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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, October 26, 1910, Last Edition, Image 1

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f V J li i
Ot 26 A Los An
Ban HranclBCO
totepatch to a loal Jgiwej says
three Times d > namller auwccta
cs San Ju rches tho port
tAcapu h 1
dlspatcli Ovhl
Aiwrdlnif to tho
rbased > ontJtiformaHon re
Valid lo b <
cdud fro Chief ft Police Gallop
Angeles yeslojday from the
dcpattmtnt at ajlmibton thoTJLttsg
till three suspected paMongers
raw of xhu
f been SLlredJby tttoi < upltulnot
ln JulSi upoa InstruUln fnrnbcty
Tlho menHit Ibisaid iia > o l t rt
IKMX survelllancojfoi lour uuy3
under dost W arrestvdi at Wo clock this
mormnL when tho boattoWchtdulttUo
otfftlals land the
Vmeric in consul urgent at A apulco1
ATbc sibp Wttho al8patch tontliiues
liecd to bo tUo men twho pui
rew >
ipundafof xplohlvo
ed the 600
Oneotnhotrco tho < dls
tbCDtlH has a class o > o accordlnis
i uch wi s
the tttncrur
ad CM and answers
Uecrlpllou o of thojman w ho In known
iotho police us Smithy ThoothmUo
j sinLirj aio1clluedl t6 bo J 11
jJOtomd r Alorrj
Tbcsuithito men itccordlns to udi
lce bomltd theatcame Ban Jimii
at bin Francisco oiuOct lo At that
Slime o awsumtd names and
tho > ta
the man who Is bellovcdtotbe bnitthyy
did notjappcurwheiuthoVtltkew wtro
UrtllUOyUf Hfi m < V
The Information vvhichtwn8 received
hprc from the state dopailmentthroUBh
1 Gox Ollletl has cuusedr Ally
llogers and1 the olhor
temporarily to i
LOKIAngeles Oct 25 The Brand Juiy
To InvesllBate tlioi destruction ufithe
I os AiiBoles Times fwlth 21oMts mcnj
CM 1 ajid tollndlct suspects Itll Is
found thai tho destruction was wrought
hyjhunvinhands was Impaneledjtoday
by Judge liordwcll of the superior
courl1 ChailesVelr a lumberman i
wns chosen foreman ofjtho Jury which
Is made uphln < ho main of rinchers c
imcrclmntB packersvindifruitgrowers
Ihrcfcrettbccauso of the publlcltyjgU
tnxWs beirchfor thevalleged < dynainlfo
and 1ho > enjolnnd
strictest secrecy updn rtll conncctcdi
iwlth the grand Jurj in chtlgatlon Youd
will npt assume the court < rj > roceeded
that tho explosion was the work of
human agcncybut > ou wlll > determlno
that qucrtlon from such evldencorasi
obtainable Andlt > ou conclude
that any pnrsonorpersons Intentional 1
Ij place < l tplosles In or adjacent to
said building ondcaused tho sameto
ho cxploded whldi n sultedilnjthellc
Iructlon of said building then such
act constitutes tho crime of murder and
al o the crime of arson
Vju will direct 5 our efforts itotho
ascertainment nndjldentltj oUall per1
sons conccrncd ln sald crlme whether
as jrlnclpils orrnccesiorle3 contin
ued the court andt Ifnthe joUdencci
n > hlch ma > bo prcsented to joui un
letpHlncd or uncontnidlcled would jln
jour Juclitment marranfconvlclloni by
trhltb Jur > of any person orpersonn of
such crime then It Is > our dut > tolflnd
Indictments nsainst them
All per onsj conccinedtlnftho com
mission of a crlmoTjwhotherAthe dlj
rcctls commit It fonnldcd andabcttcd
In Its commlslon or1 notrbchiBilpresT
cnt hao adlsod nndjoncournno < l Itstj
commission nro principals Inany crlme
so committed
All yersoni whoVnfter fuH knovli
edge that afeony lms beencommlt
ted conceal It from Hue magistrate
or harbor nid prolcct thai person
chirgcd with ltor com Ictcd > thereon
are accessories
TncUo afnrmatlvo votes Itho Judge
told tho Jurors were sufficient tolcr
dcr l
nn Indictment
Tho Jurj beginltBnrsttscsslonfthIs
afternoon and adJournulftuntlUThurs f
Wash Oct 28 An nlleBcdJ
defect hi Its wordfnB ItIs dcclarcd >
n Inxnlldalo1 tho womin suffrngoj
inmiiidmontlotho stitoconstllullonyoe
lio xotel upon tlhecomlnBl < lcctlon
his been discovered jln the resolution
ndopted bj tholast leglslalure submllt
The proposltlonils dravxji to amemlai
itlcle 1 ectlon G Thlstsiction was pie
vlouslyf nienrted byjamciidmcnt No 2
nnd the antlsuffniglsts malntainithat
todbe effictlvoi tho Inowijimendment
jj must ryfcr to nmcndmont2 nndtnotjar
tlclo 11 Ecctlon61vvhlch5no longer ox
l ls t
+ t
IBal ljtoibonbo0tniiSiu5Vu cl5Vnoxvjlsl
ISIi fi uUL0luai lofthe rlnmnml fi
S iraifpSi
Tho situation ls notlhng shorti of
alarmlnc saldT Jj O Oara head of
bne ofjjtlia ilargest prodliclngSconcerns
sSjn1 Illlnojs Jast night WocouldHurn
out moujcoal It vxo huil tho catsind
other companlcsjare in tlio same flv
JIJdoTnotibellexelhcre is n weeksisup
plv of conlon hand In Chlcagojnnd
what wlllhappen If theio IsjaSsuddon
Coldfsnap unnoiojlhaiil eniiUell
Chfcago Oct 26In the face oC a
Steady decjjnojn tlie priceof hogs
andf the corn ion which iliey arofedj
iChkiigoan3 wlio dcslredto eat bicon
ijcsterdtiyadlscoxeredf that thev vero
Icompulledsto pay IhoJilBhcstprlce evei
fbbtulncd forjithefsalLimcati lntlmesot
ipcnce 35 cenls iijpoundjsllccd
ICthcJhousewlfo vva3twilllnBtocut It
hcisclf he mlghl hac reduced
lhls > flBuro toklhrpe poundsifor Slibul
lhat vx ivthobpstsshe coyild do linxas
Fupland lo nllJappcnrnnces would stay
atnhlstrccordisnnshliiB flBUre fot some
1 hosolercnson for Uilssltuation ac
cordlngto C V Fostei veteran1pro
jvlsliij deler Has In itho shortage of
Jbncon pioduclngshoga
NVmnttcrtwhat thejfacts mlghl seem
Sto Indicate said he thordlfllcultyllcs ln
the Innbllltviof AlheJpackers lo buy ilho
Ipoii < er lhls Mtuation ho said xxould
beKhaiigedTln > th Intcrcat oftho pub
fllo mid loxcrprlcs Just asfsoon as a
jnox yieldof hogs could bo producedi
from thoschcnporcorn
life lliivu KlilcdiSexcinl1Piruilcrs
leclareThehPurppsVlo J pel1
Manila Oct < 26 Txxobaiids ofiManoA
l boslrlbdsmen nro depriKJatlnB thorwcstj
cotlsl ot DJvao In he southeaslen
Mindanao and havelHIIod several plan <
lcraIncludInBnurI Gern an A merlcan
AllavalTablc lroopswlreordered loJ
Ihe scerie day
JrlBGen John J iPershlnB com
imandlngHho dcparlmentiot Mindanuo i
hiusUcfl hls headtiiiartorHiaKXanVbonBa
lotcommmd Iho relnforccincnts whlcht
arebelnB hurlred to Davao i
Tho Manobnosj datasi declare their
puipose > ofcxpclllnB alUforelgners and
Filipinos from the district
ishliiKton Oct J An order was l
i iv tii T ntrstalu eoramcrcecommls
vodiy on
iv htfljllnifB und lulllnerrccently fil
Uesmtilio3 < l Inl tlioftarlffs < aus
nie te0iisldeiublo nd > unce jover
Pacll coasturmlnalb The Uirlfts wore
nresuspencied untlleliupch IS Wll
Slountlme tno cotnmlSKlon will conduct
aniXlry into thoi oaaOnRblenoss of tno
iia auaiiccsandtennounce Usde
p op ttio d
elslon The defendants In piocc
SmB include nil of tlwImportant inUr
bUtcs ovcr
atuto eairl rs
coramssioa > of tho > Issuance of an order
ailxnneo In rates
8usi > eudlnK the proposed
on cemont > riled by thuAtcbison Topeka
Siinta > BV tho Missouri Kansas TCX
ns thoxMlssourllnciflc the St Loulst
SnnTrnnclsco andaho Union Pacific and
other iciuls Tho tariffs xvcre to have be
come ieffecllvo Nox 1 1910 They aro
suspended unlll Mnrch 1 1011
rrroposcdSndvnncestjin live block rates
betwecniMlssourlDriver transfers nnd the
Mississippi rlvei transfers nnd Chicago
vxere auspcnded today by tho commission
pending an investigation or their reason
ableness Tho tariffs wcie to have be
come effcctlxo on Nov 1 and are sua
pendccUunlllflDec 10 1910 McnntlmeNon
thox2tth Instint Konnas City Mo tho
commission wills Institute a hearing re
specting the rcaaonablcness of tho pio 1
posed Increases I
Seattle sxWash Oct26 A national
militia Is utgedJby CoUG H Wlstlor
U S A > commander of Jho coast or
tllltry in ithoTuEtttsound dUlrlct 03
the solution Of a proper defense of tho
Co Vhlstler uald In an Interview
y eslci dayvuhatshohadjno faulUtofind
wllli stateimllltla but Ihought that
llie cosl of maintaining such an or
ganlzallon ns hoproposusvwould bo too
hoax y aVburden jfor the states and
should fibo < borne i by the gox eminent
Hoj declaied tliatl ho wns notS nn
alarml8t < lnmaklng thof statement that
there aro only jcnough men In the
coastSartlllery ln thdsPuBotJsounrt dis
trict to manithoyBuns ofuono fort
ConllnulnBjhotnHBertodthat tho Pugot
soundSjfguns canSbo jtralnod only on
the harboi and thai xxlthout ia
mobllepnrmy thero couldiboi but little
defensooffeied to arcarattack
WiShlngtbnOcl 26 Action of tbo
BoyifrnmonlioflthojproxIncoaOf Quobca
prohibiting thorexportatlunbfpulpvvood
ctitonlllstcrownlandHlundcr leos ftom
andnf tervMayt If 18103 andonisettlcrs
lands laken up tromnd aflerSept
1 > 1010 svvlll notjliayo tholeftect of ro
duclnBiithe iQuantlty of pulpwood for
never accordlngj to Consul1 Gebhard
V llliichiof QuobccvVThohasJmndoxa1io
ConsuI Wlllrleh reachea thlsTconcluj
slonSafterWca efuhstudytofiVthepulp
luson > thojsays wouldnolifio7Justfled1
cptfifllittO couldthavotboonlmade sVibt
lecttotliofreslrlcllon butilthnl cannot1
ho done forvlcsar nnd < volhcr treasons
lohdepilXt5 > uch 9ttlorsJofilhoiriatdi5
liossny s < isnnot practicable norjevont
OnlemplatedK V if
jRcf1orrlns > to 5tliotIdea3oxprossedb > J
nnnythat tlio lahds 9f tho prov Incol
ivhlchifurnls csivmostof IhofpiilpwoodS
e8 DistrictAroundBay of
Naples touch Him
Thousands Homclcs Difficult to l > n
jiish Them rood Supplies Itonds
Iking nMiuliOJit
Naples Oct JG King Victor Cn
mali erc unannounced to
td iy Ills comlnB iCas not wholly un
oxgtcted hoicer for his Hubjccts
liaxc lcorncd thiit whfrexer then Is
wldcsprcjul suffering tfils majest Is
jsuroto befoumj sjmpnthjzlnB with the
nflllclcd and dlrcctlngi the work of rc
lltf v
Jl ho opulajo acclaimed the king with
wild enthusiasm lot their welcome ho
My heart was < o touchtd by the sut
fciings of thojpeople that 1 wis unable
toresjstjUii Impulse tovshare their mls
fortunpjind o btartcd on a visit to tho
deasfatedj dhlslon
was accompanied by
flrstfald Gen Bru all Admiral Gaicl
11 jand Count AHttolilasquallnl mln
Isterof4htio > al household
Tho Huthorttesuworo able Hoday to
makejuimoredoflnlte statement of tho
fatallllcs cuuncdj bj tho < cyclone tidal
> waxc and accompanjIiiB eruptions on
Mount VesuJus and Mount llpomeo
Knon deaths are reportedus fol
Cclira SO Vecetc 3C Mujorl 20
Casamlcclold Isliuul of Isehla 1
Amalll ilO Ueslna t Madonna Gra
zit 19 iMlnori 4 Utcco Amcnn 3
Monte Corxlno 2 lorroDcl Greco 1
Total 189
Thousands of pel sons arc homeless
and the mohtlserlouBpxoblem now Hto
provide theee with shelter food j and
drinklriB water Ihe moxement of sup
plies Is difficult because In man > places
thotioads liaxo beciiiiwa hcdioul Tor
tunatelj moht pf tho towns lequlrlngJ
aldcanbe approached from the sea
Amlral Leonnrdl the minister of
marine had a n irrow escape from
death on the Island of Isehla todaj In
attempting to get a close view of < the
effect of tho eruption fronf Mount
Cpomeo ho apirrooohedi top closoiito
tho bed ot the volcanic streamand
sanklo his walsl Inimud Bj a lucky
chance his plight wosfn > ilcklx idis
covered by a group of Boldlors who
hurried to hlaf rescue Although plas
teredwlth mud thcTnlnster refuscdjito
abandon his tour of Inspection and
ropeatedls vmldStoitho soldiers Ixink
qutforv the othorsdonttmlnd me
r rz3i z if
nome 6ct i20 Minister ofPublic
Worksfancchl who Is visiting lh f
scene ot Monday a storm Infthotylcln
Ity of tho U3ay of Naples and the Gulf
of SalernorieleBraphed Picmlor iLur
alll loday descrlblns thej srallyi ot >
tho disaster and Hotline forth the
Immediate needs of tho nufferers
The ministersays tvvolhlrds of tho
villaBo of Cclara vxas deatroyedrJand
lhal many persons vere killed Thirty
four bodies remain unburled lodn Ho
csllmales Iho falalllles al 200
Lacki of fresh water5 Is causing
much7fiUfferlnBJnnd ishlps with wator
supplleshavo bccnsenl aloiiB the
coastUolrcllove the Immedlale needs
Tho scarcity of thowater ls < due to
Ihe rupture of Ihejatiucducta and tho
flooding of l he wells wllhjmud T
Port au Prince Hjiytl Oct 26 Tho
Hay lien gunboat Iilbcrtejhns been lost
nt sen oft Port Do Pnlxfollowlng nn
explosion on board fKMaisttited that
70 persons xxero elthet kllledor vxound
ed Twenty others wererescued
Paris Dot 26 Louls Anthehne Qre
gorl the military wrlter who shot
ilaj Drejus In the wilst on tho oc
asloniofthoitranefer of < thofremains >
of ZolaHo thePantheon on June 4
siOxetil glslnUon Itcgulullng Polosh
Indiistivy V1ilcliAffictsAiiit rl
Adxer cly l
cans > i
j C
Berlin pcl 26 The dlpjoinatlc con
Fox ersy bolwcen the United States
nd aormany concerning tho iccent
eglslntlon1 rogulallngtha potash jn
lustty which takes fiomr Americano
alHot thoiadvantageB oftheklhcn ox
slliiB contracts > hn ii cached nn acute
Tho Germnn goYerninent Ihis nsk
da delay untllsSalurdayiln whlch lo
oplv lo Iho lateslieprosBritatlonsifrum
Vashlngton IfJIt lndBiitsolt < unabo
o nccoptt tholVAmerlcan Iew eom
nerclal hostilities inppear Inovllable
Ihe American government It Is
inderstoodshereJhasexplalncd clearly
andflrmlyi < lheJpil0 lblltyof HUb
nlttlnglto < lho potashiinensurengalnst
hlth proto ta oro1 > lodBodJmontha be
orojhoihiw wasiadopted
Thostntei dopnrtmonttrestslts cnso
njthacqultyot tho amotmljofjlholtax
mposcd American tonlrnctsr Mm
000000 j
vr t 3 n f i
New Yoik OcT v2oCWithrnkia lialfj
iota nfterfcAithut I I lnzc conj
IcledsofjObstruclingjthEi administration
f liistlcc surrcndorcdJtoTOlBr Mar hals
Icnkcl today ho was JlmUhiVTombs1
Irlson ircady toiseivo a 10diys Json
enco IbUt tdeclarlng iilllflbo out In
ImoUpHoto tllclniejwas eonvlctedlini
s Tracyauol
ess vVantpditoiio to Canada Hoyas
entcnccd lo lO day s Mn pi Isornndr oi
eicd topayinnnn < of 2W jJHotook
nJappoaUVnndja fov dnvsl
UnitedStatesvfsupremo court afflrrned
tlotconvlctlon f
WilliamWiemi Noweventh Mem
berlqPHpmibjde Colony
InCounty Jail
AjiparoiitljjDocs ijTot IUnliehu Icr
ribIoClmrKO ARiiIiit Him
Order of Menlalllj
the Pinn who Hhot
a ndikUled Sam OslerbVrK Monday nlgla
In alia Commercial Tjar on the street of
Hip same luiinowas niralgncd bcfou >
Judge Whitakel in fxillcu court Ibis
morning Tlio court ordered thai a
plea of not guilty be entered and set
tho piellmlnafy hlailng for tomorrow
The witnesses tqT TthV shooting wcie
placed under i oJp bondE to hold them
until thclrdeposltlons may be taken
Nlcml doe a not rcnllzo the terrible
charge < aBalnsli him He understands
but llttjp Kngljsliijand does not ecm to
sense Ihafllityhas taken tho life of a
fellow being Even when taken away
to Join tho murderers colony at tho
county jalli whereiOiO will be the sev
enth awaltliiBtlal5flie showed no sign
of emotion
Attorney 8aroundpolcc headquarters
this moniiiigjnUWldthat Nluml could
not be convicted lot flril degree mur
der If ho hasipropcr couniel Iht case
Is one which the law contemplates us
manslaughter fifcysiay und there Is no
mallco aforelhought In the killing there
v ns no real anger and It was simply a
drunken brawl i Where Nlcml becoming
maniacal throuslKdjInk pulled a re
volver rfndi shot1 Osterbcrg In a spirit
of frenzy j j
Nlemfls ofla very low order of men
tality He < hnsthet high choek bones
he degenerate He
has been In Amerlcatneailj two years
and hns nol ledrncdflho liLnguigeHo
also hasUhesstolcaliealm und indlfter
cnljexpitsslonofa man descended from
aTrncpjlhal hosbeenoppresaed for cen
Wllllniii llvljwlsl AssFslantv li trlet
t 5 1 ofi v > K f T 1
Assl uAtt n i
r V r 1TU
j t
1 WnshlnBtiifodt 20 iPicsldent
ToftTill nsHtntc3 fodav has decided
to appoint in colorcdiyinan to the
ilghest jbffice In an executive branc i
of tlic1 government ever held by to
member of lhat race William 11
jevvls at ircsent an assistant dis
trict attonioy at Boston Js to bo
node anasHUilanl allornej general of
the UnltecHStates
Tho appointment has boon agreed
upon by tho president and Ally
Lewis Is a graduate of Amhcrsl
and Harvard and played on Ihc Har
vard footballf team as center rush
rlo worn Ihejiopulntlon of being one
ot Iho best players In Ihal position
Hnrxtird ever had
Senttlc Wash Oct 26 The steamship
Umatllla arrived from iNome vllh 511
jnscnKerSiiiul JUKW in bullion nnd x > lll
jo followed closely U > tho ntenmfhlps 1e
torln ttndf Northwestern each currying
tohl mid a iheiixy pnasengcr list The
exodus from Noinu marusithe end ot tha
romantla period of the famous gold
camps history In the rummer of 1900
20000 persons xcru assembled on tho
jench ul Nome v ltosoisunds were rich
n gold dust llm rimp linsj lelded 40
000 000 In gold and will produco much niora
linn thai Inthe liiture but tha rich dirt
that could boLworKed by Imnd has been
washed nnd tho mining henceforth will bo
Estimates ot Iho number oil persons nov
n Nome rntino from 1 000 to 1 COO There
nro nenrlv 2w0 men In tlioInnoko and
dltarod idlstrlets and i several hundreds
nthedlddlnirsriorthocNomc These inro
still poormcnB camps but Nomorhas
Bono thorny of lie Klondike nnd will
transform no morn laborers Into million
Now York Owt 2G ThepufiimagoJ
of 13 japetimens of birds formerly
used lojdeeorate womensihatflcnnnot
bo soldibxtho inllllners ot < Iho aUlu
of Nexx Yorknfter Tulyilroffiiuxt year
accordlnglOj the annualfreporlof Iho
Nallonal Association of Audubon so
cieties i ThoHmportantufcatuio oC a
rccentlySfnssed law by jlhotlcslslalure
s theprohlbltlon of thojsalejofjaigrot
es No York Is one of threejgroat
csl cenlersfor the sale ot nljrrottesthn
olhers being Parls nnd London1 Thu
nlBrelte Is taken fromljthetJnother bird
vhcn licstlnB and costs horfllfoand the
Ito oMho younif birds ThOjAtlduboir
societies havq been lighting for tho
protection of thesa hires for many
eais Th Jpn Kniie oftlie oealled
ilummiiBotblll wlllprovenl the usoof
hcil plummnBo ns well jnsjthnf jot
mostixvlld birds orthepountry nndalr
he birds Jiatlxc
L >
f qulhrletOkln OctJ26 Tlfat tho
I Brnndfaihcr
sconslltutlonal vsns licld iby thaliu
1 promocqur todTiy lnftlbcMo of At
xjnlcr v llassctt fronviOklahoiwi
City Thei rourlheldjialsoJithat4tlTpj
f amondnient wnJ
7allvoeStm > t cnSlfngalnst tho propSj
i Tioigr3iulfathorrclause dl
Iw a aJrfr Jl iv
AsiLongjas TheyRmain There
They CannotlbelBrought
Local Aiilliorllles < lulloji < s aiinj 1e
Will Cro > sbxer tho Itonlcr
Coached bj la > jcr
Gladys Whitney and AVnltei iPciry
the couple vhohunlodly left nltLvike
last August ttffcr J D Dlehl the Den
ver djttinoml salesman had been re
lievedof J10000 worth ofseins In to
loom ati tho Meliopole hotel ate In
Texas They arc In Huntsvllle but1 to
day arc not under arrest
Until a few days ago they were In
Jill there but wcie iclesiscd from cus
todylfrhopes that they would lly from
the confines of the Lonc Star stale to
nome other stalo where the extradition
laws are not so stringent
This Is the latest obtainable on the
mallei and despite the denials of Chief
Barlow and W I Wlllsie of fhe Pln
kertons lhls is believed lo be aulhenllc
Mr Willslo and Ihe chief of police for
tome reason are IrylnB to suppress the
fnctthaUtho couplearrested In Hunls
vllle and leleascd laterivers tlmanueh
wanlcdjpalrbul ItIs known positive
ly thatthe Plnkerton sujverlnlendont
hucdld wire lo his New Tfork chief
lhat the right caupleHvere undei arrest
and that theie wns no further need of
him looking ifor them
Further he wired other Instructionp
and Hinted jthat ho had arranged to
extradite tho pair Hereils where tho
rubjicomes In Theie nrp no material
witnesses to tho theft No one can
provolthnt Perry or thogirltook thq
diamonds Nolhing but n drubbing
third degree would develop this fact
The laws of the state of Texas are
peculiar They will not allow for the >
extradition of a > person without the
venr bcsl ovldence The police and Ihe
Plnkerlons ran up against this > snag
when they had tho couple In7Jall at
Huntsvtlle and decided to release themi
infliopoUhoy wouldlfnyto somg othcr
place whernUho matteror extradition
ould be easier
jThe glrlland the man who led her
vrong havo led the police a longjiard
chose Thoy have been continually
on tho BO They w ciefirst Ip Reno
litouln Ix > iAnBClesiand the trail VNTIS
oncaplckodiup In Pho n3frtArli
jVgnlniPerryvvnslniChlcnBo llois
Bald to havo disposedofnaf largo por
tlon ofithe jqwelstoa notorioustfence
there and hastened back to Texas lo
fjolnhls consort 1Tho fact that Perry
M a Bhrowd crook lo mtichtIn Biipport
of the latostJdevelopment Ho knew
the lawsof Texas woro strict Jin the
matter iof extradition Ho knew wlth
the evidence at hand the Salt Lake r
HCQ could not well bring him out of
Iho former republic which sllll has laws
lhatsurvlvo from Ihe days when it was
ThOiJewwIcrs Protective association
has toeon Insistent that tho trail of Ihe
oouplo be followed Tho Plnkcrtons as
usual havoifbeen vlgllanl They no
doubt havethe man and > woman want
ed but with their usual secrecy arc
waiting until the right moment comes
A lawyer of this city recently re
ceived a letter from Perry In Hot
Springs Aik Ho asked then that the
lawyer mall to Iho penltcnllary In Colo
rado from which ho had been released
on parole a copy ot his quarterly re
port The law yerv stated then that he
had adx Ised Porry to take tho girl and
himself to Tcxas and stay there Ho
told tlio fleeing and hunted man that
If he would keep out ot Salt Lako by
reason of extradition ho must keep Ihe
girl wllh him If she should bo brought
back hero to testify and should Impli
cate Perry It would be on easy matter
to bring him back It Is said
Chief Barlow wild today I knew
a couple wore under arrost In Ilunts
vlllo sovwal days ago I knew Ihoy
wero released I expect to hear though
that tho pair will be caught at any mo
Supt Wllsle says As fnr an I
know tho couple anestcd In Toxao nro
nol Qladys and Perry I think tho ni
rested1 parties were released from cus
tody butil nirinotHuro
Hoys lTal e fn Holiday to tlrrrllso
rootball Oamc neeclxo n
vvHbn 74 studenls of the Salt Lake
lilgii schoof took a holiday nt noon
ioday Principal Geoige A Raton lolef
plioncd Chief of Police Samuel M Bai
loxvjyo aYrest the boya for tiuanay or
disturbing Ihe pence Armed > lh
drums and fugles and coxx hells Iho
boys marclicd about tlio business dls
trlcl ipasHln the police station thieo
tlrneHbul noerfort vxns made by Chief
Barloxx to arrest them 01 stop tho
demonstration Chief Barlow reported
toiPfinclpal Eaton It Is said that his
neirxveiCunablo to locatotho hlsli
school boys
Thoboxs xlsilcd tho L D Ulil
verslly xxhero ithey gao theli college
yells to ndxcrllse tho football giunu
with Ogden hlRli onISalurdny flien
they churBcd TUP the hill and sniiBito
ho gills nl Rowlandllinll who sluffod
class AfttrjglX Ins their yells In fiotili
ofiall the newspaper offices thonboya
elurtiSd loJ high school Czar Union
not them ntthedooiiand held a con
erenco wlth thcmomthe steps Then
10 cupelled jthemj fronf school until
r i
Pfoiicitx ofijTiiflltiiiloii
To1SntWv5u mo tvo
Ajideeroc ofjforeclpsiirn on tho
propcrtV ft1ii Veiling Mens Chris
tlan ssocjallbnln llils cltyfor
satisfaction oti claims ViggreBatlng
f joirflSiSlllinla fipenlissuedlifronii Uio
irrilfajdlatwt1cowtiluHdcrtlio fslsua
tnro ot Judge jr L llltcllle The suit
UndtrJ xx hlch foreclosure vxns 01 doled
wns brought by The Utnh Savings 1
Trust company against the 1uung
Mens Chrjsllnn association of Sail
Lake n A Wall Chauncey P
Oxcrfleld and1 lUalltei Brothms
unkern a corporation defendants iThu
decree ordeis thaQmfftclonl bf the
pioperty belonging to the defendant
corporatlonjbo sold lo < puy < lho nmotml
of tlm elnlin togelher xxltlf Interest
Th < j properly is described ics part of
lot 6 block 71 pint A Salt I < ako
Cltv mnvey and Includes tho V M C
A building int the corner off Klrsl
South amiState streets Tho decree
wns filed Inrthe office of tho county
clerk Oct 22
Washington Oct 20 Imports otnu
chanlcallyground wood pulp from
countries forthe fiscal year cndcU Iuno
1 1910 aggregated In valua 251223
ot which l21l97Scwero rreo an < l l32T
747 weie dutiable according to statfs
tlcs of the tlHutincnt ot commerco
and labor
lmportntlonsof chemically unbleach
ed pulp amount to JjS3101G and
blenched 3304273 making tlmjtotnl
values tot Importations 117C3OM
There was Imported In that jioilbd
through the noithern border and lake
ports mechanically ground iwoud pulp
to the Value of JJ407712 Ot this 1932
793 wns admitted freo ofiluty On tho
remalndci 13J477G jlutlos aniountliiyr
to J13S900 vxcre collected
The Dirigible Morning Pol SiilN
Ilom Moljon Irniici nmlvlc
hccnds ut Aldcrshol l
Bilghton KIIB Oct 2C Tho British
military dlrlglblub lloun IMbrnlnsjIJool1
crossed the English olvimiel fioiii
France1 successfully today and > passed
over Brlghtoiii at 215 oeloel enrouto
NuntesViancevOct 2ti This mllluiry
dlrlslble balloon1 ilornlng Pwost left
Mcilsson at 1015 oclock this morning
for AhUrhhot England At 1203 It
passed over tho semaphore it Villa de
Caux and dfcai peared ibovp the J7ng
IKhiohanncl convoyed by an Ungllsh
Tho lofnlng Post > w as constructed In
France and prc > cnted to thu British
nrmysliy the London Moinlng Post
Aldershot liigland Oct 20 Thumill
Itury dirigible arrhoil Jiuro at 330
oclock hav Ing accomplished tho trip
from Molason In 5 hours and IB min
utes The airship tclrcled jnb < w a tho
military camp for somo tltnuibofora
4mlfc Oct 20 M Ulinchard the
aviator fell from ahefght ot 100 feel
SwS 7rM r = aatJ killed today The
accident occurred over tho Held at
IcsylcsMoIlneaux where Blanchard
was attemptlntr to ascend after a suc
cessful light from Bourgos
remand Blanchard M Brcgl and M
Blelovuccir wlo had participated In
the aviation meetlnjrjat Bourses de
cided to return to Pnrls through tho
Bicgl arrived llrst havln covered
tho distance from Bourses to Pnrls In
1 hours and 10 minutes Blanchnrd
was a close second and was hovering
over tho nvlnllon field at IssyIes
Mollneauxo as though selecting a
plaeo to light when his monoplane fot
some unexplained reason fell Ilka u
rocki Blnnchnid was found dying In
tho wreckage and survived but a few
minutes >
M Blclovuccl arrived safely
Chlsoeo Oct 21 ThoNational Lumf
bcr aEsoclation will give 100000 to
Yalu university forestry school An
nouncement of tho gift was made by
tho board pf governors lust night The
fund was raised by subscription tho
final 7000 being obtained Just prior to
the announcement
J S Martin general supeiintcndent
ot the Worlds Christian conference
Philadelphia Pa h is written to Supt
D II Chrlstcnscn of Ihc clly schools
asking for Information concerulng the
study of the JJlblo and tha offcilng of
praye Intho schools of the city Tho
attitude of the hchools Is clcirly out
linedIna letter lo Mr Martin by Mr
Chrlstensen In whlcluhc says thai no
religious subjects enter Into the vxork
of thostudents ot Iho publlc school1
In tho opinion of Supt Chrlstensen
this Is a wise policy 5
Tho United States clvll > scnice cjunj
mission offeiH examinations in Snlt
Lake on Nov 22 mid 23 for ponltlona
alLnld In the constjnnd geodetic sur
vey nt a snlnry of J720 per yeni
Kllglbles are also desired for the posi
tion of copper plati map ciiBrixer
male at7ttsnlary at J10Q6 per year
Vnlcrlnarlans arc alo wanted In tho
nuartcrmasters depailmcnt at 1200
a year
Thoro 1st a ehango eomlnB In tlm
weather Tho thermometer Is dropping
FO that It Is peicopllWy coolo ami
tnlnls > predlctcd for tonight tho pre
cipitation being rnln In the valleys
wlth > noxx In tho mountains Tho bai
omotor Is rNlnflr so thai tio dlsliub
nncesniiroiipt likely to bo very rnatked
Johiil T Burns necielitry of tiiq diy
fnimkcoiiRresa wns lx hours lntoiuir v
lilcln Salt5 Ialt < Clly nnd tho comenj
tloif commlfeo of the Comiiierclnl Hub
ladit ° fpostpone UK meeting nndjliincncon
ot wh1cbHliojwnfi to bo the BUst Mr
DuriiliwaHnietiby n commlltcevwho on
teilnlncd him for he short lime he was
IttJHnlCl nke nnd tolil him whntHiio clly
Kaaltn > flffer tar the concrc s ln1012 Mr
nunmin on Jhls iway from hpolnnn lo
DonverUoiopfn up headquarters foraii
coiivontlonvtxxhlch will bo ihili MnSColo
mdOrtSpiliiRa Mhloxyenr Tlm luncheon
One Desccndiiin forest iB
tween Port Arthur andiBlaok
Sturgeon Canada
SI 1 Ouls Acid thill OnlcrHircHls bpln
< ller it rliionto lo Moxc
Port Arduii Ont Oct 6 Poiest
rangers In the SM > eminent i lemploj
> ent word heip this murnlnir tTiat i
balloon was fccen descendlnBiln a < foic V
between this eUi jihlthj7s ceven miles1 i
fro n roil William and Black xsfur
teon cai 1 this morning
A relief part will l > e sentfto II nd the
nil craft uhlchtlie rungcrs thinlc maj
bo the American 11
ItAIljU V MAIljTtIjLltIi
lort SMIIlim Ont Get 2G A C
Guorrard a mail clerk on the Canadian
Picltlo Hallway lunnliiB Intolort Wil
liam from the cast reported onihls ai
rixal here labt nfrht tlmtwhllo passllis
Oulmette stlitlon 43 miles castUiennd
twp otherc J Coburn and H Lee toiK
noticed what appeared to bo tho light toiKW
of a balloon which was golnsdue norU
nt tha helsht of about a mile Thcj
took lt to be
tho America It was
visible fiom 7 45 until 8 30 last night
Mr Guerrard iodaj poslthclj assort
ed that a balloon ja hUBa < ono wa
seen Not onl > wero Us llBhts to bo f
Been but Its outllno wns clearls lalblc
Knowlngrof thofsearch for tho mlssingf
balloon hotsought tholother two traln
emplojes to verlf j hlsstorj
At tho rate the balloon npparenlbv
wastraelln when sceaby1tho ithrco
mail clorkst near Oulmpttoi It would i iy
haxo crossed jheforormldnlghtlthoillne m
ottho National Transcontinental rnll
Tho nights rire Hue here but itho
besl guldesjlfcar ithe northern jnlghta
for tho < bnlloonlstfi
Ottawa Ont Oct 26 Tho outlook
for ohtalntnr ans information of tlmj
KW hereabouts of tho America IlVgrows
less encouraslnsoj cry hour said cd
mond H Stratton II
Aero club otAincrlcaitoday f
I ThoSlmmensltV of the < reat north
xvoods tho widely scatterecI tilomontTi t
and parllcularlythpabsenco corneous
otj quIcK communication make
difficult and laekWHYi pforateo oft
quick icsults whlcb lK tho thlmrd
slred ° f is
vffivfiiS ih ° bttlIoonU oportod at
fort William last night Mr JStratton
said i
If bulloon ItAvos II mu thavo beeri
a derelict Tho America II couldHnot
have been afloat iw ilh pnsscnEcrs as f
alo ns yesterday Escape ofgnBtxvouIdl
have destroyed Its carryInijjpower soV
eul days
Tho search forflho mlsslngf aeronauts
froirfnhlSjpoml vxlirconlltme show aver
lUxcry available avenue of news is belns1
used by Ihe rgovernmonl oniclals irallt
roads iind tho lumber companies vxhlchf
have meiiT along tho border belxvocn
Nevx Ontario nnd Quebec
ThK morning s mall brouglft oftcis
of aid fron many quartersnnd somej
ruports from persons who hud se nx
balloons There w is nothing in Die
latler class of communication hoxxj
exer thai xxas eonsldored xxortln fol
lowing up as a promising clue to tho
whereabouts of the1 America II i
The reports from thofscetlon dheelly
north of Georgian bay nro numerous
but there Is Inck of proof that Ihe bap
loon sighted wns tho Amcrlci II A
lotlei from Montreal stated Hint tho
writer had seen a balloon oxerV
suburb of thaUclty ns laic ns lasl lrl
day His story like allolhers wlirba
Investigated butxvlthoul much hopaiof
a dellnlto rejult
Major O Pnrrell on leave of abselico
from tho department of mines today
volunteered to nld < Mr fetrntton Inthcv
search and his offer wns accepted
TO MOVC runiiiLiiivisLV
St Louis Oct 6 The Receipt1 tcurly
lodny of nn Associated Press dispatch
reporting the landing of the ballooti
America II ncai Tort Wlllfam Out
caused tho Aero club ofilclulsMo ordci
Lewis Splndlcr who Is al Toronto to
move his headquuiters farther west
on tho Cnnadlin Paclile < It liad been
Intended to work fromChapleau Ont
Tort William IB 183 miles wett of
Chapleuu Splndler reported to tho lo
cal club that he hnu jtrnred all other
leports of tho missing billoon lnndv
found that none had aught to do with
tho America II
A latci dispatch from bplndlci suliU
he would bo In Clmplcau todav mill
would pios < cutQ a search foi lit
Ameijea II b iscd on the Korlt lAVJt
llammcssngc c
The messnge from Tort WIMIlainjtetl
Ing of seeing the nciostil is
not credited bore The Jjnllooiilsis
should havo lindcd arxVeeklagQflodny
and It Is not considered possible they
could have remained In thq air nine
Splndlors mesbTge hi JtiUl anjs
1 r hltxOi IriCefd ulI bntloons as l
time course nnd destlnnllons andjhai >
no iccord of anv one actually spiuMiig n
to the America II beyond liaxerefl
niy Mieji I havolntervlcwedrnli li
eomlnir peisoiiSjOn thestcunci North
land which IH Just Infrom rnke Huron
and who me reglst ud nrthptct aim
the conductors of Incoming lralrjsiml
persons replying to newspaper appeals
xvho haxe just returned fromoutings
and huntlnB trips In thq nprth None
of Ihem had scpn tlm Ameilca IT1
If they trossed tho Great Lakes 1
bellexo thex nro In tho lamjs Ttnv dls
trltft Strntlon tho Aero1 Club ot
America ropiosentatlxe Ins no In
formntlon Tt Ottnxxa Au iinldentlfled
bnllooii Is rcpoited crosslngthc Cxn
idlun Pjclflo mlhond nt Augoma I
will InvcstlgiUp III11 report ilille at
i s
Sydliny pel C Hlllv Pflpitc Xjho
cialmedi tho mddlowelght Mnmpion
ship of the vxorld lodis Knocked oul
Vlill imschamponor ltorlatnttho

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