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Deseret evening news. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, November 05, 1910, Last Edition, Part Two, Image 20

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f fi MN1I 1lf f 1I
1 ii 1 ifiili li iIi
> Oil
iJ m i j i toO r 11
i1t i 1 iiI
h ii t I 20 lr B E NN1Q J L SMJJR WEMJ3ER > nlQ J = = Ij i
I llIJI jt I < <
r I nI
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1lt gJ I i
11 I fmn I
j ijg
Ijli dJi r i
llm Uftl
A 5 li
i t H I
I 1
HiS i I
Lil I I < K risen from a Iiearlii7 of The i
Witching Hour with a new
t 1 I
f iiI respect for illo American drama
1 f p as an Institution 11I11 with n
doubled regard for Mr Thomas irhos5
JI Alabama and Arizona Ilis RAO
j fi1 inyp him a fecurt place In iur esteem
Jd Jiit Tlio Colonial In furnishing ut wUh
1 Jl1piii this instiinco ot roadways bust may
W I wqll feel a senso of satisfaction though
J ft may bo poinewhai dimmed by tin
i Itiipwledgo thai It his si < n1tPlllronM
I W ii tusto of pometlilnjr that will mako It
J I d i llHrder to satisfy them with tho rent ot
1 the billof faro To erect u Hlaiidurir is
one thing to maintain It is another
I i t iVltlie Oarrlck Miss llobbs JIBS
l aU J I chnrihed ruthflr than excited enthUBl
I Uiiii Jsextweek Mr Ingtrsoll will
1 I iniike another venture In thb leading
1 ij KJS lady line not yit haying hetn success
i IJlSF lutln limllng Homo one thatstood morj
1f1 iIiI f1 jiuirly ribrcafit if lilts oww muunire
II rt eoipuoho who should be to Jarrlck
Ii l i patrons what llebecca Warren Vvas to
i 1 lhijs < 1or the Irani Alack and iilas
seolhoso Inrelim
Ji Chilli wo eycr OUIOi < n
1 I ivfiWbiider Tim Orphcnni vcijlc Inn
N oj l > een aii off one nnotlicrJiisp of gtv
ild m iingo first class bllandthen Mruggllntr
llriiiyalii to kf > i > ii tc It Juslnesi
1 t f 1 Jiowbver hiiSimL eri bad wlilKvat thc
it7liuberthhd tliu uoyhig plctiiro houses
ii ft jvliprbJIio tides < > l prosperity < l bnjd
Ii llcw therp hiis bc n the iisujiVtalP1 to
f 1 il ittll 1
i Ji fiii HUANCIIli WAJSIf T
ijd t In r iBIlicpitlio days ofTho Krwirrectlon
j i I nnt1Tho Straight Vnj Illariclio
l t f J1 AVnlsli lias rather lleeir lost sight ot
I ilirlhb west Tho icafon wnw that Jhii
i y I I wn takliigH vticalloii In EiircTa to reo
cuperato and tii loilc for 11 liew play
jll tl iSlic haSicvldciitly attained both of her
t iiibjects for sliprcomes buck this teason
I JI II tofesuino her stirring tpiir ilvltli liii
if L Uritlrcly new vehicle hi The Other
f ii m V f JVoninn The author fiy that It Is
rI1111 I iriotr ii problntii pliiy but ii plhy wltli
t Ri I iii probleni ihq lovu story ofa lyoniiin
vwlioffjccstheliirohJvtn oelTaelns hero
it 1 1 hdrllceM
11 i J t e ij ipelfrbrrn1iipilieiv TliOjOther1 Woman
111 Kiiui
whs wrltt aily Frrderlek Arnold
1 if I riiivV it iiotedinhsnzlne author who
c iwrbtp tlio story < piclally for
r < The Huprottliig plnyiin liiiivo
t rtn It ibcen chosen with ereiit care < 1II11
f It I < Iricludo Georgo W lloyyard Nellie Hut
< iliriirid oilier stioiigMianies Mr Ilow
J j It
1 It iiiirdwiiK oiico leading inaii TdrKUltrl
Eo t 1 Unrryinbre
Iss AyalsliM engagement mm Mnn
111 r tiiy TiuJiMliiy iind Wsdnesilay on
Tucsiiay night thu ulectlonrcturiiM
1 ibij read from tlvsMuB Avhlcli Hhould
It l bviim < fealiirt
VII oa lively wfok nt the Co
i Ibiilil iiext SyetikV with Tht > Jbdcss ot
g fLIircrty li < > iilhkforth lliollrst hall
j Cow itni tho I
ill j fiaiid tlip lwctaclllurLow
li cll iDIofin tho second TheGoddess blV
ij tlilbcrty iHanoUiorpf Moftir Kliigers
iff ft tUlgffniUHlaliiucccsHis Hhd Is the ono
I flli If iin i whlch Snillb Klfjher liiade i strong
t l f fiij siiccess tThp cpnipaiiy Is hnaded by
I l iJoVeph llpwardr whoIMalllto bo
i f Vi remarkablo < sliiger its Sycll as
I ii lively actor Kticii popular songs os
l I J jtlui followingMiatl their orlRhi Iti The
l Rlbddcss lit Liberty Dont Clioosij u
J roilisoit Cllri Whero Are They Now
j If JAII Moons Werti llohoymoons
i Heros t > th lrt IGlIIet
r j ft TioCinv iiiiil tlio Moon htIongs HI
t 1 tlioorder if tho dnihiatleir Mother
t i torlMWhIcIWhnml11InJd In
L a 1 iOitibso
lfitiJ big spectacular fashion liavo priived so
t a Ijippular with llio public Mr Charles
I jjlA Sellon who originated the roli > of
di VIlappy hi Tho Cat and tho Ilddle
1 I UHme central tlgiire In thu iuiw iifo
I lij < liictlon Tlio music for thu piece walt
I 11 yrlttefi by Carltoii K Colby who IH
I i t il I inlsb responsiblefor Tho Cat aiid thu
U JlOlddtb cpiiiposltlbns Homo illstlnct
111 lioycltlcs aiid > ccinrynro promised lii
i eluding ii girls wnilnary ii Pullniiin
I I m ii gliint Ipconiotlve thb
l ijiiilaco par It
iiiipoii ius viewed frbin tlio earth and
1 li itliuearthas Tewcvtl from tlio inboon
MV SelIon has a company ot over
i J I i jf j JlOpvbpIo well Jtnown lii cxtriivagariza
11 I icIrcUsi Including Bess Tnft lean Ca
I I frinvtliers Ariltii dainty llttlo Hazel
in jKlcb Cliirenco Hterllng C li Puttersoiii
j ljir AYIHM llacnel Jack Ulalr Harry K
It illen and others
1 I
J I High Llfp In Jalli a farcp yrlttcn
by Hen Shields nml played by a coiii
fl ianyhcadeii by Will II Sloan aiid Hill
7 jtMiuilc will lieadlintV tlio new bill it
i I 1 tlin prphciini This fiirco luis to do
r I AVlthit truly reiiiiukablo jail lis thy
l Inmates Hyp tlm llficof pampered club
IS1 I yincirviiiid arp tlib real liosts whllo tho
I t wtrdcn icliappy go luckyCernian iloes
itl what ho is told ly this nifiv supposed
J n loXlicJn Ills chiiruoj
t I J Itainoses Tho Egyptian Winder
n J J iirorker will perform tho feats for
< tNVhlch IIP Is famed hi a special scenic1
t t I I I Teultlhk designed for his Temple ot
IilyKtnrlcs JtnnieseH Is sprgeouily bind i
In tlin costnnio of the cast and lilS 1
pcrformimco1 l alonir tlie line of thu i
Ions celehratod faklrHrof Asia I
Xellah CiivliiRton and Miss Koso VIIr
bur who aro pleasantly remembered
lien from their stock oiigiiRcinvhtH will
prtwnt a tabloid druIIIHl1JC Ililnon
iiRt In which each < if tin two prin
cipal plaYs several parts
Harry I lnton niid Anita Inirinco
Jiivo rn act which theycallThe Piano
Store In which tlmy tell a pretty story
In nonp and dance
William and VVarncri billed as DI
< Old HoIdlcberR will run all tho
wfcok with the cu tnrpary nutlnrcs
The ihubsrti new bill which joes
on this afternoon la entltlcil The
PolltlclanH u Ihely story or New
yorl pollllcc i rnteilnt around thu
crrortHoC1I politician to become a
senator jn1 New Yoik mate The polit
ician will be pajiMl by Cmltnit CMSCN
while Mlss ncttty will bo the diiiRh
ter of tho vlllitln Tho HI Iwhllolt
Is more like a real drama thai aiiif
thnj the Curtis coinpmy IIIK atiemnt
n n n
iect from Vurrup are grotesque come
dians and iluished inusiclans They
play a great variety of Instruments In
cluding the clncpphone nh Invention
of their own
Tlio twii liackctts have a comedy
flketpii Htyled Hob KltzsliiimoiiH In
IRveiilng Dress which has been very
effectlyp lii producing laughs and
Hiirry UL Hello will contribute an
lIthl tlc exhibition which Is ijqt only
novel but genuinely thrilling from be
fglnnlng to end
Thp irclieiitrii will hayo n new pro
run ilnel tliero will hI new pictures
One of tlio dramatic treatH of the
season will be ihe proiluctloii of Hlch
ard MJuisfloIdH famoiis Old Hnldol
borvt to bo presented at tlio t3iifVIek
by William Inscrsoll nil next week
Old HeldelbvrB Is without question
oiio < oC thii inost heart InsplrlnK plays
over produced The story Is bile of
tho prettiest In modern drama ami1
him never failed to prove popular
Avhcro priSiinleil Kvefy detail of
the play has been carefully looked
lifter by ilr Hcynold 1llllams who
hiis been oiiRiKed III tlit production tit
plays for a number oC years In New
Vork and elsewlicre One featiiro will
bo that tlio Hlelius used In tho famous
drlnkltiK sueiio romo from HoldelberK
liavhiR beniitshlppid hero for a local
cufo and kindly loaned by the pro
prietors for this occasion
The presentation of Old Heldl
liori will bo especially jiitbrcatlnff
Intitiduces anew leading Avoman
Miss Jaiio Wlieatly who will stieccfd
Mlss Flllnelfl Nellson She haaheon In
Salt Lake rohearslnjr all tho week and
In the iiuw production will have tlio
i role of Kathlij the whisbme daiiKliler
of tho Innkeeper Mr Ingcrsoll Will
of conrsellitthoIolJor tho youhR
prince which many others have es
sayed lioforo hliii III Halt Ijikivbut ho
should stand InlIo fear of compari
sons Tho other popular members of
the company vll have Rood partR and
tho scenic mounting will i > o tho beat
oil thus far will be lntur porscd wlth
miiHlo anil dances hi which Allicrt
Ieoniiril will be Riven chance Mr
KlKB will also hiiyo seyenil SOIIKS and
Miss rrnKer and Jlr AuerlKich will
render several musical numbers
AI todays matlhto tho Mission puts
on a cotnpltto cliaiiBe program Tlio
Ticrsoiially spleclfil pictures will conV
sist of llio latest n leases of tirst ruii
Illins the featuro liclns The Moun
tains Kentucky which surpasses
all previous efforts In dramatic value
and action
Tho otliei ilms of exceptional merit1
aroTho llttlo Station AKciit1 tho
action of which takes placo In the heart
of Jho Oinriilliui Jlockles ami at tilt
aiinimlt of tho rircat tllvlde
Two fomedles ttirit will make many
ihiiiBhs iiro fUrthday Clkiiri mid
VCiiiieroim Custdinoi whllo Lottie
Levy James will have somo jiow KiingX
hnd tnktMi altoKethor the bill should OB
ii strong one
A now version of Cinderella to
bo produced In London during the holi
day season by Cyril JIaude
Bruce Melluo will bo leading man for
Hlancha Hates In her now play No
bodys Widow a comedy by AVcry
HopWIMd 1
Maclyn Arbucklo will Soon appear In
vuuduvlllo lii Tho Welchcr aone
act play by Hobert H Davis author of
The Family
LClln Hhcpherd who has IMMJII
playing the rplis of Caliban and Hhy
lock lii Kngliiiid will return America
fhortly to piny in tlm support of Mrs
Last week In Chicago Mrs Fisko pni
duced Mrs BunpsteadJ lgh by
C ccc
Harry James Smith author of tho
noxel Enchtmtod Ground 1 con
nection lih thin playxliu offeitd also
nlIl Synprosconpact pliy Tho
Mra Grace CornwalllsWcst for <
merly Uitly llandolph Churchill and
before that Jennie Jerome1 of New I
1rk IJh wtltten u now play as yet
lIn 1111 l11edwll l < < li rli FIuh nlan 111
prljliJ 11 riICun 1 t lI t t el
Ift tI1rigW t l I nle pgo to
q orlsoclel1 worncl
The j Salt Iako > frlpnds of T Danfe r
Jrawloy who ajoinany will rcKret ito
rend the ufollowlnS hi I h rurreiit
Mliror Tlmothv I > Pianltn actor
and wtatcrn tlvatrlral inmaijcr liii
jniiil uipf > tltloiu In hinkriipio for
MlabllltlfHnmoiintlnpr to 1C1S Amnntr
his rredltora aie James C Wilson
William qilletto and Jamei ONeill
Miss AIurBdrct Annlln will not after
nil bo seen on Jan J neft In Chicago
In CieirrKOKKei tons new iomi > d > The
HiickHllHcrs nor fjir MI lonf thernifter
iiHlt mayitnko her niiinaBii 111 f
feet njinoillllcatloii of tbn PM1 Intcn
prctntloiiMifonrfaitoiv Iah > i slttiitts
nsitoJchldMi tilr A child I im Im
l oi tjinT and csyiitlal clmrartei In the
now WIt ccin < >
f i i
Nrxtf jeekxw lIlfJe the last of The
niuofUlrd it tho > ew tlinatw In New
lkhiie thero will bu nlnindintop
p 1n nIU rrliiI tho onJoMUJnt ot ilnn
terllncUSj Jantasy then after UIlt I
to bo transferred In another Kew Tori
theiUtr for an Indplhiito run On the
m of Ninonibcr the iipcitolry com
p of the Now theatoi will be tecn
In The Merry Wlxes of Indpor and
nnjfhp followlns Kattndn nlislit The
Thunderbolt CShA W Plneio will
Tho tour of Sothoi n S Mlrlow in
Matbetb ueglns In Neu Union last I
night and tonight The i a1 hill pro
dlgl ii18unclilllf Incluilii besides tlio
two stais until plaSfi us Kimlmd
nuckstoiv William Harris Ilrli tlllne
Sidney Mather iileanoi liilkk and
Albert Howson The music ot the
Hothcrn mil Mm lonrsl1I0r Mnc
iKtli was written by Sir Arthur Hul
Ian The two slms vllt Salt Lake
dmlnp thin but whether or not
they will present mi tiring ehi than
Mnthcth Is not as > e kno > ti
Piof Biker or Ilnriud says hut
history ajraln and again bus tuisered
atlliniatliely the iiiiestlon Should thu
drama overdo more than iimnseT piiii
auditor gets his pleasure only from
Idle laughter Another enjoja the flnc >
c stronBpliIlaritliropIcbentjllnds i a comedy lAnpther of his
1 keirieBtrpleasure hi Itliis prcschtntlim
uiiilithe iprbposeJ ll hilr pt pclni
iirbblbiiii Konitf iiiciiifget pleiusurfl In
allItlicse Ulrp Y liker tho J ptjier
IltI music palntlngrnndisculpturur
1u i
itlibi flniniat exists prlniarllJV IP Kiyo
ipleasiire Do whatAvo Avlll li ° says
onbTcSrihpt kqeir thedrama fromdo
111g mom thiiVi amuse I wlll tojsonip
ibclul life
d rmold culllro
r iI eOfnri Jiltork das J I ciJC
who Is singing In Munich has jc
i Iy ed cnnildFiablc free iiihirtlsliiR hi r
ldj rrc tViEt
IMt mvntln On Ott i dining the pi
scntntlpn ot Carmtn ho stabbed his
knot and on Oct 11 aftti the sttond
acIorL IJoheme same stcneiy
ulroppcd 10IihIHhcaliHJlUrh till
hlngor was unionsclous rfli few mo
ment he t ing the remalndei urhls
rolu without acthlont Mori lurid ac
countH repieent the tenot > miirciiiu
iiri JIi
from concussion of tho bialn and larl
otI pleturcsnuimaladles Tliesi
init other iSI r1lll
romplkulloni appeal to he the result or
trcaltnent by killed press agent MM
ror <
lotph lUitlihy minagrr for Otis
SklmiPi is goins i round oer the coun
trj hi tgglng that ho holds tho ricord
foi the Mnnllr t t iili locilpts oxer tak
en Into n thILlerrlrn single pciform
ahcp Ho iKInls bick to the ihiS whtn
lit pifocnted 0 Connor Koath n popu
jlar Iilsb nctoi and to a night at Porth
mouth A H when nnl a slnglo bit
of c ush > nni Into thn nionev diawcr
but all Hit cltlzoni paid their idmls
blon with fish That will hcal right
an long us lluekliv leimlns In tlio cist
hut when he lomts out Into the west
It Js more than probable that some
1 1 n I golln sm ill town will open 11 j
his locord with
his hooka and duplkili halicnnI
Horns ufjturnlpi d pumpkin
J cI TchYhIW dtellnid a golden
offir forher ippanncr ttn the Ameil
nn tudniillp st ige In her letUr of
refusal Ishc adds
I dm not dreaming of appctrlng it
am music liall No actors In thdi
vnvrs vhould In mv 1InlIlt kast
while tho reptilutlnns and privileges aro
so dIr cnt foi tin dleffrcnt placfs I
dont think actors show to adiantnie
Inn music hall Thov eannit rntei
taln the visitors as tome to tho nuinnrr
To bo
boinof miiflc hills iiI
samlwlcliPd In between past masters
ot the art of laudexllle entcitalnment
i pally shows an actor to III ailiamage
MtiMc ball nrtlsts lire out of plate In
n the itci l and actors are out of plnco
In I mimic hallat least that MIY
News ftlre London Stage
London Dramatic Letter
Special CorreHpoiulQitce
Oct JJ Somo weeks
LONDON hinted that thore wiw de
cided trouble looming ahead In
connection with Thomas Bcecli
ams tiperatlc enterprises Since thun
the trouble has come much closer and it
bccms as If before very long It will
break out In open court Tho circum
stances are sunklently InlcrestliiK to
bear recounting Thomas lloecham son
of tho gieit pill piiiujor Is an ox
tromcly tlever niusklan and with tlio
pecuniary aid of his father hu hoped to
tctthii musical Thames on lire That
he haw Millantly upheld the bannei of
high class music In IJiiKliind no orio will
deny Hut his buincsH methods do not
aPI > H to be quite what oliu could de I
sliv For Instance lio entered Intoit
contract with Ueeibbhni Tree to ruii
opera at His Majestys In May Juno
and July for thieo ycais tlnfortu
imtcly his Hist icuson pioed fnJrly
dl istrous Luckily his fathers bank
ing account liil tolerably fat one und
fo fai no great harm wna ione
Hut by this tlmo Hectham liail casL
covetous eics on ry Lane Ac
toulitiglv ho started negotiations with
Aithui Collins with the vlow of nt > pliig
tapipalgn at Omt hlhtorlu IIOUHO Col
lins however Is tno old a bird to be
caught by chauVund Although 01
whllo hocoiluettcd with tleetham hh
Ihlo Refusal of tho tenps offetod was
plichcfln no lery jiollto torlHHUI
I so confident was UPCI ham of ohtn IIi Iii
Druiy Lane that ho approached Tice
asking that ho might bu rcleustd from
his contract with him Now on thu
sticngth ot having secured Beecham
us a tenant Trio had nearly completed
arrangements for it tour In Australia
of1 Aincifcii mid thcMt would ot couiso
hayo > be abandoned yeo be obliged
to remain In ICnglaiiil and look after
His Majestys Still money speaks
and Tieo Ignlllcd his willingness to
accept a mini of f > QOi 114 tho pilcp ot
freeing Ilfciham from his obligations
That amount tho lat agieod to pay
Then suddenly ho dHtoicrcil that hn
had lost limy Lane Imllt once
lushed back to Tree declaring that his
rupture with him was itt Jlnal and
binding tint It was within his option
ejthei to pay 000 down by ww of
rllr 1or to cany out Ills contract 1
Naturally ns
tho ti rms stipulated ntlral
Tieo hid lI noC negotiations for
going on tour ho declined to accept
Iolnp 01
Heechama View of tlio situation and
categorically demanded that a check
him for 23000 should Inntantly c bo lvinded
himHere then Is predicament numlwr
onofifor Thomaa HeecliiJii > ri llCv
inoni nnmbiT twoiitrlieB from IMS Wn
duct to the company ofallusslnn danc
ers of the Imperial Opcia iHoiidO Bt
Tottrfburg Thesq ho onKiigeil for his
isciison nt Drmy Ijino r nml na you
may linaglno they i tlielrBcriccs
< <
at a pretty hlghllguro Xow Bcceham
wants < o hciWC wltli the birgiiln and
anxious t6 < tyold rbsponsiblllty in this
Pc lie declares that itlio engage
ments werp inado by hs erstwhile
agent and manager Qujhlan whoso
Ilowcrs howoverho Insists werollmUetl
and who liad rip authority to act for
hlni lii this particular mutter Hut
thqKusslahsnrq iiotl tol0putorf witli
liny such excuse1 and < tlioy too ijro
bringing an notion against Beeham >
scsslngtlio diunagosjat 100000 I only
hope they will get It Now for pre
dicament number three I3oclinni it
s eIM liiul securod n number of fa
mous nrtlsts for Drury Uaneiinil they
too hro detennlncd to hold lijm to his
cpntriict Thoamount Invtilvcd In this
caso Irl to bis very llttlo short
of 1OOOI understand that Hecchaiii
1ms iipproaclicd Oscar Hiimnteratcht
with tho suguestlon thatlio should take
thcso artlstH oft Ills hands Whether
your KrcatlAnierlcan Impresario Is dis
posed to il6so remainsto bo seen But
my owai opinion is that tlio chances
aro dnuil ngiiliist such a deiil coining
off As inay bo cqriceiycd Beechama
position Is anytlilng but hn iigreeablo
ono and If his father refuses tp come
forward hntl help hlni It lookn tLq 1C
Il woro In far a prettybad tlmb rlt
Charles Frolimui hits at last spt a
Kiiccess iiltlipiigli It Is still open to
doubt whether it will proyn ah enduring
fine Soirierset Matigliahis new play
Grace prodilced nltw ulto
York last Saturday Is nt nlriy rnto
ilplnKioxcollqnt business itt present so
m chsot111 seats iiro only to bu
obtained liy booking jij iidyanco Tlio
plcico was recolved rather lialfheirtetl
ly by tliq criticsivlio pronounced It
Honiewhut tlietonio aiiil Ixirlnlr H was
generally lidnilttwl on tlio other hand
that Maughams hand had not entirely
lostIts cunning tlio chief mistake ho
niadoAyiis in attempting n blend 6t his
early iiiid his latermethods After tho
numerous ralhirnsyvhlch Charles Frpli
manluiahail to fncithiR ason ItIR
plant to rocorili lipwovcr itliat ho
ijiiiB struck fiomethliig Inthi sliape of
n suecciS
Tlie Garrlvlr theater ivricnill since tho
withdrawal of llnll Xlilrios VThi
BIsliopH Sonhng ii loHtti found a
toiiitijl In LLiircnco Jrvlrigiv 8lncbhls
return from America IrvlnB1 h11 < he en
onUI road wltlr his own play Tlie
Unwritten Vii1lpINIrron1 Dos
tlpfrHltltj noel ICrlnip nnd piinlsh
nient AvhlcJi lie first iprpiluced lii thri
Pnlted States and vlth aV new drhiiia
named tor Frih iIavgujitDitc4ipoloihy JIH AVal Nnt
iirally lt > haUIcnitIrVlnbBjnmbltlonto
unl ty
lot hIWIPJ0rt
oniontIIf atH
From what r voNgr iqJwrIU1J
Law itt t csnI thljsbutraiClicirrul
I t
i <
LpntertaihincriL and lii their present
iiiood Ivoiiiloii playgoers aro hardly llkcr
ly toMiiko toranythlng of a slooiny itnd
depressing nature
Gcrtriido KltiKstons now yclitiirc the
i < ltUftTlHNitcrliiiitjnidd biit an Inillf
fercnt start witli 1aiirenciv Ilpiisiniihs
adiiptatloii of Aristoi > hiines comedy
JiyHlstratiii Iii her preliminary nh
nbunceineiit Miss Klngstoti stated that
she Intended to present IL now plcci
ovory nthnnl there Is very small
prphablllty that Lyslstrntn will siir
Alyn Its four weeks jspan of life As u
matter of fact slip 1s now rehearsing
a new comedy entitled rO Just to dot
Jljirreill Tlio Llttlo Theater holds
only pOO people and my own opinion
Is that Its only chanco of Fiiccess lies
in a program that shall appeal tntho
leisured rich classes HIM ensy of
course tn nrguo theoretically but It
this plnro wero inlho I should tlirn It
into it sort o giprlticd niiislchall with
jitst n flavor of the Grand Giilgnol
thrown in and charge 5V for overy
seat Iii tho building Thlsr know
is George KtUyardes Idea aiid one of
these days when he can tako n few
days rest froni the joys of racing and
tho hardships of rehearsing new pieces
for Dalys tho iCrriletyv tjio Adelphl I
tjio Vaudcylllo lib will put tlio Idea Into
practlcaliShapp I nlmost wonder thiit
pract lliRhIPf
It has iipt already been dono In New
York w hero everybody seems to Imyiv
rrioro mbriey than tlicycun llnd llnie to
Bet 1ol
Karly In November Louis N Parker
> iills for New YOlk with the specially
which Is I
selpcteil company to appear
thorn oil DecemberX in Ills now comedy
Pomander Walk One of tho uctora
engjigeil In It tell inp that I INthn
sweetest and the mostilcllcUelychanit
Ing thing cliuilwt with for many i
years It cphtiiliis pnicticallj1 mi plot
hilt Is juHlthb record of tho everyday g
lialfrailozcn faiulllts I
doings of hllrI nmli livihs
close to each otlich Parker will noV l
turn his ntteritlontollnishiiig t lie play
ho luiH undertaken to vrlto Tor Ocorgo
Arils on Ilip mibject bf Ixml Uoiicdnj
field 1 asked hlni what wiiv the ar
ilctilitr incidents In tho career of Kng
liinds great statesmuii hu linl clmwii
trcatmenU but ho only shook
for hoorlr xhOk hlj
head and aiisvycrcd My dear fellow
tlicre are HO many people nowailaya on
1lt1 Ipbkoiit for Ideas that 11 ilramhtlst
has keep hls lips closely sealed If to
Is not to boforbstalled by somo tin
scriinulbiis Journeyman lateratcur
anxious to save himself the trouble o
elaborating a plot
Ilobcrt Loralhi has Vcroded frnni til
cast of Tlie Liiirs which Chnrks
Wyiidhain ireylyes at the Ciltoikmiicst
Wednesday evening Ho Is Wng In
tako a llttlo holiday in ioihpany wllli
his fiitiiro bride Mario Lnhr ami his
prospective niollieriiilav Kate IMA
op 1 supposo bnp of those iliiys o
llnl sob flip happy couple in Ijoiidon
inaiiagfiiient together Cirtaliily thoy
otight to niaku I fairly strong comb
l t
Tlio Vyoekly Iliiatrlcnl reviews ami
rrltlclsnis ortlio Nows ajipiitr ttttt
larly In tho Tiiisihiy Issues
An Interestlngcompilation formbs
tlio hlstbry of theatrlcals InVSilt Lkt
S LindsayforVult
Uytliq late JohrS ii
at tlio Dcscret News Book Store PrlH
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