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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, October 21, 1910, Last Edition, Image 4

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tCornTro afioutlMTcmill8inna Bn t Tom
t tplCfStrcets3SaltLake City Utah j
HorncaVc Whitney Business Manager
In Advnnco
BjrfMall per jear V S6W
By Carriers per jonr < 2S
per year T7 JW
fAddres all business cormunlcatlon
n d all remittances
Salt LakiyClty Utah
Tcorrenpomlenco line otr r reading mat
ter tar publication shuiiM bi > addressed
to tho EDITOR
7astrrn Renreucntntlvcs Now Vork
Franklin P Alcorn lint Iron Culldlnir
ChlcngoA V Wqlf Security Building
i Entered it the postolJIce offSittilink
City nol nccoiHl clcss mittnr nccordlnir
to Act of Conjrrcsa1 March 3 1S7B j
The fccptoThbcrOctober number of
the Americana Mngnzfrto has Justfbeen
trccclvcd with another lnt routine In
stnllment of tho History ot l o Mor
impn Church by President Brlghnm
11 Roberts Assistant Historian ot the
phurcrT The two chapters In Mils Is
BUO cover ihe dissensions nt Far West
as a result of which Oliver Oowdery and
David Whltnipr two of tho witnesses
w ero separated from the Church and
the armed hostilities In Caldwcll and
surrounding counties
OfJpocullar Interest at present It tho
declaration ot Political principles mado
otllrar West In the jear 1S3S by tho
Pro Itft Joseph and associates when It
bccarns < cle ir to them thai thf niem
bersifafithe Church would bccomo a
political factor In tho state Tho Pro
phet dictated the fallow Ing is out
lining President Roberts sajs thoto
MEentlfnents and principles by which the
Salntr iWould bo governed
The Constitution of our Country
formed by the Fathers of Liberty
tPcace7andfgood order In society Love
tOjOodranrt good will to man All good
ondi vvholesome laws vlrtuejand1 truth
above nil things and arlstarchyHvo for
mobs arla
o er ButfvvoeUo tynmts
tocracynnarchy and torjlsm and nil
tlho cT who Invent or week out tin
rlghUotfsj and vexatious law suits
undcri tho pretext and color ot law
icr office clthci religious 01 Apolitical
Exaltjthe standard of democracy Down
wlththat of priestcraft and lot all tho
people say Amen that tho blood of
our fathersjumay not cry fromthe
grounl against u Rncred Is the mem
ory of thatsblood hlch boufeht for us
This Isthopolltlcal motto of Church
members and wo believe It Is evident
to jTutljatJlf iosb InclpleiB wore
l carried vout by Amer
Ican ivoters joUr government would bo
1 laajicat perfection an anj thing on earth
President Roberts devotes it great
deal of space to the differences ot opin
ion that came to cslst between some of
threading Church en at that tlmo
thocfiargcs mudo against Oliver Cow
dcryand David Whltmer and their
answers and ho points out thvt there
li < 4Moa word in the letters of cither
of lneio two avUnessos denying or
castliis i any doubt upon their former
> l tstlmon Delating tththo coming forth
o tho Book of Mormon and tho ap
pearancn of anangel Thoy were sep
aiatqilffrom tho Church at a tlma when
a word from them stating that their
testimony waa false would havo put an
enilTo the carecr of tho Prophet and
lit It had been false It would have
Been natural for them to sayBp at that
time But It wius not falso And their1
gllenco Is tho mo t powerful cor
roborntlon ot their former testimony
About this tlmo tho famous oration of
Sidney Tnledon was delivered In which
iho dctlarci that tho Saints would no
longor BUbnilt to mob rule to which
tho audience responded with uhouli of
fro annah9 Thli VMIS a very proper
Fourth ofj July omtlor though per
shnp kproinptcil rather by enthusiasm
limn wisdom It was followed by tho
beginnlnB of hostllltloi At Callaln
an iintlMoriiion candidate for the
state leBlslature Knowliiff that ho could
not count on tho votes of the Lattcr
dlj alntf plunnort to prevent them
fi im votdiir Tho Saints IK aid of this
but rnt to tho polls Tho candidate
wau there and haraujnied thu mob One
of the brethren wan assaulted by a
bully and soon a general flsht was In
proBrCS In which many wore badly
bruised though none wan killed Tho
mob had tho woist ot It and wlth
drewv to summon aid Meantime tho
brcthien were determined to nght for
their rights It they oie attacked Bui
they withdrew on tho counsal of the
cTmnty olllcers They vvent to their
farms got their families together and
stood guard over them through tho
JJBht The rcpoi tot this conflict caused
excitement Cliiuges wero trumped
up against the Moimonn They wore
accused of being < ngagcd In nn Inaur
reactionary movement Iteprcscntatlons
tq that effect were mado to Governor
Boggs and aflldaUts and petitions in
grcit numbers were madu thu excite
ment urew ami finally a body of 6000
Btnto troops was bi ought against thu
Bal ts and 12000 people men wom
en and children wero exr llpd from tho
The student of the history of these
itrjals and persecutions will be struck
jvitlj the act that the spirit an
jilmatjnBtho mob andI mobleaders Istho
I ctanipthat may bodlsc racd in tile nhtlr
Ji Mbrmon onslaughts for moro rncbnt
f date Slander and vilification1 Indlffpr
ifcnco to tho rlglitii of tho JIqnnohni
juhdci tiielavv and tilp brutailty that
jdptR not hesltato at sayngb murder
sucli wero the characterjstlcn ofiearly
aiitlatbrmoh mobs Anili the siilrlt
V1 fithesam < vyet > 4
t v purihg nii tlieso trlala thpPrpphpt
fjosenHivyent frain1o tpVp Dcp yhere
dtuo5prft iireafciiedj pu fprttngand ailf
rmjnlstbrlnE ttf o S Rtriin tliplr suf
iforjni co inscljncthetn hiid defend
fing tliopi > vlthXiillJjiVfui menusi athlVl
diiiRoaalijj tThp 3Jrpjihpt Was lipvcr
i Erc rthah In
itt jloyerrmprpiir vvcrtu
f nibf ip father prtiwjvfd
Ih vasfiippnVtlVeJaVuir pr
1r liasmanyplhVr fcntiifes
fols s rhi f
JliificonlcnJsj Thp Jmljans of Xew
fyOTfly feiMaxjBchr in George
IIcflot < authorartlat J A C Harlot
jLlftloflVftrnofthSlltopubllo part III
l riio whilJ tnst4 f ii
Tiiomaa iPalneH Kiist Days In
Ncw York William Jr Van der
Weyilo History of thn Mormoni
IchUicli chapters XXVIII unaXXIxI
iDrlKhiimVlfiRolMrts Tho Scot lnNovy
Knclund andthc Jlarltlmo Pi o vfncos
parts IVand V John Cnlder Goidpn
ThoRochambcau House LymanIIorS
ncoAVcows Heraldic ConstdciaFldns
families of Selffnourlat Rnnkln Colegoi
of Afmsof Canada By Vlacouiitda
Fronsac and VHIsiorlcal View si and
Tlft 3lBjazIno Is a lileh clasi publl
callonjln overy respcpl nndoneiwjlch
our1 icniten fhould Itecp If posslblo
A a literary effort It laway above
the magazines thattjust now nroopon
ing their jwgettOfwrltora hired byitho
persecutors of tliif Churchj
TIIIJ itobT bi TMU ivirj
To raid thoatocl ndctnnilttrnat a
fc iwomcn I 0 BOOdjltBlnnln8r but
only a beginning Somplxidy has fur
nlrhccl life monuy for that Institution
Soineono owns It collects thg blood
money and > ockotsv fit nn his slmfo of
tho profit SomebodypnjtcctH Wat riesti
where women aro murdered and coul <
hoiit on their vvay tohelf and all theno
uru just as guilty as the vomen vvho
vsli < aio held In slavery there They
should nil bo made to quit thelrtaw
That Institution IK a menace to tho
community It Is a sjandlng Invltu
tlon to criminals to como licro and
operate It Is a monument to official
Indifference to law beckoning the
toughs from far and wide tojcome and
ply their trade It Is 11 proclamation of
the hauling down or tho highest moral
standards In tho government of tho
City and tho flying of the colois of
Iho adversary of innnklnrli
The law makes li Illegal to uso uny7
houtp for lininorul purposes and tho
people pay cci tain offlululs to Heo to It
that tho law Is not isolated Buttono
of thctic utter having taken < hfa oa h
of office Informs Iho peoplo that tha
law Is wrong mid that hu Ims ono of hli
own making Vccordlngly luipermlts
tho erection of that castlo of Infamy
and appoints men to dilvo women Into
It and practically tells tho people to
What Is the effwtof this trampling
of the law umlprfootby an offkilal who
Is under oath to inulntaln tho law It
Is this that criminals Hock horc right
ly arguing that lf < the offlululu aru not
particular In one Ircapect they will not
bo in another In tlmt way tho In
famy beconfps a menace that must
bo removexl Salt Lako City will never
bo clean1 untiClt hus officials with
high moVarstandards
STbpkyociciyfl SURE
The Real Estate fissoclatlon Is snld
to havo considered tho subject of
knocking and to bo opposed to any
thing that knocks tho City That Is
vorygood as far UN It goes and wo are
pleased that the association has taken
the matter up
But for years vvo havo had a polit
ico organisation hero that has knock
ed tho City In every way ponslblo It
has used tho dally press the mnga
alnes the pulpits the platform and
even the linlla of Congress It 1ms In
Its service guldca who lie to tour
ists and many other agencies ItIB
duo tovthls knocking that Salt Lake
City today has loss than 100000 In
ImbltantsTWhllo cities of the cast and
west of us havo moro than double
tho number of pcoplq It Is duo to
that knocking that men with capital
sometimes puss ua by nnd that others
whoso names shall not be given at this
time aro scrloiihly consideringtho ad
visability of moving their Interests to
either Denver or Portland It Is duoto
this knocking that today housesand
stores that ought to havo onnnts aro
standing empty
If the Real Kstato Assocltalon de
sires to render tho City a great serv
ice It will tako up this subject and sift
It to tho bottom It will then bo in
u position to give tho public somo
A couplo of years ago prominent
business mon considered tho advlaahll
Ityfof coming together to discuss that
very subject freely and honestly with
a View of ascertaining to what ox
tunt tho party of knockers was
justified In Its attitude nnd then of
finding tho remedy Tho very patrio
tic plan camo to nothing at that time
But It should nut bo too lato yet to
do what Is right And tho Real Estate
Association might tako tho Initiative
Salt Xiake Will never bccomo what It
ou ht to bo until tho blight of nntl
Mormon knocking with accom
panying Illwill nnd blttorness and
natural dcslro Tor retaliation ba ro >
moved And why should It not bo re
moved from American soil sanctified
16 tho cause of liberty by tho blood
of martyrs
i7hoi American consul at Tientsin
China reports largo prospective ship
ments of coal from that country to tho
United States Two thousand tons
camu recently to San Francisco In one
cargo and a reprcRontatiyo of this
Chinese coal company Is now Inspect
ing the larger towns of our Pacific
const with a vlow to discovering a mar
ket for coal i
Tho consul thinks this means that a
definite and energetic attempt Is being
madaby tho company to llml an open
Ing outsldo of China for Its excess out
put nnd If the attempt H successful
American coal will find a dangerous
rival on the Pacific Hlope This company
Is ono of tho strongest and best man
aged Industrial concernx In China It
not the strongest It has behind It
substantial Belgian and British capi
talists and Us direction Is by an ablo
foreign engineer Up to the present
It may be bald to hnvo been In a stage
of preparation It Is now In a posl
tlon to hold Its own In tho China coal
market and to look abttmd for other
markets to supply It Is supposed that
this company will Increase Its annual
output to a nguro far above 136730
tons Iho present yield If It shall llnd
u ready sain for Its excess product In
tho United Stale
At the annual mooting of tho comi
pnny In London bn Octobcr 27 1103 tho
chairman ot tho board of directorsro
forredjtp ilho ireVources otthe com
panyjsijnilncs tns follows u
suvas nrcnultiofithoicxperlenceofUho
year andiof furtrfcr Invcstlgatlonimado
J > y him that hoTcstlmatcst the output
fcnpacltyonin conservative btisl as fol
lows tnklngithreahundredamrthlrty
Sfour working days Ho tho year Tho
JoUtpuKatTangshamwould be25 Ltons
per day oriS35000 ° tonsJat the north
west shaft EOOHons per day or07000
ton nndt nt Llnsl jSCOStons at tho
northwest ibhaft Mortons per day or
ICTOOO tonaTniid at > Iilnslf 2800 tons
P tvlayjorvOSWOO tonsmaklngfa grana
total tof 1037100 tons peoannumr or
rSOO tons pcr day 7 At the Iost
mectlngweBnvciyou somo figures as to
lhP estimated reaourcesjof coal within
certain limits at bur three nUnesjVVhlch11
amounted tonp Ipss thdn 33WOOOO tons
irf regnrdnUhe coal exposed oractual
> In filghftnthn mlnes oiii February
SSilast nccordjng to the engineers ro
iport It w8 In round ngUnis as fol
Jovvs JTanrsnan r 346000 tons north
weslisliart 2700 jtons and1 Llnsl
3 < 296004opB ranklnk n < grand ttotal Jot
0017000 tons vhchja equal to about
elght yoars ouppliv on the baslsof the
sjilo ot tho past year
f Tho pjosjicct of coal from China Is
jrealTy a pleco ot jgooil news If we
Iftti lJVWl = M 1 HWJ3 t V
can uso inpre foreign and less domestic
coal wo shall bnconseWlngja resource
tjiah tonco xhaistcd cannot bo re
Whllo on this subject another coal
From HjaVfsticB 3ust Issuecl by tho
Department of Commerce innd1 Iiabor
wejj learn that tho consumptlon1 of coal
Yn tiio United States is more than tvvMcp
na great OB tliat of any other country
and nearly equals tho combined con
sumption otrtho Unltcd lCfnBdom Ger
Itiiny France and Belgium nnd Is
nctunlly grcaler per capita than In the
UnltMl Kingdom
Tho last named country produced ln
1900 n total of 203774000 tonBpt coal of
raiuaverage value nt the month of tho
pits of 193 per ton Thls jyao nearly
onethird of the worlds production
ypt our own country surpassed It pro
ducing 300336000 tons tho average
value per ton at tho pits Jietng 148
The nngllBh miners average 271 tons
por miner In tho course of atyear but
tho American miners average D3S tons
each peri year Thus while Britain
has < > 326 coat nilnerst > tho United
States nan but 690438 yet these produce
a much larger output nearly twlco as
muchlper man
Indian bummer Is hero but where la
tho Indian
To th U footballlsta Up and at
em guards >
That eaulllbrlator was assort ot rock
theboat riffalr
Everybody knows how to cure a
cold but his own
A Cub hath no honor In Philadelphia
or In his own city
Tho auto that never turns turtle la
a Joyrldor forever
Manuel the Traveler must be a de
scendant of Henry tho Navigator
Every man thinks ho is a progressive
though called by any other name
A course In the rest cure wouldnt bo
a bad thing for the country right now
Now brooms still sweep clean not
withstanding tho voguo of tho vacuum
Tho cornidoctor always professes to
know exactly where tho shoo
When Columbus cnmb over America
did not display a Morso signal lamp for
his benefit
Jinny a man on lifes voyage Is Jerked
and bumped to his destruction by his
l i
I Tho American administration posi
tively refuses tofmalto tho punishment
fits the crime
Even with advancod freight rates the
freight trains would not advance any
moro rapidly
In New York the President and the
Colonel did not oven meet by chance
tho usualway
What aro wo coming to nsks an
exchange That depends entirely upon
where we nro going
Now that they are sato on land tho
members of tho Americas crow speak
of It as though It wero a Joy rider
Tho Worcester Mass Gazette asks
anent Columbus day Why not Noahs
day Theres Noah good rcanonvvhy
It Is very evident that Walter Well
man Jias no copy of tho bright lexicon
ot youth In which there Is no such word
as fall
A woman trainer of animals
that bears aro easier to manage than
husbands Yet tho most unmanageable
husbands arc bears
A Texas man saya that he Is going
to start an owl ranch That will
always furnish an excuse for returning
homo on the owl train
A Boston dlvino defends the hobblo
skirt Perhaps he thinks It prevents
the wearers from straying from the
straight arid narrowpath
Those International balloon race
participaiitH are Hinging away up In
the Canadian vvoodei Aint I gud to
get out of the wilderness
Sprys iottcivhas hurt Utah says
tlioorgnriiofthe American party Oh
Vipj rthnsnt Ithas only hurt tho organ
anU thu party whoso voice Itjls lilt
birds Mutter
< Omaha Boo
Tim premature death of Senator
Jonathan P Dolllvoriat tho height of
a career of public usefulness will bo
sincerely mourned by hla many friends
andadmlrera nnd will bo a distinct
loss to tho county and particularly
thu mlddlo west Nebraska next to
Iowa will fool tllsMo > 3 moit < bt > causor
hlH personali > follnvylng overflowed
across the rlycr ibqundary lino into
our neighboring slitoT vvhlchlsL sof
largely tpooplcd bVt1formor < Iowans In
Jonathan PJDolllviythqcountrylhaBJ
< natlvpi > ahlllty andi climbing round by
round tortho top by sheer force ot
superior talent Twco Senator T301II I
svcrv camcj wlthlrua hair breadth ot
ibelns vice president of tho United
> Hudri > ° been nominated In
1900 Mnnteid ot Theodore UlooSovoit
he wouldjhnvosuccpcded to the White
House fpnSlthoxdcath of tho lamented1
iycKInfej Howould havo beennom
< mated two jeara agr > oirthe UUket
wlthiprealdentTaft had ho glven con
fient nnd hlsrefusal was duetojloyal
U ito his friends who fenredi that a i
enatorlil vacnncj would upset the
polltlcalsbalancoilnthe Hankcvostato
ajvacancj which came nonethelessni1
iff weokSjlnter through tho death jot
the tlalo Senator Allison Tho ending
ofSenator Dolllvers life nt tho com
paratlyelj cirly ago otB3 hoa un
doubtedly been hastened b > tho <
strenuous life and excessive exertion
7Jacctl ofithoso who nro In tho thlclr
of It vvheroUho pressure Is strongest
In our4orriclaliclreliH 1o somo ofus
hero in Omaha If must nlwnjs bo a
ourcojof satisfaction that wo con
trlbutqdtiprobablyfhls last daj of icil
relaxatlonxnnd enjovment when hew01
ijiero among us as one ot the guests at
tho Roosevelt reception last month
w ji
DrookUn Uaglc
Tho thcorj tint women havo nn
sense of humor has been again dls
proven It llsi utterly Incompatible
wlth tho storj of the Incoming female
traveler who hld her nondurable
gems Ini Elmbtirger chcc o to let tho
customs mcnfind them ind repent nt
I see jour husbind Int beeri win
Ing and dining a good deal abroad
Mrs Standlt >
Ho may be wining and dlnmg
abro id but nt homo it Is dining and
whining Baltimore American
I never spent mone > ns fraelvTas
you do sitd tho joung mans father
neither did I plaj football nor engage
In other hazardous amusements
Ils too bod was the thoughtless
reply but I don t see why you should
tell me jour tioubles Washington
Your crown Is In Jeopardy said Uio
prime minister
I know It replied the petty king
Peoplo nowadays don t seem to have
any moio respect for a crown thanithey
havo for a list jeirs stiavv hat
Washington Star
Sclplo had just defeated Hannibal
Tho old fellow put up a splendid
fight though ho s ild considering
the beggarly support tho fnrthnglnlans
gave him By Cleorge If Diet had
had him there In that cabin with him
ho could havo btoocl oft tho whole stato
ot Wisconsin ten jears longei Chi
cago Tribune
I will marry jou when you get a
hero medal 4
I will Jiavo It tomorrow night
Do jou know of somo deed of hero
ism you can perform
No but I knmv a hefo that I can
lick Houston Post
Curbroko never pajs for hla meat
until a month nftcrwaul
So I hnni Prices In tho meantime
go up nnd he feels as though hed mado
something Puck
Uneasy lies the luad that wears a
crown said tho studint of contempor
ary hlstorj shaking his lund r
They neodn t be uneisy It thej dont
want to rejoined old Bibulous Why
don t tliey hangxuP their crowns on
tho costumer and If they want a sound
sleep toko a good old American night
cap Baltimore American
Loldv you said no questions
I havent asked jou any questions
jou thief Ivo merely said jou stole
tho dog Hero sjput reward Now get
out jou scoundrel before I throw n
dipper of scalding water on jou1
Chicago Tribune
x ° L
Only nparlenco can measure
coal quallt Youve got to burn
HIAWATHA COAL In jourhtovo
grato or furnace to thoroughlj
know Its Mupmlor goodness When
jou buy HIAWATHA COAL jou
get tho extreme limit of the bejt
qualltj of bituminous coal mined
from Mother 1arth
Tor sale by tho following dealers
Federal Coal Compan >
Orldlej ll > an Coal Co
Alliance Investment Co
Jlorrls Bros Coal Co
Western Fuel Companj
Hampton Coal Company
Joromj Teed A Fuel Co
BurbrldgoCoul Co
J AV Dunon Coal Co
W oodruff hheoLs Morris Coal Co
Wasalch Supply Companj
Consolidated Fuel Co
Jc o II Whlto Gcnl Sales AsU
Salt Lako City Utah
jfay serve to bring > yntf >
in here as a cuslomcr
oiiQc but jtamisttbc bot 4
tor Jcoal soivicev aiicl
quahtys that will make
yoiu a stcady profitable
cifstomer Diat s what
js gt
St lwJ FIslhchmjV iKUtjejy i
V ir io1iOdres4 Qstfucpli i
JpKn VTilMainilslreet J
V > xitrrsMAMiW
T aiturHuynJIuthicc
j SAY jDonBboYatt rai Jer dtii r ry ii p
andDJolnitho fun frestlvalv Patricia
ipJBrlcnr1 is
Wi i
T ilNi I
he Ciibrus iiady l
rx > i7 i
Aypprnc < lyiibylJarn9siForlCsi
Jpirlces Evetiiiig1 iCOolib JlOOli Mat
J si25q Uo nw
ACtractlonC Nights and 2
M tlnpes beginning Tuesclliy Oct 23
Friday venlnKfPrlces lo to 2 00
jl Matinees 25c to JliX I
John Cort Presents
Maig anet Pat
EvcnlKBiI > rlcc fev7bUTCcrji6 >
i5JSlniVJesJSJciinliCOo >
BotliiPhoncs MC3
Matinee tdally S 15 oclock Every
evenings 1
Al Jolson J C J URcnt
Rente Adoloh Close
Dobes Borcl
oVphoumi Motion Pictures
Orpheum Orchestra
jSratlnee prices I5c ac We Night
prices Mc c jToc
Ind riiono 3737 Doll 1557
Wcdnc aayrMnt8J aturday
William Jngcrsoll Company in
> iiV liiii
i fjS ilfrjtttetM < Mr
ByRcsci Boachvahcl EuKenp iPrcsby
NextJWeck4Tho Ironmaster
Matinees AVcclnedaj nnd Saturday
In tho Jolly Musical Comfdy
Bargain Matlneo Wednesday 10c
Sixteen years
oi Success
Tho Bnmborgor Coal company
is nbv confplotlng tho ICth year
of a successful business By
success is meant that It has
served the public to the mutual
satisfaction of customers nnd
company Many of its customers
havo been suchfor tho entire 10
jears vvhllo a multitude of
Bother customers date backal
most that long Good coal
considerate treatment and
prompt service havo won and
kept theso customers
Bamtoerger Goal
Four Vnrds Bptli riipncs
S M S Ut
liovv cleScrly vjfaslnoncdj iar
itjicj istylcsj lffc > youict iratKidr
est cblors slip bctter suits can be
I jgi chasecL
Spleuclidly tailoied suitgiin casli
anere fine Ercncli aiifll diagonal
serge niuhaj clQili aiit iigKcliyi
j and Gluny Siace gfr
scroll > iiid ift t gimifiiugs appjiquioc x
iiiicSByiss laud QBKss ls 1101 at Qn E urth
GomK oi m S
Bigya ietiyaauginfe irdnrl25 tO3jSi50
cgiilai4ii3 Jie est jiuii mpsf irp to ate
designs Vanci color coinbihatibns ill jOiic
io ycycr you ini iiiid what ydtrwauii
XGES3iTfoI51ivROM 3 CiiIpi
Ini a yarlety of fabrics Including
r1 fty rtK41 LVi fTi > u
Just a fbw of Jiist ar ffewv pit
these Childrens theso Chlldroris
Siilts left knlckj
crbpckerj paiits
pants ages 9 to ligesO tpj 14tp
1 to cicar clear
CHILpRENS cbRD SUITS ugcs frorri
9 to 15 regular 4 to J7i60 Suits your
chblcb i
novyrnt t
Ciilayafyfri Sccctjym
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