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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, November 05, 1910, Last Edition, Part Two, Image 17

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TIIJI Js < pnu I i 1 D < 1 i 1 1 u R i I E r 1 i J N E W 8 liUertlscrs Who Know tho Tocal flclilj
VINR iruuwo INTJUOIU JIOMES c > < y c 0 inents Inuirlnbly Tlirouch Mnko Tlio Their Xcus Announce j J 1
= h cX = m
IItUlJMW 1llJJmn
r p t
u Wi it
> 1 1111 jf 13 O A < J l nn 1f O T 0 y 66 i 1 0 W i i J O C TI 9 0 1mw G 1f o noo ffix S o J Jr W 9 n Co 0 ili I I l
w II < l < < c or t 19 f
I Lady vfflarwick Tires of
r n rSoc tl Associates
I 0 =
if Special Coticspnndcncc
jj Oct 27 Though In a
iJI LONDON position Whlstlcis old
house In Tito atiuct Clielsca In
absolutely out of thetinck of
tho kimirt < = et TlialotVcouise makes
> no dlfferctico to Lady Warwick or so
he pnrHSl1oiln tnkcnui lease ot it
f tor a jeir fiom Its picsent ovvnei Ml
Orrln 1ecK the American nitlat who
Minds so l11uch oChlllfthuo on the
I lall WarwICIi who has alnady
j1alllallslllC some dais to HilstloiH
1 frlem rirclllne J IIiIJ CIt9 11lih I
IIho lwlnt8 tobifeatlio tho
iiura nr lhc Eioat man Inaho dclleht
fill ii
elUI1 K fltII1 1HtUj tlo abodo sho
iicins In K tllcl rmllllllu tbo people
tthom hccountsaH fi lends Tittctly
113 llilH Iww 11 1 ilu
hOI eng Ulni cr h I M
godallslucol llo 1WIn ill thl8
lIii < l COllllnoI hOIIliItlh III v lnYshlllInils lijbclnnhlnhj lOl
realize jinn ji wnll illjiIlYHhihr lto
wlth hNOlin otIIHIU Cleilnll IIlth h
cIement wor l not so heavy as the now I
It III helnsnhlh > lhOHOwhfliro
ehhsnm int tllu C ountCHs Ilnds MI I
heiri tHelrII IIhfrl niml that In her
° r Ier bl l < ivrd I It
NMcrllie 8801l 1 IIIctl iaCltr
> IIIcdlct
thill I
ediVnl lllcll ° lUotesshiR ier adopt
sten lhecoitnlesslsJllot a con
lhllls 18tlIl vviunan and sho noon tiles of
In Umt 8llf fi101N woaliof her shop
all 1 < 1olcr yjr ru viilih niernRfu g Il
cr11nSlol 11 LBwiLrc 111 V hleholl111
oil 11 lu c Iri Il < d I1S Bardonoro be
lIel eIII o Ihat ni cr < 010 ycnr H 8UC a I r Iii 1 I
Very montlon ot It iiuido
horwnnt ofi iyUihliH
lerhllllW IT0 ° f tllL10 ln y ICresh
vlili ill ShlItotl uchiilessKi mnd
I lnlotl IJlhl Jifislhrjil
IcO U I 1111 h i < 11 hI i tl 11 110 1 1111
IJrll 1 hill PI i tlIO
No U t > rloiif i
ii f
1 > P deep I
111011 rill fig UTll cx p II II 110 ICKSeli I i j1IiJ
izo erdJiHII tr llnclbqilm I
nllln rJjt tht arI UOI1
1 < us t > rt1 IfmrujtJfJIIti
i 1r1I11 Hglo p1 rlCllI
rol or 1ocl h
fL Jn Otlj
j rStIWQitlyjn IIJI111 cmI1 tllllHI
IhrcItIi otthJIr
t n9SrII m IITI tJIIlhhcS8 qc lIUII
lOr U ghfiri11 rJ1X1h s c I ca f YllJfrc 1I1 Uwil
t J L91I O tNIJrtlmtrlIC WIIcrj
iI fl 71t l
tf 11
1iiiffihfillZ 14 tr 1
f Il < > AV
Sho icturiied Inrt week jiho Is to RO
Hueccsslon of sinull dlnneis and
danccK at Snndeilmid House though
It Is on the cauls that sho may piy
a Islt to tho United States bcfoio
Mis Geoige Ccnnwallls Ve t who of
late has taUen lo onfcitalnlnK only tlio
elect otheiwlse tlio bialny set ant
bo bothered with ineio hoelety poplu
If they hao nothing else to leeomniend
them she saj s lMilow miiMiig I
plans for tho colon itlun jiar and
moans to fix up her compatriots In un
cial mansions loi the gicat mcnt Uut
Ing Ilio seison of 1911 Mie West hopes
to 11elllvcrl handsume foitnno In let
ting or selling housed
Mis Potter Palmer has cheeied up
hel many fi lends In London with the
announcement tint sho will tpond a
loiibidciablu time heio shurlly When
sho pleked CI ihlil skills and dj eited
tlio modern Habylon In a liuff tlmo
was an Idea tint she would ncvii roo
tnin but It was a mistake ni hotH
coining back cnrly next spilng Sjlio
has a weakness for tho Cailton lto1 no
r ace nclghhorhood and will again
1lw1t houso thrio that Is to say If
sho In flnI l JllonnLllhto be able to
get one not mi easy matter In Micli
IoialltH WIOIQ theio will bo n rush
for hotibos c c
Tho duchess of Manchester has nl
readj let hei hiiuso In tiiosvenor
hqnaio to somo wealthy Amci leans for
the eoionatlon hwison Sho and thn
duke who aro bound to bo in London
fm home of tho festivities huo dn
lleclloshlal nlllltIThIIueh
esss tenants I am told aio wealthy
but no one kivnvs hnythlng of them
hero and they aio not Included tho
Four Hundred
Mrs Wahloif Astoi who of lain has
shown a special Intoieul In lacing Is
going Hfll1liHolhlrfsI l6ty lfiJrll few
Bills of hor VllJ ot wluiso coming ont
wns nipped In o bud by tho untimely
death oft our late mqnaich
Debutantes uio orklng haul lemn
Injr the now IInnc iiiiiIift5 of which
mo a tilde complicated Thpio H to
be a great pgtio for tlio mlmiot and
another oldwoild ijineo of tho dlg
nltied orderrlnlroduccd It Is J suld to
mc f thq approbation of Queen Maty
who has nt most rtverpnwpi Ing objoc
t 11111 onnytliliiK lint Hayoisofiough
c8 H not aosay hooMganlsm Whether
< e <
Continued1 Pl tlcclli i
n J
Only Twentyeight Out of the Sixty McnSt Living in London Who Fought
For the American Union Strong Enough to Respond to the Gall of John
Davis Once the Youngest Acting Ensign in the U S Navy
Hlnelal Uutrcipimilonio
UNUON Oct Amei lim
patilnts would bavu been deep
I j h moved ll they cnlld hao wlt
nesed the llit iiuiilctl mecl
Ing ol tho hondon bianeh of tho
Amcileaii Civil war volumis wblen
was held 1 frw davs ago at lleimond
sov one ol the pnoiost districts of
lomlun Twentyeight searicd and
batteied vetcians of the Uiand Arm >
of the Uepuhle20 ot whom ara Hng
HMi bhtii foicBatbeicd In the simple
hcadiimrtcis ol the lagged school
mission to foi in an assoel itlnn by
which old coimades might mine pei
lu < lllllllrin touch with eiich iitln
roiKOttcn war nnccdotcii weio eigci
1 letold and Ia I nil Iu putrlotle MJIIJS
wiio sung ulth reat enthusiasm
Tin on aix IIoJih numbci of
Ameilcan Mvll win penslonuo In hon
ilon was IM Of this niunlxi mily KO
lenialn and the majority ol them wuo
tun feuhlo to attend tho meeting which
hud been InniiRlit together at tho in
vltiitlou of John Dals at mm tlmo
xoungrtt acting ensign In tlio fed nil
navv and now u mission vvoikei In
Ijiudon <
Mam n tlnnsald Mi DavisvVhen
1 have met some of my comrade > ul
tliu cou ululwq Inue said Whv
iiint wo gol1 i little closer In touch
with one muithoi Vc am getting old
and frouiontlj onrlloIlI1mit lmu
this lionoi of the Amiilcan Hag bolng
luIIIyr theli raes Sp I thought
wnoUIllrlufllpnsollloSOrloC so
clet > of our own whereby wo might
luue tho nppnittinlty of mooting each
othei at stated Intel aK
Mr Davis Is ono of tlio ilQ liro
markablo ot lIwyetcmn t9 lfJl ilJIi
ago at the HRO of Hth il1fJIIII1IIIl1
In Ilampshlie 1nglanilu In flenrcji of
aihentuio After Narleil ioxpeilcncou
ho round hlinsolf In Amerlcii when
Iho shipped In whnt ho describes as i on
old collin of a brig runnlns botncon
irilifax and Koiton Ve eaiiud lUll
money IIKn hoiscs be ns and wo
FIIOUll like iises Keveinl jeais lat
er Ihn war broke nut and on both
sides men weie wanted Ijavls enter
ed Hie United State nay In 1S02 and
watt put aboard the old Noith Caro
Vhnt an awful gambling hell she
was he MIVS t Innr seen men who
owned a tlmti > ml dtillarx at oclooh
In U afleinoon and bofoin 111 that
nlftht they Invo plajed fOIlho fhlits
mi their bin Us 1 bao thousands
nf dollais at a time on llm Ramlii >
table Mitiotindul by n allIha l would
minder an one for a cent We wciu
the Hvvfleplnss nf eery nation under
tlie sun
KoolKli men talk lightly of war
he lidded Miinv bia of what thej
would do uml how they would dls
tlnenlli Uieiiiehes tl a 111I with
strniiK nations Is horrible how much
ul IIIH It when tho men nt whom jou
me lovelliiK > oMl lino ale of > oui
own blood spraklnq > om own lnn
KiiiiKc In some eases brought npln
the fiune toI1IWij belonging to
one famllv May God keep UnRlimd
fnim such an awful oNpeilence
In 1S04 Davis was appointed nmstei ts
mate of the tnnboat l lljjlllclHent
oil RUiiid dulj at Pino Point Ohe a
pcaKo Hi > Liter when the Tulip
was slnrted for the navy jard at
WasliliiRton orders were Is mod tmt
oxtrcmo lain be used In netting up
nil am foi the bolleis worn Unity As
Dals wiis standing by tho tnlfiall hti
heaur the chief engineer shout Tor
Gods sake ialao tlio nafety yallct
It had been tied down Tho command
was followed Immediately bv a sud
den lbtitlnn a < blllidlng insh of
1Ile nlllnfln glaio of llro that lould
hi seen lui miles mf l inho old
Tulip blew up Into n million frnt
i Of tho ilrlllnnl 6tn1011 on board only
17 were battling for life In tho moonlit
Beui A blp pifirnffcr stcnmor brilliant
ly lighted with tho hand playing and
passengers ilancliiswent by them un
aware < iCth despairing rl erica Later
even wcio icteued lWllllg and foul
of hem dlul Of the thieo survhois
of the whole1 ships clew Davis was
After tlio war l > ivl letinned to
Iomlon wheie lie was njieatedly Ilieced
by fliarpeis then IK trlid Ills link at
tho Australian diggings Klnallv he
dilfted liielc to Mndon and lind his
soul itvpd at n Jlood meetliiK
Sir Chailes Vndliim the nutor who
Is n voteuin nnnj surgeon was asked
to aeiopt the presidency of tho anrlety
hl tnn lie Is about to tour the United
Stites with Ills theatiieal troupe he
was foiced to iffuv and Col IlerrlcK
nivitbei Intel estliig per onallty wn >
elected piesldent Tlin eoloneli now a
iTieshilled man loinnianded the fiC
ond MmJland leglitKnt with tho rank
nf major This was III tho ago of SS
and he wan the otmgest In command
It was the eoloml who created tho
famous older Get up and clt Imjs
thought It bid moio sand In It
than tho > usual outers hi explained
ii nun AND Tirnun
There Is no rompnilson h l tlilnKs
between Ilio wn > Ui which Ameilcan
ami niigllsh ctuans are ticntcd The
Unltid States honois Us soldiers to the
end lie f ivs and does all It can foi
them In Dnslaiil tho old oldlers suf
fei on IK count of tho CM esslve ronsld
ration that Is shown to tin ollleeis
Cnl llerikk Is uO1I11lcrl In1I Ini
don busliiibs house
Ameiigst tho oteiniiH Is ont eoloieil
mm John Ilomy Cleggatt lln hu tho
dlstlnetlon of Inulng heen kept a pils
untt for two > eais and a half When
on boatd tho USH Moinlng Ulght
he was aptuicd by tho contedciale
shlus Joslah Boll and Undo Hen at
Kablne Pass In Januuy 1SCI After thoy
wue put In jail tho onfedeiates want
ed to hung the ofllrers of tho Morning
ilsht for being In charfie of colored
jnon Tor two days tho mob > sinround
ed tho JllllclllllllrlulJin Ijrah them
Slid Iff panham In despair thiow tho
1 through tho cell wlnduws all < 1
told tho pilhonniH tnlnhal they
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p > >
Common Doom Threatens 1 I jt
+ nl
Two Royal Russian Sisters li tJl
HIIC Corrcipoudfiioo
1 PirrnilSlJUIin Oct liGI1lIJI
ST PutheB Cllzabotli tlio oJirlnai
sister nnd vldou of munloretl
o 11 lid Dulci Horslus Is steadily
liipsliiff fiom icllRloiis exaltation Into
ivllfflous iiiinla TliLioby sho I xjnflims
an nnclcnt Hus lnn proxcib V ilo
uiiuil eiiil portlntsa Miicstlo all thf
bialns of a family go wminif togutlici
Thu pioverb applies bouiuso it Is el
ontlally the on mo nurxous ninlidy
which aClllcts tho Vailni Ali > xin < ia In
TjltilberK lastlo uml IIIT slHtcr Onind
Diuhoss IitlzaliLlli in lar Moscow toU
Tho eprB > jlon nlonu dlffeis Aliun
Ira IXodoiovii < i hiK thu nianla of
peieciitlon and IcMleMtf that all tho
woillhi consplrlni against hoi lite
Kllal > eth IcodoroMia bolkncs tluit
thn laavens aro leagued UKaliiHl hor
anil that she cnn sne her soul alono
by TcstlliiR wlUi hci nicunInK 0011
rolrnru by sjwndlnff l i di > s In holy
orks and IIIT nlKlits In nnmil liixl
JraYI Thus destlnv with an hony
oven moic than > isu illv Bilni afillots
slth spiritual Klonin tlui tvo AiiKlc
Orijnnn prlmessis not IOIIK IIKD tho
wlhlcsl bnivost and meirlc of all tho
< daiiKliteis nmopoH couits
llov lntinui > aio the exultation and
ecstiuiy In which tho KHI dudnHS
IHos IK Hhm n bv lui ht olvstsslon
Itlslho obsiHHldli of nil pxplatnrj pll
KiliDiK to Jerusalem and already thn
plan is boliiir workflout In detail
Should tho Biniil dmhesH fnllll lui In
tention Blio wIll stay ut the Gorman
Htltntlon callusl tliu JolmnncwstlftuiiK
rouiuKM 1 decado awn bv Kaiser Wll
h IrilonthlJ Mount of Olives > miUi
a pious pllnlmiro sho lippon lodiom
hor iis inohtly ImiiBlnivry and tho
vciy real sins of IIIT dead husband tin
diabolical Scige In thn IdM fennents
tho vano ncuiutlo tfrm which has sont
tlio erarlni to hei nathn llcaso In the
hnpo a reMoiatlon to Irustliiir heallh
13oth Hlstiis IOIIK nuiliiniitily foi ipli
Itual iaie The sounger ulster and
ompress Hiids nowhere The elder
slater nov heiks It slth a better
oliinco of micceKs In the bosom of tlio
Cheek Orthodox cluitxb
TO Tim ornnii IIXTUDMI >
Tlka l11st1 people lhollIloln to
llfilon only uhon all oildly tomforts
lme failed them tlio wind duchess
cherlshcH hei faith wllh an almost ab
npnnal Intensity Thu mpbt oildly
woman n Hussla has suddenly become
the most unworldly U Is that which
> c 0
J r m IJiJi jdltc 1t
IK giving pooplo horo causo for so inuell
eomment Tho RiMjid ducli SH deo
tlon to the Greek Orthodox 1chJ s
all the nioro htrlklnfj bccauso sho was
bum outblilo It anrt remi4ned outslilu
It for jcara after her mnnlngu Grand
Duehess Kltabnth 1 second oCt I I
dauffhtoiH of Grand Duko Louis IV oC
Itesse who married tho Princess Alice
tliii fa < irlto child ot Quo n Victoria of
lIJJlulidiIlU lhh daughter jr married
Pilnco Ileniy of Prussia tho kal < ers
only biothut and tho fourth had tlio
mlsfortumi to marry tho Irtslnltlc
Benerato crni It wius fiom this last
mariIaRe Indirect that the srnid
dudiessH doubles IJQg1111RonIJ U
joais bofoio hei sister li nlnic crai
IIIIlSItC hart edded tho iiuul Duku
Serse Aloxandiuvltrli luothoi of tho
Czr Aleximder III and untie of Nleho
IIH H Tho nmirlage as an uniappy
one Sergre had moio biajns than his
nephow but oven 18H ebaraoter Ud
lllw Nicholas II ho was aithcly wluk
fd and Khen to such notoilous vices
tluit ho wns expelled finm St Peters
Jiuiffi nnd lop > eais kept us sovirnoi
Koncral oei the unfoitunatc people of
Moscow Serges rulo at Mosrrm meant
unbiokon 1N1pOUSI11 biutallty and
theft Ilio Brand duKo encouiaRed
Ilio excesses of tho police domineered
In a way which miuln him JIio limit
liated mllIln Himla anil iltil mu
knll lolo 1111 blw pocketn with money
subscribed for sick soldiers Whnt iniulo
him liritrd In still wider drcles vns hli i
Inlluenoo oveV the miserable Nicholas
In onlcr to prolong the mlstule wliKlt
llmlly led to tho rcNolutlonarj
biealc of 1W3
11Lf IWojro ATOiT
Onind Duchess niUabeth fiom lh
first practloilly livid aimit froIIlS It
Hepmt declaied that lur real nttacl
mOll l was to the notmloni Gon Tiep
off and society knovlntr Scrtrow chai
nelcrI rCRaidoil this Indulgently Nat
iirally when tho teirorlsts BOURU n
vletlm they slit eyes on Herco Tvvlrt
they forboie fiinn blowing him up only
because hiS wlfo dio > c with llIn
nrrlngothu third tlmo th i
tho Mimo uirrhiRO they
found him alono and blow him to bits
Tho irruiid diiehws lslted thl assassin
lrjaHllhil questioned him l lldltIj
snla that bo told her to hor face that
she was well ild of tho monster
Up till Pcrgos death llllznljoth waa
the men leat woman In Hussla Vcir
oen yeain after hor innrrlaRo she
luul stoutly resisted all Inducgmcnts to
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1 1Ii lttfjJj nHVfjiIo I < I < mtlil 1 1i
t t iit rlj Lf t 1 W M gl

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