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Deseret evening news. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, November 05, 1910, Last Edition, Image 11

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g dl fl r5 i jlritJrJ 1 f 1
1 l bES iMtET 1NINGNEWiS i STURDAY OMJ3ER fi j Dl 0 12 j l hii
= z 2 = 0 I
I I I Ii fw mT Ik w T OF < IDil O Jlt v w nLfA TT 1 Jt 1f TI ttJ l C1 < 10 > > fJjl i hll ffi iI I Jij I
i J fIm
n n n = 7O = mrn n
M Dii tiiic AHBlV 6
111 AfiSsl BEN WION
j <
mfliicr Coarli Will TnkoTcam lluiiil
I 0 td j IcllInIJQut1111IIS
lor Werner Ganif
oj MiicWck former University of
iiliih 0 JchnEljyerllpSRltiaI1 this
irnlnt from Id iho lo nsisl Coach Fri d
1 K oi la eettlnft uI J team ready for
gnn with Icncruniversity which
111b Phocd rsM Sulurday oy17
jliaaoA b as bnwn lib a barry and snja
I neur fflt bolter In hla life i His will
i < o hold of the iinlvcislty learn with
nrnnlon cicry car this week and an ef I
fort J 111 l made to put a stop to the
funMlng which cost Utah both games It
i1utlit hasun Maddock nun figured
number of plAys nnd two or thioj
out ft lulaber I
of jhtin may bd adopted tor the Ujnvei
i dm1 <
Uplr Idaho Maddock has only iron a
crtjttcl if buy pifl rhegumoU1Hrcl
1 hot ii this aft
to ho will BttenUjboth aaines
rnwn UI CuninihiBU field uc loc
I iulcs and tint tlu
lilies llu new II Inll says
ivolbiIiIkb QtCCI plarlJlh use ol
tIle icrwircl pass aiv much Improve
TJie iinlcimt > clmwllhcelledOlt
MrninetlM early Mimdiy ifteMiioon I I
lo nioiiHilri llllcJ Illc liunnlon will
e > f lognthu and flguiu out tic plays
McIi will be used In the toughest game
ilKlhe sctlMin D VIIH showed up
> tfjjnr In 111lR games IIIUlahwll
IJie to plly its h SLluwln
MicMocK Ba > s that he had a haul time
tws t axiy ficuii hi1 work but prom
jsrf th1 bo > s Ie would lie down so hu
w Sfj clttfrmlniMl to make good Maddock
us thnt he believes Ucnnlon has made
gd with his In itt ancl that < hcI not
tome down to make hlfl team over < situ
I i y to asslsl him on any point ho could
MnJilctk si YJ1 N siiollng lo HCO a
pioj gluit anyway and he hellces that
tr rtniBcnor genie will ha the iiewt
iil hardest fought CDiiiesl that will ba
poa here this season
1OI1N nirrs Hi < 3iiy
The Jordan hijih hclioot plays the
pirliuin high school In the mining
CUP tI30 oclock this afternoon
Cwch Mutln of Ulnghnm has a husky
lgich of players 1111hallIIUI
hjrt much experience In both games
they have plnyed this season ithc team
1U3 been defeated because of lack ot
1 led nr the game hoplnrs
h11 bliowcd lip better this last week
hfi ever before a 11 hOB team
iwects to play Coach Duttons boys to
a iXtanUstlll
The Oimllo High tchonl gym
iiluni will he formally opened ILL
S oclock tonight when tho faculty the
hoard of ollcatonlli I the students
glje homo waimlng As it Is the Ii rid
cvmiiajiliini the Gianite high school
tt cir lulln elnbointo program
is been Arranged for ihc jtlojiiln
PilncipTU 1 N iloss mate that a
neil lung iii 01 has been arranged by
lie htudcntH and faoiilty llefie meats
wll lie sPryed lilllsllecheHWlltlf
nado bvtlhe tnombeis of the hot NI nf
ii urn tIni After the ptoginm I dance
ifl bo ghen
1iiil71c i ri Xov lJameo A
lliwfri sfiiclonirdlpil hero liklay from
Injuifes iccehrd week ago In > foot
qlItlN nmIn
S uv yr ov lIeach Cross
thwleiitl Mglitwelght of the east side
tnijKone step out nf hol Insbeen elans
Ion ghl tvttsn he cio u bad beating to
JitKOormin In a iprounil ltlg
Two Championship Ilintliall Gn IC
Will bo Inllcd Oil This
A doubleheader made up of two cham
pionship football games will come off a l
Cumhilngs fildul it 1 oclock today Tha
fnat ti inc will b > i I lie Ugilelirieshmei
gil Inc uiul I lie second iho Orand Iulco
iionllljli School game Hut one lcm
loll llh chirgqd laid the football funs
nr pioialSd fuur liuuia of hulls COIl
lested fuolliill
The Ogden eleven has been working
hard durIng the Inst week In order to
bent the freshmen arid nan up Hie ltst
defeat icetlved at the hands of the rout
mel bunch This Irishmen halolhc <
antng oir hOe Ogden buys having woi
one mine and they InUiid in kcop the
ldlUIIOIChwtlnlJ unothei
The Gland Junction iggicgatlon airlv
cit jesterclnv afUlnoem over thin Itlo
OrandoinIlouke1 to be < husky hunch
III their civilian clothes The high seliuo
twin has bCIlullimCUHhll tor IIDIit
week and ulc trying their lUHt to miKa
lOo 1101 the defeat tliuy rocid Vet Ms
wceii In the Ogden name The tiiim
Junction team have a clean reccud tin
n ui confident of keeping Its lucy nu
looking forwaiel to a victory over tho
Hid and Hlack and alto tu t uhlh
tiCltod championship ihi Inivriaouiiliili
There will be a large itlendnnce as
all of Ihlleams playing today are of
id out tile sarnn wulghl and belong to Hi
itt lilt etass The Salt j aky high flclioo
looteTa are anxious to lea the Ogclen
rrtslnnen and doubtless the Ogden sup
ptiittif aie Miilous to tiC how thin Ki
and hank lines up aKitnat the Uraige
itul Ulvk of Grand Junction
Tha mst game will b called it 1
nclitk shill Ill thii Ore migt and Bock of
ClgiUn against the He11111 While of
I Ito ficslinten mid the second game I lie
Orangf am Dlirk of iiiind Junctloi
aKiilnt the Kod and Ulnck of the Ioa
high Bchool lloth g incs 11omlolc bt
fiiHt eeltlng fndull or routines Tho
first guncI lbo played wIth header
men however IIOSBcollgalcwl
iiieithielcs bo IntcrenlnK
The fIrst genie Is scheduled to clu < e itt
3 oclock and directly after the1 Inltla
guna the local high ncnool eleven 11
Ilash with the Colored hojH As the
hall Luke eleven have Iiul but one real
same they are slightly handicapped but
they me going In for vIctory today and
are going Joehow tlut one ihe cat iocs
necestilly mean tigol her
The llncup
Ojden Freshmen
Whllnieyor lc Titus M > crs
Sample 1 t Inlltll
WWS v < lg Wlniinei
Kinvll e F Paul
Andciwot rg Klrby
CliidvOlts ri Vatson
Allen t re Ryncnionn
l OI ill Sutlierhind
KVIII llili Hampton
Stino rhb Dlllman
IJinli fb Ashtcm
Officials Itaiinir referee Llout Dlson
tutu pi ic IllkerfeI Judge Hedge
hcail llne mtn
The lineup for the high schnnl game
Grand Junction High Pclmol
111II1 Ie UIHoh Snov
Illnes It Mnish
Ttccil hg Kalor Jell
lllllchlor i c Unhnnn
IockwIilHi rg Wallace
llcckinan rt Vatcs Capt r
Mcriill re r Oodhc
Caldncll ib ntzpatrlrk
McCaij Aud
liplxing fb or Mnrs
WalKer rlil Olhnn
ll I i rhI i eenii
Spc njio The News
Pnvsnn Nov i TOii account of being
unable to secure any mOrA liics ho
T SOI football team has disbanded
nnd taken up basketball for the re
mainder of the bcnsou In both games
u w
Great Stock Reducing
Sale of
Chest erfield
f Lil I Ii lf lU
One fifth off the regular
price all colored Chester
field suits for men 0
We have been waiting as long
as we are going to for the weather
man to give us seasonable weather
so here
i Tlie h terfeldafe pit in a
bunch every one you 0 pick is a winner
It ii suts 1200 I
1650 suits 1320 r
0 1800 suits 1440
2000 suits 1600
0 2500 suits 2000
0 4 3000 suits 2400 0
3500 suits 2800
4000 suits 3200
4f igii
Ij Gr t Bios o 1
0 25S260 South Main e i
I V w i t
i0 ii 4 I
1 i
th1t the team played It defeated Its
opponent 1111 large score nnd Its giM
linn wan never l ctrhQ loam de
feated the Hlnghnm high school 30 toO
and the Pi odor high school 74 100
rour soccer football net e first
o the Salt Lake public school league
schedule were played Friday titter
noon on the school grounds The boys
cattily adapted themselves to the hilly
and the crowd that watched the open
lilt ganifK displayed considerable en
lliuslncm The race for thft school cham
pionship promises to bo Interesting unit
will no doubt beeonio more spirited as
tin1 games are played
The results of the gale yesterday
Washington 1 Longfellow 1
Hamilton 2 Webster 0
Lafayette 1 Sumner 0
Lowell Ofjulrrh 0
The Salt Lake and Garflcld roccer
football teams meet at 1 oclock this
afternoon nt Ft Douglas for their sec
ond game Two weeks ago the teams
played u tie 0nthUtoh Copper
grounds at Garfield The smelter city
boys expect to win thlr afternoon and
have strengthened their team In sev
eral positions Tho Garfield team ar
rived here late this afternoon and will
play the following lineup
Young goal J Heywood loft back
r Sundrell rjght back I Hi > y ubod
left halfback A Adamson center half
back It nramlcy right halfback
Itnincs outside left Irvine Insldo left
Jones center forward McGIII Inside
light G Adamson outside right He
serves Dlnneford W Adamson Poe
Silt hake high school vs Grand
Junction 0
Ogden high school i Ulnli Trcsh
Yale vs Urown at New Haen
Colorado AgRlcs V s Unherslly of
Colorado at Iuulder
Colorado School o Mines vs Denver
Onl llenvei
Chicago s lit rlte at Chicago
Indiana IE Illinois at Illoomlngtoii
nelult vCrJIll WauKiwha
IJo Ituw vi Iltitler at GiepuciHtle
Drike IS liilnnell at DCS Mobils
Albion ij Hlllsddle at Amc
Towa State IH Iowa at Aine
Maniucttf vs Jllehlgan Ascies at
OlxMlhi vs Western Ucseip at Obci
II n
Ohio State vs Cise at Cleeland
Alma VS Olhet tAlma
Itosp Icilj vs i Vabasn at Terre Haute
St I IIINI K i III1 St lyouls
Washington tu ArKansas at St Louis
Kansas vs Nebraska at l iwrcnce
ArnH SrrlngflehllS at West
litirt int Iii vs AmbPrst II I Iii nO 1
IFiiviud vs Cornell al Cambrlclgf
Navj IF Ivhlgh al Annapoll
Ilnctol vs ronlham lit Illncelon
lloclnfster v Colgate it t Kochester
Sjraruse vu Vennonl at Syracuse
IVniwylvnnla Va lnfajette at Phllii
hiihhit In
V 1 CarllRla at WasbliiKtou
Williams vs VcMeyun at Wllllams
Shosha Yokoyamn > eiianihilonilu Jilsu
wrestler of flip world arrived nSiit
Lake yesterday tulls lngoll
match with MIke Yokel champion
welterweight tThr Japanese Iswell
l < up lnlnlhH country having had 29
matches on the coast winning 28 the
olher one being a ill aw
Y Shlbnta of Oarland manager of
the lap says that he will post J 1000
as a aIM bet IOR this has already
been covcied by Yokels backers there
Is no doubt but what n match can be
The New State Gun club will not open
Its ground Sunday following thOlolOI
of the stockholders at a meeting al thou
Commercial club Friday a aftcinoon The
llreelors held a meeting Friday eenltig
and the question wan discussed nt length
hQIHlolWI1HIcusoj f1i
I he boilil hOtS contiol of ito giouiids and
the members d cder to kepp thu club
diced after consldiMable aigumeat
Mr llenba made the million that thou
club grounds be opened for shootlic
ecmimenclng Sunday Nov finh
nony with the electro ur t him majority 0
soc holders meeting olhe New St it
S u ii club IHcl for that purpose Motion
was seconded by J 0 El ellwekanlp1
fuetlroil c niollon tho nays carried
I t and thus decided to lumaln closed unit
Ill further notice
Among I he Illd tug tests which
riiomas A 1dlson Is conducting ill
Ms n w sloiage batteiy Is t hue C In legard
n Us a l ii ice tInIU ehctilc phei sit ro
elilclc llo Iris mapiKd OUln terlCK of
I cuiiicl trips or ltuy outings as IK calls
I hem averaging 115 to ICO miles In
eiiglh emir llu iiidlnniy lends and
glades of Now Jci > ey and Stalcn Island
hu bitleu Is ghcn a nhiRle maxlininu
C huge 1WIX il i font TIt ever thi
i onle cairjlmr iII nlr Aflcr Iho
omplutlfm of the trip tlC ijnr li ma to
it standstill ti exhaust the chaise In the
ulllvry t shcnv what 4hllfllt1 mils
II nin 11 leitHlmy eNicitly what
suipllis nilloaue Iho hnttciy lotaluid r
Cl tin1 compliillon oLhe loll < Ijl
lulut is tl tumidly one great objco
1cm 10 thin eleerh vehicle was tie foOt
I lint Itwlm ueer known at the slftii
iifil how much gicitind could bi covuied
ShttYciVO miles Wits fonnerly counld
Kil a nond d lys Work for an ci clrln
I hide Thise tests of Mr IJdisoirs me
sliOwhK an nvcratw of will over a built
lid miles on a slugki chngeof Ids new
iiittciv nud Ilollof his must ueent
lon cir wenl 139J liii Ins In one hi >
0 w i Vet
Id Hand 113 Vi o7il
Cldklind l2JV JM
al Iriinelncci 1110 rl
veiimii in id nn
l u l t lltus 1W ij IT
Hicrimenln > M 121 W
Sin lrttildhtd o Nov L I j
btrot 11mie
Oiikltnd 10 I 7 1
Sin Fra m Inert u > t 2 C S
liitteiles Nibon mid Mlir6 iHrown
iii la nnd ncuv 0 v >
fSicotid 2it1jii i 1 1w Y r
OiUmd 0 2 r 1
fm FiamlM > J ii 7 1
UiUfijeslHrkiiis andMltzo Kaiitley
llld 1J 1J 0
Vriion il Nov i
iCnttu fRlf
Iciihlittil s I r 4
Veition n 10 3
HatnirluiT Sea ten tint Ildieri Cuson
and llnsty
Piore SicirtniKHo Cat Nov 4 + Tt jtcE
Lou Ancehis i i 2 n i
Siciancnlo r > ic I M 81ti 1
llittfrfcs N Blc until Oreiulorff
VllaRn HOISter and IaLOit5Cv <
r d L l it
The Ilngllsliman who 11 make i I auto dash from Cape to Cairo Aftl
cn This hi the first attempt at tills lent bv mechanical means Twenty rivers
vlll bo dossed and ufjOO gallons of pcnral UM 1
> I N
I 5305165 HnnH Rode on tJie NLator < Stages
During the V car that ended on June
a 0 J10 tho automobile stages of
tho Fifth Avenue Coach company
Iutrlcd muiu iiasseiigois than there
ate menmll women and children in
New Toil ljHI1Y tho New Voile
Herald The number of ten cent fares
collected fioni adults wax fiT5r Jll
and I lie live cent fates collected lo
lalied l 1 nnl The Increase In the total
number o passengers can < mer tho
previous > ear a2G9 Ni
A ityit ii IHUlhc annual lepoit of
tho comianj which Is enntioilcd by
the Now Yolk Transiiortatlon ciun
nuido public yeslerday by
pany was 1110 uI11 YUleldur
tho public seivlee commlislim nf tho
That dlstilcl
The company operated dining tho
year slxtvnne tilt toiuitijih singes on
1O several llncsi In Fifth avenue West I
Flflyseventli street and lllxcpxlde
< ride The total round tilps niulo was i
Ann Arboi Mich Nov 4Tile bond
of lonuol u ithilet lea nt lull I m
erslly nf Mlehlgiin this afipriinon tun
Ielvd tho football go ice lhal was sched
uled to be pli > ed IICIP be
tween Node Dale ami the Utit dent ty
I t lchl ltOlloluno hiHlslfd on
uMiiif Jlillbrook and Ulimnlek < and
Jllehlgan IIIIroOk 1011 1111 the 11
raiigemcntH of tho in lt If these two
pMjria whose eligibility his been chal
lenged weie to be In the lineup
It Is understood hole thai this enacel
atlon also means I lit ending of all
athletic relations iMtvecn the fnhcislty
ol lclI Igiin and Noliu Dame lit ol
flelal ntalemcnl ghcn out by the boaid
of coolrlItI > st
Ihllbioolt and 11 main ick after com
hettilg fixe III Intoicullcglali ath
let UogC NuLl wCstcrn collLii until bo
tug bailed I join hut tier cnmpetlllou
her Ito vi come 1111 Dime and
hao nbeulv eompelcd two additional i
eaiti at tie Instilnllnn Tha Intcjnolle
guilt confeiim In association has
offIciO hi Ictiiti red lhal thfsn pla > eih
wrie liii > lllble lo compete hi the eoli
leronco maui n Inl0 lien ihwtl
the points won bv lhlmlnJhtml
All nthlotlc lelitloifl hftweon Untu
Daino and Michigan lime Iven = ceiid
as hilt result of the eaiicelitlnn of tlio
footlall game sfludulPd 1010 plarlnl
Ann Athor tqiiiirt lId icjllowlag the1 nit
uunllfled ffusil nf the None Damf
Iiclals to retieal fima tlwhpoltlon re
vnnllng the cllgibtlty ot protested play
lielTholllhM Crumley of the Xotro
Dnme acuity 111 an ofllclal Miniement
tunlght Knlvn bat Nolle Dinn violated
any iiKreemtiH In thn liituiitlon to play
1hllMoolc and Dlmmleic tile pintoiud
lilajcrs and Intlmaks thai Michigan lilt
shown lack of good faith
The statiinent ft tI lice iiflsoitn thulho
maltfr will he subnilued to Ihe faculty
lepicsentitlves of tie confcicuco colleges
Kansas City Mo Nov lA thhd
nnjor bfuliall lengup Is not only a
osihlllty but syhhi be a decided success
milieu It IM organised hid lloc ielder
Jones foimerly ten titger of tho Chicago
III Amcileans Ho Is heic visiting John
G Kllng tho Chicago Nutloiuii1
catchier on his way to Inspect his oil
louis In southeastern Kansas
While 1lolnlthlnlt that DA
Mctchurs piopotfd Icague wHlhe a
tucess said June ono Is bound to
come In the neai futnie lly obtaining
ho signature < ill more than a hunched
asihll playeis Fletcher has shown
hat the men me 11111111110 bleak away
roll tIooll nigatileti t loin Sniot man
vith money will biult mich a sehemcj
neil teak ttl uttus
Jones says ho will never accept the
nnnngement of anv team iinkss he
owns at least lout of the sloel of the
club 0
Ill lS uyii CONWST TO
Cuitit iii ouch ttg lOX I Satiinliiy ute will
ntriidupc II fiuzlo contest ita n fiMtuio
Ill Haturduv News 110lIn1lrl
giifcslng the roriect nnswuis 11111
Ivfii prlef AIISUOIH must hO aid
nlltcd on postal mnl with name flail
nddioss of paitv guessing Ccuulltlomi
coveining the awaiding of prUeH vlll
hucu I I JoirHtliesfc of answer ago noat
iess tititl hcatilx or writing Tlio nnlnei
it tlie Winneis Will bo published Ibo
Satuiday follow Inu uubllcatluii of
mzle Vfttch net xxefikh papcui for
iirtleulars 0
LTI n i + 1f
A Kunranlecd euro for tho y
i hi hut huh Tobucro HalillH X
PRICE 1250 f
1 i iCnrt DTOnso N RUGS
1tmoSIores Where Ihc Cans Stop
< 1 em f
t t
0 4 i t u
2 lt Jk J I ij 1
iraiotp the hours of operation 177
> iJ lthottJllll number of miles
uoveied dining the > ear 1320412 the
tfliilvutoni of apluilmllely llftthreu
Jdiiinejs IIII1h wotlil Iltt1O
equator The lovcnues aie sumniarUcd
Us fit tea SiJnKflliSO from livery
service S 13li3Ii arJllIIhlFn
J212 and miscellaneous 20Iho
roveimo Inciease over the ielous
your was t 2 10t I tit 5
The mosb slilKIng nporating expense
Is that ot dejMcclitlon of resh
1n nTlllillell1 Is K > r71t1I per
cent mole > than the capital stock of
III eimcein The coil of maintenance
equipment tint 71321128 whllo the
lenoclnlliin dii to wear and tear on
tile ohlelox is given us 1125S2S
Tinco person were killed anil 2
were 11 Ij relIItfI stages during thin
31 oir mill at tho ilnlo of lit lepiut
there wen 10 claims timid 13 suits
0 against the conipanv
> byS7Kt tho gKal Pollrh wrestlei Inn
ttriI met la lids cuiihtiy and the fuiolgnT
Is moio llvin Ill xlou for nnnthpr chanco
at Prank Utteli and i lie noilds ijinm
J nsliliIIlk IhiI ituii met last sprlnir
In hlcMftxi doted winning aftlIIIIOPl
MiuutlOHitl haW ThcimancH of Zitys
huiu4 Jnllcivcis nnd roiiatiMiien WITH
lilt In Ihcli UrmnirlattiHi nl tlie lienl
mol it HcelH < rdlhnho oiinUMnaii but iii I
tt tuzI i asked wu aaothci chance trout
dolt h I hes latlei piouis < > d him this
I but hlntrd al the lime lhal the match
nniM be for a tnibMintial side I pllth
bhtdiiul In view Khvsrim lias fiirwanled
Itoin lila home Iii Kraknii Austilu itf fl
to his Ameileiii pmnllllh 111
Heitnnii fit Iliiffalo N V wltli limtine
Ions Ir at ritg eIInlIL for liMrtl a
side ionUM in he 101Ir1I1IS11lInd In bu
held ejtlKM hi public or pll1 ill as notch
may elect lleiaian has donosiipd the
inonty fhll I IfJn sporting m jII nf Ihe
IHIffalo It ins and thou gait t hun8 a has
hIll given eti ILk blaiic to Ii rot lige tho
IliyKUo ucruill lug ro ier0rlc Is a
tnMt y impruven Wrost itt lie louk I tine
c f the best Amoilcau wiestleis lo Sit 1010
with him last upline and hl1sheell1
li lining wlth them cnntinliilU The Ice
011 mtulo bv byszkci III Ameilco last
stisc n Is a inuwt tllmlrjlhlIl1e III
seiClu months h wiestled ivs malchrs
and doteatcd piacilcallj tier wrestur
CJfnOItJlllh cuuiitij Ills wile ambi
llon Is for aiiHlier chance wilh Hutch In
nrclci to attain Ihls he IK willing lo meet
am Clhei wicstlcM that thinks hohall a
claim upon the title That iti has un
limited cOUfldem In his ability lo lake
tlulenfi imMturf Jtfdionn bylhewav hue
IHlHFOIllIhll1 aipinghis for this mnteh
Mr money talk ami he haw hit money
posted lou that put poll
fadlllai audi Nov i Ad Vol
gmt will celebrate ll1wlIlsl annlversaiy
of his winning tlie lightweight cham
pionship troth TlUtllng Nelson on
Washingtons hlithcluy by Betting tutu
lIJII1Icir1I11Floall announcemont
yesterday Ills bin ilcet MKs Mildred
ilnslgii ijas lived lit e l11IoShl also is
manager of various business enter
prises Ad is engaged in hoio
ILliLii li t IS
ET 01 BOlmnS
BIg Cm Ttnilcrii Will Kilter Model
Jn IOUUOIIlo Ituco Ocr
With practIcally nil of the Important
motoring cVents of ito country out of
the wily atthntllll1ctho 1000milo
rclUiblllly run to be staged by the Chi
cago Motor club beginning Nov 715
attracting tin unusuil Interest among
the manufacturers with curly Indica
lions tha between 33 and 40 cars > ulll
be entered Including > many of the big
ger mikes
TJuiH early In the season the Fnlcar
Hnllnday and Blush have named one
maclilne each to compete while the
AbbottDetroit has nominated two
The entry neiiuon Is Just getting under
way nnd It Is expected that this week
will see the lIsts swelled to large ire
portions with n number of thin cats al
ready practically listed except for 11
few minor formalities Js
Tho ILaynes company Intends going
after the honors with three cars which
will be driven by Nutt Wagner and
Williams This concern Is patllculnrly
Interested becuiso It11J Involved tho
running off or a deadlock which has
hung over nlnce 1908 when the Haynes
Premier and rninklfn tied for the
Hoodrleh trophy Only eligible lit this
time ruo this Franklin and Haynes Tho
fanner also will try for the trophy nnd
while UK entry has not been made as
yet C S Corns who passed through
Chicago List week stated his Intention
of returning for the 1 competition
In November
The StavterChlcugo nlsoh deter
mined to have n try for both tho Stow
nit cud VanSloklen trophies Proud
dent Slaver lio announced posItIvelY
that he will enter two cars In the tour
Ing car division for the former prize
and a roadster forth Van Slcklen cup
Another team of three Is expected from
the Moon and three Mollncs according
to Pieslilcnt Van Dcrvoort There will
bent leist one Henry and maybe two
entered and tI1OchIlI1C 9I11lollfo
tho < Speedwell Midland and Lexington
cumin In
fig ear makers are attracted and ne
gotiations are now under way which
may lead to the entry i > f the loyal
Tourist AVInton Owen Thomas Stod
daiilDiyton find thin KJsselltar six
which would gIve the motor club one of
thou classiest fields of tho year
0 SterlIng mJ onGrnlg Jarvlu a
jonng Investor of JlI111IIIIIIntO I
having worked t Ii ice months building
biplane planned to take ho Itrst Might
on election rlnv When he awcIIo yes
tcrdav he iound his nlishlp iii hush tig I
Parvln began liuestlgatlng und found
liN biplane hanging on 11locOllo
tahIti fiotn his h0Il1III11 ship was
somewhat damaged > but die motor un
It H bellvod that filends who witched
the progress of building tho ship stole
a inaith on hint got out tho ship and
emlewoied to inn It It Is not known
lHther 01 not they Hew the two miles
I is Miselcs Nov 1John Do Hosier
broko thlIOIIIs record for olin mile
nnd a Ito for ICO miles atlhe motor
ii roman lucre
le Hosier nuirln one mile In IS 1li sec i
onds and 100 miles In 1 hour Ifi Inlnnles
and 24 25 seconds This IRIIt the I to
rn mile1 an liiur The ride was
sanctioned and Is ofllclal
IlSrll AMi vnrnnAX OUITS
Chicago Nov rICarlnl1ll Stahl
better known In baseball circles as
ahi the notion American first base
man lint quit baseball and gono Into
the hanking hu I1 sHohtlcl < jpted
a lesponslble position with a South
sMdo National bank and today will
take HIT his new duties
His fatherinlaw has been con
nected with the Institution for several
Winnipeg Manitoba Nov IIhiigo
IColly had the hettir of n 12round bout
with Tony taponl hero tonight Kelly
did most of tho leading
A sllpgy angler was fishing on Scot
tish loch mi a pouring wet day He
had been consoling himself fioni his
nask and forge I I tug his gillie Preseut thy
he asked the gllllo It them was a dry
place In the boat on whIch to stilko
I1latohYol might try my throat
said the gillie Its dry enough
Flailing Garette
GarcUoWRY 0
Letterheads for scratch paper when
we can sell you scratch paper BO
cheap TI1T5 DKFtTiUnT NI3WS
B RB M Efi IAA1J1 I 4 i lI kti
LI 0 i1
Wilbur Wrlalu cAs Shjh0fl Onaraii1 l
too to Appear ItS fraii f l1j i
cho Alatlou Meet Iftj
J j fiL
Now York Nov f San Proiirlsoo Ii 111f
likely to hind the employment ot star K iHM
bird men for her proposed 1I1rlOOliaw
meet nil expensive business A telegram r Ii 1
gram received hero last night announc i Ii
ed that San Ptanclnco would ralse I
70000 for tho nurnamcnt and that ii I r
530000 of this would be allowed for tho hU
cNpents of the nvlatora Ten or u I
dn7en of the big an men who arc nowv l i II f
InthlRclty met forthwith to decldq
what their tuinm would > Those pres 3 tm ix
i nt Included Wilbur Wilght Gnihame ffi i I
Vhite Moisint Hamilton Capt Bald < 1i Wi
win three pf the rienchmen who com Jt J
peted In tin Intel national meet and a if
few others 0 it 1 IIri
Wilbur Wright opened thin session by 1i
nsklng guarantee of 515000 gr 1
WI were tho first men to thy ho i Jjf
snld and wo think that under the cli j t
CUmstancei we should liavo at leust liI 1l
lr000 in addition to the prize morev O I I
In recognllion of what we havo done t li
Tho proposition apparently met with fi 5
general appioval until Charles 1C Ham 1 t i
ilton threw the meeting Into confusion r i f rt
bv declaring that In his opinion the 0 J il rj r
Wiight demand was equivalent toa i l ID ilit
demand for compensation for permit I i tI
ting thou contest to take place mid 1 W1i
ml I1thO conUrued as acknowlcdg A il 1 1ti
mail of tho validity of the Wright A Jr 1
patents Such nirnngenient he de lilm
dared would bind them to all submit I t iiq fr
to tho Wright JIc ease at all futuio th it
meets This promptly caused all the jt1 I l
mlatoin announce that they would i JilIJ
disappiovo the Wright plan 5h
GrahameWhllo then announced that N i3 J r
ho would expect at least a 25000 guar 11 r
antee antI Hamilton followed by esti m1ifii i
mating his services as worth 20000 oj IJ PI
IMoIsant declared that ho would hold 1 1u
out for 20000 anil thin Frenchmen iveio < NIWl
willing to doiuito their services for the I O
Hiiinu sum oj t1YI
A telegram was prepared to h tJRel1tIt dl fl
to San Francisco promoters saying that e m
a guarantee fund of about I00o00h iI r
would bo necessary to secure a1III1f fiJ
justment It was tentatively agreedJi m
by most of the aviatois present thntj iJJf t
15000 uoiild be sot asldo for thu en r
Wilght InotlierH but In unman 11thlt
would prejudge the validity of their m 1 J3j
alent rights The amounts ho ve 1r 1
txhcd by the others were left for decision
ttlt f ID 1
cision at a later dale J atfLtt h
i litt
tr I I
IJoston Nov hiiie sixday bIcycle I I
race In the lUll was contested to 11 Ii i
night b > two equal divisions of Ilvu < i itil
lenms each the Julius Schiller tcaml 05r
during Ihe exciting having regalnecrt i 1 I
lliiee laps which brouglit them onil II
even terms with four other cotnblna I I II
tlons in second place m jfi s I Iii
Moran of the KramerMoran com i II
bination made an almost effectual nti
tempt for a lap about 9 oclock f ri
The scorn a tl0 pI1lIt tho en lot i O t
the fortyninth hour was q R j 1
KramerMoraii KoglerColllns He l t I
hlrOoulette PalmerWright and Wi ila
leyLawrence 1101 miles 9 laps Walk Ib
erMIUen Dedell BrothelS DeMirt t > iIJ I II
Williams Thomas McCarthy and I i t5
KchlllciJokus 1101 mlle S halO bulb ill
The standing of the teams was un IJ i 1iJ
changed lltthOIHlor the nights rae i l
hag oropt that JokiisKchlller chopped li J t 1m
a lap and went again Into last place4 1 fJr i I
In the last hour Unwrence started nf JJ tf
lenlllc sprint and his partner 1Vlheylm i1f1 ij a t
pushed tho lead to half a lap Theru ail
was great excitement until foglcr IJ
Kramer and Ilehlr brought them hacktuu
In that mixup Jokus and Schiller lost i I
tlielr lap 0
At the end of thin fifth dajs racing
Ihe leading five learns had covered 1124
miles 6 laps
Women desiring beauty get wonder OM
ful help from nucklens Arnica Salve
It banishes pimples skin eruptions
sores arid bolls It makes the skin
soft and velvety It gloilfles the face
Cures sore eyes cold sores cracked
lips chapped hands nest for burns
scalds fever sores cuts bruises audi iu
pile 2Bc nt Z C M I 112114
Main St Salt Lake City
iiovs AI rmrs S
rnmmenclng next Saturday wn will
Introduci a pirzlo contest ns a featurii I JS3
of thin Saturday NeWs Bojs and girls
RiiessliiB tho correct answers will bo
given IrIses Answers must bo sub
mitted on postal curds with name and t
address of party guessing Conditions au
governing the awarding of prUes will i u4
bo Correctness of answer age neat
ness nnd beauty writing The namci
of the winners will bo published the ctlIi
of I
Hatmday following publication
piu le Watch next weeks papers for Ij
parllculars 0 i
lLr w
1 There can be no possible doubt about it the
4 I
k ic2V AY
i a
f10 k4
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ie h
RiidditmD dd Auto Co Ltd
Retail Sales Department
1i Bell 3357 223 South State St Ind2355 I
sBsags JEgjffi

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