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Deseret evening news. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, November 05, 1910, Last Edition, Image 10

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ti A1
Ilnd Tel US2 B UH
fatrona are rc iueflted to taftko
llmmcclHe complaints rcgurdlae na
ratlafact3r > delivery
Holltt Ofll i lltilil Uiilcmnl oull
Advicis I iiii Ciliromlu
m Itcfuniinloi Insllliiltoii
Ogdui Uov 5 Giving Ills name as
II V Hill when am slid In a boxcar
li the rilhoad jards onfrlday l > >
rallrond ofllcers i voting man apimr
cntlj about IS ycnr of age rough In
dress and unkempt Is tying hthl un
der liuftljatlom ai an escaped fujjl
live from thu loua Reform fcehool of
0 ilclanil Cilffomii In general n >
Ijxarancc 4ic ansxxers n description of
Unicr Hudqlns a joung reform school
inmate who mado his cacapo from a
probatloni oflkci from 1111101111 street
tutniit O illutul on OcU h When first
nnFpJtd tho olllcfN claim tho lail ml
ntlUcil hit Idcntlt but nt tlio policy
station he positive ilcnlul such a
confession Thcro Is a toward of U
for tJio uirost of llmlglits xxho h mildi
to be nn expert at boit I neons vxnv on
freight trains
vsdcn Nov 5 On the petition of
7 h idem He Tend and Man 1 ler
tclli District Judge I A Honill has
Issued an order of jidoptlonof Ncutln i
notlHnbeuihti soinellnns known 111
Mumfoul the ll > eniold daugh
tor of Jlcta Iilovd and n Mr Itothcn
bMichor The older htntes that the
tnotlui Jins I ecu judlclnllv dcpiUtd
of the chlldi on account of Immorality
criultj neglect and detrition and tint
thn fvthcr has long slnco Ivon up her
custodx hiving failed foi more Unn
flvc > cars to furnlsihfher xxlth the ncc1
cssltlCH of life The petitioners agrea
to give tho child even earc and to edu
catcihcrund glve hu evci right of In
Jierltanci the fnmr us If flic crr Hull
o > xntchlld
Ogdcn Xov C Alhglng that his lfV
deserted him > n Sept li 1MM without
cause and tfiat hhe has since refused
to live with him Alfred Hcirctt h n
brought mult In theT dlstrlet eoilit
against hiinh I Herrctt Thu couple
were married at North Ogden Julv id
Ogden No G Tho July liutho eiso
untile city of Ogilcn ngalnst Ottti b
iSnvdii vihlcliunx ipnrd In Ui district
lourl on Kildiv bioughti In n verdict
jif not Biilltyaftei a VPIJ tmort dcllb
ration1 Th < case nan nppialcd from
tltnjmunltlpalcotirtjudKmcnt < 3n > der
AvOBeharged lth keeping his plate of
tuslluHs open on Sundav Julv J Thai
jnpspcutlng wlttie ses were members
ofillii Hetnll Clerks iisnclatlnnonil
tluj itilmlttcd tint thei made tho snmll
puichiso In question sltnplj foi tin
tptirpoue of making njcaso against Sny
ilcr foi vlolntlni the Sunday oullmuico
ThonUfcnsa offered no tcstlinonj a < lde
ifrom that glxcn b > Hi Sjnjdcr
Ogden Ko 5 rhe Htudents aie
ibiisyfurnlahliiff thu patrons of tho lec
UuruleourBewlth tleketa As In prcxl
roua jears thofseason tickets eost tCO
foi the entire eight numbers Coupon
tlcketH also may ba robtulnuKat l3
each On the excnlng of No 10
Jims rrloda LnUjjendoiff assisted bj
noted xlollnhts ulll juxsont thu lliit
entertainment Jhe pres notkts fiom
othei cltIes jUf hei high rank among
tho Hopiano JJlngcrs oftho oild
At thu 1hursdaj general assemblj
Hun Ij > man It Martini uu addressed
thif HtudentB His viemnrks ulons ttho
llncsof hlghstanduuls of Ik Ing among
people ero Mlghlj Interesting
and inutiucthe
tlho Junior thss gai tho llrst elnss
party of thft Hcunon on ANudneulaj
nlislit at tilt avademj hall The pro
giainXeonslstcd of danelngand iiunos
ttiiil a delicious supper
On iMturdio afternoon Instruetor
Ivlnd tookhlslgoologjelnss on n trip
up Ogdcn cam on sto stiul the inoun
ituln jform itlons of itlmt locallt
thoi aeadetny IsUnterlitg 011 Its
lntoi uoilc ln cnrncst mid is making
oxcellont procrosa
SiS 1
iisjjsi lugiiiiii iNiTyi 5rK lt > Wiiivcr niid
ItBlil1 ylrr > > ll lJl Slfiri < l > IidgcJMur
Imill ijjy iniollco > rcpnitojirliTrldajivJoiil1
iliosCJiargeljUtjdriinltcifticJis Asciileiipe
tHOfilfvoTidayVort n vvhiVglxMMiVineach
jimHCClIJV iJVMbur
allovvpiVitlioJusualprlvllegcot paylng a
JliJflneibiiViVyaiiiJfcHl tirvjiilltoservo
itlnio lnlthciljliiipoy ofrsobflrliigililm Vipt
7JohnJCellsv vaSgullly oCf trespassing
iliiJtifliSo thiriilnj8Hltyn > dsiijjtj vlll
IromoipbcfttliejqIfciiliffiTorUicf next five
dnyfl wllo svvprklng oitJ thb city
ifsir < fbtB y i V C
Tplijr HoKmTHynH7cliargedwltlidijr
j tirblni thbificiicoIind >
1 Hj Bucklci i1JliCla HpJilVdVjplln
> v Jist3 puvvli c tpck with
usfforsiicimcl gqt quick rfc
002 SStii Sticcl Qgclcii Hfe
BellPhcnio 455
fJplin pbS Ifcuki 110 otheV iiamc be
Mullln all charBedhxlth being ugrxnt
of tho gnmbllnir dlvu nrletj were
ordeieil to leau town under suspend
Cirono and A Venecnro sons of
sunny ItaljV ilcnlcd tho eharge ot
abpatilt iind bitterj and wcru hild
under bonds of 25 etch until ullmssea
could bo had to prosecute theScase
M O IAV a Korcm as charged
Vllli attcinptlng to klsj txu > xvomen
as they pissed him on Tuentjllfth
street I oe Isnnltl to hae folloxved the
ladles Into n stoic whuo they ran In
attempting1 to esc ipe fiom tho fellow
At thlsftirlsls a Hneelal ollleer appcar
d and Lee through nn Intprprcter
claimed ho ns drunk and kncxv noth
ing of the Incident
iMiiis Mijn
Ogdcn Jo n Under tho nusplees
of the putnts1 department of tho Hoc
ontl unul Sunday sehool bupt John
M Mllh II1 deliver a lecture oncSun
duw morning ut JOoeloek at thoiSJcc
ond ward mcptlnghouc Keryboclj Is
Ogdcn NV > 5 HehcnrsalSj forj tho
high sehool alumni OIILII uhlch lllbo
pnainted tho latter put off the month
nrq being held oeiy night under the
llicctlon of Prof Joseph Btillnntjnc
Pho company la making gooil pro rrtss
mid tho pleto promises to bo thomost
iiieqessfnl amateur nffiht overt present
ct bf Ogden talent Tin1 buslness miin
ngenient of tho produetlpn Is In tho
hands of Stnnlc IClinballfand there Is
er reason tiriookjfoi asbbjlnancl ll
H will as a iiHislcil success The
ipeia lll be presented In Silt Jiike
7lty and othci partsjof IhoS state after
ho llrst present itlon heroi
T r ntgcrild formorl niamgor
if tho Q S 1 hotel nl Yellowstone
latloml pnik ha been appointed fo
ho posltloii1 of Inspector of outfits
iTe will fill tlip < iicanc eiusod b thoi
leath of Harrj HI line who died Mon
laj night from nn innrdoso I opium
Manager William Allison of the Og
len tin liter announecs tho engagement
if thp drtm itlc aetoi John Jftison In
The AVIIohlng Hour Sunday and
Monday nights No G anil 7 Tho
pioduetlon lll bt > on a par with all
nther bhulji rt play s tho eompany and
olaborntp spttlngs being thi simo >
pccn In Now York
At the Orphcum thentor on Monday
night Nox 7 KKx Krlanger xxlll
piQsent ircnry Miller and lib cele
hrntpd companj In thn big Nexx York
iind Chlcaro snceiss Hei Husbands
Vlfc bj Augustus E Thorn is
Special Corrospomlcnee
Monroe Nox 3 Piutera soixlce xos
held on Oct l nt tho Xorth xvard mut
tnghoiise over the remains of Mmic
1C Clulstlansin Iho speakers xxeio
IJlder William A Wai nock and Blslf
ops1 Joseph II Jcnson and Hcber Sx In
die xho xx ere Intlmatply iicriualnted
with thajdCRcascd for tho pi t JO ytais
and xxhofspka In tho highest terms of
hei many < Irtucs and kindly disposi
She was bom In Denmark on April
11 1S35 came to Utah In 1870 settling
In nphralni tho sumo year and moving
to Monroe In 1 > 77 xvhore lur has since
icslded Mnny beautiful lloralpffcrlnfes
decorated Iho cofMn Lho ehoil con
iluctcit by Ghoilstti Thomm Kannon
rendend appropriate music Txxoihonn
and ivl daughtei aio left to nmombd
hoi ninny good qualities bhe xxius a
eonSlstcnt member of the Church of
TCMIS Christ of Ijittcidiy Falntn In
thi oirly days she net < d as nurso and
doctress here and xxnn Instiumental In
assuaging mueh suffering
Nenrlv all beets In this region hnvo
ben dug and dcllxpred to tho Tlslnoie
Ftntlrn Txxenty tons pei acre xcro
harvested In some cases
Iheio Is great activity at the npxv
sntrii faetory site Dixelllngs burns
and htublos uie being cixctcil anil oth
ei inipiovemtnts mndCj <
Tho applo crop this season In this
valKv enormous Orson I Wash
burn has 3 tOI bushels and Orson Keel
ci 000 vxhlch xxlll soon bo sent to
Spcclnl Coi rpspomlenc
Heneftr Nov T YcHllnlnj Triicman
Iortei iyearold son of Ihnnuis It
and May Bolter XVOH poisoned by
eating canned corn Di Holland was
Immediately calld and the i hlldti life
va acd
RnUtett by botl tho Democritlc and
ll < publican parties have boen held heio
iVuiInc the xeek and both xero xxell
A em of building material foi the
nexx llcnofcr mcotlnghoiiso xas unloul
od lion dining tho opk also a ear of
eonl1 for Aludlson Hlchlns A car of
Olts xx no lo idcd by the Postei Bros
CAPITAL 100000000
Wocarry by fur tho lurgi st exclusive wholesale stock of tlio
abovojllncoibctxxecn Omahn ami Sun rmnclsco If yqu vynjit prompt
Klilpiiicnt kcml us yoar nmlloiilcr v j
Th Nona 1 dillrercd br C7IJ
every nlcht < Bundsy i eiccptod I at j76
cents p rrmonth All iymenta ana
toY JDavidJohn ony t nt
ror Dally Saturddy > ndB nUVS lcJ
8outhj lr tKWestStrot
indji3ii 774v r d
C < Cttrrlcriwestsldo ofiAcadomy Aye
ind > 103Ar
Special Correspondence X
Provo Nov 5 Uho salt of uintaliUm
yesterday wis a llttlC livelier thiuTth
dny before the best price obt ilnedivxn
53 5 nn tncri Tudfo ylttetl rst ilc
that tho sale will continue for the date
navcitlsod to and Including Nov 11
but that somo ttacta may bu ltlidntwi
If therols no appaient deslro bn th
part of tho inople to bldon them
Judo Wittcn decided last night t
uspend sules lucidity In order not t
Interforo with the election or tohav
thcficlcctlon Intercro xxlth tliossuU
Ihoicfoie Monday s salo will eloso it
noon nnd no furthci salts jvlll benuid
tllPiWcdnesday rho land ischcdulci
for Tuesday salcslvx III tlesoldiWcdncs
day as vxcll us that aihuUbiil loi
HVcdnesday >
Pfovo Nov5 TUrs LauraNlelscnJo
illeisan Orbve has cMimmcnccdjaulttfoi
dlvoreu agilnst JenslfS JNIclsen a pa
tlont In tlio Htata mental jiospltat
iPliIlntliCfibk for tho custody of sovcr
mlnoi chlldien Tho partlesivvcro mat
irlecl a Logan Sopt 117 1890 Jbhf
Olson was nppolritcd suardlan ofltlu
Provo Nov u Francis Hcilquhti ol
ther PiLieo Uiug Co was before Justice
Noon yesterday charged vx 1th selling
a bottle otivvhlsky to A 31 Fuller on
Oct 2f He tooki tllltMomlny to plead
rrank Alurphy vxlio was sentenced to
pay n fine of 10 < Thursday for being In
a pool haliriie belnjnunder tho age of
Jl y cars jpald hli lino and was ic
leased f romf u < ody
Provo Nov fl OHvo MofrlH aged 53
died at tho stato mental Jiospltal to
day of general drHUty The remains
vxlll bc titkcn to Salt Lnke forburlal
AnnJledlnan aged S3 also died at the
Institution this moTnJng She has no1
lolatlvcslfco far us kiiovxn and vlllbo
huriedfhere1 Sho vxas sent to tho hos
pital iln 1303
Provo Nov 5 A hack team broke
nwayTroiii tho lepot thlsmornlng and
tan about two mlle5 vxest xxhen they
slowed up nirdJvvcrQ caught Mrs H
T llatneldHierMlttle son Wendell and
Mrs BeUtrico Ilntfleld vxoiij Intho ve
hicle and vvliPii about n nlllo west of
toxxn all Jumped outk Thoyjsustalned
painful bruises but no bcrlouaWnmngc
A marrlago license hih been Issued to
lames lessen and llnryA Fmncts both
lit Alammoth
O Ji Hnlveiscn1 and family havi
moved from Salt Jrfiko tosProvo nnd uio
located In Lovxls teiTace Mr Halveu
HI > II Is hero as tho representative oti tho
Metropolitan 11 fo diisuranco company
bpeclal Correspondence
Urlghoni City Nov 4 Religion class
eonxontlonixvlU bo held In tho Urlgham
City tabcrnuclo Sunday Nox 13 at 10
a in and p in
At the meeting of tho city council
Monday night a resolution vxius passed
authorizing tho mayorand recoidei to
sign a contract tor the installing ot ad
ultlonal ami necessary equipment ut thu
electric light plant such as a nev
Francis tuiblno wheel a Westlnghouso
Kcnciator etc Tho contract will go
lu the Intermountaln Electric company
of bait L iko City and willcost about
lh Baker Lumber Co of Salt IiKo
City vx111 establish a blanch oC their
business In ifrlghuiu City In ehaigoioC
i 1 Mean Foi the present tliu yard
vx 111 bu on thu vacant lot on thu old
tUnuiel Smith propelty juut noith of
thu Plist National bank building
hcandlnavlan conferencu vxus held In
the llilghnm City tibomaclu last Sun
day at 10 a in and and 730 pin Thu
conferencu xviis In ehargo of resident
11 0 Clulbtliinsen All meetings wen
well uttendtd Among thu visiting
speukcih vxeic President Anthon H
Uund Uldcis Geouje C Smith and II
I Christiansen fioni Saft Lako City
Adam L Ietersen and Elder Toigescn
from Ogdcn Mayor John Anderson ot
Uogan and otheia Thu hull had been
decoiated with lowers and potted
plants the Mats and Stilpus us well
us the Scandinavian llugvGood singing
xxasi furnished by thu Scandinavian
choir In chaigc of Julius Bruun
James Mndsen one of tho oldest In
habitants ot Uoxelder H county died
Thursday niomlng Nov 3 at hit homo
iuar Honeyvllle Ho had vboen silling
foi somo tlineO Mr Madsen had passed
foui seoio and ten years having been
born at Anklikeby on tho Island ot
IJomholm Denmark Aug 15 1SJO
When the Mormon uldera arrived on
Doriiholm ho vxas onq of tho llrst pel
sons to accept their teachings and with
Jils faithful wife vxas biptlzed In ISii
In 1851 they onilgiatcd to Ameilca Tor
Uek of nn nns they icmalned In the eist
until 1851 xx lion they crossed the plains
and camu to Utah llrst locating at
Ixshl whole they remained for about
four yeais xvhen they moved to Brig
ham City xx hero for homu time ho
worked on Ilesldcnt Loicnzo Snows
farm vAboiit 40 years ago he inovcd
to his present homo on a dry farm nt
Hot Springs mar xihat Is now knoxxn
IIH HoneyvHie where1 ho has remained
ever since true and faithful to tho io
llglon hp espoused In his native land
neaily t > 0 jcms ago runeral service
vxlll be hold In thn Honeyvlllo mcotlnt
house fcuuulay at J p m j
Special1 CorrespoiTacnce
Spanlsir Foik Novn G Tho many
filendstofiMIs fLjuliiolSoeKiiilllor of
nicnllildhmiUTnyloi Tlurbcr of Si ii
Ishf Fork Yw lllrtbe plcasantly sui pi Ised
toiTeanCortholr inarrlnge yvhlch took
placo In tlio > Iantl tompto ycatonlay
txfteinoonPii > sldont I uls Anderson1
poiformlilg ithoiceiomonyi The hrldo
H thu iUiughton of Piesldent iiind Mrs
V II Secgmllleitof tho Sovler stake
tuuUisiono of tho pictty and popular
young Oades of fht > county him haaj
been tho chief clerk In the ne ulntoi
storont Illchlleldtduilng tho post llva >
ycms MJi Tliurber 1st 6no of tho
IpromlnentiiounR liUslricss men of Utau
been thuiicushler ofitho Commercial1
bankjnt Spanlsh OrK Thoy lcft TifterJi
their marrlugeffoi their hpmolnfspan
fish Toric xvhi > ro tncy havo i boaut
fuldiomc flnlslied id fnrnlsliedj The
1 after Jsov 15
Mt Pleasant ov KlntlJarcd
ttho BookTof Mormon plu > will bc irc
sented at tlio local 01 era house to
ilio ilt Pleasant hlh school will 01
Sunuiy evenrngffclvc 011 of thcjioveru
cntertolnmuntsancy haxc arrangedIo
idurlngj tho v Inter ilic protruiix fo
Itho HrationcfolloxC3
JMusleal aolectlon >
iilkli chool orchcstti
Quirtet i
Hlth school ladles double ijuartc
ISecltatlon Idi iLarsci
nocal duet
lortenso > y riilcoaard md ircs
> sit 1 imn
llecltitlon Columbus
< I cub Vinkle
Phinojsolo lludslnlry I ale
lone McArthu
t Illi school oiehestti
JHeeltatlon Jonn Uuuis Clio ijjuni
PI iii6solo lein Vatsoi
aiceltatlon JJttlo Uroxvn bib
j iT JHiIulu llundboi
Orchestra selection
tfC i High seln l orchestrt
fQuartet StaroftDescenilhib Mght
j Iligli school girl
I Alt Pleasant > v 3 Iho jfunei i
services lovoitheum tins of thojilaU
fMrc A N Cherry xxore held fron
UiQ PiTsbyterlan church Thursday al
WV in Iho Jlov John Mcckerjandjnox
JE E Mork conducted the funerairberv
lets Sirs iCherry was tho vvifb 01
jformcr JildgoiCheny 1 01 many year
fthcy were vxelli kTioxxn citizens ot Salt
Lnkc City jSho was 6S yeirs of age ind
> xx is born ln llllnols where she mar
rlcd Mr A N Cherry CO ycarsiingo
LlKhtcen yeirs ago withtheir family
Ibex moved to Salt Lake Mr Cherry
solved fforvmany voars In thoj legisla
ture and held the positioner district
rjudo for a time ScvenUiycars ago
they movedto southun Colorado and
later to Gunnlson Utah vxhcro Air
Cheir jls now piactlslns I iw
Mis chorry Ionics besides hcrhus
band clghti children vl Alrst iCar
mcaii ofOhlo James M Cheiry ofjMt
Pleasant MlfAlbeit T VoscJofsDelta
Colo Atrs IN Percy Urouno of fa lit
Lnl and Hoxvard me Ernest Cherry1
Deceased was loved bv ill with whom
she cimo Incontnct and was a devoted
wife and mother
Oscar J Wall Is spcndlnir Jhe wccl
ln Price Ho Is In ehiigo of tliOjb ink
theio duetto tho fict that1 the1 rehiilai
cashier laabsent foi the week onpolit
Ic il busjness
Mis AlansonjAldilch and chlldrciijof
Cistle Dale iro vlhltlngat thehome
of Mrs Aldrlchs pirents Mr nnd
Mis OscacvBarton
Clvdo Miuson of ruder Utah has
been ini MlPleasant thlsixvecl In the
Inteiest ot tho Masonic lodge
Mlllom Matson of this cllv was a
Provo vlbltor this xveek in tho ilnter
ests of his moving picture business
Pie3identf C N Lund Ins been In
tlio southcintcnd of the county this
V1 H Tloblnsoli assistant fs > upcrln
lendent of registry malls Washing
ton ID C v has ilxon In Ml jPleasnnt
this week checklngMip his portion of
the local dfflccf business
neglstratlon In Mt Pleasant Tuii
day vxns JIH folloxvs District Jso 1 44
No 2 25 > No 10 Jso 4 14 No T
18 Total 161 N
Tho team of VV Draper nn away
lupsday dragging him to tho ground
and Inflicting painful bruises on the
evcral cases of scarlatina were do
v eloped iccently nmong richool stu
dents at Mantl and the school bulldlnj
has been thoroughly fumigated
Lphralm city IB Incrcaslnj Its natci
supply both for the lighting plant and
the town system
S >
German Custom Cause Somo Curi
osity Amonc Imvclcrs In
Tluit Country
Tho walking honeymoon is a custom
ioung couples who piefei to keep
their money or xxho havent any foi
a vvoddlnj trip by train nwliih knap
sacks ovci their shoulders on the vxcd
ding day and set out foi a xx cck s
tramp stopping over night at the roul
sldo tax cm 1 remember bclnr told
a story In the llavurlnn Alps of the
feloomy yomih man whose oxtrcmo
melancholy at the village Inn canted
svmpathetlc inqulilcK Ho confessed
tint he had been m irried the day be
foro to the belle of the village and as
thoy dldn t havo means foi both of
them to taki a wcddliif trip ho had
been obliged to tr imp alone
The principle of utllltv of training
tho youth Into material for i good
soldier and Into a subjict who will bo
qualified to contribute to tho collective
gold of the state Inspires the German
gymnastic system tho system which
Mnerlenn turmrs it tho freat 1 mnk
fort tournament list year found to be
unconquerable The American ori the
English athlete because of tlio de
velopment of his Individuality under
different schools mil social conditions
xvlll not siincnder himself umesorved
1 > Into tho hands of UIQ Instructor
Ho thinks ho knows better hoxv tho
excielse sJiouhl be taken iandvthofcat
performed than the Instructor that
lhc Instructor B method Is all ixcll for
ilhcr persons or good for thoinvcingq
pupil but that ho Sknovxs ibettcr hoxx
u shouldi do the thins The German
loos not pxerclsoi nw ho Is taught
Tiacblnollko osslbly but with lilgh
tialncdwpreclslon Tho teamwork
s y excellent Germany outsldo tlio
chools has ROOOjRVimi istlu clubs with
02000 men lnsthcm Elmer IloberlB In
oilier H
By O r Ursonbach
ItiTs a now book of 220 pages re
cently Issued from tho press of Tho
Desorot News wherein tho author
rnm scriptural scientific nnd logical
phases presents the Mormon ciuei
llon In a vorj Interesting and con
vlnclng manner
To tho young man preparing for
missionary work to tho Latterday
Saint home and to Yho carncstjtnvcs
tlgator of Mormonlsm la tho Jlttlo
ivork especially rccommendoi
sale nt tho DESEnET NEWSK
Prices postpaid II 00
f rTJSjjrr icsisKTf r r
I > pBEnrAiiYi i
YSejyTces jp Ver tiToremalii3 Sif < tKsJajf e j
ii l a i M Ssss
jvwinfpiiipei Su agjycE30 > i9iClJ TJic
jmU oVj xiturnTffiSiAibV > thp Sunda
scjuioi ioif ijyyjijili ihl va itfieichcTlstcr
rDUelSii Jtiss JKSl j ll Ml
SO o7iby7iLiSbTJEdVard Ipln
by rofCarclcS3ClrrH6fspeaUerJAvvcre
SKldcrarAVC ThorhimbbertiPatrick
GcbiC7iambcrLandiiBl3lipi > SMargctts
falir6fAyhbiiiTBpokoo jlil3doyotlpnitoi
HilsfoHuTOKJiliillcsislBtiocjal JriontlonJbo
injixyhlch1 hotookvgrcatpleasureIn
irenBerlnpisuclfscKMc iSVJiq couUti ln
assfsflngi film ln every way posslblo
ulsoiof jMffdevotion as Usher at the
tabeinaelewlilch 1m cheerfully rendered
foi ovei SOiycars
Elders E lUEnrdloy nnd HenrrWal
I ice roffored the1 piaycrs Tho chil
dien of tholSunday school sang Count
Your Many Blessings and the dedi
citory jnavei vvns offered by Elder
JamcH N Lambert Tho lloral offer
ings were numerous nniUbenutltul
ElderJ A It jDay was born July Id
SrO at Bedfordshire England llo
came to Utah In August IS71 with his
hi other newcntibnckjto England on
twcTvlsltKund liuSoptembci 1S99 hlmi
self and vxlto left forn mission to
Great Britain and labored In England
Hq died Oct5 JO 1910rat 532ftoulli First
West street
Deceased < xxns bom In England In
ISV was mirrleJ to Willed S Harder
May II 1S13 ibapllred Intothe Church
ot Jistisciirist onthc Sth d ly of June
ISIS In 1830 hoi tui band was appoint
i d a tiuvollng mi > slonary and Jiis
faithful vxlfo went with himsharlnK
his privations and nldlngi hint In
Mtrcadlnglthe gospel Thcv labored t
1 ittcrrparl of theUlme ln thoJBilstol
conference where rider Harderpresid
ed Immediately after his release they
bUtxtedtfor TJtan calling from Ivei
pool April 22J making the voyage In
30j days They tiiive led by o team
across tho plains arriving InCoalvlllo
bept 11 1861 In 1SC3 SIstor Haider
moved with hor family to Kamns She
xnia nlwtiys an active Church xxorker
having acted as counselor In tho Relief
society for some years and as prosl
acnt over that oisanlzatlon from 1877
tc 1901 She la survived by onu son
and llttlo granddaughter
jon rmxnNG AND BOOK mxn
Wo are tho pioneers In Job Print
In and Book Binding In the stato
Our facilities are tho best for handl
ing anv class of work no matter hoxv
laigo or hiiw small
n Kj V V T T > rJi
XS aat 6rrM ond ncc Vj
iitirruy iNojKVJ5inipji iil 1 Icrcstji
schopi Is JViioinijIotciy rnnilprcS
oominB fc jihe5remj jpl i4Bomii
of thbygradcsJirpin Siie iyVrlftgtmii
apecliil rSpard imcctingj vyfLsVirold qu
toliii iMV V jft Jlnatidcclsltmywill
iJiiottbe ni pffli fon n oypnfnftjn tii
vx cnthp iiioardkSvffi
lsbsloiv v
Somc icimiiBcsiiiiaypji ycjU lisrciV sl
be madeintiie uoHrsb rprist idjy
mostly jyrnj of ithcfellniinailon of
adorrtlohl6tritheHext bopksrInniil1
tirciiHbpijpIannejl itij
jyowlngl ellsihavd beon sceur d atj
ca lV ofUIipinew KClioolKtiuIldli
intampli supply ot pure xxatcr iTil
nisurod ll
I = =
I NKhINljlllii t
Mombersof the Murray rirst
choir rgavo a bundle shoxver and 7u
prise paity Thursday evenlnir ntn
home of Mr and Mis Davla P
ot Vino street The party vvai K
honor of MlMH Jean Tramc a
t Hairy btevenson of Big Cottonun i
jlpnvcs form imKslon to thu k0t
States Wednesday Nov 9
kTho seven vear old Slaughter or x
lA Wallln of Grant ward illcil i
ovenlngat Uhe fiimIs homo
n < ir i
Highland Buy ot heart trouble T
clilldflias been ailing for a number
vcars Ai ratiKCiuont fm the fun
has not vet been comtrleted
I rS
j StJiclalnrlccs to all Church or
lzntlons on5prograinsJtlckets
J iloilEc
AlUorders promptly and earctuil
j piRursesjBeit > Trayeii se jCi iKiCaaes > Covered
In three volumes 800 pages each containing fen
4 i y t
j jn all 23 5t full steel plates Morocco gilt binding j J
Former Price 30100
rThis labi lyoutf iproiieotiQnV
i thread
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rTito pg W flllff oi x to P lilpfe ft oi
llr fenis fgiity Jugfe till lilifliligfe sent
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