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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, October 25, 1910, Last Edition, Image 1

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lMai JH V WAW fftssefc i V 118 1
I ej B iyu WilW fc V0 1 j sncctnbllllx toiIta
jS an tt > Ir V iOH Si iigZitip L StHv > i jTpt > V r Jr r t iy jv
i j
Islands ofj Ischia and tRrocida
Devastated bylthe
1 r
Cloudburst TidaKWaveandlErup
tlons jFrprmVesuvius t
Ko Aniciicans Itcpoilcd Ini
f one Monctar
Miile < OU 2J Tlio beautiful coasts
ofetlic ba > of Naples and the suit of
ifcalenio uiurtlio islnnefingtIschliunndi
Iroclda have bcemdcaHlalcd5b > Ta pe
cufiar combination ofjthotclomcnts fTlio
exact numbcrot lctlrnslmh not beerf
icamcd but 250 persons arc nald to
liic been killed 1 he iinoneljirj lo sib
The ftlU liter nppeiis ito have como
in the funnoWa tornado haUng > thrcc
tinfori the wit ovei tho Island ofj
I chh Ibi econd over ttho town of
THTC < lcT Oieco on 1he Last const of
the Injof Nnplclitnmt thotwnUsLCi
Ins ta 8lf ° c fclllcr °
AcconipuiJlnir the winds weu > a
cfouiitwf tt n tlcl 1 1 vuie and n violent
eruption riohi Motmti Vesuvius ifiom
frcialcr i uildcnljt opened on the < Murn
mltorUhc ioiS exilnct Mount JCpomcOji
on the Hind of ijchTa Ibcfila andfUipj
Hiljaccnl islands surfcicd most No
Aiiiprlcun iuq reporM ln < tho trouble
tone folders hxvlng i ntb UenJ
berth becauso of
tn inaction a wUi
1 15 Cliolent i pldcmic 4 < J
fliroiishout the mlslitmuch
the electric andj
Mi > dms the falluie of
the teirltoiv ln
lei Tph wires loft
without moins ofea
l lncM nnd
coinmunlntfpn AdmtnV T eonardl 5
U I or5
avail ible
i iiirnu >
I ftlit boasts of 11 Mln ileU which scs
It llnl jWbcnrtltulwlt their grow th
it of orm < e Icin n anj mandarin tits
It hvc jkeinuverruri wJlhJilVeri ot mudj
1 < vSiftijf irruni MountJV suvln
At bOVUiiKpolrila lumlBlldc
lfc cccuircd
NcM lo1 the loss atjlschl i life 6reat <
t Jjitij e asjdono Iiithc ION ns of
Fullcl rori dcl ijfcco iRcslnj AninMlf
gcrrenlo ilalotl Kav llo Angil Jonle
Us J < etuyand TUonlo Coiv no ij
lie tillon 1111 ftcr diijthprullioad at
ISrlj i mile nnd nlialft v est from
balernti was I Illcd by an cleetile ishock
while attcmptlnrto tclcguiph thcJucws
cf Iho ell i tei to olhci tpolnt t
Ileiortt from Itchlu dcscUbo tho lt
inlln Hide IK distichdug Tlio fnpvous
jJllii of IjuqulluSilmvt ibecn dejtroicdS1
t < oiie pehits the lava fromi Alount
1 pome i Is 0 feet deep
JMifii the C59lone ivnstatolls hclhtt
cnarmuiis hailstonesfell and huboiodes
iletnehcd from the mountain pcak
amo tuinblln How iff i
U > loUo delMOioco the looC Of1 a
fiullllnt Aiisblovn off and1 tho Hoors
coll Irving carried a sailor bis vvlfo
anil tiilldcf 1 montlm lntothucccllai
The iininn wa kllledUind the huiiband
llli ihi b ibc In his arms escaped from
th place onlyeHolbo drowned1 in the
i btitet The balvVMu rebelled1
v PhoenK Arl Oct 5 lhofbin on
tliojconstitntlonali convontlonj vhlch
Noted iiiuln to allow jthoni tho1
l > rlliCBi tit thollooufThlMtuctloiiyroi
lowed the receipt of a letter riomjther
ntl siloon league Jiiperlnomlont
ino n alpted jobbvlng1 vvjilley iijo > i
nS Ihci itlvllegnofithellooVafl a mem
licr of he stiff of2ajlocalyncvspapor
cautwl the convention to bin reporters
InJhK Irttcil tho writer iillniiiiNhedji
the privileges thatihadibceniBrnntcd
OF j
amutodav the clas
r rieii1 indlHtudcpteEunrdni nroi
KJtpfntctl at ail the ontrancesi tq tho
f i111 tl Prevent falnt1 hearted
B J ° 5 ro fCQm entorlntrV
suspension jof Iho fltiidonta
i uiniu hfi rn n remitted
if hX HrmBntno tlrst snovyKtoim
iLVhfifBJn lc A w
iCoronersiJury Sits onCaseBe
fgretJustice Hanks
J 1
UllllainOilcinliinliuiil Iollee
1 UoiicljcilKm IioiirSlaliuaj I
2tuiuOi > litiiiii llientu j
A coroners jurj sat In the coiut ofJ
Justice of the Peaeo Hank4 todaj Ini
the jcas c of Sain Oslerberg the TnanJ
shot llo tdcith Tn the Commercial tiir
ntiGS Commercial street last nlfeirt Hie
pollcofcharfcoithatyie came to his death
as v result of pistol builefs Hred by
> llllam Nlcml Jhp jury was con
vened In the court of Justice Hanks
nnd latci adjourned to looklit thcObodj
ofHhcdcad manHhaf 1 iv ut the O Don
nclK undertaking establishment
Joliu HcrnmiiMin onc < of thcfUwncrS
or thcj saloon where the killing Hook
placeJack Pcra A f Johnson Axel
j lstinm uidIIngc Jdhnson eve
wltncsbcs testified lo tho killing
L1 tiomtandSHugo lohnson hlvejbecn
held In Jill since tbe murdci lasilm
porlant w ltncbeslii thcT case
The minder1 wns done Incold blood
> JlemI mil lOsteibert ihadrbeen drink
ing tofccthei when sudden Memr
pulled hls ipolvei plnceeV It to tho
tBmple of Oiiteibcrg and nred O tei
bergsfcll dead like a log
NlcmlHhenjranUmtor the place wlllK
tin smoking rcvolvci Inhls hand and
stalled north 4011 Comnuielahtutreet
Tollcemanill1 U AIcMaitln sawthe man
iunnlng7and liivlng lieudtihc Kliotj5
btaitediHiKpiiisult He capturedMemr >
on the steps of the Orpheum thcalci
at the side of the bulldlngj where lie
hadnakciUrcfiiBc M
Ostcrbcrj wjnh unldenllnecl untjrthH
morning llientjonie frlcindsTot Ms
cUiiC lo police headquarters aml salds
the knewjhlm and that Iiolhad wmkcel
in lOincj jiuarrjcs neu the elt > A
brflthci ifithe murdered > man ailed fc r
hlH old hlme In Finland sevqrjlMilaja
ago I lcmli Is nlbo a I Inlandei
SamOstcrbcig the munlcrcd l In
lander lYiasjlelcntllledftlil morning lt
IthebDoiiiicIl undertaking parlorsib >
Jack Peru and A Johnson They
knewt the dead man liiitnensit ilnitin
tncr and knew th it he had Just rQ
turned rom omc mines In lopllft
Utah wjtlieiulto a bit of monev iHe
badl been drinking heavllv rAslfarvas
thev I niiv ho vyasnot of a inarrel
fiiothlng llC5V Ollldca rvfntrevolerrol
cTast nliht h > killinglt lt bv the
ipollcc itotha0hh < iipcincilinboiit 1115
pilocl jtlundrcda of > peopp vvultlngl
ttc JlalcRars KcaidAhi NhciSs ojpiRglleoj
Afl flfH IX IclIirriliTiiHiiepurtuccf the
murdorci 4uj > the Orpliculn allev inndji
jthej illjJiiililntaln thatlt ivf s JustJ
aboutl IS mliiutr sfcaftei twelve When
thev licaidthc shots f y
fLIi ilteniinUJohii HcmiJcl woil cd on
jlhq cise lhlsjinxornlnij and located
Itht tvvosmen vvho Idcntlllcd thCidead
man Ho sas that thp citvc agaliwl
WllllnintMomljr Is complete i J
a riiilandtrJJ lodis hc docs notlacorn
to leillre tho gnuo i barge ngalnst him
Ho faldJtoCeoige Mooieof the police i
dcpnrtmentj this imornlngi I wintito
jgo outof here 1 Rotia Job and Imustv
fgo > toMwoik ItMooiefttoldjlilin that ltj
wns ve iv lll elv helliadisecured a life
JobTont atj the state pi ison
fMeml Is aigl mt lnstrenith Ifjoti
low st iture lie bas been In the Unl
tqd tttejjlfor jb < mt 22 months Ho
has becna salloi < all his life T nil loft
a Gomiui oil trati poit InPhiladelphia
Ho a > s he knows nothlngt of the
shooting 110 maintains nl n that ho
nevci saw Osterlen until vcstcrda >
Ihejj met Inea saloon and t Nleml
was idtcitmepta < ellow countryinan
thev Imbibed ficel > Thon panic Tii
to their relative strcnglh
an 1 aftPijiHOVPral bouts Nelml who
ias gettlnr thev woist of tho cneoun
Hcrs pulledftho iqvolvci ind bhot Os
teihcie without wirnlng
Tsleml talksJlttlo Pngllsh He sijs
he cameXto Salt 3 iko from bhoshone f
Ida ind had former becii In the Cia
iido mountains workingon the rail
roads Ho boughtl therevolver with
whlch tho shootlngj wusdoijo in Scat
tlo sevcra1 tmonthbgagOj and HTVS he
uscdltUoBcnio vw j co > otes
isslon Sciiired foi 1 lucSKtlrniUiu
I rtTcntlnc to
Oct 2 Concession
from tho gqvornmentjiof Urtifua foi
a now railroad1 to extend 170 mllPl
ifiom Lijliinla on tho rivei plate op
posltoj lii Ilatix In Aii nttnp toi San
pulB m tho1 1o1artment of llfvlo ra
and thonce oBigoMBrazll haj been
procurcdab the PanAinoflcan Itans
contlnentnlllcnlhoad companr
APIansifor tholiiew tHnofrecontlj wcio
exhibited bj rJ J Mackelvej ofiNow
fiork president of Ihoicompins1 to
iAMlrIcanJ laltEdw nrcltV Alorgan
of 1JIontevldco JTho road w lilt con
ncctati TBagoL wlth iL brmw f m i
rcAemluallj Is M bojextcmilml Uo Illo
do Janeiro A Mlxtvmllo bianch will
bo btillt fromrtlio i Illage ofiCarmcn
northeaHe of rWraznoTtoforro Chato
tvvlioro Junction wlllKbcj offected with
ttho Cpntral Uiugimj ralhvuy at ls
fstiitedS tjiatlan AngloAmorlcanijbnnki
Ing honsot In London hnHagr < VdJto
float tho bonds for thej now enterprise4
Ala8ka itrilatnne l orjjp mtU nthlHf
n oar If i ilnusiml w sathor coon do
notr Intcfei oiw tl tho planm < of
UrOm AIIBkft ryonterdaj bj fj In
wYoung president jcifftfioVAraHka tStcati
shlpicompanjitnVvlce proHldent v
iIUV Jull41cnmJtolca5inti llispq
jty ujJX x mjji
iReguiar iRaneli ExriaiistefJ This
Mornmgun Examfnation
Of Talesmen
CouxktLit of Killing III
Vlfc NOUOII Tilal calu
I ui Mmdc r
With the palloi caused bj nhnot
cais coiiflncment bLliltiil prison
xn1l < iliowliirf nlalnlx fnlilj fate md
botrajlnif b Ms movements the
icrjouuiiLis which Ima Lhartcterlzed
hH attltuile Jinotighout1 ilic atljus
piocccdlngs of tlic tasi 1 fiotims
VtttiCL alleged wlfcTiiiiidcrer scnitln
iled wlthwplcrcng oji sTho men o
worn belnq cMmlned in Judge r D
Lewlsavcouit this morning its to thUr
ellglblllt to Itfas jfirois In the bctond
Jrlttl of the Lisa At noon todaj the
cnthefiCfeUlai jihTicI of the ptembcr
5term offLOiirUhad been xhausted and
a spciJaKenlie of nanns WUH diawn
the tnliato be ifiturmbli aKlOto < 10Ll
WednpsdflN morning
rwcnlsl < meii In the regulai p npl
weic examlnLclt Mornliu aftrnoon uiul
Uliisjmonilngfout of that numbci ijlirce
weic tpoiisult for tautv in o < > t > le < l and
wworji In il JicyiirvSTJtfffSit Wm AlT
fiedS toirlLlc and Vllllainfir Ifchnm
Two others i Wtlltam AI Lgin nnd
JamespC Ithlnson weic passed foi
datisc buUhaxt iitt ot iimfthegaunt
oletIofjperLmptorj clUillcngc jlh sexeial
Instance Ihe rljhl oWperemptorv chal
lenge was exerelbcd this morning Tho
men cMimlned ind ecU3cdtthlsfmoin
Ing ire James Gordon I rank1 Allen
Philip rjnnlgan OrsontiBrownr Junes
M dams Henn Holland LpwIsiT1
Cannon JllrHcrs andHarrv G
rence dm mobt cineathi propectlva
< Juiors thndiiformed an opinion In the
ca > c
WondavpaMsedvvlthout a single Juior
being swoin In JTwdve talesmen
w ercSpni IK ie < cainlucdand
ffoi cauce
flnns and S A1 vAriKinnls of Ogdn J
and A J1 Webci and TohnT1 lobln of
SatiLal > < CK llnvstate Is icprcscnl
eUiibjDlit Vttx Fred C Loofbourow
aurtihlsja < tant TJ O LiJitheiwoJd
Ihe follow Ini hixt been subpoenaed
Uote tlf > SlnVance sJbehalf > LewlsM
Cannon CJ riH II Gold v lohn Ahbott
JMib CHrn P nichardspionk Sianle
P b < Pcndergiass Ml fnndvMis Tpceph
jUlajloi rianctsrf arollneThompspii
KIclit Thoiisniul lollirj1JIii7i
Inchlncrxof Cifpllal Clcanlnci
Comimm riiinltnre l tc
r 1
rirr < Hln Ihol J C Barton liomc 412
nirth Jlnln street1 ami ln tho large
barn In the iqni formprlj occui > Iod b >
tho Capital Cleaning companv1 which
ms icicntlj vtaKcn oj ci bv the Bu
tons bmkc out t irl > uhls moinlng and
ls cstimited today
at about S 900
1 1 he homo of the Uiirtop and Uio bain
Tro omplclcl > Milled 1 hohousp todaj
a ruin with the gaunt ni
utandlng and tht barn In the Vein
Jvhcro tlio leaning machrnent was lo
c ited Is a mass of smoklng dcbrls and
twisted steel Jlcjiiv on the tmchln
crj Is ilono cstlniated1fat511oOO In id
idltloni noveril hundiod dollars uoith
of carpets left there bj residents
throughout the cH erejefestroTjcd
Tirofjbirklng ria dogVaiouscd Mrs
W H Svhlti about < l e > clockthls morn
ing flnd looklng eTuti sho4ssavvJ lames1
shooting upfrom tho buildnTg In ho
reiij o the Bartcm iTomo vvhero the
clcanlpg works wcro She Immediately
telephoned tho llro dipartmonTandirtho
apparatus vvab started oiijthoilong drives
up thelilllrto whole the llamasvvero
llghtlngyhc mldnlshtysk
In thomeantlinoimlghbort avvoko ind
fprmed a oluiUeorJllro bilgadc cap <
talnedrby tlio tCb Harfon jjoji
When thoidopaitment flnally anlved
atHho placefaflci theli longhard pull
Ihe voHinteorslnd succpeded ln1 bring
ing most oftthexfuinlturo from the Hai
tontjiomo vshlch had caught from the
barn Kvcr thing thntj was ofaluo
was saved butRln thP rusl andlilirrj
nianjMiluihlQthlngs w < 10 broken Iwo
oil pnlntlng vvere hadlv torn In the
sciamble Itjls albo sTld that a imti >
tlt > of carpon ei tools ustored In thej
barn vcro destioyed
The Hartons > hadtrecentlyataikcn ov er
the cleinlng jstabllshmentjjiind weic
preparingto tcontlnuo1 the work TluVi
Hgln of WipflroTfH a mystery1 Some
nsurnnco Is carrlcd on th buildings
and contentHjbut what nmiiunt could
lot bo learned todaj
Utah nnuclUciH trnicrt lii ml thu
Tronic ofiriicli ClmiIiiln
Iho Daughters ofUtaji jlmieciH met
jeflttrday hifa delightful social tneel
Ing nliftliQ iome jatltho Chaplain iTlrs
Sarah Ji Cannon ifili of
> present UioVmom
ploiiterHbolng wUtjjf v
Pin f1ia roojvi were decorfitellriiait
iisniUa rott fpa
KnvmofslnblnBfaiidvUiojIlBcussIon ot
liusln SB a of the Mltlet > c l8illeId lil
which ithe Iniportance ofj rcslhtrntlon
of tho DHuglitern and the toplo pfin
chaugoofdato forithonocttngfl of tho
society1 Averoilnclndod tlteifblshoprlo of
Iho v D S Church lmlmr glj Ah Jlio
Daughters prhllcga of imlnr jthe audl4
cniorimll > ln Uhn Bishop ft bulldlnfrtpn
vWoFlda > sot each jnonth ThjiR duysi
willlbeiaLcoptcdf b > i tho soektit one
fofi a business jaml tholothyr for jits
rcgulartUiieotlns MU pioneer iball
dlucuBocd ttoibe heldupiQbablj fatythq
Bishop B budding jlntho near futurp
Aftar 1thebuslnossdcllclo Mfrt8hr
inonta Ncie i3tnwi t 1 yt JJ
1 w j
Is Sh if
illnl iu ofclyl
Wasi Charged With Being Acces
soryto Murder of Belle Elv
the Fact
i tilal l
but a few1 houri lii the New Bailey
criminal cour lpodnj a Juij found
Bthol GlnVeifALenee not gulltj nsaji
accj s0rytiftertfiofa < t In the murder
ofitCoiUBellcjGr > p n for whose dcith
StliLlatterjVlmsbiiiid Dr Crlppen vl
dle on theJEallo slon Xo 8
v life > In loe ulth Dr
Crlppen nndpjcnt In tho house within
ISi hoursor tle lnc llu doctor mur
dcrcd hls5CjfcnmUJiuflcd tho dlsmem
beied jDaUsJlnithoiccllni of his Hlldropi
Cic cenl homg v trhe iiccoinpanled Crlp
pen in hlsiniBhtJtd Cuiailii and Ith
him uibntrcsUdniiil Indicted
rrum tlielflrst f nulntaliicd Inno
ccncrfof any lihOulctlKo of the crlrni
but the LI oij alleged that herbehavlor
KUb cqiu5iltt to lluj disnppiaiancc < oC
Mrs jCrippcn orSelle Clinoiu n slio
was known on tho stiie ns such as
lo betraj njfgull > knuu ledge of the
murder r
Wholl airalgnld tod ly Miss Lenee
pleaded not gulltyand nltnesscs Vre
iFtrodueoill bv tliiyprostiutloii toishfiw
jthat die hail expel Icnced peflods of
itrcnt nitntali dlsttXS following Belln
rjlmoios death The nomi piosenltoi
PRIchird Mulr tlntioduced otilj Huih
oldence as hud becn biought out In
uskcdlthe Juryl
Jo bear Inmlnd tluitlilt i llent had bcun
under the Influence oC Oilppen one of
ithetmostfdanBeroifs criminals of ittcnt
fjcar since she un8lG > pais old Thfs
jhc < ibcrtedfacLountedfoi her Illshttln
thP1 doctoracompTnv There nKinoj
pro6r > thattshe hart knoiledse of the
crlme Counsehsaldjhp took upon lilsr
ovn < shouldcp thnjcsponiiblllty foi noL
putting Mlssl Len a In the nltneis
box i
Lord ChletSIluUlqc WUci toni who
presided iliTsuimnlni up foi thOJuiy f
saldihotsn noneasonfnhy RrCrlppcn
should haAP toldjMlss Lenevix stoij
different fromKthat which Kctold oth
ln f < r >
and vob
t Drouet iln
pstliutr iwhere Hhe niBtnDr tCilprxm
who Avasconncitcd with thulnstltutlnn
In sTJton > ulflnfirjAiKitlt Hiitcr hej
Institute w it tloedAiindjDr Cilppen
for himself lirTtho drntalJbusl
and prldtoBccretnrj
iVstcrioKraphei 4
IShefcllInMovoxvlth hoi employer and
nftertjthe death or Mri vCrlppen went
to ll < i w iththedoctorniid latcrtold
hcrfrlendsitheytweromarrlcd t
ixiii i oft M
London Oct 2o TheiCtwas a
In the Cilpppn cuso today when the
high court Inflicted a flnelof JlOOOjon
AsHt Editor Perrls for ejontempt of
court In permittingthe publication In
the London iChronlclo of a story assert
ing that Dr Crlppen had purihnsed
hjoscln and had confc edto thomur <
dcfof his wife
Thp court ordeied that Perrla bo
Imprisoned until the fine wan paid
Washingtoni Oct J Bola A Lock
i wood lawerAMiffragist ind twice cin
dlditP foi the presidency ofthp United
Stales and one of the best known worn
en in the eoUntiv vesteiday celebiated
hcrplghtleth iblrlhdny
Ive never had an eightieth birthday
before nnd Til nevei havosnnothei so
Itdelded tontako A day off and have
a bltthdaj cake sho said1 a
Mis Lockwood sa > sso far as sho
knowsthere Is not any dlffeienco In
being SO andjinjbeing JS
I ami a stiong J suffragistrnon as
I ovel wasV said Mrs Lockvvood
Womans suffrage Is boundtOjcomo In
America and vou will Ha lo see the
tiuth ofmyJprophPe t
I t nation Just Aflei > ooniToela >
i Slain Niiiiow nscaiws
Spndal io rimlNews
nnlnlngpebllos nml
Uhiglmm Ocl
llouldeu rfia xpiC i > t nearlyi f Jnll
utoHi followlar tl cxpto30 of a bjg
WiMl plncedtby sub coatrnttors for tho
Utah Constuiflllon cotnpuu along itto
lino1 of tbo Hlnitlnnn qi iilLt11 1
nhortl > aflnr noon to < ln > inlraculoiiHlcs
caVcs ftom KMh and Injun ffollowed on
succcssloij bbl s
anothe In unlcU
iruLl and big ro kn fiufrontli lilps
ovcPa indhiSfOt nlf n jrollo icoxcrtn
houses mruotH ami ptUiHUInmi AvlthHhi
duslt nnd dtit Mennwblk thd ubjlcsl
schools liaa m1 iicM > V < W ml iiod foij tho
Soon hour and luindrcdn otjchlldjenfwcro
SiVftliilr VM llieli1 infls rorjdnncr
ShTirocKHwll from tli nHyi IflbouUthf
clffldrnn and tUftt thoj e capcdserlou8 Injury
nnMineillilnwlf mjBtoryV V
AboMlfleii H as i rRo nsjatfoottmll foil
fhrouKl tliC ronf o nc 0 ptrtUMoom
riS Iiolp njtlio roofJthrio
ri u < uutDK a
oft cm > ra anil vluorlng > hrough thci
finnrs niHllnt OiU firound under the
VIHlM fti Aii 4ttiAi > rFl nf t
11 i
niTIIlIlCl c11 tiMuw ri ii uiwij
iicnVlv tbierybodK lnthPllovMli out tot
doora and a momint afterwardutho
treetaiJncro IflllidiwuH Jp oplo men
rwomeniind rhjldron JoiplnKiIn to peo
wluvt4 hailiOiftpP01 Tho oairBo vvwi1
i ii rt no cptlinatQMins bcQni
it of powdorusodi but
ItHdiolHcWn ihtnrilffoivmrin mlle i rt
ttiet liKik Und srnel rcllo > er afclrdo
ni9ro tJijliiamUcacr033 irfr < e j
ATTr 7 sv
< I f
V <
ThefHague lnternationaJ Court of
Arbitration Avyarcls American
Co 46867and Costs
IJcclslon Clniillj ll > lpi1 r lon
Standing DJsputCjIJolHeciiUnited
Mates nnclVuiicznula
1 ho Hague Oct > The Internation
al eeiurt of arbltititlon rendered ItDde
< Jry ft
clalon In tho Orinoco claims ease to
day The Barge award In doUiirld null
on four points and4hc Amurlean com
pmy Is nvxnrded 16B6T with S per cent
Interest since JumvjKi 1803 und TOOQ
eoats t
TheJudgment h o Do paid by Vene
zucTa vUlhlli tjcvinpntha The tribunal
rejected thor American contention on
the Bother jiolnts In dispute
vVHJIain Uentfls aa iKent of the Uni
ted Stales presented tho eaae < for the
atetimshlp company
Todays dedlon dlapoies of n long
standing dispute between the United
States and Venezuela The Orinoco
Steamship eompanv a New JPISLJOLOI
poratlonnvas granted ccitnln peluslvo
pi Alleges bj VPiieruela but tlicjagrce
mcnt vvui5 subscquentlj icpndlited by
Prt Ident Castro Theifcteamshlp com
pany Instituted an aetloiij for 51400000
damage Tlioease tis eventually
submitted to Dr Charles Btrge who
11 umplrct on Kcb 2 1901 avmrded
the ompanv 528700 Thecompanv ap
pealed 10 the Aincrlean goveinpient
whichrefiispd to mccpt the dei Islon on
the ground It was contrary to the
principles ofinternational law
Afler prolonged ncgotlationsbe tveen
AVashlngton and Cnraeiis Itjvai agreed
to submlt Ihe vhop mattei to llip
tHagueniibuiial where Mr Dennis u k
edHhat the Baigi avvitd ba declared
null as unjust und enoneoiH and the
original claims settled on thcln merit
Magdebuig OctrK Iluil Monte
I ell with a Wright aeroplane today
and was killed
The alrmanwa planing to Iho ciith
when he tarted nlsjmolor The strain
causednho vmachlneHoturnvturtleII
crashed to Ihe ground carrying the
llpulenant beneath It TlnVaoroplanc
Waj smaslicdVtoitblty
d J > < 3ltellta7id Wlfcja3ai
lii ronrihcnrdjfor 50im distance aJ
Inrgc lank ofignaoIlnOjtnHhf W n Ynrl
Claming And Dvclng orks 1AT west
South Temple t trecl Exploded abqut 9
oclock this moinlng nnjNIn asecond tlm
room was arnaus ofjflamPi1 Ihognso
lln hnd communicated llelf to cvcrj
thlng burnablq In the < plncis and whpn
Mi C D Stroll the proprietor nnd htn
wlfn irleil to extinguish the flsme HIP
were both pnlnfull > burned
Tho department van oilleil and nulCk
U out the fire ont Tlie ilnnnRC IQ tlio
bullillng nceonlliiBHo tpe fire depnrt
roeii1 nmouiitcd 1o30 nnd to the con
tentHJoO Alis streltt wa liurnodnbout
Ihevilrmi ami her hutbnnd U bndl >
Mcprehcd about HIP neicl ylicrfl tlio
tl linen cnught tl cm ns thev attempted
lo gubiliit tlm fire Thes wcrobolh treat
ed at theli homo
fNnw York Oct 25 Cn lanjH Land
In Chinatown Is no 111019 Th < Miew po
ifce regime In owjYorkjelt Ins placed
tho little Rtrlp0f Jpaemcnt In Chath im
Miuaio li9iofom precincts converged
undpi thesupeivision of thc nilrabeth
street station Mien tofore bcciusq of
a question asto > vvho sjiould ninki ni
rests the spot naji bipnvi n favorite
iliaunt of shad > rhwufter of China
town The now ordcils In line with
thpplanlto < 2l1ftniltmJ1n1 rtiit
Jl I <
Now Yoi
oldtlmocampalgnifrnotliods Is upjm
< ntlj k mnrked < bytho picsent4gHbormi >
torlal and1 toiigic slonnl i unpalgn In
New lYoik Keen ipdutlcalf obncrveiH
havn mveial tlnHh noted tbafthui
campalgnilsnho iiulotcnt lmman > yoaw
and ithej1 declare that It Is not duo to
liubllcapithj butinprely to tlu fact
tlint theiday of red lire torchlight par
adeHthiinrOis bands nnd buttons as
corner hpcllhlndpn and
earl tnlUnntoiy has gone by f
In all Now iork there aie not more
than half a dozen1 uimp ilgn bannorti
thlsjjparno Amerlcin ingB aie usid
foi campaign ndvei Using find tho man
wealing ai button with tlm names and
picture of hU favorite candidate on It Is
a rarity f t
ylnhlngton Oct 2 Vlco Consul
GeneraUOeorgo TJ Tosto ot Capotown
hattrtpoitrdfto this govoiini nt thatil
an arrangement has been concluded bc
tvvcenrtho GernmnAustrall in Stcam
uhlp companv andSl ldcr Dempster
Cotfora direct ntcnmshlp service from
South African portu totNow York ami
The Bcivleo will begin No V IB next
UiP nti ftmer to rune from Australia
via South Africnn portH tr > tie United
States j > t
FrolrhtUynrreportid vvlllilio nocept
ptl for tUtcomrv tatj South fAfrli on
ports at ratesiConKmcrablVflowei than
those phanwlivlojEiigliml Thonritf
sKnimcr to hnakpithunnptt joutoLwIll
Iw Mngdoburirj vvhlch wlt scall from
MellMiirnttoiichlnKaL Durbin Natal u
Uas iLondqn jAlgoivjBav aid CapoS
toxCii To othery tcnrncrsiwlH imakuj
Eastern Phonograph Experts
CommgHere Next Week
toSecure Rlates
Profj Slcpllens Propose let Itc
Stlcctlons 1ioin Jainuns
llytthu Old
Conductor Stephens of the Taber
nacle choir und Manager DOUCH of
the DaynesUeibp Mliale company held
a cotifprpticot this morning relatlvo to
tho choir repertoire to be rolectpil
when Experts Hausmann and SupT
ntncrhon of the Columbia company re
turn for a second leeordlng of en
semble work by tho tiibernnclo choir
and organ boloit bj Pi of McClellan
Both Messrs Stephens and Davnes
agieo that a thlul liorn H necessaiy
to carry the oigan parlln the ringing
the moie feaslble idej Jnthls iomiec
tlon belnj that the horn Ihoulit teach
above the oigin with ho bftll > tinned
down nnd with widely cxtcndrd bell
ilanges the small end of tho houi
terminatingIn the iccording niiclilup
ThPii Prof Stephens believes thpibell
flanges of Iho hoi us nsgd to lovou
the choir should be enlaiged four
limps By doing this > choir vvoik
will be much more complete to say
inothlng of having thu full organ Kick
ing b > HIP use of a thlul trimiMjt
The Idea of both tho eholr ind
tphonogiaph people Is In scmu rcc
joidiof great enseiiible > works irom
thu moie notpd innstpis silijh ns may
I bp found In the blgVouiiurlos nnd tho
jinorc noted antheniN irnm the must
distinguished eompbsois It Is jiot
drawing too long a bow to claim thiit
the1 Salt Inkp tabernacle choir Is An
jaggregallon ofmKeel voices tlmtian
not be1 < tui passed answlmte for a
faithful pioductlon of thec great
work onserjui ntl manufactiiroiH
of the voice machines aiP icad
cn nigh to pnili mone time and Sil
ent to jccurt iStoids from Mich a
oul cc f
SOME sijiiroi JONS
Prof Stephens h is bOleetedj th fol
JWhen1 the CMieits auive Hlsc Up
iAris 1 from Mendelssohn j nritorlu
lofVSt Piu Diy Piothuoe wl
illght unai pomp mil d Ht fttcjj
ilngeOvci Israel frqm JMcudpltaoIln
loiaterloof Hlljali Hit 111 t ebotuH1
Ifrom Dudlev Bucks nlisInlT letting
jofjjthc I ort eeor eXT aJlu Iodi ut
Israel b1 Steplici1H P itso i e
Aheirivtticr b > aoumiajthp oldtort
Ohoum Iiom Paust HundclM
JeltfctlonsS Pi of McGlell inlw Illv5tkct
Jhlsown tirraiUniinilJi r JfUilfcoiLsiilta
JllonJwItli the phon6giaph < c > perts flhe
Jlaltei ijll be jlnvitedto attend u
Ispeclal rehcarsalof IhwirearuicIi o
tljatjthi cinjgnln abetteridpa of
posilbllltllpaln multiisoff recording
tik son thl iPeordlngiwJlljiPniliPtjficijii
ineniberHvof the cholihiomofposonal
sacilllCP 111 lhe ln toi offtlnip 1 cfir
jaru and voealefforl But tlie icsulis
iito detned to be of such mompiitf
ii toicadlyV all for siiciriltterc t oil
the pnitof the choir Prof I Stopbens
pinphmlpa this Mtrpnuouslv nndfuiBct
iverv inipmber of the ciolr to per
o iallv lnteicat themselves In dolm
rthtlr pnrtfto makp of this e ntoiprlue
a succcs Ilic best cfforis of tho
icholtglvon at Heitllc theSilt Lllte
eisteddfod Chleiro ortland and
cl owhpro ire to bo produced In
l nperlshahlo record for peiform mcx
uall ovf i HIP civilized vvorld nn < this H
certalnlv worth the < tra work tljp
pholi vlll be called upon to do HIP
Hist rehear al s itohPdulcd foi siift
Thursda ovpnlnp vvben snvpral of tho
worl s to be recorded will bo taken lip
And no ttmo Is to l > p lost as tho t
pprts ire duo In this cits the nilddlo
of net wcpk i
1 Mitricnced lull Man Avuincs Ills
> Dullest
Itobeit G Mahan who has been man
iifcci und secietiuj of the UnlvemlU
club foj tho past jeai hius bipn cm
plocdtas IIOUHO nianagirfor ilui jalt
Lako Commercial club assuming his
duties lodaj Mi Mahan will spend
his llmo at the now building hlclija
rapldl being completed laKIni chaigo
of thn furnl hlnrs of tlm roomi Most
of tho furniture cai IKIK and dnpeiles1
hae anlvcd and aro now In Ing put In
plncii MrMnhan Is u capable man In
Ids lino Ho had considerable CNpcil
mcoilii Ixmdon Kmland befoio ho
caino to this countrv In Incast hi
was implojcd In Mnno of the largesa
club Oiouses i
c p
B > v prOeHmatlon ot Oct 1 1010
President lafttliqw Wpitjtvvo lown
Hhlps of 1 md In 1C 1110 conntv foi ijil
cUlttual into which ladtbpin cntoicd
as coal lind < In tho rftplaHslllcallon
of thelinds no coal WIIH dKcvoied and
tlcv vvcrCj classed as nonconl lajids
In thp prpclamatlon tho land 9pene < l
to iigrlcnltuiil enti > l discrllwd as
timnshlp 11 south ianio 7 west ind
township It south i iligy west
lho convention rommltleo
lunch9on at the commciclnl club at
ILIOlocloilc Tuesdav aftunoon John
i luinsjoi Spokane Miciotnr nr the
fiDi5Taiinlng eongie s will bo a guent
iof thcicommlttee IIIP congress mocts
Jn Pueblo next year and i ilt u > akv
jwllinaUho pit llmlnar htrpa nt h
mectlpgjTuesdaj ti bring the eonvj n
tlon oSalt I ako In 191 > >
1 Shenpihcid 13aj Oct UntnojJold
tleldjvlhojuuloinpbllo drive i faslh dp
champion pugilist In < u nvpmllo > aulo
nyiblle nlcc here lh nftPinoon Old1
loldi rni the tflrHt two boats of the
contest m iklnsa < rthlrdhp Itnmnccltii
jOldllola > wonit
if iCiJuartei iOf amIU
dl8tajico > ln 4Miilnutps t l
1 s9nclihpnl loir Iplnuon jjtttlm
ondhcut as 5imlnutesvH2ffjcc6nda
Balloon With Suppliesto beiSent
Mn Search oftho Missing ft
America Hi
nlfcii U III be Condiielctf Iroin
Otluua Canada CnnuUliui
lica lll Co opcintL
3t Louis Oct 2A pltn lo send
i billoon mill supplier after Alan
Jiuwle > ind AufustiiK pHt tho crew
of the missing meilcnll vvaihasUn
< todi Louh Von Phul who will
Pilot the rellor
aerostat expects lo
lelivo i tonlrht for Cinadn H
Lm h nlnl hu1 trom
uiii bifj iimf j
llmt ths simch ro Ulo biiioonNlsla
being nmdo b
wo countrlw Is shmvn 1
i the tdcferuns which 1mo
been reM
U A ° GIU of
wfthln thunst 2t bouis rheselmvo
eoma from the heads orthe Cmidlan
i finni ut niltl from tlioiMcnnl coin
ho 4 ooTlh ai J8lc ls AJ
f om p nT h JSTlMS
deml ir I lnX o
iKiKft I 8 J t °
C T ffJH A 11
< itrltt jcmjjoeei of
tin N itloiiill i
ri ° In Vlitri Onl
ton v MU AraiucoBnjiiriVdcl
ovir tlm icMon In whlelu
tnPti lcl13 believe tho
Atneilei II has nak n
Opt Ocl S Uu vvoik oC
ff the MMiich foi AHn II
IHwIev and AnMsliis Post or > ewV
ilork thoirissiig aeidimutsandHlieli
balloon Amcrlci II Is vvelljundei way
hic I dmoml P sti tton tqprcioiit
ng the eroiCliib nrAmcrlca spentro
nusi gilt xfollpwlng hlsj nrrlv il lato11
cstciilis andihatf mallo his hcadouar
turp n local pglnt < at whichrpportt
from jonturloni I QucbeZ wlllibeTrp
1 mm illip data nlrcidj ai illabla and1
that which Is comlrtg In a mupla be
unon tthlphjlln loeatfom
and Ume of Hglflntrj bXllodns list
i eekt wll hi noted1
V Ithliu I hoili snld Mi < jtrnl
K iriilpn tad vices probably vUlho
toiilndlciuc th coitrttes or sand
ihav urlVodrind ticVj pohitKSlndleate ij
a fairl sti vthUcmirse It jUirbe taken I
lojgviltpcl th it tleAnierea IIott
sTreIirterosi < theTGicutliikes y I
ncliilsotYtlia re ultltv be obtiilnediflonil
a emh > of tho MiKt w Ilderncfca of
nortliPrnOnlailo Quebcc aiKi Ungavi1
f trtton cqundent thaimulen
nlto trail can IIP tstHbllsliedSviilch 111
lend to tho ndlngSbfllie Ami rlca II
and the rescue of Posfind iHaw l v
tl conredc isald Mr jStiatton that
as thei situation now stnndsjt woulfl bt
rldlculou < tto pend out xiirpllef cpcdl
tlon nuUwlth the co 7 > ppntlon of the
pn sofCanada and the rejportstftom
all soniceu I bellevo vie nin v > thnn
falr degre j of nciuricjdptprmlne tlu
course of the AninrkaHri pinfde4 sjif
Rotjsifdj acioss I ike Huron niidit
Jeorglan ba
LASI nrronT
n i
Illo lust ipjoits of the AlllPrle1 II
exime from Maeltlnae IsliiinU Beond
that poInMlt lit njeip iciiiion rN2
1 Imp fpii IB intvitilneiK that Ihu
aeronaut are In distress iho Ann ileu A
II carried provisions foi fom diss
and matcilils for securing llsh amU
gimp which aro plentiful In all paits
of Iho recoil whcrp the Xnienva II nn
have Hndcd BiMdeslhln tin ro M al
wijs tho pieibihllitj that the vvlllj
ronie n contact with hUntPrs Indlin
pro pectors 01 game wardens i whn
cover thp counti puftj thoroughly
lhp Morv brought down to Hunts
vlllo bj Illchard Colo a guide vhohis
returned from T > ow Ontn that he nithi
d n Inlloon lisl Thin sdaj will be In
tvestlgited by Mr Stratton
lie Dusselford CJpimanla ind Az mm
tfipa tho balloon covering tho long
est dlstanet came to cnith on AYednps
daj and If fjOki s slor stands it vvllp
bo regarded us unmlsttkibln pipof that t
tho Ameilia II got afplj ncro H the
On at Dikes e
Guide Col < 1 It dPvelopcl lodav Was
with Mi and Mrs MPVCTB of Toronto
on Rums Inlto about 20 miles norlh t
of Ulscpe on tht line of tho Canndl ui
Pacific nllwn when lhe bullom wiis n
Hlghtcd It nppaicnll in eilfi a landing
on Iho hnio of r i lake omt Iwn
mllis fiom lluinsf v like and aboul a
inll s diln ninth m Itl inn
A heav Snciwstoim dhivp nli and i
his romp ullon out of theli itti mpts
to rcneh thp placp but on rejchlngv
lii coo a cotichliiK urlv > was dis
patched Provisions wero left bv Ui
Mecr In u hunlei i cabin on Iltimscv
InUo nnd shotb were fired to attract
the attention of tho m roiuuts
rA rewmd of 5JOD was offered todav
bs i ertmpans of fin dp ilers whleh hast
10000 t one sponde ills In Cnmdi foi li
foimatlon all nit the nilsiing ncronauis
Vctt 10rk QcV 1 Stilcken midden m
Is 111 with ptomaine polbontng Hrlg
Crji Tames llcn i chief signal orps
ifllfci of the United Stales mil and
Hiiij Cm lames A Hilohinm United j
Slates nim > retlnd mo confined to j
thpjr tooinH In a J vv ioikhotel Tlipj
tftno lo Newj oik a few das ago 1
fiom Viishlnqtou luuliif been as I
planed to ertisfiviit emdlity In
lion lth Urn Intoniitlonnl Aviation
incut tit nelipont inrk lloth an now f
unde tho caro of phvsli jaliB althoui h
theh condition1 not rtgttcdcd as sirl
ous Jhe espevt to bq out within i
lav 01 two
dciii Allen hcails the detachment nfi
signal eoips offlcew nsslgnhrt b tlm
sicictni ot win to obMivo the ah
IHfihtHmt BPhnont pirKyfot the tov
umncnt In addition lo Oon Allen
the slgml cxnps olllcora dniillul to nh
tervp the llghlB nro Mnj Samuel IJ
bcif MaJ Oeoifco OSctilii apd < f lent
rgulois i MaJ hiiloi will
nafcorfo to loe VoiJvamtlliGen Allen
Qtihis tn aehlngton > P riipinaviilof
ICers Iqtnllcd aic Kiptt Hrvlng W
Cll nttbQl xiS al CqnUi ilctni AVJIII ui
McSfjiitco uncU Lieut Xntlinnltt W
rleht I

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