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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, October 15, 1910, Last Edition, Image 3

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i I r j i I i ty I J I I
i I J e l
101 t t
fIE li I I
i Y gii f
I 1 ii jlE A FP T
J rl sTzri ti r ISTBVmf j
1 gd B
j I TeLW 1
I j
ore itq ested to macO
Iron s I comP W 1t I 4Iiii j D J
11 jmmedll1 <
i Ii Ctor c i J
i C = =
imU Un8 N Im d
ij JicsldcuH Jiisncct X < tJJI li 3
JjetwcciiJOsdcn anil
F J risliain
4 r RN f i j
t i
of J new Ogden to IHit mm City
Intcrurbin line of tHc Ogdui Kapld
TraiT lt company1 took hI ci I his II C trd
noon run when company tho folloivlnV were glen Wi jl l f
mcntary ride lto tho noxeldcr county
metropolis wherethcv weie tindeiedj
f i a rousing rcnptlon it the Hi indst of
thcclty odicloH of the Peach iclty
T TheiRucsts ro as r f follows Mcasis I
andMcsilttines J M Biowning M S
Browning Charles H Barton Jimes I
F Burton EM Coiuoy i n IF Porter
David o eclo William1 licelcs Joseph
Fhcaro iJ Charles A lIifJ1HiS
jojce Oharkslf Klrelicr Geor < je H
on EWl Matson William Move > <
jltCl3lgclOA P Bljelo James
PfngrC Adam Patteison If Uf ilto
J applBJS illolappjJoseplf Scoworott
hvnilam Jii ShealiAMSIIlI wioHIH
Spencer Joteph il A West J7 O Wuttls I
0 I Becktr Parley T AVrlght Will
JtWrlght l N I rpec C Rlcli irds
C A Bosd Simon Bambciger iA R
lHc > vool Thomas D Dee Mrs Hin
nuh Clark Luwroncoi pet E L MJ Ab
11 on Jr tho mayor members of the
city i council and i other cltyfmid i counts
OlDdals and tholr wives and rcjlr Don
ttallvei of the press T
On Sunday morning tt 0 30W < locX
Ircsularcir service between Itlio two
cltltajnlll begin tho now schedule be 5
Ins a car each taj ovcrv hour and n
half untlMlpm >
IIslit j f
lOjilcn < Oct 15 Division Superjntoii
idciTt tVllllamMc Tefters ot thi Utah
t division of the Union Paclilc has 10
celved 1 flnal advice regarding tho rei
j moval of the division odlco fiom Og
don to Green Itlvcr the eh1iije to go
Into effect todav Spacious ofllce ha e
ibccn prepared at the now depot Ibulld
dbcen at Green River mid scveial new
I houses have been constructed for tho
nccommothtlon of the railroad fOcI lIf
and thelr famlllc Tho chungo 1wIlI
take ab6ut 1ft families froni1 Ogdcn 1
rollonlni are those who will leivo
Offilcn W r SV Jctlcrs superintendent
of Utah division D C OlrnstCTil
chief clerk r i C i clnter l assistant
i chief dork E < P < Kcrfcit II jr Port
fr h N iD Burnctte A Burdett i A
< Peterson H t > LeeVD Vf Bmp I
J A Uiitlikcrglcn and Jrank Ottmiin
it e
rf ilOSXM iAITiSj < Offers
1 r4 folfH1j jA
I lwt ln
i 1 ijl3 Ii iIlhiYi1 s j
J ii
I flii I
t 1
1 I > j
i 1f1 i rn d DmII I
i j I J I uI i
rif th iijiiT
I v fj u UiUID
i I i faATLniDAY OCTOBSl15 i
r < O iif
t Hli1jfefin i
I i
i llI r I iI l l lll lic l
l ti nl
I F 1
i I i80lR P J eJ j
f i f J
> c D Bare of the cnglneellng de
I PHI nt of tlmt division Manylof
horn are yerirJ i to leCving the June
i tloiii cityand their departure is noted I
iwllhregfel GrreiL River 1s distant
lStmllesfrom > Ogden and Is a toivn of
ahoiitl000 Inhnbijants n >
rp Osjleii Clct 15 The flmllnt of an
oIdstiavVlliat In1 aijoz car tied t the
arrcsti ot a gangoff freight fhlees in
Lewis ho iCast discovered iccontly the Detective headgear Gcorgf some
time ago with the namej FPrInJi
Council Bluff lovva nn the Inside
and by following the slight clue thus
oljlalnedfhe Kucoecdcd In nmnlngldown
the gang nV thlmcn and they are
now ainder urrest n Morrison III
Prlne > ha i i confessed toI looting r earn
anil has implicated several of his
companions iH <
r pf i n Oct 15 DIslrAtty ili liar
f JshaMJglcilnn lnformatloritn the 1IS1
t rlct comlteharglnB AValtcr Turner
with igrind lafceny Youns Turner
hoclapBjto l bo but1 13 years of age
s charged wltli iHcallng a valuable
iorso fromCharJex Adams of Riverdalo
0m Pept1 IS Ho was uirestcil IniOg
ill cnVcunyon J1iy a rancher with whom
hclladj pimlously had a horee trade
rr urncr confcaseil to ctcallng > ul two
1I ozon horMs j iindi wagons In Weber
ounty nnrt vicinity within the pnt
is Ktmonthi and nvinybwncis of valu
blnnlnliiliirotstlll trying to eeovir
heir propci ty so extensive were his
tran8nc OilS
liarged Ogden with1 Oct t utteilng 1C C P a fictitious Howard
checkII1S released In the district court
f n Frldayvon I tho motion of Dlst Atty i
T i J Harris i w ho stated that the cvl
d cnco dldnot warrant bending the old
I nanutoithc penitentiary Hownrd will
be chaurqd with a misdeineinor In tho
iowcr court He claims to be norlt
ingman mid iHj apparently In very poor
rli l J
t fLlfcuhisUiiiiccs iile hW been held In
Jd OUII Jalfor six i weeks awaltln
f L
rjo ii i ib llif rri fC ci Iho sum
iof 520laliefodUo < betdue foi light rur
t rnlshed InjllWT thc1Utuhiaght 4 lllil
l wiycompany H BUingthe Gloimuood
Jlask company theTcusomow being 01 i
i tlrln ftbcfoio Judge llowcll In the > dIM
Jtrlct enure Tin idrfcndint company
i Ill InlnfHs tlmtHhe II p rIYIf leased
to n A i GianPformermanagor of the
Grand Opera Housohere rind liiatHio
Is rcsponslblo > for thejiccount
i Ogdcn E3 Oscar T Klrkland
has jbcen granted a nnal dccieo of
dlvorcojln the distrlet court fiom 0 Alma
t Klrkland sljr months Hum havlni
elapsed Since thi Interlocutory decree
iwn granted
jJA Hr r coNPiitiAcr
i 9 < Lt 15 Quirlerly conference
0 CD the Weber stako will 1 convene at
n thp Ogden I tabernacle on SuiuUj with
the usual meetings at lOam and
PR rlll ° evening session tJi o clock
will be conducted i undei tho auspices of
the Mutual Improvement associations
of the stake Llders Olson r Whitney
aifd Rnlon Ifi Wells of the hcneril
Church authorities willbe In attend
nine at mil meetings The public is
coidlally1 invited to be pusent Special
mush i will be rendered by the taboriu
pie choli rJI19 dlieetlon of Pnf
Joseph Ballnntyne
Ogden Oct IS riibif Jneralof AlI
cxandei W Rinhtn 1 Avlllic held Iit the
Second vv ird meetinghouse at i iitilon
Sunday ThQi body will He In stale It
tho home 2SS1 sGi Hit avenue fioin 2 to
1 pm this afternoon and 10 o clock to
1 30 on Sunday
v tj
roijiGi c OUIIT HI rorn 4 1
pgden Oct lr Jamcii CliriJand
George Monroe were churned twlh1
mendle incv In police court on rrlday
and drew the usual sentence of 10 days
each I A lilting Tnaeph Hlchntorif
Ei R Ptoctoi and T ATcrrin hnd li
d r ftXJ court Imr NIlii flhe of
1 or a sentence ot flvosdaysillnvoaoh
i sc fmjjJ
C1yance h id no v Isible 11I lln0f
support and will board nt the citsJail
for the ne t 10 diys on the charge of
aRrincv < iir I
K Barlow forfelti d 5 bail forivlo
latlng the blcy cle ordinance Jit
tRalph lloag < chained wltlKvIolating
tho automobile speed limit 1 wasdis
charged it being Iniposlblcifor the city
to prove that Mi Hoag ifs In the ma
vchlno when thij nllcgedHloIatlonv took
> r
George Washburn vvastglvertaprc
llmlnarv hearing ontjeehargCLpC as
sault with a deadly weapon and found
not guilts The alleged Tiult was
committed on the person of L W
Dvkeman a fellow onplovc of theWo
< atch Canning eolnpanv of Oden Tes
tlmony showed that the assaultreally
was nothing ilA flsllc eneountci llw
which the latter rcceUdl the oist of
It ii Pliylclans who were ailed to dnss
1 wound on DykomuiH head testified
Hint Itt might > hll chNjli cauhed bv
against u hharp object
Sandusky Ohio Oct 15 The bodlet
ot live ll 10C > a bride repair sang
w orklng on a I iko bhoro railroad
bridge west of Sandusks wore found
this afternoon near the tracks They 1
had been run down by a train
LTl iil fNW1ifl lt1 dcllrorcd by carrier
every night Bundny cxceptcO at 5
cents per month All pnynients anil t
coinpnlntsrKTirdlnr delivery nliould
be mndo IOi jDavlil Jolmnon n genl
for Dolly Saturday and bcmlWcck
1News 4lndOPhont mAOrdrs
tnkon > fOTiChurch wcrltn ncnldence 447
South rir t nestStrct
CBtrlorSenotfsliloaof Acndsmy Avc
Ind 311 It T A
Carrier meatside of Academy Avc
Ind lOSA1 l
I 2i
= =
Inil > 10cs of ooUn f Mills Sueciinlb
io Hljittiafiii in
Piovo Jk 15 Hairy J Johnson
the young man who was be ilded jcs
< lerdnv hrUi dye vat in the Knight
Uoolcn mills died from ihe tlfccts of
his bums 1 Ilgli o clock yesterday aftu
noon at the Piovo I gcncrll hospital
The deceased wasM yean ot I fe and
came rCi1 August to lak Ii r a posi
tion In thovvoolen mills from IalKncr
New York where hlb parents aio Ih
HK Ihc lemilns are In the undcr
tliklngtpirlorH of O H Bei Son
iindjvvlll undotibtcdh be Hiilppod cait
for burialrT LHlsIJI1 ircnls hue been
nbtlfledi Ihof llesh or the victim of
th > accident E vjas j llter illj cooked ind
AUleslt1I1hcu1gjln Hhriils from the
body t r n
ITliuotlur victim 1 hnllr Nebekcr
h i47 irf ot ngo and loimeily lived
tn Rlchtlold hc < vvas mauled and Ih
1 I ngtvvithireltlvestheix vvjille working
nitii > llIIllIsfJfOfeH on top of John
son nslthotwo mill toppled IllIln tho
I n 1ili IfI nas not bo bully scalded
Iirroruth wu lr cu < I
b k I L iII1 i o clock thlb inorn
Inso and nIl < lrllln Ins will bo shipped lo
FIIIH dlijl homoja Rlchllcld for builal
> sProvo Oct > lr The funeral ervlces
ovei thclrcmalUHjpt i ahoinas IJ Clark
icldryeHcrdnv afternoon In the Ihlrd
vird mcellnghouse7 were itti nded by
a largo number of < relath es and fi lends
Mie siHakers weruJJIders bert Jone
A O SmootJbBoolh S b Jones
and Bishop Tr N Taylor who spoke
of the long innd liueefUlllfentlhe > de
eased and offered words ot con olitlon
o tho bereaved TcI ithe8fhc ward
holr rendered appropriate vocal Isel < c
lons and C solo was lendered by Mrs
W nlUw
Tho opening prayer was offered by
Llder John B Miltur < llllu bone
llctlon by Bishop O H Her Many
beautiful llonl offerings evidenced Uio
c stcem and sympathy of friends
Piovo Oet i 15 Suit has bedi com
menced by the rumors MCI chants
nnk to collect 8951 with Interest lS
per i cnt from faept 3 ii dS9 50 dttor
nev fceF fiom Mrs Kitty A nines li
t promissory note s uroAbr 0000 i
l < hares of Provoi Mining company b
nonv Asnji Kimi
Provo Q Iij Ihe icmalns of Irs1
Nclllu lurrnnnliecounloC whoso
deathIn Alaska was L published sov
cral weeks ago will arrlvA In Piovo
rHiimlaj < Thexileceiiwd was thuidaush
Hei iiifffII and Sirs Thorn siD Vincent
Mind thoPvvIfe of0eorsor Muriay She
wan uumttvc of l rovoiand vuit totlie
iKlondlkodnithi early diiya of the min
i ing e x ettcment 1 tbcio Arringmicnts
fortho funeraltwlll be nado bunday
tr f tf
i fapeclaP i ffH ion iii nee1
Bilghim City i 1ii A publlo re
ccntlon iln honor o UhiNoltle lspt the
O cli nfbtreet Hallway eompuny will he
held Inttlio BrifjliamClty Opera Hotiso
Saturday Oct 15it 230 p m i to eelf
brnto thu airlar of tho llrst clpctrlo
eu to thlielty1 I x JJ ll
t T7 < J J C
Jlrlghim City Oct HtMi Kllai P
FoiHgrcn ajid MlHs Kbia Johanson of
this city were united in the bonds of
matilmons by President Antbon II
Lund In ho > SI ll1Lalnr omplt1Ingt
Vedncsdav i 1 Mr IToiigMh r will i Icasn
for a mission to bwedcn In aifew days
lie1 Is thc J youngest moI Mr Jitu
A Torsgien who w f thc fllstllcron
bajitlcd In Scaiidlnaln by dhlnp nu
tlioilt hulim bedi biptbul July 20
SIlm ldiVljI > ijifj
Irlhum Cit Ocl H runeral sor
Ici s wile held Ifl tho Tourth ward hall
ihuuday at J pm tocr the tcmilni
of Mis Emma Price K Il5v1ro of th tj
1 ilc stake preMiUnt ChailesKplh She
died suddenly at her jiome 1 ist Tuesday
l11orr lngJhc hull hud been tastefully
docoratul for the occasion the upcak
PIX wore lllshop BrlKlnm A right
1 lileis JI G Korth II U rlghbuin K
A Bo FnJilI Iloltou 1II1 < President
Olecn N btohl the sinking wis ly
membcis of tho warJ and tabcrmee
Special Cot respondent
Sprlngvlllo Oct11 riie educa
tional In tltuto being held here Is well
attended and I ralliI1f profitable
event from an < < luc itlonal htindpolnt
Thursday evening a reception was
tendered to the visitors by the tc ich
cis of t Sprlngvllle Ie schools whleli
piovcd i vciy pleasant iffilr Rc
frcshments weie served and a gen
eral gctacqualntcd spirit WHS nunl
fcited throughout About 200 per
sons weie piescnt
Filflay morning a session was held
at 930 at which Prof 12 G Hughe i
dlscufsod the subject ot Medical In1
si cetlon
Tilduy aftcinoon Dr loseph T
Mciiill addcisspd the high Hohool
tcachcis on the subject of Practical
Questions Concerning Ruial High
Hch ols
Pi of Christian Liiiscn of the Agri
cultural college spoko on literature
In tho nrides bcloro tho grammar
and prlmarj grades
At the evening session Jlathonlhah
Thomas of the Silt Like board of
iducttlon delivered an Instructive ad
dre s on Relation of tho Home to the
Sal rrllw then will be addiewcs by
State lIj ttA f Nolnon and Supt
Christiansen nc tho S > lt LnKc county
schools One session will b devoted
to art with Prof nastm in In charge
ft T f
J1Jj l
< aI
Tho N vJf Delivered by Carrier
octtnEvoryrNlBht Sunday u
ttplcu ntTB Conts Pcr month All
payments nnll COI n pin nlH ircuardlnc
delivery ohOJldn > oi made to J M
UlaJr ApcnL ifor Dally Saturday
and Semiweekly Newa IMcWi
Jlrjt1 Northf Street Phono i 3wn
Boll Ofnco wlthCardon Company
JCI Stlto nnaUoans m North
I Ind Main StrootuIhoncsW Hell nad lJ
= cC >
g OlfASr tU f <
I i
Old Homu ICillurtaliiinent AVI 1 1 bu
l I for Xext
t Season
j < Special Correspondence
Lo an vOet 14 Tho Boosters club
has decided to hold a county fair next
3 < inlldlQ have n home seekers ex
cursion tothis valley at tho < aino time
ttnd In order to be prepared to hava
tho various commltrCH start work on
tho preliminaries at once Farmers
throughout tho county will be asked to 1
contribute to a fund for exploiting the
icaouroes of tho county and Inducing
more people to FOttlo heie The oluli
committee advertising and promo
tion will haw general charge ICilho
whole matter
IUXEl Slli J CEo
Lo an Oct 141ho rtinalns of A
H LlndUlst who died In Pocatullo
vvjll be brought bore for Intelmont
and aru cxpected to airlvq today They
will lie at the home of Mr and Mrs
Oeorgo Wiorley In the Second ward
where they may be viewed by friends
Tho funeral service will be held In
tho Fourth ward meetinghouse oil
Monday nt 1 oclock
Login lei II These marilago II
ccnbes were Issued today Trestle Peclc
of Kranklln and Margaret Wellst of
Preston Ida James AV Hanson and
Charlotte LTI ipeJOtliof Heaver
llan1Gonr oWJI1IU0j and Leah
Riivvllns both of Paradltc i
A great many deer hunting parties
went out Into the hills today and some
i ft 1O l r 3 i r ifi
o < l kIllH arc oxpcctetll il Hro elo r Hl W t II m I t j
uroI1 lIlI I nUf I 1 lJ H S9if i jJlld
Joseph Pnlnler of this cJtY1ke Jl I i 13m j 1 Jl2 t 1 i llt n
Jacki IIHt has iitllil I i > > 1 r I
jlyrv 4iim < n jiiua umiif th ll3IIUIKIr > Ii OO f I
borffreumticlibyit8lliic H r lil jre rIU1j i Jtirr I i t
braylnB tliattliey appealcdAtoVJtlie1 J lft i tf l i 1 1
ell cnU but Jf 1i
cOJlncH r iHecurol1 111 11M It c
help Ihe c TP lyli c lllplnlnt i j t hlrt be W 011 i
HIc1 iso1IHl 111111 InJIlll D nhl m s 9 M r m t f 11 l
cO lg him lvlth ma1ntalnln i i 1 F i I TW I J H
anuiannce Itf t r1i i
jriieV Aggies jyljlj pjay jtliepoca ellbv t l i t ijf JtJ ij 1 d
high school herc tomorrlJwjnfternoori Hi > I
I lIII l prni bly bcCth 1Iii J t 1 J t a
nal11 beforo thc tc1m I11nl < eflJlts trIp Il i L f 1Ii I f 1 J
samcsi t l lIIf nIlIJlu whero i villi ll Il O ftI j I r IP ll 11 f > t I r tt l
111 1 j i Ill
I TOERTQN I J Ji 1f n I 1 rn
N f r f r if J f
fJ ti < l
AROUND RIVERTOW j th1 1 II tjf retnJ t 2 t
< t ff
t I
1 kltJ i M j 1 t
Hpeclrl C < ITe8Poll cnc JJ h f 1 II i
RJvertpnCpft l5fl1e JdrdnnJscliool l7 H II I
Institute met here ycatbrdayv pctii jl4 bt i lji r 1 i
iriuinttomIaiycelwnRril02iouti1oftho lp4i fj ffJfIH 1JJijr I 1 i J
teachers The Itlvertpn peoplo sava the n if f t ifj II 1 I I J
l1chmJ 11 ballljuel Inthe m olngh Uso cJ 11r t
and li ilaiiccjattheilllyortdnehiiil Tlii U
buslnesw 6f the Iristltutp ivas attphdcil f 1 riPlilli i t I j 1J
tqVlirthQrnprnlne nrid at tho inrtcrnopnv i 1 i p r 1 IlilJI
m1 I
session Korigs recitations arid a Iccturpj J t 1 rl ijt J
Irom Piof VriiV Jlr iKtpwart of 4119 Jf t J t l 1 1
stnt uhlvprsltyiVvcre Klyeril 7 t fffN t Jj I 1 l 1 i 1
ThlM IK livdlslflct otiliyrgchay barns 1 4 8 Ii JI I iut I t i l 1
inhnj liavlng been eJc lcd durhig itho Im i h
prpsent ycari which makes a Brciit x jhfi J
cliiiifgc jn the Jaridseap Tlieylcldfot i i ll PI 1
Iticcrne her < unlpr thc Ionian caiial3i nj AA lr I
Is laltout two toiiH Jitghcr tlian ithoV tj rll j I
rarniH Yllt < red from i tlipj hiounlalni iUE9mjj 1 Jittf i l 1
Btreains thuj reasons1 being that lho 11 t 1 I I I I I j
ivatcr la yarin and thatiwith thoJBys 1 u1 tl 1 1 1
tern of jiiinips as inucli lrrlratlrijSwaten 1 il fiili 1 Irt I 11
can be hUll In tlio fallaa In the spring I 1P IjiJ t I ft ii L f I f
Tliii present yoiir the yiold has been i N jg Hi j I <
belmr noVmVil as tlu wceyll fafCccted r 9
the nrstcropi > m I L t1 II fit
There would be a fair opening1 hero i I fl I i 1 01 1I I
fofh barberMand Avenroj Inclined jto R I rl ijIWJ 1
think that a inllllner a plumberanday It i f 1 1i j ii r 1
dentist would do Avojl to consider thlsn i J f I
as a location V j 11 I i l t I1 i I
Nearly everyone here has water for t 11 t 1
culinary purposes In Ihp house ITHpi
water la iilped from Bcarcariyompntlio J i1j t I I I
cast mountains abovp proper crosses Imt III j f 1 f I i J
the Jordan rlyef Vind IH dlstrlbutedHor Uj lfuJii 1 1 I I Ii
nearly every fiiriri In Hlvqrtpiiandj I 1r 1 I I I i
Bluff Dale This witsi ari uncotrirnonj E2 1 lJg p I Ijj 1
n11l1 expensIc Ululerlnklnl COIn farm 1 iJ J I1i r I I
h o nIInu It 1I aIe eII1II1 JIiI lifi i i i
Rlnllcd we cnnllo1 sec hpl wc t I fl i I tilI 1i Po hl
along W lhOUlll 1VIQ 6h fn
ft1lifn n it
RelldTho relltApostnY byri J I I IWJ J 11 ij I
J EiTalmagea now bpolc pn aVgreat 1 I llj
BUbJect Dcserct News Book Store If H lm f r1 1 > > 1
CO cents n per copy In clbth i Ji J1f f1t l ij f
fJi U d1 IDJi f t iij
1 t rl
t li 1QJ lj J i t dl Ii
John OO G O tl 8 Dn f I tlt I I I
I OGDENtJT B r l J 1 1 ilj i11 PJ
H n > I jJ 1 1
X I or I
jfli > t J j
MENS and WOMENS FORNISHmG > i tltt P 1 t jt Jy
HA1lSC pS H ESandRp B R < QQPStj i 1 liir tjM i MI1
I jf i I I i l II i I
ill t ff t I 5
We carry M by far tiieTlnrRcs exclusive wholesale stockipfjho I b U h
iiibovo lines Iwtvvccn pnialin nml San Frimcisco Ityou Sv7nnt prompt1 i t I q
hllIIICJII iMiHius yonrniail orilcr I 7 I IJI 1 N 11 g f j I Ilt
0 r I j hi mln1 I I 1 dJ1 j r 11 I
Salt Llkes
Great ttitS le
< 1
quii This is the Grreatest Suit Sale in the tiustpry of the H6use and will Be
reaspiaable Wh ri ypu cbnside completeness of sizes art colors making the sale of
Da1Cjpjnp that itwiiineyerlie ifbrgptten We state plain facts1 when we inentionVthe sayings Its not rofitsf
fter fj aigreapSSuitbusiness XurSuit sellihgJthis Fall has been most remarkably Now we want to tio mpre and if good valuesi at Ibwj
i arac 16hJjkMb never Keen Known The suitsare particularly smart tailored
elr aMsj pf
= tV V X >
Annnv M44riiiaf6npvyrpman should miss Let thisjytbeiypuiiinyitation to attend thiscsale J
i > J f vf L a i y
to See
A Silk JPetfieits
ai OO vV V
a ii ii4 illR 8
1 Ol Tli
Ibuvci froin the liKercni iMsteiil xjicivecl Colors i0 > ic crpani iiilcj i
gkjilhic iaiiid ibiufilv Siiulojiol an
i vi ii
1 kuoc
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