many n
fiat clarinets as ho can gotI1fi
I t
ThoibandflB > tovbc made a part ot tlfo
departments of music It makes Its 1
virgin appearance this atteinon at tho
lootballi game and ltBconluetor1
thought tho hand would do well con
sidering thcro have boon but three ro
hcarsalfl The Unherslty will not bo
obliged to depend on Fort Douglas
hereafter for Its 1 music
At the Catholic cathedral Sunday the
S oclock service will Include an Inter
esting organ program from Miss Glen
son AtUw9 oclock service SIlss
SlartllaJames will itK Tho tHSI
City In response to general request
At tho 11 oclock service the dedication
tion music will bo largely repented
Including Gounods ICydle Slogans
llni from the Twelfth Mass
Fiests Credo Gounods Sanctus
leiIN CJ < Snncls
nnd Agnus Dl For tho offertory
SIlss Irmn Stewart will Int Slercan
dnntqs Avo Mm la Solemn post
Ifical high mass will be vjlvcn nt this
service The ncdeinptorlst fathers
from St Louis begin their mission In
the evening continuing this dally for
two weeks
Sir Cannon officiated nt the oivan
Ibis noon In the Congregational
church for the Lynch wedding
Organist Tracy Cannon ot tho First
Presbyterian church will play prior to
Sunday moriiinct servlcn Andante In
E flat Mcrkel Communion Bat
iste Melody In F nubliistcln of
The olwcll ln Glee club gave a vocal entertainment last Saturday evening In Whitney hal that was con
sidered > jlerhaps the best appearance tho organisation has ever made Thoro were 20 singers nttlred all In full
evening dress led by Prof Anton Pederscn and tho thoroughness of their drill was very manifest nil through tho
well selected program The tone Intonation picclblon vigor ur attack and balance could hardly havo been bet
tered Tho entho performance was nr tUtlc nnd gave marked satisfaction
n n nn
under tho direction of the Graham
music bureau Tho Pcislnn Garden
composed by Slmc Lehmann will lie
tendered ILWIII open the program on
this occasion with Slme ilal
tlle piano Sir Gralinm his extended
bpeclnl rates to certain Karts of tho
house for all students of music In
cluding tho students of the depart
ment of music In tho various educa
tional Institutions In O thecity
A Salt Luke Sunday paper recently
copied a note fiom an eastern
magazine aylng that Prof Lund of
the I Y U of Provo has been Invited
T Yo f
vited to Join the faculty of tho c New
Kngland Conservatory ot Stuslc In
OMnurli as this was published In The
Saturday News somo time ago tho
Sunday paper baldly need to have
gone so far from home for Its Infor
Tho festlvnl music nl the Jawlsh
temple during tho celebration of tho
Atonement vras imuMinlly line being
furnlshcd by the regular choir nnd
Thomas Ashworth Is once more lead
er ot tho First ward choir wlhIO
good voices under his baton
Every Sunday evening at 711 I
quartet composed ot Romania Hyde
violin nnd leader Jeannett Thomp
son viola Howuid Anderson
violin nnd Slorrls Frewcek
clarinet will furnish music nt tho
Flr tTKchureh Tho piogram to
morrow wHIle A Slumber Song by
W 1 Greene and Humore riie by
Anton Dvorak
Frltzl Scheff comes Inlie West
iMid theater on Monday night fOIn
weeks engagement In The Sllkndo
With n s Illwhul different cast fiom
that seen nt tho Casino in the spilnp
glghy Bell will be tho Mikado ana
3rank Hushworth the Nan hi Pooh
Concerning tho lato Jilllan Kdwardi
i V i J
XO4ii4Wa1s Ofiera in English I
fMB NORDICA left forParis
yesterday pays tho Now York
Herald to sing Isolde at tho
1 Grand per House Boforo
the Kaiser WJIhelm II cunlod the
American prlma donna awny she de
clared herself In favor of tinging grand
opera here In Kngllsh and she was try
Ing to peisunde Mr Andreas Dippe to
try It with the newly formed Chicago
Opera company
His high time we took the step
saltl tho singer America abounds
with native ailifts of major rank yet n
national splrIltorthe production o
grand opera seems not to exist Grand
opera affairs here nro administered < hy
foreign Impresarios and managers nnd
the artists engaged by our big grand
opoia companies nro foiclgners
Thousands listen to grand opera
without knowing a single word of what
is sung To thoroughly appreciate tie
spirit of an opera It Is necessaiy for
the hearer to understand tho words ns
well as to hear the music
Whom would you suggest ns an
American cast for Tristan and Isolde
J iea Royle s Books and
Plays Keefi well to the Front
sun of protpeilty evidently
Till to hhlne upon tho
inthxvay of Ned Roylc the Utah
dramatlbt A recent letlei from
him dated nt his Wickiup at Darion
Conn to a member or The News start
Mates that he K Just In receipt of a
mossngc from Hanover Gel many stat
ing that thn German adaptation of
Tho Squaw Man called there Im
Wllilen Westcn was a rousing suc
cess and that the German adaptor had
been called out after the last act amid
house Ihu tiememlous checilng of a el filled
Four American companies one Eng
Ilsh company and one In South Africa
will be presenting Tho Squaw Stan
next season all paying loyalty to ho
n thol Tho November number o
Scribncrs Mngisine announces that tho
n u
ifcrtory Or r irIIID tZit
lerbat Postlude C Fanfare Lemmcns
Conductor Wclho of the Orpheum
Is arranging Tchalkowskla
orchestra Jchullw3kls
1812 Overtmo for Ills orchestra nnd
organ Including chimes In the gal
lerlcH nnd cannon crlho stage I
will bo nulto a suggestion of tho 187G
peace Jubilee conducted at Boston by
the late P S Gllmore
Chicago s out with Its irflnlto announcement
qliclgllaoutwHl laSnnltonn
nouncement regarding the premiere of
its new Opera to open on November
3 with Alda Tho cast will Include
Sladames Karolowlc ll1oClsniioa
and Sfessrs Zorola and Sammarco
Slary Garden will make her Chicago
debut as Slellsando In Pelleas nnd
Kvan iAlhulalii receipt of n com
munication from Glyndwr Blchaids
conductor of the Mountain Ash mens
chorus notifying him of a successful
engagement nt Toronto The singers
also received strong commendation
from noted local musicians for the
good work done
In 111 article written for tho Vienna
Neno Frcle Prcsse Felix Wolngnrtner
leninrks When any mention Is innrlo
of Mozart tho vnrlil ojxms Its e es In
admiration but stays sit homo when
his works nro perfoimed
St Oullmnnt the most fniiinna of
French organists hail tho degree of
doctor of music eonferied on him last
summcl hy the University of Slnnches
tcr William C Karl who visited him
1 few weeks ago found him as ho re
lates In The Atufcicnl Courier In tho
host of health all active as over
While I WHS II the Gullmant villa ho
would work all the moriilngcomc down
woul1 al to his study
to dojounor nt noon leturn
nl2und then continue Htondlly until
oclock the dinner hour After din
ner wo would retlro to tho music room
Ahon ho would piny from the workn
of Buxtehude Grlgnoy Coui > crln and
other of tho old classics seldom heard
Then again he would treat us to one of
his Improvisations still as marvellous
is over llu has orchestrated Ills eighth
I Minatn for organ and orchestra mid I
nlio <
rsnn <
I had the jileisuie of looking over the
manuscript with him last week Tho
work has been most cleverly dole and
I inn sure will product n profound Im
Victor Herbert more than two years
ago undertook to wilto a iiiml opeia
ut the request of Oscar Hiimnierstoln
Now that Mr Hammcrstcln Is no long
er in tho field Sir Dlppel has secured
the opera for his Philadelphia season
and great things are expected of It
The name of the opera Is Nntomn
Mr Hcibert saya of It
Although I did not realize how
heavy task I had taken on my hands
when I agreed to romposc the music to
Air Beddings beautiful llbietto my
enthusiasm never waned thioughout
the long strain in writing the score I
believe the raro opportunity has becn
given 10 to present to an American
audience n truly grand opera When I
wii studying ycais ago In Germany
ail Franco I observed how tho audi
ences followed each note of the music
and Its application to every word of tho
lyrics This Is not tho InvtiiliVblo cus
tom hero tthero the heavier operas arc
given In languages foreign to the ina
Joilty of the auditors I hope that each
notii of inusle In Xntoma mnv come
over tho toot htslnr fall upon tho
oar of tho listener bearing with It the
full value oC tho word to which It IB
wedded If this can bo accomplished
then I feel stuo that our audiences will
experience n genuinely novel pleasure
as pxtrons of grand opera
for Instance TMme Nonllca was asked
I would suggest Mr niccnrdo Alur
tln tenor ug David Blspham barl
tu tlr Bobcrt Boss basso Mine
Loul e Homer contralto and myself
as the sopivno Mmo Norcllca replied
Would I not be Interesting to have
that opera produced In Uugllsh by
puiely IIOtUCC artists But there
seems to buuo American Impresario
with spirit enough to attempt It I am
doing what I can to bring It about
Because o tho lack of appreciation
o our American artists who are equal
In ovoiy respect to foreign singers our
Ameilcan abroad
AmelclnNlngerNnrolldn nhrolt
wheie their art Is approclaled Uerlln
for instance listens to many Ameri
can singers each season both in grand
and light opera
Tristan and Isolde will In produced
three times In Paris Its first appear
ance taking place on October 10 Mr
Ernest Van D Iewho created tho
role of Parsifal nt Bayieuth will sing
Tilhtnn Mine Nordlcn never beforo
has sung Isolde In French although
sho has sung It ran times In German
Slio will return the second week In Nov
ember to prepaie for her engagement
with the Boston Opera company and
for concert work
third edition of The Silent Call tho
book foim of sir Boyles new play
has boon published The play will bo
done by llcblcr Company Now
Vork some time beloic Inn L
Mr Ilnylo Is also under contract to
write a play for ttlaw t ISrlanger In
which Gcorgo Baban will be starred
Mr Heban Is an actor who his como
Into piomlnonl notice of late and Mr
lloyln thinks he has a groat career If
ho gets tho proper vehicle Tho Silent
Call In book form has Just been Is
miod In London by tho Hnrpnrs and
tho London Times suysi Thin Is a
sequel to The White Sinn tho Eng
lish nanio for The Squaw 1H and
thn author or that successful play of
the wehlshows imuh restrained power
as a novelist and gives In his cowboy
talk another icfrcslilng Insight Into
tho nmarlng ovpreoslvciiess of t ho Eng
lish language
r8 ltrtkfi8 ft6fFif
Special Correspondence
12W Y rlOct r This
weeks newspapers nnd pros
pectuses of coming events aro
l tilled with tho names of Utah
girls who have made places for them
selves In tho dramatic profession First
comes Maude Adams hovnlhc
seen In the famous Chanticleer ut
the Kmiriro theater on Broadway
about Janunty llrst She and John
Diew seem to have tho rlghlaofway
at that famous house The less
notices of Ada Dwyor llussell speak
most highly of her work In the new
play The Deep Purple It lt now
running In Chicago but tho theatri
cal profession expects to 1bru iI I
to Broadway within tho next few
months 1
Sallle Fisher as you already know
fnl vaudeville for this sciuum Her
choice wns 1 wirprlso to many of
her friends but Mm has a lovel lheld
and knows what Is bestfor her She
l 1f
> i
was cast 011 leading womans part
In Tho Girl In tho Train and Sir
Dllllngham would havo featured her
In that production had tho contiact
been closed Along camo another
manager however with a big salary
and a vaudeville tour In his hand o
UR Fisher clo cd with him I tho
wheel of tho circuit rolls In tho direc
tion of Salt Lake as she hopvs It may
do you will have an opportunity to
charming voico at Its best
hear 1 het one
worthy of grand opera
VIolA Pratt Gillette Is still out with
Thn Beauty Spot company and 18
filling engagement In the larger east
ern cities Lisle Leigh Ir for O
week after a successful ll < tour
at Bochester Syracuse eland
Tolldo andCnmden Her r Slrs
Sara Alexander plays a small part JI
the sketch nnd her long experience
Is greatly appreciated Us Leigh Is
lorlunato Ili < crlillhalllgherns I
mcmbcrfif the company
lrUHIlls J K Bnmborgcr and
family are located for the winter at
I I I I rI 2 I j I f
DE PtIJiht d 4 I lfII 11
r o I J j r Hpt
It I i r W I r II
IJ U S T If i f i J 1
j I I
r lf 1
1 m f
D 4 t Ili I
1 I tUSmg n Ji l iql Ir ft
If rJl j ii t i d
T LL gt i I t f bJ pi
N l
I f tL f I irljif t t 3 JL f I jf 11
0 S h W1iI tl 1 I 11 i I I I
i h If
i J
I iF 1
1 lff l f Jf 1
1f 11 t1 ti f
n t t i MU cJ 1111 i
LUW M m 1 f JW m jl tfrl d 1
l fi t i
j I tl 4r1 jt
qr I ti i
i7i i mn 1mMtmj f
he Waldorf the daughter being In
school and the nous engaged In uusl
less Sirs Bambcrgvr who Is always
ictlvo in vomant woik will tlnd tlnu
from her many social duties to assist
IiI home of tho chailtlcb for which she
1M well known and In the Ittttermcnt
of womans cause In general
Also at the Waldorf Is Sirs Sillier
vidow of tho lato Judgu Miner shu Is
Ivlng for the winter at this famous
> lncp for west In people having with
icr her granddaughter Margin ct SIc
Clurf who will specialize In somo
studies In one of the private schools
ot tho city
Elcrle Walker of Canada with
Older J H Klcld of Kcho City who
invo filled threo yearn mlbslons In Ilol
nud and Germany rctuined yesterday
uid today nro sight seeing and making
ireparatlons for their dcpartuie to their
homes In the west
At the Bolmont Sir Anthony Godbo
1M icglstered for a months stay Slln
ng business of Importance Is Keeping1
him here olid each day sees him bus
ly engaged with men Interested In his
Ine of work
J F Tollon president ot the Beaver
stake who has been here a guest of
he New Amsterdam hotel for several
lays left for home today he having
completed the business that brought
him here he has many urgent calls on
his time and work In the west PrI
lent Toltons HOI who Is filling n mission
sion In New England halll few days
of pleasure visiting with his father who
ook time fiom business to
lme frou1 encourage
him In bin labors
At the Holland House Sir nnd Sirs
Harold Smoot have been visiting for a
Tew days returning to Washington lato
Inthowecla number ot the Utah
people mad calls upon them during
their stay this winter Sir Smoot mil
Ills bride will make Ihelrhor1
Washington where Sir Smoot expects
to engage In tho Insurance businesi
At tho Hoffman House Sirs arlms
Dummer Best aro staying Cirrtew
days and nt the Martinique Sir and
Sirs H Wallace and SIlss IE Wal
lace are guests
Another SIIILalwrGT Bnrtsch is
staying If tho Martinique and at the j K l 1 1L t1m 11 t I1
Hotel Manhattan Is G B Gunn all It t i 9 ni i I
business men of Salt 1ike I i tf j rJ Uf t
J t k t
W B Appell Is at the Union SII1ll I 1 r J r t ml 1 1 1
and F L Berger at the Cadillac on i IFt1n nft t
j tl
Boadw 5hJ lrq m ldi l
Yesterday Sir and Sirs Wlllard Y i
Langton wont over to visit with Oielr t t f j
friends Capt and SIrH Bryant Wells fx j 1 r l i I
on GOVCI not H Island for a four days 1g j I 11 j i
they will return Monday evening The f11tfi1 itl t 1 I
Lnngton nnd Wells families are old J i i I
friends having been closely r In 1 r I n 1 U j I
n social way for many years and th j IJ
coming of Sirs Lnngton to Now 1rlti J JJ J > lta j r
for tho winter will be welcome news to M 1 i htr m I
Capt Wells and family jn hitl I rl Ii
Sir and Sirs Langton have taken an t nli1j j t
apartment on West One Hundred nnd f t t I
Twentyseventh street near to mis I J
I sion headquarters i > f4 Iilhlj t i tif
< li rl I
r 1l t
Sir David Keith has been Ja the f jiI1 f 1 it 1
northwest on business for the lasi ten it i
days but expects to return the coming n f m Ii
hllexpctM reurn lnl1 tl r
ing week Sirs Keith Is at tlc Wal Ls S II i I q l i I
dorf and their son David Jr 1nVn It 1 I d
military school up state he will spend Y Ih < W i nlif J i Ii r I
a three weeks vacation with his pa llf 1
rents during the holidays li r R4 r
111 Judge Roylc after spending j > j I t11 s t ll i Jll 11 i1 t 1 j j I
I r
the slimmer with her sons In NeV1 1ll Ii
York has returned to the west She kdlltf 1 f
wllllslt relatives In Denver nnd then WI IP i r j
return to her daughter and friends In H r 1 I 11 1 Ii
Salt Lake While her health and I t I d w j
strength arc Improved she ls happiest Pf 1 I
when In her old Utah homeJAXDT I jl r f il t
JAXDT r i 13 aT
I Jf
r t
XVKCOTIC t t 1 I i I I 1
Gel tho genuine Foleys Honey and 1 i ltl r
Tnr In the yellow package It Is safo jW ltl at Ii q
and effective Contains no opiates i I t U 1 1 i
Refuse substitutes SehrammJohn i r M
son Drue Co t f iFJ m i
Ild ft r I li w I Iif Ii
October 16th 23rd and 30th via r f il iii I l P
O S o I iindor 100 round trip rnte v 1 I Ar f N
IK mltiiito service Choice of 11 trains
each way City Ticket Olllco 150 Main i f t I j I
l A
F M x 3 J j
Buy a Jewel Steel Bange or Heater J i I III t J 1
nnd mont you ohlcleCo will bo happy Utah Imple frli if ilr If
Ii if 41 tjkit I I j 1
u if I fdiat
i rlilltIii
I 1
t 1
C M 1 CIANSD RE C TO R i dlk JmI l 1 IU 1t
c u d6 iIJ Wr
Grndunto of Leipzig Consorvatory 12
Soars first violinist of the Hamburg lloya
Oporn Will accept pupils on violin and
0111 Wi nceeJt nuplM vluln
Harmony Ind 2132 Studio r5 W 5th So Phono
Tenor SoIoM Volco Trainer
Pupil eIO Mlncttl Studio Ml1 ituln
1st nor Voices tested freo dull from
12 to II m
Fred C Grnlim Tenor Mcr
ArtlKts Musicians ilUKOrs etc fur 1
nished for concerts recitals receptions
orotorlos commencuments funerals etc 1
4S B So cmple Bell 891 I
Vocal Studio 22t Fourth Avenue Bell
Phono 22 0
Studio KII2 Tomplulon
Guitar Maiulolln nanjo
lnsIPI for all IIlrnlt cllo m
ktrucotlon Phono USlz
Pupil of Anton Hekklns and Jacques
Van Ller Berlin Germany
Teacher of Piano
From thn itnyal Acnrtemy o Music
London Studio M3 Uast 7th So phone
4Z 36y
Pupil for three 5ears or Geoigo Pei
BUHHon Uerlln Vocal art opora In BUnS
In Geimun llallnn and KiiKllnh Studio
010 Templeton At riudlo Slonduys
Wednesdays and Siturdn > 8 from 1 to 5
Pliino Organ and German Studio
Suite 00 Teniplrtoii Ihonus Bt > ll 4J3
Ind is7 Asst Organist of tho Taber
noele OrBanlst First SI II Church lW
1109 Director of inuslu LatterDay
Saints Unherslty 1K61SW9
Voice tlevelopmint and the art of
Hinging 617 Templeton Building Phone
Bull 5J11
31 Xoitli Slate SI
Mrs Wotrcll vocal an and method
1 nnilc City Public
Mr Welzfll director nllo CI Poblc
Schools Hell Phone Jlnln 47J7 Ind
Phono 4246
Studio not Tompleton
Tcnclivr of Artistic UIIIKUIR
Perfect Tone
Piano otRan nnd violin courses
Booms No 5ai 523 531 f2 fOfi 537 538
Constitution BiilldlUK Jloth phones
Pianist and Teacher
111 liurlln Studio at
Pupil of aiulowsky Berln
230 4thAvenue Tel ISUk
Pupil of Ale Ctilltnant Pails and
Alberto Jonas Berlin
Pupils received In Plnno OrK an and
Harmony Studio 61516 Templeton Build
Ing studio phone Bell 91 Beslilcnce
t > otb phonos S2J
Teacher of Voice and pinuoJ Scc
nnd Trust Bldg Phone Bell Wox
o B
I Iflr jli Yf7L f t
I 1 rl
I 1 r 1IWj i 4 1M
BJlnhera ll rPeelalty Pupil ofJJ
StcClellan SIlss Gratia Flanders Studio
Gialmm Sluslc Bureau 4s K So Temple
Hell Phone Alain SOI
Teacher of Piano i
Special attention fAen to acquiring a
beautiful touch
Orchestrations and Sonp Arrangements
Piano accompaniments obllgatos oto
Phones Bell 403 Ind PS7 WKJG07 Tern
pleton and Orphoum Salt Lake City
Pupil or George VVrgusson and Alberto
Jomis Berlin Oratorlc Geiman lendor
nnd opera In Bngllsli German ana Ital
ian Studio at 41 East S Street Bell
phono fcl
Tcwlicr of Violin
Studio 63 TemplBton Bldg Phonos
Hes 4M2k Bell Studio 4076 Ind
Piano ami Pipe Orenn Tuner
Ot Mt < > tuning department New
I England Conservatory of Music Boston
I Mass IKil phono 1115x No 34 A
I street Salt Lako City Utah
Tcndicr of Piano
Professional Accompanist
Studio Ruom 6 Tho nalclgh
ITT K First So St Bull phone kW
Iiimo Instruction
Pupil of Starlo Prenlncr and Thcodoro
Irfschetlzky of Vienna Studio IU15
Templeton Bids Bell pnono filol
Director Salt Lako Tlienler Orchestra
Violin studio 4S Bast South emple
Phono SSI Ilealdoaco Z739V
Graduate Sterns Conservatory Uerlln
Student Xavor Scliwnrwonkn Studio
1C3 II Street Phone Bell lOHnx
Pupil ot sir McClellan
1oJicIitr of Piano
Studio TM K Third So liall phono
3149z Teaching dally except Saturday
Teacher of Violin nnd Ilntio
Studio 1IC North Stntu Street Just
through Knid Onto Ind phone is l Or
nhestrns fuiiilii d for all occasions
BIO Tomplolon Ilolh phones Hours 10
to 12 a in 2 to 1 p tn dally except
Organist of tho Tubcrniiclr
Director Symphony Orchestra
Tenclier of Alolln
Orndunto from Trinity College London
Hcferences nnd Studio Honm 5 Board
of Trade Building
Studio of Piano Violin and Harmony
4S Bast South Temple

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