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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, October 27, 1910, Last Edition, Image 8

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L jii uL JjjJMjl iim M mmf ij >
yjrTV iliy
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J TTrL i 7 I r 7 = r 1 j L TT J L L T 1 r J TT j
JuniorSenator Addresses Enthu
siastic Rally on Political
lciiilu Should lit Chen imtitr
Vole Iliilillillloii In Ilirli
Spei I Hi o The Noun
Mount Pli innt Oct b Tucsiln >
night Uie HiptibiTt 1111 hold it lousing
liinl enthuhhiitit nillj I tho optill
house lilt hand vvns pit sent anil
dlsconifcpd nppropilntov mu lc before
till UK ellUg COIItnielH cd
lohn W Stitmm ihuj s of Snli r nkt
City sang Thp llo niy If Youll
Itcnimnbci Me
Iudnit Chairman f < W Cherry
Hindu n few opi iilng rpnmrls mil then
Intiodutcd Kpimtoi Gioigo HutliPilnnd
ft Jti tisilhp spcului of tlii > evening Sena
tor Sutherland dui It fni a few moments
on what the cltbfn hag a right to cx
pcti fioin tho government but In ic
tturn ever cltlii n ones to Ihpignvorn
JliPIlt tlmt IIP dlsclmigo tile duty of
cltjacnshlp Peoplo should taku up
nuesllons considered during the cam
paign th it till might cnst an Intelligent
Ij otc
Iho speaker allowed that both putlPB
are honest palrlolli and desire tho wcl
fnrcof the state mid thonation olhtr
xvlsp wo might well dpspilr oC the per
petuity of theAmerican1 Institutions
Asthci subject of piohlblllhn had btpn
j Injected Into politic andvas It was rp
cMvIng mom attention than any of the
o4ipr pojltlcnl questions ho speiker
taltl it will ho necessary ito consider It
fnlily and stated that this would he
lilH jmhjcct of the evening Bitnie lik
ing up th question he dlscu sed tlO
ihlstory sof a paily which he claimed
iadalwn > s been right on nation il prpb
lems and It stood to reason would bf
riKht now KefproiiLp waii then nindo
tortile orginlzatlon of thn llppubllutn
pnity In 1S50 and thp HUicLssful i m
polsnot 1860 when Abraham Lincoln
was elected Ho brlollv ttatPd llu
woik of vthe llrpuhltcau party tdiowtiiK
that Ifliid bePii iiccessfulrpp pn tlmrs
Flnce 1SGO In electing a prpildont out
of thirteen conte tM
Hn then took up HIP fcuhject of pio
hlbttlou by alng tho Democratic patty
promises stutpwlde prohlhltlon which
ll contrarj1 to three cardinal principles
of Hit party lz tlio Deinocratle dop
trlne of local rclfROVPrunipntj thq doc
trlne on sumptuiry loElslatlon and
contrary to flip Idea that the people
shall rule
MI it fa the prohlhltlon proportion the
li j Hepublltan partj declared for tho pro
hibiting of pale ill dlsposalfof Into c
i Jcnnts outsldo ot Incoi poratod cities
because of there not beljig mlpqunlo
pollcoipottctjon which iireans prphlbl
tlon erjwlierpoxcppt hreltlcH Jlef
oienco was made to this iluof liquor
In TndlmiMmd cpwbpyh on roscratlons
ivhero muchtioublefollowed becausii
fl oflack of pi opert police protpctlon Tim
TtopubllenUipirtv belloe > that tho inat
tei should ho submlttcxl to the people
tlieinselcs an 010011011 tailed ntul
jnhern people desire prohibition then
tho jlcglslaturo should M > O to tho en
forcing of thn will of tho people AVhern
peoplp1 did not faor prohibition then
Thefaored us stilct regulation as could
bo eftcitlvoly enforced Klrst of all
provltjlgns should ho made rot cntly
Sonntoi Suthcrliinl rpfenpd to HIM
iflcati talked nbout between the Hepub
Illcnns and the Hanoi Interests as being
Infamously and biaz nly faint
i National qucfctlniiB wero rcfeircd lo
Bbott Ing thE conditions existing bo
ffi twten Democratic times and Repub
lican times the former being noted for
Slnw tariffs and thousand of men out
oftemploMTipnt because of the closed
ffiIi iiloorH of nnnv of thi > fnttoiles On tho
otlipilhand tho opposite condition pro
alld uudcr nepuhltan rule Ho
Ii spokc < of thosterling riualltleS of Con
gressmnn HottPlI nnd of bin Influtnte
iln1 Congress and said that a mistake
would ho m idp In not returning him to
Congress again
Conccinlng Tudge Urltkson tlio Dcm
ocintlc candidate hoi bold he wan a
good tapablo man but ho was on tho
wrong ticket Infened that people
would not care to hiuo wool rugar otc
plated on tho free list whit h Jlr Urltk
would olu foi If oleitPd
4sen iTilonday p pnlng a Republican nlly
iis htld nt CbiStci by W D Lhlng
Bton candldnte for state senatoi Coun
ty fhalrmnn J 7H Johnson A J Hces
candidate fqi tmpeilntendcnt of chools
nnd Mr James Hill
Scunlor Smoot Itpfumh to Stand for
llcialilltcnnblltiin IMIImlil
Tho llppubiu an stale tommlUop
through Its chairman C K Loose has
rcpllod to tho lottei of Chairman James
If Moyle of tho State Democratic tom
mlltcc In icfcienco to it challenge lo
debate the hsues of the campaign
f inndo to Sen itor bmool by B H Hob
I erls In taso the senatoi nsjunicd ie
Must Boar Slnnaturo of
ffice Idc SfmlloWropporUclow
OSQU and ns ocuy
to tidib ai
It Xintj inrolycy OTtaaibJ < w >
sponslbllllj foi an cditp
In The Heraldnepubllpan of jOct 24
Thls coirespondente was printed in The
jNowE ytslertlay Chairman Loose fclel
Her follows
1 Sttitjcakc qity o < t se ima
Honomblo Jamca H Mojlc yiStalc
1 Democratic Chairman taltLateCltj
Utah if
Dtir Sir t ncknow ledpp Uia irncelpt
of 6uriletter of Oct ISIfl raicloBnfi
coples of our lettci of Oct 25 toHon
I H HbbprtB nnd Ills replj I handed
hamo to fcf n itor Snirjt and Tic In
formed line that hr assumes no rcHpons
Ibllltj for Tlie HenildKcpubllcandcdl
torlul publlshtd Ott 1 and wiv Itiffor
the first time in print He neos norpa
hon wh > he should answer Mi Tlob
priss Ipltct to jnu of Ott i as lieilmi
pitil no ntji ntion lo persoml altacks
made upon him b Jlr Tloberts InHhp
pi4t and consldeis thai course tho
proper one to follow In the future
Yours cr trulx
1 Pt3 I I 1 post tlmlrmm
MI Moiii lotoi
KLIL > I Mint Scnnloi Sinool Declines
lo Atiint Clinllinzo to Debute
Mr Jami H Moyle rhilrmnn of tho
Dcmotrntl Htiito tommllteo has nd
drpsscd n lettci lo Col C C Loose
clalrnmn ot Hit Hepiiblkaji tommlltcc
PVUicKsjng rogrct al tho rpfusil of Scn
aUr Sroot to ipcnpt tho th illongu to
d6bilo Issued Ij lion B H Uoborts
The letlri nttu cs the Hcnk > r bpnulor ot
huIng mado n personal attack upon
fr rtobprlx sornp years ago Ihrough
n Chicago nospipcr nnd concliulcs
tlmt there miHt be ollur reasons for
ilrtllnln lo drtalttJnn that suggested
fjonpetnliifc tho questlotn ot tlio thtil
Icngp Mi Mojlc sa > s
Sail Like CIU Utah Ocl 271310
Qol C 13 Looso Clnlmian State He
puhllttn fommltttn Salt Lnko City
Deai Sir Youi notp of tha nth Inst
dotllnliig In lieb ilf of tn itoi Smuot the
thallpngo of lion H H Koborts to mepl
him In i series of tonjolntdebitcs Is
iipknowledi1 d It Is a nuttier of deep
legret it our 4iPadou irttr und itmong
all people Kit both parties > o far as t
can nncurtnln th it the scnatoi declines
tho propocd tonjolntr discussion with
Mi Hobert No doubt tho pcoplq of
Iho entire slalu will Shalt In that re
gret Mr itohertR Iqllfr lo me of tho 3rd
iusl tuinot filrlt In regarded ai a per
Miinxl nil iclc upon Senatoi Srnool for IIs
is alomniuhcnMvn presenlatlon of nil
the leading Issues of Uia campaign with
IMI > hiich refeientc to tho senator as
Is unaoldnbie In anj frank and fear
less answer to his personal guarantee
foi all his parl > Icadeis
bl otlat to Tho
KaisUlle Oct 27 A regular old
llmo polltltal inll was held at this
plic < j list night with tho once popular
iceonipanlmenl of brasn band muslo
beforu the meeting nnd somo roil
lieirli1 ro istlng during tho proBress
of tho rreetlnc Di J E Martin can
didate for tho legislature asked tho
peopid to oto for him If they were
sincere In asking fot prohibition as ho
would If olptted do all ho could to
haQ Iho piohlbltlon lawJ pissod Er
nest I aiton candidate for sheriff stat
ed that If elected hq would do his dut >
In infpiclng Iho liws
r C Chilstonsiin of Salt Lake told
whj ho Is u > Democrat and urged tho
people to oto tho Democratic titkel
I eo I Mulr arraigned tho senlorJscn
xlor of Utih pr > sq erel > and charg
ed Ihnt at n polltltal speech mndo In
Bountiful ho did not conflno himself
to tho truth
L U Mnrtlnciu of Silt Lake spoke
Upon tho conditions hero In Utah Ho
said that he belleed that tho qlrht
Ihnusand who petitioned tho leklslvi
turc two jcars ago asking for pro
hibition SNcre i Incrre nnd that Hies
A ould oto as1 tbp had petitioned Ho
nsked ihjtho ljoiilil trust those who
had not been faithful In their dutj
ind nddiditlnt the onlj w 1 to securo
piohlbltlon was to pltct the Demo
crfltlc ticket
The Hopublltnna vjll lio o a rally at
iliihhnm fatuidaj qcnlng Oct 29 A
ipttlal tialn will be rim from Salt Lake
tj mot the Denver > i lllo Grande
calng the Gould dopofnt C 4i p m
Iho sped il will letuin to Salt Lake nft
M the rnllj Uio po ikers will be Scna
oi Uecd bnioot Judgo D N Straup
tnd John M Hues 1 he meeting will
no In Id In the IJlngham Opera Houso
Hnrrs losoph is making nrrnngemonlu
Tor the triln and sa > s It will bo a
iheie will be a Democratic rillj Uils
n pnlng at the residence ot Judge W H
king C71 east South Vemplo strcol
ipoal era being J P Merrill and J r
lohln Alo this evening at the homo
if m D Jlomno 107 aiilrd aenue
I r Merrill and U ij Van Coll being
he speakers
1rldaj oenlng a tpmiUntnce nietllng
111 bo held at the lesideneo nf Arthur
r Baincs 147 north1 Piist West fltrotl
ddiess will be made b > A G Qunn
ind S IJ Illcliaids
illeo us ID McctlnclioiiKi ConiDll
tilts Mallei of Dale
Slttlrl to The News
Ixisan Ott 2 rho advlco of tho
ChuKli iiuthoiille as tp tho holding of
political inlllts In mtctlnghouses has
somowhnt compllcUed tho plans of Iho
loc il polltltlnns IIH mojt ot tho mcot
lncs scheduled w < io lo luwo been held
In meolliiKbouuPS Both paitlts arc
iMinductlng the mosl lgorous speaking
campaign that hns been waged heio
In jiari but It appeirs to bo ory
dlffitult to Uiouse much enlhuslnsm
Senator Sinool made Hie circuit of tho
Milley > estirdn > and generally was
gieeted Uli good audlencns lomoi
io ludgo King will follow hint and
will hold about tho meetings each day
thai ho Is here
tilieclal to The News
American Ioik Oct it Senator
Jlccd Smoot and W U Rjdalchwero
tho BpcaKors at IL Hepubllcnn neot
Ing held heio last night Jnmes H
DiniKley acted us chaii man of tho
meotlng and Introduced tho speaken
Senator Smoot In discussing tiiilff 10
lslon nild that tho tariff had bcpn
lociod on tho noqcsslllcs while tho In
titules woio on tho luxuries Tin also
denned bin poslllon In Increasing the
tniirc on eiitlon goodf saying lhal much
of tho gotten goods had been tinpotlca
as vhH goods under article 301 hlch
pnly took u rato of 11 per tent lion
tho duty on collpn goods should havo
beon 60 per cent so that tho making
of tho ratu of 35 put cent was really
a i eduction and not an Increase
William IJ Hsdalcli delivered a shoit
mldivsi devoting hli re marks to a re
view of the work of Iho Utah congros
dlonnl duligatlon
Dcelaic Hr Knoui > Ilivm Wns n
Ilnuor Diiil f t Yenis Aco
Spselul lo TboXeivs
Logan Oct 27sIudge William H
King wus tho sp < Mkei at a well nt
Iwnded rally In tho Tlmtthei opein
house Inst night He rtlteiated the
cliingo Ihul a deal plHttd wiih Ihu
llruor IntriesLs itu QIIU party and then
took up tlui prohihlllon aucbtlon Hi >
declared that tlio llppiibllcan illalfoim
on that subject was liuportaln and bo
also mado the tuteincut tlmt sluie
ldo piolilblllin could bounfoiccd wllh
a hlalo law Ijchhid It r
Judso King paid his ronpectsi to ithci
Tlonubltan organ amUdofendcdl1J
lioberti duulurlug vthul Tho Uleiuld
as Infamous
ono of tbe brightest luen Uu tho
t Sptca to
Kuio3h Oct 37 Craisressninn Jo
seph IIow li msNtho principal speaker
ata iJUpiiblloan > rally1heldrjicre last
night Lasllo George precinct chalr
mnn presided aPtho roecUng and In
Itrtxluted Concreiemnn1 Won ell nnd
jCharcMMiIorrlsl > Unj speakers of the
Congresamiui Howcll spnltoion no
tional Insucs rdl3cuKslng > atilcngtli1 tho
accomplishments of thn HtpubllcAn
ipurtj1 under Hho platform ofi 1508
Charles SI Jorrls c njined ibis rc
imarkSto tlio work of Iha TJtnh dele
gdtlon at Arlushlrigloii nnd itsvinriun
tlal poslUonT nnd that of the state In
the e > csofitho nitlon Ho railed al
tcntlon it the fuct tliut tho duty had
been maintained on tho threo leading
products ot ithls stntp namely wool
HUgarJnndilead and jilvi explained tho1
irdvantagcs afforded the citizens of
Utah under tho Smoot enlarged home
MI mtnriiATrj AT WHI
Special to Tho XewR
liOhlJ Oct 27 Dr George II Brlm
hnl and Stuto Scnitlopp Carl ABadgor
ero tho speakers at Republican
rally In tho opera bousei last night
Tho Aero G < jjclub vus In attendance
nnd rendered Hcrvcrnl jileaslng selec
Dr Brimhiull tonlliipd his romnrkB
tovlocal Issiiefl laying spcrJal struts on
tbc liquor uuoatlon Ho snlrl that while
hotWas still iC prohibitionist liobclluv
cdhtlmt tho peoplo would get prohlbl
tlon tliiough louil opllon
Sen itor Badger d olod consldciablo
tlmp to a dlsci slon of tthe liquor
lucsllon llu wdd tb at If state wldit
prohibition wont Into fffett Iho icv
pnue that goes te the Salt Lake City
treasury would bt > diverted lo Iho
American parlj campaign fund
Spuclal to Iho Xews
Park City Oct 27 O C Nelson nnd
Allen T Sanford delivered political
harangues hero last evening in which
tho builders of tho stato were slander
ed and abused The attendance ut tho
mooting wan for > slim and tho re
marks of tho gentlemen from Salt
Uiko were not received with oclfer
QUS applause
IJotli PmUus AVolt Till ifjust Diu
Socialists ruse With Dcniocrat
Special to The News
PnrowartfOct 20 Both parties wait
id until the nst day aiknred by law to
file their tickets before1 holding their
onventlons Tho tickets filed with Uie
ounty clerk aro oa follovvs the Ito
mbllcan candidate balng named first In
axh instance tho Democratic candl
lato second
liepresontatlvo Wllford Day U T
Commissioner ifour yoorn J H Ar
hur ndward Parry
Commlssloncrvtwo years James W
IVllllnms Thomas Benson
Clerk Charles D Adams Orson O
Ilecorder Marj A Gunn Ada Mr
Treasurer Silas J Ward Win Jt
Assessor T R Rlckards James
Altornev rV3llnrd CorryJ Jos T TVll
Surveyor and superintendent of
ichoolir H J Bryand Jr Kugeno
Ttia Socialists have fu od with tho
Democrats upon an understanding that
they would bo given two offices on the
u u o v PARTY IN riiii >
Maiysvale Oct 20 A political party
whosp nuno Is unkuovn has sprung up
In Pluto county wbeio it has nomlnat
M a complete ticket nnd adopted a
platform Tho party In Its deulira
ton of principles favors prohibition
riio candidates arc Representative
jamuel L Page attorney W E
White clerk W H Luke treasurer
r H Stotiey sheriff T B Smith ro
order Vivian Barnson assossoi Wiley
bulton superintendent ot schools W
r Luko survpyor TE King com
nlssloncre J C Wlilttakor and J P
Slelsen for tho long and short terms
W 13 White Is chairman and an ac
Ivc campaign has begun In Pluto coun
lepiihllcan ItciCPtlon ut Odcon Proves
injovnblo Affair
Tho recvptkm and boll given by the
Mens Bcpubllcan club at Odeon
foung sucrpHSful af
mil last ovenlngwns
social standpoint J A
alr from a
Ireeiipwald chalnuan of tho commlt
arrangements announced Just
irlor eo on to tho beginning of tho grand
notch that tho tin oonrinute speech
nnd that no
dea had Iwcn given up
iiwechcs would bo made Tlio grand
narch was led by John M Hayes pres
dent of tho club with Mrs Hayes and
larry S Joseph with Mis Joseph The
lancing WKH nil that could bo desired
1 regular numbers with oino extras
icing provided Refieshment bootha
v ere placed In each corner of the hall
ind punch cakes ami confectionery
eio served Mrs Fred Pilco presided
refreshment booths Mom
iv or the
ban 1000 pcoplo weio In attendance
tho occasion a
ind nil pre ont
most delightful one
Dtpp Dark Danlc Plot of Americans
A deep dark and mjsteilous plan lo
nrluro thn soldier vote has been
ivorked out by that aggregation of tiuo
jluo patriots tho American parly
iccordlng to a stoo which conies to
The News Tho awful plot coinpio
icnds Iho purthaso oulilght al HM
icr of thu voto ol each and qvcij adult
male in tho service of Uncle Sun who
is able to cast bis ballot within tho pre
cincts ot ball Lake City at Port Doug
las Details of HIP darksome consplinty
onlj developed Ibis morning An cmls
sar > of Iho Inner circle it 11 au
thoritatively alleged thinking to cinch
the election foi thn Amcilcans Inn
appioached Iho hovs In blue with
offcis of cash mouej for ihcli inlcs
NI > VV II Is well known lhat tho oidlnui
oldlci s compensation Is not such as to
eioato n londltlon of oxlrcmo nflluciicc
and in addition lo his monthlj sti
pend of 13 pel month Is usually wcl
lomed vvth open arms b > tho armed
rcprPtentntlves of this great govprn
tnont Ihtiefoio Ihe densencsi of Iho
plot Tho oITei made foi voles vsas
i ilscd fiom a pallrj KO cents lo J3 M
cadi to It Is said bv tho AniPilenn
lnoicr hut to thp credit of tho soldiery
lo it sild that they were not suscepti
ble to purchase or bribe TliCjOffor was
spurned nnd Iho omlssnrv ot Ihe In
HCi clrclo npaked nwav as ho went
In the d irl > i
I he fnnnv fpatutivof tho thlnglstliit <
crolv a fimll portion of Iho Holdleis st t
foiled liPie can cast theli Aotef In tills
Uly 1
The vvomcn oMhe Dcmotiatlc1 Woml
ans club hold dally receptions from 1
to 6 oclpck i > m Intho Democratic
tnlntlipadminrtPtHonthu sKHjjilloor
Vt IhnVoTnljV lll < llnKa5W tnc > n
are mndc welcopio nt theso receptions j
Mrs Su8a < > Gales and Mrs Gcorgol
Suthci land w ilirspenl attUin ekaftTiieijij
iluj Nov 1 Arrangements arpjalsobe
lugimndp toihaoltlio ladlps1spcakiatii
Ed iP iKS tHc pplicatioii pfelectrical WrAjlifoiigfr a liii MctzgciviSfiKcpfiginatprfoff EcjismiiVHctxpcr isrllici nmri In
ycpmltctorj Electricity ijsj ilifeEi1isoim > iisl lifcKgjycii vlaiAljaiuJsijmcsi i cfiltauniftiscSicl cpncluci jclcctricity to
t I nns Hiickey Btitte dis
Nick Bielcnbcrg capitalist pl coyerer1 jbji liacpiida iniiic
Dcor Lodge says You cunTd sayjs Yoti curci my son of
my son ofcrhctimatisin ainttigifit
Mrs ellis Frazer 43O > l7Si S BllttC
ArizoiFa strccf 15utte zGoV t
knows Jl > vblcss Alctzger He rGurcd rvfc ofjiicligcstion am
cured me1 ajter paralysis wliicji rheiimntisin cpntracted in Ma
hadleft me powerless
clethi Jack Braxelton Fpniier la
Don Morrow ryBuUu
Deer Blittc J Font
pf Iodge
Mont Ispent 10000 111 jaii
cfiort tp cure rhcumatisiii Ctired mcjof jtirribagd after io
Metzgcr cured inu In three jyearsipf
Mrs C li Viird
Bridgci Mbiitr For three
Sam Cuilotu Buttc Mont ycarsy I Jsiiflcred ncutcly and
I was cured of kidney troulilb would fcf ii cn tl yi d fbp tincoii
dech > red by twelve physicians to sciolist Tvelvc of Metzgers
be incurable treatment ciircd Miie
Afrs William Brcsina Deer j iv Welch
dii ndvicc of1a1
a the
Todg font My baby had
as high as seventeen conyiji l bioiight iny five ycar
sionsa day Doctor said she loy tcvi Btittei for trealincnt
lie would die of
could not Ifre In sue weeks
Dr Metzger cured her coln
curcd hinijin
plctcly r > reV fe
l Ml
Thousands o ptlierslia sciitjfGfegctlic
Jocalod the Wilsbh Hotel Suite ioiioa Office liotirsiji
Melzger Is lobkingfor a location fora pernianeht saiiitanuni He is at i
to 5 7 10830
Charles IlelfUlst and wife of Colonla
Juarez are guests at tho Hotel Albert
after spending some lime in Sanpcte
valley with relatives and friends while
on a visit to this country Mr Hel
tiuist says it has been veiy diy down
In nurthurn Mexico as It has been In
the United Slates nnd If there Is no
hard conditions will
lain pietty soon
prevail However considering the sea
son the crops have been fair Hall
load building Is progressing favorably
In Iho state of Chihuahua which helps
the local coinmunltleH Mr Helqulst
reports nlshop Bontley as III with
typhoid fever though with icasonable
hopes of recovery
Editor IJIchl ot tho Mammoth Tloc
ord came up this morning from Tin
tic lie reporls things rather quiet In
tho camp at present but bcllovcs tho
Mammoth mine management will lake
on men again before nprlnr and that
better times will obtain Mr Dlehl is
one of the nldeU newspaper men in
tho state nnd formerly reported on tho
Salt Lake dallies
J J McCarthy a Goldllold mining
man Is a guest nt tho Kmilsfprd
A a HultcrHcld otWIcser Ida and
Monto H Qulnn of BolfiC areregister
ed at the Wilson Thcv are well known
sheepmen who make periodic trips to
this clt
The convention cotnmlllpo otj Iho
Comm ° idM club lendeivd J ° h T
Burns secrotao ofthe Nationally
Farming congress a luncheon aUwhlch
talk on thevvprk ot
ho mado n short
tho dry farming Conine
delighted with halt Lako
lhat ho vns
Oil and thought tlmt H would bo n
desirable placoifor next eain conyon
tlbn President Joj H1 Johnson nnd
otheis also madol > rlofsppechtsy
woroprcsenteil besides Mr Burns
vvho Johnson
thoCTc t woio Prcst Joy H
G tS Jlerrlll chairman of tho conven
ton > committee P II rprgnson Prot
I A Merrill P M iTlanrtall C rt
AVancn intT SloanJ7 CnDallei I
RMMnrtlncau nnd Joseph E Gallic
nr >
jOBkT Tl2J5 tifnJnooKvnDn > i
Wo are tfic pioneers In Job Print
Ing and Book Binding In tho state
Inf ar tlasstofworlcino matter how
largo tor how mnnll i
Sonic Toplts ot Tntcrtst lo the Public
DcbUfd nt lilj iinunl
Coin out Ion
Auditor Brow no of tho Utah Light
Uailuay company who Li back from
lUtohdantOoti tho annual meeting of
tho Diectrlcinallwny asaoclatlon re
poits It to hao beenionc of unusual
Intel est to tho general ipublle Tliu ton
ventlon iiiado discussion of the abusa
of transfers a speclai featuie outUio
ptxfaiam but Just how to prevent dis
honesty In circulating thoso Uuisftis
was not agrttd ujiou furtliei tlian that
Reflation WLS desirkblo1 How tolln
LiOiUiozuvemiu wna extoiialvtly
tlio probfljiu bMng1 nmilu niuio touuill
ttteu by inu rutiiiiai iiancTiibts uu ilol
now allo tomp uiios u > mciiiasa lalej
ot ftiru on btiott nulwaja oij tnuifans
lUItllLtUO ll0
tiuanen uiiuimieiit laboi
tit nave uuantto wnilu no toius
londlnif udanto in lares or ft uit <
ifent tiiaigta Iias bten nlluwnl und
pixiplo are demanding the prlMl se Ot
iraxtilng ruithui nnd tuuhei loi it
niUitl A obd Illusliatlon is seen In
Coney lalitnd titttl wheie pwploniu
leinaliding tlmt tho tnru1 iiom NoW
Yoilc bo not cxtoedlng j tinU whtuas
10 touts it tho pititnt thargt i
Mr Wroui rtpoui a eiuit lutortst
tiiirtrnin tlitt exnlbllluii ofMtattonary
nnd moeaUlo tqulpmcnt anil 1m
piwed devices ami plans 01 opeiu
tlon nndvniulntonante Ono petlally
Intercstlns ftatuio wua the 1ujns
> ouuntci car a Hcheino yhlch H
mUnlng fa > or all o t tho countiyl
OmahJ btlng tho loot tofnUlopt thf
iMxtem wheio It IsTroportedf working
jbatlslattoilli By this miatlgcnient tho
tonduttor lomalnst onftho reur < irtat
lorm extept whcn rimnlnKaliendj jto
look out forr1llioad tcroflslngstiLttndt
confines his attention tntlroly ilo
opetatlng tho cat just osntralnsiconj
ductors doiwhero tlcketlcollectorsaroi
Uhedt to iittPnaito tickets Thfl passoii
fTPiTOUroslts lilJMfaro n ho stcpsi
aboard nnd cannol > BCt slnsldo untlli
ho does Then thorp > ns a eylcoj
jhownr for automatic faro jcollectlngj
Insldpjtho car jvvhorq thqtqthooiplani
la ncitUissaS9Inolthorciwctcr53
no Itnocklngdowii yjyfconductorsinnd
rldes1froo The ircseiit
no person
many nscapus from jpnyment
> J
i i
uAt < <
pussongers neglect to proffer their
tares Companies that havo adopted
tho puasyouentr plan hao found
their reunues materially Increased
There Is some OMMetatlon of its being
tiled In fcnlt Lake
Tho convention discussed means for
Instructing ira > scngers on alighting
properly tho favoilto plan being tho
posting of pictures In cars showing
tho safest and boat wajs of disem
barking This Is being done In thl
city A storage battery car wad rtm
about Atlantic City to Illustrate the
latest improvement In tho manufuc
tuioof tluitx class ot cars but Mri
Browne ratbcrthlnks this still In Iho
experimental stage > Tho people ot
Atlantic City wore < very hospitable
amUthoiuvoathor could not luuo been
bettered The convention changed tho
name of tho association to Ha present
tltlofrom Amercant Street and In
torufbun Rallnavj association Thoro
wero 4GOOrstrccttrnIlway men In nt
tcndancpT N < t
fhoBfor < iooni oftho Knudhon Nov
elty Arunufnctuilni compan > at 35i
south State stnetwas cntcied last
night hy tltltNcsvwho broke open a
back window Quito a numbtr ofivnlu
Hble roolers wero taken besldpB jth
ousmallei aitlclcs of value Tho police
hno no clue and thej burglais loft no
calling cmds
A pi Ivnte safe may fie rqntod In tfin
Iro nnd buiglarproof nultB of thn
Salt Iako SfCinltyt Trust Co 3234
Main street 52004pcr eaiT
Postinnslor Iliomas A Kcilvto Locate
Tlucc People Who lime Disappeared
In 11 liltci iidTlrotsul to
thurI jriioinn llils moinlngMisyT tOj
nboutsof hot luisbvnd hojdroppcd > iut
i nbout thl > monUiHjnKOsSwliuV
In fbUt Lake iqitji For suniaCwc lts
Ml 17lonl > hixs nttemptciUtojloontfthlin
itbdugh tlio innljs but has boon unwuess
ImT > lUHljs imm Uoes not appear In1
Iho Ohpttorv and hniilsinon known1 nt
thitrtncrnlilollMry of tha local postofv
f Iff J11
Io iih Mm tin who IhcUUiivSnU Loko
nboutji 5aunKO Is also iOucbfliylhlsi
iPlatluJ Mm tin Is 05jeirs ild andtho
haK5nniauntiJwhi > is3scrinuBl > who
iwnnlsii to B hlm bofnro1 sboj dies Mrs
J A1WIIIiamntpt Xta Douglas Plncc <
llllner l illHtiiUon wlnMl < 4hinUlrlug
UlirrtuglutlHiSposiofflceBiicpnitmcnt for
Infoi matlon Is afchiipiiUedVb Miss1
tLiura1 Saljciv ofBa > flqlilf Colo Iniirc
gardto thotwhcrcuboutHjof JV C < BaJ > ir
HiidllCutliprlnc Rnljprwhoforinerlyjllved
In Salt LakeCit > T w
Crook Sets 1Iro ID Iiaco Cuitaln liUtj
Knminnchii Tlirough ISurcnu
Tim nrc department were called to
tho Danlefs theater building for tb
second time wllhln a week Inat nlsMj
nnd llils time U was for a blaze In the
descried and vvnlor soaked Bunsaloit
holpl In tho second story of the bullJ
ling Tho blazeproVed to bo a laco cur
tain on1 lire It was qulcl < l >
Mrs KntoHlBcy one ot tlio omtn
whotconduotod tho placo before1 tie
flro told tho police lost night that she
IhoughnUio curtain had bc n set Jinre
by a burglat whoIn opening a bureau
drawer had Ignited the curtain wl n
afmatob ho held in hU hand No lro
of Iho burglars could bo found outsliH
ofa burntmatch found on Hie fiooi
ncui the curtain n
It Is posslblo that the crooks In tonn
Knowing that tho hotel was dosertw
ot roomers had thought it woukl t >
good tlmo to Irlflo the trunks oftnos
wlio had formerly roomed theretbii1
whov > vpio driven out bj tho tlrf At
nbouttho tlmo tho lire department ar
rived on thi scono two men who mis
have been tho men who were mppoCi
to havo boon In tho hotel entcrcil W
Owl drugirtpreon tho ICiuiUfoW
hotel cornornmd acted In a mjstcrw
A orivato safe may bo rentcJ
Ore nndUurglarnroof vaults ot w
Bait Lnko Security 1 Trust Co 3
Main street J2 00 per 3 ear
1 1 > i
nrllJi Kvnns Bcllovcs
Dr H D Tyans nnd vUr Pelr
havoMjeen on an extended
tflp > Washlnglonf looking after
i7V At ntt i M nW rt > rt nl
connected with tho mcoiem
ofllarryVKi Thaw wio Is no
mncd In tho a c arnAsV
gaidlng tho condllloitirof
UMumsald ulint
Harry yhlle V A Sffpjl11s w W
form otnthltvt

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